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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take livlook tside....san se - s good morning to you. a very happy sunday. we begin today by the bay with a beautiful sunrise. lots of clouds out there above communication hill in san jose. lots of fog as i was driving in. but looks like it is going to be a lovely day. >> it is. despite the foggy conditions right now, it should be very similar to yesterday in which i really enjoyed. mostly clear and those nice temperatures and not very november like. definitely a good time. now, right now in san francisco 56 degrees. this is a live look over san francisco, but you can't really see much. check out san jose. now, we are expected to see that dense fog through the mid-afternoon, even out near oakland.
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also out there. patchy fog, 52 degrees and we should be clearing out into the early afternoon as we make way for those 70s and upper 60s. now, by the evening hours, we could see a slight change in the forecast. i will have a look ahead at what you can expect for super smoomo forecast. president-elect donald trump expected to announce the appointment to his cabinet very soon. this is hundreds more people hit the bay area streets and beyond to protest the election. inside trump tower in new york city, the president-elect continues to put together his transition team. and the framework for his administration. his campaign advisors say trump is very close to picking his chief of staff. on the top of the list, republican national committee chairman reince prebus.
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mr. trump also met with farrage. head of the uk independence party and the leader of the brexit movement. trump's aide called it very productive meeting. meanwhile, in her most extensive remarks since she conceded the race to donald trump wednesday. secretary clinton in a conference call with donors blamed fbi director james comey for her loss. nbc news has confirmed clinton said, "our analysis is that comey's letter raised doubts that were groundless, baseless and proven to be stopped our momentum." mrs. clinton lost several battleground states and by the time the ballots were counted she will win the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. a number of peaceful protests and vigils in bay area cities this weekend. several of them including a group called pant suit nation. >> donald trump is not okay. >> outside san francisco city
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hall candles and signs expressing raw feelings about president-elect donald trump. people telling us they're frustrated and upset and want to stick together to mobilize. >> i've been so frustrated, so upset at the results of this election. i need to do something. i think that organizing a positive group of people who want to see positive changes that actually benefit all the people, not just a few of the people is the right way to go. >> there you see san jose and other peace vigil involving pant suit rally. many will head to washington for the million women march. in new york city home of the president-elect protesters marched to trump tower for the fourth day in a row. hundreds also took to the streets in portland, oregon. police officers there were standing by, but so far the protests have been peaceful. other countries are also unhappy with the outcome of the election. this particular demonstration taking place in berlin. they carried signs that said
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love trump hate and democracy is not a spectator sport. no matter your party affiliation, chances are you're feeling drained after the aftermath of the election. here's a very san francisco reaction. a group hug in dolores park. it was organized to quite literally give people a shoulder to cry on. >> there's just been so much nastiness and bitterness and disappointment and bad feelings all over. hugs generally make people feel better. >> others made a point to get outside, see a movie and indulge in retail therapy. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage for the transition to the trump presidency. we'll update you as his staff makes major announcements. follow the latest online at other local news, an investigation is under way in the east bay after a deadly crash. this was the scene just before friday night just before midnight, i should say.
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officers say a woman driving a white pickup truck ran a red light, hit two cars coming in and out of a shopping center. this happened on lone tree way near the entrance to the flattened ranch shopping center in antioch. police say the pickup rolled after the crash and the driver was ejected and killed. investigators believe speed and alcohol played a role in that crash. you recognize this fellow. concorde police say he walked near the b.a.r.t. station last week and asked the cashier for free food. when the cashier said no, he threatened to kill her. investigators are asking anyone with information to call the police department. there are some confusing changes to one of san francisco's busiest corridors. drivers have to adjust to some new rules as construction begins on van ness avenue. this is part of a traffic conconfiguration project that is expected to last more than two years. now only three intersections
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where you can make a left turn. last week, van ness, next week they will go from three to two lanes each direction for construction in the center median. >> this is going to be a real inconvenience tomorrow morning when i need to drive and take a left. >> muni says the project will allow for a faster and safer drive eventually. members of a church in berkeley badly damaged after that fire held a rummage sale to pay for the repairs of the church. you'll recall the damage to the first congregational church in the september fire. it is estimated it will cost about $2 million. they set up a rummage sale in the parking lot yesterday afternoon with music and food and activities. volunteers used this kind of work and a thrift store that had been out of business since the fire. >> we had a big store of things, you know, that people don't doinate ed donated to us that may have been special to them and a real moneymaker for the church. so, we were pretty devastated.
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>> the church is also hoping to raise money with two upcoming benefit concerts. meanwhile, the congregation worships this morning at a nearby sip gynagogue while repa are under way. a powerful earthquake struck new zealand this morning near t the. some minor damage reported in the capital wellington, about 120 miles away. no reports of major damage or injuries in christ church. according to the u.s. geological survey that quake struck just after midnight local time. about 57 miles northeast of christ church and you'll remember that city still recovering from the 2011 earthquake that killed 185 people and destroyed a good deal of the city. new zealand lies right along the ring of fire. that line that frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions that circles the pacific rim. much more ahead on "today in the bay."
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coming up the united airlines pilot turned referee. the heated exchange between passengers that had one captain stepping in and the announcement that put a stop to it. two stars of the tv show "silicon valley" say some donald trump supporters went too far. defails of a troubling encounter.
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good morning to you. do you know the way to san jose? we cannot find it. heavy fog layer this morning, especially in the south bay. that is a live look from communications hill in the san jose out there somehow. today is the one-year anniversary of the terror attacks in paris, france, that left 130 people dead. injured hundreds more. in somber ceremonies people in france remembered those horrors of one year ago. islamic extremists attacks bars and restaurants and concert hall turning the night on the town into a night of terror that shook the nation to its core.
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the president visited seven attack sites and unveiled a plaque and placed a wreath at the site of the suicide bombings that marked the beginning of those attacks. ♪ a touching tribute by the musician sting. he reopened the bataclan concert hall in paris last night. most of those killed in the attack were attending a concert there. the survivors were asked to attend the reopening. sting asked for a moment of silence before playing some of his greatest hits. proceeds from the concert will go to two charities helping survivors. back here in america, pipeline protesters are getting some bay area support. yesterday several indigenous tribes the american indian education center on story road in san jose. that money will go to the
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standing rock tribe. the tribe has been protesting the oil pipeline for months because they say it might contaminate their source of water. meanwhile, supporters here say the protest hits close to home. >> that's why we come here, again, to let san jose know, to let why we come here to help out, to let them know that we're thinking about them. >> organizers say they will drive north dakota to pass out donations. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up a sight that has not been seen in decades. why you might want to wake up a little early tomorrow morning and gaze at the moon. patchy fog right now, but will that get in the way of your super moon viewing? i'll have details on that. plus, a look ahead at your temperatures for the workweek. take a le iortat
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welcome back to you on this
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sunday morning as we watch the bay bridge toll plaza. you know, now would be a really good time to commute to work for tomorrow. you will get there super, super early. an important milestone on the bay bridge. 80 years ago yesterday it opened to traffic for the very first time. president hubert hoover was there for the opening. not all the original bridge still stands. as the eastern span improvements have been made to the western span. two stars of the hit show kuwait quaet si"silicon valley" harassed by a pair of supporters. he says he and his co-star were at a bar in los angeles last night when the two fans showed up wanting to talk about donald trump. the actors told them, they don't want to talk about politics. there's thomas. that's when the trump supporters reportedly got combative and shouting slurs and bouncers kept the men out. he says if it could happen in a
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crowded bar in l.a., can't imagine what is happening else where in the country. the captain of a united airline flight from sfo to porto vuarta st a got into a scuffle. >> what i do ask is that as people we have the common decency to respect each other's decisions. if anybody has a problem with this, a rant or rave there is another flight tomorrow and you're not going to be on this one. i hope that's clear. >> this video showed up on youtube. the two had been arguing. they had to be separated before the captain made announcement over the intercome. both the right and left wings stopped bothering each other. facebook is on the defensive after accusations a rash of fake news stories on people's timeslines influenced the election. many clinton supporters blame facebook for spreading
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misinformation and fake news stories that benefitted president-elect trump. one example a false story claiming pope francis endorsed trump was shared almost 1 million times. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg that fake news impacted the election is a pretty crazy idea. but privately the company is deeply shaken by these accusations and work is under way to make sure it doesn't happen again. you know what is better than a super moon? an extra super moon. you're looking at the last super moon. this was in september. early monday will be the closest full moon to the earth in 70 years. meaning it will look bigger and brighter than most of us have ever seen. you'll catch a glimpse of this spectacular sight when it becomes a full moon 5:52 tomorrow morning. can you see it? will we have clouds? >> that's a good question especially when we're talking about the bay area and taking
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into consideration all the dense fog early this morning, i have some good news. the patchy fog early on, but overall here are the best times to see the super moon. now, by sunday evening you will start seeing what appears to look like a brighter and bigger moon. of course, your best viewing times are going to be monday morning and monday evening. moon rises at about 4:52 a.m. on sunday and set 5:52 and, of course, the moon will rise at about 5:40. if you head outside and you have a really great camera, make sure to share those shots with us. share them on twitter and facebook. make sure to share those. 56 degrees right now and tri-valley 54 degrees and off to a cool start in san francisco and fog and visibility, well, it was pretty dense this morning. and if you had an early morning commute, you definitely saw it
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and felt it on the roads but we should be clearing out into mid-day. forecast for today, we'll be in the 70s and morgan hill 74 and san jose topping out into the 70s at about 75 degrees and that was actually our high of yesterday, as well. conditions very similar for your sunday forecast. east bay temperatures into the 70s and hayward also in the 70s on your oakland. and 71 and at the peninsula they'll remain into the mid up toer 60s. heading now to half moon bay at about 65. palo alto we're talking 70s and, of course, san francisco has been seeing some warmer temperatures for the month of november and staying at about 68, upper 60s overall and out near the north bay, also expecting to see those 70s. now, we don't have a lot of major changes over the next couple of hours. that high pressure continues to dominate in the forecast. any chance of rain is going to come on tuesday. we are tracking a possibility of a second storm system bringing
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some better rain chances than what we saw friday night into early saturday morning. these models are still pretty far out. the models as of now are showing a good chance of rain for today into wednesday. let's go and plan out your sunday forecast by about 9:00 a.m., those patchy clouds should be clearing out by about noon. 62 to 70 degrees and inland into the evening hours we're talking 66. into those 70s overall high clouds and lots of sunshine. over the next seven days, nothing major until tuesday. on monday we're going to expect to see 67. starting off your workweek and very nice temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. that's when the arrival of the second storm system comes in bringing those rain chances back into the bay area. those temperatures will remain into the 70s inland and, again on, on tuesday and wednesday that's what we're keeping an eye for. for now it looks like the super moon should be clearing out quite nicely. if you have those shots, remember to share them with us.
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coming up on "today in the bay" coming up -- >> they thought i was crazy and then they just started dancing with me. >> she's making all the right moves to motivate her students. the east bay principal who is a source of a lot of smiles. bay area proud. a mile scol prcipaln sanramo whi
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here is a story that will cheer you up. a middle school principal in san ramon started out with a little fun is doing a lot more. "today in the bay" garvin thomas. >> the fact that she when she was in middle school didn't like school at all. in fact, she says she came close to not graduating high school. maybe what sue needed back then is a principal like she is today. >> good morning. good morning. >> when sue goldman became
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principal four years ago, she had found her dream job. >> i landed in heaven when i got here. best school, best staff, best kids, best parents. >> reporter: still just because sue loves middle school doesn't mean everyone here does. >> middle school is hard and it can be an awful three years for kids. >> reporter: and, so, it was in her quest to make middle school a little less awful. >> this is what we do. >> reporter: last sue decided to try something a little more creative. a way she thought to start kids' day off on the right foot and then the left and the right, again. >> you ready? we're going. >> reporter: the day sue hooked up her phone to a speaker and dragged it in front of the school and danced. >> have a great day. danced like no one was watching. which, of course, they were. >> they thought i was crazy.
7:25 am
i was crazy. and then they just started dancing with me. >> who's dancing. >> reporter: none of them haved since. it was at first just a quirky idea sue confesses. a way to shakeup the reserve day routine. but not any more. that's because ever since sue started dancing, she's noticed something happening, even after the music stopped and the bell rang. >> when kids get here in the morning and bad stuff has happened at home, in the media, they get here and, guess what, it's all okay. it's all okay we love you and we were waiting for you and we're dancing and we're having a little party. >> reporter: the kids clearly love it. and their parents -- >> we love you so much. >> reporter: well, they just love sue. sue guesses she's got another ten years of her career left and she promises to not only keep dancing, but to keep trying off-beat ideas. because you just never know when
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they will end up being right on the beat. sue says she has been out dancing with the kids every day since she first tried it last year. and has no plan to stop any time soon. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. much more ahead "today in the bay." president-elect facing foreign policy challenges. a look at donald trump's upcoming task of fighting isis. new owner new policy. responds to customers who say businesses will honor their prepaid package deals and leaves them wondering what happened to their money. take a ve ok ouide....(adl)
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a live look outside this morning on your sunday morning. finally catching some sun. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mchere on your sunday morning with a look at your microclimate cast. >> we're seeing that dense fog
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start to turn into more of a patchy fog thanks to a lot of that sunshine that should be dominated. here's a look right now. if you did drive out earlier this morning, you definitely saw it out on the roads, as always, please make sure to be extra careful. now, in terms of those temperatures. 50s right now in san francisco and 56 degrees out near san jose. also seeing that fog at about 53 degrees. and as we take it out to oakland, wow, look at that cam. you can barely see anything. 52 degrees. overall we should be warming up pretty nicely into those upper 60s and, of course, 70s. here is a nice sunrise shot of walnut creek. in the 40s, not seeing a lot of 40s today because overall your temptrend into the evening hours is going to be the upper 60s into the 70s for inland areas, as well. if you have plans to be outdoors, it is going to be a pretty good day to do so. president-elect donald trump expected to make announcements about his most important cabinet
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appointment. this as hundreds of more people protest the election result. inside trump tower, the president-elect continues to put together his transition team and the framework for his administration. his campaign adviser says trump is very close to picking his chief of. on top of the list of republican national committee chairman reince preibus and bannon. mr. trump also met with farrage the head of the uk party and brexit movement. trump's aide called it very productive meeting. meanwhile in her most extensive remarks since she conceded the race on wednesday, secretary clinton in a conference call with donors blamd fbi director james comey for her loss. nbc news has confirmed clinton said, "our analysis is that comey's letter raised doubts
7:31 am
that were groundless, baseless, proven to be baseless, stopped our momentum." mrs. clinton lost several battleground states. by the time all the ballotser with counted, she does appear poised to have won the popular vote with more than 2 million votes more. a number of peaceful protests and vigils in several bay area cities involve the group called pant suit nation. >> donald trump is not okay. >> outside san francisco city hall candles and signs expressing raw feelings about president-elect donald trump. people telling us they're frustrated and upset and want to stick together to mobilize. >> i've been so frust raated ano upset at the results of this election, i need to do something. t t the. >> i think organizing a positive group of people that want to see positive people is the right way to go. >> you see san francisco city
7:32 am
hall there and another peace vigil involving pant suit nation. many at both rallies they will head to washington for the million women march. while protests continue and president-elect trump organizes that transition team, people in the bay area are taking a little bit of time-out for post-election support. "today in the bay" laura continues our coverage. >> nothing like a group hug albeit with strangers to bring comfort at the end of the week and campaign season. >> the entire country needed a hug after the election. >> reporter: sarah wheeler organized the massive hug to literally give some people a shoulder to cry on. >> we're going to comfort and healing after all the nastiness and all the fear. >> reporter: the weekend couldn't have come soon enough for cheryl bailey. >> exhausted.
7:33 am
fizz physically, mentally exhausted. >> taking his family to a g-rerated movie. >> been a long workweek and the added stress of the election. >> reporter: others are partaking in a stress relieving game of frisbee. >> nice to come out here in the sunshine and not think about it too much. >> reporter: meanwhile, anti-trump protesters took to market street in san francisco while other major cities across the country, including portland, new york, miami and l.a. reco r recovered from another night of protests. none of this is stopping the activity in trump tower as the president-elect organizes his administration. trump already making washington republicans nervous saying he wants to keep parts of obama care. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> reporter: laura malpert. meanwhile, mr. trump has
7:34 am
been very critical of the war against isis, but the pentagon says the latest campaign has been going quite well for iraqi troops. ally troops took the historic town and they're advancing on mosul, that's iraq's second largest city. experts say isis will use any tools at their disposal in order to defend themselves. >> i think we need take the risk of the use of more chemical weapons by the islamic states as a very real and very serious risk. >> the united nations says four people died last month when isis set fire to a sulfur plant in mosul. thousands were badly injured by toxic smoke. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the trump presidency. we will update you as his staff makes major announcements and follow the latest online at a powerful earthquake struck new zealand this morning near the city of christ church. triggered a tsunami, as well. this is magnitude 7.8 quake.
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brand-new pictures into our newsroom of some of the damage in the grocery store in the capital city of wellington. 120 miles away. no immediate reports of major damage or injuries in christ church. according to the u.s. geological va the quake struck just after midnight local centered 57 miles east of christ church and you'll remember christ church is still recovering from the 2011 earthquake that killed 185 people and destroyed a lot of that city. new zealand lies on that ring of fire, the line of frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions that circled the pacific rim. nbc bay area responds to several people in san francisco who say they're out hundreds of dollars after a business changed owners. a chain of spas refused to honor the prepaid purchases they bought. the lingering question is, what happens to their money? they ask consumer investigator to find out. >> pretty high-stress job and just a nice thing to do to go in and get a foot massage once in a
7:36 am
while. >> reporter: a small indullgence for the feet. he spent $168 about a year ago prepaying for massages. paying up front made sense because he got a discount. >> it was a pretty good deal. i thought, i'd probably use this. >> reporter: but back in april joshua discovered that these gift cards were suddenly worthless. >> i called them up to use them, they told me they were no longer valid and they changed ownership and they're not going to honor these. >> reporter: became 620 massage and said it was under new management. >> greg myers and his wife, lonnie, also bought prepaid massages from relax feet and that became sweet & smile massage and also refused to honor prepaid packages. >> we are out $140. >> reporter: relaxed feet had several locations in san francisco, all closed or changed names. leaving customers like greg, lonnie and josh in a lurch. so, we began asking questions. santa clara university law
7:37 am
professor told us businesses are supposed to take into account liabilities like prepaid purchases when companies change hands. so, someone's on the hook. either the new management or the old. so we called, wrote and even visited the parlors to ask for an explanation. but we never received a response. next, we requested state records. the articles have organization. basically a business's birth certificate tell us that the location lonni sxerx greg used has new management but the shop that josh used was registered by the same manager who filed the paperwork for the old business, relaxed feet eight years ago. even that doesn't tell us the whole story. although state records show when ownership changes occur, the actual names of business owners aren't required in public record. >> you can't really get to the true owners. >> reporter: getting to those who are financially responsible will probably require a lawsuit. >> then consumers can try to get a court to look through the sale, if you will, to look past
7:38 am
the actual technical transaction and hold the previous owners libel. >> reporter: she recently faced a similar situation with a different company. >> i purchased the package myself in an oakland massage place. >> reporter: personally and professionally, she recommends avoiding prepaid purchases. >> having this experience myself, i would say don't buy any long-term packages. don't spend a lot of money on packages. >> reporter: after josh called us and we started asking questions, 620 massage updated its website with this announcement. a prepaid package holder will be to use it at 620 massage locations. it goes on to say even though we're not related to relaxed feet, we consider you as our important customer. >> i'm really surprised because i called and e-mailed them multiple times as have a lot of other people and there is no recourse for it. >> reporter: 620 massage will honor gift cards is good news for josh, but not greg and
7:39 am
lonnie their former location isn't budging. professor hans says they will probably have to sue. lonnie offthersoffers the owner easier solution. >> this is san francisco. we honor things here. >> if you have a consumer complaint, tell us all about it. call 1-888-996-tips or go to once you are there a submit tips bar and share your story and documents and photos and videos and help us investigate your case. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up the sharks look to extend their streak on the road and the a's make their first move of the off season. we have sports, next. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision.
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[burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ stanford running back christian mccaffrey was the heisman runner up last season but in 2016 he and the cardinal have not lived up to expectation. so, mccaffrey and stanford up in
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oregon looking to get back on track. first quarter, no score until this. hand off to mccaffrey and he's he's gone. 61 yards and he was just getting started. right before the half, mccaffrey puts this game out of reach. the heisman hopeful with three touchdowns. he ran for 135 yards. stanford wins big, 52-27. all right. sharks. they're in tampa bay's game game three of a six-game road trip. sharks winning 3-0. and it's 2-0, sharks. second period now. sharks on the power play and ditch to the corner and that's his third goal of the season, as well. sharks win 3-1. now 3-0 so far on this road trip. well, the oakland a's known for their wheeling and dealing as of late made their first trade of the off-season and sending third baseman danny
7:43 am
valencia to the seattle mariners. in return the a's acquired paul blackburn. that is going to do it for sports. much more ahead "today in the bay" the historic election is over and we start to pore over those results. nbc political analyst larry gerstin joins us to help us sort it all out, coming up next. thank you.
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. donald trump's presidential election victory over hillary clinton is one of the biggest upcelts in modern american history but stunning results up and down the ballot. larry gerstein to discuss some of the more compelling issues and let's start with the presidency and i'd love to get your analysis on it. >> it is complex, as we would expect. three factors, scott, really. demographic, demographic and all converge for a perfect storkct .
7:46 am
african-americans and latinos underperformed and that gender gap we all talked about did not meet predictions. in all, 7 million fewer voters. that is amazing. fewer voters participated last tuesday than in 2012. and most of these were democr democratic. on the economy, the growing gap between rich and poor and a lack of good jobs, that struck a cord with large swaths of voters particularly in that upper midwest region. clearly economic recovery from the great recession just has been uneven. and then politically. clinton represented more of the same, which just didn't go over well those who felt less doubt. but trump presented himself as a change agent and voters were willing to forgive him for his abusive behavior in exchange for that possibility of better life. >> let's talk about california. state races. any surprises or up? >> you know, the lack of
7:47 am
competition for the u.s. senate seat coveted prize was amazing. car me a passage of a higher tobacco tax over the heavily funded tobacco industry, proposition 56 showed that money doesn't always win in the election. and the victory of prop decision 58 shows voters willing to support bilingual and weren't willing to let go of capital punishment as we saw with passing of proposition 56. a rematch between challenger honda led to convincing 3-2 margin of victory edging on this, ending honda's 16-year career in congress. and the election of madison win and the 27 state assembly district proved that organized labor still has muscle in the bay area. >> let's talk about local races. we think about the presidential race being the one and
7:48 am
oftentimes that memorable waterboard that ends up costing you the money, right? >> big bucks here, scott. big bucks. a $3.5 billion bond to rebuild b.a.r.t. pass in san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties. a two-thirds vote and easily overcame that hurdle. in santa clara county, the silicon valley leadership group, once again, promoted passage of this time a $6.5 billion sales tax increase over 30 years for several transportation projects, including extension of b.a.r.t. to san jose. you know, over the past 30 years, the leadership group has sponsored five, five valid propositions and $16.5 billion in transportation improvements. and each has passed usually overcoming that two-thirds vote hurdle. in addition, the passage of taxes on sugary beverages in san francisco, oakland and albany occurred in spite of a $30 million effort by the soft drink
7:49 am
industry to defeat this proposal and then, finally, ratification of an agreement between san jose and the public safety unions on safety reform. that's measure f may signal a new beginning for a city and its unions with the public being the beneficiary of more police hires. >> in many cases what we saw voters taxing themselves. >> you know, it's really something. it's really clear that bay area residents want better services and aring to pay for them. part of the reason has to dawith the economic vitality of this area. we know we live in a bubble and also lies with the desire of local citizens to live in quality communities. you know, whatever else. it's times like these that remind us that the bay area really is a special place. >> it is a special place with some money to spend. larry gerstein, thank you much. much more today in the bay. san francisco make the day of a
7:50 am
special polar bear at the zoo. beautiful sky over walnut creek right now. 49 degrees and we should be clearing out for a very nice sunday ahead. plus, a look at what you can expect for the super moon coming up in just a little bit.
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes now in holiday flavors. good morning, bay area. if you're just now waking up and maybe pouring yourself a cup of coffee or maybe tea if you prefer. a nice, cool start.
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patchy fog clearing out already and still seeing the cloud cover near the peninsula and 56 degrees. tri-valley at about 49 and out near the south bay, we're talking 54 degrees. san francisco still seeing those overcast skies. we did see some pretty dense fog early on in the day and overall in the day we are expecting to clear out and some sunshine and not a lot of breeze or wind for that matter. it's going to be a very nice, calm serene day as those temperatures remain above average. 75 degrees in san jose and topping out at 73 in los gatos and gilroy 76. i know have been seeing those 70s and we even almost nearly hit the 80s earlier this week. well, today is going to be a very similar day. not just for the south bay, but also east bay. danville at about 74 degrees out near walnut creek and nice at about 70. near the peninsula, we will remain in the 60s. 65 near half moon bay and out
7:54 am
near belmont and san mateo 69 degrees and even seeing some 70s on your palo alto. and right now we're still seeing some fog. outer sunset 56 degrees near mission 68. and the north bay in the 70s. sonoma 68. and napa could be seeing 73, 74. so, typically around this time of the year, november, we're supposed to be in the 60s across the board but seeing a lot of 70s. it's all big system, high pressure that is dominating in the forecast. here's a look right now at our radar. not a lot of activity going on and futurecast. don't panic, no rain for today. this is looking ahead to the next chance for rain across the bay area. looking towards tuesday, we do have a storm that could be bringing some rain chances. right now, it's looking like it stays off to the north. any rain chance that does come will come in by tuesday night into wednesday morning. now, we're still pretty far out and we'll keep a close eye on that, but right now the models are showing a pretty good chance
7:55 am
for some rain out of the north bay and possibly also near the south bay, which is going to be good. if you enjoy the rain, especially out here near san jose. let's go ahead and plan your day by about 2:00. 3:00 and 4:00, overall between 2:00 and 5:00 when that sun is still out right before that super moon, we're going to be in the 70s. so, it's going to be one of those days that you'll want to head outdoors and maybe a nice hike. i know i still have to check out some hiking places. if you have any suggestions, please, feel free to send me a tweet. i'm a big hiker. your temptrend out in san francisco we'll stay fairly nice. in the 60s and tonight we're going to enjoy mostly clear skies which is going to be perfect because we are talking about that november super moon. and here are your best times to see it. now, it hasn't happened since january 1940. we haven't seen a super moon like the one we're going to enjoy into tonight and, of course, tomorrow. it won't happen, again, until
7:56 am
november 25th, 2034. now, your best chance for viewing is tonight at 4:52 p.m. moon set 5:32 tomorrow and about 5:40 something into monday. so, if you are going to be outside, make sure to snap some quick photos. i know it's pretty hard to get shots of the moon, though. as we head into the seven-day forecast tuesday and wednesday is what we're really going to focus on in terms of the rainfall, but not a big change of those temperatures. inland, as well, we're going to see a rain chance for tuesday and wednesday. we're staying within those 70s topping out at about 74 degrees by the middle of the week. so, for today as we begin to see that high pressure dominate in the forecast, it will clear the way for that super moon, which i am pretty excited to see tonight. >> thank you. still 11 more days until thanksgiving. it's looking a bit like christm christmas, though, in downtown san jose. workers are busy setting up decorations for christmas in the park. nba bay area a proud sponsor for
7:57 am
the holiday transition and the view is enough to put the locals in the holiday spirit, but you can't line-up for hot chocolate until christmas when the park opens the day after thanksgiving. all the way across the country in new york city, the christmast is growing, as well. this year's rockefeller christmas tree has arrived in manhattan. a 90-foot norway spruce cut down in new york and made a 140 mile trek to rockefeller center. the tree's 50,000 lights will be turned on november 30th. and, finally, this morning. north america's oldest polar bear lives in san francisco zoo and this is video of an annual transition. the manmade snow brought in so he could enjoy a bit of his natural environment. turned 35 this year. she's been at the san francisco zoo for most of her life.
7:58 am
31 years. thank you for makish e isishini your sunday morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, split screen america. a divided nation reacts with joy to donald trump and with anger. with anti-trump protesters demonstrating across the country, as mr. trump goes to washington. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being withyou, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. >> will trump be able to heal the widening divisions in this country? i will talk to his campaign manager kellyanne conway. e-mail fallout again. hillary clinton blames her loss directly on fbi director james comey, saying his announcement stopped her momentum. not only have democrats lost th


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