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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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city to the 49ers. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. for the longest time it was football season, but not football weather. >> it's feeling more like it. maybe not the frozen tundra of lambeau field, but upper 30s. as you can see right now, around the bay area, patchy fog in the north bay. 52 degrees in san jose. you can see into the north bay, there is where you're finding 30s this morning. low 60s this afternoon. partly cloudy, breezy, canadian air conditioning along with the sunshine into the afternoon. >> not quite green bay conditions like you said. a smooth flow and mostly green sensors in the peninsula. the south bay the same, we have a pretty predictable pattern over here, but something that may disrupt the tri-valley, a crash reported here, southbound 680 and stoneridge. put the thing right behind the highway sign.
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it's south of the dublin interchange. you see a typical pattern south of brunell. no lanes reported blocked. lighter for westbound 580. 22 minutes from the dublin interchange to grant line road. a crash in tracy may hold folks up at 205 and i-5. new this morning, forced to run from these flames. three people are safe this morning after a fire tore through a san jose duplex overnight. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the scene on cypress avenue and stevens creek boulevard with a look at the damage left behind. we can see behind you a charred house and items on the lawn there. good morning. >> reporter: sam, it was a pretty quick fire fight. we'll tell you the san jose fire captain said it was only 30 minutes, but that's as long as it took to nearly destroy the two carports and the garages connecting these two duplexes. there's a classic corvette in there that's also destroyed. three people did make it out
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safely and they are okay. but this is what it looked like when the fire was first reported around 12:40 this morning. san jose fire department will say only the duplex was on fire. the other side was also on fire. a structure in the back was also fully engulfed and threatening the homes nearby. so firefighters were watching that as well. the three people who got out alive, they also made it out with one of their pets. >> we got reports that there may be a pet fatality. we're still investigating that. thankfully no injuries other than that one to report and no injuries to any firefighters. >> reporter: the home is up for sale. it's listed for $799 on zillow. so the timing of the fire very difficult for the sellers. the fire apartment reminds us every time we fall back or spring forward, we change our clocks because of daylight savings time to check our fire,
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smoke detectors. the fire department says that could be one of the reasons these three people made it out alive. if you haven't checked yours, now is a good time. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 6:03 right now. new details this morning in a grisly triple homicide about who is accused of committing a heinous crime. authorities identified the woman facing charges as a former teacher who made national headlines when she lost her job following gender reassignment surgery. authorities identified the suspect at 61-year-old dana rivers. police say she stabbed and shot three people at a home on dunbar drive. they say the garage was also set on fire. rivers was once a sacramento teacher whose dismissal made national headlines in the 1990s. she's scheduled to be arraigned this morning. >> this is not what city leaders planned. right here folks in the south bay in one city are stepping in to stop a surge of no-cause evictions following new legislation.
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voters approved a rent control measure last tuesday that requires tenant evictions to be justified. here is the problem, it doesn't take effect until the end of december. since that measure's approval evictions and the threats of evictions have been increasingly reported. according to the "mercury news," yesterday mountain view city council members passed and enacted an emergency ordinance to protect tenants until the measure kicks in. california's recent decision to make marijuana legal has san francisco scrambling to regulate large scale grows. mayor ed lee introduced new legislation that would require strict permits before cannabis growers can set up large scale gardens in industrial buildings. it would require approval from the planning commission. 6:04 right now on your wednesday morning. president obama wrapping up his first leg of his final foreign tour as commander-in-chief today. he started the day with sight
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seeing in greece. took a tour of the acropolis, the citadel in athens. the entire site was closed just for president obama's visit. within the past hour, the president also delivered a major speech to the greek people on the topic of globalization. >> in all of our communities, in all of our countries, i still believe there's more of what greeks call love and respect and kindness for family and community and country and a sense that we're all in this together, with obligations to each other. i see it every day and that gives me hope. >> the president trying to offer inspiring words. we'll find out how his german is. this is president obama boarding air force one about five minutes ago. he's going to germ many and will wrap up his trip in peru later
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this week. >> depending on who you listen to, president elect trump's transition team is in complete disarray or it's not. after dining out in new york city last night, the president-elect took to twitter refuting what sources claim is a stalinesque purge going on in trump's inner circle, while trump calls it an organized process, some insiders are describing turmoil. >> governor christie and his team moving out, others moving in. as trump tries to figure out who he wants at his side. >> the vice president-to-be mike pence is tagged with overseeing the transition and reportedly purging lobbyists from official roles. pence is scheduled to be in washington to have lunch with current vice president joe biden. house speaker paul ryan won unanimous approval. he said he has the support of president-elect donald trump. he says this is a beginning of a new and unified republican government focused on progress
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for the american people. democrats abruptly announced they're delaying their own leadership elections. they were originally set for tomorrow but have been postponed until november 30th. it's not clear whether the delay could create problems for current minority leader nancy pelosi of san francisco. she's led house democrats for more than 12 years and consolidated support with strong fund-raising and an ability to deliver votes. some democrats say new leadership is needed at the top. >> students and faculty at an east bay college right now are weighing in on a weighty issue on president-elect trump and the topic of immigration, surging st. mary's college to become a sanctuary campus. this is a request that came out in the form of this letter here signed by dozens of students, staff and faculty asking the administration to investigate what it would take to headache the campus a sanctuary for its community members who face eminent deportation. some students say they're in favor of the letter.
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others are against it. >> i think it's just nice to have something that sends a message that we're in unity, we're together. >> we do not need to be offering a safe house to people who shouldn't be here in the first place. there should be another set of people here legally. >> the campus administration responded to that letter by saying that they take the safety of all community members seriously and it is, quote, important for people to know that students should be safe on campus. a fight not just on the field, but at city hall, the 49ers versus the city of santa clara. last night the 49ers were put on notice. the mayor of legislator doesn't think the city is getting the fair share of revenue in levi's stadium. she's asked for all the financial documents as part of their lease agreement. if not, the city would take over management of the stadium. the 49ers say they're working with a third party auditor to try to provide those documents. >> just look at the contract, give us what's required in the
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contract for the last 2 1/2 years. >> it has sensitive information regarding the security systems for the stadium that is not appropriate to be in the public realm. >> the team says it does not want to make the documents public because it's proprietary information and could cost the team and city revenue from competing promoters. time right now 6:09 on a mostly clear, beautiful shot over san jose. pretty pictures and also pretty chilly right now in the north bay. 38 in santa rosa and napa. a little patchy fog in sonoma. visibility less than a mile. mostly clear skies san francisco south into san jose. highs in the low 60s from san francisco into the north bay. cool, dry northwest winds 10 to 20 will feel cooler than what the temperatures will be reading on the thermometers this afternoon. speaking of cool temperatures, look at the morning lows tomorrow and friday, patchy frost possible. rain making a big comeback
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especially in the north bay on saturday. the morning commute starting to come back as well. typical pattern for most of the bay. 101 north of 680, that's getting going for silicon valley. coming through walnut creek, slowing out of concord. no problems for the walnut creek interchange. a smooth drive for the upper eastshore freeway as well. general slowing to richmond and berkeley. drive time from highway 4, 26 minutes to get to the wait at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> got to wait to get to the wait. going to collegiate golden state already expensive. the tuition increase that could kick in at uc campuses. the holiday travel season just getting started. now is a good time to start thinking about your vacation plans for next year. we'll take a look at some of the best travel deals for 2017. >> paris looks good. we'll tell you how silicon valley is telling the white house listen to us.
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>> paris always looks good. so does the bay area. what a glorious place we live. this is a live look from emeryville this morning. stick around. a lot more news ahead.
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los gatos waking up to 45 degrees. highs in the low 60s. cooler and breezy. winds up to 16 miles per hour. >> we're looking over your drive
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times. tri-valley, slowing for the 680 southbound commute past a crash. we'll talk about that more coming up. in the south bay, no major problems, your build typical for 101. all right. getting off the bay area roads and going and seeing some amazing destinations. if you're trying to get a jump start on your 2017 travel plans, travel zoo has announced top six destinations to find the hottest deals for next year. those destinations, the cherry blossoms in washington, d.c., paris, florida's gulf coast, new zealand, peru and the uk. travel zoo says prices will be good in d.c. and along florida's gulf coast because of more hotel oemgs. new zealand is expected to have a lot of great flight deals. a strong u.s. dollar will make travel in peru and paris and the uk more affordable than ever. >> travel is about to get cheaper on united airlines.
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>> the bad news, scott mcgrew, is you get what you pay for. >> yeah. united says it's going to restrict its lowest paying passengers to just one carryon and it has to fit under your seat. normally, as you know, the gate agents announced you can have two, one carry on and one personal item such as a purse or backpa backpack. well, now one bag that has to fit under the seat, no overhead bin for you. you won't get a seat assignment until you show up. we're talking the super budget low-cost fair. pay a little extra, you can get the assigned seat and maybe the overhead bin. stocks rose again tuesday. the dow closed at another all-time high. big gain on the nasdaq. oil prizes on the way up. we don't like high oil prices but wall street does. a coalition of internet companies like google and facebook and others have sent a letter to donald trump asking
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the president to leave net neutrality rulings alone and to continue to allow h-1b visas. mr. trul has been an opponent of both. snap chat filed its first papers for an ipo, quoting insiders saying the confidential papers end with the sec. the first time we'll see the ipo probably march. critics say it can entice kids to take pictures while driving. the national highway safety transportation administration says apps and texting may be to blame for a spike in deaths. largest increase in 50 years, even as cars get safer. the way you handle your phone could lead people back to you. the actual smudges on the screen traced back to an individual. very csi. also some new revelations about phones may be tracking you and sending your data, including text messages, to china. i'll talk about both those
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issues in about 30 minutes zblt could be even more expensive to head to a uc school. the uc board of regents is set to meet today to discuss next year's budget. it comes after talk of a 5% tuition hike, raising the cost $280 more per year. leaders say they need more funding to maintain the quality of the nation's largest public university system. critics say it will lead to more dropouts. the proposed annual hike would be the first tuition increase in nearly six years. today we could get a closer look at the first catch of the season from dungeness crab fishermen. we brought this to you live. it's all good news for the holiday season. half moon bay is buzzing. however, not all of the california coastline is open for crab fishing. the department of fish and wildlife has kept 60 miles between point reyes and sonoma
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mendocino line closed because crab tested positive for demoic acid. that caused last season to be delayed until march. >> i've seen stronger seasons. we've had pots that weren't quite full yesterday. the best i've seen so far is a third, not quite a half. >> they will keep testing the crabs along the coast to see if the acid levels have gone down and then make a future decision. >> that familiar sound of how they crack the crabs on the pier. >> every time we talk about this, it makes your stomach start growling. >> the holidays are coming. a lot of people will have it on the table. it will finally feel like fall. >> north bay in the 30s, some places 15 degrees cooler than the same time yesterday. we'll be talking about the north bay temperatures in a moment. clear skies hoping to drop temperatures. san jose, a few clouds off to the east. san francisco, you can see all the way in to marin county, tiburon way to the north. you can see the golden gate bridge out to the west where we
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have temperatures right now down to 38 in santa rosa, 40 in napa, but not as bad. san francisco into san jose, still seeing temperatures in the low 50s. still dealing with patchy fog around santa rosa, less than a mile of visibility. cooler, drier air and more wind sweeping into the bay area, keeping fog at bay. there's one more chance we can see a few showers approaching the coast later this morning. one more impulse riding down the coast later today. we'll toss a few showers around point reyes and off the coast of half moon bay into the afternoon. the rest of the bay area, partly cloudy and breezy. you'll notice a little canadian air conditioning today. mid 60s around downtown san jose and the tri-valley. should see numbers closer to 63 in antioch, walnut creek, 64, 63 in belmont, san mateo 62, downtown san francisco also in the low 60s today, and north bay temperatures in the low 60s. moving forward, tomorrow morning more chances of 30s inland.
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that's less wind and clear skies. patchy frost possible. next big rain event in marin, napa, sonoma county arrives by saturday morning. here are the changes in the seven-day forecast. rain making a big comeback this weekend, especially areas north of san francisco, and look at those morning temperatures thursday and friday. tri-valley, north bay, especially could wake up with patchy frost tomorrow morning. we'll get out of the way and talk about the traffic flowing around the bay area. pretty typical pattern here. i was checking on a couple of crashes. we do still have the one in the tri-valley. the latest update from chp is it is off to the shoulder. a little slowing towards sunol and nothing jarring here for hayward. in fact, off 238, a mild build southbound towards union city and a slight build westbound across the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. this is your typical pattern.
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pleasant for a witness. the other crash 680 and main street is over on the shoulder as well as you come down through concord, a distract. walnut creek interchange, no problem over toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we have just under 50 trains reported. same thing for muni. drivers on van ness, you have the lane changes over there. they'll be messing around for the next three years. south bay, no major delays, just the build for 101. back to you. >> thanks, mike. teaming up to fight cancer. the steps san francisco is taking to battle one of the world's biggest killers. >> first chris chmura has this morning's "nbc bay area responds." if you trade in a car with an extended warranty, you might be due a refund for the unused portion. check the contract, then file to get your money back. >> if you have a consumer complaint for "nbc bay area responds," call us at
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1-888-996-tips, or log onto our website, >> not a lot to complain about this morning on the weather front as we take a live look outside there at san francisco and the embarcadero. mike was talking about delays on van ness. maybe you take the scenic route and get a taste of the glorious city. back with more news right after this.
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. the city of san francisco is launching a new battle. the opponent is cancel. mayor ed lee will be at uc san francisco to announce a new wide ranging partnership called the san francisco cancer initiative. it aims to reduce the number of deaths in the city from the most common cancers especially among minority groups. cancer is the second largest killer in san francisco behind heart disease. >> at the big game, you can always expect the unexpected, especially with the history between stanford and cal. one thing is already a given out of this weekend's big game, the stanford band is not going to be on the field. it's not going to be in the stadium for that matter. stanford's fame band and trombone section certainly engrained in the history of the stanford game. since may of last year, stanford's band has been banned from performing during road
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games due to complaints of hazing and alcohol violations. this year's game is at cal. the school says the band members have not done enough to lift the ban. >> i'm a little bummed that they won't be there because it's a big part of school and big part of spirit. >> without them at the football game, it will be a little sad. i know our school spirit will definitely make up for it. >> stanford's band can still play at home games and has received exemptions for bowl games. >> the energy of that tree. >> exactly. up next on "today in the bay," a long-time east bay bar could start closing earlier. the reason police say it's wasting resources. plus, a lot of americans have voiced frustration over the presidential election. the new push to get rid of the electoral college ahead. >> reporter: a san jose duplex goes up in flames, the timing of it all makes things much more complicated. >> we take a live look right now
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at oracle arena and the surging dubs. how much longer will the warriors play in oakland? there's a court case that could decide the nate of a new arena in san francisco. pete suratos is covering that. we'll have a live report after this break.
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good wednesday morning.
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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. tomorrow morning kari hall will be right back with us. rob, you've done a great job. >> amazing to have you. very appreciative. >> i've enjoyed my time here and i'll be watching tomorrow morning from bed. one of the perks of being up this early, beautiful views around the bay area once you get the fog out of the way. downtown san francisco screen saver shot around the bay area. san jose right now waking up to some 50s, but look out for patchy fog around the north bay, down to three-quarter mile visibility in santa rosa. low 60s san francisco and santa rosa later today. >> rob, i hope you can sleep in at least one day. looking across the bay, the peninsula, despite a couple of crashes -- in fact, crashes scattered throughout the bay, but no major closures as far as lanes around the freeway. you do have tri-valley slowing southbound 680 through sunol.
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and 27 from 880, from 238 down toward the dumbarton bridge, that isn't that bad. san jose, northbound 101 has the only real slowdown from about capital expressway, slowing at tully. new this morning, an intense fire fight overnight as crews douse those massive flames that threaten several homes in the san jose neighborhood. one duplex was destroyed. >> "today in the bay's" chris sanchez joins us from the scene on cypress avenue with more on how the people inside that home were able to make it out alive. kris? >> good morning, laura and sam. one of those men just returned home to try to find the things he could salvage. he didn't want to talk on camera. we'll respect that. we can only imagine that there will be very little for him to salvage out of this disaster of a duplex this morning. you can see right through the house and right up through the roof where inside the garage there is a destroyed classic
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corvette. the flames looked like this when it was first reported around 12:40 this morning. the san jose fire department says the duplex was on fire, both sides, and also threatening another home on the back side, a structure in the back yard was fully engulfed. firefighters did manage to contain the fire to just this duplex and the three people who live here did get out with one pet. >> thankfully, due to the volume of fire, the residents got out on their home. i'm hoping smoke detectors played a part in that. >> reporter: there may be another pet missing at this point. firefighters couldn't say whether it was inside or perhaps it got out during the chaos of the fire fight. but the homeowner again did not want to speak to us on camera. the fire department always reminds us to check our smoke detectors around this time of year when we change our clocks. if you haven't done that, you might want to do that now. this is a complicated time of day for a fire, just before 1:00
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in the morning and also a complicated time for the owner of the home because the home was on the market, listed at $799,000. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, krirs. president-elect donald trump took to twitter overnight refuting reports his transition is in turmoil. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington with more on that, plus the transition happening on capitol hill. good morning. >> laura and sam, good morning. senate democrats and republicans are coming up with their new teams as well. while we monitored things in trump tower including news this morning that ted cruz, his former rival, may be considered as attorney general. >> thank you. have a good meal. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump dining out in new york after his first official security briefing, and tweeting overnight that only he knows finalists for his cabinet. mr. trump calls it a very
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organized process. insiders describe turmoil. >> you have governor christie and his team moving out, others moving in as trump tries to figure out who he wants at his side. >> reporter: congressman mike rogers is out in what sources call a stalinesque purge. son-in-law jared kushner. vice president to-be mike pence is in charge with washington today for lunch with vice president joe biden. >> this leadership team is unified. this entire house republican conference is unified. we are so eager to get to work with our new president-elect. >> reporter: republicans in congress elect new leaders today. house democrats put their elections off minority leader nancy pelosi expected to face a challenge from ohio's tim ryan. >> we got our butts kicked and we need to move forward. >> reporter: the company still trying to move forward.
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news this morning that mike pence, vice president elect in charge of this transition is removing all lobbyists from that transition team. >> tracie potts live from d.c., thank you very much. the electoral college is up for debate on capitol hill. barbara boxer filed legislation yesterday to eliminate it so that a president election would be decided by the popular vote. of course, this comes after hillary clinton won the popular vote but lost the presidential election to donald trump who amassed the most electoral votes. "the l.a. times" calls the attempt, quote, a long shot. hostile messages found written on a car in campbell yesterday. it includes messages such as go back to mexico and i love trump. javier morale less of campbell says he feels targeted. >> no other car was written on besides mine. so i kind of took it personally. a week after donald trump
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becomes president-elect, they have the courage to write on my car. >> the fbi says hate crimes against minorities have increased since the election. in san francisco where police reforms are under way, many undocumented immigrants say they're afraid the police will round them up to carry out donald trump's deportation threats. people from communities of color told a joint meeting of the police commission and sf board of supervisors, that they're afraid of the so-called trump effect on officers. >> i've been already harassed before just because i look new to a neighborhood. i have an excellent gpa, i'm on the youth commission. i think it's very terrifying to have police officers, especially having this new president on board saying all these hateful things. >> this is a trump thing going around. we don't want to embolden officers who have a tendency to be rogue officers. >> acting police chief toney chaplin tried to assuage those
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fears. he gave city leaders an update on efforts to reform his police department. city leaders are expecting president-elect's department of justice to be very difficult than the current one. right now the impact of the change is unknown. nine people without a place to stay after this two-alarm fire damaged three structures in san francisco. it happened in the ex-elseier neighborhood just before 8:00 on brazil avenue. the flames were knocked down about an hour later. we're told the two people hurt are expected to be okay. the red cross is assisting all the people without a home right now. last call could be coming a little earlier for a long time bar in walnut creek. crogan's sports bar has been sucking up resources with police responding to more than 700 calls in the last four years. that's more calls than any other bar in the city. earlier this year, a pay troin of crogan's was shot and killed across the street. detectives say interviews with
6:38 am
those involved say people said they were coming to walnut creek because they could get away with bringing guns into the bars. >> the other towns where they used to party were frisking and using metal detectors and walnut creek doesn't do that. >> the city said it needs more time to make a final decision. that's expected early next month. for now, crogan's is going to continue to operate and stay open until 2:00 a.m. today the legal fight over the warriors new arena will move forward in court. >> pete suratos has more on the story. the opponents say the city might have broken some laws here? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the group is the mission bay alliance making the claims, trying to call a time-out to put a halt on this new arena proposal for the golden state
6:39 am
warriors in san francisco. they were rejected by a superior district judge back in july. today they're appealing that ruling. the mission bay alliance is a group of well-funded donors and employees associated with the ucsf medical center. they're claiming that environmental and zoning laws were broken by the city of san francisco when they approved this arena proposal. the issues could include whether the proposed arena built at 16th and third violated a zoning established by a current redevelopment plan. also, the city's transportation plan can accommodate the new arena. possible health issues for what they refer to as contaminates being emitted from this proposed arena. i want to point out a superior court judge ruled against those concerns back in july and cleared the way for the project to move forward. that was after the project was approved by the city's board of supervisors and certified as an environmental leadership project by california governor jerry brown. they're expecting the project to
6:40 am
move forward. this 18,000-seat arena is set to be completed in 2019. the court hearing is set to take place at 2:00 later today. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> at 6:40 this wednesday morning. clear skies across san jose. one of the warmer spots, 52 degrees. 38 in santa rosa, 40 in napa, and a little patchy fog by santa rosa, visibility down to less than a mile. cooler temperatures today, low 60s san francisco into the north bay, mid 60s around san jose. chilly mornings ahead. dry finish to the workweek and stay tuned for the weekend forecast which will include some rain at times which could get heavy around the north bay for saturday, and showers will linger into monday morning. now to see what's happening with your peninsula commute, here is mike. >> no unusual flows throughout the east bay despite a couple fender-benders on the shoulder. the south bay shows the
6:41 am
traditional slow northbound. north 101 slows a bit toward 3rd in san mateo. just north of that is,fo and a crash reported off millbrae avenue. there may be your fast lane blocked by a big rig. chp has yet to arrive and show us the details. we don't see the slowing coming up there. we'll track this as an issue going towards san francisco. 280 totally clear. looking over here to the south bay, 101 congested from capitol expressway toward the airport at highway 87. you have a 25, 26-minute drive. keep that in mind for the south bay. slowing for the upper east shore, 46 minutes from highway 4 down to the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. thank you, mime. >> up next, a woman is attacked while taking care of kids at a popular bay area park. the reason police are investigating this incident as a hate crime. just in time for inauguration day, renovations on the capitol dome are complete. we'll take you inside for a first look. plus, is your phone spying
6:42 am
on you? it is in ways you could not guess. out to the big board as well this morning. dow industrials losing 56 points, 18,867.
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good wednesday morning. 42 in willow glen. in cam pell, expect highs in the low 60s. winds out of the northwest to 15 miles per hour. >> chilly, chilly. a smooth, easy drive. but slow across the bridges. 21 minutes out of the maze and across to san francisco. a slower drive as well. look in the middle at 238, looks great off the castro valley y. big changes could be on the way for renters for sites like air b andb. the proposed law would set a maximum cap of just 60 days a year that a home can be represented out. currently there's no cap if the host remains there while the home is rented. if the host stays somewhere else, a 90-day cap is in place. the law would only apply to new hosts who register with the city starting today. the board voted to pass that
6:46 am
measure last night, a second vote is still needed before the law is officially approved. that is going to be scheduled for later this month. airbnb says it is disappointed and it will do nothing to fix the broken registration system for hosts trying to rent their homes. a south bay worker is dead after falling six stories from a construction site. the worker fell before noon yesterday at north wolf road and east ar kez avenue. a 770,000 square foot office complex is being built at the site. apple is the building tenant. voters chose to reform the death penalty on election day. the final decision could land in the hands of the court. prop 66 is designed to speed up the death penalty process by cutting through the normal appeals process. a civil liberties group filed a suit that could slow plans to resume executions. currently the department of corrections has the power to
6:47 am
decide the amount of lethal dosage to give inmates. the group wants elected leaders to make the decisions instead. police are investigating a possible hate crime at san francisco's fort mason. u.s. park police received a report on monday morning that a man attacked a woman and told her, quote, no latinos here. the woman was taking care of two small children at the time. police say she was shoved and grabbed by the neck. a jogger who helped the woman call 911 was nearby. police located a man who matched the description of the attacker but became confrontational. he was taken to san francisco general hospital for psychiatric evaluation. a fire at an oil refinery in southern california appears to be under control this morning. that fire started at the torrence refining company yesterday and burned for almost two hours. no employees were injured. three were evaluated. that facility used to belong to exxon mobil, pbf energy has owned it since july of this year. there was an explosion at the
6:48 am
same refinery in february of last year as well. the children's discovery muse 'em of san jose is expanding. a groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 11:00 this morning for bill's back yard bridge to nature. it's more than 27,000 square foot outdoor learning area. this doubles the current museum space and is designed to help kids explore nature. there will be ten areas focusing on science and environmental education. it's set to open next june. discovering startling revelations this morning about your cell phone. some may be sending copies of your contact list, even text messages to china. >> scott mcgrew, sounds like a paranoid fantasy. security experts say this is very real. >> very real. the first question everybody is going to have is, well, what phones? at this point we don't know. we do know it's hundreds of thousands of phones. the only thing we do know is apple iphones are not affected. the biggest problem seems to be with android-based low cost phones, discount phone plans, burner phones, that kind of
6:49 am
thing. we're not talking about an app. the problem is baked into the phone itself. phones made in china, and the secrets are sent back to china. "the new york times" broke this news saying that the phones send the data to china every 72 hours. it's not clear if it's an accidental bug or maybe it's somehow related to advertising. maybe it's espionage. the company that added the software into the phone says it wasn't supposed to be on american phones. it was a mistake. this is very disturbing especially since we can't tell you at this point which phones. we will definitely stay on top of this one for you. we've all had to deal with smudgey phones, general dirt and schmutz on the phone. scientists at uc san diego ran a fascinating experiment. they asked a group of people not to shower, not to use any personal hygiene products for three days -- not these people. these people are very, very clean. after three days those people
6:50 am
were allowed to use their phones. scientists swabbed the phone and discovered traces of common household products in the smudges. the chemicals showed up on her phone even after three days. obviously this idea could be used by csi criminal investigations to figure out who touched the phone last. it speaks to how long chemicals stick around on your skin. don't shower, don't use any of these for three days, touch your phone. csi guys go, oh, yeah, you use tide. >> if u you're not showering for three days, you have bigger problems than smudges. >> the only way i want to talk to you is by phone. >> exactly, long distance. renovations to the capitol dome is finally complete. the dome has become badly corroded since it was last restored during the eisenhower administration. the three-year, $60 million project repaired more than 1,300
6:51 am
cracks in the structure. workers removed hazardous materials, upgraded electrical and mechanical systems. it's nice to see it is done. it's nice to see the return of kari hall. she will be back tomorrow after being on maternity leave. >> baby bella doing just fine. she is ready to send her mom off. look at that face. >> we had a little visit at the home. it was so fun. sam and i got to take over a little bit to hone my baby feeding skills there. a little rocking. sam, got to do the royal burping. >> i don't know what's going on in the uld shower area. let me tell our viewers at home. we were probably inside that house for about five seconds before laura had the baby in her arms, was on the couch and took over. >> i love babies. >> bella looks happy.
6:52 am
>> you look very content as well. >> i was surprised. >> first comes love, then comes marriage. >> we all love kari, we love rob, too. >> so nice to have you. >> great being part of the morning family, and glad to get a little more sleep. enjoy your company from the comfort of my home. as you head outside, find a nice thick coat. we have chilly temperatures in some spots. 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. clear skies right now in san jose, fog-free. look at that view, heading up toward the north bay where you can find 38 degrees in santa rosa, 40 in napa. look out for patchy fog? sonoma county, 50s in san jose and san francisco. visibility at times less than a mile around santa rosa. cooler, drier air has helped to clear out some of the fog we had earlier this week around the snal bay. one more chance for seeing a few showers. system along the north coast
6:53 am
will drop between 11:00 this morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. futurecast picks it up right here. you'll notice hilltop showers around the santa cruz mountains around lunchtime. the evening commute, partly cloudy skies, breezy and a cool finish to the day. highs mid 60s around san jose and the tri-valley. walnut creek 64. peninsula temperatures in the low to mid 60s. downtown san francisco, similar trend. one big microclimate today from about 60 to 65 degrees for most of the bay area. 61 degrees in santa rosa. patchy frost could be a story tomorrow morning. friday looks dry, a bit warmer. saturday, big changes as you head into the weekend especially in the north bay for areas north of san francisco, could pick up quite a bit of rain. that's going to get started midday saturday. rain at times through sunday, and could see some showers lasting into very early monday morning. >> rob, you brought us the macro climate report. that was nice. over here, a smooth flow around the bay. crashes have started to clear.
6:54 am
no major issues getting toward the bay bridge. we have east bay slowing, southbound 880 over toward the dumbarton bridge with the most slowing not so dramatic. i want to check the bay bridge toll plaza camera. i skipped over it quickly. there was a crash reported somewhere in the backup. we haven't seen any of these lanes. we'll continue to track that. so far looking back at the map system, standard slowing toward the upper eastshore freeway and about a 45, almost 50-minute drive from highway 4. the maze looking good, so is the east bay approach towards the san mateo bridge. a quick look at the top stories we've been following. a woman accused in a gruesome triple homicide will appear for the first time in just a few hours. we'll have a look at the charges she is facing. first, happening now, disney land making major changes to its security checkpoints. we posted the story on our home page. plus a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
6:55 am
in a new memoir, kerry fisher who played princess leia in "star wars" break her silence about her relationship with the then married harrison ford. read about it on our facebook page. we'll be back in just a few.
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back on your wednesday morning. before you head out the door, here is a look at the top
6:58 am
stories on nbc bay area. new this morning, three people without a police to live after a fire ripped through their duplex overnight. the flames started on cypress avenue not far from stevens creek boulevard. the duplex was gutted. firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to other nearby homes. no one was hurt. one pet survived. another is still missing this morning. happening today, the south bay woman accused of murdering three people in oakland is going to face a judge for the first time. authorities recently identified the suspect as 61-year-old dana rivers. police say she stabbed and shot three at a home on dunbar drive. they say the garage was also set on fire. if rivers sounds familiar, she first made national headlines back in the '90s when she lost her job as a etch tooer following gender reassignment surgery. time for a look at weather and traffic together. let's get to the forecast for this wednesday. looks nice outside. >> clear skies around the bay as
6:59 am
we track sunrise from san jose. there's the view now. in san francisco you can see temperatures in the 50s. look at that now. 36 in santa rosa. november is back in the north bay. low 60s for highs today. partly cloudy and breezy, cooler around the bay today. >> november is in the house. clear skies, clear roads. checking on the south bay. >> november is in the house. starting tomorrow, the end of the year slide is on for the volume of traffic. we start to see that right about the week before thanksgiving. that's what we're seeing, a smooth flow of traffic. a number of crashes. folks tend to get into the office early to get out. in san jose, a gentle build. same thing for the dumbarton bridge. san mateo is the slow spot for the bayshore. and also slowing on the eastshore freeway. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a local news update.
7:00 am
>> this is also sayonara to rab. kari hall back tomorrow. >> come back any time, rob. >> rob is happy. >> right. good morning. smooth sailing. despite firings and reports of disarray, donald trump tweets that his transition is, quote, very organized, as the president-elect ditches long-standing protocol and the press and takes his family out to dinner in manhattan. airport shooting mystery. an nfl player's father gunned down in broad daylight, bringing the airport in oklahoma city to a standstill. the shooter found dead soon after. but what was his motive? >> the crime does appear to be premeditated. >> this morning, the search for answers. the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly takes on megyn kelly over her claims of sexual harassment at the hands of their former boss, roger


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