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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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issue for an east bay school district. how school officials and parents are coming together to help solve the problem. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good friday morning. a week from now we'll be going into a feast or just off of a holiday feast. >> we'll be digesting, maybe working out. >> going shopping. >> shopping. >> or right here on "today in the bay". >> it's a chilly morning once again. just like yesterday, you have to make sure you bundle up before you head out. you've got that heater on full blast this morning. we have another frost advisory in effect for parts of the north bay, all the areas shaded in purple. that's where the temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s, and that will be happening for the next couple of hours. i'll detail that coming up. as we head over to mike, what's happening on the roads now? >> we do have an easy drive right now, but i was watching
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the bay bridge toll plaza because we had a disabled vehicle there. hang on for that update. looking over here for an issue, reports an animal was hit earlier the morning, probably a deer crossing the road. no lanes reported blocked and no detail on that. chp has headed out there and you might see flashing lights. the bay bridge toll plaza remains clear, 14 minutes from highway 4 down to there. racist graffiti plaguing an east bay school district. so far there have been four incidents starting last month at high schools in the san ramon unified school district. parents are demanding answers. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live with how the district is responding. good morning, laura and sam. taking steps by at least discussing this issue, holding a meeting at monta vista high in danville to talk about the racist graffiti incidents. you can see over two urinals
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yorks view the words whites and colored. since we've reported that, yet another incident of racist graffiti reported, this time at california high in san ramon. that was on thursday. that brings the total to four such incidents in the san ramon unified school district. it's why a number of concerned parents and school officials showed up to the high school to discuss this on going issue. they want to send the message that these incidents need to be stopped. >> this is not okay. it is unacceptable. it will not be tolerated. >> my kid was, hey, directly affected by it and brought me into it right away. >> reporter: tof the four incidents, three took place at california high and one of the students at cal high was caught and punished for writing on the bathroom wall. live in danville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. new this morning, social
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media lit up overnight with a lot of fans upset with rapper kanye west. >> he performed at the sap center in san jose and drew heavy boos when the music stopped and he turned political. >> it's racism, period. not one or the other candidate will instantly be able to change that. >> many people actually got up and walked out when kanye told the crowd he didn't vote in this year's election, but if he did, he would have voted for donald trump. he added there were a lot of things he liked about the trump campaign and reiterated his own plans to run for office in 2020. we spoke to some of the fans following the show, some supporting kanye while others thought the show should be about his music rather than his political views. now to donald trump's
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transition to the white house. we're learning more about the list of names up for consideration for a trump cabinet. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us from washington, d.c. with a surprise pick heading to trump tower this weekend. i better get used to saying that. >> reporter: yeah, get used to saying mitt romney. he may end up in this administration. we'll see what happens after they meet this weekend. new this morning and confirmed, retired lieutenant general mike flynn accepting the position of national security adviser and jeff sessions, senator out of alabama agreeing to be attorney general with senate confirmation. a senior transition official tells nbc lieutenant general mike flynn has been offered the job of national security adviser. flynn, controversial for his foreign policy, would not require senate approval. even more controversial -- >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> mitt is a very sad guy. >> reporter: a transition source
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says president-elect trump will meet with former nominee mitt romney sunday to discuss romney as a possible secretary of state. >> romney would be quite capable of doing a number of things, but he'll be one of those i'm sure that's reviewed. >> with his transition taking shape, mr. trump turned to foreign policy meeting japan's prime minister. >> i renewed my conviction that together with mr. trump i will be able to establish a relationship of trust. >> reporter: the vice president-elect is on cap hole hill selling his boss's and en za to democrats. >> we're beginning to discuss areas we might move forward on together. >> try to find our common ground where we can and of course stand our ground when we can't. >> reporter: pence back in familiar territory setting up the first 100 days. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thank you, tracy, stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of the white house
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transition. we're constantly updating our twitter feed and website, 5:05 on friday. many questions left unanswered after a man is found dead in the back of a car in the driveway of a san jose home. this morning san jose police are being tight lipid about what they're called a homicide. police were called to turnhouse lane in the evergreen neighborhood about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. investigators didn't say if they arrested anyone. they did reassure us there is no public safety risk. no word yet on how the victim died. a cross country manhunt for an alleged fugitive ended in the bay area. the u.s. marshals shot a man while serving an arrest warrant. for hours investigators poured over the seen close to the scene in lake ridge park in hayward. the suspect was wanted in louisiana for weapons and drug-related charges. the suspect was in a car outside a home. that's when u.s. marshals said
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they felt their livetion were in danger. the suspect identified as a 26-year-old man was taken to the hospital with inmoo nor injuries and then taken to jail. no one else was injured. an elderly couple recovering this morning after a horrific crash. police say gunfire led to a wreck in san leandrleandro. drivers were shooting at each other and in another car two innocent elderly bystanders. police say one suspect is in the hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. the other got away. >> i didn't know what was going on. nervous, but i have faith in our san leandro police department. >> the elderly couple in the third car are in the hospital with major injuries caused by that crash. we have calls for an update on their condition. at last check, one is in stable, the other in critical condition. investigators are looking at near surveillance foote taj to
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see if it was caught on camera. incredibly sad. 5:07. there are nearly two dozen people out of their homes this morning after a fire spread through a south bay apartment complex. we filed this on our midday use cast yesterday. it started in the timber wood apartments in south shea. two people got trapped on a balcony at one point but were able to escape safely. one family member said it all started when somebody threw a fire bomb into their bedroom. investigators are not confirming that to us. >> a couple of family members say an incendiary device was used. >> i have no information about that. i do know it's under investigation and that's all i can tell you right now. >> investigators san jose the flames did start in a bedroom. one fright was hurt, but not seriously. good morning. it's 5:08, a cold one once again just like yesterday morning. in some spots it's just a couple of degrees warmer. still in the upper 30s in the
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east bay, tri-valley and the south bay. in santa rosa it is 37 degrees right now. into this afternoon it will be beautiful, sunny, up to 65 degrees in oakland, 66 in napa and morgan hill will be up to 68 degre degrees. after a nice mild day with sunshine, we see clouds roll in later tonight and rain starting in the north bay. looks like it could be a foggy weekend. heading over to mike now, there is something on the roadway in oakland. >> something that's not supposed to be on the roadway in oakland. that's the key. we're looking at the rest of the roads and a smooth easy drive. we'll talk about speeds in a second. looking over here, your commute direction around telegraph avenue off-ramp. reports of a ladder in your left two lanes. that will be an issue off highway 13 and over toward the maze itself. no slowing shows up. here is the south bay, no
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delays, 13 minutes from 101, 85 up to highway 87 up by the airport. back to you. coming up, another blow for pg&e following the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. could iphones be made in america? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. an expensive makeover, the work about to get started on caltrain that could impact your commute.
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good friday morning. the time now is 5:12 as we take a live look outside in san francisco. we start again in the upper 40s. bundle up as you head out. it is clear and cold once again. once again, patchy frost in the north bay. i'll detail a warm month and a soggy weekend ahead. the tri-valley looking good. a little slowing out of the altamont pass. 24 minutes from grant line to 680. across the bridges, a tiny dip in speeds up the incline heading towards san francisco. no backup at the toll plaza for the bay bridge. mike, thank you very much. we are following breaking news this morning. some video from riverside county, a massive pallet fire there about two hours old. knbc, our sister station in l.a. says this is near the west
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ramona expressway and there are 60 firefighters and 18 engines on the scene of that fire. you see the efforts under way right now to pour water and retardant on the top of the flames to contain it. this has been going on for about two hours, starting at 2:45 this morning near the west ramona expressway. we are told that there's obviously fuel for the fire from the wooden pallets but there was an explosion from poe pane inside the yard. that's the latest from knbc as we continue to follow that situation. 5:14 right now. caltrain's effort to go green is ramping up. that means there may be some inconveniences for people living nearby. caltrain is launching preliminary work on its electrification conversion plan. actual construction won't begin until next year. it will take at least three years to complete. between now and february crews will be testing soils and cables along the tracks primarily during the overnight hours. a followup, pg&e lost the
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bid to have the judge toss its criminal convictions tied to shoddy record keeping. in august jurors found pg&e guilty on six criminal counts, including obstruction of justice tied to the deadly san bruno explosion. yesterday the judge denied the request to throw out all six verdicts. pg&e is facing a maximum $3 million penalty after prosecutors requested much larger fines be dismissed. happening later today, a federal judge is going to consider president-elect donald trump's request to delay a trial involving his now defunct trump university until after inauguration in a january. in a court filing trump's attorney says he needs to focus all his energy and efforts on transitions into the white house. that motion is asking trump be allowed to give a video testimonial instead of appearing in court on november 28th. 2010 lawsuit against trump university accuses the
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president-elect of defrauding and misleading students with false promises. might apple move some of its iphone manufacturing to the united states? >> scott mcgrew, donald trump says he'll slap a tariff on apple if they don't do that. >> the question would be what's more expensive, paying the tariff if trump follows through or paying a much more expensive american worker. the japanese newspaper nikkei says apple asked manufacturers what would it take to move iphone manufacturing to america? the estimation is the cost of making a phone would double. this is all theoretical. understand what apple is asking. they're asking fox con to absorb the cost. make the phone in america, but charge us the same price so we can charge the consumer the same price. that leaves the decision to fox con which can easily say no. one of the other things to prevent trump from bringing jobs back to america, robots.
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lowe's showing off robots in san jose and across the bay area. you may have seen these in orchard supply. lowe's owns orchard supply. president-elect proudly tweeting he stopped ford from moving a plant to mexico? did he really? we'll take a closer look. we have to turn right now to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> happy friday to you. wall street could end on a down note. futures are relatively flat. stocks closing slightly higher yesterday with the dow shy of a new record high following strong economic data and comments from fed chair janet yellen. she told congress an interest rate hike could come, quote, relatively soon. most expect the rates to hike next month. the dow rising 35 to 18,903. the nasdaq up nine to 5,333. >> sam and laura, i got an e-mail from a catalog company out of wisconsin. they have a store in menlo park
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as well. anyway, the subject of this e-mail was newsletter and racism update, which is weird. it turns out the owner of pen si, bill penyey was trying to clear up something. earlier he said the open 'em braps of racism by the republican party in this election is now unleashing a wave of ugliness unseen in this country for decades. the american people aric thatting notice. let's commit to giving the people a better choice. you'd think he would apologize somehow in this newsletter. he actually doubled down on this with fairly strong language. also there was a cookie recipe. the world has become a very peculiar place. >> some politics and a little nut meg on the side. >> very strange juxtaposition. thank you very much. hey, what about skiing? it's that time of year. hitting the slopes. the first wave of ski resorts
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set to open in the sierra, the first skiers and snow borders welcomed this season. the sierra is expected to see some snow this weekend which is fantabulous. >> i don't seen ski. nif skied in my entire life. too mush legs going on here, too much lack of coordination. >> it would be a sight for sore eyes. >> how about sledding? >> now you're talking. >> you need hot chocolate this morning. it's cold, will still be chilly as you head out the door this morning and get to work or school. as we take a live look outside from emeryville, things busy on the bay bridge. it's 4r5 degrees. still cool. the highs today reaching the mid 60s, once again, mostly clear
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skies. 39d degrees in the tri-valley livermore and concord. santa rosa 37. elsewhere we have some 40s, but we start out again with a heavier jacket needed. later on today you'll take it off. we'll have a high of 68 degrees in morgan hill and in the east bay, also 68 degrees in concord as well as danville. oakland 65 and the peninsula 65, belmont, daly city more of the same. san francisco reaching 64 degrees in the mission district. as we head toward the north bay, 68 in napa, 66 degrees, not bad. but then we get ready for that rain to move in. late tonight for the north bay, the clouds increasing as we go into this evening. we can see the showers moving into santa rosa around midnight tonight. and then through the day tomorrow, most of the bay area will be covered by some showers. off and on rain. it gets lighter early on saturday as well as the afternoon and into the evening
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hours. and then on sunday it's still raining off and on. you see there may be some brakes. you may have an opportunity to get in outdoor activities. it will be few and far between. potential for at least half an inch for the south bay, .75 inch for the east bay. in san francisco closer to an inch. farther to the north even more. as we look farther into next week for the travel into the thanksgiving holiday, we take a break on monday and tuesday. wednesday that rain returns and it does look like it gets out of here in time for that thanksgiving dinner. temperatures will stay cool only in the upper 50s to low 60s for the next seven days in san francisco. for the inland areas, today will be the warmest day in the next seven days. showers tomorrow and sunday, and then again next wednesday. so a couple of chances of rain in that forecast. now what's happening in oakland, mike? >> kari, an update.
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sounds like maybe a traffic break over the next few minutes as we look at the sensors. we'll zoom in westbound 24 as you're approaching telegraph. that ladder still reported in lanes. chp will take care of that in a couple of seconds. no problems and no slowing over the next five minutes. approaches for the upper eastshore freeway, at speed, 16 minutes from highway 4 down to the span. up through oakland for 880 and 580, we'll give you a shot farther south, no problems. there's mass transit. no delays for these trains. a smooth drive through san jose. although highway 87 southbound, a roll of carpet had to be cleared from that roadway as well. back to you. 5:22. update to breaking news we've been following out of riverside county this morning. this is video of a massive pallet fire that is burning right now in the city of paris in riverside county. we know how those wood pallets
5:23 am
can fuel a fire. firefighters attacking this from all angles. the big kanger is there are propane explosions happening on that site. a rough site for firefighters. it's been burning for about 2 1/2 hours now. back at home here, up next, bbc bay area responds. >> the little known airline fee that could cost you hundreds on the spot at the airport. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next.
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this morning "nbc bay area responds" to a san ramon couple who had to pay $1200 in fees because they were late for a flight. >> consumer investigator chris chmura wants to help you avoid that scenario. chris? >> we have an educational airline story for you just in time for the holiday travel season. meet karen and her husband. they were forced to pay $600 each when they missed their connecting emirates flight. the airline said karen agreed to a no-show fee when she made her reservation. karen says they need to do a better job disclosing fees. >> the most expensive fee is completely hidden between these long dockmentes that you have no idea when you book the ticket. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll show you where to look in the fine print, help you book tickets that avoid karen's mistake.
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we'll explain how one phone call can prevent some penalties. we'll tally up how much americans are making on airline fees. it's billions. if you have a consumer alert, the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit i'll see you live at 11:00. >> chris, thank you very much. up next, disturbing accusations. a crime that has investigators urging parents to talk to kids about online safety. let's talk about [ bleep ]. >> fans expected to be shocked as they came to a kanye west concert at sap center last night. what they didn't expect is how long it would last. ♪ >> reporter: good morning, this is bob redell. getting our friday party started earlier as we kick off our annual thanksgiving food drive. the small amount of money you
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a cold start to our friday morning and we take a beautiful, clear look over our area this morning. the weekend quickly approaching. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. that shot is so beautiful of san
5:31 am
francisco. can we brig up egg nog soon? >> you were saying hot chocolate and coffee might be better. >> it's cold. thanksgiving is less than a week away, definitely fall outside and feels like winter. frost advisory in effect. temperatures dropping into the low to mid 30s again in the north bay. this is where we'll have to deal with the frost for at least another hour and a half before the frost advisory expires. we're feeling cool temperatures, but warms up nicely today into the upper 60s as we get a look all across the bay area. up to 65 degrees today in the north bay. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up. mike has a road hazard in san jose. >> overall looking really good getting to the bay bridge or any of the other bridges. a frost advisory for the north bay is a note.
5:32 am
i had a slow read around kertner for the last ten minutes. it cleared. there was a report of carpet in the los angeles and that might have been the removal process going on. 580 slows a bit out of the grant line area, out of the altamont pass, just 24 minutes though to the dublin interchange. going back to a story we have been covering all morning long. these are live images from riverside county of a pallet fire. let's listen in to knbc. >> further down you can see those stacks, that's how high the pallets were stacked before the fire started. a lot of wood to burn, a lot of material in this area. firefighters are putting tons of water on this to try to control these flames right now. we can show you video from earlier this morning, the fire broke out just before 3:00. that's when it was first
5:33 am
reported and firefighters came out to the scene, huge flames shooting into the sky. a lot of firefighters out here. ramona expressway heading toward the 215, that is closed as firefighters are working on this. as we come back out here live to show you more of the fire burning here, you see how small these piles are now. this is -- there are stacks and stacks of pallets out here. the fire department says there are no structures that are threatened, but we see at least one vehicle that has burned. there are a couple of storage containers out here as well. there are a ton of different kinds of materials. we see metals, we see wood, a lot of things to burn. we're waiting to talk with the fire department to get an update on the situation. as of now, this fire burning out of control. firefighters working their hardest to contain this. we'll have an update throughout the morning. i'm rick montanez for "today in l.a." >> progress being made of what
5:34 am
was once a monstrous fire. 5:33 right now. here in the bay area, all new this morning, kanye west gets political and gets booed at sap center. it's a story that's now going viral. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the sap center with reaction from fans. some people who support kanye through all this, and others say stick to the music. good morning. >> reporter: some people had a problem with the fact that this political and racist rant about racism went on at all. they say it was fine but a little too long. this is some of the video posted on social media of fans at the concert. kanye west going on a tirade about politics, saying there was a lot he liked about the trump campaign and he would have voted for donald trump had he voted. he did not vote. as he told fans, specifically african-americans, this country is racist and they should get
5:35 am
over it. >> specifically to black people, stop focusing on racism. this world is racist, okay? let's stop being distracted to focus on that as much. it's just a [ bleep ]. we are in a racist country, period. >> i went to the oakland show and i had an amazing time. so i decided to come to spend m again and come to the show. all i heard was a rant about politics. it didn't make sense. >> everybody paid for the show to get his music. but he wanted to rant a little more. if he cut it a little shorter, it would have been fine. >> reporter: some of those fans say people started throwing things at the stage in addition to booing the controversial
5:36 am
rapper. some folks say they're going to try to get their money back because they more rant than they did get rap. in san jose, kris sanchez, taish. >> thank you very much, kris. 5:36. a horrific crime has investigators urging parents to talk to their children about online safety. ian tegger is accused of pretending to be a teenage boy online, suspected of meeting a 13-year-old girl for sex two weeks ago. he's facing four counts of sexual acts with a minor. investigators say he connected with a girl on social media site kik. there could be more victims he's contacted through that app. the peninsula humane society is back under the microscope this morning. more people are coming forward and complaining about the non-profit which is already facing allegations of abuse. a handful of former employees and volunteers say they finally felt comfortable coming forward. a month ago -- here is the back
5:37 am
story -- animal control officers released this video of a pit bull bloody and trapped trying to escape his kennel. now more stories of abuse are emerging. >> the vet came back and grabbed the quickest tool she could find, dog nail clippers, handed me the bird and snapped off the entire like. >> i 100% deny any abuse. it is 100% untrue. >> so that is the organization's president there, ken white, who says the allegations are a vat gee on the part of union members as contract negotiations are currently on going. former employees say they don't have anything to gain by speaking out. they just wanted to help the animals. a story now about dogs and therapy. san francisco prosecutors have the assistance of two four-legged friends to el ease anxieties for tra maut tick crime victims. >> this is pink, an 18-month-old
5:38 am
lab, she and her partner red, not seen here, are specially trained to provide emotional support to crime victims, including children and the elderly going through what could be the very big stresses of the legal process. they were denated to the department by a non-profit. nice act there. 'tis the season of giving. our annual nbc bay area food drive is kicking off at safe way stores across the bay area. we're going to be out there live tomorrow. >> yes, we will, in morgan hill. one of our favorite events of the year. right now "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from pleasanton with more on how you can help. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. it costs $10, and you're right, i cannot do this without some music. if only we had a band preferably from piedmont who could get us some -- ♪ >> completely random. did not realize they were going to be here, the piedmont pep
5:39 am
band getting us in the mood for our annual safe way food drive. wendy upshaw, good morning. >> good morning. >> you've made it easy, $10 bags of food. >> absolutely. look for your local bag display at your safe way, grab the sheet and take it to any stand and make a donation of $10. >> very complicated. show me again how you do that. >> you scan it. give them $10. what's in the bag? >> we have very popular items that food banks need most, including peanut butter and tuna as well as canned soups, vegetables and pasta. >> even though we're kicking it off tomorrow, how many bags have you sold so far? >> more than 180,000 bags. >> compared to last year? >> compared to last year we've surpassed the numbers. >> thank you very much. >> going to seven area food
5:40 am
banks. good to see you again. >> bay area food bank is serving an immense need, 840,000 people being served. alameda food banks serving one in five of our neighbors. >> who are these people? >> everybody. working families who are paying the bills but can't cover everything. it's hard to pay rent and put a healthy meal on the table, a lot of children, a lot of seniors, we're trying to give a sense of normalcy to the families that we serve this time of year. >> thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. i'm going to be in tomorrow morning. if you want to come by and say hi, i'll be there. >> i thought that band followed you around everywhere, playing "uptown funk." >> thank you bruno mars. >> a little "uptown funk" at
5:41 am
your downtown safeway. >> a live look at shea. all clear skies, cold once again. check out the temperatures, 43 degrees in san jose and palo alto. 45 in oakland and the upper 30s in the valleys. as we go into today, it will be much warmer, reaching into the upper 60s, livermore, 68, in concord as well as morgan hill and san jose. now i see, mike, things are starting to stack up on the roads. >> yeah. it's no surprise where it is, kari. we have slowing for 101. the first burst we see for san jose. it clears and comes back again about 6:40. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on, the backup has filled in. nothing unusual on the approach. there's the eastshore freeway. remember b.a.r.t. is a great option today as well as on saturday when we have the big game, stanford versus cal home at cal this year. >> big game. up next, california senators
5:42 am
standing up for soldiers on capitol hill. the action they're taking to stop the pentagon from asking soldiers to pay back thousands in bonuses. we'll take a closer look at what donald trump said. did he really stop ford from moving a plant to mexico. here is something you don't see every day, the unusual story behind this road i don't with an east bay cop in the middle of it all. me tffitea
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good friday morning. it is 5:45 now, and as we take a live look outside now in oakland, it is getting busy on the roadways, we'll check in with mike in just a few seconds. 45 degrees, it is chilly, warming up into the mid 60s today. nice and sunny today, but rain tomorrow. that's all coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> kari, indeed getting more traffic out there, slowing for 580, 25 minutes grant line road toward the dublin interchange. no major issues, slowing across the bay bridge. metering lights are on. >> thank you very much, mike. we continue to follow breaking news out of southern california. these pictures coming to you live from riverside county this morning. >> we've been following this for an hour or more.
5:46 am
this broke at about 2:45. you mentioned riverside county by the west ramona expressway. the good news is what was once huge flames breaking out with all the wooden pallets are being contained. we'll continue to keep our eyes on this story throughout the course of the morning. 5:46. the minnesota officer who shot and killed so land dough castillo will be arraigned. the officer was charged this week with second degree manslaughter. yanez schat castillo several times in july during a traffic stop. castile did have a gun, but there is no evidence he ever tried to remove the gun from his pocket. back at home, a lawsuit against the police department. benjamin cooper says he was struck in the eye by a rubber bell let. he's now blind in that eye. police say cooper was armed with a knife and threatening to kill
5:47 am
himself when they fired those rubber bullets at him. >> legislation, laura, is calling for the pentagon to stop collect bonuses that were already paid out to national guard members. that bill was introduced on capitol hill by senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer. according to the pentagon, almost 10,000 soldiers received thousands of dollars in improper benefits. they've been asked to give that money back until public outcry temporarily stopped that collection. if approved, the bill would permanently stop the collection. donald trump isn't even president yet and he's already saved some jobs in kentucky from going to mexico, or so he says. >> so he says, scott mcgrew. double-checking the president-elect and his post truth world. >> picked by the oxford dictionary as the word of the year. did donald trump stop a ford plant from moving out of kentucky to mexico. that's what he says. mr. trump saying i just got a
5:48 am
call from my friend bill ford, chairman of ford, who advised me he will be keeping the lincoln plant in kentucky, no mexico. ford is telling news outlets this morning it was never planning to move the plant to mexico. it was going to move a car line to mexico. that ford plant makes two different kinds of cars, the lincoln mkc and the ford escape. ford was going to move the lincoln line to mexico but replace it with another model in kentucky. nobody was going to lose their job. they were going to build a different card. ford changed its mind and decided not to switch out the lincoln for a different line. mr. trump says that counts as not moving to mexico. i worked hard with bill ford, he tweeted, to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owed it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. again, the plant wasn't going anywhere. speaking of presidents, president barack obama spoke out against fake news on facebook. we'll tell you more ability that
5:49 am
in about 30 minutes. shareholders at solar city and tesla voted to approve tesla's buyout of solar city. the deal is controversial. analysts don't like it. elon musk says the deal is a no-brainer. why don't analysts like it? take a look at the quarterly revenue. tesla made a profit last quarter. that's very unusual for tesla, $22 million. here is solar city's income, a negative number. solar city lost money. musk says this deal is additive. the math for one quarter -- i'm no mathematician, but says different. >> thank you for crunching the numbers there, scott. the dress everyone is going to be talking about today is this. that is the famed dress that marilyn monroe wore when she sang happy birthday to president john f. kennedy in 1962. it sold yesterday at auction for $4.8 million. >> talk about a girl's best
5:50 am
friend, this stunner is the 187 karat diamond called foxfire. it is the largest known uncut gem-quality diamond mined in north america. now shown at the smithsonian museum in washington, d.c. >> they may be showing diamonds in d.c. in san francisco you can check out a giant toilet that will be on display for national toilet day. that's tomorrow. >> come on. >> lava may, a non-profit that provides showers for the homeless is putting it up on display. >> there's a day for everything. also something you don't see every day, a hayward police officer unleashing his inner cowboy. so here is what happened? something went wrong at a birthday party and the zebra and bull took to the streets. they were rounded up safety. >> something went wrong at a party. check out this. that is lokey .
5:51 am
he's seeing snow for the first time. can't get enough of the flakes in colorado. that is from the first big snow of the season. and lokey's first snow ever. >> we're going to see some snow in the sierra. >> and that's from a storm system that made it so cold here. that's the reason why it's moved off to the east, bringing the rockies some snow. we're watching the next one that will be moving in. as we get a look at the microclimate forecast and a live look at san francisco. nice and quiet but it's cool. you can probably hear all the teeth chattering there. it's 48 degrees. it will get to 68 today, but still -- 63 rather. here is the next storm system that will move in. it will arrive in the north bay later on tonight. in the meantime, we can enjoy a nice day. a lot of sunshine. south bay 67 degrees in east san
5:52 am
jose and 64 in milpitas. antioch, 59 degrees, livermore 68. as we head to the peninsula, half moon bay, 63 degrees. san francisco more of the same, 63. novato today 67 while santa rosa is at 65. here goes the rain. it starts late tonight into early tomorrow morning. once again starting in the north bay. that's where the heaviest rain will be. it continues to progress elsewhere across the bay area moving from north to south. it will be off and on pretty much all day tomorrow. but there will be some breaks in there, maybe a chance to get outside and enjoy a peek of sunshine or two. that will be all you'll get. on sunday it will still be raining early in the morning, scattered showers into the afternoon. looks like a soggy weekend ahead with a potential of at least an inch of rain for parts of the north bay. you go over towards the peninsula, .75 inch, east bay also .75 inch. for the south bay, the possibility of about half an inch of rain.
5:53 am
as we look ahead, a little bit more to next week, we're getting ready for one of the busiest travel days of the year next wednesday. and the rain returns once again. it looks like it won't be as heavy and it will be a quick one-and-done thing as it continues to move through. next wednesday is looking wet. the forecast brings us 0s over the next several days in san francisco. this will be the warmest day in that forecast. also for the inland areas, 68 degrees today, rain for the weekend, take a break monday and tuesday, and it returns on wednesday. mike has an update on a crash now in the north bay. >> minor crash from what i understand. we'll talk about it. the south bay, minor slowing. that's not unusual. the peninsula looks great. you're at speeds there. in the north bay, southbound 101 around ignacio off-ramp we have a crash on the shoulder. still an eight-minute drive down toward 580, the split toward the ridge mond bridge.
5:54 am
highway 37 slows out of vallejo out of interstate 80. clear by the time you get to lake view highway. no slowing for the tri-valley. 880, a tad bit of slowing which is what you would expect as you travel across the san mateo bridge. we'll end with this shot and show a clear view, no problems between the peninsula and the east bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. right now, a serious threat to your safety in the sky. up next we investigate what santa clara city leaders are doing about the bright lights surrounding levi's stadium and how what happens here could impact another stadium hundreds of miles away. first, happening now, keeping the a's in oakland. the new team president says he wants to find a new ball park site in the east bay. on our twitter page we have more on the team's shake up after managing partner lew wolff steps down. mcdonald's planning to offer table service soon. read more on our facebook page. we'll be back here in two
5:55 am
minutes. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do?
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a new report out of washington, d.c. raises concerns anti broit lights at football stadiums located near local airports. >> senior vittive reporter stephen stock first broke the story and joins us now. the report cites your
5:58 am
investigati investigation. >> former secretary of homeland security tom ridge issued this report earlier this summer, saying the problems we first found at levi's stadium two years ago are a serious threat to safety and should not be repeated with the new los angeles rams stadium. the big jumbotron scoreboards are the biggest problems according to faa e-mails and anonymous safety reports. just this year right before the super bowl pilots on a commercial jumbo jet said they confused those lights at levi's for the visual approach system directing them to land at san jose mineta international airport. it was the 43rd complaint from pilots about levi's lights that our investigative unit has uncovered in the last two years. tom ridge told me he wants the faa to step in and make sure the same safety concerns do not arise at the proposed new inglewood stadium for the los angeles rams that is being built
5:59 am
right off the runways at lax. the faa says it's still working with the rams to make sure the new stadium doesn't create safety issues for pilots. the 49ers say they thought the problem with the bright lights at levi's had been resolved. santa clara's mayor says she wants to make sure the new stadium is safe and no accidents result from the bright lights. to see our full investigation, go to our website, back to you. >> thank you, stephen. if you have a tip for our investigator unit, call us at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the city of san francisco has given its blessing to churchgoers, parking for god on busy dolores street. in august city leaders approved parking along the middle of dolores street. hard to miss on your typical sunday. this has gone on informally for years. today the mta is holding the first public hearing to get input on when it should officially be allowed. a pilot program is expected to
6:00 am
launch sometime next year. right now at 6:00, we're tracking wet weather as we head into our weekend. >> a live look outside san francisco, clear skies and chilly temperatures. but big changes ahead as some rain moves in late tonight. details on that coming up. plus we've been following breaking news out of southern california. a massive fire burning at a pallet yard. we've been following this for the last hour out of riverside county. we'll bring you up-to-the-minute information from our sister station on the ground. before i get out of here, i want to talk about race. >> kanye west gets political during a concert here in the bay area. the reason some of his fans are upset this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to i don't. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> san francisco, san jose, doesn't seem to matter where e


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