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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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breaking news -- frightening moments at ohio state university this morning -- as police respond to an active car-and-knife attack on campus. tweets from the school warned students to "run, hide, fight". sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. here's the latest on this breaking story -- a lot of new information coming in during the last half hour. police say that the suspect is dead--- but not before injuring 10 people. first with a car, then with a butcher's knife. ==kris//take vo== also new-- nbc's pete williams is reporting the attacker is an ohio state student--- and somali refugee--- who was a lawful permanent u-s resident. meanwhile -- the university police says one of its officers saw what was happening and shot that suspect--- ending the threat. a shelter-in-place warning was
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lifted about 90 minutes later, and the scene declared, "secure." 10 victims are being treated at hospitals -- one is in critical condition. ==sam//sidemap== as for the response--- university officials immediately issued an "active shooter on campus" tweet. it said: "buckeye alert: active shooter on campus. run hide fight. watts hall. 19th and college." this of course is before it was clear that it was a car-and-knife attack. watts hall is the material science and engineering building on campus. students describe those first few moments as heart-pounding, and chaotic.. ==take sot== (s/mos student / :15) "i was going to class and just saw people was running, and was nervous. i was like, 'oh crap.' (reporter asks question about seeing a body) i walked towards where people were running from." outcue: were running from trt: 15 ==take con't vo== ohio state has cancelled classes for the rest of the day. we're working with our network team... and our affiliate in columbus. as soon as new information comes in - we'll bring it to you here and online.
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kris/rail our other top story. three people are being questioned right now in connection with last week's jailbreak in san jose. nbc bay area was first in bringing you that breaking news on thanksgiving morning. the people being questioned were taken into custody overnight at a gilroy motel. boxes our bob redell is there live -- bob - tips from the public led deputies to that motel. live intro the sheriffs office tells us this morning: and i am quoting here's a look at the fugitives once again.
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here's a look at the fugitives once again. if you spot them -- police say don't approach them -- they could be dangerous. call 9-1-1.
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==sam/cu== the south san francisco police officer who was hit in the head with a skateboard -- is showing signs of improvement. chyron officer robby chon has been in critical condition since he was attacked last thursday. he was running after a suspect...when the man allegedly attacked him. ==vo== you're looking at surveillance video of that chase. doctors say they're "cautiously optimistic" about chon's progress. a vigil is planned for the officer in front of the city's police station on arroyo drive, tonight at seven o'clock. =sam/take vo= now to weather... and we wade into your holiday forecast. two feet. that's how how much new snow arrived in the sierra -- thanks to back-to-back storms. and it's not over yet -- more snow is expected to fall this morning. crews working to clear the roads were definitely kept busy. ==sam//live== back here in the bay area -- the sun is shining. a live look outside -- downtown san francisco. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall. kari -- we are looking at a dry week? ==kari//wx chroma==
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it's a story that's shaken a small north bay community -- a father accused of killing his own daughter. police say gerardo ordaz drowned his daughter in a baptismal font. today, he was back in court for a second time. live wipe nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us now live from the sonoma county superior court. and pete, the defendant's own lawyers posed questions about his mental state. what did you learn today? live intro 42 year old gerardo mendoza ordaz faced a judge
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new details -- president-elect donald trump is reacting to the death of fidel castro and cuba. he tweeted this morning "if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban/american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate deal." ==kris//wx wall== millions of people are mourning the death of fidel castro in cuba -- the dictator who ruled the island nation for nearly five decades died friday. there will be nine days of mourning in cuba. a public funeral will be on sunday. the mood is very different in miami's little havana -- there's celebration on the streets. anim
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live nbc's sarah rosario is live in miami -- sarah many cubans there say castro's death marks a new chapter of freedom. sarah ad libs sarah/live pkg
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top vo a trip up the sierra turns dangerous. the search for an elderly couple that has not been seen for days. vo plus -- muni hacked. the concerns riders might have when they get on the train today. take sot outcue:coming up in biz and tech trt: 4 responds tipline
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ad-lib numbers kris 2 shot looking for bargains this "cyber monday"? sam /omni
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scott mcgrew says.. look up. =take pkg== outcue: to dig a hole trt: 1.35
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==kris/anim== happening today... ==cu== state lawmakers try to get to the bottom of the scandal involving wells fargo's fake bank accounts. ==vo== the san francisco-based bank has admitted to setting up unauthorized accounts - without customers' permission - in order to reach agressive sales targets. the bank has agreed to pay a
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185-million dollar federal settlement. the state senate's banking committee is holding a hearing to find out who should be held accountable. ==sam/rail== happening today... san francisco mayor ed lee is visiting south korea. mayor lee is in seoul today-- to talk about trade and cultural opportunities. he's also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the san francisco-seoul 'sister city' relationship. ==gfx== ==sam/cu== a follow-up to a story we first broke on friday. support is now pouring in -- for a south bay islamic center -- that received a threatening letter. ==take vo== the letter was sent to the evergreen islamic center in san jose. it called parishoners "children of satan", and said trump is going to cleanse america of muslims. it was signed by quote, "americans for a better way." ==chy== this weekend -- some parishoners arrived to find this at the islamic center -- flowers and notes filled with well-wishes. two other mosques in southern california also received the threatening letter. ==kris/cu== the investigation into a cyberattack on
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muni continues today... though this morning, the san francisco metropolitan transportation authority is assuring the public that the only fall-out for riders... was a free ride. take fullscreen this morning, s-f-m-t-a spokesman - paul rose - told us - quote - "there has been no impact to transit service, to our safety systems or to our customers' personal information." ==vo== starting late friday muni ticket stations across san francisco reportedly said "you hacked... all data encrypted." some puzzled riders were waved through without paying a fare. take sot no font mos: ...ticket entry and we we kind of confused, we thougt maybe it broken at first, and then like oh, it's free maybe it was a holiday thing or something they were doing out=...they were doing runs=:10 kris/ cont vo muni officials are investigating who was behind the attack. muni is running normally today. ==sam/vo== a developing story now.. the search is on for a northern california couple-- missing in el dorado county. "rory and susan holloter" from yuba city went for a drive saturday morning...
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relatives say the couple then called and texted saying they were stuck in the snow in a mountainous area and they can't say exactly where they are. the el dorado county sheriff's office and chp have been searching ever since. =sam/cu= as the temperatures drop-- santa clara county is opening up it's winter shelters today. =take vo+rail= the homeless will now have access to nearly 4-hundred additional beds starting today. from sunnyvale down to gilroy-- various locations will now be open. the shelters will be open as early as 3-30 this afternoon. =3 shot down the line= toss to wx. =microclimate omni!!= =wx/ck= =wx toss ancs= kris//2shot coming up next -- ==take vo== a neighborhood dispute turns political.
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dispute turns political. ==take vo== but it didn't end there. the dangerous turn of events that have homeowners beefing up security. sam//anim but first happening now -- halfslab the spaceship is almost ready for "lift-off". new drone video shows apple's new building -- the spaceship-- taking shape. check out the bird eye's view of the construction on our twitter page. ==reveal== plus -- a ice skating rink in hot water? an amusement park in japan is under fire for it's controversial skating rink which is featuring 5- thousand frozen fish. check out photos on our facebook page. we are back in 2 minutes. =cam 5 bump= anchors abb welcome back??? li a dispute between neighbors
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turns political in the east bay. a family found dozens of american flags with pro trump messages on their lawn. ==kris//2 shot== but things... took a dangerous turn after that. ==sam//2 shot== now, as nbc bay area's rick boone reports from concord... that family says police are not doing enough. ==take pkg== oc: standard runs 1:34 ==sam/cu== controversy followed 49er quarterback colin kaepernick >> reporter: yeah, outside do cocker pd where investigators are taking this seriously now that public safety is at risk.
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>> there were flags all over the front lawn and there was one in the framework to our screen door. >> jane and dennis heartlove claim they're being harassed by their neighbor with 56 american flags, some with pro-trump messages written on them. the couple think the dispute is possibly over parking spaces on the street, but they say they're not really sure what they did wrong. >> i thought, okay, fine, he got drunk and decided to put some flags in milan. so i pulled them off and put them in. >> reporter: then the heartloves say about an hour later, the same neighbor across the street cut off the power to their home by cutting the pg&e line on the side of their house. >> i thought wait a minute, this is a whole escalation. he's cut the power on my house. what next? home invasion? i'm in danger now. so this is the security system we had to buy. >> reporter: now the family is installing security cameras in hopes of catching the vandal in action. >> we felt our family was under
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attack. >> reporter: police have questioned the suspended neighbor but he denied any action. so now the heartloves say it's up to them to go it alone to stop what they feel is unnecessary harassment. >> i used to be friends with his wife, and i don't really know where things went south or why. >> reporter: rick boone, nbc bay area news. an interesting weekend for colin kaepernick, not just because of what happened on the field, but controversy followed him onto the field in miami sunday. dolphins fans booed him heavily. this is because earlier in the week kaepernick got in a spirited discussion with a cuban born reporter. when the reporter asked kaepernick why he wore a shirt earlier in the year supporting castro. he asked him why he supported castro about some things. >> what i said was i agreed with the investment and education. i also agreed with the investment in pre-universal health care. and trying to push the false narrative that i was a supporter
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of the oppressive things that he did is just not true. >> kaepernick gathered that he understood why south florida specifically would have objections for any kind of support for fidel castro. coming up, keeping the raiders in oakland, only on nbc bay area. ronnie lock's first interview since the bid was announced.
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only on nbc bay area... what's really happening with the raiders stadium deal? and - it is too late to stop the only on nbc bay area, what's really happening with the raider stadium deal and is it too late to stop the team from moving to las vegas. >> the man who wants to keep them here the most talks to us. >> reporter: thoughtful and confident, this might be the biggest challenge of ronnie lock's career.
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at issue, not just a new stadium for the raiders, but also dealing with a mayor who hopes not to lose her jewel of a city and her owner, who continues to stay committed to los angeles. you've got the buy-in of the mayor but not the buy-in of the fans. >> because you put something on the table that you hope they'll refuse. that has not been the case. until we're able to do that, that should be the posture that he should take. he's got something that is very valuable, and that is a bid in lo las vegas. he doesn't have that here. and until he has that, and i think john madden said it, yeah, they want to stay here. the tough part now is time is running out. >> reporter: it's not a matter of months, it's a matter of
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days. oakland will try to fast-track lott's proposal in a closed door session on tuesday. meanwhile, that glistening stadium deal in las vegas has already been approved, and casino mogul cheryl addleson has pledged $600 million. >> what i want to make sure is we have more than him. >> reporter: do you have more than him? >> i think we have more than him. >> lott has reached out to several financeers. do you think your biggest challenge is to convince them to have ownership here? >> i hathought this is one of those things in life where it is
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due to words, wear kwoyour hardt and get it done. >> take off your helmet and wear your hard hat. lott says the city of oakland has options on the table for the a's, but bottom line, we'll know more after tuesday's city council meeting. a scare for movie goers heard gunshots outside a theater. it all started when a man threatened a security guard there, saying he had a gun and that he would shoot him. that's when the security guard shot that man who actually was not armed with a weapon. the shooting, though, frightened movie goers, some of whom took cover in a storage room. >> scared me to death. it was comforting to know she was locked somewhere behind a door, but still. >> reporter: the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries,
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and authorities questioned the guard and shut the theater down for the night. after being injured in a drug smuggling bust, that incident happened near pescadero. three suspects were trying to smuggle drugs into the park. deputies assisted in that bus. the suspects were in a panga boats, mistloor what you see here. panga boats are typically used by suspended drug smugglers. after the arrest, details were revealed. a jury trial is expected to begin for a dog groomer suspended of animal cruelty followed by the death of the dog while in his care. petsmart had to fire a worker who had a dog under his care that later died.
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it was revealed that the dog had two punctured lungs and broken ribs. he is facing felony charges. so many unwanted questions in the case of a mother found alive three weeks after she disappeared. police found sherri papini in a remote area. she disappeared while jogging and was found 150 miles from her home, and experts say this is a bizarre case. >> there are hours and weeks of investigation that lay out there, and the victim, of course, is the best witness. she is the one that can break this case wide open. >> investigators say they still only have a hazy account of her abductors. they were reportedly two hispanic females driving an suv. a search of the area from where papini was found have yielded no
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clues. police are cracking down on drunk driving. extra patrolmen were stopping people this last weekend. they made 179 arrests in six hours. jill stein filed paperwork for a recount in pennsylvania, and now donald trump is claiming voter fraud cost him the popular vote. this just hours after hammering hillary clinton on twitter for backing recount efforts in key swing states. but the question still, is there any proof of illegal voting? and at this point, does any of it really matter. here's nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: his election allegations unfounded and unproven, the president-elect undeterred, saying he won the popular vote if you consider the number that voted illegally.
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donald trump claiming voter fraud nationally, and in three states specifically, virginia, new hampshire and california. the president-elect's transition team has not clarified what exactly he's talking about, but it is clear why he's talking, seemingly irritated by an election recount set in motion by the green party presidential candidate jill stein in wisconsin and maybe two more battlegrounds soon. hillary clinton's campaign now joining in, making clear they didn't start the battle, nor did they expect to change the results. clinton's campaign tweeting, we are getting attacked for participating in a recount that we didn't ask for by the man who won election but thinks there is massive fraud. trump used his own words against her, she says. this from november 9. >> we must accept these results and then look toward the future. >> it is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group
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of people who thought they were nervous about president-elect trump not conceding is now being questioned. >> there was a 45-minute conversation between donald trump and president obama this weekend. >> there is a respect for the process and a peaceful transition of power, which is why this recount by jill stein and now the hillary people are so confounding and disappointing. >> reporter: kellyanne conway, one of trump's key advisers, also making a public push against mitt romney. a forever trump leader, now one of contention for secretary of state. >> i'm also part of unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with a secretary of state position. >> hallie jackson reporting there. the president-elect has more meetings planned at trump tower today. closer to home today, some
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candidates could have been having some restless days here. 10,000 will be recounted. the santa clara's office automatically recounts if it falls within 4.5% of votes. others involve school board races. the county is going to verify its final results on december the 8th. stay with us for potential recounts. you can also add the where we posted more information to our front pa pa page. bart's service is underperforming since two years ago. the east bay times said summer ridership fell 5% compared to one year ago, even though numbers of total passengers grew. bart so far has lost nearly $900,000 on this service after
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projecting a $2 million profit over the last two years. they blame ride-sharing companies for the lack of growth. the holiday shopping season is picking up even more steam. over the weekend, customers turned to the internet in record numbers, and tens of millions are heading back on line today, looking for more deals. >> as nbc's jillian kent shows us, everything on sale may not necessarily be a good deal. >> 122 million americans are expected to log on and shop today, potentially making it the biggest shopping day in history, according to the adobe index. on friday it $3 million mark. 800 million shopped on line. unlike last year, retailers preparing for a wave of spending
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on mobile devices. walmart and target already reporting 60% of purchases were made with smartphones and tablets over the thanksgiving day weekend. apple offers the iphone 5s for $149. at target, bed sheets and bedpillo bedpillows. a busy mother of two plans to avoid the crowds this year. >> i don't have to worry about the crowds and the chaos. i can sit here in my pajamas and do my shopping. >> make a list and check it twice. this will prevent you from overspending. look for coupon codes to get extra money off and free shipping. and be skeptical. >> do you know which item is the best quality for the lowest
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possible price? that doesn't mean you're just going for the cheapest. residents in one las vegas neighborhood using. residents are using fake packages to actually lure thieves to her property. the thieves believe they're stealing a package with good and vaublz. instead they're stealing a package with -- brace yourself -- dog pop. >> we probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it. i mean, you know. >> well, they got what was coming to them. that proves a german shepherd comes in handy for more than just home security. >> for the record, we did not need to see it. i know what it looks like.
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i pick tit up every day. plus the hottest ticket is on sale. plus nbc bay area responds. plig to a oemless many. >> the clouds are still lingering in south bay but it's clearing. swreel dryer weather this week. swreel more and take it to any. to an east bay man who feels his
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extended warranty fell short. nbc bay area responds when an east bay man who feels his accident tend extended warranty fell short. >> after he shelled out a thousand bucks. >> jackson in fremont paid $2600 for a tv at fry's three years ago. he also paid $500 for an extended warranty. he was glad he did because a few months ago it broke. fry's offered to give him a different one. he didn't want that tv but asked for a refund instead. instead they offered him a $1,500 credit. he didn't think that was fair so he called us. after talking to us, they offered 30% discount on
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speakers. fry's said they pride themselves on being a store where a customer can shop with confidence. they said they're happy to provide another happy customer experience. visit n brbcbayarea responds. >> we are going to see a lot of green in the coming weeks as we get closer to christmas. >> we need the rain. >> but not that much green on your radar other than what we see here and later this week. >> we had the right rain move through this morning. it has moved out. now we're seeing clearing skies. check out ocean beach right now. it's only 59 degrees, and you throw in that gusty wind and it feels very cool out there. so as you head out, some long sleeves, but here's another view of that radar with that storm system that once again brought
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us some light rain this morning, continues to move over toward the sierra and is bringing some light snow there after a pretty good amount of snow over the weekend with a stronger weather system that has now moved out. it's 53 degrees in livermore. morgan hill it's 56. 59 in oakland, palo alto and san francisco. i think the temperature will hold steady for a few hours. our winds adding some choppy conditions along the beaches. so spots like oak beach will have those windy rip currents. highs reaching into the upper 50s to right about 60 degrees. an overall cool day and many sfots cooler than where we should be for this time of year. the kids going back to school
11:48 am
today. well, they'll have clear conditions and also chilly going into tonight. by wednesday the next weather system moves in, but this one does not look at all impressive. in fact, some scattered showers, it will be very light, and that's all we have in the forecast for this week. so definitely a good week to get the christmas tree, some of those decorations and also get some shopping in if you're getting an early start. once again, spotty rain on wednesday in san francisco. about 60 degrees for the inland areas. then our temperatures gradually warm as we go through the rest of the week with some upper 50s to low 60s. once again, slightly cooler than average. we'll be right back to where we should be for the weekend, and it looks like it will be a weekend where you can already go ahead and start making some plans to get outside because we've been pretty much shut in the past couple weekends, chris and sam, with all that rain we had.
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once again, instagram posts being featured in vogue. how they captured the eye of gucci. stores all across the bay area
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in a mad hunt for gifts. some may hold dreams of some shoppers are hitting stores all across the bay area in a mad hunt for gifts and some good deals. some may hold dreams of some gucci under the tree. >> that might be dreams, music to many people's ears. they show us a bay area artist whose gucci dreams came through in an unusual way. >> primarily i draw. >> reporter: for countless hours over long years, artists will toil away, hoping for that one big break. >> exactly like that. >> reporter: but you might say jade fish took the scenic route. >> i actually studied biology my
11:52 am
first few years in college. >> reporter: the san francisco artist was inspired by things like nature and fashion. >> i just loved natural forms and animals. >> reporter: even dead ones. >> my taxidermied mouse. i taught myself how to do it. >> reporter: she had inspiration from her husband who also likes fashion. not long ago, jade fish started drawing tarot cards. >> i love the symbolism in tarot cards. >> mikaeli is heading the fashion line at gucci. >> he happened to see me and contact me and asked if i would be open to gucci acquiring them. gucci ended up buying fish's drawing. this year the couple got invited to italy for the gucci fashion show, though she wasn't exactly
11:53 am
sure why. no idea? >> no. >> i was excited and nervous and mostly making sure she didn't explode. >> it was a smoke-filled room, dim, red lighting. >> we were just sitting there and literally one by one they started coming down. >> reporter: and that's when the couple saw it. >> oh, my god. clothes come down that had my illustrations printed on them. >> oh, wow, there's a little tiny owl on that. >> i was in awe. >> reporter: the gucci that once inspired fish now inspired her art. >> just literally by using the hash tag of a dude's name? it seemed impossible, but it actually happened. >> reporter: jade fish has actually been written up in magazines like vogue and el. what is the moral of the story? maybe these days the point between two lines is a social barrier. >> you have to stop throwing away your doodles.
11:54 am
>> seriously. versaci is coming next for me. fish is going to be opening her first solo art show on december 9 at the upper playground gallery in san francisco. >> maybe that will be more affordable than the gucci fashion show. >> no doubt. >> we'll be right back.
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we want to bring you some breaking news out of oakland. right now you can see our chopper overhead. this is near the mccarthy bart station. what we know at this point, it
11:57 am
appears two people were shot dead here in that 1700 block of 39th street. we also see a vehicle that appears to be perhaps not where it's supposed to be. it looks like there might have been a collision of some sort right there. investigators are there on the scene. opd is there. the mcarthur bart station is just about a block away. >> we'll have more from that, by the way, at news at 5:00 and 6:on 0 pretty nicely. >> things are clearing up. we all have a few days of dry weather. rain returns to the bay area but it doesn't look like a lot of rain cht it will be mild as we head into the weekend. i think a lot of spots dipping into the upper 30s. >> i'll make sure to wear some tights tomorrow. our next newscast is at 5:00.
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nbc10. why. then later a remedy how she overcame the backlash after releasing her controversial pillow. . >> oh, i am so relaxed
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. stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three -- >> doesn't that look awesome? so relaxing. >> oh, wow! look at it there. >> i don't know what that is. everything that is too big to take home. 26 days until christmas, people shopping like crazy. i like it's going way too fast. americans already spent millios of dollars. they


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