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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> so great to see. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's 8:00 central time right now. would not be surprising if clark street is still flooded with people. all the excitement, waves of emotion going on. more than in just a moment. >> big waves in the meantime in the bay area. >> seeing on the coast right now wave heights about six to eight feet. you're looking at live pictures out of pacifica, pre dawn right now where wave heights later today will be approaching about 15 feet offshore. you can see the high sur 6 advisory through 5:00 a.m. a few of the breakers could get above 20 feet. use caution out on the coast. meantime, pack your jacket this morning, down to 44 degrees in napa, 51 in san jose, 56 in san francisco. temperaturewise this afternoon, a real treat around the bay area, mid 70s around san jose. even close to 70 in san francisco and low 70s in oakland. >> a couple of crashes in the north bay. the biggest is the one going across the san mateo bridge. let's zoom into westbound 92
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where we have a travel time that doubled over the last ten minutes. now instead of ten minutes, at 20 minutes. from the hayward slide to the flat section, a crash blocking one lane. the live shot westbound with the taillights freezing up now. they're still barely moving across the area. we don't see any flashing lights on the flat section, somewhere approaching the high-rise is the crash blocking at least one lane. use the dumbarton bridge to the south or the bay bridge to the north. we'll track this and give you the updates for the north bay coming up. thank you very much. later today the man accused of brutally killing be loved san jose community member miss flo will face a judge for the first time since her death. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at the legislator county courthouse this morning with the new charges he could be facing.
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>> reporter: the charges against him will be much more serious as he entering the courtroom today. 19-year-old zachary cuen has not entered a plea related to the savage beating of hiss 88-year-old neighbor. he's accused of specifically targeting flo douglas, ransacking her, beating her, stealing the jewelry off her body and stealing her car. sources close to the investigation tell us they have video of cuen using her credit card and driving her car. flo douglas clung to life for four weeks. in the end her injuries were too great and she died on october 8th. it was previously reported that source reports say cuen was arrested for a similar crime, the attempted burglary of an 85-year-old woman who lives in the same neighborhood. we found court documents that show that when he was arrested for allegedly beating flo douglas, cuen was on probation for auto theft and hit-and-run. he will be in court this morning. we will be there, too. in san jose, kris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. 6:02. a story in the north bay that is developing, authorities are investigating possible human remains found on the campus of sonoma state university. a live look at the scene. the sheriff's department says the landscaper reported seeing a body buried in a shallow grave yesterday afternoon. it was in a wooded area of the campus, about 200 yards away from one of the parking lots. deputies say while they were investigating, it started to get dark. they decided to wait until light to exhume possible rae mains. deputies have no reports of any missing people but they do say the possible body was buried recently. we're told classes will go on as scheduled today. our own bob redell will join us with a live report coming up at 6:30. there's a new twist in the saga of the sinking millennium tower set to be revealed in a few hours. later this morn, san francisco city attorney will be announcing
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a legal development in its investigation. while the city attorney won't elaborate on the expected announcement, we do know the city served subpoenas on millennium's developer back in september. at issue here is whether the tower's sinking problems had been disclosed to potential buyers back in 2009. multiple owners have told us they were not told about the problems until earlier this year. if that is true, millennium partners could be prosecuted under civil law for withholding information from potential buyers. our investigation initially triggered city hearings on that high-priced towers. if you'd like to see our serious stories, check out our home page. medical marijuana supporters are celebrating after a three-year battle to shut a historic dispensary goes up in smoke. federal prosecutors 2342013 sued to close berkeley patient's group. it opened back in 1999, claims to be the oldest continuously running pot club in the nation.
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the suit claims bpg was operating too close to a day-care center. they moved and stayed open. a judge on tuesday dismissed the lawsuit. >> this is a huge victory forcepsability and a huge victory for the patients of this community. >> berkeley leaders are hosting a news conference later this morning to talk about the decision. witnessing history. a live look in the light of day at wrigley field where many folks will tell you life is pretty good. after 108 years the cubs have finally become world champions. they did it last night. what a game it was. they went into extra innings. there was a rain delay, all this drama. the cubs come out no longer loveable losers, but now winners after waiting a lifetime to do it. as you can imagine, the team and the fans are full of emotions this morning. >> i can't believe we're finally standing -- after 108 years finally able to hoist the trophy. >> i'm the happiest person in live. let's go cubs.
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let's go! >> you think he's excited? the celebration that continues into the morning. "today in the bay's" jay gray is live outside wrigley field where just a few hours ago the champions arrived. the level of excitement in chicago must be through the roof, jay. >> it really is, laura and sam, good to talk to you. take that guy and multiply it by tens of thousands. that's what you have out here right after the game last night as the celebration got under way. i can tell you that now as the sun has come up, we're still seeing people here who have been here all night and through the morning and say they don't plan to go anywhere any time soon. this is a community that is really excited about finally, as you talk about, breaking the curse and finally getting another world series win 108 years later. what i think you'll see a lot of today in chicago is some people calling in sick to work, and those that do go eventually i
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think are going to have a bit of a headache while they're there. i think you'll see a lot of the students absent from schools across the chicago area. but, look, who can blame them? the teachers and bosses, they have to give them a break today. this is a city that's waited so long to celebrate, they deserve a little time, guys. >> jay, do you have any idea when they're going to have a big parade? >> reporter: no. we know that it has been planned, the city and the team working together on that. we don't know the date at this point. we expect to learn maybe as early as this afternoon. a lot of people asking about that, but there are others who have been here all night who said, we'll get to that parade later. we're going to have our own. we're going to continue to march around wrigley field and celebrate. >> can you imagine now all the shirts with world series champions. >> there have been amazing
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shirlts. jay gray, thank you so much for that live report from chicago. here at home the excitement is building for mavericks. the surfers are checking out these huge waves popping up. that includes women for the first time waiting for the waves to kick off the big competition. is everybody on board with the move though? >> there are some that say the titans of mavericks was essentially forced to allow women to compete in order to get the permit this year. yesterday organizers had to convince the california coastal commission it has done enough to get a long-term permit. skeptics such as the san mateo harbor commission says the one-year permit gives everyone a chance to see how it all works out. >> we needed to start somewhere, and i think everybody is really happy about the opportunity. >> so we have a plan for next year. we're stepping on the gas, we're accelerating that plan right now and going to hold the event this season. >> six women will compete during this year's competition. good morning. right now 6:08 is the current time. a calm view across the bay this
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morning. nice reflection of the bay bridge lights and san francisco, no fog, 56 degrees. a bit of an offshore breeze at eight miles per hour in san jose. clear skies, 51 degrees. good morning los gatos, your temperatures as we head through the afternoon climbing into the mid 70s today. average highs this time of year in the upper 60s, so an above average day temperaturewise. temperatures around the legislator valley, 75 san jose, mid to upper 70s south of downtown. close to 70 in san francisco, low 70s out near oakland. a chance late saturday in the north bay of seeing a few showers. light rain expected that will take us to about sunrise on sunday. clearing skies sunday afternoon into early next week. >> lots going on. stick with me, folks. we're moving quickly as you are on the peninsula and south bay. those are not problems. san mateo bridge, we have this crash going along westbound in your commute direction right around the high-rise, at least one lane is blocked. i haven't seen any emergency crews head over there. yourality mat just to the south is the dumbarton bridge.
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that's a lot clearer, a little slowing around the toll plaza. 880 will see more traffic heading out of hayward and toward union city and fremont as a result. meanwhile, in the north bay we have a crash westbound 80 approaching 780, we've been following that north of the carquinez bridge. the bridge there is unaffected. southbound 101 heading toward the ridge and the golden gate bridge, we have at least one lane blocked here, maybe two. southbound 101 right around lincoln. that's just south of our camera. we'll swing it around and show you this is the jam from north san pedro road over the hill toward the crash on the other side of the horizon. southbound 101 at lincoln, two lanes blocked by a crash. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up next, demanding changes. deadly east bay interchange missing traffic signals. more for a call to action by cyclist groups. if you thought menlo park wasn't congested enough? the expansion plan just approved for facebook. it's not just phones.
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more problems with batteries. we'll tell you where coming up in business and tech. but first, stretch out and take in the view, the live look of a gleaming bay bridge this morning. the light beautifully reflecting off the bay there. we'll be back with more news right after this.
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a bit of a cool start around
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san francisco. temperatures liming from the low 50s at 9:00 into the low 70s later this afternoon. travel time climbing for the san mateo bridge. at the bottom of the screen, a crash midspan above the high-rise. another issue getting to the r carquinez bridge, but after that looking good. an armed robbery caught on video happening at a 7-eleven near downtown san jose. police say it's especially disturbing because the gunman was dressed as a security guard. the gunman had an accomplice who acted as a lookout. both men were last see seen leaving on mountain bikes on 11th street. the interchange at tennyson road and hayward where there are two on-ramps and exits. two fatalities involved pedestrians. two other people suffered
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serious injuries in the same location since the start of last year. critics say the ramps badly need new traffic signals that require drivers to stop. happening in the south bay, support for those protesting against the controversial dakota access pipeline that's almost 2,000 miles away. this afternoon a group of students and teachers and community activists are holding rallies in front of two banks that provide funding for that pipeline; citibank and wells fargo. the group will march to the nearby wells fargo. earlier this week 12 dakota pipeline protesters were arrested after they refused to leave the citibank building in san francisco. another mass exodus is reportedly under way at two livermore charter schools under fire. the company that runs the livermore valley charter school faces allegations of mismanagement and illegally mistreating exchange students. some 250 students left the school before the start of the new school year. east bay times reports another 350 students are now jumping
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ship this month. livermore school district is now using a closed elementary school as a temporary overflow facility for new classes. facebook is getting even bigger. this week the city of menlo park approved the company's expansion plans to add more than 6,500 employees and about a million square feet along the bayfront expressway. this is a rendering of what part of that expansion might look like. the plans also include a new 200-room hotel and the so-called constitution drive project also calls for the social media giant to build 20 below-market units or pay $6.5 million dedicated to that kind of housing. facebook stock getting lots of thumbs up. >> the stock hit an all-time high. >> it did and it likely will today as well. facebook turned in blowout numbers on wednesday. the broader market still uneasy about the election. stocks fell yesterday. the dow, look at that, under
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$18,000. the s&p 500 dropped for the seventh business day in a row. that hasn't happened in five years. a court in great britain that's one step below the equivalent of our supreme court said the british prime minister is going to need parliament's permission to invoke article 50, the process of leaving the european union or brexit. you'll recall british voters surprised themselves with a vote to leave. the economy suffering ever since. today's decision causes more uncertainty in great britain. here at home the fed did not announce a rate hike. it probably wants to avoid doing anything so close to the president election. a rate hike almost certain next month. more bratry worries this morning. this time over an electric skateboard. you may have seen these on the streets of san francisco. they're called boosted boards. the company says a few customers have run into trouble with the batteries on their second generation board. no fires, but boosted boards say
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don't charge them, don't ride them. just contact the company. wells fargo fired 5,000 low-level workers after the bank got caught creating phantom accounts. now there's word there are going to be more dismissals. bloomberg, one of the many news agencies looking into the company, reports wells fargo has identified current managers to be fired according to a person with knowledge of the investigation. terminations are being delayed so employees can aid inquiries. we're talking about how wells fargo put black parks marks on their report cards of employees. this story will last year. every thread you pull, there's another thing where something has gone wrong. >> because you have a certain resume that goes with you when you work in the banking industry. >> exactly right. thank you very much, scott. here is something to celebrate. cartoon lovers are rejoicing. the cartoon art museum which has been without a home since losing its lease in san francisco last
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year now has a new home. the museum recently signed a ten-year lease in a ris torque building on beach street near other popular tourist sites like ghirardelli square and the aquatic park. it will be open to the public by next spring. >> chocolate and cartoons, sounds a lot like my childhood. >> i was going to say, sounds perfect. >> we're watching the coastline today. this is a live picture from pa skask as big waves are expected to swell. surfs can reach more than 20 feet or higher there. the coast guard is warning anyone who plans to be out or near the ocean to be very careful. >> we get those warnings every year, you've really got to pay attention to them. >> the rip currents and sneaker waves. around early afternoon we have high tide. the swell will continue to rise through mid afternoon today. we're seeing some of the wave heights about nine feet. those numbers will come up even more. we think up to at least 15 feet later this afternoon.
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so with that, as energy begins to arrive on the coast, it slows down. wave heights growing upwards out of the water. breaks of 15 to 20 feet possible especially around pim lllar poi. as our temperatures' vice presidentially warm up away from 44 degrees we're seeing right now in napa. lts of 70s later today. use caution if you head out to the coast. high surf advisory through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 56 degrees in san francisco, note the offshore breeze, high pressure building in, giving us a slight test of offshore winds this morning. 51 in san jose. eventually hour-by-hour, downtown san jose going above average by about 3:00 this afternoon. the average high is 69 degrees. most of the afternoon spent in the 70s. in fact, we're thinking today, snare valley the warm spot. 75 in san jose. check that out south of morgan
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hill. upper 70s in reach today, south of downtown san jose. >> tri-valley low to mid 70s from livermore to dublin. high 70s around concord. san mateo 71 degrees, upper 60s in san francisco. north bay in the low 70s. the one chance of seeing rain coming in late saturday into early sunday. most of that aimed in on the north bay. your weekend hour-by-hour forecast brings in more clouds for saturday and brings in the chance for light showers that should be gone by mid morning sunday. rain projections not a lot out of the system. most that does fall will be in the north bay and clearing as we head into sunday afternoon. seven-day forecast will bring if more clouds and cooling. midway through the weekend. you see the temperatures cooling off as the showers clear by mid morning sunday. san mateo bridge a key spot, the peninsula in the south bay are moving well. but this ripple effect going to take effect westbound 92, one lane blocked by a crash near the san mateo bridge high-rise. more folks jamming up on the
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approach towards 880. others deaf verting toward the dumbarton bridge. that will cause more slowing for the east bay. that may send more folks north toward the bay bridge as well. travel times across the span, over half an hour to get across the peninsula. use the dumbarton. the bay bridge is moving well, but you have the backup at the toll plaza. a live look at san rafael, southbound 101. over the hill south 101 at lincoln. all laned blocked for a short period of time. this will be jammed southbound 101 through san rafael as well. a note for the mass trance it system, ten-minute delays out of daly city. switching problems as they head into the east bay direction. sounds like everything is okay heading into sfo. >> mike, you're like me, been in the bay area a long time. an iconic bay area market can soon be no more. the grocery store chain taking over an dron co-'s.
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watch this surveillance video and see how "nbc bay area responds" next. with a break like this, we could do a cast or surgery. whichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away, but it's bulky. and can it take a beating? how did you break it again?
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geing sold.ndronico'will soon be ken over safeway. more than 80 years of history here. now a long-time bay area market is getting sold. andronico's is soon to be taken over by safe way. the five bay area stores are being sold for an undisclosed price. founded by frank an drone co-in 1929. the first opened in berkeley.
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it's since expanded to two in berkeley, one in los altos, one in san en sal mow. many of the stores will be named safeway community market. nbc bay area responds this morning to a san jose man who spent one year trying to right a wrong even though it was all caught on camera. >> consumer investigator chris kmour rah is here with the story and the surveillance video. >> last october an ontrac delivery truck backed into a tree in charles lee's front yard. the security camera was rolling. they're going to collide. that branch is going to come crashing down. charles says he paid a professional service $80 to clean up the mess. he looked to ontrac to reimburse them. the company told him the drivers are independent contractors and he would have to seek reimbursement from the driver. charles didn't think that was right.
6:27 am
he spent a full year trying to convince ontrac it should reimburse him. he called us. we reached out to ontrac and a week and a half later it cut charles a check for $80. ontrac didn't respond to our request for comment. if you have a complaint, call 1-888-996-tips or visit back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. coming up next on "today in the bay," the frightening moments for an east kba vice mayor. >> reporter: a body found here on the campus of sonoma state. i'm bob redell. we'll tell you one of the hurdles in trying to identify this person. that story coming up. >> reporter: pete suratos in pacifica where the big waves are starting to pick up. the waves can be dangerous for beachgoers. i'll explain coming up in a live report.
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remember this guy? he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp
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and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. crash onto our welcome in on thursday morning. 6:30. surf is up. dangerous waves are expected to crash onto our coastline in just a few hours. a live look in pacifica where the coast guard is warning people to be careful. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to the forecast. another cool start to the morning, rob. >> cool start to the morning. the afternoon will be fairly warm which may tempt you to head out to the coast and use caution as we have a high surf advisory now under effect with the wave heights going up.
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we started the newscast at 4:30. half moon bay was at five feet, now up to mind. that will continue as the northwest swell builds to 15 feet. could see wave heights up to 25 feet on the coast. morning temperatures in the 50s and 40s outside on the north bay. mid 70s in san francisco. close to 70 in san francisco. santa cruz 75 today. 6 in half moon bay. continuing problem for traffic in the middle of the screen. it's the san mateo bridge. build northbound. atypical big jam sbb 101. i want to make sure folks know the san mateo bridge is still jammed by a crash blocking at least one lane. chp just heading out there getting there via the access road. dumbarton bridge to the south, highway 84, look how clear that is. 880 seeing more traffic as folks head out there and use that as an alternate. if you want to head to the bay bridge, go ahead.
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we're looking at nine minutes across the span. the backup approaching the toll plaza. shh should be red. it's over half an hour from hayward to the peninsula side. 6:32. now to a developing story we've been following overnight. a grisly discovery on a bay area campus. today deputies are trying to figure out how possible human remains in a shallow grave. "today in the bay's" bob redell with more on how it was found. bob? >> good morning, sam and laura. it was a landscaper who works for sonoma state who discovered this possible body stumbled upon 200 miles west of my location in a wooded area back here. i know it's hard to see because of the fog. that's a wooded area on the sonoma state campus. this discovery made a little after noon. according to reports, the body
6:33 am
is buried and the head is sticking out of the ground. can't tell yet whether it's a man or woman. >> there's not a whole lot of decomposition going on there, so we feel like it's fairly recent. >> the sheriff's office doesn't know who this possible dead person could be as there are no reports of missing people or anyone who has been acting suspicious. the body is still back there, partially buried. once the sun comes up, law enforcement will be back out here this morning to begin excavation. sonoma state is in session. students will be kept out of this section of marking lot m until the body is removed and the crime scene processed. bob redell, "today in the bay.." city leader the target of a violent crime. he's telling his story to nbc barea. last wednesday richmond vice mayor eduardo martinez was robbed at gunpoint as he stood with a friend outside a popular
6:34 am
rig gefrs loft tasting room. it's a moment he says he'll never forget. >> it was a minute, i was terrified when he seemed to have gotten agitated. i thought, uh-oh, he could possibly shoot me. >> a nearby surveillance camera caught the suspect's stolen car which led officers to the arrest of a 32-year-old richmond man. officers also recovered martinez's stolen valuables. authorities in the south bay right now are investigating a violent armed robbery that happened in mountain view. police say this took place after noon yesterday on kristanto avenue. the man punched a victim before taking off in a car parked nearby. a first of its kind report shows almost 500 human trafficking cases reported in san francisco last year. this report was released by a task force commissioned by mayor ed lee.
6:35 am
it found 499 victims of human trafficking identified by 15th sees throughout the city in 2015. of those victims, 122 were minors. the report also says california has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the country along with new york, texas and oklahoma. there are more than two dozen cases of the zika virus in san francisco, but none of the cases has been transmitted locally. health officials say 25 people have been treated. the first case of zika was reported back in march. some mosquitos are believed to spread that virus which causes symptoms like fevers, joint pain and red eyes. the virus has also been linked to birth defects. decision 2016. after the bluster and the back and forth, the marathon race now comes down to a final sprint with just five days to go. the candidates are doubling up in north carolina today, that critical battle ground state. of course, florida is also at play. their focus is there, too. that's where donald trump is today.
6:36 am
he'll be addressing hillary clinton's e-mail scandal to try to win over voters at rallies. in the meantime clinton campaigned in arizona and nevada. this as polls show the lead narrowing there. clinton showed voters in las vegas what a trump presidency might look like. >> we just have to look at everything he has said and done in his career and in this campaign. >> hillary wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles. >> the candidates capitalized on the prime tv air time last night if you were watching the world series, you probably noticed that, getting their commercials on during game seven of the world series. if you have election questions, maybe just a few, we have a non-partisan source on our website. check out the voters' edge guide, go to and put in your zip code. you can find out about the issues and candidates specific to where you live. does your tap water taste a little different? that's happening in the east
6:37 am
bay. here is why. the orinda water treatment plan is getting an upgrade. during construction, the sierra nevada river water will be cleaned and treated differently. the orinda facility was built back in 1935. it still has many of the original pipes. the facility will go back online in april. this is a story we've been tracking all morning, the giant waves are about to crash opt our coastline. if you're thinking of heading to the beach today, certainly watch out. pete suratos has been posted out there all morning long live in pacifica. he's got more on what to expect. >> reporter: good morning sam and laura chl the big waves near the pacifica pier are starting to swell up. moments ago we saw it hitting the bottom of the pier. the waves can reach higher than 20 feet. that would bump it right under the pier. that's why the surf advisory is currently in effect. the coast guard wants folks to be cautious. here in pacifica, we'll have to keep an eye on the coastal bluffs and those erosion issues.
6:38 am
remember it was during the last el nino sew son there were self cases of folks being swept into the sea along the san francisco bay including the two teens from valet vallejo. the large waves can sweep a person into the water. be careful for the rip currents. they can be very deceiving. they're telling boaters and mariners to stay away of the weather conditions, file float plans and have a life jacket ready to go. a live look at the waves as they start to pick up a little bit this morning. the surf expected to reach its peak this afternoon. as i mentioned, the waves can reach higher than 20 feet. live in pacifica, pete suratos for "today in the bay." time 6:38 on this thursday morning. speaking of the waves and high surf advisories through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. some of the old video did show from storms in the past when the
6:39 am
weather is bad, a lot of people don't like to head out to the coast. today looking at mid 70s inland. a lot of sunshine on the coast. use caution for sneaker waves and rip currents as high tide comes early, that will coincide with the peak swells an could hit wave heights above 25 feet. temperatures this morning, 40s to low 50s. entire bay area temperatures today, upper 60s to mid 70s. clerk out san jose, 75 degrees. speaking of the coast, santa cruz 75 degrees. close to 70 from half moon bay to san francisco. high clouds on the increase today. that will take us into friday. for the weekend, a bit of a change as the clouds fill in. we will see a chance light showers late saturday and into sunday. two crashes, big impact in the north bay. one over the bay. the south bay and peninsula are fine. the san mateo bridge has one lane blocked. crews have not arrived on scene.
6:40 am
westbound jammed out of hayward. use the dumbarton bridge as your alternate. 880 slows heading down there. 84 westbound slowing toward the toll plaza. we'll talk about the north kba where southbound 101 has the crash around lincoln avenue. jammed from novato on highway 37, about double the time you'd normally take. most of the slowing -- we'll look toward the live camera at san rafael, jam southbound past north san pedro over the hill to lyincoln avenue. >> a lot of headlights there. thank you very much. coming up, if you think your morning commute keeps getting worse, you're probably right. a new study shows just how bad the traffic is getting in the bay area. >> great. a new pet owner's nightmare. we're talking to a woman mo brought home a furry friend who says it was taken away by force. how she's fighting to get her dog back. plus -- [ cheers and applause ] >> a victory more than a century
6:41 am
in the making. the bay area connection to last night's epic win for the chicago cubs. how would you even find your friend in a bar like that? uber has a way. out to the big board this morning, dow industrials up 43 points, just over 18,000.
6:42 am
there aren't enough police officers to fill the ranks. when most of us make a mistake, we own up to it. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety. madison nguyen is the wrong choice for assembly.
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at 6:44. a live look at san jose. 51 degrees, clear skies. good morning, willow glen. temperatures today going above average, low 70s by 2:00 this afternoon. >> a slow drive. the san mateo bridge at the bottom of your screen, a crash blocking one lane. chp just got on scene, hopefully helping out soon. we have help for the top of the screen here. southbound 101, all lanes just cleared at lincoln. still over 45 minutes out of novato to the richmond-san rafael bridge. talking about slow drives. how is this question? how long is your commute? there's a surge in so-called mega commutes for more and more workers in the bay area. a new five-year study finds one-way commutes of more than 90 minutes have almost doubled for
6:45 am
people who live outside the region. in 2011, it was at 3%. it's now up to 5.3%. most mega commuters are driving from san francisco, alameda and san joaquin counties. the average commuter from outside the region is spending 113 minutes per day in their car. a woman in the east bay is calling this a pet adoption nightmare saying her dog was essentially repossessed. >> laurie schwartz adopted a one-eyed poodle from petsmart in antioch. the agreement lasay she didn't follow up on the agreements in the contract. they showed up and took her dog. >> changing his name, letting him sleep on the sofa. i turned him into a couch potato. i didn't realize that during the day i should have enrolled him in aerobics. >> schwartz says she fell in love with the dog and now she says she's devastated.
6:46 am
the adoption agency did not comment on our story. quarter to 7:00 on thursday morning. word of arrest this morning. in a peninsula murder case that's almost five years old, police in foster ziti say two southern california men have been arrested in the death of 71-year-old klaus gachter. authorities have never fully revealed how he died. they say the two suspects knew the victim and this is not a random act of violence. a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. a suspect in custody after two iowa police off sers were ambushed and killed. des moines police sergeant apartment any beminio and justin martin, the two officers sat in their individual patrol cars. 46-year-old scott michael greene was arrested after he flagged someone down asking for help. greene was taken to the hospital after complaining about a pre-existing medical condition.
6:47 am
an investigation is under way in mississippi after a historic black church went up in flames and pro donald trump graffiti was found kansased all over the building. now investigators say all signs point to arson. someone spray painted vote trump on hopewell baptist church. fortunately no one was hurt. currently an $11,000 reward for any information that could lead to an arrest. b.a.r.t. is no stranger to interesting ads at the station. a new underwear ad is too extreme even for b.a.r.t. it will not be playing a specan featuring reference to female genitalia. b.a.r.t. says the word used in the ad is vulgar. so they've decided to go with a different ad. some people see shades of the epipen price hike
6:48 am
controversy. in this case a drug many are familiar with, insulin. 6 million diabetics absolutely need it. it now costs almost four times than it did just ten years ago even though insulin has been around for almost 100 years. >> prices are set by the pharmaceutical companies at whatever the market will bear. increases over the last few years is because companies are recognizing an opportunity to raise prices. >> three drugmakers produce insulin, and there are no generic options to keep those prices down. each of the companies that make it say they're working to try to lower costs. a nasty battle here, a san francisco taxi company is suing uber. executives for flywheel claim uber is offering prices so low that no other companies can compete. flywheel says this is putting competitors out of business and allowing uber to monopolize the market. uber released a statement defending its actions. lawyers say the case could take more than a year to resolve. upping their game, uber is
6:49 am
updating its app. >> scott mcgrew, soon you'll be able to go to more than just your destination. >> more than a destination. you'll be able to go to a person, instead of take me to a certain address, you can ask uber to take you wherever your friend is, even if that person is on the move. obviously your friend has to give uper app permission. your bar hopping challenges have been solved with this new app. uber is making the app more straightforward. it's going to ask, hey, where to? ford announced new features for the upcoming cars including new ways to predict if someone will walk into your path. it will go around objects if you're not able to stop in time. they'll drive themselves in stop-and-go traffic as well. take a look at this. they'll sense this bus stopping for this branch here, jam on the brakes. if there's not enough time, the car will go around. what if somebody is coming the other way? i wondered that, too. other news this morning, we'll take a look at deem man
6:50 am
marcus, they're selling food, getting teased on social media, selling thanksgiving dinner with side dishes priced between $60 and $80 each. $80 for collard greens. people who grew up poor particularly in african-american households laughing at rich people paying $80 for collard groans. markets continue to uneasy about the election. the russell index looking fouler. facebook moving the other way, contrary to the rest of the market. >> scott mcgrew, thank you very much. scott says he's waving his white flag this morning. >> -- the entire batting lineup of the cubs. i noticed it was misspelled and the connection was never made.
6:51 am
hayworth hayworth? thanks scott. >> the curse is finally over. >> after more than a century of pain, heart ache, cubs fans are finally celebrating the illusive world series title. [ cheers and applause ] >> that right there is the deafening sound of what happens when a 100-year-old drought comes to an end. some people even crying. cubs fans screamed, cheered and even cried as the final out was recorded in what will go down as one of the most exciting game sevens in the history of sports. yes, plenty of white flags in that bar. among the fans, a pregnant woman who immediately left the bar after the game to head straight to the hospital. >> everyone here wants me to name it cubby. we'll see. it's a girl, so i don't know. >> my grandma lisa is watching at home in chicago. he's never seen a cub win for
6:52 am
the world series. my great grandfather was a peanut vendor at wrigley field. >> that's cool. this new video, anthony rizzo arriving at wrigley field in chicago, hardware at hand. no doubt a lot of people very excited. a lot of enthusiasm to put it mildly. >> no doubt. across the nation a lot of people tired this morning. >> for those wondering, w doesn't stand for wrigley. w stands for win. we have daylight saving coming up this weekend. >> we'll catch up on our sleep sunday morning. temperatures this morning, a little chilly. that might heal you wake up if you lost sleep watching the world series. 56 in san francisco, 51 in san jose. again, beautiful view across the bay this morning. look at that. a few high clouds off to the east. san francisco right now, as you saw, mid 60s, bit of an offshore breeze which will help san
6:53 am
francisco climb close to 70 later on. 51 in san jose and mostly clear skies. here is your hour-by-hour outlook, saratoga, nice outlook. 76 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. one issue, if you head out to the coast with all the warm temperatures, washout for the long period swell. 15 feet arriving this afternoon. wave heights up to 9 feet. breakers 15 to 20 feet. some sets even higher than that on the coast. high today around san jose in the mid 70s. low to mid 70s trords the tri-valley and east bay. concord and oakland, 73 degrees. peninsula temperatures in the low 70s. san francisco upper 60s to near 70. north bay temperatures today in the low 70s. one more moild day tomorrow with high clouds and saturday late for the north bay, a chance for rain showing up hour-by-hour, the weekend forecast. is it evening in the north bay and clearing as we head into sunday morning. rain total pretty light. less than .10 inch of rain for
6:54 am
most spots for areas north of san francisco. earlier sunday, a few showers, clearing sunday afternoon as we finish off the weekend. folks stick with me quickly. we have a couple bigger crashes, the san mateo bridge is one of them where we have better traffic flow. chp did not clear this from the report. look at the live camera, traffic moving well. traffic westbound 92 is moving better. i believe they've cleared that crash from lanes. we'll track this. back to the maps, a crash in the north bay, southbound 101 at lincoln. all lanes have cleared. a slow drive out of novato toward san rafael. that's better news for those folks. a look at travel time through the north bay, 43 minutes from highway 37 down toward the 580 interchange. >> thanks a lot, mike. up next, a bay area campus has turned crime scene. the investigation under weigh this morning after possible human remains were discovered at sonoma state university. the overnight details next. happening now, sometime in the near future folks will be
6:55 am
able to sip a martini at a facebook bar, east a steak at a facebook restaurant and enough up their nighttime pillows at a facebook hotel. plus a woman who gave birth in her car in a hospital parking lot is outraged over a bill to a delivery room fee even though she never made it to the delivery room. a link to those stories on our facebook page. before you he out the or -
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6:57 am
6:58 am
bay area.t p storiesn nbc welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> first, developing story right now in the north bay where any minute now crews will start work to exhume a possible body found on the campus of sonoma state university. this is a live look right now at investigators on the scene. the sheriff's department says a landscaper on campus reported seeing a body buried in a shallow grave yesterday afternoon. it was in a wooded area of the campus about 200 kbrards away from one of the parking lots. deputies say they have no reports of any missing people but they say the body appeared to be buried recently. about two hours from now, the man accused of killing a beloved elderly woman is due back in court since her death. 19-year-old zachary cuen lived across the street from flo douglas, known as miss flo. authorities say cuen targeted
6:59 am
miss flo, ransacking her home and savagely beat her. she clung to live for four weeks but died on october 8th. cuen faces a judge at 9:00 this morning. almost 7:00. a look at the forecast before we go. >> a cool start to the morning. probably the warmest day of the week, mid 70s in san jose this afternoon. san francisco close to 70. notice the weekend, the clouds fill in and a chance of late day showers late saturday into early sunday, clearing sunday afternoon. we are speeding into the weekend, rob. >> let's look at the map. we had issues in san mateo in the north bay. south bay is standard, getting there a little easier now, the san mateo bridge, a big improvement over the last 15 minutes. slow off 880 and toward the high-rise. jammed up southbound 101 novato towards san rafael. the crash has cleared from all lanes at lincoln avenue. much better than a few minutes ago. >> we take what we can. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 and every
7:00 am
half hour after that with a live local news update. hope you'll have a great thursday. we'll see you for our midday newscast at 11:00. have a good one. go cubs. down to the wire. new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heat good morning. cubs win. the chicago cubs are world series champions, beating the cleveland indians in a thrilling extra inning game seven to end their 108-year-long drought. >> and the cubs have finally won it all! >> cubs fans erupting in the stadium and back home. the party still raging this morning. down to the wire. new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump locked in a dead heat in at least three swing states. the candidates making their final pushes, trump with a message to trump. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point. t


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