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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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southbound 880 around a street is where the headlights are bunched up. jammed out of oakland. we have our chopper feed toward a street again. a slow stretch, also backing folks up onto northbound 238. you see that issue here. we don't know when they'll be able to open the three lanes that are open. we'll show you the map and you're backed up off the castro valley y. a big slow drive out of the 580 area. southbound you can also take 880 itself through that mess. northbound 880. this is our second major incident for the nimitz. this is northbound 880 at 237. a crash and a car fire reported here all lanes are blocked. use northbound 680, use zanker or mccarthy to get through this area heading toward 237 and past the scene of this crash which is blocking all lanes of northbound 880. those are the two major incidents. the rest of the bay a pretty
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calm drive. very cold in the north bay today. >> a lot of drivers spending more time on the roadways. as you sit there, you have the heater up on full blast because it is very chilly. as we start out this morning, one of the coldest mornings we've had in a long time. live look outside at oakland as the drivers make their way to work this morning. 43 degrees there. the high today will be 63. a nice warmup after this chilly start and a frost advisory in effect in the north bay. i'll talk about that. we'll take a look at more temperatures coming up. new this morning, right now police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run in san jose. it happened just about five hours ago off tully road and highway 101. police say a driver hit a person and then took off. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the chp office in san jose this morning with what officers just told her this morning. kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. often when we see someone hit and killed on a freeway on-ramp,
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the investigation lasts a very long time. this investigation wrapped up very quickly because the chp officer told me around 5:00 this morning there really wasn't anything for them to collect, very little evidence for the vehicle that struck and killed that man. they will say that they are considering this a hit and run crash because the driver did not stop when he hit that man. he left him to die in the middle of tully road on-ramp onto southbound 101. moments later good samaritans saw the man in the roadway and called 911, stayed with the victim until the san jose fire department arrived. at that point the man had already passed away. the coroner will work to identify him and notify his family. here are the details the chp hopes will jog your memory this morning. if you got on to 101 south via tully road on-ramp heading west between 1:00 and 1:15 this morning. the victim is a hispanic man in his mid to late 40s. the roadway is open once again this morning.
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chp wrapped up the investigation at the scene. earlier this week there was a different vehicle hit-and-run, a pedestrian. in that case the chp was able to cobble together a vehicle description based on parts of the car that were there at the crash scene. they're hoping perhaps they can do that today, also hoping someone will call them with information. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you nor the latest there. here is a story we'll be keeping a close eye on this morning. students at uc berkeley will stage a walkout after an internationally acclaimed professor was accused of sexually harassing a students. students will be walking out of class from 9:00 a.m. to noon today during the normally scheduled class time for a course taught by professor nezar alsyaad. the university has told students enrolled in the class they can leave the class and take it with another teacher. alsyaad's lawyer says he did nothing wrong.
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there are a lot of names that you might be familiar with flying around right now as potential trump cabinet member nominees. one trump adviser says it may be next month before the president-elect's team starts to take shape. here is the latest from the rumor mill. south carolina governor nikki haley could be secretary of state even though she did oppose trump during the campaign. retired lieutenant general mike flynn could be your next national security advisers and senator ted cruz as attorney general. >> i'm eager to help anyway i can. >> immense amount of talent out there. >> vice president elect mike pence is going to be meeting today with top leaders from both parties to discuss choices for the vacant supreme court justice seat. president-elect donald trump is meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abe today. trump has said during the campaign he would demand allies like japan and south korea contribute more to the cost of hosting u.s. troops in their
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countries. those comments left many people in japan worried at a time when the threat from north korea appears to be rising. mike pence will be busy today. we mentioned he's talking to top party leaders. his plane landed within the last 20 minutes. he's going to be joining a meeting at the house gop conference. this afternoon he's expected to meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he also plans to get together with democratic leaders chuck schumer of the senate, house minority leader nancy pelosi, obviously local congresswoman. 6:o 5. the search is on for the person who left an anti muz lum note on a car in a popular hiking trail. police say this note was left on a carali at mission peak in fremont. the car belongs to nickie, a blogger who suffers from lupus and wears a bandana for sun protection. she thinks the person who wrote the message assumed she was
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muslim. >> my reaction is utter, utter sadness. i feel for the people that are in reception of this hate. >> her car windows were also smashed and her purse stolen. no arrests have been made. 6:06 right now on your thursday morning. the berkeley unified school district facing a class action lawsuit claiming students' civil rights were violated. the suit was filed against the district superintendents and also members of the board of education. it claims student rights were violated because the district associated with middle school teacher yvette felarca. she's also a civil rights activist placed on leave after she was involved in a violent neo nazi rally in sacramento by the capitol there back in june. the lawsuit claims her students and former students were interrogated and intimidated. >> such interviews are illegal and were the real aim of those interviews were to intimidate
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the immigrant youth of this district. >> now, district officials tell us they have not had time to review the lawsuit and they cannot comment at this time. >> a key meeting today in muni's effort to jump on board b.a.r.t.'s underground wireless network. the board of directors will consider a recent deal to ex-tend service. san francisco's supervisors have approved the plan. it may need to muni wireless service by the end of next year. happening right now, the san mateo county offices of emergency services and police are conducting a training exercise at the hillsdale caltrain station. that exercise just started a few minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. it's actually going to run until noon. you see people gathering at the site. if you're taking caltrain this morning, you'll see a lot of emergency vehicles and emergency crews, but remember it only is a training exercise. it should not have any impact on traffic.
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good morning. the time 6:07. it is very cool out there. one of the coldest mornings we've had so far this season. 39 degrees now in napa, 35 in santa rosa, and in san jose 44 degrees. bundle the kids up as you get them ready and head out the door as you go to work or school. we do have frost advisories in effect, 32 to 36 degrees will be the temperature range for parts of the north bay for these areas shaded in purple. that will be in effect until about 7:00 this morning, so less than an hour. the highs this afternoon warming up into the low to mid 60s. a lot of sunshine after that chilly start. it will be a nice day. we will have some rain in the forecast for the weekend. i'll have more on that. but let's head over to mike with an update on serious traffic issues. >> two major crashes for the nimitz freeway. other than that, traffic is showing a lighter volume around the bay.
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anticipating thanksgiving vai vacation. we'll show you the south bay first of all. this major crash, progress. we hear a couple of lanes have opened northbound 880 approaching 237 and a little traffic flow has made things much better traveling out of san jose towards 237. again, this multiple car crash in lanes. you can use 680 north or zanker or mccarthy to get past the scene. southbound 880 drags from marina toward a street. the chopper showing three lanes blocked there. a lighter flow of traffic today as we approach thanksgiving week. we still have traffic, about your typical travel time heading south from 238 and toward the dumbarton bridge. across the bridges, a smooth flow of traffic. just 29 minutes from highway 4. >> busy morning out there, mike. thanks. a bay area principal is being criticized for walking with students during an anti donald trump protest. the principal's reason for what happened up next.
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the busy holiday travel season starts tomorrow. more people are expected to fly out of the bay area this year. we've got tips to help you get to your destination on time. speaking of leaving, what about this idea of a cal exit. ses sex, a ceo changes his mind. beautiful views down the embarcadero. we take a live look outside all lit up. a few cars out there. keeping tabs on everything. mike is following several accidents and all the latest news right after this. (r adibs
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good morning. the time is 6:13. microclimate weather for napa. in the north bay, 34 degrees. it will warm nicely as we go through the day, talking about low 60s there. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast and a look ahead to a wet weekend in just a few minutes. just seconds ago, chopper arriving, northbound 880. crews are trying desperately to clear what looks like debris, fluid and looks like vehicles from the roadway. >> we'll give you an update. >> we'll continue to follow that one. 6:13. a warning in san mateo county after a mountain lion was
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spotted. someone saw one, possibly two mountain lions near fox hill in woodside about 6:30 yesterday night. sheriff's deputies responded but couldn't find the animals. if you ever come across a mountain lion, they say don't run. face the animal, make some noise and try to look a little bigger by waving your arms. >> don't run. easy for you to say. 6:14. a bay area police chief says a school principal crossed the line while protesting president-elect donald trump. this is not about the protest itself. our cameras were there last night as the antioch police chief addressed the antioch and pittsburg school boards, speaking about a protest that took place last thursday. pittsburg high school students walked out of class and went to antioch high school. cell phone video shows the protesters jumping fences and in some cases pushing right past school administrators. the police chief believes the high school principal walking with the students is partly to
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blame. >> my goal was to make the board understand this is more than a few students and not a peaceful incident. >> we cannot physically stop 200 students. clearly our desire was for them not to leave campus. >> the principal says he did not condone the protest and only left campus to make sure the children were safe. the school board will make changes to ensure this doesn't happen again. when it comes to booster seat safety, the insurance institute of highway safety is out with a new report that finds 48 out of 53 booster seats score the highest possible safety ratings. consumers are being told to avoid just two of all the seats available in america. >> unfortunately there were a couple boosters that made our "not recommended," two made by dorrell that put the lap belt too high up on the child's belly. >> dorrell has not responded to today's report but has some seats that did make the list.
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eight years ago only 25% received top grade. booster seats are for children typically four to eight years old. it all depends on their weight. 6:16 right now. the holiday travel season kicks off on friday. nearly 7 million people passed through san francisco airport between tomorrow and early january. that's up 6% from the same time last year. the busiest day, what do you think? it's expected to be november 27th. >> not the wednesday. >> no, no, it's the sunday after thanksgiving, everybody coming home. airport officials say it's best to arrive three hours early if traveling internationally and two hours if you're traveling within the u.s. don't push it like i do all the time. silicon valley venture capitalist walking back earlier statements when he said california should secede, leave the united states. >> many fact, cot mcgrew, he's claiming he never said it at
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all. >> shervin person her is the guy working on the hyper loop. he was very unhappy donald trump won the election. he's an outspoken fell he on many issues. this morning he's explaining to people he did not mean for his comments after the election to be construed as he was pushing for california to secede from the united states. lots of mainstream news agencies thought that's exactly what he was saying. here is an article from our sister network cnbc. he wants to help california secede from the u.s. but he says he never said that. he had a quote this morning that said, i do not believe in ses cession, nor will i ever. i never use that term. i love this country and everything it has to offer. now, where did we get the idea he was for secession. it could be he announced if trump wins, i'm funding a legitimate campaign for california to become its own
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nation. he said gavin newsom should be the president. when asked about the cal exit, he said, yeah, he was totally serious about it. but he's walking that back a little built. the sec is not going to pursue further rulings. it's assumed donald trump will reverse previous rulings like net neutrality so commission members won't work on further ideaing including cable box reform. net neutrality treats all data on the internet equally. google says it won't be able to spend money to send data faster. wall street will try to resume its positive ways. the dow snapped a seven-day winning streak. watch what happens to the gavel. dennis quaid has the gavel. he's ready to go, bang, bang, bang. once again they need a new gavel. this is not the first time this has happened.
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speaking of troushl hitting things, the mets will open the nasdaq. >> dude, come on, man. that is not cool and way too soon. >> a little salt in the wounds. >> you know what? he might be going to san francisco giants. the loss could be the giants' gain. >> keeping a close eye on something chilly out there. >> better bundle up if he comes here. >> waking up to cold temperatures across the bay area. there is a frost advisory in effect until 8:00 this morning in many parts of the north bay. i don't know what is so funny right now. here is a live look outside. you can see downtown san francisco on the top left of your screen. down down san jose on the top right and san rafael there, all that traffic on the bottom left. emeryville on the bottom right. >> you better bundle up. we'll get to the forecast in a bit. but first major traffic problems out there. >> lighter volume overall. but two key spots causing major problems. we'll show you our chopper is
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over the scene. this is northbound 880 at 237. it looks like now over on the left one lane may be getting by. you see a flatbed tow truck, see fluid on the roadway. they have to clean up whatever that is. looks like engine fluid, absorbant. we have a number of chp vehicles. folks off to the left north 880, folks going through calaveras trying to navigate. at one point chp said ten vehicles. i think that might have been an overestimate of the number of vehicles involved. we'll show you on the map how this plays out. here is the bay. overall looking really good. that chopper shot we just showed you has traffic jammed up north out of san jose up towards 237, mccarthy boulevard, zanker road on the west, 680 an easy drive getting up toward the area. you cross calaveras or farther north at mission and you are clear from all of that problem. as we zoom out, you see the rest of the bay showing a lighter
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flow of traffic. a slow build for north 101 approaching thanksgiving. we're seeing a lot lighter flow as folks heading out of town. a second crashed 880 from davis to a street. traffic getting by and only half the lanes backed oup off the castro valley y. nine minutes approaching redwood road toward 880 on 238. this right here, this is good actually from 238 down toward the dumbarton bridge through that mess. it's only 18 minutes, but you are backing up out of oakland. one more shot as we look at your bridge travel times, slow drive across the san mateo bridge, 33 minutes. kari has the forecast. >> mike, those drivers are cranking up the heater and an extra hot cup of coffee needed for that long drive. as you head out the door, don't be surprised. it is really chilly out there. a live look at san francisco, beautiful start to the day.
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it's like, ooh, i need to run back in and get a heavier coast. 47 degrees but the high today will be up to 62. right now a look at some more of those temperatures, 35 in santa rosa, patchy frost there and san jose 44 degrees, palo alto 43. once again that frost advisory in effect. continues until 7:00 in the morning for parts of the north bay. then we reach into the low 60s today. east san jose up to 66 degrees. 64 in walnut creek today and the peninsula to 63. 62 in the mission district while napa reaches 63 degrees. in for rain this weekend after a couple days of clear and cool conditions. rain starts to move in from the west by saturday. it starts in the north bay, continues into late saturday night. a few scattered showers on sunday. it looks like a pretty soggy weekend off and on. won't rain the entire time, but you'll have to plan for some rain this weekend. we will have the potential of up to possibly close to an inch of
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rain. the seven-day forecast clears it out for a couple days. rain once again saturday and sunday and another chance early next week. i'll have another update, sam and laura, in a few minutes. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you, kari. a bay area man's phone bill jumps from $60 to nearly $1,000. "nbc bay area responds" tries to get them some money back. a family member of those killed in a gruesome triple murder speaking out this morning. his message to the suspected killer.
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breaking news we've been following, a live look at 880 northbound near 237 where a major injury accident actually shut down all lanes of the freeway northbound. now i've just learned two lanes have reopened. you see traffic slowly passing through there. we'll check in with mike, as we've got a busy morning out there trafficwise. >> a couple incidents to tell you about this morning. "nbc bay area responds" to a local family with a very costly long distance problem. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has the staggering phone bill. stephen betts says the statement for his home phone hovered around $60 a month. suddenly it shot to $916 one month, then $350 the next. he soon discovered his daughter was the culprit, making calls to los angeles unaware that land lines don't always offer unlimited long distance like
6:27 am
many cell phones do. students say an at&t agent sympathized and told him the company could reduce his phone bill, but because his account was set to auto pay and the balance had already been paid, their hands were tied. no refund. he says he spent months trying to change at&t's stance but failed. he called us. at&t then took a second look at stephen's account and granted him a $1,005 refund. at&t sent us a statement and it said, we worked with the customer to solve this issue and apologized for any delays. it went on to say its goal is to deliver an exceptional experience for its customers every time they interact with at&t. if you have a consumer complaint, you can let us know about it. call 1-888-996-tips, or visit coming up to tomorrow, a fee for not showing up at the airport. back to you. 6:27 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," it is now legal for adults to smoke pot recreationally in
6:28 am
california, but not everywhere. >> still ahead, the reason you will not sue students lighting up on the stanford campus. >> reporter: cold temperatures moving into the bay while you were sleeping, i'll show you what you need to know before you head out the door. =lau/4st= go moing anthas f joim
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welcome back everyone. a good, chilly thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. if you're just waking up with us, a very familiar face with a frosty forecast. welcome bakari hall. >> first to mike with a lot of breaking news going on on the roadways. >> despite the lighter volume of traffic, major crashes on the nimitz. this backup is southbound 880. you see folks traveling past the auto mall sign. this crash has traffic backed up from brokaw up to where they have only two lanes open just shy of the 237 interchange. let me show you the map we're talking ab, northbound 880, so use northbound 680 or mccarthy as your options. chp continues to hope to reopen those lanes by 7:00. southbound 880 at a street, the other major crash in the area.
6:32 am
traffic flow better, three were blocked and it was a big jam toward a street. despite those two crashes for the nimitz, the rest of the bay was moving well, slowing across the san mateo bridge. a chance for frost in the north bay. >> very cold for the drivers, everyone heading out the door this morning. be sure to bundle up. we have 40s, even 30s in the north bay. as we have a live look outside in san jose, a clear start. we've seen clear skies. that's allowing the temperatures to continue to fall right before sunrise. in the north bay in the areas shaded in purple, that's where we have the frost advisory in effect for the next 30 minutes or so as temperatures drop from 32 to 36 degrees. today's forecast warms up nicely, still cooler than average with highs in the low to mid 60s. we'll talk about a look ahead to a rainy weekend in a few minutes. let's stay with a weather team. team coverage tracking a chilly start across the bay area.
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>> a live look outside at san rafael. a frost advisory in effect for parts of the north bay until 8:00 a.m. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us from mill valley monitoring conditions there. pete, you're bundled up in your bubble coat. >> you still zront a hat on. >> reporter: i can definitely use that hat, as you can see my lack of hair. we're at tamalpais high, that's the steam coming from the pool. as you can see, a group of community folks walking in, taking a swim despite these cold temperatures. as i mentioned, there's a frost advisory happening. always important for folks when it's cold. you want to bring in the plants as well as bring? your pets to keep them warm. it's cold out there, stay bundled up. we're monitoring outside, but also on, you can see the cold temps moving into this area. that's a good way to monitor.
6:34 am
i know that advisory is only a little longer. it is chilly. i'm staying warm with the bubble coat. if it teeps up, i've got this fleece here, too. i've got my cup of coffee. we'll send it back to you in the newsroom and we'll be warm inside the live truck. >> there you go. bundle up between your live shots there. 6:34 right now. new this morning, a deadly hit-and-run in san jose has officers searching for the driver. it happened this morning off tully road and highway 101 just a few hours ago. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san jose with what we know so far and how folks can help out here, kris. good morning. >> reporter: good morning sam and laura. for viewers heading out the door and who have a commute that takes them in this direction, you will likely not see anything as you pass by where this pedestrian was killed this morning. if you were headed home from work, a late shift, you may have seen something that could help the chp track down that driver who just hit that man and left
6:35 am
him there to die. this is definitely classified as a hit-and-run crash because the driver did not stop, leaving that man to die in the middle of the tully road on-ramp on to southbound 101. moments later good samaritans did see him, called 911 and stayed with the victim until the san jose fire department arrived. at that point the man had already passed away. the coroner won't release his identity until his family is notified. here are the details that could jog your memory. the chp says this was on the 101 southbound direction, the tully road on-ramp is where the man was hit and killed. this was between 1:00 and 1:15. i put together a map, you can find that on my twitter feed. we can tell you the victim was a hispanic man in his mid to late 40s. >> if anybody was in the area around that time, if they could please call their local chp office and provide details, we'd greatly appreciate it.
6:36 am
>> reporter: the roadway is open again this morning as the chp wrapped up the investigation pretty quickly. they said they did not find a lot of debris which would help them try to track down the driver. in a more recent case of hit-and-run unrelated on 580 earlier this week, the chp did find some pieces of a vehicle that struck a pedestrian there. they were able to cobble together a vehicle description and they now know which vehicle they're looking for. that's the hopes for today. and that with input from the public they might be able to track down that driver. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks to the very latest. 6:36. new this morning, a troubling act of racist graffiti discovered inside the restroom at a bay area high school. this is a picture from the bathroom at monta vista high school in danville. you see the two urinals, one with the word whites and the other with colored written above it. a statement from the
6:37 am
superintendent reads in part, quote, at the san ramon valley unified school district, we're committed to fostering an environment on our campuses where we can safely speak about the similarities and differences that make us each unique. a top trump adviser says it could be several weeks before the cabinet choices are announced ofd fishlly. this morning we're hearing new names being floated out under consideration. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us from washington to explain who those people are. >> reporter: hi there, good morning. we do know today he's meeting with florida governor rick scott and the president-elect will meet with south carolina's governor nikki haley who finds herself on one of those short lists. new names are emerging as possible choices for president-elect trump's cabinet, mike flynn as national security adviser, jim talon as defense secretary and senator ted cruz as attorney general.
6:38 am
south carolina governor nikki haley is being considered as secretary of state even though she publicly opposed trump >> an immense amount of talent out there. >> reporter: including -- >> we discussed the transition. >> how did it go? >> reporter: former new york mayor rudy giuliani and former u.n. ambassador john bolton. there may be enough democrats and republicans to block both. >> i don't think you really want your chief diplomat to be an advocate forward. >> reporter: vice president elect mike pence is in charge of the transition. today he's back in washington meeting with top leaders from both parties who could choose the next supreme court justice even with a republican majority, confirmation may not be easy. >> to say the least i think they have another thing they better think twice about that. >> reporter: hillary clinton made her first public appearance since the election urging democrats not to give up. >> please don't lose heart, don't give up on the values we share.
6:39 am
>> reporter: meantime the top democrat on the house oversight committee wants to know if anyone has been requested for security clearance from the trump transition team. donald trump himself and his spokesperson have said that they have not requested security clearances for his children or his son-in-law jared kushner, at least not at this point. >> we'll have to stay on top of that. a family member of the three people killed in a triple murder in the east bay is now speaking out. the transgender woman accused of those murders faced a judge for the first time yesterday. daniel rivers made national headlines nearly two decades ago when she lost her teaching job in sacramento after telling students of her gender reassi reassignment surgery. rivers is accused of killing charlotte reid and patricia white and the couple's 19-year-old son at their oakland home last week. their other son said rivers knew
6:40 am
his mom and had been to the house before, but he has no idea he says, what prompted a deadly attack on his family. >> i'll just say to ms. rivers, i don't understand why you would do this. i was raised on the fact that we have a lot of love in this household and in this family. >> prosecutors have not revealed a motive for the crime. the recreational use of marijuana is now legal in california. new this morning, we've learned students at stanford won't be allowed to light up on campus. despite the passage of proposition 64 last week, students, faculty and staff are not allowed to possess, use or grow pot on stanford property. that includes off-campus housing. this is according to the "mercury news." here is why. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. university officials say the campus receives federal funding for several things including research and financial aid. time is 6:40. as you head out the door, a live look outside at san rafael.
6:41 am
a lot of people out there on the roadways. we'll check in with mike in a second. it is also where the coldest temperatures are in the north bay. it is 39 degrees now in napa. 35 in santa rosa and morgan hill, 37 degrees as you step out. so bundle up, be prepared for those chilly temperatures as we go into the day. it will reach into the low to mid 60s. so warming up nicely. we'll talk about some rain coming up this weekend as we head over to mike, a lot going on now. >> that's right, kari. we have our chopper over the scene. they're loading up this vehicle, damage to that car northbound 880. that might be hopefully one of the last to clear. two lanes open northbound 880. chp on scene adds folks make the transition to north 237. a big jam from brokaw up to the scene. overall your bay looks pretty good. south bay pretty typical pattern of slowing in the northbound direction except for this,
6:42 am
again, brokaw up to 237 is jammed for 880. use 680 if you can, those are good options through the northern portion of the commute as well. southbound 880, the crash at a street has cleared. now northbound around marina boulevard, a disabled big rig is in the roadway. that will slow you off the castro valley y and into downtown oakland. the san mateo bridge, very slow across the westbound direction over the last 15 minutes. 6:42. coming up, cooking the thanksgiving meal next week. we'll show you how much it will cost you this year for the turkey and all the trimmings. the trump lesson plan that one bay area teacher says she has, saying it's honest and truthful. plus, what is the sound of silence? we'll tell you and we'll take you to the big board where the dow industrials back in its winning ways is barely up 15 points. (karad bs)
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good thursday morning. the time is 6:45. we have a frost advisory in effect for parts of the north bay. in the south bay it will also be chilly to start out, but it will be a nice afternoon. details on that and some rain ahead for the weekend coming up
6:46 am
in the microclimate forecast. most of the bay looking good. this looking better. the flatbed tow truck clearing this mangled car off northbound 880 as you approach 237. i'll show you the extent of the backup and give you the latest verdict from chp coming up. mike, thank you very much. let's take live pictures right now from the hillsdale caltrain station in san mateo where emergency crews are out conducting a training exercise this morning. that's going to go until noon. annual finally they have some light to work with. they've been out there for a little while. do not be alarmed if you're headed to that station, it is just a training. a new york city authorities are trying to figure out who killed a connecticut man and proceeded to stuff his body in a suitcase. we're talking about 26-year-old joey whose body was found in new jersey yesterday. authorities believe he was stabbed to death in a fight at a luxury manhattan apartment late sunday night. now investigators are
6:47 am
questioning two men who were seen going into that apartment with the victim. one person is dead and nearly a dozen others injured after an overnight gas explosion in central illinois. it happened 200 miles southwest of chicago. several buildings were damaged and the search for victims continues. the explosion was caused by a gas leak. it's not clear what triggered that leak. a san francisco school teacher is defending her proposed lesson plan that calls president-elect donald trump racist and sexist. this comes from mission high school teacher who is not teaching the trump lesson but was published in the san francisco teacher's union newslett newsletter. shaw says the lesson plan is the truth and she says it's also her right. >> it's also a call to educators to take that anti racist stance, to take an anti sexist stance and tell the students we are here for you and we'll have those discussions. we'll talk about these issues. >> the district says the lesson
6:48 am
is not part of its official curriculum, and they did not endorse it. critics say it's an out right insult to the president-elect. 6:47. a florida boy makes a miracle catch that saved his little brother. take a look at the upper right half of her screen. the mother admitted she left her 11-month-old son on the changing table for a moment when the infant rolled over. that's when the 9-year-old sprang into action and catching his brother in the nick of time. a marathon runner getting taken out -- look at that -- that's a deer that knocks out the runner. let's take a listen as people tried to warn him as it was coming. >> watch out for the dear! >> oh! >> this happened in pennsylvania during a college cross country championship. amazingly, despite how bad that looks, nobody was hurt. >> i was going to say how exercising can hurt you. >> take a walk on the wild side. the dow snapped a seven day
6:49 am
winning streak wednesday. trading under way this morning. >> let's check in with scott mcgrew. >> good morning to you. doing okay. the dow is back up another 13 points or so. we'll take you out to the nasdaq in new york city this morning where the new york mets are opening the nasdaq. that's mr. met right there. the nasdaq is positive. sysco trading lower after disappointing investors. first-time jobless claims hit their lowest point since gerald ford was president. the labor market continues to tighten which should continue to force wages up. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created, i tell you that. >> today's news in mind, mr. trump is going to inherit an economy that's humming right along, not going down, it's going up. certainly it's having trouble in spots. one of the reasons many states went red, but more than 3 million jobs have been added to
6:50 am
the economy since the day he announced his candidacy by saying we needed more jobs. today is the day that shareholders of solar city vote on whether to accept tesla's offer to buy it out. the idea is controversial. some investors worry it's a bailout in disguise. elon musk, ceo of tesla and also the chairman of solar city says it's good for both companies. sam and laura, new electric cars in 2017 have to make some noise. you've been walking through the parking lot and there's a car behind you. what does the silence sound like? i got on the nhtsa, national highway transportation safety administration. they sent me the sound. here it is.
6:51 am
>> personally i think it sounds as if something is wrong with your electric car. it will have to make a noise in that tone range. car companies will be able to interpret that. this will be when it's moving very slowly. once you're out on the highway, that sound can go away. in parking lots it's been a problem. >> at first i thought i sounded like b.a.r.t. now i think it sounds like locusts. this is welcome news ahead of the thanksgiving day holiday. >> that's right, pull up a chair. the cost of picking up the fantastic feast is down to less than $5 a person. a dinner for ten people considered just under 50 bucks, about 25 cents less than last year. the big ticket item is the turkey. a 16-pound bird will cost about $23. >> looking for a plump bird out there for the family. let's take -- >> a plump little baby. >> no turkey just yet. >> not yet. it's hard to believe that three
6:52 am
months went by so fast. yeah, here is my baby. i'm back from maternity leave today. she is just so precious. she wakes up so happy, smiling every morning. >> like you. >> that's my favorite picture. >> that's my son k.j. he's 5. of course he was green holding her at first. this is a more recent picture. she's once again almost three months. filled out nicely. >> maybe you can bring her and we can put her right here. >> a mascot. >> makes me happy. maybe she'll make you happy, too. >> an outfit there for every season it looks like, too. >> you need it. it is so chilly outside. so bundle those babies up as they head out to school today. you can bundle up as well as we take a live look outside. san francisco all clear. we'll have the clear skies staying with us throughout the day. take a look at the temperatures, only 47 degrees. the high today will reach into the low 60s. we've dropped to 35 degrees.
6:53 am
some of the valleys and the wind sheltered areas are getting cool. morgan hill now, 37 degrees. so an extra layer needed this morning. not so much this afternoon. still maybe some long sleeves as we reach into the low to mid 60s. a lot of sunshine in danville today. a high of 63 degrees. heading to the peninsula, it will be 63 in palo alto. in san francisco, the embarcadero at 62 degrees. with that sunshine, but with a light wind you will probably still feel a little cold today. that cold air settling in behind a system that moved in just a couple days ago. we're watching another one that will be here for the weekend. one more dry day for tomorrow. then saturday just in time for the weekend, those scattered showers move into the north bay. we'll see the rain off and on all day and also some light rain lingering in to sunday. not the best weekend forgetting outside and also trying to get an early start on some of that christmas shopping. up to an inch of rain will be
6:54 am
possible. a cool start today, up to 62 degrees in san francisco. the next few days we'll have rain for saturday an sunday and then again on wednesday. let's head over to mike. a lot going on. is it starting to look a little better? >> we have some improvement. here is our shot from the chopper over what we showed you a couple minutes ago. the flatbed tow truck clearing the cars from the northbound side. all lanes have reopened a couple minutes ago, northbound 880. we have recovery for the south bay. over all the bay showing a nice pleasant commute. that big red stretch across highway 92. northbound routes through san jose do have the commute, but it's a lighter one. again, recovering north 880 from 101 up to 237, now all lanes have cleared. expect a few more cars on 680 as an alternate as well. northbound 238 onto northbound 880, a little slower, a disabled big rig there. the crash southbound had cleared. another one appeared northbound 880 at a street. this is a tough corridor.
6:55 am
that's the worst of it for the east bay. heading across the san mateo bridge just south of there. that's a crawl right there. 37 minutes, a slow drive through the peninsula. up next, top local headlines we're following including a deadly hit-and-run in the south bay. what we're learning about that accident this morning. happening now, as we've been mentioning, a certain chilly start to your thursday. track the temperatures on our nbc bay area app. plus the flight path american aif rater charles lindbergh lost while flying above paris is now up for auction. get a glimpse of it on our facebook page. we'll be back here in two minutes. boreou ad t t do -he artheop or
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:58. before you head out the door here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> in san jose the chp asking for help for information in a deadly hit-and-run overnight. it happened on the tully road on-ramp to southbound 101. the chp says a driver hit a man about 1:00 in the morning and then took off. >> in just a couple hours students at uc berkeley will stage a walkout to protest an internationally acclaimed professor accused of sexually harassing a student. students will walk out at 9:00 a.m. during the normally scheduled class time for a course taught by professor nezar alsyaad. his attorney says he did nothing wrong. students are allowed to take a course with another teacher. a live look outside right
6:59 am
now, mill valley where our own pete suratos has been reporting. grab a jacket or at least a thick sweater as you head out the door. kari, we have a frost advisory for parts of the bay area this morning, and that includes marin. >> yes, it does, and also sonoma napa counties. that's where the temperatures are dropping. in that pa, it's 33 degrees. so even some freezing temperatures in some of the valle valleys. we'll be watching out for that. warms up into the low to mid 60s. a beautiful afternoon ahead. >> traffic bogged down in hayward because of an earlier accident. >> an earlier accident and two current incidents in the area. overall, lighter flow of traffic. we have a slower drive right here. first the crash southbound at a street. that cleared about 20 minutes ago. now a crash north around 238 and south just south of whipple. that's adding to some congestion and pushing folks across the san mateo bridge. busy commute this morning. we'll be back in about half an
7:00 am
hour with a local update. busy day for mike. great to have kari back with the family. we eem see you back for the nbc bay area newscast at 11:00. have a great day. sources tell nbc news retired lieutenant general mike flynn is at the top of the list to be donald trump's national security advisor, while the president- elect gets set to meet with south carolina governor nikki haley today. will she be the next secretary of state, or is it rudy giuliani, as hillary clinton speaks out publicly for the first time since conceding the election. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> this morning, what she's saying about where she goes from here. deadly blast. a gas explosion rocks an illinois town overnight. at least one persoll


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