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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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toll continues to rise -- now up to 36. more than 2 days after the fire at an oakland warehouse has been put out -- searchers are not done looking for victims. and the delicate process, could continue for several more days. =cover shot= sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. laura/2shot and i'm laura garcia-cannon -- kris sanchez is reporting out in the field. as we reported on today in the bay-- work has stopped right now because it's just too dangerous. ==sam//vo+rail== here's the latest information we received from oakland officials at a news conference at 6am this morning. there are now 36 victims... that have been recovered -- up from 33 overnight. 11 of those victims have been identified. we know the names of seven of them -- investigators are not releasing the names of a 17-year-old victim
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and three others right now. ==laura== right now -- engineers are on location determining if it's safe for firefighters to re-enter the building -- crews are hoping to get back inside in the next hour. ==sam boxes== we have team coverage of the oakland warehouse fire. we begin with pete suratos who's been on the scene all morning.. pete, any word on when crews are headed back into the building? second ago. obviously concerns about structural integrity of that building. what are you hearing from engineers there? >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. what we do know for sure, they just put up a board behind us that this news conference is going to take place at 2:00 p.m. and we'll get new details. during the morning report, there were structural problems inside. it was a safety concern for firefighters which we heard from oakland fire. i just talked to the alameda sheriff's office. they said it sounded like they may be getting back to work. as we're waiting here, the
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media, there was a former tenant who used to live in that warehouse. she talked about the living conditions there. she had some pretty explosive claims. >> as the tenants waited to go back into this warehouse because of safety concerns. >> it was a hell hole. it was a death trap. >> reporter: she's speaking out against the owner known as the ghost ship of the warehouse which claimed the lives of at least 33 victims during a deadly fire friday night. mack lived there from october of 2013 to february of 2014. >> the transformer blew. i asked, how come we're not calling pg&e? that's when i learned that it was an illegal hookup with pg&e. >> she recalled cat urine on the rugs, but her biggest claim is that oakland police knew about this illegal activity the whole time. >> the police were there every week for stolen goods, for fights, for crazy stuff. they had orgies in the place,
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and a week later had a teacher's holiday party, and you can't clean that stuff off of wood, and that's all i'm saying. >> reporter: the plan by officials this morning is for engineers to show up around 8:00 a.m. they'll resume work by 12:00 p.m. in my short conversation with alameda county shaefr offieriff, it looks like they may be on wohedule. this phoconfirm that in the news conference set to come up at 2:00 p.m. new at 11:00, we're getting and hurt the ghost ship staircase. se he was a man who had helped musicians put on shows and parties. the staircase was hard to navigate and you could easily miss a step or two and hurt yourself. they argue the claims the t land, ase was made out of wooden pallets.
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that staircase would have been the only way for people to get to the bottom floor and exit that warehouse. he president is saying, quote, today our prayers go out to the people of oakland, california in the aftermath of this weekend's s adly warehouse fire, one of the worst fires in the state's history. g suoes on to say, oakland is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country, and as families and residents pull together in the wake of rs a awful tragedy, they will have the unwavering support of the american people. >> our team coverage of the fire also aues now. just a few hours ago, san toancisco art school announced that one of its students is one of the victims. our chris sanchez joins us live from san francisco. chris, this news emerging this mortgag morning. it has to be tough for the school and community there. >> reporter: there were some very young victims of the ghost fire ship, sam, and we got a picture of the 17-year-old
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victim of that fire. he was a school here at school of the arts in san francisco. he was known as a quiet leader, a strong baritone voice, always smiling for anybody. in the last hour, we talked with some of his classmates who are still feeling very shocked and heartbroken. >> he did nobody any harm. he was sweet, he kept to himself, and he was really loved amongst his friends. >> reporter: now, as of this morning, the alameda county coroner's office has identified 11 victims. the news was no easier for coworkers of a 32-year-old woman who died in the fire a day after the folks at high wire roasters where she worked got confirmation of the news they were dreading. they were too heartsick to speak to us about their friend. she was 32-year-old donna kellogg, a culinary school student. some of the other victims named are brandon chase wittenaur, the front man of a musical group.
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cash aski was in a dream pop band and was just 22 years old. gomez hall was an administrative assistant by day, sara was a teacher in walnut creek. a candlelight memorial is planned at 8:00 tonight at the perg la at lake merritt. you can find the specifics at friends and families are painting a picture of the lives these victims led as a human being. ntinuey are not willing to do e at, we are respecting their wishes. way.any of these victims so young, as you said, chris. thank you so much. we have continued concerns about possible victims of the warehouse fire. ex ghare still being felt hundreds, in some cases, thousands of miles away. par sister station wnbc is reporting about the search of a
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posing new jersey filmmaker named alex assad. pe his instagram account, he = sted this video of what bpears to be the party just an hour before that fire. since the fire, he has not been heard from. friends in new jersey are holding out hope that he's okay. >> i'm heartbroken and i'm just staying optimistic. >> in my head he's going to be okay. an tassan is a director well known in new york for helping musicians there. he is also the father of two young girls. >> we're learning new information about the man who ran the so-called ghost ship. his name is eric armena, and they've confirmed he's on probation. te abouthe sent information about the news of the fire. now, bob, almena is not responding to an earlier facebook post that he wrote about the fire. >> reporter: correct. good morning, too, laura.
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we have tried to reach out to derrick almena who we have confirmed is staying at the marriott in downtown oakland. yes, overnight he did release a statement to nbc news clarifying controversial comments he made on facebook early saturday morning in which he bemonaned te loss of material possessions in that fair. i'm quoting here, in my previous facebook post, i had no idea there was loss of life. this tragic event consumes my every moment. my heart is broken. my heartfelt condolences to family and friends who are lost, end quote. two hours after the fire, he posted on facebook that everything he had worked so hard for is gone, to be standing on you in a poverty of self-worth. just a couple excerpts there. nbc has confirmed that almena is on felony probation. a search of court records shows he was convicted in january of receiving stolen property.
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for that he spent two days in jail and will be on probation until 2019. almena founded and ran the ghost ship. that's the artist collective located inside the warehouse that burned down. you can see what the space looked like in these before pictures. people familiar with the ghost ship said it was full of wooden art projects which might explain why the fire grew so big and so fast. within the past 45 minutes, we spoke with one of the survivors who barely made it out himself. >> we lost a lot of really great people in our community, a lot of bright souls. i think this has a lot to do with the gender issue in this city and we're forced to live in these spaces. we do it because we have nothing else affordable to create. we need more help. we need more of a voice in this city. >> reporter: that was bob mule who lost at least one friend in
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friday's fire. the death toll right now stands at 36. authorities this morning say they absolutely believe that number will increase. reporting live here in oakland, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. our investigative team has pulled city records about the history of that building. john vander dak is looking at that information now. >> also on our website you can ing. a slide show of photos taken inside the ghost ship before it went up in flames. 11: can also read about how the family of the woman who owns the warehouse is responding. hey can't us for continued coverage on air as well. ratiup next at 11:00, we investigate many other warehouses turned into artist enclaie enclaves. the reason some landlords say they cannot fix the operations. looking outside at golden
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gate bridge. a lot of clouds and cold temperatures setting in. i'll have details on that coming up in a few minutes. we continue to follow breaking
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news at this hour from oakland -- where recovery efforts are expected to resume as early as noon. crews stopped work overnight inside that warehouse because of wa welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news of the fire in oakland where recovery efforts are to resume at noon. workers did stop working because of a wall that is collapsing. we're told there is a lien where the roof meets the wall of about 3 inches. structural engineers are looking at that situation now. meanwhile, fire ripped through the building friday night as dozens of people were inside for an electric dance party. officials confirmed 36 bodies so far have been recovered. eight of them have been identified, and that includes a 17-year-old student. >> city officials say there are dozens of similar warehouses across oakland where people live in an art collective similar to where these people died. >> how are these places allowed to exist?
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we sent steven to the streets of oakland to ask just that question. steven? >> reporter: fire inspectors climbed over and through what's left of the warehouse that had become so well known as a residence for various artists. it was called the ghost ship by folks living in the neighborhood. the lines of friends and family of those presumed dead were carrying flowers and heavy hearts streaming past today. only blocks from city councilman gave us a tour of several warehouses where he says similar conditions exist and people live unblighted in similar conditions without the proper permits. so you think people live in here, too? gayo represents this area is lives only a couple blocks from the warehouse where nearly three dozen souls lost their lives.
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>> i can tell you that's not -- >> reporter: -- permitted? >> yeah. >> reporter: why can't the city do anything about it? >> we're going to address the issue. >> reporter: gayu says pictures inside this warehouse before the fire are very typical. >> what's happening in these areas, it used to be a manufacturing city in these corridors, so you had many warehouses that had been converted to live-work spaces. >> reporter: many of these workspaces, gayu said, have been converted illegally without permission. >> i think it will force us to be more proactive immediately. >> reporter: in the past when they did try to step in, they were thwarted. >> we are not able to gain access to the interior of the building. i do not know the reason for that and i'm not going to speculate. >> reporter: in fact, one former owner of a warehouse in san francisco who asked not to be
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identified told me that when people take up residence in these very large spaces even without the proper permits, it can be nearly impossible for owners to get them out. because rent control boards and rules take precedence. and he says that property owners often cannot gain access to their own buildings, much like oakland code enforcement officials were kept from going inside and inspecting the ghost ship. so what are you going to do about this? >> definitely this is a priority in terms of making sure what is it that we need to enforce our codes, from fire codes, building codes? and secondly, what do we need at the staffing level? >> reporter: did the city of oakland drop the ball on this? >> i think by the enforcement, we did. i think we did. >> that was steven stock reporting there. of course, another reason these warehouse living spaces has become so popular is the high housing costs which these are places that can provide cheap rent and have a different rule
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that allows those unsafe conditions to exist. so councilman gayu vows to work on changing that starting right now. >> when something this tragic happens, people want to help. many are stopping by to drop off notes and candles. people across the bay area and the country are offering their support. if you would like to donate, we have a list of where to do so on >> one of the things we learned this morning at the 6:00 a.m. press conference was the fact they were not going to rush the process of recovery, even though we know there's some rain coming later in the forecast. >> that's right. later this week. today we are clear, kari? >> today we're clear, tomorrow looks clear, then we see that rain start to move back into the forecast. that's something we'll be watching as the next storm system arrives. here it's a live look outside from at&t parka cross the bay at oakland. low visibility, we have to deal with that in spots. it's 62 degrees, and we see all
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the clouds overhead. we'll have a hard time getting rid of those clouds. it's 54 degrees. a beautiful view there. only some sun starting to peek through and we do still have clouds in the north bay looking at mt. tam. it is only 50 degrees. 54 degrees in oakland and palo alto as well as san jose, and morgan hill upper 40s in liver mi mill where we had some dense fog this morning. temperatures are holding steady and only at 59 to 60 degrees. our storm system well to the west but tapping into some deep moisture moving in from hawaii, and it will also come after this cold air starts to move down from the arctic and really change our temperatures. we'll start to feel that later on tonight. even though we won't see any rain, there will be a cold front passing and the winds picking up by later on this evening into the start of the day tomorrow. still no rain on tomorrow afternoon, but then here we are late on wednesday as that next
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storm system once again tapping into that deep moisture from the tropics starts to move in, and we will have a couple of rounds of rain, a few storm systems moving in from the pacific, and that could keep it wet throughout the weekend and even early next week. so we'll have several days of rain. not continuous rain, but just off and on. and here's a look at what one computer model is putting down as far as how much rain we could see. it's still been shifting back and forth, and it's looking like the center of the bay area will be where we could get the highest amounts of rain. anywhere from two, maybe three inches of rain. once again, that's something that could really be something we'll be watching over the next few days that could cause a little bit of some flooding in some spots. now, our temperatures will only reach into the low to mid-50s in san francisco. morning temperatures could get as cold as 40 degrees, and the same thing for the inland areas. we will have some cold air moving in tonight, and look at those temperatures through the
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rest of the week. only making it up to about 57 degrees on saturday, so a soggy and cool weekend ahead. sam and laura? >> something to keep in mind for those outdoor activities. thank you. coming up, another brazen apple store robbery. the easy way into a store and who police are still looking for. but first, happening right now, we're always updating our coverage of the tragedy in oakland on line. tonight a candlelight vigil is going to be held for the victims of the deadly fire. that's at the pergola at lake merritt. it's beginning at 8:00 tonight. there is expected to be 5,000 or more people there. you can read much more on our facebook page. plus our consumer unit is looking into how you can get refunds this holiday season. chris ramora provides the ground rules for refunds. we're back in two minutes. oakland--
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recovery efforts - in that warehouse that was destroyed by fire friday - are expected to a quick update on the breaking news we're following out of oakland. recovery efforts in that warehouse that was destroyed by fire friday are expected to resume this afternoon. could start as early as noon. crews looking for possible remains of victims were pulled out overnight. there is concern that a wall might collapse. here are the latest numbers. 36 bodies have been recovered, including a 17-year-old student, draven mcgill. we received this picture of mcgill just a few minutes ago. he was in the 11th grade at the
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school of the arts in san francisco. he was in the vocal department. we have multiple reporters there on the scene in oakland, their live reports coming up in just minutes at 11:30. you can also follow the very latest moments by downloading our free nbc bay area app. a uc berkeley student is at a hospital right now recovering from a sexual assault. police say they happened a little over a week ago. the student was leaving the bart station in downtown berkeley when she said a man came and attacked her. that attacker attempted to rape the student but she managed to fight back and get away. the man is described as a 6'2" white male in his 30s with light brown hair and a muscular build. anyone with information should please contact berkeley police. the windows shattered after burglars drove a rented suv straight inside the apple store. it happened around 4:00 a.m. saturday. the burglars stole several phones and computers but ditched
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them along with the rented car when they were trying to get away from officers. witnesses say eight to ten people are involved, four of them are in custody. here's a look at the four arrested. these burglaries come after a series of thefts at apple stores across the northeast. you can see thieves running in, grabbing phones off the tables and running off all in the span of about 10 seconds. no arrests have been made. one of two inmates recap toured last week after escaping from santa clara's main jail set to be released on previous crimes. the camera captured ron antioch after escaping from jail. ron chavez was arrested the next day in san jose. each one of them could be facing an extra year of prison time along with lengthy sentences from previous crimes.
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it's been some rough news lately. now to something a little more therapeutic. are you looking for a new furry friend? starting at oakland animal services, the adoption fee will be waived starting today. the shelter said december is a great time to bring home a new pet since you're home from work and school. all the pets adopted from the shelter are already spayed, neutered and microchipped and they're up on their shots. >> it's the kids that always say it's a great idea, that's for sure. >> the parents come around to it. coming up, we do head back to oakland this morning. so far the death toll stands at 36 from the warehouse fire. it is expected to go up. the new details we're learning about the victims that died in the blaze.
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and we continue with our coverage of breaking news -- ==sam/2shot== in the next hour -- we're you're watching nbc bay area, and we continue with our coverage of breaking news. >> in the next hour, we're expecting crews to get back inside that oakland warehouse that was gutted by fire late friday. crews were pulled out of the building by midnight last night as firefighters voiced concerns about a wall that was leaning and potentially could collapse. that makes things very dangerous for crews and investigators combing through the building looking for more victims. we heard from the battalion chief and she said, we are not going to put our firefighters in danger. >> we're told that the structural engineers are trying to work on the problem. in an earlier news conference, officials say they were hoping to get those crews back inside as early as noon, a little less than 30 minutes from now. >> they continue to assess that situation. in the meantime, our team coverage of the fire continues. a few hours ago, a san francisco art school announced one of its students is among the victims. a growing memorial in oakland behind here as we're learning
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the names of some of the victims. chris sanchez was in san francisco reporting this morning. chris, about the fact that the ruthis school of the arts here acknowledging that a 17-year-old student was among its victims. >> reporter: right. this was a young man known as a quiet leader, always had a smile for everyone and was very well liked by his peers. in the last half hour or so, we got a picture of him. he is draven mcgill of dublin. he was known as having a strong baritone voice specifically with the boys' choir. in the last hour we talked with some of his classmates who are feeling shocked and heartbroken. >> he did nobody any harm. he was -- he kept to himself, and like, he was really loved amongst his friends. >> reporter: now, draven mcgill was among the 11 victims now identified by the alameda county
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coroner's office. the news wasn't any easier for older victims, coworkers for a 32-year-old woman who died in the fire, ev. even a day after they found out she died in the fire, they were too heartsick to talk about their friend. she was 32-year-old donna kellogg, a culinary school student. the others ray front man for a music group, another one also a musician, cash was in a deream pop band. david klein was a uc berkeley graduate of cognitive and computer science. 30-year-old sara hoda was a teacher in walnut creek. there is a candlelight memorial planned for 8:00 tonight. thousands of people have said that they are going to attend on that facebook page. it's at the pergola at lake merritt. you can find the specifics if you would like to gather in community to mourn the lives lost. we are offering families and friends the opportunity to talk about the loved ones, to paint a bigger picture of the lives that
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were lost here. when they say they're not ready, we are respecting that as well. in san francisco, chris sanchez, today in the bay. >> of course, and we will continue to. the search has been so difficult for families, police, fire crews, and it's expected to take even longer. >> nbc bay area's pete suratos joining us. crews out there since this morning. what did you learn in terms of moving forward now? >> reporter: we had oakland police tell us they're having an impromptu news conference at 12:00 p.m. i might have to cut out when we take this news conference when they give us these details. let me tell you what we know from that morning news conference. we know there were 36 victims found inside this warehouse after that deadly oakland warehouse fire that took place on friday night. 11 people have been identified, and last time we checked with them this morning, they said
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that 70% of that structure had been searched so far, and there is a criminal investigation underway. that's according to oakland mayor libby schaaf. there were some structural issues inside that would have been a safety concern for firefighters, so when this news conference comes up, we may get more details on that, as well as possibly if there is an increase in the number of victims. it looks like they're doing a sound check right now, guys, so if we can, we'll try to dip into that and give you guys this update on this news conference. we'll send it back to you in the newsroom. >> yes, most definitely. keep tabs on that and we'll bring that to you live. in the meantime, we are looking deeper into the warehouse itself, which as we're learning was an artists' collection. people lived and worked in that space which was called the ghost ship. the man who ran that house, derrick almena, has a troubled past. he's been keeping a low profile since the fire. bob riddell is at the hotel he was last seen at.
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he's not talking much about this fire, bob, but he has talked on social media. >> reporter: he has, and he has released a statement. you might recall, laura, two hours after the fire, this was early saturday morning that derrick almena went on line on his facebook account and posted some comments that seemed insensitive to many people on line. they were angered by it because he was bemoaning the fact he lost some material possessions without commenting on the lives lost there. almena, who was staying downtown here in oakland, has since released a statement to nbc news, clarifying his comments. he said, in my previous facebook post, i had no idea there was loss of life. this tragic event skumz my every moment. my heart is broken. my heartfelt condolences to family and friends who have suffered the loss of loved ones. on screen is that facebook post he put out there early saturday morning. he used words like this, saying that everything he had worked so hard for is gone to be standing
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now in a poverty of self-worth. it generated lots of angry responses after that post was put up there on facebook. it has been confirmed that almena is on felony probation. a search of court records shows that he was convicted in january of receiving stolen property. for that he spent two days in jail and will be on probation until 2019. it was full of wooden art projects which might explain why the fire grew so big and so fast. we talked to one of the survivors who barely made it out himself but knows for sure he lost at least one friend. >> we lost a lot of great people in our community, a lot of bright souls. i think this has a lot to do with the gender issue in this
11:36 am
city, ask artind artists are fo live in these places. we do it because we need a place to create. we need more help. we need more of a voice in the city. >> reporter: the death toll right now stands at 36. authorities this morning saying they absolutely believe that the number will increase. reporting live here in oakland, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, bob. so much new information coming in about the fire that has happened. we are waiting right now for an impromptu news conference set to get underway. it looks like they're setting up at the podium doing mic checks. we expected this to happen about 2:00 this happen, but our reporter was out there saying there is new information they want to bring to us right now. >> it looks like this is about to get started any moment, laura, so we'll certainly stop and dip into coverage when it
11:37 am
does. background of what we learned early this morning. there was a press conference at 6:00 and we found out the number of confirmed victims had gone from 33 to 36, and that there are 11 identified bodies. now, obviousliy there is a gap there of 25, which means there are at least 25 families at this point that do not have confirmation that their loved one was inside that warehouse when it caught on fire. >> there's been so many people worried, they've been waiting, they've been hanging on every word to try to figure out what has happened to their loved ones. in the meantime, the search for some of these people in the rubble has been put on hold. engineers have been brought into the site of the warehouse because they actually found a wall that was leaning about 3 inches, and they fear that actually posed a danger to firefighters. so they halted the search so far, and that is what we're waiting for, to see when it will resume. there was talk it could resume as early as this afternoon, so we're just kind of in a waiting pattern right now. >> we are. there were a couple developments
11:38 am
last night. the first one came a little after 10:00 at night after atf investigators realized or i guess had come to the conclusion that there was a portion of that building that was likely where the fire started that was on -- it was toward the center of the back wall, and they cord oned ad stopped investigators from continuing their recovery process there. then a couple hours later, some midnight investigators who were on the adjacent roof doing some reconnaisance work and surveillance work noticed the lean you were talking about, a 3-inch lean in a portion of the building where it meets the wall, and they said, look, we're not putting our firefighters in danger right now. there is a concern there could be a collapse because of how precarious that architecture is after the fire. >> very much so. they also said they're going to take their time in the search and recovery efforts of this as well. we talked about the rain that could possibly come by end of
11:39 am
the week. mid-week, actually, by wednesday. there is a lot to do as they go just painstaking work. and heartbreaking work with what they have to do to go through the rubble of that burned-down warehouse. >> we learned of a 17-year-old victim earlier today, many in their 20s and 30s. many families on edge. we'll be right back including that press coverage live. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. if you're just joining us, we are waiting for a news conference, a very impromptu one that is said to be about to happen from the oakland police department regarding the oakland warehouse fire. we're going to dip back into this as we're awaiting it. we weren't expecting it to happen until 2:00, but we just got word a few minutes ago that they have something to tell us this morning. we'll dip back into that. in the meantime, we want to get a look at your forecast. >> absolutely. gray skies have been kind of everywhere so far this morning. clouds and fog the big issues this morning, ckeri. >> next will be cold temperatures. it's cloudy right now. you can see the clouds getting a view at ocean beach, those waves kind of turning up. you can see by the white caps in that picture. it's 54 degrees and a lot of
11:43 am
clouds once again. 54 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. we have some milder air right now but it will not last. looking at today's forecast, enjoy it. mostly cloudy to 59 degrees in the tri-valley, and all of that sun and mild weather we had over the weekend, that is pretty much over for quite a while. because this storm system is moving closer. with it a lot of moisture being tapped in from hawaii, and also some cold air moving down from the north. so we have a couple of weather systems moving in, and by tonight we will have some cloudy skies, some gusty winds and temperatures dropping. we won't see much in the way of rain until late wednesday night. that's when that storm system that we just saw off to the west, that's when that moves in. and it will continue to stream in right over the bay area for several days with off and on rain through not only this weekend but possibly early next week. we could have a long period of some rainy weather in the forecast. but looking at how much rain we
11:44 am
could get just between now and sunday, it looks like we could have up to two, maybe three inches of rain. this will still go back and forth depending on where exactly that moisture sets up, but that's something we'll be watching. here is a live look now at northstar. our camera there. you can see skiers out enjoying the fresh powder, and here's a look of how much snow we could see over the next several days. in fact, it will be a little too warm for it to just snow the entire time, but there may be some additional light amounts of snow, mostly some rain mixing in so it doesn't look like a big snow maker for this year just yet, but still some rain in the forecast for us. looking at san francisco, once again mild today. some breezy winds up to 60 degrees and then it gets cool. we'll actually have our coldest morning on wednesday as we drop down into the mid-30s for the inland areas, and we'll see that rain off and on for the next several days and highs only making it into the mid to upper 50s. so it's going to be cool along
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with that wet weather. laura and sam? >> kari, thank you very much. we're going to go back now to that press conference in oakland. as you see, opd has everything set up and staged. we are expecting an update. there was supposed to be a 2:00 p.m. news conference. instead we learned they are going to be having one any moment now. >> that's right, and this is what it looks like literally when they're setting up a news conference. they get the microphones out, a few reporters are on stand-by. they look like they're about to tell us something, because as you mentioned, it was expected at 2:00 this afternoon, so we hope there are some new developments. we know the search itself has been put on hold while engineers come out to the site of the warehouse to assess the building, the structure itself, as firefighters are going in there. they need to make sure that it's safe for them. >> right, exactly. our last update was 6:00 a.m. this morning. they have not had any sort of recovery details since then, because as you mentioned, laura, they have not been able to enter the building. there was a concern about a lean on the exterior. we're going to find out exactly
11:46 am
where they stand when they begin this news conference. we'll be right back after a short break.
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welcome back. we learned within the last 20 minutes or so that oakland police and county and fire officials will be holding a news conference to update us on where things stand regarding starting the recovery process again for the oakland warehouse. you see a very active scene there. they're getting the microphones ready, the stage ready. it looks like we'll be hearing momentarily from oakland police. let's listen in. >> we weren't expecting this news conference to happen until about 2:00 this afternoon. thank you. you understand we had scheduled
11:49 am
a medimmediatmedia update at 2: afternoon, but we have a very important piece of news we would like to share with our community. the power company is scheduling an outage to take place at 2:00 this afternoon. they have a very large crane coming into the area to continue the work that needs to be done. therefore, the power outage -- this is a planned power outage -- is expected around 12:00 noon. it's planned at about 12:00 noon. power is estimated to affect 50 to 500 customers, so anywhere between the number 50 up to 500 customers. it will be in this immediate area. additionally, the power outage will last, guesstimated, about 12 hours. 12:00 noon, planned power outage up to about 12 hours, in this immediate area affecting customers, 50 to about 500.
11:50 am
we'll have a team of neighborhood service coordinators, red cross, as well as our chaplains are going to go door to door, check on our residents. it's absolutely imperative we take care of our community during this power outage. we're going to make face to face contact with our residents to ensure they're all right, do they have any needs, do they have any resources that we can provide them? additionally, our economic development improvement team is going to go through and contact all the businesses. we understand all of our resources to try to minimize the impact this could have. we're also waiting for a pg&e spokesperson. they will come.
11:51 am
i understand you have questions. how large of an area will this affect? i don't have that answer. right now we're looking at the immediate area. for the more intricate details regarding pg&e, i'll certainly refer to the pg&e company and their spokesperson. additionally, i'd like to add that around 9:00 a.m. this morning, the work did resume at the building, so the oakland fire department, along with the alameda county sheriff's office, they have resumed their work. that, again, started at 9:00 a.m. at this time we do not have any change in the number of victims. we will provide an additional update later this afternoon, but right now we really want to push the message out to our community that's going to be affected by this planned power outage. additionally, pg&e will be doing the call system to alert the customers in this area.
11:52 am
[ inaudible question ] >> that's a good question. how are they using the large crane. they're bringing the crane in to help with the infrastructure. i'm not getting into the details of that. i'll leave that to the fire department and engineers. does anyone have any questions about specifically what we're talking about today? [ inaudible question ] >> the need to cut off the power is because of the need. if you look behind me, there is a telephone pole with wires. the crane will have to come in on that side, or even if it accesses the other side and anything should swing or move, we don't want anything to touch those power lines. so this is a safety issue. and the movement and placement of that crane, we'll take a look, they're still logistically coordinating that, but the crane versus the power lines makes it extremely dangerous for everyone. that's why we're doing a planned power outage.
11:53 am
>> you said 12 hours? >> yes, the planned power outage is up to 12 hours today. that could change but we'll certainly keep you updated. [ inaudible question ] >> the immediate area will be affected. again, 50 to up to about 500 pg&e customers will be affected. [ inaudible question ] >> that's correct. the search resumed approximately 9:00 a.m. this morning. so work does continue inside the building. [ inaudible question ] >> yes. yes. because they were able to go back in. they have been able to stabilize to the point where they felt it was safe to go back in. our second challenge is the crane, the position of the crane, and the telephone -- or the power lines. [ inaudible question ] >> that's correct.
11:54 am
yes, ma'am. [ inaudible question ] >> i think we could have the experts who have been inside and managing a tremendous amount of debris, a very complicated situation. when we come back a little bit later this afternoon, i prefer to have the experts speak in that field. i really wanted to get this information out about the power that will affect this immediate ar area, pretty much as we're speaking now. [ inaudible question ] >> sir, we'll certainly go into those conversations a little bit later, but right now we're very much focused on pg&e and the situation that's going to immediately affect this area as we're speaking. [ inaudible question ]
11:55 am
>> i will share with you that the search did resume. they continue to be very careful, very tedious, very mindful. this scene is being managed with a lot of care and a lot of thought. so yes to your question. i really want to stay away from the fire department, i want to stay away from alameda county sheriff's office. i don't want to speak into their language. i really just want to stay focused on what is happening right now with the power. thank you, sir. [ inaudible question ] >> the crane is going to be used for some other work that needs to be done. again, work crews would not go in unless the building was stabilized, so this is going to be specific to the work that needs to be done. and again, when we brief later, we'll certainly let the experts in those field manage those questions, okay? [ inaudible question ]
11:56 am
>> we'll take a look at approximately 2:00, but we'll certainly notify you if there's going to be a change in that time. thank you very much. >> all right, that was johnna watkins from the oakland police department informing us there will be a scheduled power outage in just mere minutes near the site of the oakland warehouse fire. pg&e needs to bring in a crane to do some work there. they expect 50 to 500 people to be affected for about 12 hours. >> she did not provide an exact area where that's going to take place. she just said it would be the immediately affected area of the oakland fire. pg&e will be calling residents there as we take a live look from our chopper. pg&e will let you know if you're going to be impacted and even going door to door to find out what your needs are. >> red cross will be involved as well if you should need shelter and whatnot. this is a live overhead aerial view of the warehouse fire where 36 people, sadly the victims of
11:57 am
this fire so far, have died. they expect that number to rise. >> it's extremely tragic. we are expecting the number to go up, and laura, it's important to note that the expectations were they wouldn't start their recovery process again until this afternoon. we just found out in that press conference that they resumed the investigation at 9:00 this morning after there were questions about whether the building would collapse. >> there were questions about the integrity of that building to see if it was safe for firefighters to go back and in cxz all the debris, literally hand-picking out, putting items in buckets and bringing them back out. we'll have continued coverage of that developing news story. we've got crews throughout the bay area giving you the very latest developments on this warehouse fire. >> we're going to keep you updated on all our social platforms throughout the afternoon. we'll have more coverage at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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