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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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pare. "otr vcesren hed tre'no pat ru=f test. it's not even -- there's no hmpathy. >> concerned parents and students trying to deal with racism on campus. yhe news at 11 starts right now. thod evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. otrthis is not a far away rural community. hhis is in the heart of one of hhe best school districts in the
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sast bay. aew tomorrow, a california high school with racist graffiti. >> this on the heels of another racist message yesterday. telt tell us a little about what was discussed? >> this meeting comes on the heels of a huge assembly here at mont vista high school in danville. tomorrow parents found out about yet another situation in san ramon. this meeting tonight was emotional, but the message, racist graffiti will not be tolerated in this school district. >> this is not ok. it is unacceptable. it will not be tolerated. >> montae vista parents filled the library with grim faces. the subject of graffiti -- racist graffiti was a serious subject. >> my kid was directly affected
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by it and brought me into it right away. >> someone had written "whites" on one side and "colored" on the other. >> this time i'm at california high school. it was similar to what took place at montae vista yesterday. j there have been a total of four racist graffiti since last month. three in san ramon. one here in danville. some blame the political climate in the us. tonight parents wanted to hear from the principal. >> if you don't have a great school climate, doesn't mean anything if people are walking around school feeling unsafe. >> now, one student in san ramon has been caught and disciplined. the principal tells me that the
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dialogue here will continue. reporting live in danville, i'm cheryl hurd. >> thank you. e'mestic work on his transition bo m. iresident-elect donald trump met prih the prime minister of japan today. they talked for about 90 minu s minutes. the visit comes after trump took rver 30 congratulatory calls from world leaders over the last ew days. yonight mr. trump tweeted i on ked hard with bill ford to ceep a ford plant in kentucky. they don't plan to move the tutire plant, only a production line. ford said they canceled plans to ship from kentucky to mexico.
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m> submit a sad guy. s> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. bemafter all that name-calling, president-elect trump plans to wet with mitt romney this week ai.discuss the possibility of romney becoming secretary of state. back in march, rommy called trump a phony and a fraud. mr. trump responded by calling it. romney a loser. retired three-star army general iichael flynn is the new president's pick to be a national security advisory. it's not known yet if flynn has ntbepted the job. his job doesn't require senate thwfirmation which could help mr. trump since he was fired as president of obama's defense en-elligence agency. >> tomorrow president obama uinishes his final foreign trip of his presidency in prugh. today he told world leaders he's
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cautiously optimistic about donald trump. >> there is something about the solemn responsibilities of that office, the extraordinary demands that are placed on the =r/ted states that forces you to focus. co this was in berlin, a joint meeting with german chancellor edgela merkel. stay with bay area news for anhtinuing coverage of this f te house transition. we're constantly updating our twitter feed and website. x> if you've been outside you erow it's chilly. also tracking rain and what it will impact over the weekend. our chief meteorologist has more. >> it looks like you'll need an umbrella. we have our next storm system in sight. 650 miles offshore. when we could see a few drain
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drops tomorrow. in ma run, napa counties, friday evening likely some rain in the north bay. wide rainfall saturday by 7:00 a.m. how much? we're locked in for about a half inch from south bay anywhere crlm san francisco to the north bay. three quarters to an inch. coming up, more details. =raja the meantime, complete uncroclimate coverage by futnloading our app. u-ms super easy and you can find he forecast for your eeighborhood. >> a cross country manhunt for a uge active ended in the bay area. a u.s. marshal opened fire while tracking down the suspect in hayward. if man is being questioned in san leandro. chuck coppola has more. how did it happen, chuck? >> it happened when an officer-involved shooting happened in a residential
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neighborhood with lots of children around, finishing up classes a block away at an elementary school. for more than six hours investigators pored over the officer-involved shooting that happenedy a block from fairview elementary school. four u.s. marshals tried serving a arrest warrant for weapon and drug-related charges. he was in a car outside a home filled can relatives. the u.s. marshals felt their lives were in danger and fired into the car and rolled-up windows. in the 2800 block of roman yellow street, a 26-year-old male was grazed by a bullet or debris and treated briefly at a nearby hospital. for hours, the street was sealed off. no other bystanders were outside
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when the officer opened fire. no one else was injured. tonight, the suspect is being questioned here behind me at the substation. investigators say they did not find a weapon on the suspect. hey have not sempd his car. >> ok. .hank you, chuck. many questions surrounding a man found dead in the back of a car in the driveway of a san jose home. tonight san jose police are e eng tight lipped about what the they're calling a homicide. police were called to the every green area around 1:00 this afternoon. hotestigators didn't say if vhey've arrested any but they lesured us there's no risk to he public. o word yet on how that victim died. sn elderly couple is injured .oday as a car chase unfolded. gunfire led to a car crash right in front of washington middle zmool san lie and row today. suople in three cars were involved. nwo of them had drivers shooting at each other.
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one car was riddled with bullet holes. lne suspect is in the hospital with a nonlife threatening gunshot wound and the other got away. >> nervous, but i have faith in c- san leandro police department, so i'm sure they'll ratch them. >> the innocent bystanders and all this, a elderly couple in the third car, hospitalized with major injuries because because if the crash. lne person is in stable condition. ahe other in critical. rolice say the couple had nothing toe go with the gun fight. rhey're looking at nearby eurveillance to see if any of it ti caught on camera. >> parents are being urged to nalk to their kids about online safety. ean tiger is accused of coetending to be a teenage boy online. this happened two weeks ago. he'll appear in court tomorrow, socing four counts of sexual
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acts with a minor. investigators say he connected with the girl on the social media site called "kick." is there could be more victims. nearly two dozen people are out of their homes tonight after a fire spread throughout a south tp apartment complex. it started this morning in the fomberwood apartments in south ros jose. two people were trapped on a ==econy at one point but they id escape. no word on the cause of the fire. wi from an operational point of satw, this is a bad idea. >> a former secretary of homeland security talks with us about aviation safety following our investigation into the right lights at levi's stadium. l'm steven stock. doming up we investigate what santa clara officials are doing s/out the problem and how what ahppens here could affect the pew stadium in los angeles. >> please select an item below.
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>> also ahead, the future of shopping. it rolls into a store near you just in time for the holidays. how this guy can change your retail experience. >> frost advisory in effect for the interior valleys of the north bay. currently a cool 44 many napa. we're tracking the morning forecast plus more details on this incoming weekend rain in about eight minutes. stadm h a t obrit lits.nd at ghe
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. it's a high-tech -- bright lights for the stadium. that could be a problem. former secretary of homeland security is raising concerns about stadiums located near airports like levi. >> he's siting our investigation
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in his report. those bright lights blind some pilots attempting to land at sjc. stephen stock has the story. >> more than 40 pilots have complained about the lights to the faa. yet little to nothing has been done about the problem. former homeland security secretary tom ridge says he thinks the faa is gambling with public safety. >> it was just days before super bowl 50 early this year when according to this report filed unanimously with nasa's aviation reporting system, a pilot on a commercial 737 lined up to land on 3-0 left. the pilot thought he was using the visual approach slope indicator or vasi system. the only problem, it wasn't the vasi. instead, it was levi's stadium
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he was seeing. during lang they realized they had confused the lights. though they corrected and landed safely it became one more bit of evidence of the bright lights endangering landings. >> you just can't see. >> mike mccarron is a safety official with san francisco international airport. he serves as an aviation consultant for nbc bay area. >> it's a huge problem. when pilots are flying at night, you need at least 20, maybe 230 minutes to get your eyes sense tiesed to the darkness. >> the only trouble, when you're on final approach, you don't have 20 to 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust. only minutes to seconds. our own investigation dating back more than two years has indicated titles complaining about being blinded or disoriented by the lights at
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levi. >> it worries me when the proximity of a stadium to an airport has created problems for the pilots. it's no longer a failure of imagination. that's the reality. they say themselves it is a problem. >> tom ridge served as the nation's first secretary of homeland security. he's now the ceo of ridge global security in washington, d.c. he worries that the problems we uncovered at levi's stadium will be repeated at the new los angeles rams stadium two to three miles off lax's runways. >> forget the terrorism. from an operation a.m. point of view, this is a bad idea. >> he wrote letters warning of similar safety concern as well as terrorism issues. a second white parasited our reporting several times -- paper cited our reporting several
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times. >> it should be included in the calculation as to whethering the site is appropriate. >> while second ridge's concerns are valid, some say, there are ways to build a new l.a. rams stadium while mitigating safety issues. >> if it's done properly you can have things on the runway. from a land use perspective as someone who worked in the airports, things like that, life and death, you'd rather have that at the end of the runway instead of housing. >> the faa said that both federal, dhs and department of defense officials have had an opportunity to comment and have raised no objections to the englewood site. >> the school board emits so much light as they can see that as much as a hundred miles awie from the airport. >> this sar traffic controller in san jose 20e8d us last year
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that fellow controllers were concerned about both levi's and a potential stadium off the runway at lax. complaints have also been filed by air traffic controllers. >> it worries me. >> santa clara mayor was not aware of the problem until we approached her earlier this year. she hasn't heard of this latest incident until we shared our findings with her. >> what do you do to military gate this? >> now that you're giving me this information we're going to follow through concerning whether there's further recalibration that need to be done. >> for their part, the 49ers declined an offer to talk about this on camera. they sent us a statement saying in part "we have great faith in the faa's many years of expertise in regards to the lighting results. public safety is of the utmost importance to the 49ers and
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levi's stadium." the l.a. rams never got back to us with a comment. by the way, they just broke ground oed on the new stadium in englewood. >> if you have a tip for steerch or anyone in the investigative unit call them at 1-888-996-tips. >> ok. jeff ranieri is with us. we have the forecast for the big game on saturday. >> yes. >> and the turkey forecast. >> i like that. >> the turkey or the forecast. >> depends on who's cooking. we have rain on saturday for the cal and the stan 230ford game. be prepared for that. let's start off with our friday morning forecast. it will be cold but not expecting temperatures to go below the freezing mark. 44 in the south bay. 45 in the peninsula. 49 in the trivalley. upper 40s in did north bay.
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a few clouds and 48 in the east bay. worthy tomorrow morning, watch out for a few patchy areas of dense fog. as temperatures cool it helps to squeeze out any moisture in the atmosphere. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. temperatures even warming up three to about four degrees. that will get us close to 70 tomorrow. it's going to be the big tease on friday. it's going to be so perfect outside. sunny skies in the south bay. 69 in east san jose and 69 in cupertino. all this weather will be fading fast by this weekend. no upper 60s and no sunshine like we're expecting here at daly city and palo alto. winds picking up to 12 niles an hour. embarcadero 64. for the north bay, 63 in mill valley and 63 expected in sonoma. dry during the day.
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we have our sun with us. relatively low humidity. our storm system is sped up a little bit during the evening hours. by 9:30 rain entering the northern coastline. we think by 11:00 on friday, a few showers across ma run, napa counties. m every single forecast model shows rainfall. expect wet weather. we have scattered areas of rainfall that will continue and likely waves of wet weather into sunday afternoon as well. about a half inch in the south bay, one inch north bay. san francisco about three quarters of an inch. on the extended forecast again, dry through the day tomorrow. breezy. winds pick up on saturday morning as the rain arrives. we'll keep the chance of rain headed into sunday's forecast. as far as next week goes, we have a chance of rain on wednesday, thanksgiving looks dry. >> oh. >> hopefully your turkey is not.
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>> he was going to come full circle with that. >> full circle. >> you started it. thanks, jeff. >> thanks to an accidental text by grandma, there will be an extra plate set around the table. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. miranda lambert is here to perform. nicole kidman, michael shannon. do not change the channel. >> happening now on our twitter feed, the peninsula humane society is accused of mistreating animals again, this time by former employees and volunteers. but the humane society says the allegations are false and this is just a strategy from union members. on our home page, five teenage girls arrested in oakland accused of 20 street robberies, mostly near bart stations. we're back in a moment. cong a oreearou,he shopng bottw
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. coming to a store near you, the shopping robot. check it out. this computer-powered robot roams the isles aisles at the s. the lo-bot is made by creative robots of mountain view. it's quite the helper. >> what the heck is that? second, what they'll do is play with it a little bit. then it very quickly shockingly becomes part of the story landscape. >> select an item below. >> scanners help guide the robot through the store. they'll soon be rolling out in 11 bay area stores. >> what the heck is that? a thanksgiving text is going viral because the two people
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involved turned out to be strangers. it started when an arizona high school senior got a text from grandma to show up for thanksgiving at 3:00. that sounded early so he texted grandma for a picture. >> he texted back and said you ain't my grandma but can i have a photo? >> 1.7 views. feel like everybody sees this joy that two people, two strangers can actually conduct. >> that's cute. >> they're all one big family now, right? there's definitely a trend for feel-good stories. of course. it's thanksgiving time. >> yes. >> we're back in a moment with the sharks and the shakeup with the as. stay with us.
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. ok. the sharks will be home for thanksgiving but for now their road trip continues in the st. louis tonight. a little payback. the sharks beat the blues in the playoffs last season, remember. tonight, though, a different story. david perrin scores the game winning goal. blues win the game 3-2.
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>> a shakeup in oakland. the as are hoping this will lead to a new stadium. the owner selling his interest in the team. not the only change. david cabal, the president of the san francisco earthquakes is now the president of the as. he says he hopes his experience will help him build a new stadium for the as. >> the sites we're evaluating are in oakland. so we love the city of oakland. we are the oakland athletics. we think we can build a beautiful stadium there. >> part of the restructuring, billionaire owner john fisher comes from one of the bay areas most notable areas. he's avoided spoot lights but will now take over the reins as managing partner. >> back in a moment. 'lk thausali cale g
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. ok. this is a snow dog. >> ok. >> he's an australian cattle dog. he cannot get enough of his
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snowflake dinner. the area saw its first big snow of the year. and he loves it. i can gettis, i can get it, i can get it! >> that's like us in lake tahoe. >> or the time it snoed in san francisco. >> jeff, we're not getting any snow this week, are we? >> no snow on the valley floor. the forecast for the cal and also the stan forth game this saturday, 2:30 kickoff. we may see a little bit of sun mixed with scattered rainfall. prepare for a little bit of rain. that's a good game forecast. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us. have a great fry. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nicole kidman, michael shannon,


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