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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> also breaking overnight, a strong earthquake rattled indonesia, killing nearly 100 people, and the death toll could still rise. a frantic search for survivors this morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. bundle up. this will be the coldest day of the week and maybe the year? >> so far, yes. we're below freezing in the north bay. that's what we're watching for, not only that, but also tracking the next rainmaker that will be here later this evening. here is a live look at some of the temperatures now. it's 36 degrees in concord, 44 in oakland and san francisco, and yes, you see the below freezing temperatures in the north bay. we're headed there in the tri-valley and parts of the south bay. as we once again take a look at all the clouds moving closer, we'll see the rain moving in later this afternoon and a look
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at the timeline as we start to see those scattered showers here by 3:30 this afternoon. let's head over to mike. is it looking better on the roadways? >> it is, but we already had a great commute. the crash cleared in oakland and the disabled vehicle that cleared over there in castro valley, the grid is clear as far as chp is concerned. green sensors all over, slowing out of the altamont pass. minor slowing way out in the eastern livermore section. no problems for the north bay. temperatures in the low 30s. you might get a little frost on the windshield as you come out the door this morning. keep that in mind. a 14-minute drive from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays along the peninsula. >> thank you very much. at 5:01, covering breaking news this morning out of pakistan. a missing plane has crashed. about 40 people were on board. officials say it was heading to the country's capital islamabad when it lost contact with the control tower. search crews are heading to the
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crash site. we'll continue to bring you the latest on air and online. more breaking news on this wednesday morning. a powerful earthquake in indonesia leaves at least 94 dead and disaster officials say that number is expected to rise. right now emergency crews are frantically trying to save people still trapped in the debris of collapsed buildings. the magnitude 6.5 quake hit off the coast of acha province last night. more than 40 buildings including mosques, homes and schools completely leveled. the usgs says there's no risk of a tsunami. this is the same region devastated by a 9.1 magnitude quake back in 2004. >> we remember it well. after several emotionally exhausting days now, recovery efforts from the devastating oakland warehouse fire are close to over. now the city is seeking help
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moving forward. leaders have declared a state of emergency in hopes of receiving more money to help with recovery efforts. all but one of the 36 people who died in the fire have been identified. authorities don't expect to mind anymore victims. the focus now is on what touched off the fire in the first place. mayor libby schaaf, by the way, says prior to this deadly warehouse fire there have been three complaints about the so-called ghost ship, two in 2014 and one in 2015. in the meantime, each day that passes, more victims of faces are revealed. late last night we learned the names of nine more people who didn't make it out. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at the growing memorial in oakland with more on their stories. so heartbreaking, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. a lot of these flowers and the candles and the mementos here were left by people from the community who definitely felt the loss, even if they didn't know the victims personally. but now the names of nine more
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victims are public this year. that includes 22-year-old alex vega from san bruno whose friends say he was drawn to the ghostship warehouse because of his love of the arts from urban graffiti and electronic music. we met his brother saturday when he showed up in work boots ready to march into the disaster himself he said desperate to find his brother. >> i had my work boots in, i'm ready to roll. >> you want to go through that debris. >> hell, yeah, i do. if my -- if my brother is there, i want to find him. i need closure. obviously i want to hold on to a little bit of hope.
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>> reporter: in the last 12 hours eight other victims were also identified. they are 35-year-old billy dixon from oakland who moved to california to pursue his dreams of being an ar tiflt, 21-year-old van ness la plotkin undergraduate student at uc berkeley. 29-year-old nicole siegrist is originally from nebraska. 34-year-old amanda allen's family says she loved music and photography and very involved in both of those scenes in san francisco. 34-year-old johnny gas. griffin madden graduated from cal last year and 32-year-old hanna ruex. friends and family shared details of their lives and we can now share how they lived and not just how they died. you can find their stories at
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there at you can also find out how the city of oakland and the county of alameda is trying to be sensitive to the identities, how these folks identified themselves, even if different from their legal identities. we'll be here in oakland talking about these victims all morning long. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. also happening later in oakland, another prayer vigil being organized for the victims of the warehouse fire. the vigil is scheduled to take place at the skyline community church in oakland on skyline boulevard. it gets under way at 7:00 tonight. as questions mount about what led up to the ghostship warehouse fire, we've uncovered more dwellings where people are living and inspectors are investigating. >> inspectors from the fire department visited three properties in response to zoning complaints. this one nicknamed death trap. we spoke with oakland
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councilwoman rebecca kaplan about the city's safety responsibility. >> why wasn't anything done earlier? >> exactly. that is part of why i'm supporting the request of members of the public that there be an independent investigation because we don't yet know. do people go out and report the problems they saw and nothing was done? >> there was also a dramatic list of demands from council members at city hall yesterday including calls for an investigation for the mayor and her staff. the federal agency leading this investigation is the atf. we were the first on the scene to talk with the agents. the atf set up a mobile command unit, one of six across the country dispatched to major fire events. special agent jill schneider confirmed investigators are taking a closer look at electrical issues in one specific area of the warehouse. they're starting to look for the origin and cause. today a second electrical engineer and a fire protection engineer will join in that investigation. we're told investigators hope to
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find some conclusive answers within the next 24 hours. of course, we'll continue to cover that and all aspects of this fire on our website. you can find the very latest information including a slideshow of photos taken inside the warehouse just before it went up in flames. you'll also find photos and more information on those who died in the fire. it's all at today is a significant anniversary in our nation's history. it marks 75 years since the world was forever changed with the attack on pearl harbor. on december 7, 1941, japanese air squadrons targeted the heart of the u.s. pacific fleet in hawaii, 2,403 americans board, nearly half aboard the "u.s.s. arizona." today they'll remember those who lost their lives. >> it is a blessing to be back here for the 75th anniversary of an attack that put us in the
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war. >> wow. this may be the last time that many world war ii vets take part in this kind of ceremony. just five of the "u.s.s. arizona's" 344 survivors are alive. four will be attending today's ceremonies. as for other remembrances, pearl harbor remembrance events will be held in the bay area as well, two in alameda, the first at 9:00 this morning when the u.s. coast guard hosts a ceremony including a wreath laying and 21-gun salute. at 11:00 in the morning, a panel discussion will be held on board the "u.s.s. hornet" aircraft carri carrier. lester holt will be anchoring the nightly news from pearl harbor to mark the 75th anniversary of the attack. that broadcast will feature interviews with world war ii veterans and their families. also a conversation between lester holt and tom brokaw where
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brokaw talks about his reporting on the greatest generation. you can catch nightly news right here after nbc bay area news at 5:00. it's 5:10. as you head out, very chilly temperatures. only in the 30s and 40s, 40 now in the peninsula and 32 degrees in the north bay. as we continue on with this cold air, we'll also throw in some rain. we'll start to see scattered showers moving in by late this morning for the north bay and into san francisco. starts out with mist and drizzle and then it gets a little more heavy as we go into this afternoon, only reaching the upper 40s to lower 50s for some spots. i'll talk more about the cold air and the rain, how much we can see in less than ten minutes. mike takes us now to the tri-valley. >> the peninsula and south bay all at speed. a smooth flow of traffic at the dublin interchange. it's just east of there where we see the little change. this is the construction zone where we're changing the width
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of the roadway there. a little slows just showed up towards interstate 680 off highway 84. again, a lighter flow of traffic there as well. your drive time looks great getting across the bridges. just eight minutes from the richmond side to the san jose side. no delays. an official announcement from president-elect donald trump, the latest name joining his list of cabinet picks and why this particular person is facing an unusual hurdle in congress. plus a final farewell, the way senator barbara boxer plans to end her final year in the united states senate. a farewell from a san francisco-based airline as well, the end of an airline. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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good wednesday morning. it is chilly out there. the time now is 5:14. here is a live look outside at san jose with mostly clear skies. in evergreen, 45 degrees at 9:00 and still very cool throughout the day, staying below average, reaching the lower 50s and mostly cloudy skies. rain won't be far behind. we'll detail that in about five minutes. it will take 15 minutes to goat from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems pour the eastshore freeway or the maze. looking at transit lines as
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well. the roads are good and the rails, look at that, 38 trains on time for b.a.r.t. >> thank you, mike. happening later today after 24 years in the u.s. senate, barbara boxer is giving her final speech on capitol hill as california senator. that speech will be at 10:00 in the morning eastern time, 7:00 our time. boxer is expected to reflikt on four decades of public service. she was first elected to the house of representatives back in 1982. she was elected to the u.s. senate ten years later. last year she announced she would not be seeking re-election and will be seceded by kamala harris. another cabinet pick and another set of hurdles. president-elect donald trump announced retired general jams mattis will be his secretary of defense. >> tracie potts with more on why some people are not happy about that pick. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. some people are questioning whether or not he's got the
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civilian status to be secretary of defense. we'll talk about that in a moment. here on capitol hill lawmakers are already starting to work on that. >> mad dog plays no games, right? >> reporter: it's official retired general james mattis is president-elect trump's nominee for secretary of defense, but he's only been retired for three years, so mattis needs a special civilian waiver from congress. >> i look forward to being the civilian leader. >> reporter: late tuesday lawmakers put the waiver on a fast track, tieing it to a spending bill to keep the government open past friday. >> if he doesn't get that waiver, there will be a lot of angry people. >> reporter: big businesses not angry but anxious after mr. trump tweeted a multibillion boeing contract to rebuild air force one should be canceled. boeing replied they'll deliver at the best value for the  american taxpayer. privately sources say boeing
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contacted the president-elect suggesting changes could be made to lower the cost. >> i think for boeing and the suppliers, i wouldn't worry. this is no going to go away. >> reporter: trump is considering mr. trump's 35% tariff on goods made overseas. >> what we want to do is do everything we can to keep american jobs from being exported. >> i think tax reform is the answer to that problem. >> reporter: tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> she mentioned the boeing plane fiasco. mr. trump's sweets moved stock markets as a result. >> scott mcgrew continues the coverage. >> boeing stock fell, a dow component. you can see the power of a trump tweet, right? boeing's market cap, overall value fell by more than a billion dollars after a single tweet. meanwhile, another tweet about japan's bank. meetings with the ceo of softbank led to a promise of big
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investments and 50,000 new american jobs. softbank has been talking about new investments for some time. we should point out the ceo, he has an agenda. let me tell you about it. he bought sprint, the cell phone provider and hopes to buy t-mobile and stick them together. the obama administration said no to this. there's speculation the trump administration may allow it. speaking of mergers and acquisitio acquisitions, the justice department has told alaska airlines it can buy virgin america. alaska says it will take some time to take over our bay area based airline. if you have a holiday flight, nothing to worry about. let's check the rest of the news before the bell, landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi scott, good morning to you. wall street will attempt to extend its winning ways today. markets rising tuesday with the dow closing at another record
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high and telecom stocks leading the way as we mentioned after president-elect donald trump announced japan's softbank which owns sprint will invest $50 billion and create 50,000 jobs in the u.s. the dow rising 35 to 19,251, nasdaq up 24 to 5,333. google says it will run entirely on green flrj by next year. google consumes about as much power as the entire city of san francisco every year. not only is green good, it's cheap. google points out the cost of solar has fallen 80% in six years. it's one of the problems facing coal country. during the campaign donald trump said he'll restart coal mining. coal's problem isn't just that it's dirty, it eebs expensive. natural gas is cheaper, in many cases solar and win cheaper than
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coal. >> not to mention all the other things it can affect as well. >> amazing stat, more than the entire city of san francisco. 5:20. "time" magazine has announced its person of the year, scott mcgrew just talking about him, president-elect donald trump. if you believed someone else would win it, "time" magazine didn't think that way. they say this year's decision was one of its easiest in years. hillary clinton finished in second place. >> certainly an interesting year for politics. no question about that. >> what's to come? >> who knows. surprises everywhere. >> how deep do we have to dig into our closet to find the appropriate wardrobe. >> it's been cold recently, so i don't think you have to go that far into the closet. still very chilly out there and it continues even though we are feeling some of the coldest air we've had in quite a while. here is a live look outside in san francisco. yes, you're running back in for
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the heavier coat, but once again you don't have to go too far because we've seen some of these plorngs recently and the high today up to 51 degrees. you'll need that coat all day. then you also need the umbrella as the rain starts to come down. the rest of the week there will be off-and-on showers and then the winds pick up with cool air. this weekend we'll take a break from the showers especially on saturday. it does return late on sunday. we'll talk about that. right now in napa, only 31 degrees, 32 in santa rosa. we have 30s heading into the east bay and the tri-valley and parts of the south bay with highs reaching the lower 50s. up to 53 degrees today in palo alto. we'll also start to see the clouds moving in, showers this afternoon. the rain becomes widespread overnight. we'll throw in gusty winds. rain off and on all day tomorrow. here we are during the morning commute. tomorrow it's still raining and we'll have that spotty light rain with us throughout the day on friday as well with the
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potential of getting at least an inch of rain for most of the bay area. if you're wondering about the sierra, looks like heavily amounts of snow there, too, but there will be rain in the mix as well. so that can make travel very dangerous. we'll take another look at the forecast coming up heading over to mike. looks like we have an easy drive. >> crisp and clear just like the forecast. we have a smooth drive throughout the south bay and the peninsula. we'll show you the north bay where the temperatures drop right around the freezing levels. there may be frost on the windshield. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows you there's no real backup except for just starting with the lanes to the right. the cash lanes and the volume off to the maze clear right now. travel times, the south bay and a smooth flow of traffic. 12 minutes for the bayshore freeway from 85 where they split up to 87 by the airport. up next, "nbc bay area responds." the reason some dentists may soon have to change the way they operate on child patients.
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at 5:25 on wednesday morning. some california dentists may soon have to change the way they operate on children. it comes after an nbc investigation revealed some dentists may be putting kids' lives at risk. >> consumer investigative reporter chris chmura joins us with an update. good morning. many have demanded changes to
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pediatr pediatric dentist tri. 6-year-old caleb died after having his tooth pulled. he was pulling a tooth while also administering general anesthesia: we wanted to know how many other kids had died after a dental procedure involving anesthesia. that answer was difficult to get. the dental board of california wasn't keeping track. so the legislature eventually ordered the board to study the safety of dentists giving kids anesthesia. the board is recommending a ban on dentists administering general anesthesia while also performing dental work on children under the age of 7. we will continue to follow the story. if you have a consumer complaint for us to investigate, please call. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit >> coming up, our coverage on
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the deadly oakland warehouse fire continues as recovery efforts wrap up this morning. >> reporter: the search for victims inside the warehouse coming to a close. what investigators are saying may have caused it.
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=sam/4shot= good morni thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. welcome on this wednesday morning. coming up on 5:30. a live look outside right now, a very clear look at the transamerica building and the
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city skyline in san francisco. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a beautiful live look. clear but really cold. >> the transamerica building was shivering. >> we're all shivering this morning. it is cold, and it continues to dip as we take a look at those numbers, how cold it is as you step out the door. it's 40 degrees in the peninsula as well as the south bay, the tri-valley 34, north bay 32 degrees. highs this afternoon reaching into the low to mid 50s, up to only 51 today in the tri-valley. the same in san francisco. showers in the north bay as well. and 49 degrees. we'll track that rain coming up heading over to mike, a crash now in san francisco. >> that's right, kari. a minor crash. it's one of the only issues going on. no slowing, south bay maybe a little 101. we know that will come. the peninsula no problem. it's getting off the bay bridge into san francisco at fifth street.
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reports of a crash that has moved completely off the roadway. tough at the transition ramp. maybe a little distraction. getting on to the bridge, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, starting to backup as the metering lights turned on. maybe two minutes ago, back to the end of the parking lot already. >> breaking news we've been following all morning long out of pakistan. new developments we've just learned in the last ten minutes or so. officials say there are unlikely to be any survivors after a plane crashed. it's believed that up to 47 people were on a flight that was bound for islamabad from the northern part of the country. search crews right now wiare heading to the crash site. we'll bring you the latest information on air and online as we learn it. >> back to a developing story here at home, a grim conclusion to a heart-wrenching story. overnight recovery efforts at the oakland warehouse were expected to come to an end of days of relentless searching, this as details about more
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victims come to life. we're learning the stories of nine additional people who did not make it out of that fire. >> we'll give you more background on those folks in just a second. first "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us from oakland. we're getting word from investigators that they could be inching closer to finding a potential cause here. >> good morning, sam and laura. investigators with alcohol, tobacco and firearms here for the past few days. they're saying the cause of the fire may have been linked to an appliance. this is still an ongoing investigation. we'll go with what we do know. we do know that 36 victims have been located inside this warehouse during the search over the past few days and 90% of the warehouse has been searched by officials. for the last 10%, crews will have to knock down walls in area they've already searched. the city of oakland declaring the warehouse fire a state of emergency. atf has been on the scene the
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past few days, and they're saying the cause of that fire could trace back to a refrigerator inside the warehouse. but as i mentioned, it's still too early to tell. >> the refrigerator is something they're looking at as a potential source of ignition. it hasn't been identified as the smoking gun. >> reporter: fire officials said last night they will continue to do a thorough search of this warehouse as they're expected to wrap things up shortly. another news conference is set for some time this morning. we're at the scene at 31st avenue and international boulevard. typically that news conference is behind us. we're being told it will be at another location. once we get those details, we'll let you know in the newsroom. live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. at 5:33, we're learning more about the victim, 35-year-old billy dixon from oakland moved to california to pursue his dreams of being an artist. >> 21-year-old vanessa plotkin
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was an undergrad student at berkeley who grew up in lakeland. >> 29-year-old nicole siegrist is originally from nebraska. >> 34-year-old amanda allen also perished in tir foo. families say she loved music and photography and was very involved in both of those pursuits in san francisco. >> 22-year-old alex vega from san bruno. friends say he pursued the arts from your gan graffiti, painting and electronic music which led him to the event at the warehouse. the other victims, 34-year-old johnny igaz, 29-year-old ara jo from oakland, 23-year-old griffin madden who just graduated from cal last year, and 32-year-old hanna ruax. >> we learned young men and women who didn't make it out, among them, 34-year-old johnny
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igaz. he worked at green apple music in oakland. 29-year-old ara jo, 23-year-old griffin madden who graduated in cal last year and 33-year-old hanna ruax from finland. >> what you're looking at now is the city of oakland releasing documents detailing the complaints and inspection history. this is a violation record from november 21st, indicating the city received a complaint that the warehouse was remodelled for residential use. the complaint goes on to say inspectors could not verify that infraction because they couldn't access the building, saying they needed the complain tant to actually get in. they set a deadline for reinspection in mid january. >> laura, you talk about the complaints that were voiced about the way house and what it looked like from the inside. this is an insider's sper techive only on nbc. this video shows police
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officers, you see them walking through the so-called ghost ship warehouse only weeks before the fire. those officers were responding to a call. you can see one of them escorting a man through the unpermitted living quarters in the warehouse. last night police were asked if officers are supposed to report those kinds of dangerous living conditions. >> depending on whatever call it is, it is documented in our system. having said that, the alameda county district attorney's office is the lead investigative agency. >> the mayor says officers focus on crimes, not zoning laws. our fire coverage will continue throughout the course of the day, also on our website. that's where you can find a slideshow of photos taken inside the warehouse before it went up in flames. you'll also find photos and more information about those who died in the fire. again, we learned nine new names last night on 5:36. breaking overnight, a story that continues to develop by the
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hour. nearly 100 people dead after a powerful earthquake rocks indonesia. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joins us with all the new details. sharon? >> laura, when you see the devastation in the video that's coming in, you can see they're going to need a lot of help. the 6.5 magnitude quake occurred yesterday in indonesia. many locals fear the quake would trigger a tsunami. fortunately that did not happen. back in 2004 about 2,000 people died from an earthquake that triggered a sue nachl many. yesterday's quake caused homes and buildings to collapse. authorities report so far 94 people have died and 128 are seriously injured. about 500 people reported some level of injury. at least 160 homes are seriously damaged. about 100 buildings including mosques and schools are damaged. rescuers are using heavy equipment to try to find any victims under the rubble.
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back here live, there's also a travel advisory that the embassy has issued. we'll definitely have more on that in about an hour. live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." good morning. the time is 5:38. we have mostly clear skies. here is a live look outside in san francisco, and it's cool as well. only 44 degrees there. at least we don't have to deal with the fog. we do have to deal with frost and freezing temperatures. in the north bay it's 31 degrees, 34 in livermore, morgan hill 34 as well as we continue to see the temperatures dip. we're also tracking the next storm system that will be moving in later today. ahead of that clouds and light showers at the coast as early as this afternoon, maybe noontime we can start seeing the light rain moving into san francisco. we'll keep an eye on this. i'll let you know how much rain to expect coming up in about ten minutes. mike is checking out the speeds in the south bay.
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>> probably higher than they should be, mostly. looking over here, a little slowing north 101. that's that little yellow and orange section. yellow means speeds about 60 miles per hour which is painfully slow for folks. we know the two on-ramps join the traffic flow, this is the worst, about ten yards right there. as we look back at your maps, a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. the travel times getting across the bridge and to the bridge, no problems. 11 minutes, that includes the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. back to you. very scary moments in a peninsula neighborhood after a gas leak forces people to flee their homes. talking toys. is there one under your tree? could the fire that haptd in oakland happen somewhere else in the bay area? the fear being expressed by some south bay artists. raitease
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good wednesday morning. the time is 5:42. here is a live look outside at
5:43 am
san jose. it will be very chilly to start and staying cool throughout the day with the high of 53 this afternoon. a lot of clouds and rain moving in this evening. details coming up in about five minutes. right now looking at the tri-valley speeds, a little more slowing for 580 out of the altamont. 84 at the bottom of your screen, most of that caused by the construction zone and folks leaving their house. a little build, 18 minutes down to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 5:43 right now. the living and safety conditions at oakland's ghostship warehouse were hardly unique. >> we talked to a young artist who lives in san jose and believes there are south bay collectives that also may not be meeting safety codes. he says for artists in an area where living costs are so high they can't afford any other lifestyle. >> when getting electricity fixed, you talk to the electrician and they say, this whole place can burn down at any
5:44 am
time, you really should get this fixed. out can't go to the landlord with that because they'll raise your rent. >> he offered more context, benny o'hara telling us he believes it's a much smaller safety issue than for those living in cars or on the streets of san jose. an unusual main break triggered evacuations at a peninsula apartment complex. it started a little before 9:00 last night when a ruptured gas main sparked a small fire outside an apartment complex on sand hill circle in menlo park. the flames burned through a water main which started spewing water into the street. crews eventually lifted that's evacuation order before midnight. >> it was a home burglary if broad daylight. all of it was captured on camera. now police need your help catching the criminals. the burglary happened last month in palo alto. these are the suspects caught on surveillance video. police say they received a call from a man who said he left his house on moreno avenue from 8:00
5:45 am
a.m. to 12:00 p.m., then came back to find his home completely ransacked. videos shows them carrying armfuls of goods out to that black honda including jewelry, camera equipment and electronics. a stanford student is claiming the school acted negligently in failing to protect her and three other undergrads who were assaulted by the same male student. she claims the attack happened from 2012 to 2014 around the time of a high profile on come pus demonstration. jane dough as she's called in the lawsuit wants a jury trial and is seeking compensation for physical, emotional damages as well as pain, anxiety and depression. >> the san francisco police commission will taking up the use of forced policy once again after month of negotiations with the police union broke down. the issue at hand, whether or not officers can shoot at moving cars. talks of that subject have been on going since july. the u.s. department of justice
5:46 am
is recommending san francisco police adopt a policy that does not allow officers to shoot at vehicles. for months the police officers' association pushed back saying its officers shouldn't be restricted. a contract change means many peninsula residents will no longer have the option after having hazardous waste picked up at their home. currently they can schedule pickups, but extending the program was considered too costly consideration the low participation. come the new year, residents will have to drop off their hazardous waste at county facilities. there are new warnings this morning about a hot christmas toy. >> scott mcgrew, not batteries that catch fire or parts that can choke -- >> no. it's ears that can listen. a concern about new children's toys that can understand what kids are saying. one of the more popular is my friend kayla. she listens and responds. she does it by connecting to a
5:47 am
central server. privacy groups are concerned because that toy is always listening. this is not a new concern, just a new toy. we've heard this concern about talking barbie and other toys as well. it's true, these toys are always listening because that's simply how they work. it's how all these things work. amazon's echo is always listening for its wake up word, "alexa." when you do speak it, what it says and what you say is sent to a central server. siri works the same way as well. the dow 30 industrials will once again open at a record this morning, this despite an early dip of shares of boeing after donald trump said he wanted to cancel the next air force one because it was too expensive. the value of boeing fell more than a billion dollars after the tweet but recovered later in the day. lots of people in the bay area liked the book "the circle" by a san francisco author. it sounds an awful lot like
5:48 am
google. people said that would make a good movie. now it is. >> we describe what the circle is to your grandmother. >> it's the chaos of the web meets elegance. >> mario or sonic. >> needs of a society or needs of the individual. >> should be the same. >> you're most scared of? >> unfulfilled potential. >> that trailer was just released. "the circle" starring emma watson and tom hanks will be out in april. >> why is the music so suspenseful? >> it's spooky. bad things happen. but it's not google. "the circle." >> thank you. this started about three years ago with "the sound of music." you know how we sing the corporation on the commercial break. >> what's your favorite one? >> this one will be good. >> tonight the fourth live musical "hairspray" is difficult buing on nbc. >> the back lot transformed into
5:49 am
1962 baltimore. jennifer hutson, harvey firestein. ball yoe won an open casting call. good for her. it starts at 8:00 p.m. they've been practicing for that one for a while. >> you talk about singing. jennifer hudson has some cords. >> i heard the three previous trace sis will be in there, too. i can't confirm that. >> we've been playing a tune all week here which is it's freezing, actually. >> baby it's cold outside. >> time form christmas. we're singing "baby it's cold outside." more of the cold weather the next couple days. this puts you in the christmas spirit, doesn't it? bundle up and grab the umbrella
5:50 am
before you head out the door. here is a live look outside across the golden gate bridge. it's all clear and only 49 degrees, heading up to 51 degrees today. so what to expect? a very cool day. mostly cloudy skies. then the rain moves in later on this morning. we'll have that rain staying with us throughout the rest of the week and some more of those chilly temperatures this weekend. we take a break for a little while before that next storm system moves in. right now it's 40 degrees in the peninsula as well as the south bay. patchy frost and even freezing temperatures for the tri-valley and the north bay. 32 degrees there. highs in the tri-valley up to 51 degrees, and the same in san francisco. north bay not even making it into the 50s today. we're also watching this next storm system moving in. it will start out with some light rain and then it gets more intense, and some heavy rain into the day tomorrow. going hour-by-hour, we start to see those showers and gusty winds. here is the timeline.
5:51 am
tonight at 10:00 it's pretty widespread. throughout the day tomorrow, we will see that rain off and on, very few breaks. then it starts to taper off on friday. it's still raining with some of those light showers. so the potential of at least an inch of rain for the next couple of days into the weekend. then you're wondering, okay, what else? another storm system moving in. once again, the break on saturday. here is a look at sunday into monday. more rain moving in. it just streams across the bay area and most of northern california for the next several days. so get ready for more of that soggy weather. in san francisco highs reaching the low 50s, upper 50s for the next several days. it's not much warmer for the inland areas. once again, times of shows showers moving through. mike has a new crash now in san jose. >> very easy to find the new crash because it's one of the only things that chp is reporting right now as far as any issues. look at that, green all over the bay as far as the speed sensors in the south bay. we do see northbound 280 at 87
5:52 am
coming right into downtown, a little slowing just shows up in the crash. it was supposed to be out of lanes. chp is telling me there's just one lane blocked. we'll track that. we'll get more information there. a little slowing north 280 at 87 and a little slowing 101, typical spots, right around cap tom expressway and north of 680. this pattern typical but lighter than usual as far as the volume of traffic. a smooth drive for the east bay over here, no problem for 680 through pleasanton and sunol. the slowing off 238 and 880 to 84, 17 minutes there. that includes passing the san mateo bridge. live look westbound, easy flow to the peninsula, no delays for the bayshore freeway, the bay bridge has the delay because the metering lights are on. no problems out of the maze. >> hopefully you've had a healthy winter so far. imagine if there was a treatment that could trap the flu virus in your nose before it ever reaches your lunges and makes you sick.
5:53 am
researchers hoping to do just that. >> biology is a very sweet business. >> he's been researching a new way to stop the flu. all cells are coated with sugar molecules and it's the flu virus taste for that suga that makes us sick and provided a way for the doctor's research to keep us well. >> it works like a decoy. it's a known particle that's coated with sugar. the nano particle aligns the sugar with the right spacing so it attracts the influenza virus to it. the flu virus injects its rna out onto this nano particle and dies. it's no longer infective. >> pretty good way to explain a complicated procedure. sugarcoated nano particles are misted into the nose. when the flu virus finds it, it latches on like he explained.
5:54 am
researchers say the studies prove the method is effective. the next step now is to make sure it is actually safe. >> a very cool development. up next, snow pounding parts of the country amid the midwest that is trying to dig out before no more snow falls. >> happening now, we're of course staying on top of the developments in the deadly oakland warehouse fire, including a new state of emergency declared by the city and new details about a possible cause. our pete suratos will join us with a live report at the top of the hour. you can also look for developments all day long on our home page. we're also tweeting out information. authorities yesterday identified nine more victims. head to our facebook page to learn more about who they were and the impact their loss is having on their loved ones. we'll be back in just a few. fire safety has become a major
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
focus across the bay area in the wake of the oakland warehouse fire. 5:57 right now. fire safety has become a major focus across the bay area in the wake of the oakland warehouse fire. happening today, the san francisco fire department will talk about new legislation aimed at saving lives during fires. the board of supervisors passed that legislation in august after several house and apartment fires in the city. the laws were incorporated into the city's fire code and take effect january 3rd. building owners have to provide tenants with information on fire
5:58 am
safety and smoke detectors. the information has to be posted in common areas of the building. firefighters will go into more details during a news conference at 11:00 a.m. also happening today, the trial beginning for a man charged with murdering nine people at a south carolina church last year. 22-year-old dylann roof was indicted on 33 counts related to the shooting massacre in charleston. he faces a possible death sentence. the trial starts this morning with jury selection. roof is also facing a potential death sentence in a separate state trial on charges of murder and attempted murder. that trial is set to begin next month. a man is now charged in the shooting death of normer nfl player and ufc running back joseph knight. 54-year-old ronald gasser was arrested late monday. they announced he had been charged with manslaughter. mcknight was killed last thursday in a road rage incident. investigators say it all started when mcknight cut the man off on a bridge.
5:59 am
the two men weaved in and out of traffic and came to a stop and then got into a fight. later mcknight was shot. the sheriff's department was highly criticized for not filing charges sooner. 5:59. police in pacifica are trying to identify a man whose body washed ashore at sharp park beach about 4:00 p.m. on monday. officers found a man's body lying on the beach right near the water. investigators say he's a 50 to 60-year-old man. the cause of the death is still under investigation. parts of the midwest being pounded by a december blizzard creating dangerous conditions on the road. a scene from grand forks. the contractors are busy trying to clear away a lot of snow. windy conditions have also created pretty poor visibility. there are similar conditions in minnesota as well. snow is expected to keep falling in that region as well through tomorrow. right now tracking a major change in the weather for us on
6:00 am
this wednesday morning. nothing that extreme. >> nothing that extreme, but still some wet weather moving into the bay area. it's been tracking rain coming all the way from hawaii. i'll difficult tail that coming up. breaking right now, the death toll rises after a large earthquake strikes indonesia. we'll take a closer look at the damage left behind and bring you an update on the recovery efforts there. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. a cold start to our morning, but thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> so cold, in fact, we're getting a little closer on the set to try to keep our warmth. >> talking about a lot of changes. it's not just rain, but snow in the next few days as well. >> yes, snow in the sierra. we'll have rain, the chilly temperatures. >> winter. >> yes, winter time in the bay area. as we g


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