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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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we've seen it all day -- and it's not done just yet. how long this storm is sticking arnd. right now at 11:00, tracking the rain. we've seen it all day and it's not done yet. how long the storm is sticking around. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> a very wet start to the weekend. also for most of the bay area seeing a lot of rain. tomorrow will be no different. outside right now these are traffic cameras, one in san francisco and one in richmond. the roads are slick.
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there's more rain to come. rob mayeda is back. we're happy to have you back. >> good to see the rain making a comeback. big time in the north bay. napa an inch of rain. but notice san jose not much at all. barely enough to measure. and the other side of the mountains, 2 to 3 inches of rain. you see the pattern there over is sierra the air is cold enough for a foot of snow so far. out on the coast is a different story. high surf until 3:00 tomorrow and as we wake up, rain at times and in the north bay a chance for isolated thunder in the mix. that is going to drop down the snow levels and increase
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instability throughout the day. >> thanks very much. with the storm dumping heavy snow in the sierra, these are the conditions on interstate 80. a winter weather advisory in effect for the area. the snowplows are working through the night. but traffic is slow going on major highways up in the sierra. ski resorts are happy about all the snow. several resorts including boreal mountain opened for the season. the sierra received a foot of new snow today and another tomorrow. wasn't all fun and games though, there was storm cleanup that needed to be done in the north bay. downed tree branches were cut from power lines and trees fell over. a lot of tough conditions along the coast with a high surf advisory until 3:00 tomorrow for
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the coastline. the seas will reach 13 to 15 feet. do stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the weekend rain. download our free app and get our personalized forecast for your neighborhood. president-elect donald trump continues to work on filling positions in his administration. he is meeting with candidates at his golf course in new jersey. the leader of the naacp talked about the potential picks. >> reporter: we certainly heard concern tonight but not surprised with the direction that president-elect donald trump is moving. at the san francisco naacp freedom fund gala, many who made
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contributions to the community were honored. >> this evening mirrors what america ought to be about. >> reporter: he spoke about president-elect trump. >> he doesn't know the history of the nation. >> reporter: he sees the pick of jeff sessions as attorney general as an affront to the civil rights movement. alice huffman says there is a long road ahead. >> i think his appointments are reflecting what he promised and it will mean bad times for people like us in the civil rights movement. >> reporter: trump met with a half dozen people today among them former massachusetts governor mitt romney. he has been mentioned as a pick for secretary of state. >> was it a productive meeting? >> appreciated the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration.
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>> reporter: more meetings are scheduled for sunday. chris christie and rudy giuliani are expected to meet with trump. but in san francisco there is a pledge to keep pushing back. >> we're not through. we're going to call him out and stay the course. >> reporter: huffman says they are watching developments closely and have heard her peers in california wanting clarification on where they do go from here. christie smith, nbc bay area news. mr. trump's golf course today and michelle reed along with kevin johnson, reed is on the short list for the secretary of education. they discussed the possibility of merit pay for teachers who go above and beyond in the classroom. protests continue around the country and the bay area. in san francisco a few hundred
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people protested in the financial district. despite a traffic snafu, police say the protests were peaceful. a deadly plane crash in half-moon bay. the woman killed is from sacramento. she died yesterday after the plane that they were in crashed into a home. the pilot was her husband. he was also injured. a friend of the family said that the couple decided to fly to half-moon bay to enjoy the weather. the cause of the crash is being investigated. a series of thefts at an apple store has police stepping up patrols. it has been robbed three times in recent weeks. the thieves wear hoodies, grab as much as they can and run out. >> we are working with apple and the business district.
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>> kind of shocking. this is a nice area. i come here all the time and never heard anything like that and never been frightened to shop down here here. >> reporter: because of the holidays the police are increasing patrols on other areas. already shoppers in the south bay are fashioning unbelievable gridlock at a popular mall. this is not your normal traffic jam. some customers tonight at the westfield valley fair mall clained they were in traffic three hours trying to get out of the parking garage. marianne favro is joining us now. this sounds like a nightmare. >> reporter: the nightmare is over now because the mall is closed. but this is a new parking structure you see behind me and people were stuck in it for three hours and more and some got so frustrated they decided to leave the cars inside the lot
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and take uber home. when glen woodson came to the mall today this is what he found, gridlock in the newly redesigned parking structure and this was his view for the next hour 1/2 until he parked. >> and now the traffic backs up so far it backs up into the parking garages themselves and people can't move around and it caused gridlock. >> reporter: but for most people the frustrations came when they tried to leave the mall and found themselves stuck in traffic in the parking garage. some said they waited for more than three hours to get out. glen said he met a family who finally gave up. >> they were stuck in traffic for two and a half hours and they abandoned their car and went to uber and took uber home. >> we talked to employees who said mall management who instructed them to park on the upper levels of the parking
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structure which may have added to the gridlock. now some are reconsidering returning to the mall this holiday season. >> after today's disaster, i don't thunk i want to waste my time that i have with my family sitting in a parking garage. >> the new structure has nearly 1900 spaces. we reached out to mall management but they did not respond. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. an overnight homeless shelter is opening in walnut creek tonight. it is in an armory next to homes and a park which has community members nervous. the leaders say those staying the night will be locked in and supervised and everyone using the shelter is vetted first. the city is paying $100,000 to make the shelter possible. other funds were donated. we're expecting some showers
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in the forecast tomorrow at the 49ers game as they take on the patriots. but when will the heaviest rain arrive and more on the sierra snow in the forecast. an incident involving the family of a slain northern california soldier. why they were booed as they walked off a flight. you can call it a facebook fake news crackdown. the changes the social media site is making after critics say those stories may have impacted the election. afghanistan is speaking out
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tonight, after his family was the father of a california soldier recently killed in afghanistan is speak out tonight after his family was booed on a flight. the stockton family was traveling to receive the soldier's remains on monday. a delay made the connecting flight tight so the crew asked the passengers to stay seated so the family could exit. several in first class booed as they exited. president-elect trump demanding the cast of "hamilton" apologize for addressing mike pence directly during the curtain call. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our children, parents and uphold
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our rights, sir. i hope this show inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> donald trump took to twitter to call it harassment. he appreciated that pence stopped to listen. a crackdown against fake news on facebook. mark zuckerberg announcing a fix after critics say the stories may have impacted the election. >> reporter: in wake of the election facebook's fake news problem has drawn national attentions. isis oil king paid off hillary clinton. pope francis endorses trump. >> we have a fundamental choice in how we choose to address this inequalitity. >> reporter: zuckerberg
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installing blockers, creating warning labels on any questionable story and reorganizing its advertising policy attached to fake news. >> typically they would be run on the web and links on facebook and twitter. >> a host of writers are the masterminds. >> admitted he created all these fake stories for money because he sold advertising around them. >> reporter: and even though the info is false, writers are not breaking the law. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> facebook is not the only one fighting fake news stories, google will be banning websites from its online ad stories. take a look at this, it looks like one of those foam parties. this is a giant foam blob that
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took over parts of the airport. the cleanup at the airport continued. take a look at what the mess looked like this morning. now the residue is on the streets and in the trees and on the cars. now this accidental spill happened after a fire suppression system malfunctioned inside the airplane hangar. take a look at this photo here, one of the cars covered in the mess. we asked for your help to feed struggling families and you responded. nbc bay area kicked off our annual food drive today to benefit seven local food banks. for some the need for a helping hand at the holidays hits close to home. >> i lost my job before and know what it is like to be there. i want it so it's not so hard on
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other people to get food. >> about an hour ago, the tally was 19,000 bags of food so far. go to safeway, grab a yellow flier, a bag is $10 and will feed an entire family. >> rob mayeda here talking rain and snow. >> a great turnout even though it was raining. now the cooler air aloft making for an unsettled finish to the weekend. in san jose, light showers. in san francisco at the cloud level there. low clouds over downtown. later on tonight, the rainfall impressive. 2 to 3 inches in sonoma and marin county.
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3/4 inch. on the peninsula, 1/2 inch in some spots. around the tri-valley, another spot that has not seen a lot of rain, less than .10 inch. and almost nothing as the air is forced to rise over the santa cruz mountains. and as the rare descends and drops down, the lifting stops and the air dries out and you don't get a lot of rain in san jose. just light sprinkles. the heavier rain is on the ocean facing side of the mountains. cooler air aloft. we're going to see more scattered showers but some of those could get intense around midday. that will be the chance of thunderstorms. the freezing level dropping close to 5,000 feet. there is a chance we could see small hail. by sundown tomorrow evening the
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atmosphere stabilizes. and by monday morning, most of the showers will have moved on and the rain totals will be light around the south bay except for locations that could see a thundershower locationly. in the sierra, perhaps a foot or more of snow. highs around san jose in the mid-60s. overall the temperatures weather wise, 60 to 65 around the bay area. low 60s in the peninsula to san francisco. and the north bay, highs in the low 60s. the seven-day forecast shows this system beginning to shut down on monday. tuesday looks dry, wednesday the next big event rain wise. thanksgiving day looks relatively dry. let's give you a time line. the dry pattern taking shape for tuesday. wednesday, the rain makes a comeback. what could be tough driving weather for the first half of
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the day. dryer wednesday night and thanksgiving day. maybe tough travel wednesday morning. but wednesday night and thanksgiving day at this point looks dryer around midweek. >> thanks a lot. what is on board this rocket could change what we know about weather pattern. sports is next. the warriors are going for a seventh straight win. after all ♪
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in milwaukee... the warriors returned to the city where they had their 24 game winning streak snapped last there's always something brewing in milwaukee. the warriors return to the city where they had their 24-game winning streak snapped last season. but this time they brought kevin durant. to the highlights. warriors-bucks. k.d. was ready to roll. durant with back to back three pointers to give golden state
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the lead. durant with 33. final seconds of the game. draymond green knocked away the inbounds pass. warriors hold on to win 124-121. to college football. cardinal have won six consecutive big games. cal hoping to change that. mcjafry takes the handoff and is gone. gives stanford the 10-point lead. mccaffrey cuts up the middle later for another touchdown. he had 284 yards on the day and three touchdowns. stanford wins 45-31 to take home the axe. two undefeated fighters face-off in sin city. they traded punches for three belts and ward was knocked down
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in the second round but he got back up and won in a unanimous decision. 114-113 on all three score cards. and the sharks fell to the coyotes 3-2 in overtime. that's it for sports. more news after the break. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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hey, abby. just hours ago -- nasa launched an unmann r the world's most advanced weather tracking satellite is now in space. here it goes just an hour ago. nasa launched an unmanned rocket with a satellite that will provide images of developing storms. and scientists and engineers in palo alto helped discover the technology. >> pretty cool. >> very cool.
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that's me. >> we want to thank everyone at the food drive today. >> that is my buddy marcus. >> see you tomorrow. >> have a great night.
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mr. trump? [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump, are you ready for your first meeting? >> kelly ann, what are people saying about my cabinet appointments? do theye


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