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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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minutes. in the meantime, thanks for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. now we're on to black friday this morning. a lot of people want to buy their trees, in fact. is today the day to do it? we'll have a soggy day to do it. >> yes, within the next few hours is when you want to get out there. if you don't want to have to try to lug the tree inside with it pouring down rain on you, yes, today and then maybe again next week you'll have another chance as we get a live look outside now in san jose. it's all quiet, but it is cold. you really have to bundle up. we have temperatures in the 30s and low 40s and into the day we get ready for this. the next storm system that will produce at times some heavy rain but a more widespread steady rain for tomorrow. i'll detail that and what to expect as we go through the next several days as the temperatures stay tool. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> watching breaking news this morning. a terror plot foiled in paris.
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prosecutors announced five people have been arrested in connection with a planned terror attack, planned for december 1st. authorities say the group of four people were working with an isis coordinator in syria or iraq. there was a fifth man working with the same coordinator but on his own. investigators searched two homes, found an arsenal of weapons and specific instructions on how to use them. they also found 20 potential targets on computers. reuters is reporting those locations including disney land paris, the shachamps-elysees. scott mcgrew, remember this lady? >> i do indeed. >> one of television's most famous mothers. florence henderson the always upbeat mother of "the brady bunch" has passed away. >> henderson was best known for playing the role of carol brady.
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she passed away in southern california. her manager tells us henderson died last night surrounded by loved ones. she became a star immediately when "the brady bunch" first debuted in 1969. heart failure is believed to be the cause of death. she was also a contributor to the "today" show, actually decades ago. she leaves behind four children and five grandchildren among "the brady bunch" as well. overnight so many reactions. patricia arquette tweeted, florence henderson, warm, talented and kind passed away today. larry king said rest in peace florence henderson. a dear lady with a great sense of humor and a terrific laugh. america's mom has died. quite a legend there. >> she was america's mom. developing news in the south bay meanwhile. a story we've been covering for more than 24 hours.
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a manhunt still under way this morning for two fugitives who managed to break out of the santa clara county main jail. kris sanchez brought us this story live early yesterday. kris, still an active search right now? >> reporter: it is still an active search, scott and laura. this time yesterday we couldn't get this close to the main jail because this was part of the perimeter being actively searched for the two escaped inmates. we showed you video yesterday of officers on foot with dogs, a helicopter overhead searching for those two inmates who were able to do a jailbreak, and that was around 9:30 yesterday morning when they called off the perimeter. that's because surveillance video revealed those two inmates might have breached the perimeter and got away a little further. the search area is all of santa clara county. the duo did manage to cut through the bars of their second story cell. they repelled down on clothes
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and bed sheets found together. two other inmates were caught shortly after. more than 24 hours after rogelio chavez of san jose and laron campbell of palo alto escaped, they're still on the run. >> the fact that the bars were cut the way they were, it wasn't something that probably took some previous planning. >> reporter: nbc bay area was in the courtroom exactly a year ago yesterday when rogelio chavez appeared before a judge. the 33-year-old has a tattoo above and below his eye and was booked in jail in august of this year. laron campbell on the right has been here at the jail for the last 21 months. the manhunt and the search for answers continues this morning, but again; the search area is now all of santa clara county. if you see something, say something. if you come into contact with these two men, back away and call 911. in san jose, kris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." >> thank you very much, chris. 5:04. stay with nbc bay area as this search continues. we'll be working the story around the clock getting the latest information. you can head to our app and our facebook page and twitter for the very latest. >> a south san francisco police officer is in critical condition this morning after he was assaulted by a skateboard. it happened yesterday afternoon near grand and linden avenue. police say the skateboarder struck the officer in the het with his skateboard knocking him unconscious. the 28-year-old is now facing attempted murder charges. >> a sad discovery in antioch. a 17-year-old boy found shot near a high school late wednesday night. neighbors reported the gunfire. when officers arrived, they found the teenager badly injured by bullet wounds. he later died at the hospital. so far, no arrests have been made. a taco truck was robbed in
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broad daylight wednesday afternoon in benicia. the suspects got away in a blue-gray honda suv. authorities say three men wearing a mask and hoodies held the workers up at gunpoint, sprayed them with mace and took off with cash. >> the taco trucks are a staple of the businesses out there for a local quick bite to eat and breakfast and things like that. they're out there but it's not a high risk target. >> the employees were treated at a local hospital. one had minor burns. >> happening now, if people are just rolling out of bed, many are hitting the stores already this morning. after a parking nightmare last week end, staff at west field valley mall say they've tried to improve traffic control. >> that's the big maul in san jose. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live with some of the changes that maybe will make a difference. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, scott and laura.
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there's not a big crowd here yet because the stores open at 7:00 a.m., maybe the black thursday shopping people are doing, maybe coming to get their shopping in early. the issue at that parking structure, folks were having a hard time getting out. we saw a lot of those issues over the week. some of the folks were stuck in that lot over the weekend number to bumper in that multistory parking garage. some people say it took more than three hours to get out of it. one woman facebooking said it took 45 minutes to get an inch. she left her car and ubered home. this program has off duty officers helping to direct traffic in the area. also the city of san jose has adjusted the timing of signals. they're saying that will improve the traffic flow. the stores at the mall opened at 7:00 a.m.
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we'll continue to monitor this to see if the changes affect folks when they're leaving the mall. live in san jose, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> a lot happening in central america this morning. hurricane otto made landfall in nicaragua. the storm hit with powerful winds and torrential rain forcing thousands to evacuate. there were several deaths. meanwhile in el salvador an earthquake struck the pacific coast. this is video showing the people evacuating after the magnitude 7 quake. a tsunami alert was issued. so far no reports of any waves. carry hall has her boots on this morning. that means not just stomping around. you're dressed for weather out there. >> you need some boots and some gloves, a heavy coat as you go out this morning and then this weekend you'll need the umbrella and also some warm clothes because we'll see this rain moving in as we get ready for that next storm system.
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much-needed rain, too, because november was so dry. now it's 36 degrees. so some chilly temperatures to go along with that in livermore. it's 37 in morgan hill and napa at 43 degrees. into the day we will start to see those clouds rolling in. it will be cool, highs reaching into the low 60s in the peninsula. after the cold start, light rain likely for san francisco and the north bay later on. it will take a little longer to make it into the east bay and the south bay. i'll be giving you a closer look at when this rain will be moving in and help you make some weekend plans. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast in less than ten minutes. >> thanks so much, kari. 5:09. coming up, the turkey is gone which means shopping is on. we continue our black friday coverage. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura. we'll take you live in the east bay to show you what compels people to come out here in the
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cold. they're trying to get some deals. we'll have that story coming up.
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happy friday. the time is 5:12. if you're headed to livermore for some shopping, it's only 36 degrees and will be trending into the low 60s later this afternoon and the clouds will be rolling in. those clouds ahead of a storm system that will give us some soggy showers for the weekend. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> all right, kari, thank you. 36 degrees in livermore. that's where people are out at those outlet shopping doing what a lot of people across the nation are doing, shopping. >> it's a tradition for a lot of people. "today in the bay's" bob redell, it's becoming a tradition that you join us live from the livermore outlets. i understand people have been there since yesterday. >> reporter: here is the deal. the outlet malls here in livermore, they opened at 3:00 yesterday. management tells us they have people lined up at noon. i want you to see what it looks like around 7:30. happened to be heading eastbound
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on 580 past the exit from the premium outlets. you see the row of brake lights? that's the line of cars trying to get off the interstate to get into the outlet malls to come here and shop where they've been shopping. i don't know if you can see my breath. you can see the gloves on my hand. it is cold out here. that's not stopping people like this man. good morning to you. you have how many people with you? >> ten people. >> reporter: how much money you spend? >> approximately everyone spending $500. >> reporter: $5,000? >> approximately. saved at least $5,000. >> reporter: you come out here, overnigh overnight, it's cold. >> it's thanksgiving! this is one of the biggest nights we have as a group.
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we're all having fun. it's not about only spending money. we're having fun, too. >> reporter: is money an object? >> sometimes but not today. >> reporter: have a good rest of the black friday. get a winter coat while you're out here. it's cold. >> get a sense of the traffic we were talking about earlier. the parking here, if you haven't driven by these premium outlets, the parking, they have a huge parking lot. that's all full. as we were pulling in going on the overpass, people going the opposite direction, walking across the overpass to go across the interstate to find parking. they even have a shuttle to go to the local college which is a couple miles away. this gives you a sense of the amount of people out there. i can say anecdotally after coming out here, there's definitely a bigger crowd. people trying to get the deals. we'll take you down one of these length ways at the mall, trying to get deals here. bob redell, "today in the bay."
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>> bob, that local college, people are going to have to park there -- >> take the shoututtle running m lospo over to here. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. i was going to say no parking at livermore outlets. i don't view to park at the college and take the shuttle over. >> you can park here but you'll be waiting a long time. >> i love the guy's spirit. it's thanksgiving! >> bob redell in livermore. i'm been grinchy about this. why would you do this? >> you're always grinchy. >> that guy is somewhat convincing. >> you can also double click and get it all done. a lot of people pointing and clicking on thanksgiving. >> let's check in with susan li live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, susan.
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>> good morning once again scott. let's go to wall street first of all. markets will be open just for a half day of trading today. the stock market closes at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the bond market closes at 2:00 p.m. eastern. students mixed on wednesday with the dow hitting yet another record high. the consumer and financial sectors leading the way. the dow rose 59 points. 19,083 is where we're kicking off. the nasdaq falling five points, 5,380 is where we're kicking off this friday. shoppers were pointing and clicking a lot on thanksgiving. adobe digital index which tracks online retail sites, they say the web sales rose to 1.1 billion between midnight and 5:00 p.m. on thursday. the increase was partly due to heavy discounting. target saw one of its strongest days online yesterday. some retail analysts say traffic was subdued at these brick and
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mortar shops. walmart hoping to lure people are high end luxury goods. the retail is pushing $18,000 watches, prada pumps. has expanded the number of items thanks to the third party sellers which give the company access to products that could attract an illusive group, the higher income shoppers along with the dollars shoppers, of course. scott and laura, back to you. >> it's a blend out there. thanks, susan. if toys are on your list, you may some twists on old favorites. >> here is nbc's brian mooar with what we can expect under the tree this year. >> reporter: this year's hottest tech toys might look like classics, but they're packing new technology under the hood. hot wheels is rolling out the next generation of toy racing, super charged with artificial intelligence. >> the ai technology allows the cars to stay on track and go at
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really high rates of speed. >> reporter: who doesn't remember play-doh? now there's an app for that. >> play-doh is one of the age-old toys that kids just love. they're updating it by using smart phones. >> reporter: even barbie is getting an upgrade, a smart home, the high-tech hello dream house. >> there's an elevator inside. that's new. the toilet actually flushes. you can manipulate things by using an app on your phone. >> reporter: the fly brick allows kids and kids at heart to build a drone out of classic legos. >> the lego drone is a perfect example of how you take a brand we've loved growing up and update it for today's technology. >> reporter: remember the furby and tam gam chi craze? >> the hatch a moles are the biggest crazes this year. you can't find them anywhere. >> reporter: a surprise pet hatches right in your hand, that
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is, if you can actually get your hands on one. brian mooar, nbc news. >> interesting look at what the kids want this year. many of the toys aren't cheap. the barbie dream house, for example, 300 bucks. monopoly now using electronic banking. >> i don't know if i like that. i think it's good for kids to learn the counting. >> when is the last time you've had somebody count back change to you at a store? >> get your kids one of those old school cash registers with the fake money -- >> i love playing store. it's good for them. it's math. >> i think it will take them longer to play with that, too. >> lots of people out there. we saw how cold bob was in livermore. >> way too cold out there. >> 36 degrees. >> standing in lines and waiting for parking and all that stuff. hopefully you're staying warm this morning. as you head out, we will have more of that cold air and mostly clear skies for a little while.
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we'll look at not-so-busy roads in palo alto, 101, whether you're heading outgoing shopping or going to work, no major worries as you go out for most of our roads once again. the heater is cranked up and we're watching the next storm system. we'll start to move in later this evening. we'll start out in the north bay and roll into the rest of the bay area later tonight and into the day tomorrow. temperaturewise, outlet in livermore, 37 degrees. morgan hill 37 and if you're going down to gilroy, it's also in the upper 30s. in palo alto now 41 degrees. heading up to 61 today. oakland 59. san francisco, 58 degrees, and napa 63. the rain outlook, here we go. the next round of round moving in. a couple of storm systems in the forecast for the next several days. the next one starts late tonight and will be mostly cloudy throughout the day. cooler temperatures tomorrow. this won't be a regular rain. it's going to be cool.
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you throw in a breezy blend and you're trying to hold on to the umbrella. that's the kind of weather we'll see tomorrow. it looks like much of the rain tapers off. it becomes more spotty and much moving to the east as the storm system is moving out of the bay area by monday. rainfall totals may reach about .3 inch around concord. a possibility that at least .50 for most. closer to an inch for much of the north bay. in the sierra, if you're planning to drive there or you have friends or family heading back for this year, it is going to be fairly tricky. we could have at least five inches of snow. temperaturewise staying cool over the next several days. highs in the upper 50s with once again a soggy weekend. scott and laura? >> thank you very much, kari. coming up, "nbc bay area responds." five figures in 30 days. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura with the money we're
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returning to viewers like you when they complain about a company next.
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hopefully you got your crab last night because there are mo problems. the dungeness crab season was
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supposed to start, but as many as half of those sampled in the area tested over the limits for demowic acid. the toxin stems from algae blooms and can sicken and even kill. california health officials say dungeness caught along north of the oregon border with testing safe. >> "nbc bay area responds" wrapped up another banner month. >> consumer investigator chris chmura says we're winning battles and returning thousands of dollars to viewers like this. this month our team settled 29 complaints and won refunds worth a total of $41,133 for people around the bay area. here are some of the cases we closed. we help edward in san jose cut through red tape with an airline. he received $750 for damage to a piece of baggage he was forced to check. browning in san jose had a festering dispute for double billing during installation.
5:27 am
we helped him fix it and get about $90 back. also in the south bay, danny asked us to intervene when his brand new windows that a professional installed began leaking. he's been refunded $5,174. our most colorful case of the month took us to richmond. sherry called us after a contractor painted her mom's house pink and tried to stick a $14,000 bill on her property taxes. we're happy to report that debt has been erased and after our inquiry the contractor forked over $2300 to hire someone else to repaint. we've now opened more than 2800 complaints. but there's still room for yours. call us if you need help. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit have a great weekend. >> you, too. 5:27 right now. coming up, remembering america's mom. how people across the country are wreck florence henderson
5:28 am
also known as mrs. brady. >> reporter: these two escaped inmates are still on the run more than 24 hours after their jailbreak here at santa clara county jail. i'll show you why the search area now expands to all of the county. >> reporter: the west field valley fair mall will be jam packed with shoppers in a matter of hours, what the mall is doing to make sure traffic runs smoothly.
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ramos-coreas. good friday morning. 5:30. taking a live look outside. this is the hollywood walk of fame where we're remembering america's -- one of our favorite moms. florence henderson, mrs. brady, died overnight. we'll look back at her legacy and no doubt a lot of flowers will be appearing there on that hollywood walk of fame. such a f loly lady. >> she was. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. we'll get your black friday started right with a look at weather and a cold start. >> yes. a lot of those shoppers are already out there. if you are planning to brave the crowd for some deals, you'll also have to brave some cold temperatures. live look outside san francisco, just a few clouds now. a nice quiet start to this friday morning. it's 47 degrees. so make sure you bundle up. we're awaiting the next storm system that will bring us a
5:32 am
soggy weekend, much-needed rain as well. i'll detail what to expect and give you a closer look at the timing coming up in a few minutes. >> back to a developing story we've been following for more than 24 hours, jailbreak in the south bay. this morning the man hunt continues for two inmates escaped from the santa clara county main jail. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez was the first to report this story early yesterday morning. still a very active search happening right now. >> reporter: it is. this time yesterday we showed you the scene out here, very active in the perimeter around the jail. now we know the search area extends to all of santa clara county because surveillance video shows those two escaped inmates were able to breach that perimeter. this was the scene yesterday. we showed you deputies searching on foot with dogs, by air. they did that until about 9:30 yesterday morning when that surveillance video put the two inmates outside that perimeter, though investigators are not revealing to us exactly where. they're not saying exactly how
5:33 am
either. the duo managed to cut through those bars with their second story cell, then repel down on clothes and bed sheets tied together. two other inmates escaped with them. those two were apprehended shortly after. now more than 24 hours after rogelio chavez of san jose and laron campbell of palo alto escaped, they're still on the run, each facing serious felony charges, making them a danger to the public. >> based on some of their crimes and history, yeah, they are dangerous. again, we're taking every precauti precaution. >> reporter: nbc bay area was in the courtroom as rogelio chavez faced a judge exactly one year ago yesterday. that's him with the tattoo above and below his eye. he was booked into jail in august. laron campbell on the right has been at the jail here for the last 21 months. so they had time to plan this biggest scape. the man hunt and the search for answers continues this morning as the news changes.
5:34 am
we'll bring it to you. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> 5:33 on your friday morning. she was one of tv's most famous moms, florence henderson, the always upbeat mother of "the brady bunch" has died. she was best known for her role as carol brady. she passed away in california. >> her manager tells us henderson died at 7:30 last night surrounded by loved ones. she became a star. she was actually a broad way star before she became the mom on "the brady bunch." that debuted in 1969. heart failure believed to be the cause of death. overnight many reactions as we take a live look at her star on the hollywood walk of fame there. maureen mccormick, you know her as marsha called henderson a dear friend for so very many years. she did that on twitter. actresses and actors are waking up this morning -- debra messing was one of the first to react
5:35 am
this morning, rest in piece florence henderson. "the brady bunch" was everything. >> had such an influence. missing mother found bound but alive on a northern california road. this morning the mystery, however, deepening as the search continues for the two women who abducted her. sherry papini went missing on november 2nd after going out for a jog in the tien town of mountain gate. despite being tied up, she was able to flag down a driver along interstate 5. 34-year-old mother of two is in stable condition at a hospital recovering from minor injuries. the family friend says she's thankful to everyone who helped look for her. >> she just thanked us for the effort and energy and the time we put in trying to bring her home. she was pretty emotional.
5:36 am
it was quote a bit for her to even speak. >> understandably. investigators are looking for two armed hispanic women. a $50,000 reward is being offered for more information. happening now, first the turkey, now the shopping. black friday in full swing and a traffic headache last week, you remember that, at a south bay mall. they're trying something different. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at west field valley mall with how they're trying to ease traffic concerns out there on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. that mall opens about an hour and a half? you can be first in line, pete. >> reporter: good morning, laura and scott. i can get my shopping done in between shows. right outside that parking lot of the mall. yes, they had issues with traffic over the weekend. they said they're going to adjust the timing of these traffic signals as folks are leaving this lot which right now is empty. in a few hours it will look much different. in fact, we want to show you pictures from over the weekend.
5:37 am
you can see these cars are bumper-to-bumper. these are pictures sent in from our viewers. some folks saying it took them a few hours to get out. one woman facebooking it took her 45 minutes just to move an inch. she ended up leaving her car and ubering home. in response the mall accelerated the holiday traffic control program. that's going to consist of hiring off duty san jose police officers to help direct traffic outside this parking lot. as i just mentioned, the city of san jose is going to adjust the timing of signals to improve the traffic flow. we're starting to see folks drive in. throughout the day, we'll continue to monitor to see if the changes will have any effect on drivers as they're leaving this structure. live in san jose, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> first in line, pete. 5:37. thanksgiving robbery in south san francisco has police looking for a man with a gun. this happened early yesterday morning on railroad avenue.
5:38 am
the victim walking when the suspect took out a gun and took the victim' wallet and cell phone. the victim not hurt. meanwhile, a scary situation. >> a frightening one at an alameda nursing home. an 85-year-old man entered the home and shot a female patient. he turned the gun on himself. police say the man was trying to ease her pain. the both survived. officers made 179 dui arrests in the first six hours of the maximum enforcement period. this period ends sunday at midnight. that means that all available officers are on patrol right now to keep highways safe this weekend. free passes to california state parks for black friday are nearly gone. it's part of the green friday movement. the aim is to get people outdoors instead of shopping. right now the only free passes
5:39 am
available for the bay area are the benicia state park. you can still go to any state park you want to, you just have to pay the normal day use fee for parking your car. a holiday bus decked out in snowflakes and ribbons making its way across the bay area. this weekend the golden gate transit bus making a few stops in the north bay. >> the bus can be found tonight at san rafael's parade of lights at 5:30. saturday morning it will stop in downtown petaluma. the bus is working with the marine toys for tots foundation. they want to stuff the bus with unwrapped donations. >> a lot of people stuffed themselves around that table yesterday. today they're out and about. it's a cold one. >> yes, it is. maybe you want to wake up early and go for a jog and try to work some of that off. if you are heading to work or going shopping, it looks like the roads are following fairly well. we need the heaters on as our temperatures have once again dropped into the 30s and 40s. it's 45 now in oakland.
5:40 am
heading up to 59 degrees today. a cool staft, but it will be a nice and mild afternoon. it will be, as you go out the door, 40 degrees in santa rosa. it's 37 in morgan hill, 36 in livermore and concord, 42 degrees into the day. highs reaching into the low 60s. clouds start to roll in ahead of our next storm system that will bring us some showers in time for late tonight into the day tomorrow. looks like a pretty soggy weekend. we'll talk about that and how much snow to expect in the sierra and a look at if and when it will warm up. that's in the microclimate forecast in less than ten minutes. caught on camera. thieves make off with a van in the east bay. the clues that authorities are revealing to help nab those suspects. >> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell. we're live in livermore to tell you what in the world is compelling these people to stand out here in the cold in a long line i. it's black friday.
5:41 am
we'll have that story coming up. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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good friday morning.
5:44 am
the time is 5:43. looking ahead to the weekend, going to help you make some plans, it's mostly cloudy with scattered showers. there may be a couple of breaks in the rain. overall it looks like a soggy weekend for the bay and inland area starting out with patchy fog on sunday morning and staying in the 50s all through out the day. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up. >> thank you very much, kari. walnut creek police need your help this morning. you see that car slowly pulling into the parking lot? it happened in an apartment complex last week. the suspects, two men and a woman get out of a car, they break into a van and steal several items. you can see it happen. if you see any of them, if you can make them out, you're urged to contact police. there's a push to make menlo park a sangt arp city. a group launched this website
5:45 am
this week. menlo park police tell the "mercury news" right now the department doesn't ask about citizenship and has a policy that does not encourage deportation. the spokesperson wouldn't speculate on what might happen when president-elect trump is in office. san francisco, oakland and berkeley have will policies in place. 5:45. parking can be a nightmare near mission peak and fremont. there's a fix. the east bay time says a lawsuit has been filed to stop a 300-space parking lot near a popular trail. the lawsuit claims the park district didn't look at alternatives. the parking lot could affect the golden eagle population as well. the new parking lot should be finished if it gets to go forward in 2020. after a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, millions of americans are continuing the holiday week enend today at mal across the country. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live at the outlets in livermore where a cold day of
5:46 am
shopping is already in full swing. >> reporter: it's not stopping people from coming out here, scott and laura. this is a line for just one store, it's tory birch, a woman's accessory store. how much money do you think you'll spend in there? >> i don't know, probably $500 in this store. >> reporter: how much will you save? >> probably another $500. >> reporter: something you're looking for? >> a purse. >> reporter: do you have a purse now? >> yes. >> reporter: is it loaded with cash? >> no. my atm. >> reporter: some of these people have been out here for quite some time because they can only have so many people in the store at once these people -- you guys are staying warm, they don't want to talk to us. good morning. how much money do you think you'll spend in there? >> i don't know, maybe like $300. >> reporter: probably saving somewhere along those lines? >> yes.
5:47 am
>> reporter: something that you need or you want? >> i want. i come here when not on sale, and i know the price. >> reporter: what is the discount going to be today? 50%? >> i asked the people and they said 60%. >> reporter: all right. good luck to you. we're also looking at discounts in general at the premium outlets in livermore. last year in the 50% to 60% range. roughly they're now in the 70% range. over here there's another line. this is for store called gucci. i don't know what they sell, hardware store. >> you know what it is, lori? >> go get in that line. >> reporter: in spite of the fact it is cold out here, a lot of people here. this is from around 7:30 yesterday, last night, thanksgiving driving eastbound on 580. you'll see that to the right side of your screen, that long
5:48 am
line of brake lights, that is the line for people to get off the interstate exit here to get to the san francisco premium outlets in livermore. they opened here yesterday at 3:00. they tell us they had people waiting here at noon for three hours waiting for the opening. 3600 spots here. they're all full. it takes a while to find a spot. they have shuttles going to the local college lot to deal with the overflow of parking. needless to say, very crowded out here. talking to one of the people at the mall, a little more crowded this year than last year. >> we just picked names in the newsroom and you got my name. you go stand in the gucci line or even tory birch. don't act like you can't hear me. >> reporter: my earpiece wasn't on. >> never ask a woman if you need or want the tory birch purse. it is 5:48. we have breaking news coming into our newsroom right now. it is happening in san mateo.
5:49 am
firefighters are at the scene of a three-alarm fire. it is burning in the 1500 belong of oak street. we've got a crew headed to the scene right now to see what's going on. we'll check in with them as soon as they arrive and try to gather any new information we can bring to you. 5:49 right now. early forecast this year wub strong holiday shopping season, but the election may have changed that. adobe says online sales for the first two weeks of november actually came in lower than expected. bay area morgan stanley adviser says uncertainty can make consumers cautious about spending. experts say this holiday weekend will be a good indicator for the way the rest of the shopping season will go. >> happening today, a special delivery for the white house. first lady michelle obama will receive the final white house christmas tree of her husband's presidency. this year's tree is a 19-foot douglas fir donated by a group from wisconsin. meanwhile, president obama offering a message of unity in his final thanksgiving address.
5:50 am
he acknowledged this was a divisive election. >> we focus on the candidate we support instead of some of the ideals that we share. a few short weeks later, thanksgiving reminds us, no matter our differences, we're still one people. >> mr. obama made several phone calls to service members to thank them. earlier the first family served dinner at the armed forces retirement home in d.c. in the meantime, the president-elect says he's working hard even during this sthg holiday. mr. trump tweeted he's trying to get the carrier air conditioning plant to stay in indiana. earlier this year the company announced it was moving production to mexico, taking 1,400 johns. during the campaign mr. trump made reference to the company saying, if it moves to mexico, it would pay a hefty tax on imports into the united states. of course, under nafta it does not. mr. trump says he wants to renegotiate nafta. 5:50. astronauts aboard the international space station
5:51 am
celebrated thanksgiving. the crew enjoyed the dinner, two of the six members of the crew are nasa astronauts from the u.s. the menu traditional thanksgiving dinner, but lacked some of the touches of home. nasa commander shane kim bra described the meal in a video recorded last week. >> our food is a little different. here is our turkey right here. it's going to be in a pouch. we'll heat this up and it will taste really good, just like you're having at home. >> i doubt it. >> on the menu, dehydrated cornbread dressing, green beans and mushrooms and mashed potatoes. >> i guess you can't have gravy. >> can you put hot sauce on it or do you have to chase it around the air with the turkey? that's what we were doing yesterday, everyone enjoyed a nice hot meal. hopefully you're feeling good this morning, heading back to work or maybe you're going out shopping.
5:52 am
here is a live look outside at san francisco. the clouds are starting to move in. that will be the trend as we go through the rest of the day. it is also very chilly. this is the kind of mornings we've been waking up to recently. 47 degrees with a high today expected to reach up to 58. here is the next storm system, we can see this area of low pressure that's produced heavy amounts of rain for the pacific northwest. now we're starting to see that rain moving into california at this point, moving into the bay area later tonight starting in the north bay and spreading to the south. right now it's 42 degrees in concord, 41 in palo alto and san jose as well as san francisco cruz and san francisco once again, 47. heading into the low 60s today. after that cold start, it will be a nice afternoon, but mostly 50s for the north bay, san francisco and the east bay. and the rain once again getting closer. it may be heavy at times. here we are at 3:30 in the morning. the rain begins to pour in the north bay.
5:53 am
so mostly cloudy skies throughout the day that should not interrupt your black friday shopping. shopping tomorrow will be pretty soggy. you'll want to make sure you have working windshield wipers as a nice sturdy umbrella. we'll have breezy winds, the rain becomes more spotty on sunday and most of the rain will be tapering off by sunday afternoon before the next round moves in. rainfall totals may reach about half an inch for most of the bay area. and in lake tahoe, the snow starts coming down. in south lake tahoe we're expecting about five inches of snow there. some of the higher elevations may get close to a foot of snow and staying chilly over the next seven days for san francisco as well as the inland areas. scott and laura? >> thank you. coming up, if you're not shopping, you're probably going out to a movie. we'll show you what's in theaters coming up. happening now, there's gridlock at some of the bay area's biggest shopping areas. before you head out the door,
5:54 am
download our nbc bay area app to get realtime traffic information whenever you need it. on our home page, hear from a woman who survived a vicious bear attack. more of this morning's top stories as welcoming up in just two minutes.
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5:57 am
there was an afternoon day of fine deaning. >> with the future still uncertain, the restaurant owners decided to push their own problems aside and help those in need. the gourmet meal with five-star service was served to the needity. >> the workers are happy while giving back. >> the owner, an immigrant from ethiopia was once homeless herself. the community rallied behind her during the eviction battle four months ago. it's now rescinded. while she's still fighting to get a lease, she says she has so much to be grateful for for this holiday season. the thanksgiving holiday is always a big time at the box office. >> a lot of people head to the movies. several new films in theaters if you're looking for something to do on this rainy saturday. first up, "moan"moana."
5:58 am
it's rated pg. >> brad pitt and marianne cotillard fall in love, get married and pitt finds out his wife may be working for the bad guys. it's rated r. >> "rules don't apply." a chauffeur falls for an actress hired by his boss. >> bad santa 2, billy bob thorton a thorton. this is also a very much rated r movie. >> last week end's box office winner expected to be another big hit again this weekend. eddie redmayne stars in "fantastic beasts and where to
5:59 am
find them." it's the harry potter prequel set in the magical world of new york city. it made $75 million in the first weekend. it's rated pg 13. right now at 6:00, we are following breaking news this morning. a three-alarm fire that is happening right now in san mateo. our crews are headed to the scene. >> we're tracking a wet weekend ahead as well. kari? >> here is a live look outside at the radar as that storm system approaches. yes, it will be not only wet, but cold, too. i'll have a look at what to expect in the microclimate forecast. >> reporter: two escaped inmates are still on the run, but surveillance video may be a clue into expanding this manhunt. >> fans around the world this morning mourning the loss of florence henderson, the be loved mom from t"the brady bunch." we'll take a look at her life and legacy and how other celebrities are reacting this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
a lot of good memories watching that show, so many of them. you know what today is. yeah, you do, it's black friday. here is a live look at the outlets in livermore this morning. stores expecting a very busy day of shopping already under way. the lines are huge. >> we'll have team coverage all morning long in some of the bay area's most popular shopping spots. make sure you're ready to head out the door. in the meantime, good morning everyone. >> scott is in for sam this morning. took a little turkey day off. i'm laura garcia-cannon. kari hall joins us as well. a cold start to the day. >> it is really cold again this morning. it seems like we're settling in to a pattern here. very chilly morning. so i guess we better get used to it. maybe you're going out shopping for a warm coat. you need it. it is 37 degrees in livermore and morgan hill. 47 in oakland and napa starts out the morning at 44 degrees. as we get a look at what so expect as far as the high temperatures to


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