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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> reporter: the scene is still active here. we'll show you why three different agencies are involved and why that chase went to more than 100 miles an hour. >> a bay area church turned into a crime scene. a father is behind bars accused of killing his daughter. a live look at st. john's the baptist church in healdsburg. disturbing details we're learning about this case this morning. >> reporter: a warning for b.a.r.t. passengers after a woman is brutally attacked leaving a station here in the east bay. "today in the bay" starts now. >> a very good morning to you. welcome to tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a beautiful picture of the transamerica building right behind us. it looks like some clouds are starting to come in and will clear later today. >> will clear for a little while. our next storm system will be approaching. we'll have a lot of changes
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within the next 24 hours. this morning it's all dry. also very chilly, especially in the north bay. in the valleys we have temperatures dipping into the upper 30s to low 40s. it is 46 now in palo alto. today's forecast brings it up to 64 in the south bay, tri-valley 61 degrees as well as 61 in the north bay with rain late tonight. i'll detail that coming up. but mike is tracking fog in the north bay. >> we've been talking about this all morning. as fog will do, it roams around the area. the traffic flow around the bay looking light, minor slowing for 101. these are the typical spots for tuesday. this shows up on our maps. this is the road weather index. the onk highlighting says there may be fog. we'll give you the live look out there. with very a camera at north san pedro road. a little glow to the lights. not a big deal.
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we'll track it for changes, back to you. something we've been tracking all morning, breaking news out of the south bay where one person is dead after a wild chase that started in san francisco and moved down the peninsula ending in sunnyvale. >> it happened so quickly. "today in the bay's" chris sanchez has been liveali at the scene. we noel camino real is currently closed down, so it could affect people right now. >> it is still active and live scene. you see the crash is still here five hours after the high-speed chase ended with the violent crash. the suspect car where it landed upside down after smashing into several parked cars. this is where the 19-year-old driver was arrested and his 18-year-old passenger died after he was eject dollar. both were wanted by san francisco police on suspicion of armed robbery around 12:30. when the suspects took off, sfpd
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put out a call to others with help. the driver took off with officers in pursued with speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. the driver crashed in sunnyvale with such force. the chp is investigating the crash here in sunnyvale. sfpd is investigating the armed robbery in san francisco and sunnyvale, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. 6:03 right now. happening today a bay area father accused of killing his 4-year-old daughter inside a place of worship is due in court. police say 42-year-old gerardo mendoza ordaz drown the little girl in the baptismal font while his 9-year-old son was watching. no one else was there.
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police say ordaz ran a block away to the healdsburg police department shortly thereafter. they say he was naked and carrying the child in his arms screaming for help. authorities tried to save the little girl but she died at the hospital. ordaz is now facing homicide charges. more grief as the driver of a school bus that crashed in chattanooga, tennessee, killing five children has been arrested. 24-year-old johnthony walker is charged in the crash. you can see the school bus essentially split in two by that tree. police say he was driving elementary schoolchildren yesterday when the bus flipped on it side, became mangled in the tree. police believe walker was driving too fast. 20 children are recovering from injuries, some of them critical injuries. 6:04. the search is on for an armed robber who followed a woman from a san leandro b.a.r.t. station
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and brutally beat and robbed her. >> bob redell is live at the station with a safety warning for riders. she was followed for a couple of blocks. >> reporter: that's according to police or law enforcement. good morning, sam and laura. yes, this woman, 48 years old, was leaving a b.a.r.t. station here in san leandro. this is friday night around 8:15. it was dark out. according to the alameda county sheriff's office, the man who ended up attacking her followed her for several blocks. it wasn't until they got to the intersection of 159th and mauber not far from 580 when the man attacked her, used a blunt object to hit her a number of times in the head causing severe facial injuries. he stole her cell phone and took off. she is expected to survive. the man is described as african-american, thin, 5'8", wearing a blue jacket and jeans. i bring this up because if this man does sound familiar to you, law enforcement would like to hear from you.
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live in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:05. police investigating another incident of racist graffiti. this is the sixth time since mid october that racist and homophobic graffiti has been found at the san ramon unified school district. the principal sent a letter to parents yesterday telling them what had happened. in total monta vista has been hit twice with racist graffiti. cal high school in san ramon targeted four times. did you watch it? conflicting times for the raiders. they've had their best season in 14 years. the first ever monday night football game in mexico. it was technically a home game even though it was more than 2,000 miles away. fans say they were fine with the team playing in another city, but for one game only. despite talks of a move to las vegas, many we spoke to say they're thrilled the team is now
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8-2. >> the best we've had in the past 13 seasons. >> the raiders now have sole possession of first place in their division. >> can't say the fan base is not excited right now. here is what a lot of people are talking about. late in the first half, quarterback brock osweiler went to throw the ball. you'll see the green laser cross over his face several times. it happened a few times during the game. the green dot was clearly visible on the slow mo replays. fans in mexico commonly use laser pointers during soccer matches. good tuesday morning. the time is 6:07. a live look outside from emeryville with mostly clear skies. visibility is good now. temperatures are chilly. 49 in oakland, 43 in concord, 41
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in morgan hill. as we go into the day, it will warm into the low 60s, up to 68 in napa as well as morgan hill and palo alto. santa cruz 62. if you're heading toward the coast, upper 50s in half moon bay and our rain starts to move right back in late tonight. i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes. mike has an update on a problem now for the eastshore freeway. >> that's right. most of the bay showing a light easy drive. slowing northbound 101 at 680. hayward shows a slight build there. the bigger slowdown is here over the last few minutes, westbound 80 slows down from herk keys and highway 4 and approaching appian way. folks are getting by on either side. chp has yet to get out of there, same for the tow truck. despite that slowing through that section south of the carquinez bridge, we don't have much else going on in that portion of the bay.
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the fog may be a bigger issue. i'll show you the drive time which has built up a few minutes because of the slowing through richmond and hercules. 28 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. back to you. up next, a popular south bay mall responding after people get stuck in the parking lot for hours over the weekend looking for one spot. >> that never happens, right? the changes the mall is trying to make to avoid future problems. a short list of silicon valley execs is really short when it comes to, woulding in washington. we'll take a look at business and tech. let's take a live look outside right now, san jose, the mountains there in the distance, the sun viez coming. good news to report out of downtown san jose. sacred heart community service right now has been able to wital down turkeys they need. a good positive update to report
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there. much more on that story and more of your news today right after the break.
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good tuesday morning. the time is 6:12. as you head out, it is chilly this morning.
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we're getting ready for rain late tonight. that may impact your wednesday travel plans. the rain will be moving out as we go through the day. snowshowers in the sierra. on thanksgiving day at the coast and the bay, patchy fog and chilly temperatures to start. overall, a mild day and a nice holiday on the way. we'll take a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> showing you time across the bay bridge. that's going to be a slower drive. that's 20 minutes out of the maze. that's not bad. really reflects the lighter traffic flow. the tri-valley commute, 27 minutes from grant line road over to the dublin interchange. here is a possible resolution to some of the parking woes at the popular south bay wall. west field valley mall says they'll work at with the city after drivers were waiting for spots for hours. it was tough to even get out of the mall. now making it a priority to change the timing of the traffic
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lights before the black friday rush. we're going to be out there on friday morning on "today in the bay" to try to keep an eye on things and see how they're moving. that is if we can move into a spot. 6:14 right now, a san jose police chief who has served more than 25 years will leave sunnyvale's public safety. he's currently the deputy of field operations with san jose. he'll be responsible for 300 personnel in the sunnyvale department of public safety. the sunnyvale city manager says he's known for collaborating. he still needs to pass a background check before he can fully take over that position. a couple events going on in san francisco. san francisco holding its 19th annual interfaith thanksgiving prayer breakfast. religious leaders joined by san francisco leaders and that includes house minority leader nancy pelosi and mayor ed lee.
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also happening, volunteers in the city collecting donations for st. anthony's annual curbside drive. st. anthony's is looking for turkeys, slightly worn clothes and cash to give to people in need. donations continue through thanksgiving day. you can donate at any time between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. paypal founder and trump ally peter teal has a list and he's checking it twice. >> teal is looking for silicon valley execs willing to work in washington. >> that's right. he apparently keeps that list on an ipad, a short list. one news agency says he calls it his plumb list, a list of people in the bay area who would be helpful to the trump administration. teal here appearing at the republican national convention. "the washington post" says teal has offered a job to his paypal
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co-founder max levchin but levchin has turned it down. the post says teal is not getting much response on his offers in general. bringing up max levchin and peter teal in the same sentence made me think of a piece of video of those guys making the two trance action between two palm pilots. at the time it was called confinity. i have no news here, it's just one of those pieces of video. you've got tv cameras at the birth of a multibillion dollar company serving waffles. it was like being there when sergei and larry said we ought to build a search engine. they go on to found youtube, spacex, solar city, linkedin and yelp. speaking of the late '90s, take a look at these numbers. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p all
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hit new highs on monday, something that hasn't happened since august. we have not seen all four indices hit records simultaneously since 1999. >> going to party like it's 1999 then. >> absolutely. as sam pointed out later, then there was a post party in 2000. >> are we supposed to feel good about this? i like the positive energy going on right now. >> when you're making money, it makes people happy. groups performing the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade will be out practicing again today. broadway stars, celebrities started rehearsing those numbers for yesterday's big show which is coming up on thursday. they'll get to practice again today as well. the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade will be broadcast right here on nbc on thursday. hope you join us. >> homeland security and u.s.
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customs and border protection officials are highlighting an event of counterfeit goods. experts are explain how consumers can protect themselves and what they should look for in knock-off brands which are going to be on display. also happening today, the consumer product safety commission holding its annual cooking safety demonstration, you don't want that to happen. >> the cpsc will hold the event at the market product testing and evaluation center. there will be fire dome mows using turkey fryers, stop tops and ovens. there's an average of 1300 kach en fires on thanksgiving day each year. look out for mom or dad or whoever is cooking in the kitchen. >> i looic the turkey, you do it outside away from the house. >> the fryers, yeah. >> make sure the turkey is not frozen at all and dry it off very well. >> starting with a defrosted
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bird is key no matter how you cook it. >> if you haven't already, take the turkey out of the freezer, let it start to thaw out. i love cooking and my mom is going to be doing most of that. maybe you're up early this morning, starting to get the turkey ready for the big holiday. here is a live look outside in oakland, celebrating a big win. we are going to also be winning in the weather department today in oakland, up to 60 degrees as we will have chilly temperatures to start. we will be warming up into the low 60s, there and elsewhere. and the clouds will start to move in. we will have a brief time of mostly sunny skies, at least to start the day. we're seeing the sunshine in the south bay. a live look at san jose. 45 degrees. 40 degrees in snap pa and santa rosa 37 degrees. highs today reaching into the low to mid 60s in the south bay. this the east bay, lower 60s, a
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breezy wind. once again, the clouds starting to increase later this evening. san mateo 62 degrees, daly city 63, san francisco up to 60. snap pa today 63. we'll be watching the north bay once again. that's where the rain will begin and move into our bay area first. we'll see the showers moving in to napa, sonoma, into marin county. by 9:00 to night we'll see the rain moving into the east bay and the south bay and down the peninsula by 11:30 tonight. we will see this mostly quick one-and-done as far as heavy rain. still lingering light showers into early tomorrow morning that may impact getting out on the roadways. it may still be wet. not a heavy rain as it quickly moves through. the microclimate forecast shows it will be in the low 60s in san francisco. the inland areas reaching into the mid 60s today, but cool the
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next self days and rain again this weekend. heading over to mike now, he's tracking quite a few problems already on the roads this morning. >> given the lighter volume of traffic, we have been able to call out all the problems. clearing almost as quickly as they happened. the one that hasn't cleared is the upper eastshore freeway. looking at the maps, speed sensors are nice. getting to the bay bridge from the carquinez bridge, we have this problem. looks like the disabled vehicle still causing slowing. it was reported in the middle of the roadway, but off to the shoulder. moving better toward the bay bridge and the berkeley curve. this closure continues from wolf over toward poplar. this is eastbound camino real. that will be an issue. kris sanchez continues to follow the crash. steps a transit agency is
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taking to try to help you around. "nbc bay area responds" this morning. >> someone else's tolls end up on his fastrak account. "nbc bay area responds" next. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. ==sam/cu== amtrak gets ready for the holiday rush... ==vo== starting this morning - amtrak will add more seats to its capitol corridor service - as well as other lines across the country - to accomodate more passengers. during the thanksgiving holiday
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last year - amtrak carried nearly 800-thousand riders, that was the most ever. during the thanksgiving holiday last year amtrak carried nearly 800,000 riders. that mark was the highest ever. >> there is still time to donate with thanksgiving just days away. bay area shelters need more turkeys to feed as many people as possible. sacred heart community service scrambling this year. they need about 600 turkeys. come on bay area, we can do it. if you're interested in helping out, logon to our website to find out high. we'll try to tweet something right now. >> "nbc bay area responds" to a san rafael man billed for someone else's car crossing the golden gate bridge. >> consumer rative reporter chris chmura helped him out. >> this call came from john saffron who sold his car three years ago. he kept his fastrak transponder and put it in his new car. he noticed his bills were way
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too high. that's when john learned he was being build for his new car and his old car which continued crossing bay area bridges with someone else in the driver's seat. fastrak thought john still owned that car. ultimately he cleared it up and fastrak told him a refund was on the way but he never got the check. after trying for three years, john finally reached out to us and we helped him secure his $800 refund. tonight at 6:00, we'll explain what you need to do when you sell a car to steer clear of the sam problem. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us right now. the number is 1-888-996-tips or logon to once you're there, look for the yellow submit tips button. you can share your story toll us investigate your case. tomorrow, four frustrating airport scenarios an four easy solutions. have a great day. >> we like the latter half of that. >> 6:26 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," a bay area man accused of killing his daughter inside a
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church. he's due back in court later today. the new details we're learning about the man's background. it's all coming up in a live report. a former elementary school sports coach, accused of lewd acts with a child. more am ledged victims are coming forward. the lengthy prison sentence he's fashion. a high-speed chase that started in san francisco ended in a deadly crash in sunnyvale. we'll show you san francisco police say this may not be the first crime of the night. san francisco...
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very good tuesday morning. good morning san francisco. taking a live look outside, city by the bay this morning, clear right now, a nice start. we're expecting another rain storm to start moving into the bay area this week. we'll check in with kari. she has the details for us. right now i want to say good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. definitely bringing holiday cheer this week. what kind of holiday weather is this? looking at rain ahead of thrg. >> rain tonight. i know a lot of people are trying to make the plans on when to get out on the road. it will be a little tricky starting tonight as this next weather system moves in. we're looking at it on the radar and satellite. some of the clouds moving in. we will see it moving into the north bay and the south bay later tonight and early in the morning.
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chilly start, only 36 degrees in santa rosa, morgan hill, 41 degrees, highs today reaching into the 60s. clear on the road. do you have any better news for the problem areas? >> we just had one in sunol, upper eastshore freeway. better news there. we'll talk about the north bay as well. what a treat. thanksgiving week, light volume of traffic, the south bay showing more pronounced slowing. rental through the northbound direction out of san jose. we have recovery for westbound 880 off the carquinez bridge. the disabled vehicle has cleared. the fog reported on our road weather index looks like it's clearing. watch for patches or two through the area. we have a little slowing, just over half an hour from highway 4 where we showed you the slowing and the disabled vehicle cleared. all the folks heading the the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. back to you. 6:31. we continue to follow breaking
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news out of the south bay this morning. a 40-mile-long chase from san francisco to sunnyvale ends in a deadly crash. this is new video from the scene just in to our newsroom this morning. >> that is where we find "today in the bay's" kris sanchez in sunnyvale. she's been talking to investigators all morning long getting updates. we understand in the last couple minutes you got the name of the driver? >> reporter: we got the name of the driver, but more importantly the charges he now faces. he was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter because his passenger died, driving under the influence and felony evading arrest. this happened about five hours ago. the car is still here because the investigation is on going. the suspect's car still upside down, where it landed after he smashed into several parked cars on el camino real. the driver is 19-year-old zain databay. his 18-year-old passenger, whose name has not been released, died
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as he was ejected as the car rolled several times. both were wanted by san francisco police for an armed robbery about 12:30 this morningment when the suspects took off, sfpd put out a call to other agencies for help. chp spotted the driver in san mateo, but the driver took off, sometimes with speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. the driver crashed z in sunnyvale. mike is following the traffic impact because the road is still closed. the chp is investigating the crash and the pursuit. san francisco police investigating that armed robbery. again, we now know that zain databay of san francisco is being charged with the death of his passenger, likely somebody who was his friend. in sunnyvale, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." another sad story. a father behind bars accused of killing his own daughter at a church in healdsburg.
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>> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us. we understand the father will appear? court later today. >> 42-year-old gerardo mendoza ordaz will be in court later this afternoon. authorities believe he intentionally drown his little daughter in the church you see behind me in heelgds burg. want to show you video from yesterday. investigators turning this church essentially into a crime scene. healdsburg police say this took police on sunday at st. john the baptist church in healdsburg. after ordaz abruptly heft his wife and two other kids at home. police say shortly after ordaz allegedly drown his 4-year-old daughter in a baptismal font, he ran one block to the nearby
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police department, and police say it was naked, carrying his daughter in his arms screaming for help. the girl died in the hospital. now a small community is shaken up by all this. >> see all the kids playing on the street and quite emotional. >> reporter: ordaz is arrested for homicide and is being held under no bail. in 1996 he pled guilty to felony burglary in healdsburg, serving time in prison. this community is shaken up. this marks the city's first homicide in several years. 6:35 now. reports of disturbing charges against a former peninsula youth coach, facing multiple felony counts of lewd acts with children. ortiz is a former sports coach in atherton who used his
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position to repeatedly take advantage of boys. the "mercury news" reports three more boys have come forward since that initial arrest. yesterday prosecutors successfully requested to increase his bail to $4 million. this morning we continue to follow developing news out of tenness tennessee. a harrowing scene out of the holidays where five children died in a deadly bus crash. no u the driver is facing charges this morning. sarah rosario joins us from the hospital where children were taken after the crash. we understand there are some kids still in critical condition right now. >> reporter: that's right. we're told there are still six kids fighting for their lives at this hospital. we're told six others are here, but not in critical condition, as you mentioned. their bus driver has been arrested, 24-year-old johnthony walker. he's facing several charges this morning. again, there are still many questions left unanswered. police do say that speed played a factor in this crash and now
6:37 am
the ntsb are investigating. they are rooifd in chattanooga early this morning, will be taking their time to look through this case and look through all the evidence to find out exactly what caused that driver to swerve off the road and to hit a tree. witnesses say they saw children climbing out of that school bus through the roof hatch of that bus. 24 children rushed here to the hospital. those who were able to survive have been treated and released. local officials are not releasing the names of the children because of their age. johnthony walker is facing five counts of vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. investigators have a warrant to remove the black box from the bus and will be looking at that over the coming hours. meantime here, families are being -- the community is wrapping their arms around the families trying to make sense of the impossible right now.
6:38 am
local blood bank is asking for volunteers to donate blood to help these children in desperate need. live in chattanooga, sam and laura, back to yu. >> thank you very much, sarah. it is 6:38 right now. breaking news this morning, we just learned president-elect donald trump will not pursue his campaign vow to lock up hillary clinton. we found a push alert on the story minutes ago. a short time ago, kellyanne conway told msnbc's "morning joe" says therump will work to help clinton heal. also new this morning, president-elect donald trump canceling a meeting scheduled with "the new york times." a short time ago he tweeted, although the paper is covering him inaccurately, he will be willing to reschedule the meeting. in the meantime trump is giving
6:39 am
americans a good idea of what is and is not on his immediate agenda when he takes office in january. looks like the president-elect's wall will have to wait. initially at least the focus will be on pulling america from the transpacific trade partnership and boosting jobs at home. >> i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it's about time. >> the president-elect is scheduled to travel to florida today. it appears his transition will be on hold until after thanksgiving. laura, you mentioned a second ago that building the wall, that promise made during trump's campaign, that's not coming to fruition yet. the protests aren't over. undocumented south bay college students plan on holding an anti trump rally. it takes place on a san jose campus at 4:30.
6:40 am
community organizations will gather in japantown to show solidarity for minorities targeted with hate crimes in the wake of the election. the event is called yuchb nigun compassion. there will be a wall of compassion where people can write supportive messages. the event starts at 6:00 tonight at the peace plaza at post and buchanan streets. the time is 6:40 we have mostly clear skies across the bay area. here is a live look outside in san francisco. great start to the day. it is cool. only 50 degrees there now. and into the day we'll see the highs reaching into the upper 50s to low 60s, mid 60s for the inland areas. concord up to 64. 64 also in san jose and morgan hill, a high of 63. late tonight rain starts to move in from north to south and may be heavy briefly as it continues to sweep on through.
6:41 am
i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes. heading over to mike, he has a look at light traffic for hayward. >> very light considering it's hayward. this is tuesday at 6:41. expect a big volume of traffic building. so far it's gentle through the south bay and over in hayward where we're watching for 880. we have the same pattern we often see, but it's building a little slower. this holiday week, fewer cars and folks heading for probably a shorter work day. watch afternoon and evening forgetaway traffic. 238 down towards the dumbarton bridge, a note here we have transit systems running on tiechlt 8:00 a.m. per fer ri out of vallejo is replaced by bus service. several people now under arrest in connection with the crime. it's where the operation was taking place that's raising some eyebrows this morning. another twist in the kanye west saga. the reason the rapper is in the hospital after he suddenly
6:42 am
called off his tour. you know the moment when you want everyone to look at something and they do and it goes away? look at the big board. dow almost 19,000. it was there a second ago. fine, we'll go to commercial. it's really, really close.
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the time now is 6:44.
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we are getting a live look outside at palo alto. all clear skies and things looking good, at least to start the day. rin moves in later tonight. as far as temperatures today, it is chilly to start, reaching into the low 60s this afternoon and clouds moving in by 3:00 this afternoon. i'll detail when that rain moves in coming up. we're also tracking the traffic moving across the bay bridge. it moves well, just 18 minutes. that inluds the backup getting to the toll plaza. that's a smooth flow of traffic there. the south bay you have mild slowing northbound 101 85 to 87, 22 minutes. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 6:45. breaking news out of philadelphia. a package exploded inside an apartment building early this morning sending one man to the hospital. the bomb squad at the scene said the package that exploded included an actual device
6:46 am
intended to hurt whoever opened it. the man thought the delivery was his inhaler. he's recovering from injuries to his hands and chest. a developing story out of japan where at least 14 people are hurt. you see the ground shaking there after the earthquake. so far no deaths are reported ploeg the strongest earthquake to hit the island since that devastating quake and sue nam ma five years ago. the 6.9 quake hit yesterday off the coast of fukushima. the nuclear power plant reported no damage thankfully. the quake did trigger small tsunamis, the highest just under five feet. the waves caused by the 9.0 magnitude quake in 2011 were 30 to 60 feet high. kanye west is waking up in a los angeles hospital this morning after suddenly canceling his current tour. reports say west was taken to the hospital yesterday because of stress and exhaustion. he was placed on a psychiatric hold. as we first told you last friday, west periodically interrupted his own concert in
6:47 am
san jose to rant about politics and donald trump. then on saturday in sacramento he walked off the stage after another rant and just two songs before deciding to cancel all remaining 21 shows. new this morning, bay area brothel busted. san mateo police arrested three people at a home on west 20th avenue yesterday afternoon, right across the street from san mateo city hall and a block away from sarah high school. investigators say two men canvassed the area knocking on doors, but instead of targeting empty homes, they say these criminals were different. >> what's concierge about this case is they're knocking on doors, what appeared to be, to find people that were home to have them go into the house and lead them to their possessions. >> deputies arrested the two suspects just minutes after they allegedly held a couple up at
6:48 am
gunpoint and ransacked their home. investigators say they could be tied to more robberies in the neighborhood. 6:47. fighting fires before they even happen. san francisco supervisor david compost what's the city to consider installing sprinklers in older buildings, not just new ones. the report shows from 2010 to 2015, five of six buildings damaged by fire had no sprinklers inside. opponents saying it would be too costly. this flooded social media yesterday. more controversial over white nationalists and their use of social media. >> scott mcgrew joins us. more controversial figures kicked off twitter. >> including tila tequila, an internet celebrity from the mid 2000s, she took part of a meeting of white nationalists in washington, d.c. and among other things posted this picture to twitter with the caption "seek heil." this meeting took place in a maggiano's italian restaurant.
6:49 am
maggiano's says it was horrified. said the group who booked the restaurant used a different name and the restaurant was not aware the group was dining with us or what that group represents. it donated the proceeds from the dinner to the anti defamation league as well. tequila has a facebook page in which she appears in aa pseudo nazi uniform. she's not really standing next to mr. trump of course. the question is, if this gets you kicked off twitter, how does it not get you kicked off facebook? let's take a look at the markets. i have been staring at our big board this morning. 18,999 on the dow as i try to get a look at it. there it went to 19,000. just a couple seconds ago history made. yesterday we saw all four major
6:50 am
indices hit new records as well. finally, sam and laura, google adding a new feature to its maps on your phones showing how crowded a place is in realtime. we presume we're making this work with google maps where google knows where you are, sends anonymous data back to google. this will be able to tell you how busy is the mall, how busy is the restaurant as we get into the holiday season. >> let me just tell you right now, very. >> very busy. now we're back under $19,000. 18,999. >> you can see it off screen. floating around 19,000. thanks so much. happening today, president obama delivers his final round of presidential medals of freedom. this year included bay area native tom hanks, nba legend michael jordan, legendary dodgers broadcast ervin scully, microsoft founder bill gates and his wife melinda and the boss,
6:51 am
bruce springsteen among several others. >> who is really the boss on that list? a lot of bosses in that group. we are checking into your weather and traffic. we know it's been chilly to start out the last several days. today is no different. >> no different today. even cooler than yesterday morning at this time. if you were cold yesterday, you are going to be really cold this morning. let's get a look outside. at least we have clear skies for most of us. here is the view from tiburon. a beautiful start to this tuesday morning. you'll want to run back inside and get something heavier to wear before you get the day started. we'll feeling temperatures a bit in the 40s and even the 30s. low visibility in the north bay where it's been cut down to about .25 mile. be careful there. elsewhere, once again, mostly clear. in livermore, it's 42 degrees. palo alto 46 degrees in san francisco as well as half moon
6:52 am
bay at 50 degrees. a nice afternoon today with highs reaching into the low to mid 60s. we're seeing that all across the bay area as we get a view flying over san francisco now, mission district at 60 degrees and 61 degrees today in santa rosa. then we get ready for that next round of rain, and this may help you plan when to get out on the roadways if you're getting ready to drive north or south. we'll start to see the rain moving in through the north baby late tonight. scattered showers continue into 11:30. midnight, still raining. the roads will be red and still spotty light rain early in the morning. but for the most part, the rain will be over on thanksgiving day. it will be chilly. we will have clear skies. rainfall totals don't look like that much, up to .o 10 inch for most. as you go farther to the north, ukiah, closer to an inch of rain. our temperatures will be cool for the next seven days in san francisco. a mix of sun and clouds,
6:53 am
off-and-on rain will turn back. only reaching into the upper 50s for the weekend. as we get into the roadways, mike has a round of closure in sunnyvale. >> temperature coming investigation from the early morning chase from san francisco into sunnyvale where it ended up blocking part of el carekcamino from wolf to poplar. that will affect folks off fremont avenue. kris confirms that little five-yard cutover toward el camino is closed. i'm told folks are going over to bryant and back on to poplar. anywhere east of poplar, you're okay getting back into the area. the rest of the northbound route throughout the silicon valley not showing problems. an easy flow of traffic around the bay. here are your times, 35 minutes from highway 4 down to the bay bridge. we show a smooth flow of traffic
6:54 am
south from the san mateo bridge which looks just like this live shot, slowing on 92. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:53. the top local headlines we're following this morning. an update to breaking news. live pictures from sunnyvale this morning where a high speed pursuit ended in a dramatic crash right in the heart of a busy intersection. the new information we're just learning about the suspect now accused of killing his own partner in crime. first happening right now, good news in the fight against alzheimer's. rates of the disease and other types of dementia are dropping. read more about it on our facebook payable. the reason fewer people are dealing with that disease. the annual doo dah parade takes over the streets of pasade pasadena, known as the twister sister of the rose bowl parade. you can watch that parade on our web side. back in two minutes. before you head out the -
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back. 6:57 on your tuesday morning. before you head out the door, here is a look at the top stories. >> breaking news we've been following since we came on the air at 4:30 this morning. these are live pictures from the scene of a high-speed chase. it came to a very deadly end in sunnyvale. within the last hour or so, authorities identified the driver as 19-year-old zain dadabay of san francisco. he's now under arrest. the other person in the car died
6:58 am
at the scene as they were thrown from that car. the intersection of fremont avenue and el camino real in sunnyvale is still shut down. it has been since about 1:00 this morning. the men were wanted for an armed robbery out of san francisco overnight when they led officers on a high-speed chase topping speeds of 100 miles an hour. a bay area father is accused of killing his 4-year-old daughter inside a local church and he is due in court this afternoon. police say 42-year-old gerardo mendoza ordaz drown her 4-year-old daughter in the baptismal font while his 9-year-old son was watching. no one else was there. let's switch gears, a quick check of the makts. we talked to scott mcgrew within the last ten minutes as he was giving us the play-by-play of the dow jones breaking the 19,000 threshold -- i wonder if he'll come running into the
6:59 am
studio. >> it did, but it's back down again. and the markets have only been open for not even half an hour so far this morning. >> numbers on the rise there. not so much the temperatures here. >> it's cold this morning as you head out. be prepared for that, but at least it will be a nice afternoon. still maybe long sleeves needed, highs in the low 60s, breezy wind, sunny early. the clouds increase late tonight and the showers in the north bay i think by 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. we'll be keeping tabs on that. be sure to keep checking in. this morning mielk is saying light and's si. >> that's right. mostly green. we'll zoom into the south bay, northbound routes do have the slowing, mild through san jose. the build will continue for about another hour and a half. some folks get a later start during this week. over here, easy for hayward. >> nice and easy, does it every
7:00 am
time. back at 7:25 with a live local news update. please engine us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. we hope you have a great day. we'll see you again tomorrow. good morning. good morning. tragic accident. >> school bus flipped off the road. with children. >> a horrific bus crash in tennessee kills five elementary school children. more than two dozen injured. the 24-year-old driver arrested overnight. we're live on the scene as authorities try to figure out exactly what caused the crash. setting his agenda. donald trump posting this video laying out what he plans to do as soon as he takes the oath of office. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle. putting america first. >> the campaign promises that made the cut and the ones that may have to wait. hospitalized.


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