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tv   Today  NBC  December 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. hope you had a wonderful weekend. it's fun day monday, december 5th. we don't care in it's monday around here. >> we doan. >> that's "working girl" by train. >> love train. >> does that mean what it means? or are we working girls? >> i think we're working girls. >> a hot show to kick off your week. guess who's here? >> who? >> taylor kinney, heating up "chicago fire," of course, and now fans ket fired up seeing him in an all new place and we'll find out where. >> and we all know samy shoop
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sshoop -- amy schumer is a dom. the scoop is in "today's buzz." >> wait until you see this, a world famous illusionist is here with an unbelievable perform answer that will have you literally on a bed of nails. >> i'm kind of nervous about this. >> i don't like. going on the record right now. >> and i heard donnadorable is the guinea pig. >> she's young. she needs the money. if christmas goodies are taking the toll on your waistline, helping you, making smarter choices. thank you, madeleine. >> and favorite things at the end, and meantime -- >> we have to hear about your mayor ton weekend. >> had a fun weekend. took my mom to florida. >> yes. >> and where, spent time. we went there. there we are, grinning, because we're in the sun! and we love it! and there are two really nice guys, eddie and, and rich. those two guys are cool and take great care of us.
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i think we have a second picture. they take great care of us, and you would love them. >> there they are. the guys from the breakers. good, good, good. a beautiful spot and starts to look even more beautiful around this time of year. >> it sure does. >> yeah! >> so this is our -- there's been like a spirit of kindness sort of catching on all around. >> yes. >> a lot of people haven't seen this side of lady gaga. she works with this organization called born this way and it empowers young people to create a kinder world. she essentially loves to help out lgbt kids. so she surprised some homeless shelter kids from the lgbt youth. take a peak at it. >> hi, everybody. this is lady gaga and we are at the center in harlem and here to surprise the kids. kindness, to me, is an action of love, or a showing of love to someone else. >> lots of gifts! >> and i also believe that kindness is the cure to violence
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and hatred around the world. >> how's it going? i'm lady gaga. it's nice to see ya! [ screaming ] >> i'm right here for you. >> oh. >> she's right. it is the deit. the anecdote for it. >> wonderful. one by one hugged those kids and soaked away they're barrir pain. you felt you were feeling it. >> hopefully contagious. me mila and ashton kutcher revealing the name of her new baby born. born on shecky's birthday. >> never forget it. >> i think it was dmitri portwood kutcher. i have a feeling portwood, family name. >> and dmitri, of course a great name. >> married in july 2015 and have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter named wyatt. so happy for them. >> when your significant other is having some kind of an issue
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with stuff in this teeth, zipper's down what do you do? >> point it out, or zip it up. what you do, baby. what happens on national television jie say you do the same. >> john legend a guest on "the tonight show," pulled chrissy teigen to play a game of charades. noticed her husband's zipper was unzipped. so take a look. >> boovie. short. the big short. the -- small, tiny -- little. "little women." little -- little dress -- little slinky, sexy -- your fly is unzipped, first of all. >> oh, my -- [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> and you're yelling little! >> yes, indeed. >> so funny. see? it can happen to anybody. >> sure can.
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all right, so it's fun when we see stars on the red carpet going to movie premieres. really fun, when they bring the whole family. >> don't you love it? the "sing" movie, premiere held in l.a. over the weekend. beautiful families went to premiere. >> here's reese with her daughter, and her husband jim and family. >> beautiful family. >> if you enlarge it with your fingers you will see that her son, too, is also like a dead ringer for her. >> and ava's always looked just like her. beautiful family. then matthew mcconaughey, we love, camilla, one of our favorites around here also attended brought their adorable son livingston who is 3. levi and -- vida. maybe it's vida. >> it's vida. love them. >> walking down the street, on the phone. talking and someone says, kathie lee or says, hey, friends of
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yours. >> already talking to someone else. >> the question is, what do you do when someone interrupts you when out in public on a phone? >> i go -- >> what you do? point to the phone. >> say hello nicely and don't -- unless it's a dear friend of yours, that you're surprised to see. then you've got to go, hold on a second. you're not going to believe who's here. you know what i mean? but you always give precedence to -- to the person that you're already talking to, it seems to me. >> okay. >> you know? go home with the guy that brought ya. >> right. don't always just stop for a better one. a dog walker wrote in to social q saying walking the dog uses that time to catch up with friends. hands-free. one of those things. sometimes people she knows come up, start a conversation and asked what should she do? phillip gla phillip glaunos writes, i'm on the phone. catch up later. sometimes on the phone with my mom, sister, friends who i care -- sometimes say i'm on the
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phone. just a, whatever, i'll say -- sometimes i'll say, do you need something? or hi, or whatever. >> depends on the situation. also, i don't like the call waiting thing. >> oh. what do you do? ever pick up, or no? >> i always tell me friends and nis, li this, you know, if it's my child i have to find out what's going on. everybody understands that. otherwise, finish up your conversation and call them back. look who just came in the kitchen. >> ah! hey, taylor. >> taylor, what are you doing when you're on the phone and somebody interrupts? you. >> somebodying on the street happen to be on the phone. maybe a friend of yours? >> smile, wave, keep walking. >> what if it's a friend? hey, taylor, it's me from high school. >> say hi. >> but wouldn't get off the phone? >> that should be a pre-curser to not interrupt. >> exactly. >> right. >> yeah. >> it's etiquette. sometimes can't see it's got the ear bud in, it's on the side. >> go -- you just -- >> that's what -- we agree.
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we agree. >> look at taylor. >> you look good. working awfully hard, doing every one of those chicago shows. >> i know. i think there's 16 of them now. they keep us busy. >> are you doing a crossword puzzle? >> i was, yeah. i didn't start it yet, but i'm a big fan. so i get the "new york times" and i can -- yeah. >> you know monday's is the easiest. >> right. it's monday. >> the only one i'll ever do. >> i don't have anything done yet. >> after monday, it goes, straight down. >> all right. we're going to catch up with you in a minute. okay? >> okay. >> paper things? >> yes. all of you went crazy last week for my friend nancy lamont singing, "can be kind." if you loved her, cd to download or buy. "just in time for christmas" but listen for a second. ♪ just in time for christmas >> beautiful. ♪ just in time for christmas >> wow. david friedman and my dear
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friend david ziffel twleet sowr song. one of the best christmas albums ever. put it on today you will not want to take it off, amazon, $13.99 or stream on spotify. >> right. mine, jill connolly was a friend of mine passed away of breast cancer. >> so did nancy as well. >> yeah. started an organization called jill's wish. >> precious. >> t-shirts called rock what you got. all proceeds from these t-shirts, $25. >> so soft, hoda. just like we love. >> really are. can you hold back so i can see exactly -- >> sorry. supports families during treatment. >> yeah. go to, if you would like to donate, and they're beautiful t-shirts and she was a beautiful person. >> so brave. wasn't she? >> yeah. >> so was nancy. nancy died on december, i think it was 17th. >> wow. >> yeah. 1997. so it's -- you miss them every day. >> before we go, hello to two people. we've got -- kiernan and pauly.
10:10 am
okay? why these guys are significant, i'll tell you why. they dressed up as us for halloween. wait. there's the picture. oh my -- >> you know what? >> what bothers me, they're better looking than we are. that really bothers me. >> i'm glad you shaved for me. >> you need a curly wig now. yep. glad to have you guys. >> where there's smoke there is -- >> all: fire. smoking in here, we have taylor there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition- like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs.
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for the past four years taylor kinney heating up the 1345u8 small screen at the hot nbc drama "chicago fire." >> now taylor and the all-star cast about to share something big. 100th episode. >> cha-ching. >> and re-evaluating where to go from here.
10:14 am
take a listen. >> what i felt as i got plablas in the head by a fireball -- nothing. >> let's get away. boys' fishing trip. someplace warm. beers, cigars and a boat? get the hell out of chicago and recharge our batteries. >> good to see you guys getting along. >> yeah. how are you? >> doing well, thank you. thanks for having me again. >> so that's residual heaven. 100 episodes. >> i guess. we hope so. >> yeah, baby. that show's going to take care of you in your old age. dotage. >> might get to 300 at this point. >> seems like a cast that likes to hang out together. seems like a good group? >> actually, joe ma knonoso had charity party, justice starting up, a few members of those went.
10:15 am
a tight-knit family. >> that wolfe guy knows what he's doing. >> got the elixir. >> what is it about this show, 100 episodes that sustains that? >> resonates with audiences in terms of the -- the job in itself. it's a noble profession, and i think -- >> sure is. >> historically, especially, you know in new york and just across the country, i think this is a revered profession and there's no lack of drama and stories to be told. >> just that terrible story over the weekend in oakland. we have to see things like that to realize how much you all, firefighters and first responders, put their lives literally on the line. >> yeah. we were talking earlier about kindness and ran a spot with lady gaga. funny, whenever i see her i think of you. whenever i see you i think of her. dwoent see her in that light often. doing things like that. a part of her i imagine you've known for a long, long time. >> she started, her and her mother started the born this way
10:16 am
foundation. i believe she's here today. cynthia. >> her mom is. >> something set up for acts of kind inside and do amazing things, charity and foundation work. >> pretty cool. >> not why she's bringing it up. >> everything's okay, though, right? >> yeah. kathy and i have been dating a few weeks so i think -- >> we made a pact. we made a pact not to tell! >> we were not supposed to say anything. >> she told me your relationship was private. >> i've got my major cougar going on, baby. >> oh, sorry. i forgot we on television. >> that's all right. i'm not going to break up. >> sorry. >> i'm not going to break up with you, don't worry. >> you went to a world series game. >> i did. >> were you a cubs fan before the game? >> just being in chicago -- i'm just a baseball fan. >> yeah. >> and i just ran into al and al was at game seven. >> yeah. he was there. >> i somehow scored tickets. i hopped a flight. it was cancelled, and then got another flight. i got there, finally for the fifth and it was the most
10:17 am
amazing game's baseball i've ever seen in my life. >> everybody says that. waiting a long time for that. >> and drove home at 2:30 in the morning, got to chicago. and was -- at work at noon or something. >> you are kidding? >> stop it. >> it was -- it was one ef those things that i would have kicked myself if i didn't go. >> i like that. >> nobody feels sorry for you. >> i'm not feeling sorry for me. i'm a lucky dog. >> you are a lucky dog and we love you here. so happy for you's in your fifth season, right, baby? >> yeah. 100 episode. >> he likes that. hold his hand. keep holding it. >> back with the 100th episode of "chicago fire" airs tomorrow at 9:00, 10:00 central. weekend update on your celebrity buzz. >> and a master illusionist gets ready to blow your mind. i'm worried about donna. i'm scared for give underwear to this holiday.
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we were out collecting hollywood in "today's buzz." >> a wrap-up of celebrity headlines, rob chutea. >> hello, ladies. best of all, you're dating taylor? >> gee, we've kept it quiet two weeks and he had to open his mouth about it. >> that's how he is. and britney spears? >> performing friday at iarrest radio's in jingle ball, in l.a., 35th birthday, came out to surprise her, ryan seacrest brought a cake and 20,000 people that packed the arena. singing "happy birthday." looked and sounded great. did old hits and also new songs from the album. the show was huge. bruno mars, britney. massive show. on friday it moves to new york. elvis duran hosting it and putting a massive show together,
10:22 am
tell me lots of surprises. justin bieber is closing the show. >> what? here in new york? >> is bruno going to be here, do you know? >> we can't say. i know that ariana grande will be here. >> they've announced it. right? >> is bruno comes? >> they always have surprises. this is the hottest ticket in town. >> i want barry manilow. >> oh, barry! >> that's who i want. amy schumer has a new role, right? a. different jingle ball. so much fun. she does. amy schumer a rumor, not confirmed. reached out to her people. she might be playing barbie. right. a live action version of barbie. the story line is something along the following -- they're barbie doesn't really fit into barbie land anymore. goes out into the real world and finds out that beauty is really on the inside. making a little bit of fun. >> family-friendly. no "train wreck." >> and ma stttel is trying to change the image of barbie. changed the shape of them and --
10:23 am
>> sales were going down. >> it was. more inclusive. make fun of the old image while still being awfully kind to t. and here over the weekend. >> total surprise. audience had no idea. people in the building, some had no idea. turned out did a guest spot on "saturday night live." let's have a look. >> well, what -- oh, yeah. [ cheers ] >> i mean, kind of just sounds like all you're doing is, like, what? oh. what? me? oh, wow. no! i -- what? yes. >> wow. >> is it like this? what? wow? no. that's not -- >> what? well that's it -- >> what? >> no. i don't do that. >> what? oh! [ laughter ] >> so vanessa, great vanessa bayer playing the role of rachel a long time. jennifer came on and made fun of
10:24 am
herself. a christmas mother is covie is soon. "bad christmas party." who else? >> everybody's in it. >> the movie. >> like the holiday -- >> new love, actually? >> "love actually." good nfor jen. >> i like the stand-in porn test. nothing says christmas like that. >> thank you, rob. from one idea to 4 million have scri subscrib subscribers. >> turning into a big thing. >> and one illusionist on donnadorable. donna, i hope there are medics. >> there are. we just passed them in the hall. >> oh, my goodness. >> right after this. >> right after your local news. >> i don't kno ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪
10:25 am
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achoo! snap achoo! snap achoo! achoo! snap snap achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. i'm scared. i'm scared! >> make sure.our breaking news: authorities now put the number of confirmed deaths in friday night's oaklanda good monday morning. at 10:26, i'm sam brock. our breaking news right now, authorities officially put the number of confirmed deaths in friday night's oakland fire at
10:27 am
36. 11 victims have been identified. family is still being notified. recovery efforts were stopped at midnight last night to allow structural engineers come in and assess the scene. they fear that the danger of a building collapse is still present. you can learn more about the lives who were lost on our twitter feed and you can view a collage of their photos on our facebook page. after this break, a look at your weather and traffic.
10:28 am
10:29 am
=trx at ck= ck traffic maps we will see the clouds sticking around as we go into this day with some peeks of sunshine and some mild weather in san francisco, expect a high of 60 degrees, upper 50s for tuesday. then it gets much cooler with some rain moving in. the rest of the week we'll only see the highs reaching into the low to mid 50s. morning temperatures in the 40s. more of the same for the inland areas after a dry start to the week, we'll see the rain off and on for the rest of the week and also into the weekend. mike, what's happening on the roadways? >> cloud sticking around on the commute. makes an appearance. this is a great flow of traffic around most of the day. the south bay, some stragglers here. and over here you have 880 south toward fremont, a little slow in
10:30 am
here past the truck scales and the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. sam? >> look at that, just free flowing traffic. please join us for our 11:00 newscast. it's fun day monday and get ready to be wowed and terrified. about to show you a jaw-dropping routine. >> turn of the century. transporting audiences to the early 1900s, what they call the golden age of magic. >> jonathan goodwin, a/k/a, daredevil. world renowned stunt performer and one of the stars of the show. happy to have you here but wish we weren't going to do this, jonathan. >> this is going to be fun. i have some are very special for you. >> this is the least dangerous of everything you do in the show? >> this is soft and cuddly. this is nice. >> before we start, we have a nurse on standby, waiting -- to step in in case something goes wrong. >> okay. we're ready.
10:31 am
>> so -- i have here a bed of nails. >> be careful, donna. oh, i can't even -- >> wait, wait. don't know-of-do anything. >> you're going to test this out for us and we'll actually explain the trick. >> you don't usually do that? >> we don't. but for you guys we will. slowly, carefully, have a seat. >> i want to look. >> nope. i don't. >> and all the way back. allow me to help you. brilliant. get all the way down, don't put your head down because i have a pillow for you. >> marvelous. >> it's fine. >> no, it's not. >> in the performance of something like this, you take a cinder block, like the one i have here, place it there and then take a sledgehammer and you'd break it let's do it. >> are you ready noothat? >> no. no, no. >> does it hurt, by the way. >> no. it feels a little prickly in certain areas but does not hurt. this is not painful. >> okay. can she get up? >> yeah.
10:32 am
i can help you up. let me give you a little hand. very good. >> really? just one spike, it would be horrible tharchl horrible. >> that is point. the more nails, the less it hurts. the fewer nails, the more it would hurt. like you said, lie on one nail it would really hurt. >> okay. let's not do that. then. so is gerard getting on? >> no. just me. >> gerard and mike. oh, there's the one. >> this is now a bed of nail. >> a bed of nail, singular. >> it's sharp. technical technically, the least number of names on a bed of nails. could do less but that's just a man lying down and that's not impressive. >> this is serious stuff. all right? >> i'm going it try to do this. obviously, really, think it's a trick, but it's not. check out my back. make sure -- ooh. that was mire microphone. >> i'm dating taylor, so i have to be careful. >> make sure no hidden methods,
10:33 am
nothing under my skin. >> you've had some nail -- >> nail scars. >> you've had problems? >> doing it a while. yeah. okay. give me a second here. >> i don't want to look. i don't like -- i don't like this. nurse -- nurse is on standby. nurse, thank you. making sure we're all good. >> i don't like the sledgehammer he's got. >> if i manage to do this, feel free to go nuts, girls. >> okay. >> wait. power pack's in your pocket. tell me when it's over. >> dear god. >> no. >> are you looking? >> no. no, no, no. no. >> oh, dear god. >> guys -- >> you see -- >> oh, my gosh. get up, get up, please. >> donna, pick up the cinder block and place it here. >> no. donna -- hurry. >> take the sledge hamhamme hah in the middle. start l. i have to. one of us has to be the pro. one of us has to be
10:34 am
professional. >> ouch! >> get up, get up! >> oh -- whew! [ applause ] >> you're all right. >> i'm okay. >> oh, my gosh. you're stupid! >> thank you. >> and i have got a hole in my back. right? >> yes. he did. he's got a hole. here it is. look at it. >> just for you. >> just for fun! >> yeah. >> merry christmas. >> nurse, come here. check him out. >> he's married, has a child and his wife works with him on the show. >> it's all part of the fun. >> if you like this sort of thing, catch the illusionist turn of the century. you see a dent. >> he says it's a dent. >> right here in new york at the palace theater through january 1st and catch them on tour. >> all right. they turn their passion into a thriving business. now suzy welch shares their story called "the skim" that may help you get started. >> and madeleine hil helps you the rice choices, jonathan. after this.
10:35 am
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it the most wonderful time of the year, but not when trying to watch your weight. >> with all the munchies and cocktails at holiday parties, calories add up fast. here to help you make smarter choices is a game of -- >> all: take or leave it. >> health contributor, madeleine -- >> one thing right. >> what's happening? >> "take it or leave it" a game. hard to east jut just one. a choice of two. take it or leave it? >> go over -- >> it looks like she's got -- >> vanessa. >> cheeseballs. >> mini swedish meatballs and three picks in blankets. >> the question? >> for these of these, which has fewer calories? lower calories in the pigs in
10:40 am
the blankets or meatballs? >> meatballs. >> right. these are 210. like them, limit your amount. can't go wrong with swedish meatballs. have a bite of each. >> doing a mannequin challenge. freeze! okay. ready. >> going this way? >> we are going this way. oh. >> oh, this is i cannot say no to. fried shrimp. >> three bruschetta and three coconut shrimp. three of these, can't east just one, which has lower calories? all with tomato. >> going with the shrimp. >> kathie lee is right, the bruschetta. shrimp are healthy but fried and have about twice as many calories in the shrimp. 150. >> all righty. katie's here. >> all right. >> so katie's here. she has some of our four different cheese with different dips. we have that delicious creamy spin ch artichoke dip, four
10:41 am
crackers or some baked brie on four different crackers, which is lower in calories? >> three! >> you would be wrong, because the -- >> why? >> because actually cheese, as delicious as it is, even small pieces, far more calories than the spinach artichoke dip. >> tons of cheese in that? >> not cheese. it's mayonnaise. >> and ellie has -- stuffed mushrooms. stuffed with spinach and cheese and mini crab cakes. take it or leave it? which has fewer calories? >> mini crab cakes! >> mushrooms. >> kathie lee would be right. about 90 calories for three of these and about twice much for the mini crab cakes. again, limit to one or two. >> okay. >> and ellie, thanks. move on. >> oh. >> okay. burning calories, at least! >> so our finalist, jared, has delicious devilled eggs. two of these or two bacon
10:42 am
wrapped dates, for two of these, take it or leave it? which would you take? >> dates. >> eggs. >> i'll go with the meat for fun. >> you would be right. bait with a little bacon, half the calories. 80 for those and twice as much for the eggs. >> i do love devilled eggs, though. >> that was fun. >> thank very much, madeleine. >> wait. we have a prize. >> who was the winner? >> kathie lee. >> of course. >> landslide. >> you didn't have to point that out, jerry, but thank you. >> congratulations. >> what did you get? >> national hot dog day! >> all right. for more calorie-saving ideas through the holidays go to hoda and kathie and sharing a story of two co-workers withes 3
10:43 am
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many of you watching now have probably had some sormt of
10:48 am
a business idea, but just didn't know where to start. >> well two young women worked right here at nbc news turned their idea into a thriving business that might be in your inbox right now called the skim. >> suzy welch sat down with the millennials behind the company. >> smart ladies. >> they're good. >> that's true. right. ladies, they went from being entry level tv producers to news aentrepreneurs almost overnight. their goal, to be smarter. meet danielle and carl pip nbc news producers before they decided to turn their love of journalism into an entrepreneur adventure back in 2012. >> skim is a company making it easier to be smarter. >> some people might not feel comfortable talking about sports, or talking about something like the syrian conflict, politics. we realized there was an opportunity to make it easier
10:49 am
for our friends to make it known what was going on around them. >> reporter: and they got plenty of friends relying on just that. the skin's daily newsletter is blasted out every weekday morning to more than 4 million subscribers, many of them women who can reality to the tone. in a paragraph or two, so many are finding it easier to be smarter. >> it's like your best friend wrote it for you. >> how did two millennials zero experience in background and tech. >> saved up between $3,500 between the two of us. quit our jobs and launched it from our couch. all we had, our two computers and this idea. >> reporter: whens it was time to get the word out. >> no shame. e-mailed friends from kindergarten, ex-boyfriends, their mothers. e-mailed about 5,000 people. >> reporter: one thoefrz provided the boost they needed. >> there's a website, online thin calmed the
10:50 am
>> hoda mentioned it as one of her favorite things and changed our life. >> reporter: starting rolling in. >> oprah, the first lady, so many crazy moments that are just like -- passed our wildest dreams. >> reporter: as with any start-up, a few hiccups along the way. >> early meeting weren't ainvestor what is your monthly burn? never heard that before? burn to me sounds like a bad thing. i was like, zero. yeah. basically, when you translate that, saying giving money and not spending. we're never going to spend the money. a very dumb thing to say. >> reporter: the ladies have come a long way since those days, not just the two of us on the couch anymore. 37 full-time employees. >> these are beautiful offices. >> thank you. >> you've done well. how do you make money? >> we have two different businesses. the first is we have a media business. we work with sponsors, work with premiere brands, great things
10:51 am
with chase, buick and starbucks. >> other businesses, the subscription business. skim ahead launched a few months ago. a premium product for $2.99 a month, easier to be smarter on your calendar. what time your favorite show son, when the favorite college football game is on. all of these things, people are like, when is that's hassin in happens? >> reporter: it morphed into a life sometime. smug neither woman imagined. >> probably say once a month, what have we done? >> yeah. >> boy. >> wow. >> saying it every day. what have we done? >> i flow. each prize themselves on establishing a fun and lively culture around the office and told me it's none uncommon to see employees enjoying a glass of wine in the middle of the day. something you ladies know a little about. >> for shame! >> i can't believe how they exploded. we were talking about it. >> did you it, hoda woman. thank you, we love you.
10:52 am
>> give a big speech in florida. >> 800 women there. i happened to have been in florida. 700 came up to me to tell me how great suzy was. you're great. they love you. >> we love you. thousands of deserving kids will have a holiday to remember. >> find out what goodies await them.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
all right. let's spread a little more holiday cheer as our 23rd annual toy drive kicks off another wook. >> who we have today. drum roll, please. >> it's -- >> all: amanda santoro. we heard you were here. >> amanda. >> right. amanda, you guys are donating a lot. >> we are. >> big league. >> tell us how much. >> we're donating $1.3 million worth of lego products. >> wait. >> all: what did you just say? >> $1.3.
10:56 am
>> wow. >> going all the way up. amazing. >> awesome. >> everybody of every age loves lego. >> what's great. for every age, interest and a very classic toy that people love and have known for many years. >> and never goes out of style. >> why is it important? a lot of kids seem to go without during this time of year? >> absolutely. lego's been around many years, three generation. it's important for us to give back in our partnership with the "today" show. as many kids and possible have a lego set this holiday. >> a great one right there. >> lego classic. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> don't forget to swing by the plaza or donate online at for details go to our website, kathie lee a kathieleeandhoda.c what you no know if you have a child with food allergies. >> important, and neil diamond. >> burning relationship
10:57 am
questions answered -- or not, with our guy
10:58 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
10:59 am
11:00 am
toll continues to rise -- now up to 36. more than 2 days after the fire at an oakland warehouse has been put out -- searchers are not done looking for victims. and the delicate process, could continue for several more days. =cover shot= sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. laura/2shot and i'm laura garcia-cannon -- kris sanchez is reporting out in the field. as we reported on today in the bay-- work has stopped right now because it's just too dangerous. ==sam//vo+rail== here's the latest information we received from oakland officials at a news conference at 6am this morning. there are now 36 victims... that have been recovered -- up from 33 overnight. 11 of those victims have been identified. we know the names of seven of them -- investigators are not releasing the names of a 17-year-old victim


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