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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 20, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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mexico city, opened in 1966, and since then been the official home stadium of the national football team but tomorrow night they will host american football. the raiders and texans, and it will be the first "monday night football" game played outside of the united states, as we welcome you in to xfinity sports sunday. dave feldman and my pro bowl fullback, you all know him. get to the raiders in a bit and another kind of soggy weekend for the san francisco 49ers, but let's start low with a happy topic, a tribute to former owner for the 49ers. eddie debartolo. a steady rain made it a dreary day in santa clara and did not dampen the halftime ceremony for eddie who received his hall of name risk excellence. you know, in 14 years, the youngstown native has won five super bowls and was inducted into the pro football hall of fame and helped that he hired and drafted arguably the best coach and quarterback of all
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time. that would be walls, and montana as we welcome in lowe. i talked to dennis brown and said everything that eddie did was first class, whether it was hotels and flights, and he supply been ahead of his time in doing that. did that help with the wining? >> no question. i was like growing up, and i said i got drafted by the saints and i cried because i wanted to play for the san francisco 49ers as well. great cornerback, he talked about he was almost going to be a 49er and all of a sudden he traded him to the raiders and instead he cried because his woof understood who eddie d. would do. he would guy the wives mink coats when they came in to join the niners organization. >> how did they know their size, do their homework? >> amazing. >> it also helped, let's be honest, he hired walls. walls, had been san jose state and stanford and they didn't know that and he drafted joe montana out of notre dame and no one knew joe would be that good. >> good people in the front
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office, they hired guys that are smarter than them. take a look at what's going on in green bay. can have a great quarterback but you need talent around them. steve walls, made this team such a good team. >> his nephew jed york is committed to winning. knows there's tough times. what do the 49ers have to do, in your opinion, to get it back? >> they have now lost nine straight which ties a franchise record for futility. >> everyone understands that this place has been a dine sty and what eddie d. was able to do, go out and bring in a great quality player and leadership and that's what has to happen with his nephew. he's got to go out and got to make tough decisions, and he may be looking and say i no longer want your services. it may be saying i've got to reboot the coaching and everything. if this organization and this team needs an overhaul. >> well, it didn't help that the patriots came to town today,
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because the patriots are pretty good. it was a homecoming for tom brady in a rainy day in san francisco bay area, and we know that tom brady is a very good quarterback. he went to serra high and, of course, it wasn't the only homecoming for him. also julian edelman. look at tom brady. he was at the catch. he was 4 years old. weather and issue. first quarter no, score. a little bay area action from new england, but here in the bay area and brady hits julian edelman in the end zone. this was a great play. >> no question. >> look at the route running and look at brady. look how he had to fill that right on the road and get both feet n.nice play. >> start of the second quarter "boston herald"y finds james white to run it in for a touchdown. >> looks to easy. >> look at the patience of brady. offensive lineman out in front and a three-foot race to the end zone. >> so robert kraft. >> he likes it. >> he was wearing a super bowl ring as a cufflink, too.
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things didn't fare much bert on the offensive side. colin kaepernick, who threw a career high four touchdowns in 2012 against new england matched that number in the first half, but this time in the number of times he was sacked. kap sacked five times in the game. he was just beat up the whole time. they couldn't protect him. >> no, they really couldn't. you saw colin kaepernick continue to struggle in the pocket because of too much pressure. >> here was a bright spot finding vance mcdonald. lorenzo, this was a great low. >> it was. >> when you give colin time, he's shown he's climbing the pocket and doing a good game. this was a close competitive game until the fourth. >> brady finds danny amendola and how about the escapability? >> tell me. is this big ben, russell wilson we incarnated. that's a friggin' awesome play by tom brady, able to extend the play to throw the touchdown. >> later in the fourth, brady
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scrambles and makes a great pass to malcolm mitchell who will do the rest, 56 yards for the touchdown. brady four touchdown basses for his homecoming and the patriots go on to win 30-17, which brings us to our dodge player of the day brought to you by dodge challenger. this car made for driving in california and visit to learn more. tom brady grew up a 49ers fan, and he torched them on sunday, 280 yards, four touchdowns through the air. after the game brady on his big day back at home in the bay area. >> i got a lot of people out there waiting for me so it's a -- it was very cool. i mean, it doesn't get any better than that, so to have, you know, the first chance ever to do that was very special so i felt it in pregame warmup and carried it right to the last play of the game so it was pretty great and they have a great organization, always have, and, you know, inspired a lot of kids here in the bay area, you know, my time growing up, and i
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was one of them, so to see tom rathman before the game, i idolized and dwrigt clark and joe montana and steve young at halftime, a pretty great day for me. >> with the win brady tied brett favre for most regular season wins with of all time, 199, one behind the awl-time leader peyton manning and safe to say brady will earn this record in as little as two weeks. there are people bigger than tom brady and people stronger and faster. why is he the best? >> want to, desire. when you have a guy like tom brady that defies the odds, they say every year when is this guy going to fall off? he works out, trains and eats well and he continues to chase greatness. >> he is great and continues to be great. we're heading to mexico when we come back where the raiders will play their biggest game in years under the bright lights of mexico city and "monday night football." plus -- >> i'm terry mcsweeney in the
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nbc bay area studios. coming up immediately after the xfinity sports sunday, another day of strong rain around the bay area and more is in store this week. >> that's right. it's the weekend rain winding down. we're tracking three storms on the way over the next seven days. how it could impact thanksgiving travel plans. also ahead, another busy day for donald trump as he continues interviews to fill out his administration and kanye west angers california fans once again. what he did late tonight before his concert in los angeles that has fans outraged. that's next on nbc bay area news. am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas six miles on a lonely highway? or is this a metaphor for how i'm constantly pushing myself to make a tastier sandwich? like my new pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken. but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car.
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welcome back to "xfinity sports extra." jameis winston hits rocky alex cross for his first career touchdown and he's excited.
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bucs snap kansas city's five-game winning streak and they win 19-17 and check out the afc playoff picture. the raiders currently the second best team and half game up on the chiefs and broncos with. a win tomorrow against the texans they will be sitting very, very pretty. our raiders insider scott fare is with the team in mexico and has a breakdown of the high altitude in mexico city. >> these guys are going to notice a difference because this air is so thin, but they are doing things during the week to try to combat it, things like oxygen, deprivation, masks, things like that, trying to cope with it, but i think the quarterback derek carr said it best when he said it's more like a state of mind. if you allow it to be an excuse, if you allow it to be a factor it will beat you. these guys won't let that happen. >> got a little shortage of breath there. has not adjusted to the altitude. the last three games the raiders are averaging 31 points per game and giving up 20, plus they are tallying 150 more total yards per game than their opponent.
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the raiders are rolling are. the simple question is how good are they? do we know yet or are they still getting better? >> i think they will continue to get better when you look at how the defense is continuing to pick up. playing better in the secondary and against the run. this team has so much potential, feldle feldy. talking is over and got to go out there right now and in a great position to put some distance between you and other teams. >> already in first place in the afc west. they can distance themselves. they are a road team -- a home team, counts as a home game even though they are playing in mexico city. what are the challenges as a player of going to a foreign country and playing at altitude, all of that? what challenges are those? >> the challenge is there but jack did a great job of keeping his guys together. they left one, you know, not giving those guys on friday or saturday and he said, look, i want to go in, it's a business trip and we're going to get out of there. get it for 24 hours and let's
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get out and win the game. execute the game plan and don't try to do too much. stay within yourself and this team is good enough to win. >> there's no question the culture has changed. you covered this team when they struggled. >> talent-wise do they have enough to make a deep run in the playoffs? >> the biggest thing for me, looking offensively, right before the bye when they took care of, you know, the denver broncos. this is a team that you said can they go out here and play, carr took a huge step. didn't throw for 500 yards like he did against tampa bay and he managed the game and said i'm going to take what they give me. those are signs of improvement to say this young man now has the ability to go out in certain situations and still not make it about him, so i think they do have the talent to go deep in the playoffs, especially if they can continue to develop on defense. >> we'll have to see how that plays out. when we come back, we'll take a look at some of the whackiest plays of the weekend from around the nfl. that and more as we continue.
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it is xfinity sports sunday. there were whoky things that went on in the nfl. did you get to check some of them out? >> these are good. plenty to talk about on the radio show. during the pregame on the vikings and cardinals game, audio technician, oh, my goodness. down goes frazier. >> the wrong place, the wrong time. he was okay. look, he kept doing -- he might need some new glasses, but he just -- and he's laughing about it. >> his nose is bleeding a little bit. >> he did not have a good field awareness. he got run off in the tunnel. >> remember when the extra point was automatic.
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those days are over. 12 missed extra points across the country which breaks the old record of ten set back in 1985. you should have become a kicker. you should still be kicker. >> why not, both of us. we can miss. look at this. 10 and 12 this time. that's unbelievable. unbelievable. >> phil dawson is thinking i can do this until i'm like 50 years old. detroit's andre roberts who mud a punt early in the game returns this one 55 yards to the house so the lions beat jacksonville 26-19, not to be outdone, minnesota's cordarrelle patterson 104 yards. vikings beat the cardinals 30-24. that was fast. daniel kilgore, that's bad when you snap it. it was wet and rainy. >> didn't even get to his back foot. >> that's bad. >> hit him on the front foot. this is crazy. >> that's -- that's not good. >> no. >> we're going to keep showing
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it. that poor guy is please stop, for the love of christmas, do not shop this video any more. trade toe geledment. after the catch, edelman, he's from woodside, and he's so fired up, like first down and he's like pam, whoa, almost hit the ref. the ref is like -- like andre ward trying to throw a right hook. >> whoa, buddy. slow your roll. >> that is good stuff. >> that is good stuff. >> it is a fun, fun league sometimes. >> it is. >> all right. what is the key for the raiders? good about 15, 20 seconds monday night against houston? >> it's simple. on offense and defense rather. make brock osweiler beat you. do not let the running backs get going. that's what they have to do. offense, stay balance the. watch lo on monday and nbc news is coming up next.
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the fight to keep the raiders in oakland -- heads south of the border. right now at 9:00, the fight to keep the raiders in oakland and heads south of the border. the plan by fans during tomorrow's game in mexico city. >> also ahead, president-elect donald trump wraps up a busy weekend of meetings as he tries to fill out his administration. what he plans to do next. >> plus, a soggy start to your
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sunday. downpours in much of the bay area today. it does have people wondering could the rain affect their holiday plans? we do begin tonight with breaking news. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. thanks for joining us on this special primetime edition of "nbc bay area news." we're following breaking news right now. a terribly tragic turn of events at a celebration tonight. >> that's right. within the past 30 minutes we've learned that a boy is dead after another child got into a car and accidentally backed up over that little boy. nbc bay area's marianne favro just arrived on scene. a tragic story. what is the latest here? >> reporter: well, i just spoke with police and they tell me around 4:45 friends and family were celebrating a birthday here at the senior center in bencia and that's when a boy got into his family car to charge the cell phone. police don't know if the car was
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running or not, but somehow the boy backed up over two children. one of them was a 4-year-old boy who was killed. he also hit a 13-year-old boy who suffered minor injuries, and the 12-year-old boy who was charging his phone also suffered minor injuries. now, i asked police if that 12-year-old would face any particular charges. they said right now they are still investigating, but at this point they believe that this was just a tragic accident. the police department is just a block away from the seniors center. actually it's right across the street and officers rushed over and tried to give the boy cpr but he did not survive. very tragic story here. reporting live in bencia, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay. we'll be updating this breaking story throughout the night and across our digital platform and check out our twitter feed or sign up for breaking news alerts on nbc bay
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>> and now to our other top story on this sunday. a weekend storm just starting to taper off now. >> and perhaps the best scene to illustrate this storm, levi stadium with the downpour during the 49ers game this afternoon. it -- it ended towards the end of the game, but it was there for most of it. >> you see it got really crowded during the upper seats, undercover. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking that. >> 2 to 3 inches plus towards kentfield and san francisco about an inch of rain and a lot of that coming down today and notice san jose just a half of inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains and 3 inches of rain over the last couple of days. still seeing scattered showers off to the south of san jose and around morgan hill and some light rain showers and more sierra snow, especially above 6,000 feet as the focus of the weekend storm now shifts into southern california, but ahead we have three more storms we're
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watching moving across pacific. the next main event comes in tuesday evening which may impact that big getaway wednesday in terms of travel here and in the sierra. that time line and two more to follow coming up in two minutes. >> slow going for drivers in the sierra today. traffic crawling along interstate 80 but on the slopes things were moving just fine. a look at the mountain resort where 16 inches of new powder made skiers and snowboarders very happy. >> awesome. here on friday and the conditions were 1,000 times better than they were on friday. can't even compare. all the snow is just wonderful. >> and lots more snow on the way. a lot of people heading to tahoe for this thanksgiving week. we'll have more from rob on that in just a little bit. for complete weather coverage download our nbc bay area app, a great resource for tracking conditions in your neighborhood and it is free to download. >> in vallejo new video into the newsroom of dramatic car crash
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that damaged two homes. take a look at the scene here on stage line drive near redwood parkway. this all went down this afternoon when the driver of a van lost control and hit one home and crashed right into the other house next door. police say it appears that the driver's foot got stuck on the gas pedal. he suffered minor injuries in the crash and no one else was injured. >> another day of meetings for the president-elect. donald trump continued to interview for openings in his administration. a busy weekend as president-elect donald trump continues interviews to build his administration. >> great people coming, you'll see. >> reporter: trump and vice president-elect mike pence met with some familiar faces at the billionaire's new jersey golf club including former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie. some picks have already sparked controversy light lieutenant mike flynn who has called islam a malignant cancer and trump's
9:27 pm
chief of staff assures a solid people. >> what donald trump is doing is bringing the best and brightest together to make the best decision for all americans. >> reporter: trump's relationship with democrats could be rocky. >> we're not going to repeal or help him repeal obamacare. >> reporter: the president-elect took to twitter sundaying blasting the cast of broadway's "hamilton" for comments made to mike pence in the audience friday night. >> we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new and new administration won't protect us. >> but pence said he wasn't offended. >> when we arrived we heard a few boos and a few cheers and nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounded like. >> reporter: trump's interviews continue monday and tuesday at his new york city home. with the latest in politics, it's taking a toll on some people's holiday plans. coming up in our 11:00 newscast, how the election of donald trump is creating tensions around the family thanksgiving dinner table. coming up next, kanye west fans outraged yet again.
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what he did at a new concert last night that has so many fans wanting their money back. >> and just in time for the holidays, an important safety alert for shoppers. a popular kid's toy that may have caused a truck to catch fire. >> a very interesting view. san francisco, the fog lit up by some of the city lights there as we still track a few more scattered showers following into your monday morning commute. what you can expect in the week ahead when we come right back.
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