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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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by the time we got out i couldn't see straight. i was dizzy. i was trying to call 911 and i couldn't see my phone. >> right now at 11:00, they made it out alive. harrowing stories of survival as the investigation in to the deadly open warehouse fire intensifies. taking you live to the site of the deadly inferno. you can see active scene still. this investigation underway at this hour. the news starts now. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm jessica aguirre. tonight we have names to go with the horrific tragedy. seven of the victims found in the warehouse have been publicly identified. we have photos.
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they give you a glimpse of who they were, how they lived, what they stood for and why they are being mourned tonight. >> raj is joining us with the latest developments. obviously as you look out there still lit up, very active scene. >> indeed it is. not just active but intense. to give you an idea of how intense it is here and how many are working an the clock, 16 to 20-hour shifts from the fire crews, the investigators, local and federal agents literally non-stop since this happened on friday. we expect it to continue this way for the next 48 hours. a few minutes ago, we did receive confirmation from the local district attorney here in alameda county this is now officially a criminal investigation but ultimately about the lives lost here. that's the most important thing about this tragedy that's unfolded. let's tell you the latest and what is surrounding me right
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now. 31 ast at international. a steady stream of people. across the bay area. last night we were here, as well. it was maybe 20 to 30 to 40 people. now seeing people in the hundreds. a steady stream of tears, hugs and people leaving and lighting candles. give you an update on the numbers we are working. here's the official numbers. the death toll has risen to 33 people. of those 33, eight people have been identified. here's something interesting. 40% of that warehouse behind me, 40% right now has been searched. that means there's a lot more to go. a lot more work through the night and in to tomorrow in to monday morning. again, just a short while ago, this has officially become a criminal investigation per the district alameda county district attorney's office. we have multiple reporters with me on the scene. we have been here through the weekend.
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we will still here until we get more answers. with have our investigative unit working several angles, as well. we talked about the lives lost here. 33 souls. eight identified. they have some wonderful stories about their lives. one of the people who died in the fireworked at a popular coffee shop in berkeley. with that part of the story let's bring in marianne favro in berkeley for us tonight. >> we have learned that donna kellogg was one of the victims of the fire. she was just 32 years old. she worked here at high wire coffee roasters in berkeley. she had dreams of becoming a chef. inside you will find a sign written in chalk telling customers they are hoping to find employee donna kellogg. tonight they learned she was killed in the so-called ghost ship warehouse fire. in between shifts the 38-year-old was going to
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culinary school. her friend describes her as a free wheeling, free spirited person. brandon, better known by his stage name also died in the fire. the electronic music artist was the vocalist for the band symbiotic fungi. other victims include 22-year-old catch askew of the dream pop band, them are us 2. administrative assistant paul who was from coronado called himself a decomposer of music. uc berkeley graduate david clean received degrees in cognitive science and computer science. and 30-year-old sara hoda of walnut creek.
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she was a teacher, gardner and hard-working person who loved children. talented sisters, daughters, brothers and sons, all lost in a fiery tragedy. we have confirmed a 17-year-old boy died in the fire. the coroner's office has not released his name because he is a minor and we have confirmed one of the victims was the son of an alameda county sheriffs deputy. it so tragic because they were so young and talented. >> indeed. marianne favro with us. they were here for friday night fun to listen to music and never made it home. it is difficult to see the picture and hear the stories of their lives. as that is happening so many people in oak lland are mournin what happened at this warehouse fire. there is the investigation and clean up here. literally piece by piece they are going through debre looking for clues of why this happened but more importantly looking for
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bodies that might be in the warehouse. let's bring ielyce kirchner. >> first responders tried to remove the wreckage meticulously. all day long we have seen people coming here, bringing flowers, lighting candles to remember those who lost their lives. slowly sifting through the rubble with a grim task. >> at 33 deceased now. i anticipate that will go up. >> reporter: criminal investigators are now involved and everyone is trying to determine how a converted warehouse turned in to a death trap. >> the district attorney has activated the criminal investigation. >> reporter: alameda county sheriffs office spokesperson ray kelly says crews have been working an the clock. and tonight kelly confirmed one of the victims is the teenager
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son of a sheriffs deputy. >> one of our officers, a person i work with lost his son here. that is very difficult. >> reporter: family and friends who lost loved ones began to gather nearby in a quiet tribute. others stopped by to grieve, even though they never met those killed at the music party. >> it would have could have been any of us. it could have been my brother. it could have been me. >> it hits this community because there's a lot of warehouses. i live in a warehouse. that leads to things not being fire coded and stuff like this happening. >> reporter: even after truck loads of rubble have been hauled away, kelly says crews have only been able to access 40% of the building and more anxious families will get the call no one will want. >> it's like waiting for your name to be called and knowing when it is called it will be the worst day of your life. that's what we are dealing. so, it's taken a toll.
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>> a lot to process here. in the coming days crisis counselors will be on hand helping first responders process everything they have seen here. this is the deadliest fire the city has ever seen. >> in the last 24 hours, we have been seeing a the scene is a stream of trucks taking away debris. we have been seeing the coroner's van as well. another shipment, perhaps, another carriage here of the coron coroner's van goghing to their headquarters, as well. a lot happening here. it continues to evolve throughout the night. for now back to you the studio. >> thank you very much. officials say there are dozens of 1i78 warehouses all over. people live in these art collectives, similar to the building where these people
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died. >> how are they allowed to exist? we sent senior investigative reporter steven stock to the streets of oakland to ask that question. i live in a warehouse this is not uncommon. >> peggy, officials admit they knew there were problems with the warehouse where this tragedy took place and other similar locations around oakland, zoned for commercial use but where people have taken up residence. fire inspectors climb over and through what is left of a warehouse that is sole with known for various artists called the ghost ship by people living this the neighborhood. the line of family and friends of those missing and presumed dead carrying flowers and heavy hearts streamed past the warehouse all day. only blocks away from the tragic scene, oakland city councilman gave us a tour around several other warehouses where he said
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similar conditions exist and where people live in blighted unsafe conditions without proper permits. >> you think people live here. >> there is at the other end. >> a life long resident he represents the area and lives a couple of blocks from the warehouse where nearly three dozen souls lost their lives. >> i can tell you, that is not permitted. why not do anything about it? why can't the city do anything about it? >> we're going to address the issue. >> reporter: he said pictures from inside of the ghost ship warehouse are typical. >> you are saying everywhere around here. >> yeah. what is happening in these areas, it used to be a manufacturing city. these corridors -- you have many warehouses that have been converted to live/work spaces. >> reporter: many illegally without proper permits or in violation of zoning ordnances. >> i think it will force us to
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be more proactive immediately. >> this this past when oakland code enforcement -- >> i'm not going to speculate. >> one former owner of a warehouse in san francisco who asked not to be identified told me when people take up residence in the large spaces even without proper permits it can be nearly impossible for owners to get them out because rent control boards and rules take precedence. he said property owners often cannot gain access to their own buildings, much like oakland code enforcement officials were kept from going inside and inspecting the ghost ship. >> what are you going to do about it? >> this is a priority in terms of making sure what is it that we need to enforce our codes from fire codes, building codes and secondly what do we need at
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the staffing level. >> reporter: is the city of oak lan drop the ball on this? >> i think by the enforcement we did. i think we did. >> these warehouses are becoming so popular is it is cheaper when you can live in these things. i have heard some people pay 200, $300 a month and some as much as $3500 to live in these warehouses. lower cost. >> we will see more of this and a lot more emphasis. >> i think officials will look closer at these. >> for sure. thank you so much. we have confirmed the man who found it and ran the artist collective dubbed the ghost ship is on felony probation. court records show that was convicted in january of receiving stolen property. he spent two days in jail. he's on proi probation right now. ion survived the fire.
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one of his facebook posts is getting a lot of attention. after the fire he wrote this, he confirmed everything i worked for so hard is gone. my blessed my children and micah were at a hotel safe and sound. the post has over 2,000 comments. many of them are critical of this message. the commenters say he showed more concern for his material possessions than for the number of people killed in this blaze. people who also know him spoke about the quality of life in that art collective. >> when there was a party to have, everyone pitched in and created this beautiful space and then after the party, and it started -- it slipped in to madness. >> reporter: our investigative unit did reach out to ion for comment but have not heard back. >> you can track the latest information on the investigation as it unfolds. we have it across all of the
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digital platforms. check out our twitter feed or breaking news alerts. more questions tonight about how common unpermitted events are. we spoke to one man who works alongside the arts community. hear what he had to say coming up. this is our home. one of the other residents was standing in the doorway with all of the smoke pouring out. >> survivors sharing their stories of how they escaped this fire. our continuing coverage continues in less than two minutes. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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==jess/2shot== tonight, two women who were inside the warehouse tell they made out out alive in from the burning warehouse but how they did it is harrowing. >> their story of smoke and flames. two women tell us about the frantic moments after the fire broke out. >> the power went out. i then just jumped off the loft which is ten or 11 feet, something, don't even know. grabbed a head lamp, used it to find my cat. grabbed my cat and phone. grabbed my keys.
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i'm not sure why. and then tried to get out of my gate and out the door. people at that point were trying to push their way through. >> this is our home. one of the other residents was standing in the doorway with all of this smoke pouring out with his phone out trying to light the way for people trapped inside. >> trying to pull people out. >> he was trying to get people out of there. at some point, i think whether you got out or didn't and i think that time line was under ten minutes from when the fire started to when there was no chance for you getting out. that had to be under ten minutes. >> critical ten minutes. that's why we have seen so few injured people. only one person was hospitalized here. as the woman aptly said you either got out or you didn't. a lot of emotion. so much shock in that community tonight. >> it happened so quickly. firefighters say it will be a long tedious, emotional process
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here to comb through the warehouse. everything reduced to rubble. right now back to raj at the scene. we are just learning alameda county district prosecutors say it is a criminal investigation. they are working with the oak lan police department here. >> that's been confirmed ten or 15 minutes ago. and the criminal investigators have been on the site the last 48 hours. now it is officially a criminal investigation. we are talking about the mood, how it has changed here. last night was shock and sadness. tonight we are getting more of a sense of anger from people in the neighborhood and family and friends as well. why was this building allowed to house people when it wasn't permitted to house people? why were these artists here and were the conditions up to code inside? a lot of anger here as we all continue to digest what happened. christie smith is joining us with the concerns on not just this warehouse but other warehouses in the area.
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christie? >> reporter: we spoke to joseph, who worked alongside the arts community for years but he says there are some promoters or event locations he won't work at because he's concerned they may not operate safely he said what matters is that a renn you operate using best practices and that is what he helps with in his business. he said he has not actually be to the ghost ship. at that location. but what he has done, he said, is work with venues on being safe. several people do describe that location as dangerous, crowded and a maze of walkways. he previously worked as chief of public safety and was on the san francisco entertainment commission. he says that parties in unpermitted locations well, they are just part of the arts community and there's an issue because they in some cases -- the zoning doesn't allow for it
11:20 pm
or can't afford the permits but go ahead with it any way. the majority care about the safety and well being of their attentees of the event. they will undoubtedly have things to learn and change as a result of that. >> pred said one of the challenges that most counties and states have different criteria and even professional event organizers don't have consistency in how they operate. though many consider what happened here a very extreme example. live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >> work is ongoing at this hour. the grim task of trying to remove the bodies and in some cases remains from the charred warehouse continue. we want to look at this. what the crews are doing inside of this warehouse.
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they are trying to do it in the most humane, compassionate way possible. they are really making every effort. make no mistake. this is a very methodical process. this is an ariel view. christie was talking about the party. she is talking about the second floor. the first floor is where people were living. the first thing fire crews had to do is come to this side of the building and remove the junction outside. literally stuff dumped in the vacant lot. they removed that. cut and breached the wall and on the west side of the building they brought in excavators, the dump trucks. the next thing they divided the building in to four quadrants, just like this, four teams of firefighters coming in. they went to this section the fire battalion chief said one victim found just 15 feet from where they walked in. they took the crews and went down a path right here all the way to the east side of the
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building where they found three bodies on the east side. they doubled back and went here. what is the center of the building, the center of the collapsed area. they say there were large timber rafters from the measuzzanine t the roof. ten people dead in this collapsed zone alone. you have to remember, they are wearing cover alls and filling buckets as respectfully as they can, with the debris, the leftovers of this building and loading them in to dump trucks out here. faces are covered in soot and debris. i see all of these orange and white buckets and they are moving in an assembly line fashion to the side where we poked a hole in the building. >> it is grueling, somber work. firefighters say they are doing it in utter quiet.
11:23 pm
the mayor and sergeant kelly describing it as a heart breaking ordeal. you have to remember these men and women doing this, although they are professionals and trained and this is their job, they are mothers and fathers and remember they recover the body of one of their own sheriffs deputy's son. then moved to an undisclosed location where they identify the bodies and continue the criminal investigation. >> when something this tragic happens people want to help. people locally are dropping off notes or candles to remember the victims even if they didn't know them personally. people all over the bay area and also all over the country are offering support to the victims and their families. there's many ways you can donate. there's a full list of how to do that. you can find it on our website at nbc bay it's already chilly in downtown san jose. right now 55 degrees. we are tracking a drop in
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that's the message from vice president elect mike pence. ==vo== in a tv interview today... he everyone needs to calm down is the message from vice president elect mike pence. in an interview today he defended a controversial phone call between president elect trump and the president of taiwan. the u.s. government broke formal ties four decades ago with taiwan. the phone call angered the
11:28 pm
chinese president and pence said no, it was simply a courtesy call between the two. >> she reached out to the president elect an he took the call from the democratically elected leader of taiwan. it's one of more than 50 calls the president elect has taken. >> this is the controversy that is facing president-elect trump right now, including the recount. that being spear head by jill stein. it is ongoing and underway in wisconsin. tomorrow stein plans to announce another lawsuit to force a lawsuit in pennsylvania. some cheers and a lot of victory dances as the army corps of engineers blocked the dakota access pipeline from moving forward. today the secretary of the army corps said it will be denied. environmental activists have been demonstrating against it which is 85% constructed. they say it could pollute water
11:29 pm
source and disturb burial sites this after months of clashes between protester and law firm. turning our attention to the weather where we have some really -- clouds are helping. >> just a bit. but we are in for a bigger drop in the temperatures. 30s and maybe 20s for parts of the bay area. if you haven't brought out the scarf, it's time to do that. that's going to happen at the start of your workweek. temperatures in the peninsula, 56. mostly clear skies. a few clouds and that helps to keep us in the lower, upper 50s for parts of the coast in san francisco and also the 60s for the south bay and parts of the north bay. right now we are not seeing a lot of wind. however, in san francisco, we are seeing a little pickup. westerly winds at 18 miles an hour. tomorrow's highs are expected to be slightly cooler than what we saw today. 55 is our expected high for san
11:30 pm
francisco. 54 half moon bay. los gatos and san jose, 50s. back to a cold front that is dry but could bring the possibility of a few scattered showers in to tuesday night about 1:00, san francisco, mainly here where you can see the possible of rain. jumping ahead to the future cast. models showing a chance of rain wednesday night. greater chance in to thursday and even bigger chance in to friday with more prompting rain totals. right now the models are conflicting in terms of how much rain. the biggest concern going in to this week will be the cold front. that's because by tuesday and wednesday the overnight lows could be reaching the 20s and 30s this could bring freeze watches and warnings in parts of that area. good time for folks if you have pets that are typically outside, bring them in or any plants that you want to protect, especially during the wintertime.
11:31 pm
we will keep an eye on that. for now seven day looking good. by wednesday we could see rain come in. thursday and friday, for now looks like monday's commute is going to be a cold one. back to you. >> good evening from the scene. we will focus on the victims of the deadly fire and what we have seen the last 15 minutes. stay with us.
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his worst fear has come true and all we keep saying is that he one there to protect her. heart breaking. families and loved ones waiting and desperately worried. as names begin to surface. 33 bodies have been recovered.
11:34 pm
that death toll is expected to rise. so many are missing. taking you live there. this is the scene at 31st avenue. this is in the fruitvale neighborhood. i has been an exhausting 48 hours for crews working and combing through the scene. raj mathai has been there all week and the hardest part of the the story, starting to learn more about the victims, who they were including their ages, one just 17 years old. >> they came for a night of music and friendship and never left. because it's in the late hours the stream of visitor we have seen has come down to a near halt. i will get out of the way. the activity of responders, continues through the night. you see at the warehouse, 100 yards away from me, those two trucks came in. first responders continue to
11:35 pm
stop from all angles of the warehouse. ten minutes ago where i am standing, we are talking about the firefighters. they are working 16 to 20-hour shifts. the fire crews working diligently. also compassionately. as we mentioned earlier, many working silently as they comb lu the debris as they discover these charred bodies. it is hard for people to divest what we have seen. this is the deadliest fire in the history of oakland even more than the oakland hills fire that killed 25 people. here the death toll right now is 33 people. also here with me, continuing to be here through the week with us, nbc bay area elyce kirchner. she is here, as well.
11:36 pm
>> heart wrenching for those on the scene, the first responders and the people who have been touched by this tragedy. all day long we have been seeing people coming, bringing plowers, lighting candles, loved ones or friends of the victims, even strangers all to remember those who lost their lives here. investigators from the alameda county district attorney's office are now involved in recovery efforts. detectives want to find out how a converted warehouse turned in to a death trap after a fire ripped through the so-called ghost ship warehouse in oakland friday night. so far 33 bodies have been recovered from the rubble. we've also learned one of the victims is the teenager son of an alameda county sheriffs deputy and as you can imagine it has been gut wrenching if they are first responders out here working around the clock for the past 48 hours. >> we have had to deliver a lot of bad news to people.
11:37 pm
it's almost like the people we are dealing with are waiting, they are hoping don't call my name. don't come and get us. so it is like waiting for your name to be called and knowing when your name is called it will be the worst day of your life. >> reporter: as authorities continue to try to identify all of the dead, they are now asking family members of victims to place personal items such as hair brush, toothbrush or comb in to brown paper bag in case they are needed to match dna. back here live, you can see the candles being lit here. personal notes to the victims. of course we have learned there will be crisis counselors here in the coming days, raj, to help the first responders process what they are going through out here. as you mentioned earlier, they have been on the clock the last 48 hours, working on being on the front lines, having to process everything they are seeing. >> thank you. we are talking about and now we
11:38 pm
are starting to see picture and learning about the souls lost in this fire. that is so difficult. not just for the family and friends but for the entire community in the bay area. really this is a global story. there's so many of these victims that come from different parts of the world. people are tuning in around the world. in oakland there is a coffee shop where one of the victims used to work. let's bring in marianne favro with that story. >> we have learned all of the victims confirmed have been under the age of 36 years old. that includes 32-year-old donna kellogg. she worked here at high wire coffee roasters in berkeley. she also had dreams of becoming a chef. inside of high wire coffee roasters in berkeley, you'll find a small sign written in chalk telling customers that still hoping to find employee donna kellogg.
11:39 pm
tonight employees learned that donna was killed in the so-called ghost ship warehouse fire. in between shifts the 32-year-old was going to culinary school. her friend described her as a free-wheeling, free spirited candid person. brandon chase wittenauer died in the fire. the electronic music artist was a vocalist for a band symbiotic fungi. travis hough, cash askew, 24-year-old nick gomez-hall an administrative assistant called himself a decomposer of music. 35-year-old uc berkeley graduate david clines, received degrees
11:40 pm
in computer science. and sara hoda of walnut creek. a teacher gardener and hard working teacher. all lost in a fiery tragedy. the final victim identified tonight was a 17-year-old boy. back to you. >> that is horrifying. you can see video from an eyewitness. he was there on friday night as this inferno was raging. we have been seeing so many photos and videos like this and you can see them for yourselves go to our website. our coverage continues of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. coming up, the startling accusations from artists who knew this building.
11:41 pm
they say they knew the landlord had information about the living conditions here. from people who lived inside the
11:42 pm
warehouse. artists who rented space there say the landlord knew people were livi another new accusation from people who live inside the warehouse. artists who rented out space there say they know the lard lord knew people were living inside this warehouse and they failed to fix electrical problems that existed in the building. ==take pkg== oc: standard 2:37 ==music== ==vianey wx tease== >> two artists who lived and worked in the building known as the ghost ship say it was no secret that 15 to 20 people made this warehouse their home. they reveal what it was like to live in this 24-hour art studio
11:43 pm
and the terrifying moments before it was destroyed. >> kicked the door in. >> max was one of the last to life the ghost ship warehouse alive. >> the ceiling was on fire. there's a sheet, like a sheet of fire that was rolling toward the door. the power cut out. pitch black. >> reporter: the self-described senior member of the space said he believes the fire started downstairs in an area of the warehouse that was cordoned off from the party upstairs. where he estimated 70 people were dancing. >> no more than two minutes from the point of someone screaming fire to being evacuated. just knowing that people probably weren't going to make it out. >> reporter: after the initial terror, more questions over whether faulty electrical wiring inside the building may have sparked the inferno.
11:44 pm
>> the landlord was well aware we were open the public, power was a very big issue. probably off as much as on. >> reporter: the artist said it was common knowledge people were always occupying the building he said even law enforcement had visited more than once. >> multiple police officers, firefighters came to our space. and had been like this place is amazing. the amount of work you put in to this place is unlike anywhere i have seen. >> reporter: city records confirmed that they received multiple complaints over the past decade. last month they responded to new complaints. >> we had received recent complaints about lights and unrelated construction at the property. we had an open investigation and that investigation was ongoing. >> reporter: the space used for arts and music transformed to a scene of a recovery mission where dozens of creators are now
11:45 pm
gone. >> our community lost some stellar people really great. spirited people. >> records obtained by the investigative unit show the owner of the building. we reached out for a response to the allegations but have not heard back. vic vic vic vic. >> we are talking 20s and 30s and tracking rain in the forecast.
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. this is feeling like december. chilly outside. if you haven't gotten your coat out yet you will need them now. >> you are. if you think it is chilly it will be cold next. bundle up we are tracking a cold front that will remove the high clouds that means a drop in temperatures. the high clouds managed to keep the temperatures in the 50s. here's a look at our weather underground camera. the temperatures are expected to remain in the 50s, not just to the overnight hours tonight, but as we head to the middle of the week. we are talking wednesday and of course, as we head in to thursday we are tracking the possibility of seeing a few rain chances. now over the next seven days, we are expecting to see some changes in the forecast as you head in to tomorrow our temperatures will be slightly cooler in san francisco and half moon bay. 55 degrees. our high for today, this time to the 60s.
11:49 pm
future cast on tuesday showing the possibility of a few scattered showers. mainly to the north bay. better chance of rain comes in by thursday and friday we are seeing more significant amount of rain totals as we head this to friday. over the next seven days, what we want to pay attention to is that cool front that will bring the possibility of a few freeze watches and warnings. as we are expecting overnight lows to drop to the 30s for not just san francisco but also inland and the valley, protected valleys could be seeing 20s this in the forecast. definitely going to get cold out there. make sure you bring in your pets and plants for sure. >> everybody needs to get warm. >> thank you. all right. a look at what is coming up in sports. kelly johnson from the xfinity sports desk. it wasn't enough to keep the raiders from completing the largest comeback in 16 years.
11:50 pm
for the 49ers things got cold in a hurry computer kaepernick in chicago. the low lights from another loss coming up. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a
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it's been 16 years since the raiders had a ten-win season. mark burke was 8 years old then. with under six minutes the third quarter, down 15, it looked like he and oakland faithful would have to wait longer. if this season taught us anything it is to never count the raiders out. bills and raiders prior to the game, a moment of silence before for the victims of the oakland fire. pick it in up in the fourth, down 15. cooper for the 37-yard score. raiders go up 30-24. their first lead of the game. fourth quarter. taylor's pass and allen right there to pick it off. it's the raider's ball.
11:53 pm
another sack, another forced fumble and fumble recovery and then off the turnover it is murray on the back field. scores his sec touchdown of the game. raiders win. 29 unanswered points. their six come from behind in the fourth quarter of the season. the 49ers and bears. niners were not ready if this. snow in chicago made a rough day for kaepernick who completed one of five passes. sacked five times for minus 25 yards. he was benched in the fourth quarter with the niners down 18. interblaine gabbert. he didn't fair better. 49er lose their 11th straight. fans are ready to go home. one other note chip kelly left the team after his father passed away on friday. he's expected back later this week. more news after the break.
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11:56 pm
thinking of the people that have died and were just there alone, an empty, burned out warehouse. it tugs at my heart thinking of them being by themselves. >> that's louie luhann someone we spoke to a short while ago. if you have been here you know it is a diverse, compassionate community. he has lived here more than 50 years and one of the many people who feel compelled to come this area, as close as they can to come to the warehouse fire and leave candles and notes at this hour. as we approach midnight you can see people of all ages coming in, saying prayer and leaving notes of condolences here. here's what we will do.
11:57 pm
we will keep our crews throughout the night. we expect the next update at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. our morning show will be covering the story and they will pick up our live cloench at 4:30 a.m. we will continue to report on our social media website, as well. that's the latest from the scene at 31st and international in east oakland. guys, back to you in the studio. >> raj, thankst. >> when it first came out they were saying 48 hours of looking. now we know the reality is this will stretch in to this week and maybe the end of the week before it is said and done. of course our coverage of the fire will continue on our website nbc bay we are updating our digital platforms. we will be here for you from our morning show that starts 4:30 in the morning to our evening show bringing you the latest updates every step of the way through all of this covering this for you. >> very slow process. we understand that. it will take some time.
11:58 pm
also make sure to bundle up tomorrow. first monday back to work very chilly. >> very chilly. here's the right now temperatures in half moon bay in the 50s and these 50s and 40s will be making an exit and we will welcome the 30s and 20s. wednesday could be the po coldest day of the year so far. hope you are ready. i did warn you. >> thank you. appreciate that h. thank you for joining us. we wish you a wonderful night ahead. ♪ ♪
11:59 pm
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