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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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only ones worrying. >> some people in the muslim and iranian community have come to meet with me. and they asked me about the city creating a list of deportation. >> reporter: that doesn't exist. >> it does not exist and it will not exist. >> reporter: city leaders hope immigrants get the message today that san jose is not in the business of enforcing immigration laws. san jose is not an official sanctuary city, and there are no plans to make it one. the chief says this is not about politics. he says this is about protecting people in his community who are living in fear. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, damian. one year later and renewed calls for justice in the police shooting death of mario woods. today family and friends marked the somber anniversary with a series of memorials and demonstrations. starting with a protest at the san francisco hall of justice. christie smith is live in san francisco with more on what the
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demonstrators want. >> reporter: i just spoke about mario woods' mother and she was very emotional as she reflected on this day. she was with a group that was gathered here about 90 minutes ago. many still calling for charges. >> i hope to be okay. >> reporter: mario woods' mother says the past few weeks have been hard as she attended a gathering marking one year since her son was shot and killed by san francisco police. >> and i think it hits harder now, because i think i had to kind of put off the grieving process. >> reporter: the shooting caught on tape drew outrage in the community. the city attorney has defended officers who said woods refused commands to drop a knife unless lethal weapons didn't work. >> what do we want! >> justice! >> reporter: earlier today, protesters marked the anniversary by holding a vigil at the hall of justice. trying to press the district attorney to file charges against the officers. >> we want justice.
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it's been far too long that we have been waiting. here we're waiting a year. >> reporter: the d.a. says the investigation is complex and once it's complete, they can reveal more. san francisco police say they continue to examine their use of force policy and they're already implementing new techniques for deescalating situations. >> not only -- the mentality and philosophy to move and move fast. we have a use of force policy currently. but from that incident created the impetus to change. >> reporter: woods' mother says she has seen progress with how police do deescalate situations. she mentioned two recent cases here in san francisco. but also said she wished that same compassion was shown to her son. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, christie. the two men who cut their way out of a san jose jail last wednesday were back in jail-issued jump suits standing before a judge today. both inmates and a woman accused
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of harboring them made their first court appearance. before he escaped, will he ron campbell had kidnapping, armed robby and carjacking. he faces 30 to 40 years in prison. prosecutors say a conviction potentially adds an extra 16 months to their prison time. chavez will face an added charge of possessing a firearm. carla fernandez, accused helping chavez evade police had her bail set at $350,000, and she could spent up to three years in prison if convict?1w well, a 15-year-old de lasalle high school football player has been released from custody as prosecutors asked police to dig deeper into allegations that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl on the de lasalle campus. contra costa county d.a. office say the investigation is ongoing. police say that sometime during or after the varsity team won a
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playoff game on november 18th, a member of the freshman football team sexually, assaultly assaulted a 15-year-old girl on campus. the suspect was arrested last week and released from juvenile hall last name. frigid temperatures now. a live look at the golden gate bridge where high winds make things even chillier jeff ranieri has the next chance of rain. >> right now, janelle, the area of low pressure in southern california, that's the primary reason why we saw this wind increase right throughout the bay area today. high pressure continues to build in, and that's going to keep the sunny skies into the weekend. so in terms of the max wind gusts, anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. santa rosa up to 21. san francisco, 36. and san jose 26. so the big question everyone wants answered is when could we see that possibility of rain return. the way we see it now, el nino is officially done. la-nina is now back, and that could explain this strong and
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early season start to our wet weather. and rain chances likely could come back by next week. december 8th, 9th and also 10th. and by the way, a 55% chance la nina has an average rain season. i'm back with more at 5:19. >> thank you, jeff. our free nbc bay area app is a great source to track changing temperatures. access our live doppler radar and get a detailed forecast for your neighborhood. well, it was a year ago today that california was rocked by a terror attack. 14 county health workers killed in a shooting rampage in san bernardino. the shooters turned out to be a married couple who had pledged devotion to the islamic state. today several events were held to honor the victims, including a bike ride. officers and members of the community rode 14 miles, one mile for each person that died. at 10:54 a.m., there was also a moment of silence. >> as we honor the 14
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individuals who were lost, their families and all of the victims of the tragedy event that occurred here one year ago today. >> a bell tolled for each person that died. 22 others were wounded in that attack, as well. in the past year, the city says it has refocused efforts to prevent a hateful backlash and encourage tolerance and understanding. that memorial will continue tonight that gets under way in less than 90 minutes. new details surrounding the legal fallout in the shooting death of kate steinle. right now a judge is considering a request by the u.s. government, the city of san francisco and former sheriff to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit against them brought on by her family. kate steinle was killed in july of 2015 on pier 14. kate's parents have sued multiple agencies, saying the policies led to the gunman being freed that day.
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the accused shooter, juan francisco lopez san she's has a long criminal history. he had been at the city jail days before, but the department refused to hold him, citing sanctuary city laws. san jose police ready to pay for your unwanted guns. the police department is hosting a gun buyback at its training substation on great oaks parkway tomorrow. you get a $100 target gift card for turning in a handgun, a $200 gift card if you give up an assault rifle. the buyback from 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. more faces going through the door at trump tower. former secretary of defense, robert gates. after meeting with donald trump, he applauded james mattis for secretary of defense. >> a very wide-ranging conversation. i told him i thought his selection of general mattis to be secretary of defense was
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terrific. very supporting. >> next week, more cabinet choices are expected to be revealed and mr. trump hits the road again on the thank you tour, which kicked off in ohio last night. meanwhile, there is good news for the obama administration. the unemployment rate dropped to 4.6%, the lowest level since 2007. now coming up at 6:00, a political speech fight involving a marine corps veteran, student and a teacher at santa rosa junior college. the student says his rights were violated after he said the words "go trump" to a friend in class. next thing he knew, he says he was being escorted out of class by campus police. we'll have more on this story coming up in less than an hour. meantime, people are still feeling the burn here in the bay area. we are talking about senator bernie sanders. >> he's not on the campaign trail any more, but still firing up local crowds. scott budman joins us live in berkeley. and sanders spoke to an auditorium, scott. >> very much so. senator sanders is on a book tour, came here to uc berkeley
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to tell students and others that it's important to stay politically involved, even after the election. >> thank you! >> reporter: senator bernie sanders and berkeley are still a match. students here love him. >> what i want bernie to do, i want him to be president. a little too late at least for the next four years. >> reporter: sanders still enjoys firing up the crowd, this time with president-elect trump in his sights. >> no compromise with racism, with sexism, with homophobia, with xenophobia. on that issue, we will not compromise. >> reporter: and after waiting in lines that snaked through part of campus, they voiced their disappointment in the election. >> i still am not fully over it. i think i get emotional now even thinking about what's in the future for kids. i have two young girls. >> reporter: which sanders says
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should inspire action. >> despair is not an option. it is not an option. not just for you, but for your children and your grandchildren and for the future of this planet. >> reporter: after an onstage q & a that lasted a few minutes, sanders left campus. he is due at an event tonight in san rafael. reporting live at uc berkeley, scott budly, nbc bay area news. still ahead, gone this ten seconds. robbers target two apple stores in san francisco. their very swift hands caught on camera. and mysterious, official-looking posters suddenly appear on b.a.r.t. trains as part of a hate campaign. i'm elyce kirchner. straight ahead, why the transit agency says they set a very dangerous precedent. the mercy mobile is ready to help the homeless cope with the cold but instead got a cold shot
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from thieves. how the mercy-mobile is trying to recover. the victim of a
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deadly hate crime. friends and family preparing to say their final goodness to the victim of a deadly hate crime. memorials will take place tomorrow for 28-year-old william sinth who police say was gunned down three weeks ago. police do believe he was killed simply because he was black. tomorrow a public gathering at
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1:00 outside the bar. at the same time, the family will hold a private service at an east bay church. he was a promising musician, his family holding out hope two outstanding suspects will be caught soon. >> i hope they're caught and convicted and brought to justice and we get some closure to the situation. and, you know, our community knows we stand for -- we stand against these kinds of things in this community. this is the bay area, we try to live together. >> sims' former piano teacher says the young musician was dedicated to his music. he calls the killing absolutely senseless. a mysterious and profane posters on b.a.r.t. trains. many riders praised the posters but they are coming down. elyce kirchner joins us live from the concord b.a.r.t. station. they look like official posters from b.a.r.t., but they weren't. >> reporter: yes, so official,
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janelle, the commuters we spoke to here say they thought they were real. but b.a.r.t. officials say they are definitely fake and those posters will not be tolerated. they certainly look real. official-appearing posters like this with b.a.r.t.'s logo popped up in trains throughout the transit system sometime during the morning commute. >> racism, sexism, islam phobia, homophobia. have we come to that now? >> reporter: with the hash tag b.a.r.t., behavior 101. >> speechless. no words. >> reporter: and seem to call attention to a perceived rise in racism and aggressive behavior after the presidential election. like this video showing a woman on b.a.r.t. with a racist xenophobic rant. it calls for the transit agency to get their you know what together. >> that is just amazing to have that inside of a train. it really is. why they allow that, i do not
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know. >> reporter: but transit officials say the posters can't stay, and are removing them as soon as they find them. in a statement, a spokesperson says in part, though we can appreciate the value of gorilla art, misrepresenting the district sets a dangerous precedent and is not allowed on the system, even when art installations are permitted. and b.a.r.t. says whoever is behind those fake posters will be issued a citation, but, again, no idea who is behind this movement. for now. reporting live in concord tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, elice. targeted twice. want to show you some rough week for san francisco's apple store. hit by a pack of thieves tuesday and last friday. this is the apple store on chestnut street. both happened around 6:00. you can see there, the group runs in, rips the phones right off the table, and then takes off in a matter of seconds. san francisco police department released the video today. they say if you happen to know anything, you should give them a
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call. in the south bay, thieves showed no mercy for the mercy-mobile delivering cold weather spray supplies to the homeless. >> we're joined live from san jose. robert, the timing couldn't be worse with the cold snap coming. >> reporter: well, that's right. as you heard jeff mention earlier, cold and maybe even wet weather is coming. and the mercy-mobile was collecting supplies to try to help the homeless. that all changed last night when thieves helped themselves. >> they came in through this window. probably put their hand through there and just lifted up the knob and you pull. this was a bin. on top of this was medical supplies, i remember. so stacked up to about this high. and had a lot of hygiene kits. there was a bunch of clothes and coats in here. this is stuff we were going to give out this week. so they took these out. these were donated by st. timothy's church in blossom hill. we had this full. took all of the clothes.
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>> reporter: but as word spread, new donations began arriving today, including more from st. timothy's church. >> people are generous in difficult times like this. people rise to the challenge. and that was, you know, something i felt i could do, as well. >> reporter: the limited donations today enabled the mercy-mobile to give out supplies. the pastor said the thieves couldn't take away the real important stuff. >> valuable thing that's in here, the heart of the people that give the stuff. and trying to help the poor. so that's not something you can steal. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, what's being done to help the mercy-mobile beat the coming chill. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> i think robert needs a coat. because it is cold outside. >> yeah, that temperature is dropping fast, you guys. more clear skies across the bay area tonight. and we'll see some more 30s as we head throughout tomorrow morning. a live look at what's happening right now across the bay area.
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and we have this area of low pressure off to the south. this really hasn't been a player for us, but now this area of high pressure just offshore is nosing its way in. it's hoping to drag this wind across the bay area. so it was breezy today, but we're starting to see that wind fade. not nearly as gusty as it was earlier to start. 18 miles per hour here in napa out of the north. and winds out of the west at 10 in san francisco. so for tomorrow morning's forecast, not really as breezy, but it will be chilly to start with. these clear skies down to 41 in the south bay, peninsula 43. patchy frost in the tri valley and 37. also expect the possibility of patchy frost in the north bay with 36 degrees, san francisco 44. and a cool and crisp start across the east bay and 43 degrees. so as we get you into the microclimate forecast for saturday, temperatures warm up 2 to 4 degrees. again, not as windy and the humidity will be low. so it's going to feel like a classic late fall, early winter
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day outside. 63 in morgan hill. 64 in san jose and 62 for cupertino. 65 in concord. 62 in pleasanton and not much of a change as you get near the bay with low to mid 60s and there you can see how much lighter the winds will be tomorrow instead of gusting close to 20, we'll see winds around 3 miles per hour. throughout the peninsula, palo alto, 63. and daly city, a cooler 59. and we'll continue with 50s through the ingleside, but just a little bit warmer here from the marina over toward the mission and low 60s. for the north bay, 65 in novato and napa at 67 degrees. with the sunny weather coming our way on saturday, a lot of stuff happening as we gear up towards christmas. maybe you haven't been out to san jose christmas in the park. it's going to be the perfect time tomorrow night. clear skies, jacket weather in place. temperatures in the 50s. and maybe it's not san jose, but you're heading up to san francisco. we have the macy's tree and also
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the ice rink, same drill here. you need the jacket, clear skies, temps expected in the low 50s, down to 52 by 9:00 p.m. on the extended forecast, a change to tell you about. dry weather is now expected into wednesday of next week. and then the chance of rain by next thursday and also friday. it looks like a better chance on friday's forecast with maybe about a quarter to half inch of wet weather. so i think this is the first time in maybe seven years we've actually had weather that's felt like the season. it's pretty cool, isn't it? >> i know, it is nice. very fitting. thanks, jeff. still ahead, just in time for the holiday. good news about the commercial crab season. >> i think the nutcracker was pretty intriguing and i got inspired by it. >> it is holiday standard performed for an unlikely audience. why a visit to see the "nutcracker" in sfwran francisc was so meaningful. on our homepage:
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==reveal== actor "george takei"-- along with seven others-- were happening now, on our home page, actor george takei and several others inducted to the california hall of fame this week. he was one of the first aush asian-american actors on tv. and a crowd showed up to the san francisco home linked to the show. they came to celebrate jeff franklin who recently purchased the famous house. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack.
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student. ==hy suspect behind bars in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a uc santa cruz student. university police arrested him last night hours after investigators say he held a student against her will until she jumped out of a moving car. it happened around 1:00 in the morning thursday. investigators believe he picked up the student at a campus bus stop. after passing, her stop, he continued to drive for another mile as she begged him to pull over. the student jumped out as the car slowed to make a turn. bay area crabbers about to get a new place to fish. a 50-mile stretch of california coastline has been cleared for commercial crabbing starting tomorrow. california department of fish and wildlife say salt point in
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sonoma county is safe to catch crab. the area had been off limits after high levels of acid was found in the crab last year. fishing grounds north of salt point through the north jetty of humboldt bay will remain closed. high acid levels almost wiped out last year's crab season. what is the holiday season without "the nutcracker" and kids in the bay area today experienced it for the first time. >> they performed this morning in san jose. it was a nonprofit theater compromised of teens and kids. it was a huge hit. >> i think it was "the nutcracker" was pretty intriguing and i got inspired by it. the prince that was fighting the king of the mice -- >> "the nutcracker" continues at the center of performing arts through sunday and as well as next weekend. still ahead, the pac-12 championship showdown tonight at levi's stadium. and we caught up with someyd8)
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so average tailgaters. that's next. tonight at six: a drop "into" san francisco bay.
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==take vo== the unusual new attraction a tonight at 6:00, the drop into san francisco bay, the unusual new attraction at fisherman's wharf. it's a right and asking visitors to take a plunge after wandering through the city's risque history. we are going to take you inside. it's happening tonight at 6:00. tensions are high ahead of the pac-12 championship game it kicks off in half an hour. and almost nothing could distract washington or colorado fans, except these guys. these cute guys. this was the pregame puppy tailgate party held at the great america theme park. all these puppies are adoptable through the aspca, decked out in the colors of their favorite teams. our producer, rebecca, is a husky, so she is rooting for washington, and maybe will adopt a husky. a little puppy. >> yes, i'm rooting for that beagle mix i just saw. so cute! >> hopefully they'll all find
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loving homes. >> it's a little chilly for the dogs. >> yeah, cold out there. >> more on the forecast at 6:00. see you then. tonight, fatal encounter. a former nfl star shot to death in an apparent road rage confrontation. why police say the driver, who admits to pulling the trigger, has been set free without charges. high drama. in the trial of officer michael slager, seen on video shooting walter scott in the back, the jury tells the judge, it's deadlocked. trump's controverscalls. late word on the president-elect's phone conversations with foreign leaders, raising eyebrows around the world. hidden danger. one child nearly every month, killed by one of the top hazards so many people have inside their homes. a family sounding the alarm, hoping to save even one life. and the dancing principal. our friday "inspiring america" report. a school administrator who moves to her own beat.


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