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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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=w . ==wx toss trx== ==trx/ck= ck traffic maps "bart" is recovering... a second ago kari said hold on to your hats. make sure covering your ears too. >> our moms always say cover your head. yes do that this morning. we are also seeing those gusty winds kick up. once again that live look. you tell the camera is shaking around a bit. we're going to check in with wind advisories on those bridges. temperatures advisories not as cold. we felt them tipping a lot more along the coast. we'll talk about all of that and a beautiful weekend ahead coming up heading over to mike. >> . >> there was a maintenance vehicle blocking the bart track
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and it has cleared as we said and now i'm going to say trains should be ontime by the time you get to the station, of course you're at home watching us right now, that's right here in this airplania. the bay bridge toll plaza is the only real issue. also talking about a dpuft or two through the gust or two out of the altemont pass. er is outside san francisco city hall to explain the new proposal-- that would allow drug users to shoot-up in a supervised health center. =take pkg= =outcue "...pete su for today in the bay."= =runs 1:00= ==kris/anim== new this morning... ==cu== . yes good morning to you guys back in the studio. it's a very controversial issue. the city of san francisco may be
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one step closer to letting drug addicts shoot up inside health centers. biggest hurdle is that it is against california law. city leaders want to let those with addictions use already existing navigation centers created to help the homeless. state law has to be changed to allow centers also help addicts. >> we want to help the drug user by giving them a safe place but also the neighborhood. some say san francisco police officers are going too far in their latest repo . >> in san francisco for today in the bay reform plan. ==nat== "many will die or be injured -
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this could actually happ . some say san francisco police are going too far in their response to controversial reform plan. >> many will die or be injured. >> this could happen with the proposal before the city police commission. >> the police officer union come out with a new proposal to restrict officers from shooting at moving vehicles and the ad dramaticizes what mied happen if the motorist guns his vehicle into a crowd. critics call the ad misleading. it's set to air today. family and friends gather one year after san francisco police officers shot and killed woods who stabbed someone and refused to drop his knife. it has touched a nervous in the neighborhood. ==anim== ==sam/topvo== a san francisco supervisors' committee has given preliminary approval to memorialize another controversial police shooting.
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in 2014 .. officers shot and killed alex nieto at bernal heights park. officers say the security guard had pointed his taser gun at officers. jurors earlier this year sided with police in a wrongful death suit. supervisor john avalos wants a plaque built to mark nieto's death. that motion will go before the full board on december 13th. =topvo= a somber anniversary... today marks one year since the san bernardino terror attacks... 14 people were killed-- and 22 others injured when a married couple opened fire at a county holiday party.. =kris/cu= syed farook and tashfeen malik were later killed in a shootout with police. =vo= there will be several events today in honor of the victims-- starting with a memorial bike ride this morning.. county employees will then hold a moment of silence at 10-58 a-m to remember the first 9-1-1 call placed. there will also be a public ceremony tonight to honor the lives lost. =sam/cu= palo alto police are trying to
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track down a man who reportedly exposed himself to a dog walker wednesday afternoon. =take vo= officers released this sketch of the suspect.. police say it happened off louis road shortly after noon.. a woman was walking her dog-- when a driver pulled up next to her and asked for directions-- that's when she saw the driver had exposed himself. =take vo= the woman was able to snap a photo of the man's car as he made a u-turn. it's a older model four-door maroon mazda sedan with a spoiler. police say this is the only incident they're aware of in this area. =sam/cu= we're learning two additional people have fallen seriously ill in antioch-- all in connection to a community thanksgiving meal. =take vo= now-- in total three people are dead-- and 18 others sick.. all the victims ate thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall-- in an event organized by the golden hills community church. county health officials are still investigating what caused people to become sick-- but they think it's likely a food-bourne illness. biological samples have been sent to the centers for
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disease control and prevention for additional testing-- a process that could take months. ==kris/cu== a death investigation is underway at a napa day care center -- after a baby is found unresponsive. police say it happened at a licensed facility on oxford street -- around three o'clock wednesday afternoon. officers found the 8-month-old boy unconscious and unresponsive -- he died at the scene. police say there were no obvious signs of trauma. few other details are being released at this time. right now reports that there are major changes in the works for the largest park in menlo park, at the 160-acre bay facing park that will be over couple decades. may include -- ==stop stop stop==
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==omni== =wx/ck let's hope that master plan could be in place by 2018. good morning the time now is 6:06. don't bother with styling your hair this morning. it's windy out there. we look live outside at the san mateo bridge. wind advisory in effect. definitely keep an eye on some of those wind gusts throughout the morning and early afternoon. we've already had a wind gust in san francisco. 28 miles an hour. a little bit higher in a few spots. later today we will see those highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. will be nice with warmer temperatures for the weekend. we'll highlight quite a few events going on around the bay area. head over now to mike. with an update on bart. >> look how much green is on the map. we'll talk about the south bay. we do have an issue north bound 101.
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near alum rock avenue may build from 680 up to 880. lighter flow than normal around the bay area. ==trx toss ancs== we'll show you the bay bridge toll plaza with the only real back up for the east bay. it is there. this is the back up we specifically see in the area. what it looks like. we have a light back upcoming out of the lanes and fast track moving well. back to you. thank you very much. up next the warriors take on the rockets in a thrilling double ot game as the doves look to keep their 12-game winning streak alive. >> that's why your friends look tired today. we'll see the play for the flagrant foul on warriors star draymond green. and we look live outside now
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at bay bridge. yes that camera has been bouncing all morning long. there's a wind advisory in effect, much more on that right after the break.
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happy friday. it is 6:11 now and tonight in jack london square there will be a tree lighting from 5:00 to
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7:00. if you're going to check it out make sure to have on nice, warm clothes and maybe some hot chocolate. it will be 53 degrees. let's look at the weekend forecast. coming up. >> going to have a wind advisory from chp. we have a back up at the bay bridge. thanks, mike. entertain, yes. satisfying not so much for fans, not after the doves lost a thriller to the houston rockets. they did a while to do it. kevin durant in double overtime draymond green was given a flagrant foul late and the doves went down 132-127 and there's that flagrant foul right there. it's just the third warriors loss of the season. fewest of any team. the doves host the phoenix suns
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tomorrow at orakpo. tomorrow at oracle. tip off there 6:00. >> hopefully not another double ot jobs report, which was just released within the past hour. the labor department says 178-thousand jobs were added last month. that could make it almost certain the federal reserve will hike interest rates later this month. the dow rising 68 points yesterday to 19-191, a new record high. the nasdaq falling 72 to 52- 51. ==sam/vidbox== watch shares of starbucks today. they fell about four-percent last night, after founder howard schultz announced he's stepping down as c-e-o, to focus on starbucks' high- end stores. schultz will be replaced by chief operating officer kevin johnson, who's played a big role in the rollout of starbucks' popular mobile app. starbucks' stock is up more than 500-percent since schultz returned as c-e-o in 2008.
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==sam/vidbox== the white house wants to capitalize on the success of "pokemon go" by launching an augmented-reality app called "1600." when users point their phone at a dollar bill, the app focuses on george washington's face, and builds the white house on top of it. you can watch events like the annual easter egg roll, and even discover hidden items, including various past presidents. ==kris/2shot== saint francis high school in mountain view is celebrating its 28th annual fundraiser "christmas at our house." ==sam/2shot== the fundraiser benefits financial aid programs. it kicked off last night with a christmas gala, and today the school is launching its "holiday boutique." ==kris/boxes== today in the bay's vianey arana is live in mountain view this morning-- with a sneak peak inside the boutique. vianey? . ==omni== >> well, i have been doing a little shopping before hand, i can't evenly.
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can't even lie. this is one of my favorite things about the holiday. look at this set up. it's beautiful. perfect gifts for anyone in the house, i have a perfect look for what you can find. we have a men's bag, pretty cool, sam, i might look at for you. and chris, check this nice new bag. >> i like it. >> you like that. that color is beautiful. and of course this cute dog for the dog lovers. table matts. perfect. we got some bulls. a little bit of everything. lotions. perfumes. you want to know my favorite part of christmas aside from the gifts is all of the holiday cheer, the christmas song, we got the parent volunteers setting up. it starts at 1:30 and runs until about 8:30 here we have a
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talented group of kids take it away guys. ♪ >> all right thank you guys. and they've been practicing all day for that. they're going to be here taking it away. right here we have parent volunteer and the president. so tell me what's this mean for the school and this is your 28th year doing this. >> this is a wonderful way to support our financial aid program to ensure all of our students and parents have access to quality education here at st. francis. >> wonderful. and you guys work year round i'm assuming how long does it take to get everything together to this moment. >> this is a whole year process, a 28-year journey, it brings all of the community together the students, the parents, the faculty, something the community looks forward to every year with
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hundreds of volunteers. >> wonderful. thank you for waking up this early for us. we got some goodies, i've seen candles, julie. i'm going to let them take it away. would ahead guys. ♪ >> oh, that's nice and nice to hear it benefits the scholarship program. ♪ raising money, thanks to those kids for carolling this morning. thank you very much. those kids got up before 6:00 in the morning and they're teenagers, shocking. >> live look outside right now at san francisco right now. this will get you up and out of bed. beautiful, awfully cold though as we've seen in the last couple days here. >> we were saying the wind is
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bad. don't even worry about your hair today. it's just going to blow all around. garbage cans also blowing down the streets this morning. that's what you have to deal with as you head out. a lot of sunshine will be with us today. we're looking at the early morning view of christmas in the park in san jose. they'll see some activity going on even though the rides are not going on. maybe you're planning on going there this weekend. it is look going. now we have a view of san francisco. the temperatures not as cold as we have had at 55 degrees. it feels better, and heading into a very nice weekend. 49 in the tri-valley. no dense fog like yesterday morning. 38 degrees is the current temperature in the north bay. winds kicking up throughout the day with mostly sunny skies. for tomorrow we have the winter
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spectacular going on pretty much all day long. starting in the upper 40s to 63 degrees. lots of sunshine there. also if you go to los gatos at 11:00 it will be 56 degrees. then we head toward most of the bay area san francisco and most of the inner bay we have the holiday train that will be going around from 4:00 to 8:30 it will be about 60 degrees so pleasant and clear. a look at the weekend forecast for san francisco. a mix of sun and clouds for tomorrow as well as sunday. monday the bottom falls out. highs in the mid 50s and we have warning temperatures dropping back to the 40s. close to freezing area and potential of patchy fog too. heading to the weekend. very easy build right now.
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talking about a lighter flow of traffic. friday with the lightest volume at all. right now you might say holy cow what are all these crashes reported. they came in over the last few minutes. we want to watch traffic, closer to the speed limit. and fender benders, not a major concern. no slowing. we'll look at travel time for the east bay looking at 22 minutes all the way to the bay bridge. let me give you a live look ==trx toss anchors== camera also moving because of the winds. back to you. you can see it's cold out there. >> busy out there too. thank you mike. help could be coming for expectant moms to help them go
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into labor faster. plus we look back this morning as nbc bay area responds. >> five figures in 30 days, that's the money we're returning to viewers like you. more on that next.
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nbc bay area responds just wrapped up another banner month fighting for consumers. >> we're returning thousands of dollars to viewers like you.
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>> this month our team successfully settled 29 complaints and refunds totally $41,133 for people around the bay area. our team helped edward in san jose cut through red tape with an airline. he received $750 for damage to baggage he was forced to check. browning had a dispute with cable company and helped him get about $90 back. and in the south bay danny asked us intervene when his brand new windows began leaking and he's been funded $5,174. our most colorful case, this after a contractor painted her mom's house pink and tried to stick $14,000 bill on her property taxes, that debt has
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been erased and the contractor forked over $2400 to have someone else repaint. call us if you need help. airbnb is announcing some big changes for some of its have a great weekend. >> thank you so much. you too. air b & b announcing major changes to commuters in europe could affect us as well. this coming as thousands were exposed for renting their home illegally. the home-sharing website will soon block those in london and amsterdam to block those for renting out their homes for more days than allowed. asked they would do it in san francisco and no comment.
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the supervise voors voted to set a max to 60 days a year to those renting out home to short-term visitors. learn more by going to our website nbcbayarea doits. and click on investigation. new option for expectant moms getting ready for delivery. called a birthing slant allowing women to be upright and mobile during labor to make contractions more effective so labor is shorter. >> in labor the women's pelvis is opening so being upright helps to open the pelvis and helps the baby more effectively fit through the birth canal and come down. >> could also cut down on the c-sections by helping labor progress better. >> still to come. drivers in oakland will soon be
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frustrated when a large parking garage is shut down in downtown. plus two inmates who escaped hear what happened moments before investigators napped one of those two men. s =open omni!!= bob? >> an abduction here at uc santa cruz. the extraordinary step one woman took to save herself from inside a moving vehicle. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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good morning on your friday. 6:30. we're taking a live look outside right now at downtown san jose. all of the set up for christmas in the park there really crystallizing and across the bay area, crystals in some places, who knows, it's been pretty cold. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday morning. >> we're watching a number of different conditions. obviously the cold today and also stronger winds. hair product could be an issue. >> yeah extra hair spray indeed. we start out with gusty winds and will slowly relax going into the afternoon but a lot of sunshine on the way. here's a look at the san mateo bridge where we have a wind advisory in effect. here's a look at the current tempt.
6:31 am
i'll let you know what to expect this weekend. might have a crash in the south bay. >> there's the slow down you saw the orange stretch. i want to show you the south bay. new track reported on north 101. we're now seeing a slow down coming up. that's the airport you see on the map. and the crash will be closer toward the back up. big rig involved with possibly four other vehicles. no major injuries but it is blocking the slow lane. much better after whatever is causing a slow down. it's looking like 22-minute drive out of the back up. slow across the san mateo bridge. 19 minutes far from the worse. back to you. >> thanks, mike. search is on for a driver who held a uc santa cruz student
6:32 am
against her will. happened early yesterday morning. that driver still at large after that student caught a ride from him and he was passing by. >> this just before 1:00 in the morning. we're live on uc campus to explain how that student was able to escape. >> good morning sam and chris, yes, this was very early yesterday morning around 12:45 this woman who was a student at uc santa cruz trying to get to the base of campus for whatever reason she ended up hitching a ride with a stranger, a man in a said an that happened to began driving by. the two began a casual conversation when she got in the car but once they got to her drop off point he kept going. for the next mile she threatened
6:33 am
him and as he slowed she jumped and escaped with minor injuries she was able to get away, he kept going on this is the description he gave. she says he's hispanic, in his mid-20s with short-slick-backed hair. live here uc santa cruz. thank you bob. more details on a redding mother who was abducted and released nearly three weeks later on thanksgiving day. >> today we're talking with investigators and brings us to new information about the case. >> sheriff still has not updated a possible motive to this case but experts are telling us it
6:34 am
has all the telltale signs of a human trafficking case. one of the experts we suppose to was a victim herself. coming up in our story we will talk to her about why sh he says this is such a shot bed region for human trafficking. all that in our live reports. >> thank you very much. you can catch that new report coming up on the today show right after today in the bay. 6:34 on your friday morning. right now two jail escapees recaptured and the people authorities say assisted them are scheduled to make their first court appearances since the man hunt ended. the first one ended on tuesday night in antioch we're hearing for the first time about the details behind the arrest. one deputy saying he was covered
6:35 am
head to toe in full insulation after falling out of an addict. >> he went up there 6'4", 230 pounds i don't think it lasted that long. i think he came crashing through the ceiling and that fall probably took most of the will to fight out of him. >> authorities say the other escaped inmate chavez taken away here was also found hiding in an addict on wednesday night. convicted felon accused of killing a san francisco city worker is accused of killing a department of public works employee just couple blocks from sf general hospital. we found suspect has a long cyst history including robbery in 2010 that ended when irs agent shot him.
6:36 am
he is now accused of killing jermaine jackson and may be gang related. a teacher out of bail on charge after being charged with having sex with a male student. by early summer the 32-year-old p.e. student started having sex with that student off campus. they arrested her on thanksgiving day. she's been with the school district since 2008. an unexpected announcement from president-elect donald trump after a spokes person said there will be no more cabinet announcements until next week.
6:37 am
>> it is james "mad dog" maddis president-elect trump wants him to be secretary of defense. thing is that's a civilian job and he highway patrol been a civilian long enough . we are going to a noungs "maddog mattis" as secretary of defense. >> retired marine general needs a special civilian waiver because he's only been retired three years. this morning mr. trump is back
6:38 am
in new york after announcing a thousand carrier manufacturing job not moving to mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences, not going to happen. >> but 1300 carrier jobs are headed south of the border. >> i feel we've been forgotten from the very beginning. >> today it's back to work on the transition. the secretary state nominee still unannounced. sources telling us they're looking at new candidates. current and former ceos of exxon mobile. and in an interview last night mr. trump is narrowing down his choice for the u.s. supreme court, he says there's three or four people now he's considering. >> thank you very much. now to california politics.
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governor jerry brown named first latino general in history, general becerra has been in congress for a while, he served 12 terms in congress representing l.a. county. well, starting tomorrow bay area crab fishers will have more ocean at their disposal. a 50-mile stretch between point reyes and salt point in sonoma county is poised to open late, that is because of a drop in demoic toxic level that's wreaked havoc on crab last year. the area north of salt point up to humboldt bay is still closed. premium shopping garage will be closed for business indefinitely because of potential dangers in the event
6:40 am
of a earthquake that's 300 spots now not available. it's already tough to find parking and the other garages are more expensive. >> the one under the, under the devry is three times expensive which is why i park here. >> if i get here, say, at 10:00 or later and can't get into this garage, it's very hard to find other parking now. >> reporter: this garage also offers free parking on city council nights in the dull deal garage. they will now take those folks in. public works is not saying when or if this garage will ever reopen. it is friday morning, 6:40 as we head out all clear skies but windy. here's a live look at the bay bridge. kind of unstable because of those winds kicking up. 50 degrees in oakland and up to 58 in livermore. 49.
6:41 am
we do have some 30s in morgan hill. just depends where you are. even just driving you notice the difference going from the valleys and we will have warm weather reaching into the upper 50s to low 60s a little bit warmer than it has been, north bay 63 degrees and beautiful weekend on the way. going into the next several days we'll look at the forecast and some events going on in the next few minutes. but there's a power pole blocking the road, mike? >> yeah this is on a surface street in the area off 680 near freemont power pole went down after an earlier crash this morning. near warm springs boulevard. this will continue for a bit of time. you have a reroute there, that
6:42 am
area will get busy just a few minutes from now. bay bridge still with its meter lights on of course. back to you. thank you very much. coming up next it's also jobs friday for november. new report is out. good news on the hiring front. latest numbers coming up ahead as we take a quick peak at the first ten or twelve minutes of strayeding the dow has dipped 22 points. now over the golden gate bridge, bright, blue sky coming your way. cold temperatures. no clouds mean no blanket trapping in the bay area heat. the forecast is next.
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good friday morning, the time now is 6:45. we have quite a few events going on around the bay area. including the tree lighting in south london scare in oakland. it will be 53 degrees. be sure to wear something nice and warm enjoying that and all the holiday events going on. while we're tracking the weather we're also looking at the road. 101 through palo alto moving very smoothy.
6:46 am
and cal trans train gets lit up today and tomorrow. go to for more information. just into our news room november jobs and unemployment report. $178,000 j1 178,000 jobs added ent . man is going to prison for lighting the chinese consultate on fire will spend three years in prison after pleading guilty to setting it on fire on new year's day 2014. the public defenders office say
6:47 am
it's not politically motivated but suffers from an untreated illness. looks like commuters will have to wait longer for bart warm springs extension to open. the mercury news reports that the delays are starting to add up. as we look at a live picture moments ago the parking lot is still empty. bart still has to run through series of testing operation that's could take weeks, perhaps months. no plans for the hard date station's grand opening. store bought hummus >> trader joes recalling hummus. the product may have been contaminated. they're being pulled by the store over potential
6:48 am
contamination. another important recall thousands of baby bath seats being pulled from shelves because of a potential drowning hazard. all alexi book baby bath seats and chairs intended for kids six months and old, the products can tip over with the baby sitting in them. other news, it's snowing in san francisco. kind of. holiday season is officially here and cal trains getting in the spirit. >> yeah something fun happening. we're live at cal train station, take us inside the train how you feeling? festive? >> yeah. good morning guys. yes it is fake snow but it is snowing here in the holiday cal train station thousands of lights to see here. here you see a drummer boy and they will be traveling through the area starting this weekend. thank you for joining us.
6:49 am
spokes person for cal trains. when they make the stops look at this, show the snow, what's going to be taking place? >> it's going to be a great community event. we're going to have carollers, the salvation army band playing and a lot of characters, it's going to be a great time. >> and it's going to start here tomorrow and on sunday. what can people donate. >> we are partnering with toys for to thes foundation and we will taking donations from families to give to those in need at christmas or otherwise. we partner with the silicone valley community foundation get information where we will be stopping and how long we will be
6:50 am
there for. >> thank you so much. guys i might hop on this train it looks like so much fun. back to you in the news room. >> all right. so many friends and family trying to get away from the snow and come visit us in the bay area and we manufacturer it. >> let's be clear it is definitely cold but not that cold. >> feels cold. >> yes it feels awfully chilly, temperatures dipping into the 30s. >> and san jose another spot you can get fake snow. hey at least it's not real snow and it feels comfortable as it comes down. that's what we will have this weekend as you catch those holiday festivities. here's a look at the north bridge looking quite busy. no fog this morning like previous mornings. heading up to 59 degrees today with clear, gusty winds.
6:51 am
will be cool, cold mornings and clear skies with mild afternoons next week it will be much colder and we still have wind advisory in effect for san mateo bridge. it's now 49 degrees in livermore. 51 in concord. also 51 in san jose. much colder in morgan hill. they're reaching 61 degrees. we do have the winter spectacular going on in redwood city tomorrow land start at 49 degrees during the morning and reaches the up to 53 degrees. once again cool, early, and lots of sun. for the christmas parade tomorrow in los gatos will be 56 degrees at 11:00. and if you are on the cal train around 60 degrees around 4:00 and temperatures dropping going on on sunday as well.
6:52 am
in ti bu ron had the holiday festival at 10 through 6:00 p.m. will be a nice day for that. here's the firework over the next several days. over the nex several days. o over the next several days. re over the next several days. c over the next several days. s over the next several days. t over the next several days. ==trx toss anchors== now an update on the crash in san jose. >> traffic is moving throughout the bay. we're showing you north bound 101 just north of the airport in san jose. 6 south of here 101 up to 7. typical pattern through the south bay. bart had some delays, they've had about an hour to recover.
6:53 am
that problem with bart has cleared from earlier this morning. here's the tri-valley. a little bit of build up. light volume of traffic for 880 from 238 down to dunbar bridge and just about half hour from the bay bridge. great flow. back to you. >> great to hear that. up next. >> includes a uc santa cruz student who hitched a ride at this bus stuff but the person who picked her up wouldn't let her out of the car. what she did to free herself, next. >> 80 dogs in elcajon learn more how you will have a chance to adopt one of those animals. and we'll give you a sneak peek how to watch sports in the
6:54 am
future that's in just two minutes. there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street,
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can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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welcome back. here are the top stories on nbc bay area as you head out the door. >> a frightening situation for a uc santa cruz student who was waiting for a bus at 1:00
6:57 am
yesterday morning when she decided to catch a ride from a passing driver, but the driver kept driving despite her pleas to pull over. when the car slowed just jumped out and the driver took off. two jail escapees recaptured and the people authorities say assisted them a scheduled to make their first court appearances, first suspect taken on tuesday in antioch who was covered in foam insulation from head to toe. the other escaped inmate chavez here also found hiding in a
6:58 am
addict home on wednesday. two people fell seriously il in connection with the thanksgiving meal 3 people have died and 18 others sick, all victims had thanksgiving dinner at american legion hall together. officials believe it is a food-born illness to blame. city one step closer to shooting gallery but are against california law. ==wx/wsi== ==4sho we've been talking about getting festive here now that we're into the second day of december. those christmas tree lightings going up. the vefestivals the ceremonies. >> there's so much. every single neighborhood has
6:59 am
some type of holiday celebration. the weather will be perfect. in fact today will start with milder temperatures reaching 59 degrees. the winds are kicking up. highs in the 60s 63 in the north bay. looking great this weekend. next weekend not so much. >> why did you have to put that? >> couple tough spots. >> yeah just a couple. looking at the map there's a light volume of traffic and a easy flow. we have a slower drive north bound. look how light the traffic flow is there. tougher drive across richmond across the bridge and unspecified hazards on the road. >> all right right now we'd like to say thank you very much for watching us. we're back in 25 minutes with
7:00 am
live local news update. >> that's right we're going to leave you a live look at the cal trains station there you can go and donate. ♪ ♪ good morning. he's back. presid t trump switches into campaign mode during the first stop of his thank you tour. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? while at a post-election forum, things get ugly between top aides for trump and hillary clinton. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no you wouldn't. >> and it went down hill from there. road rage. a former nfl player shot and killed in an altercation near new orleans. the 54-year-old suspect stayed that scene and is in custody being questioned by police right now. south pole rescue.


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