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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 17, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> all right. we continue on xfinity sports post game. the player of the day is brought to you by dodge challenger. this car was made for driving in california. visit and you can learn more. luke keekly is our player of the day. an incredible game also involved in an incredible collision
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within the game. he left the game in that fourth quarter. with 14 tackles, eight of them solo, one of those tackles was the loss. let's take a look now at the playoff picture in the afc. the oakland raiders are tied on top of the afc west with the kansas city chiefs. oakland is in the national spotlight this week as they face the houston texans in mexico city on monday night football. so, there you see it right now, wild card team, plenty more football to go, nine games as we welcome you back in xfinity post game. we'll open with you on this one. raiders go into a city where the altitude is higher than playing in denver. as a player, how do you prepare for -- how does that -- what does it take out of your body? >> it's different. i'm a big man. i was bigger when i play. the less oxygen really affected me. you can never get actually mated to it. you can be there a month and you still won't be actually mated to
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it. going into a football game you have to kind of tough it out. it's going to be hard to breathe, there's less oxygen in the air. you're just going to have to kind of tough it out and that's just the way it is. for the big guys, those offensive linemen, defensive linemen, a whole lot of huffing and puffing going on. >> we'll see how it affects both teams in this one. let's now take a look at something that's kind of interesting. it's a list of things, the nfl is warning the raiders and the texans players about while they're in mexico, this is what they told the players. don't leave your hotel. then bh you're in the hotel, don't get the room service. you only drink the bottled water. you don't wear any expensive jewelry, you don't carry around large sums of money. you don't go to the atms when you're down there. for goodness sakes, use caution. there could be a chemical that you don't pass one of our drug tests. ray, how good of an idea is it to play a game in mexico if there are so many warnings and
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so many things to be worried about? >> it's a terrible idea if that's what you have to tell the players to do. but this is not about player welfare. this is about figuring out how to tap into the mexican economy. and if they could put a game in at aztec stadium and fill it and generate a ton of money, it will make some owners think, maybe we could put a team here. they could give those warnings eight times a year. but in terms of what this means for players, it's basically you're going to have a lousy time. suck it up. >> yeah, exactly. and, so, that will be on monday night when the raiders take on the houston texans. that will be considered a home game for the raiders. more raiders news, one year ago today, exactly today, the raider smith was banned from the nfl for exactly one year. that's right, one year. so, he's now eligible for reinstatement. ray wolf, with you on this one, how long do you think it will take for the nfl to decide on when they will reinstate him? >> gee, that's an easy one because they don't -- they have
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no guidelines and they don't have to follow any. that's the beauty of nfl discipline. it is whatever they feel like it ought to be at any given time. i wouldn't be surprised if they just sat on it for the rest of the year. i also wouldn't be surprised if they waited three weeks. there's no way of knowing and nobody can give you an educated guess because nfl discipline is so monumentally capricious. should he be activated today? i don't know, but i know that the nfl is going to do whatever it wants based entirely on whim, not on either precedent or what the rule book says. they can do whatever they want and they will. >> all right, dennis, i'm going to go on the whim they decide some time relatively soon. yeah, you can play for the silver and black. so, when a player like this who has been away for one full calendar year, all den smith comes back, how ready is he to play or how much is he going to struggle when he comes back? >> he's not going to be ready to
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play. he's definitely out of football shape. the question is do the raiders need him right now? they've got a pretty good pass rush and do they want to take a chance on alden. alden is a great talent. he's got some great pass rush move. he's learned from the best. he's played with the best. but, you know, do you want to take a chance on a young man like this who constantly has off the field issues? you hope that he's matured and he's understood after this year that, you know, the money you make in the nfl, you can't do it in everyday life and this is a great opportunity and he should not throw it away. do the raiders really need alden right now? i know one team that could really use him. that would be the san francisco 49ers. we could use an outside pass rusher right now. just put that out there. >> all right, fair enough. but he's a silver and black member right now. hard to believe tom brady has never faced the 49ers in the bay area. he will this weekend and he's sounding off on the comparisons between himself and joe montana.
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that's straight ahead on xfinity sports host game.
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>> i don't ever seem like he was so spectacular and i think he's in a league of his own. so, and i just -- i'm going to try to help my team and be the best i can be every week. and i feel like i've learned a lot over the last few years with my style of play. like i said, i love being here and competing and hopefully winning. that's what joe did. he was a winner. every time he took the field, felt like the 49ers were going to win. i remember rooting for that team when joe was playing quarterback and you always felt like they were going to win no matter who they were playing, where they
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were playing. it was good to be a 49er fan at that time. >> joe brady on joe montana. there's the game, the catch. did he get the ball? the ball, hair rag thing, you're going to be as good as me. i don't know if that's true or not. >> yes, you do. you know whether it's true or not. >> come on, man. let me just tell you this, though. the comparisons will always continue. ray, i'll open with you on this one. how right is brady when he says montana is in a league of his own? >> it's a compelling argument that a lot of people will like to make. i mean, i just don't know how you make those rankings. how do you determine that tom brady is either better or worse than joe montana? if you do it by rings, well, otto graham had more rings than anybody. i think it's an eye of the beholder thing, your favorite
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team versus my favorite team thing. >> they're both the elite of the elite. and beyond that, you know, if you want to have an argument about it, do it in a tavern when you can get a beer out of it. >> i agree with you on that point. some people say he's not going to be in joe montana's league. what does he have to do, win more? >> they both got four super bowl championships. the numbers are about the same, mvps. i think they're in the same level, which is a very, very high level. i think they're at the level where tom brady right now is at the level everyone is trying to get to, all quarterbacks are trying to get to that level where he is right now, what he's done in the league. but remember, tom, he's got a lot of really good defense in there, lot of good people around him. he's kept in there. i can remember playing against drew bled sew and him coming into the football game and the rest is history. ij they're on the same level. if you want it argue, like ray said, whoever your favorite team is, but i see him on the same level, very high level. >> there's montana. then for this era, there is
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brady. any young quarterback, ray, you could see eventually getting to that? this is all just, hey, he's a good young guy. is there a young quarterback out there? >> i'll be honest with you. two years ago everybody was sure it was going to be andrew luck. but he's not on a good team and it's funny how that works. you know, you can be a phenomenal quarterback, but if you have no weapons, you get buried as though you were bad. derek carr could be. a lot depends on, a, whether he stays healthy and, b, whether the raiders continue their assent. if they level off, no. we're talking about stew of the five or six best quarterbacks ever. so, the odds are against such a notion. >> all right. russell wilson, eli manning? >> they've got a ways to go. in the nfl we judge success by super bowls, you know. so, to win five super bowls, it's hard to do. it's very hard to do. talk about jim kelly, he went to four super bowls. he didn't win any super bowls so
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he's not in conversation. but he was a fantastic quarterback. >> that's an absurd standard anyway because it means quarterbacks can single handedly win super bowls for you. if you're on good teams you can become a good quarterback. how many super bowls would tom brady have won if he was drafted by the 49ers with the number of bad teams they put together in the last 15 years? i would estimate somewhere between zero and zero. >> you want to add to that bar stool discussion, you can say who did more good, was it the coaches, belichick who did brady, was it montana who did it? bill walsh -- >> they made each other. >> that will do it. xfinity sports post game. thanks for watching here on thursday. good night. en in
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>> on nbc bay area news, chaotic scene, gun battle between two cars ends in a crash leaving an elderly couple seriously hurt. tonight the search continues for a suspect. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm jessica. >> i'm roger. we're on primetime because of thursday night football and a lot is happening at this hour. we'll start in san lee an droe, that elderly couple caught up in a serious crime. there were innocent bystanders near washington elementary school. one suspect fled the scene.
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nbc's bay area michelle roberts joins us this evening with some answers to this developing story. michelle. >> reporter: roger, one suspect was in custody. he was injured and apprehended. here is the scene behind me that's still active tonight. one get away car left this scene. police don't know how many people were in that car. they're on the search right now. meanwhile investigators are piecing together what happened. it looks like one of those damaged vehicles is about to be towed away right now. >> i heard two noises, like a bang, bang. >> reporter: steven ray believes those bangs were the sound of two cars crashing into each other down the street from his house in san leandro. >> the nissan has bullet holes in the side of the car. >> reporter: lieutenant is in the hospital suffering from a nonlife-threatening gunshot wound. the elderly in the prius are also in the hospital with major injuries caused by the crash. police say that couple had nothing to do with the gun fight
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that started all this. investigators believe the shoot out took place about half a mile away from this scene near washington elementary. >> it could have very well started on the freeway and spilled over in the streets of san leandro. >> reporter: investigators say the other car involved in the shooting drove off and tonight they're hoping it was all caught on camera. >> we were cann advancing the area to try to get security cameras and meet witnesses. >> reporter: officers look to find leads. >> i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: many parents with kids in washington elementary are anxious for a quick arrest. >> i have faith in the police department, so, i'm sure they'll catch them. >> reporter: the school was on lock down for about an hour this afternoon. at this point police do not have a description of that get away vehicle. reporting live in s, michelle rs nbc bay area news. >> not far away another shooting. our nbc chopper in hayward 4:00
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this afternoon. u.s. marshal shot a man while serving an arrest warrant. close to the intersection of maude and kelly streets near lake ridge park. . man was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries and after that taken right to jail. >> the manhunt is over. san jose police say they tracked down two men who shot at their officers today. the story nbc first broke on twitter. shooting happened sunday in east san jose neighborhood. the shot didn't actually hit the officers. tonight the shooter is in custody along with an accomplice. investigators did not reveal how they were led to those suspects. a fire tore through an apartment building in south san jose today, started around 7:30 in the morning. at one point, though, the fire trapped two people on their balk any. rescuers used the ladder to pull them to safety. one family told us off camera it started when someone threw a fire bomb into their bedroom. investigators are not ready to confirm that, though. >> an incendiary device was
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used. i have no information about that. i do know it is under investigation and that's all i can tell you right now. >> all fire fighters will say is the flames did start in a bedroom. one fire fighter was hurt although not seriously. >> it's happened again at one of the top school districts in the east bay. a message of hate written inside of a high school bathroom. tonight the superintendent and many parents are responding. a 16-year-old black student discovered this graffiti at monte vista high school. last month there were similar incidents in san ramon. mother of the student who found this most recent vandalism fears our political climate is partly to blame. >> the fear i have is this is just a week into the election. not saying there is a correlation, but there's a lot of opportunity now. >> the school district is working with the danville police department to find the person responsible. we'll be hearing from the
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superintendent coming up on our 11:00 newscast. >> first it was california state universities. now u.c. schools could be joining the call. lieutenant government gavin newsome wants all public universities to become sanctuary campuses. nbc christy smith joins us live in san francisco with what that could mean. christy. >> reporter: well, the lieutenant governor says the key is not just to protect undocumented students on campus, but also to take extra steps to save personal information opponents say this is no solution at all. >> this is serious. this is code red. >> reporter: lieu tenants governor gavin newsome says president-elect trump's deportation plan puts undocumented students at risk. >> they're going to actually fulfill their promises to get 2 to 3 million people. they're not going to be targeted violent felons. >> reporter: he applaud the the csu chancellor for recent protective language and in a
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letter called on csu, uc to be sanctuary campuses. protecting student information needs to be strengthened. >> i had to get fingerprinted. >> reporter: manuel doesn't want to give his last name. he is a student and is currently protected by 2012 executive action. >> when he got elected, okay, now i have to start worrying. >> reporter: dylan is a republican national committee woman from california. >> i sympathize with the students. i think we have to understand that what the law is that people who are undocumented don't have a right to be here in the united states. the president temporarily suspended those laws. >> reporter: nhe says the time to act is now. >> we need a strong law in defense. >> reporter: when you look at deferred action for childhood arrival for 750,000 people covered under that program and one-third of them are from california, which he says make
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it even more important to take the lead on this here. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> christy, thank you. another busy day for donald trump. the president-elect focused on foreign policy today, naming his choice for national security advisor. retired three star general michael flynn has been the close advisor to mr. trump. aides to the plektd confirm that south carolina's governor would be the secretary of state or perhaps health and human services. former presidential candidate mitt romney is meeting with mr. trump over the weekend. vice-president elect mike pence spent the day with congressional leaders including nancy pelosi. >> we know the territory. in that territory you try to find common ground where you can. >> mr. pence also visited with newly elected senate minority leader chuck schumer in new york. >> trouble for the millennium tower project.
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san francisco city building officials admitted to losing or misplacing critical documents. nbc investigative reporter jackson tells us how city leaders struggled to explain what happened. >> reporter: again, -- >> again, it raises more questions than it answer. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin wondered how the city could lose or misplace 4 million worth of documents on the sinking millennium tower. >> once the permit is approved, all that stuff could go in the circular filing cabinet -- >> that would be a misconception because not all of it goes in a filing cabinet. a circular one, the garbage cann. >> reporter: pest kin wanted them to answer for hundreds of pages of missing documents. his questions come after an nbc
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bay area investigation salvaged a millennium document that the city had failed to previously disclose. there was a 2006 letter written by a structural engineer assigned to review millennium's foundation. in it he writes that "no one told experts to account for the impact of the $2 billion transit terminal being built right next to the tower." >> that would be a misconception because not all of it goes in a filing cabinet. a circular one, the garbage can. >> reporter: they say it is destabilizing the tower's foundation, contributing to the sinking problems. the building official who got the letter, hanson tom, told peskin he believed the city's authority was limited only to the millennium tower. >> well, we usually go beyond the -- we go beyond the property line. >> reporter: after the hearing, peskin said the city's building department is clearly dysfunctional. >> if i were the mayor of this
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town, i would call the department of building inspection and start over. >> reporter: jackson, nbc bay area news. >> a billion dollar stadium in santa clara, but there is concern in washington did have c. it's all about those bright lights at levi stadium. a report cites an nbc bay area session. just before the super bowl this year, pilots on a commercial jet said they confused the lights at levi's for a system directing them to land at nearby san jose international airport. the faa says this problem should not be repeated with the new stadium being built in southern california near lax. tonight at 11:00 we sit down with former home land security secretary tom ridge and santa clara's mayor. we'll show you what's being done about this. give us a call, 888-96 tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit nbc bay >> there are new allegations of animal abuse.
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tonight from the peninsula humane society. plus. >> we think we can build a beautiful stadium there. >> a major shake up with the a's. what it means for the team, its fans and a new stadium. >> i'm meteorologist jeff. 52 in san jose and clear skies, but the clear conditions won't last for long. our weekend storm system is lining up. how much rain we can expect across the bay area in about six minutes. a --nd is uldmpactlooand
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alame >> you might have heard by now, a major shake up with the oakland a.s and this could impact a lot of people. the team's reclusive billionaire owner is in the spotlight after shuffling his key leaders. moving forward what does it mean for the a's fans and a new stadium?
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nbc's hernandez joins us from the stadium. >> i'll tell you big changes in the leadership of the oakland as, the new president met with reporters. he says he is committed to keeping the team right here in oakland. >> we love the city of oakland. we are the oakland athletics. we think we can build a beautiful stadium there. >> reporter: david said he's thrilled of being named the new president of the oakland a.s. the team announced it's made changes at the top. managing partner lou wolf is stepping down selling his interest in the team. and cavil who is president of the san jose earthquake is stepping in, president of the as. >> we're committed to the city. we're commit today working with the mayor, the administration, the stakeholders to find a way to get a privately financed stadium, a great stadium built in the city of oakland. >> reporter: he is commits today transforming the city's organization, and building a $1 million privately fund the
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stadium. fan hope he can do the same for the as. >> it will be done with private money. >> reporter: they're looking at possible stadium sites in oakland and is determined to find the right location and the funds to build it. >> i think the number one thing is we want the stadium to be unique, something that people can really feel special about. >> reporter: he says community input is key. he says he'll begin at this hour to meet with anybody who wants to come talk to him starting next month. in oakland, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of optimism for the as now. we mentioned team owner jorn fisher the billionaire comes from one of the most notable families. his parents started the gap clothing company. fisher usually avoids the spotlightment for years he's avoided the spotlight. now he's taking active control of this franchise. while the as and raiders keep working toward getting new stadiums, the l.a. rams officially broke ground on their new stadium today.
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nfl commissioner roger was on hand for the ceremony. the $2 billion stadium is being built in inglewood. should be ready for the 2019 season and there is still chance the raiders could share the stadium with the rams. >> the humane society is back under microscope tonight. more people coming forward to complain about the nonprofit already facing allegations of abuse. a handful of former agents examine volunteers said they finally felt comfortable coming forward. a month ago animal control officers released a video of a pit bull bloody and trapped trying to escape its kennel. today in burlg game they had more stories of alleged abuse. >> the vet came back and got the quickest tool she could find, a pair of dog nail clippers, handed me the bird and snipd off the entire leg. >> i 100% deny anything smacking of abuse or neglect of any animal in the care of the peninsula humane society of pca.


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