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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

6:00 am >> liz, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us a 8 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to at 6:00, the holiday weekend almost here. keeping a close eye on your bay area weather before the big plans. >> a live look outside over san francisco. it's cloudy, a few lingering showers and the roads are wetment we'll talk about how that can impact your holiday travel coming up. more safety concerns at uc berkeley after a student says he was attacked at a co-op associated with the school. the technology his attacker used to connect with him. the number of police officers killed by gunfire on the job is up 70% over last year. i'll show you the commercial that the san jose police union is unveiling asking the public where is the outrage?
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very good wednesday morning to you. it's 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're going to show you in just a couple minutes, the airports will be buzzing, lots of people set to travel and see family. >> some of us are staying right here in the nice bay area as well. we'll be here tomorrow morning. this morning some rain coming down. >> still some rain. we're tracking that live as we continue on to see the weather system that brought us the heavy rain overnight. still leaving lingering rain in the north bay. here is a look at the radar now. a couple of spotty showers and moving toward napa. then there's one moving toward lucas valley and also mill valley. you may rain within the next few minutes. we'll keep a close eye on that. the bigger picture showing the bulk of the rain has moved off to the east. there's snow in the sierra. that may also impact your travel plans. as we go into today, we will have clearing, i'll ze tail that coming up. heading over to mike, we has a look on how weather could also
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impact the roads. >> it will be fog guy in the north bay. watch the transition. it was very hall calm until just a couple seconds ago. i have two incidents i want to call out. tracking the crash south 880 at tennyson. this may affect your left two lanes, the fast lane and the second lane. waiting to get more detail from chp. this happened seconds ago. we'll track that south of the san mateo bridge. southbound 17 towards the summit, a crash reported, one lane is blockedali at redwood estates. 6:02. it is one of the busiest travel days of the year as people across the country head out of town for thanksgiving. this is a live look at sfo right now where more than 6 million people are expected to travel this holiday season. the busiest day at sfo should be this coming sunday as people head home after thanksgiving. 160,000 travelers are expected
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that day. nationwide 2.8 million people are expected to travel today, tomorrow and of course on sunday. breaking news this morning, within the last two hours, nbc news has learned that south carolina governor nikki haley has been tagged by donald trump to be ambassador to the united nations. that's according to a source familiar with the president-elect's transition process. haley becomes the first woman to get a position in his cabinet. we'll take you to washington for a live report on this story in our next half hour. a local police officers' association is responding to the recent rash of shootings targeting police officers across the country. >> "today in the bay's" chris sanchez joins us from the san jose police association with details on the add expected to be released later today. kris? >> reporter: good morning. one of the elements of the add is the number of police officers killed by gunfire. that number is 71% higher than
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it was last year. just in the last week or so, two san jose police officers were targeted and got very lucky. in that case, two gang members were arrested, the officers were unhurt but it could have ended very differently. just yesterday a police officer in detroit was shot in the head as he stopped a man near a university campus there. on sunday in texas, a san antonio police officer was shot in his patrol car as he was just writing a traffic ticket. according to the officer down memorial page, 58 officers have died by gunfire. 71% increase over last year. many of those have been ambush style or execution style shootings. that's the reason the san jose police association is putting out a commercial today. they revealed it to us in the last two hours asking where is the outrage when a cop is targeted for murder. >> we cannot come home at the end of the day. but the violence that we're seeing, again, almost daily, is
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just ambush style killings for no reason, for again wearing the uniform, for having the badge. >> the police officers association did give us an early look at the add. today at 11:00 they'll reveal what they want from the public. they want to hear protests, want to see outrage, want some action from the community. we'll cover that in our midday newscast. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." happening right now, campbell police are asking for the public's help tracking down two suspects who allegedly attacked a man leaving him with a broken jaw. this is a surveillance image of one of the men police are looking for. the assault happened last month attack co-bravo at bascom avenue. police say the suspects were standing behind the victim in inloo and for some reason kicked and punched the man to the ground before running away. new details, an emotional
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scene that played out in court yesterday as the man accused of killing his daughter faced a judge. police say gerardo mendoza ordaz drown his 4-year-old daughter in a back 'tis mall font at a healdsburg church. his 9-year-old son was there to witness it. a family friend claims ordaz was hallucinating and convinced his daughter was possessed. he's now facing murder and felony abuse charges. an online encounter turns violent for a bay area college student. uc berkeley police sent out an alert warrick students. police say a male student living in a co-op told them he met a man online and invited them to his room. the victim says the man then sexually assaulted him. police aren't saying what website the victim used to meet the attacker. a live look at the oakland coliseum this morning. currently the raiders home turf, and if all goes as planned, it could stay that way for quite a
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while. oakland mayor libby schaaf and nfl hall of famer ronnie lott have a plan to build the stadium on the site. the alameda county board of supervisors and oakland city council would need to approve any deal. however, the raiders haven't endorsed this plan and the team owner mark davis says he's still committed to moving the team to las vegas. >> it is 6:07. how about moving on some ice. lays up those skates, our own mike inouye along with christie yamaguchi will be in downtown san jose tonight, hoping to usher in a new season of skating under the palms. you can skate alongside yamaguchi. that's not intimidating. you can also usher in performances by other figure skaters. it all starts at 5:00 and, of course, that rink will stay open as long as they can keep it cold through mid january.
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good morning. the time is 6:07, still tracking some rain early this morning behind that weather system that really made things soggy overnight. now we have showers moving through mill valley as well as lucas valley and approaching napa, moving out of sonoma county right now. we're seeing heavier rain and snowshowers moving off to the east. still spotty rain will be possible for the next couple hours. it's cool out there. only 43 degrees now in napa. 52 in san francisco and san jose. it's 48 degrees as you get ready to hit the road for work or maybe getting on the road to get out of town for the next couple days. as we go into this afternoon, highs reaching into the upper 50s to lower 60s, much more sunshine later on today and a lot of sun tomorrow. then the rain returns, so we'll talk about all that coming up in less than ten minutes. mike has a serious situation in hayward. >> that's right, kari. over all the bay commute is very
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light. tuesday was very light, same thing for this morning. looking toward hayward we have a change in direction. the incident now reported northbound 880 heading out of union city up toward tennyson. we see slowing on the southbound, too. i'm told there's a traffic break and folks are being forced off the freeway at whipple. you may be able to get back on at tennyson. it does sound like a traffic break and a crash, pedestrian is mentioned in this. whenever something like that is a situation in hayward, we let chp do what they need to do. so far routing you off the freeway and back on just north of there heading toward highway 92, a problem out of fremont. you may want to take the dumbarton bridge across the bay. you see how light the traffic flow is in the vicinity. that will be an advantage. up next, the search is on for a group of armed robbers who attacked a man in san francisco at a popular tourist spot. we'll tell you where it happened. we're just one day away from
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the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll give you a sneak peek at some of the floats you'll be able to check out this year. a tangle over taxpayer money in the south bay, the ultimatum, the city of claire is handing down to the 49ers. you heard of the airplane mode on your phone. how about a driver mode. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. (mike ad libs)
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good wednesday morning. the time is 6:13. live look outside in oakland at the coliseum, still some cloudy skies and wet roads into today. it will be cool to start and temperatures warming up with some sunshine later today. we'll take a look ahead to the thanksgiving forecast and the weekend coming up. >> kari, getting to the coliseum will be a problem if you're south of the san mateo bridge. all lanes of northbound 880 a currently blocked at tennyson. forced off at whipple because of a crash and activity there. sorting up the details. get to a work-around. >> the levi's stadium battle is heating up. santa clara city leaders moved one step closer to taking over the management of the stadium. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live with more on this escalating fight.
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this is getting increasingly bitter. neither side wants to give in here. good morning. good morning sam and laura, the city of santa clara has given the 49ers 30 days to turn over financial documents that would show whether or not the team has withheld taxpayer money from the city. otherwise the city is threatening to take over management of levi's stadium. whenever levi hosts a non-nfl event, like a concert, the city gets a cut of the proceeds. the city is concerned the 9ers are charging taxpayers for expenses like resodding the field after a concert. the 49ers say they have never charged the city for that expense, the city wants proof. at last it in's meeting the 49ers refused to provide copies of those documents s, said it would be happen p i to show the city financials on non-nfl events but doesn't want to turn over copies and have proprietary information made public.
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>> the act themselves, beyonce, cold play, nhl or wwe, they want to keep that information private. they do deals with every venue in the country. they do not want the boiler plate agreement out there for everyone to see. we're no different than any other venue. we believe that is critical to maintaining a successful business for the city of santa clara. >> we have city personnel information we don't submit to the public because it's proprietary nature. we would do the same with this information. >> 49ers president all guido said maybe the team could redact the information from the financial documents. the city heard testimony for three hours, not just 49ers, but taxpayers concerned over how their money is being spent. live outside levi's stadium in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:15 right now on your wednesday morning.
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a brazen armed robbery only steps away from one of san francisco's most famous landmarks. police say a group of nine young men robbed a man at gunpoint right next to coit tower. this happened around 2:15 tuesday morning. those suspects got away with two cell phones but the victim was not physically injured. so far only one arrest has been made. 6:16. roughly 6,000 sex offenders and gang members are on parole under watch using gps ankle monitors. the devices help police monitor violent criminals. as the investigative unit has learned, hundreds of parolees are caught disabling the trackers every year. >> the parolees have the attitude, the words were spoken, you can't do anything to me. i go back 30 days, 15 days, 60 days? it's no big deal. >> there was no incentive not to tamper with the device. tonight at 11:00, the action
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by the senate statutory who says the current penalties aren't working. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, you can give us a call, 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to we've been watching records the last couple days. the dow opening this morning higher than it's ever been, above 19,000. >> scott mcgrew, you expect it to go higher. >> looking at past benchmarks over 10k two years ago, when we crossed 18,000, the next trading days were strong, too. i think that's just human psychology. you do something cool on a tuesday, you're not going to back down on a wednesday. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also hit new records yesterday, but they didn't hit a nice round number. now, there's no trading tomorrow of course. half day on friday. other news, the national highway traffic safety administration will issue new guidelines for
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cell phones and app makers pushing a driver mode, like airplane most except for driving. the new guidelines will suggest some apps be inaccessible by driving. others will have to use larger i cons. last year, 2015, we saw the largest percentage increase in highway deaths in 50 years. so far this year we're up 10% from that. you've got to look at this and ask yourself, all right, what changed? cars are getting safer and safer. it's got to be the phone. this is video of an arrest last month in prague, an alleged hacker who hanked linkedin. this morning we announced we want to expedite him to the united states. security experts don't think he's the guy behind the
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democratic hack or any other things we're accusing the russian government of. u.s. security officials definitely think he's the linkedin guy, the drop box guy. we want him here. russia wants him there. >> yet another thing to put us at odds with russia. a very popular parade, a new iteration. the floats for the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade are coming to life. the giant balloons will be inflated in preparation for tomorrow's parade. it takes about 90 people and a whole lot of grunt work to inflate all those balloons. >> a lot of hot air. >> yes, it is. >> more than 3 million people will line the parade path on thanksgiving day. you can watch the parade live on nbc thursday starting at 9:00 a.m. >> that's right after "today in the bay." please join us tomorrow morning. >> action packed morning in store. >> on we have this quiz on there, how much do
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you know about thanksgiving? >> we'll talk about that later. >> at 6:45 this morning, we're going to kind of take the questions. >> in the meantime, we've been watching rain come overnight. spotty showers this morning. >> spotty showers, that may make things treacherous as you try to head out for traveling or going to work this morning. we are still looking at some rain moving through parts of the north bay. as that continues to move on through, we will have once again another dose of some rain that will bring in some showers for at least the next couple hours and, once again, rewet the roads that got a good soaking overnight. also we have snowshowers in the sierra. a lot of snow coming down there. but we will see that tapering off within the next couple hours. but the chain controls are still up and still some rain farther to the north. as we get a look at the
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visibility now, still low visibility in parts of the north bay in santa rosa down to 1/2 mile. temperatures in the lower 40s in santa rosa, napa, livermore now 46 degrees. 48 in san jose. it will be nice this afternoon. skies will clear. humidity will drop. and we'll get a chance to dry out. in danville, a high of 68 degrees in antioch, 61. 60 in belmont and san francisco reaching the upper 50s with a broez si wind. lower 60s in the north bay. in napa, 63 degrees. in the forecast, we will still have a chance of rain through the morning, mainly spotty light showers. tomorrow lots of sunshine and cool. for friday, a lot of shoppers heading out. the clouds will move in as we go through the day and rain late. the weather is improving. the next weather system will move in on late friday night into early saturday. rain off and on all day saturday
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and on sunday we'll see the rain moving out. quite a bit of rain will be possible as well. up to an inch and a quarter of raen and the forecast keeps us in with some cool weather over the next seven days in san francisco as well as the inland areas. mike has a serious update on a crash in hayward. >> that's right, kari. over all the bay showing a light volume of traffic. unfortunately a very serious situation in hayward. our chopper is heading to the scene to show why they closed 880 northbound at whipple. i got word that the chp has called the coroner out to the scene. northbound 880, all lanes currently blocked at tennyson. if you're traveling from fremont, you have to get off at whipple and get over to hesperian. we have a chopper on the scene right now. it looks like both directions are temporarily stopped. the southbound side i'm not sure why, the northbound side with the flashing lights at the bottom of the screen, you see activity there. it doesn't look like the on-ramp is allowed either. this could be an issue for local
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traffic, evolving situation, northbound 880 at tennyson, all lanes currently blocked. take hesperian past the scene to the west of 880, get you to 92 will will join you back up to a light flow of traffic. we'll continue to track this. a ve . >> very sad circumstances, mike. thank you very much. christmas is coming early for dubs fans. >> still ahead, the deal the team is offering for black friday. find out how you can get a picture from the gold medals that several dubs players wondering the summer olympics in rio. all lanes northbound 880 closed
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right now at tennyson road in hayward. breaking news this morning. all lanes of northbound 880 closed right now at tennyson road in hayward. we've been notified that the coroner has been called to the scene. these are live pictures from overhead of 880. grou already see the traffic that's backing up there. mike is gathering the latest information right now to bring us a live report about what exactly happened out there. we see the traffic mess that is happening. 6:26 right now. >> we will stay on top of that developing story. in the meantime, the golden state warriors are getting ready to host the l.a. lakers who have been on fire. the dubs are facing off against their former assistant coach luke walton. you might call this a bit of a grudge match. the lakers off to an 8-7 start.
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they beat the warriors on november 4th. the warriors looking for revenge. tip-off at 7:30 p.m. dubs fans are in for a treat this holiday weekend as the warriors are getting rid of fees for single game tickets starting black friday and lasting through cyber monday. we saw kevin durant in the video with his medal. draymond green, klay thompson won those during the rio games. the medals will be on display at oracle arena on friday. thousands of people taking to the streets of san jose for the annual silicon valley turkey trot. >> trotting right along this morning. snow falling in the sierra just in time for the holiday weekend. we'll check on the conditions in a live report. >> reporter: a busy day for folks at local airports as they fly out of town for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. we'll tell you what you need to know before you head out the door. all lanes northbound 880 closed
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right now at tennyson breaking news this morning, all lanes of northbound 880 closed right now at tennyson road in hayward. these are live pictures from overhead. early reports indicated that there was a pedestrian on the roadway. we're trying to confirm that. we do know that the coroner has been called to the scene, and we also know that it is creating a traffic nightmare out there. mike will join us with the latest in moments.
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just gathering information. >> what's the latest? >> overall, the traffic is very light around the bay. this major issue is in hayward affecting the nimitz freeway. there it is on the map. laura showed you the chopper shot, the tennyson on-ramp to northbound 880 also blocked. you'll see hesperian travels north along the freeway path, get up to 92 and back on 880. nimitz freeway southbound flow, there was a traffic break. that did clear as well. fortunately the rest of the bay is showing a lighter volume of traffic. so you can probably get back. there's a major delay through that portion of the freeway. consider that either direction headed toward the san mateo bridge. we have damp roadways that might play a factor. while we have light traffic, we have to be careful. >> yes, absolutely puddles on the road. also patchy fog in the north bay. one of the busiest travel days
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of the year. also still tracking rain. a look at the radar moving through napa and mill valley. a couple of lingering showers, the bulk of the heavy rain overnight has now moved off to the east and is producing some snow in the sierra. visibility once again a problem for the north bay. in santa rosa, napa, cut down to about half a mile in spots. we'll detail this, a look ahead to the thanksgiving holiday and a soggy weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. kari, as you said, lots of people traveling today. happening right now, millions of americans heading out of town. the bay area is no exception. >> pete suratos joins us at sfo this morning where we can expect a lot of travelers. how is it so far out there? have you seen it pick up? you've been out there since 4:30. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. maybe folks are listening to us. they're getting here early. not too big of a line at terminal one at the delta check-in at sfo.
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this is one of the busiest traveling times of the year. that travel season officially began at sfo and it will last through new year's day. the airport is expecting 6.5 million people to travel through the airport during this holiday period. the busiest day will be the sunday after thanksgiving with more than 160,000 travelers passing through sfo. we have important tips for travelers before they pack up and head out the door. make sure to arrive at least two hours prior to your departure if you're flying domestically. another an hour to that if you're traveling internationally. if you're packing any liquids or gels in carry-on baggage, keep it to three ounces or less. i had a chance to talk to passengers who are all packed up and ready to get out of town for the holiday season. >> i guess i don't necessarily know this airport.
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i usually use san jose. finding long-term parking was iffy. >> stressful getting everything together. you'll never know how long the security lines will be. so far, so good. guys, there's no major delay to report. we moved outside to show you what the traffic is looking like. it's looking like standard traffic. as we mentioned, you want to get here early to avoid the traffic coming in. live at sfo, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> we see the wet roads behind you, too. so far, so good at sfo. we'll stay on top of the travel conditions throughout the morning. pete was nice enough to stay out there since 4:30, talking to people, bringing holiday cheer. you can get coverage by heading to our website, no delays to report yet at sfo. breaking news overnight, a surprise early morning announcement from the donald trump transition team of a high profile cabinet spot. south carolina governor nikki haley has accepted the position
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of u.n. ambassador. >> this makes her the first woman to accept a position in donald trump's cabinet. "today in the bay's" edward lawrence joining us from washington, d.c. with details. we might remember that trump and haley traded jabs not that long ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. this is one of the things where it shows donald trump is willing to reach ag cross and ask a critic to be in his administration. this offers diversity for his campaign. you mentioned the first woman. she's also an indian american, the roots of her family trace back to india. it brings some diversity into his cabinet. donald trump saying she has a unique ability to bring people together. that's the reason he selected her as u.n. ambassador. nikki haley released a statement saying, quote, when the president believes you have a major contribution to make to the welfare of the nation and our nation's standing in the world, that's a calling that's important to heed. that's the reason that she says
6:36 am
she would take this position. she's also decided she would stay governor until the actual senate confirmation hearings. and once she is confirmed, then she would leave her seat as governor. this makes mitt romney then the forerunner for secretary of state. haley had been described as possibly in that role for secretary of state. now it appears mitt romney is in the front of the list for that position. donald trump talking about dr. ben carson. he's looking at ben carson for house and urban development -- secretary of health ander ban development. carson said he wanted to be an outside advisor to donald trump and he wanted to take the thanksgiving holiday to determine if he actually wants to be a secretary within the cabinet. at this point we don't know if that's going to happen. we do know donald trump would like to bring dr. carson into his cabinet. live in washington, edward
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lawrence, back to you. 6:36. a man beaten, robbed and killed after a visit to a pool hall. now a suspect is under arrest and facing hate crime charges and two more on the loose. police say they could be armed and dangerous. this is daniel porter kelly. police say he killed william simms, a musician from richmond. simms was found beaten and shot outside the caprice club pool hall in el sob bron they. it's not clear why the hate crime enhancement was added. police are also looking for ray simons and daniel ortega. the owners of a dachshund who died during a routine grooming appointment at petsmart have filed suit. the groomer came out a few minutes later holding the dog who was unresponsive and bleeding from the mouth. the veterinarian in the store was not able to save that dog's life. the groomer was later arrested on suspicion of felony animal
6:38 am
cruelty. there have been other complaints of dogs dying during grooming sessions. the lawsuit says petsmart knew about the complaints but didn't do anything about them. vta service impacted tomorrow in downtown san jose because we have the annual silicon valley turkey trot. service will be rerouted. watch out for those runners. the bus lines in the downtown area and all other service will run on a sunday holiday schedule. up to 28,000 people expected for two races this year. there's a 10k race that starts at 8:30 and the 5k that begins at 9:30. plenty of fresh powder if you're planning your weekend trip. >> heading to the slopes, "today in the bay's" brian hickey joins us live in the sierra to show us what the current conditions look like. you're spraying up some snow
6:39 am
there brian. what are you seeing? >> reporter: a little powder on donner summit. we're on the westbound side. we are surrounded in snow. i'll put it right around 12 inches of new snow overnight. it was blowing hard at the top. i suspect some of the top of the snow has been blowing aroundment that makes driving difficult. otherwise chain controls are all the way down at baxter. this is a true blue winter storm as we're chaining up down below 5,000 feet. finally feels like winter up here. boreal has been making snow all night. if you're itching to do some skiing, now is the time. the resorts are opening up. finally a little help from mother nature with more on the way next week. to get here, definitely make sure you're ready for the winter
6:40 am
driving conditions. folks in the bay area driving all the way to standing rock for the protests. i expect they'll be chasing the storm all the way out here. the little prius was making their way up the hill just fine, they have the chains on. >> i think i can, i think i can. brian, i've been on this show for 17 years. you've been doing live shots for us every single year. the thing is, every year i love it. like a kid in the candy store. that smile is always so big on the first snowfall. >> so much for brian. brian was so excited, like you said. >> stopping point at donener. want to check in with mike. we have traffic problems here in the bay area this morning.
6:41 am
>> all northbound lanes of 880 by tennyson. >> in hayward the sun is coming up. you see northbound 880 at tennyson. all lanes still closed. at the bottom of your screen, you see the big rig with the red cab there, that's the tennyson on-ramp. we're looking at those lanes still blocked by the crash. we have no activity on the northbound side. the southbound side, very slow by the spectator slowing, folks trying to figure out what's going on. what it sound like -- the initial report is there was a pedestrian on the roadway in the area. the coroner was called to the scene. this is the worst backup for the bay. your alternate will be hesperian to get you past the incident. that surface street might provide you some relief. the rest of the area moving well. 31 minutes from 238 down towards the dumbarton bridge. that's a slow drive, but at least the rain is not
6:42 am
complicating things. you have the weather today. >> we've also had fog. the roads are wet. some of the showers moving into the north bay right now continuing to move closer to the east bay of richmond. we could see brief light showers through the morning. and then the bigger picture shows that for the most part the rain is wrapping up as we go into today, a chilly start. but it will be a sunny afternoon. we'll take a look ahead to the thanksgiving forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. sam and laura. >> we'll look forward to it. thanks, kari. >> something to definitely take note of. doors of a popular minivan have been reported to open while the van is moving. we'll take you the make and model next. somebody might be in trouble at twitter, we'll tell you why. the big board, the dow hit 19,000, we'll look ahead to today's trading. =trx/ck=
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we have a live look outside. we have a smooth flow of traffic, but a lot of slowing for southbound 880, over half an hour from 238 past the scene of a crash toward highway 84 because of this incident over there off tennyson road. we have all lanes blocked on the northbound side because the coroner has been called to the scene, presumably a deadly crash northbound. traffic on the on-ramp is backing up on tennyson road. you need to use hesperian as
6:46 am
your alternate. also tracking airport delays, so far, so good as the weather has been fairly clear for most of our airport locally and even toward laguardia in new york. we'll track the airport delays, the local forecast in a u if minutes. kari and mike, thank you very much. the largest union representing california state employees will be striking over contract negotiations. that means more than 90,000 employees will take part in a one-day strike on december 5th. the state is offering those employees a 3% annual raise. the union says that comes with conditions like requiring employees to contribute more money to their retirement plan. a suspect on the run in santa rosa. police released this sketch of a man who attacked a woman in santa rosa near santa rosa high school. the woman was able to defend herself and escape. call police if you have any information. it's been two weeks since the election, but the measure to
6:47 am
reform california's death penalty has officially passed. all the ballots have been counted. prom 66 wins with 51% of the vote. the measure is designed to speed up the death penalty process which has 750 inmates on death row. prop 62 which would have repealed the death penalty was defeated. toyota is recalling its popular sienna minivan due to sliding doors opening while the van is moving. more than 800,000 are being recalled, models impacted are from 2011 to 2016. toyota is still working on a fix. the nasdaq and s&p 500 opened at record highs this morning. so, too, did the dow. >> nice round number, over 19,000. >> 19,000 is still there. opened at 19,000 for the first time in history. nothing magic happens when the dow crosses 19,000 or any number for that matter. we as humans jump up and down when we see round numbers. 19,000 is a nice number, the markets are slightly lower this
6:48 am
morning, but the dow at 19,01. traders work half day friday. you can watch the thanksgiving parade after "today in the bay" tomorrow morning. jack dorsey's twitter account was suspended for a short time monday which is weird because jack doesn't tweet anything naughty or mean, and also jack is the head of twitter. once his account was restored, he tweeted out that it was a mistake. a federal judge in texas has issued an order that will stop new over time rules from taking effect on december 1st. the obama administration had wanted to increase the number of people eligible for over time. the judge agreed with 21 states that says the labor department went about it wrong. california did not sue, but we're affected in that the rules will not take effect here either. the rule would have increased the maximum pay you have to get
6:49 am
to be eligible for over time. right now americans pay $23,660 or less are eligible for over time. the new rules would have increased that to 47,000 and change, brought more people into over time. do note california has its own over time rules. if you make less than 41,600 you're generally eligible for overtime. that means this ruling hits other americans harder than it does california. also, sam and laura, it doesn't apply to californians exempt, that includes software engineers, karn nall workers, go figure, news people, sorry, and also actors and airline employees. this is just a short list, but it's an example of people who do not get overtime. >> you mentioned actor, scott mcgrew. a very famous one, laura had a problem. >> actress and comedian ellen degeneres got stuck outside the white house. she was invited but didn't get in yesterday.
6:50 am
she was there to receive a medal of freedom. . but she for got her id. they eventually cleared her and she got in. >> she got over it quickly as ellen ended up putting this together. it's going vier. president obama awarded the med dam of freedom to 21 people yesterday. you see mr. de niro there in the corner, michael jordan, ellen degeneres, vin scully, all part of this mannequin challenge org noised by you know who, ellen degeneres. >> wish we had better news to report on the morning commute, especially going into a holiday weekend, a mess on 880. >> the rest of the bay area is moving well. this chopper is over this unfortunate scene in hayward. traffic from the top is northbound 880. it's not moving. chp conducting an investigation on the roadway. looks like they're gathering a lot of evidence spread across the freeway. a coroner has been called to the scene. that i won't reopen until the
6:51 am
coroner completes the investigation. that's the jam north into the area from fremont. folks forced off at whipple. let's show you the map. as we look at the bay, most of the screen getting in through hayward both directions jam up. northbound is the one that's closed. southbound creeps by with the spectator slowing. folks forced off at whipple with get to the other side, take hesperian north. also san leandro boulevard -- i guess it would be 185 through the area taking you back up toward 92 or a street to get you past the scene. the rest of the bay moves well. the slowdown far that portion of hayward has the travel time off. it's over half an hour. light traffic flow shoush the case today. b.a.r.t. is another option. no train delays reported. the ferry replaced by a bus.
6:52 am
>> we will have rain to track over the next few minutes as well from that weather system that moved through overnight. still a couple of showers, especially in the north bay. in san jose, wet roads as we get a live look. people heading to work or getting ready to head to family members' house for the holiday. here is a look at the radar. still tracking light rain moving closer to vallejo and also the east bay moving through oakland. you will see a brief downpour and then it will clear up. not a lot of rain with this. much of that rain has now moved off to the east. snow in the sierra. the bigger picture for the country showing the next weather system moving through. it's slicing right through parts of texas, louisiana, all the way up to chicago and producing some snow for wisconsin and minnesota. that weather system may cause some travel delays. make sure you call ahead. here we are seeing some cool temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s and heading into the 60s in milpitas.
6:53 am
in the peninsula 62 degrees to san mateo, san francisco, upper 50s there and low 60s for the north bay. we'll have a small window to dry out. tomorrow looking cool and dry with sunshine on friday. the clouds return and there will be some more rain for the weekend. yes, we do need the rain but a lot of people have plans trying to get some shopping done and trying to enjoy this thanksgiving holiday. once again, thanksgiving dry. on friday, more rain. a spotty shower moving throughout the weekend off an on and sunday it wraps up. rainfall totals look pretty good, up to an inch of rain, maybe two inches farther to the north in the north bay. highs in the 50s for the next several days in san francisco. inland areas reaching 57 degrees as the rain wraps up on sunday. sam and laura? >> thanks a lot.
6:54 am
6:53, the top local headlines we're following this morning including this ad that was just released this morning by a major bay area police officer's union. the message they're trying to send. bob hope's uso mansion in palm springs fetches $13 million. you can see a slideshow on our facebook page. if you're not in the mood to cook a thanksgiving feast, you're in luck, we put together a list of restaurants open tomorrow on the holiday on our home page. more of today's top stories coming up in two minutes.
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welcome back. very good tuesday morning to you. 6:57 right now. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. san jose officers releasing this add asking where is the outrage when a cop is targeted for murder. this comes after an officer was shot and destroyed. the union plans to unveil that campaign later today publicly calling on the community to get involved. >> let's get back to your travel day plans. actually a story to report on levi's stadium fight going on, santa clara leaders are demanding the 49ers happened over financial documents from non-football events in 30 days. the situation is getting tenser.
6:58 am
the city is trying to make sure the taxpayer money is not being used for operational costs. right now we want to take you live to sfo where thanksgiving travel is well under way this morning. isn't this part of the holiday? some 6 million people expected to travel through the airport this holiday season. do i have to tell you to get to the airport early if you're planning on flying out. >> at least a nice sunrise to look at. mike, you've been tracking the roads in the situation dwapg over the last several hours. >> in fact, this is a god note for folks heading to the oakland airport. look at the chopper shot. a tragic situation, northbound 880 at tennyson, the coroner has been called. you see people squeezing by. we'll look at the map to show the extent of the backup. four miles northbound, slowing southbound as well.
6:59 am
hesperian on mission over east of the freeway. the rest of the bay moves smoothly. this will be a problem from the south bay up to the oakland airport right now if that's where you're going. >> there's a light shower heading towards oakland as well. a little rain still lingering this morning that may make things wet as you slow things down. here is a look at the radar. you can see it moving across the bay bridge, raining there once again over toward richmond and oakland. we have a light shower also extending toward fairfield. light rain here. let's get a look at the bigger picture. we see much of the rain is moving out. snow in the sierra. big travel plans today? make sure you allow a lot of extra times, whether the roads or the air. >> that's right. so many of the ski resorts in the sierra have opened. >> you want to slide on the snow, but the ice -- >> are you sliding or skating? >> i'll be skating tonight, downtown ice the official opening. this is skating under the palm
7:00 am
trees by the fair mount downtown san jose. >> got your pillow ready? >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." have a great day. good morning, ambassador haley? donald trump picks his first female cabinet member, ambassador nikki haley. this as trump acknowledges he won't be following through on some of the p proms he made durg the key to the campaign. promises like this one. >> i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. disturbing past, authorities are learning more about the 24-year-old driver who crashed his bus in chattanooga, killi


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