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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this wednesday morning. nothing that extreme. >> nothing that extreme, but still some wet weather moving into the bay area. it's been tracking rain coming all the way from hawaii. i'll difficult tail that coming up. breaking right now, the death toll rises after a large earthquake strikes indonesia. we'll take a closer look at the damage left behind and bring you an update on the recovery efforts there. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. a cold start to our morning, but thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> so cold, in fact, we're getting a little closer on the set to try to keep our warmth. >> talking about a lot of changes. it's not just rain, but snow in the next few days as well. >> yes, snow in the sierra. we'll have rain, the chilly temperatures. >> winter. >> yes, winter time in the bay area. as we get a look at what to
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expect as you head out the door, you're hit with this. some low 30s for most of the bay area. as you head through the valleys, in san jose it's 39 degrees, 34 in livermore and concord and 33 in morgan hill. if you're not below freezing, you're very close and make sure you bundle up, once again, here is the storm system as it moves in. we'll bring in rain later this afternoon. i'll talk more about that. mike, what's going on on the roadways? >> for folks that saw me lurking around the set, i was late getting there, i heard about two incidents, updating them in the south bay. everything looks fine here over my shoulder. but down here, a slow drive for northbound 280 around 87. that crash might be blocking one lane. we have a big backup that just formed over the last ten minutes. that's one issue. the other issue is northbound 101 at tully road. debris reported across the
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roadway. these two areas are the first to show a backup. this may be a problem and it may force folks over towards 87 as an alternate. we will continue to track that. we're also watching the approach to the east bay where the volume builds, but nothing severe. >> we have been following breaking news out of pakistan since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. officials say there are unlikely to be any survivors after a plane crashed. this photo of the crash site just came into our newsroom a couple minutes ago. taken by a person who lives in the area. it's believed up to 47 people were on board a plane headed to islamabad from the northern part of the country. search crews are heading to the site now. we'll continue to bring you the latest information on air and online. more breaking news this morning, a powerful earthquake in indonesia leaves at least 94 dead and disaster officials say that number is expected to rise. right now emergency crews are
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frantically trying to save people still trapped in the debris of collapsed buildings. the magnitude 6.5 coast hit off the coast of aceh province last night. more than 40 buildings including mosques, homes and stores just leveled. the usgs says there's no risk of tsunami. this is the very same region devastated by a 9.1 magnitude quake back in 2004. a developing story this morning, recovery efforts in the devastating oakland warehouse fire are expected to actually come to an end soon. we've got a live look over the scene from our chopper this morning, breaking up just a little bit. there you see what is left of that warehouse. >> here is what we know, laura, about the fire right now, 36 people confirmed killed in that fire. that has not changed for more than a day. but one of the victims has been identified -- all but one at this point, 35 out of the 36 victims, although not everyone's
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name has been released. authorities don't expect to find anymore victims. >> meantime, city leaders declared a state of emergency in hopes of receiving more money to help with recovery efforts. investigators are looking closely at a refrigerator that was found in the warehouse. late last night investigators released the names as well of more of the victims in that fire. >> nine more names, laura, came down about 10:30 last night. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us live outside the memorial set up near the scene of the fire with new information we're learning about those victims, kris. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. we've been watching this memorial grow at the intersection of international and fruitvale. a lot of these candles and flowers and messages bear the names of the people inside. one alex vega, one of the nine people who was identified late last night, a 22-year-old from san bruno whose friends say was drawn to the ghostship warehouse
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because of his love of the arts from urban graffiti to electronic music. on saturday we were out here and metal lex's brother dan vega. he showed up in work boots, work clothes, ready to march into that disaster himself, desperate to find his baby brother. >> i have my work boots on and i'm ready to roll. >> you want to go through that debris? >> hell, yeah, i do. if my -- if my brother is there, i want to find him. i need closure. obviously i want to hold on to a little bit of hope. >> reporter: in the last 12 hours eight other victims were also identified, 35-year-old billy dixon from oakland who moved to california to pursue his dreams of being an artist, 21-year-old vanessa plotkin, an undergraduate student at uc berkeley who grew up in lakewood.
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29-year-old nicole siegrist from nebraska. 34-year-old amanda allen's family says she moved music and photography and was very involved in both of those communities in san francisco. 34-year-old johnny igaz was working at green apple music in san francisco. 29-year-old ara jo from oakland, 23-year-old griffin madden who graduated from cal last year and 32-year-old hanna ruax from finland. since saturday friends and family have shared details of these folks' lives so we can share how they lived and not just how they died here at the ghostship warehouse. you can find their stories on our home page,, along with how the city of oakland and alameda county are trying to respect the identities of who these people were in live, even if that identity is different from their legal identity. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right. thank you very much. happening today, we see the
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community continue to come together. another prayer vigil is being organized for the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. the vigil is scheduled to take place at the skyline community church in oakland. our coverage continues on our website as well. that's where you can find a slideshow of photos taken inside the warehouse before it went up in flames. you'll also find photos and more information on those who died in the fired as we learn so much more about them. that's at good morning. it is 6:07. as you head out, getting a look at a clear view and chilly temperatures to start this wednesday morning. only 49 degrees in san francisco and heading into the low 50s today. make sure you have on a heavy jacket all day long, and grab the umbrella, too. we have cool temperatures and rain moving in later. it will be raining off and on for the rest of the week with the cool air staying with us. this weekend we catch a break in
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the showers with some clearing especially on saturday with milder weather. we'll detail all of that coming up in about ten minutes. now as we head over to mike, focusing first on the south bay. >> that's where all the activity is. most of the rest of the bay very easy, mild slowing through hayward, typical pattern, lighter than typical over there. here in the south bay a concern for two spots. northbound 101 a crash and debris across all lanes just about tully. we see a slow build starting here coming up from capital expressway. more detail, chp is not on scene yet. they are here showing yes, indeed, we have one lane blocked northbound 280 at 87 by a crash. there may be another disabled vehicle in the area. that means half of northbound 280 is blocked into downtown san jose. that's the big jam if you're heading north into the san jose state exits. that will be a problem. travel times, 101, five minutes longer through that same stretch. slowing for 101 and 280 just
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high of highway 17 or 880. north of there and the silicon valley plofs well. up next, "time" magazine revealing its person of the year. see who the pick was. you might want to consider using your credit card for more of your holiday shopping this year. the hidden perks you won't want to miss out on. >> one step closer to the end of an airline. the justice department approved the purchase of virgin america. what it means for you coming up.
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the time is 6:11 with clear skies and chilly temperatures. a live look outside in oakland, a lot of drivers already out there on the road. at 43 degrees, heading to 53. the temperature trend will not show much movement today and rain moving in by early afternoon. i'll let you know more about that rain coming up in a little over five minutes. >> in san jose we have crashes slowing 101 and 280. look at 280 in the middle of your screen and jammed up from basically 101 all the way into downtown, a crash at highway 87. 6:12 right now on your wednesday. happening today, an oakland police officer accused of engaging with a prostitute and tipping her off about confidential vice operations is expected to enter a plea in court. 36-year-old ryan walterhouse is facing two obstruction of justice charges along with
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misdemeanor prostitution charge. according to documents, he gave the sex worker confidential information in exchange for sex. investigators say he even told her about stings on two separate occasions. new this month, "time" magazine announced its person of the year. remove the question mark. you might have guessed, it's president-elect donald trump. if you believe someone else would win it, "time" magazine didn't think that way. the staff tells nbc this year's decision was one of its easiest in years. hillary clinton finished in second place. the holiday shopping season is well under way. if you're paying for those gifts with credit, you may want to find out the perks on your credit card offers. a new report says 81% of the most 100 frequently used cards extend warrantees that lengthen the original manufacturers warrant
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warrantee. 26% even guarantee returns even when the merchant does not. got to read the fine print. >> always do. from merchants to mergers, a big deal affecting a local company to prove the u.s. justice department the go ahead to buy virgin america. >> yu don't have to worry about your holiday travels because it's going to take some time for alaska to subsume virgin. the big challenge, they use different planes. a pilot on virgin cannot necessarily fly an alaskan jet. still a lawsuit by shareholders who think it's a bad idea. the justice department's approval is a big move forward for alaska. the dow 30 industrials will once again open at a record this morning despite an early dip of shares of boeing after donald trump said he wanted to cancel the next air force one because it was too expensive. the value of boeing fell more than a billion dollars after the
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tweet, but recovered later in the day. the boeing tweet came hours after a boeing executive criticized mr. trump in an article in "the chicago tribune." mr. trump is going to be on the "today" show a short time from now, and he will indicate he had not seen the article before sending out that tweet. you can watch that interview coming up at 7:30. mr. trump got a visit from the head of japan's softbank saying he would invest more money and create more jobs. softbank's ceo has an agenda. he bought sprint and wants to buy t-mobile. the government won't allow it. he hopes the trump administration will. the anderson forecast at ucla has done the math on a trump presidency and says his plans will grow the economy. our economy is hot and this could be too hot. the stimulus idea that mr. trump is suggesting causing deficits. hot economies cause inflation,
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cause rate hikes. you don't get anything for free. >> it will be interesting to watch. >> steady growth is what we're looking for. thank you very much. >> nice and stead by wins the race. grab the umbrella. getting ready for rain in the bay area. trep rations already under way in san francisco. rain causes flooding problem at 17th and fulsome in particular. a city crew was out yesterday clearing the storm drains. some people have sandbags ready to go as well. it's a trouble spot because it's a low point and sits ab move mission creek. crews created a flood system. it was used back in march and appeared to work then. let's fire it up again. as we get ready for that rain, there's a bit of a window here, kari hall. >> rain off and on. there will be some breaks. we want it to come steady and slow. that is what we are expecting, so no major flooding. street flooding definitely a
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possibility. some heavier rain. this morning we start with very chilly temperatures. a live look in san jose where it's only 39 degrees. also 39 in palo alto, 43 in oakland, 45 in san francisco and already below freezing in santa rosa, napa. we could see the temperatures dropping another few degrees within the next hour or so. we're only looking at highs this afternoon in the low 50s. here is the storm system and a lot of moisture moving in with that. we can see the bright white clouds showing there's deep moisture and it connects all the way west of hawaii. as this streams in, looks like we'll see that rain for at least several hours, and looking at it off and on through out this evening, into the day tomorrow and friday as well. combine that with gusty winds, we may have gusts up to about 30 to 35 miles an hour, especially tomorrow. and then there will still be spotty leftover light rain on
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friday as we go hour-by-hour, there will once again be breaking s in there. that is great news. this weekend a longer break before the next storm system arrives. we still have the potential of at least an inch of rain, maybe a little higher in some of those hilltops. then as you head over to the sierra, it's looking like we could have a fairly significant amount of snow, at least six inches, maybe closer to ten inches in some of the higher elevations. we're also going to see a mix of some rain. that can make travel very hazard douse. in san francisco, highs in the 50s over the next several days. once again rain off and on. this weekend not looking bad at all, especially on saturday. sunday the rain returns late and continues early next week. mike, what's it looking like for the drivers heading out? >> kari, we have most of the bay looking good. san jose, the san jose area having a tough couple freeways. most of the bay shows mostly green. northbound 280 and northbound 101 are the issues.
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north 101 at tully. you hear the debris is consolidated. only the slow lanes affected. they're toe towing the week away. slow at capitol expressway and a break at 280. 280 is a problem, you don't get a break there. northbound two lanes affected. one has a crash, the other a disabled vehicle. half of the freeway jammed up. this may extend more folks north on 101. we'll track that. over all the south bay moves clearly. this is the only issue past san jose state and the exits there. a smooth flow of traffic. slow for 680 and 880 past the san mateo bridge. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. up next, changes to the way dentists operate on children in california. the startling information an nbc bay area investigation reveals next. >> today marks 75 years since the pearl harbor attacks. we'll take you live to pearl harbor this morning and show you the events planned to honor those who lost their lives. they operate on children.
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this comes after an nbc bay area investigation revealed that some deis some california dentists may have to change the way they operate on children. it comes after an nbc bay area investigation revealed some dentists may be putting kids lives at risk. >> chris chmura has the update. many medical experts have demanded changes to pediatric dentistry after the death of a young albany boy.
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we first told you the story of 6-year-old caleb six months ago who died after having a tooth pulled. the dentist was pulling the tooth while also administering general anesthesia. we wanted to know how many other kids had died after adeptal procedure involving anesthesia. that answer was difficult to get. the dental board of california wasn't keeping track. the legislature eventually ordered the board to study the safety of dentists giving kids anesthesia. the board is now recommending a ban on dentists administering general anesthesia while also performing dental work in children under the age of 7. the dental board will submit this new recommendation to the legislature and we will continue to follow this story. if you have a consumer complaint for us to investigate, please call 1-888-996-tips or visit have a great day. >> you, too, chris. 6:23 right now. pearl harbor remembrance events
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held in the bay area to i the as we mark 75 years since the attack. there are two events in alameda. the first takes place this morning including a wreath laying and 21-gun salute. a panel discussion will be held aboard the "u.s.s. hornet," including a world war ii flying ace. >> lester holt will be anchoring nightly news from pearl harbor to mark the anniversary of the attacks. it will feature interviews with world war ii veterans and their families. "nbc nightly news" will also air a conversation between lester holt and tom brokaw where brokaw talks about his reporting on the greatest generation. you can catch it right here after nbc bay area news at 5:00. more than 2,400 americans were killed in the pearl harbor attack and almost as many injured in the strike that pulled u.s. forces into world war ii. >> "today in the bay's" jay gray joins us live from pearl harbor
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with more on the special events happening there today honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: good morning. quiet and calm in the early morning hours at pearl harbor. you can see the memorial to the "u.s.s. arizona" just over my shoulder. this is going to be an important day, a day of remembrance nationally. here that means a very special ceremony honoring some of our nation's greatest heroes 75 years after the attack. hundreds of survivors here, many saying that they no longer battle a foreign enemy, but age. it was important that they be here because this may be the last time they can gather as a group. they wanted to see their brothers that were a part of the day that altered not only their lives, but the scope of our entire country. these are special men. to hear them tell their stories here, to see them interact with their colleagues is just amazing. it's going to be a moving day,
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an emotional day for many. it starts in just a few hours, just across the harbor where thousands are expected to gather. that's the latest live at pearl harbor. sam and laura, back to you. >> witness a little history of your own today. thanks, jay. up next on "today in the bay," california senator barbara boxer getting ready to retire. the speech she's expected to deliver today. new documents reveal the complaint and inspection history at the oakland warehouse that went up in flames killing 36 people. the reason inspectors were not able to get access to inside the building before the fire. as a search for victims wraps up at the oakland warehouse fire, what investigators are saying may have been the cause. taking a live look outside at
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downtown san jose as you start your wednesday... a live look outside right now on your wednesday morning as we approach 6:30, the beautiful start to the sunrise there in the distance and an awfully chilly morning you're waking up to right now. we're also tracking rain heading into the bay area. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the rain is coming. >> even waking up to frost this morning. you may have to get out the credit card, not to buy anything, but maybe scrape frost off the windshield before you start driving. it's 39 degrees in san jose, 33 in morgan hill. we are very close to freezing in
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parts of the east bay from livermore up to concord. we're below freezing in the north bay. napa and santa rosa 31 degrees. we're watching out for that. once again, the next storm system that brings us rain with highs only reaching the low 50s today, upper 40s for the north bay. more on that coming up. as we head over to mike, tracking a crash in san jose. >> might have frost in the north bay. in the south bay this is where we have all the slowing. rest of the bay looks great. mild slowing for the east bay. here north 280 is the troubled spot. part of the freeway blocked by a crash and a disabled vehicle. heading into downtown san jose, that's the big slow drive here. that may actually send more folks north on 101, although we've been holding steady for that commute. we had the earlier crash at tully for north 101. 87 shows the build for the south bay very active. east bay, 880 from 238 down to the dumbarton bridge, still 24
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minutes. that's mild. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. we have breaking news just into our newsroom, search and rescue efforts are under way off the coast of japan after a u.s. marine core f 18 pilot ' ejecte from his aircraft. we have calls into our foreign desk for updates right now. once we hear back, we'll bring you the latest. more breaking news that we've been following all morning long out of pakistan since we came on air at 4:30. officials in that country now say there are unlikely to be any survivors after a plane crash. this photo of the crash site just came into our newsroom about half an hour ago. it was taken by a person who lives in that area. it's believed up to 47 people were on board the flight bound for islamabad from the northern mountainous part of the country. search crews are heading to the crash site. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates on air and online.
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a developing story at home. we're learning the names of more victims who died in friday's devastating warehouse fire in oakland. these are pictures only some of the victims. >> 36 people were killed in the fire, all but one have been identified, though not all of their names have been released. today we're expecting to learn new information as well about the fire during a news conference. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live outside the scene of the fire to bring us up to speed on the investigation. pete, a possible cause for that deadly fire? >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. atf is to the right of me right now, they're saying the cause of the fire may have been related to an appliance. that search is about 90% done inside that building for the victims. we'll go to a live look right now. you have our nbc chopper giving you an overhead look of what's left of this oakland warehouse following that deadly fire. here is what we know.
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we know 36 victims have been located in this warehouse over the past few days. as i mentioned, 90% of the warehouse have been searched. crews will have to knock down walls in areas they've already searched. atf has been on the scene the past few days and say the cause of the fire could trace back to a refrigerator inside that warehouse or another appliance. it's still too early to tell. >> the refrigerator is something that they're looking at as a potential source of ignition. it hasn't been identified as the smoking gun. >> fire officials said last night they will continue to do a thorough search of the warehouse as they've expected to wrap things up shortly. we're told another news conference for confirmations should happen sometime this morning. typically they have the news conferences here on 31st avenue and international boulevard. we're being told it's at another location.
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once we get those details, we'll bring them to you in the newsroom. live in oakland, pete suratos for taish. >> the various stages of this investigation under way. pete suratos with the latest. among the victims still not confirmed to have died, a uc merced student pursuing a degree in psychology. the parents of jennifer mendiola say she loved art and loved to dance. after the fire, jennifer's friends told her mother and father she was inside the warehouse that night. now they're finding it hard to fathom what happened when their daughter died. >> was she burned so much that they can't recognize -- that's hard things to think about, what kind of pain she was going through, what kind of fear in such a situation. >> such difficult issues these families have had to come to terms with. jennifer's parents have provided dna to investigators. they say the wait for confirmation is turning into a long and painful one. late last night the city of oakland released documents
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detailing the complaints and inspection history at that warehouse. this is one of the violation records from november 21st indicating the city received a complaint that the warehouse was remodelled for residential use. the warehouse did not have a residential structure. the complaint goes on to say that inspectors could not verify the infraction because they couldn't get into the building, saying they needed the complainant to help them get in. a reinspection was set for january. we've uncovered more dwellings where people are living and inspectors are now investigating. inspectors from the fire department visited three properties just yesterday in response to zoning complaints. we told you about this warehouse yesterday nicknamed death trap. inspectors were out there yesterday responding to complaints about residents living in a commercial space. we spoke with oakland councilwoman rebecca kaplan about the city's safety responsibility.
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>> why wasn't nipping done earlier? >> exactly. that is part of why i'm supporting the request of members of the public that there be an independent investigation because we don't yet know, did people go out and report the problems they saw and nothing was done? >> there was also a dramatic list of demands from council members at city hall yesterday, including calls for an investigation into the mayor and her staff. our fire coverage continues on our website. that's where you can find a slideshow of photos taken inside the warehouse before it went up in flames. you'll also find photos and more information on those who died in the fire. it's all at sam? >> laura, we are also following breaking news out of indonesia this morning as the death toll in that country continues to rise following a magnitude 6.5 earthquake. here you can see the damage left behind by the earthquake. so many buildings collapsed or toppled. overnight the death toll rose from 25 to almost 100.
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"today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joining us live from san francisco following new details just coming into our newsroom. sharon? >> reporter: that's right, sam. the u.s. embassy released a statement this morning saying if you are planning to travel to indonesia, you should avoid travel in this area. the 6.5 magnitude quake occurred in the aceh province of indonesia. many locals feared the quake would trigger a tsunami. fortunately that did not happen. back in 2004 about 200,000 people died from an earthquake that triggered a tsunami in indonesia. yesterday's quake caused homes and buildings to collapse. authorities report so far 94 people have died and 128 are seriously injured. about 500 people reported some level of industry and at least 160 homes are seriously damaged. about 100 buildings including mosques and schools are damaged. rescuers are using heavy equipment to try and find any victims under the rubble. back here live the u.s. embassy
6:38 am
also says if you have any loved ones in indonesia that you're trying to get ahold of, they even ask to contact you through social media. so you should use social media to try and contact anyone in indonesia at this point to check on their well-being. live in san francisco, sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> certainly a critical time in that recovery. it's 6:38. now to the presidential tran six and one more president-elect trump cabinet nominee is official but facing an unusual hurdle in congress. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us live with more on the story and how donald trump's tweet to cancel a government contract has big business in a tailspin. good morning. >> reporter: they might be the next target on a donald trump tweet. we'll talk about that plus his message to congress about the man who wants to be secretary of defense. >> mad dog plays no games,
6:39 am
right? >> reporter: it's official. retired general james mattis is president-elect drum's nominee for secretary of defense. he's only been retired for three years. mattis needs a special civilian waiver from congress. >> i look forward to being the civilian leader. >> reporter: tieing the appointment to a spending bill to keep the government open past friday. >> oh, if he doesn't get that waiver, there will be a lot of angry people. >> reporter: big businesses not angry but anxious after mr. trump tweeted a multibillion boeing contract to rebuild air force one should be canceled. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: boeing replied they'd deliver at the best value for the american taxpayer. privately sources confirm boeing contacted the president-elect suggesting changes could be made to lower the cost. >> i think for boeing and the supplier, i wouldn't worry. this is not going to go away. >> reporter: meantime congress is considering mr. trump's 35%
6:40 am
tariff on goods made overseas by u.s. companies. >> what we want is to do everything we can to keep american jobs from being exported. >> i think tax reform is the answer to that problem. >> reporter: new reaction from china about iowa governor terry branstad becoming the chinese ambassador now confirm that he's accepted the offer for that position. the chinese foreign ministry is saying branstad is an old friend and they welcome him as the representative from the united states. >> maybe help to soothe some tensions there. tracie potts live from d.c., thank you very much. time to say good-bye after 24 years in the u.s. senate. barbara boxer will give her final speech today on capitol hill as california's senator. >> a long history. the farewell speech will be at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 our time. boxer is expected to reflect on four decades of public service. she was first elected to the
6:41 am
house of representatives back in 1982. she was then elected to the u.s. senate ten years later. last year boxer announced she would not be seeking re-election and was succeeded by california attorney general kamala harris. >> good wednesday morning. it is 6:41. all clear skies and very cold air. only 34 degrees right now in the tri-valley. patchy frost and freezing temperatures in the north bay. just some clouds starting to roll in out of the next storm system and it will bring rain later today. highs this afternoon reaching low 50s in oakland. 53 in livermore as well as morgan hill. san jose 55 degrees and 51 for the high today in san francisco. we've been tracking that rain. we'll take a look at the radar and how much rain to expect. heading over to mike now, talking about the worst of the drive around the bay area. >> that's right. it happens to be in san jose still because of the crash on north 280. the rest of the day does show a smooth flow of traffic.
6:42 am
it's great for the tri-valley and the east bay. typical pattern and lighter because it's the end of the year. we have the slight off as far as the morning commute. this has been a tough one from alum rock, northbound 280 jams southbound 680 all the way to highway 87. a crash still in lanes there blocking traffic there. that's the rest of the commute, it hasn't had the ripple effect like we were worried about. we're tracking it, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mime. legal issues for stanford university. the lawsuit they're facing from a female student. >> thieves ransack a home in palo alto and it's all caught on camera. new concerns about a toy that might be under your tree. let's take you to the big boards. the dow industrials down ever so slightly after opening at a record.
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good wednesday morning. it's 6:45. a live look outside at san jose. a clear start, very chilly temperatures and even breezy in spots. in santa clara it will be up to 44 degrees at 9:00, a cool day, not even getting close to our average high and rain moving in early afternoon. more on the rain coming up. >> traffic jamming up in the south bay. a 45-minute drive from 101 where it splits with 85 up into mountain view. the bulk of the slowing approaching 880, a crash near downtown. we or tracking them both.
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living and safety conditions in oakland's ghostship warehouse were reportedly hardly unique. we talked to a young artist who believes there are south bay collectives that also might not be meeting safety codes. he says for artists in an area where living costs with so astronomical, they can't afford any other lifestyles. >> when getting electricity fixed, the electrician says this whole place can burn down at any time, you really should get this fixed. out can't go to the landlord with that because they'll raise your rent. >> benny o'hara there, certainly not an expert. he also spoke ability the safety issue saying it's a smaller issue than someone might face living in a car or on the streets. an unusual main break started before 9:00 last night when a ruptured gas main sparked a small fire outside an apartment complex on sand hill circle in menlo park. the flames burned through a water main which started spewing water into the street.
6:47 am
crews eventually lifted the evacuation order before midnight. a home burglary in broad daylight all caught on camera. take a look. the burglary happened last month in palo alto. the thieves were caught on surveillance video. police received a call from a man who left his house from 8:00 a.m. to noon and came back to his home ransacked. the video shows the burglars carrying armfuls of goods out of the house into a black honda including jewelry, camera equipment and electronics. a stanford student right now is suing the university. she claims the school acted negligently and failed to protect her and three other undergraduate students who were assaulted by the same male student. she claims those attacks happened from 2012 through 2014 around the time of the high-profile on campus demonstration. jane doe, as she's named in the lawsuit, wants a jury trial and she's seeking compensation for
6:48 am
physical, emotional and financial damages as well as for pain, anxiety and depression. at 6:47. worries this morning about a doll that listens to what you say. >> what would george orwell have to say about this? another instance of parents worrying that tech has gone too far. >> this is called my friend cayla and we heard the same concerns last year about the talking barbie. she listens, she responds. she does it by connecting to a central server. in a complaint filed with the ftc, privacy groups say they're worried because the toy is always listening. now, it is true, these do listen because that's just simply how they work. it's how all these devices work. amazon echo, for instance, always listening for a wake-up word, alexa. when you speak that, it's sent to a central server. siri works the same way. the dow industrials down a single point, the nasdaq losing
6:49 am
13. a lot of people in the bay area like the book "the circle," a story about a young woman who goes to work for a tech company that sounds an awful lot like google, but it's called the circle. people say it would make a good movie, now it is. >> without the secrets, without the hoarding of knowledge and information, we can finally realizes our potential. do you like to share? >> sharing is caring! >> a little spooky. that trailer just released. "the circle" starring emma watson and tom hanks. it will be out in april. >> thank you very much, scott. this one is one for tonight. it started three years ago with "the sound of music" followed by "peter pan" and "the wiz." tonight "hairspray" will debut
6:50 am
on nbc. many of the stars on the role call including jennifer hudson, harvey fire stein and newcomer maddie ball i don't as tracy, the girl who wins the dance audition and becomes a big star with big hair. she won a 1300-person open casting call. it starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. i don't know, kari, -- >> mike raises the bar very high. >> hairspray will be all over the place tomorrow because it's going to be wet, and that is what we're dealing with for the next couple of days. we're starting out now with cool air here. a live look outside at san francisco. the golden gate bridge everything looks good. you know it is chilly out there, only 49 degrees, and the high today up to 51. not much movement in our temperatures today. but the rain will be moving in. you need a heavier coat? it will be chilly.
6:51 am
times of rain, the umbrella a necessity, too. this weekend we take a break in the showers but there will be more in the forecast. only 34 in livermore an concord. 31 in napa and santa rosa. after the 30s this morning, some low 50s. we won't see 50s in the north bay, only making it to 49 degrees as the clouds and rain moves in. it's all because of this storm system. we're starting to track the rain moving in on radar. that will continue to move in with, once again, that cool air. this is connecting all the way just west of hawaii so the moisture, as it streams in, will give us quite a bit of rain. it may be heavy at times. it starts late tonight, by tomorrow, still rain and strong winds and even on friday it will still be rainy at times. here is a look at the timeline. once again, only a few breaks here and there. becomes a little more spotty on friday before we head into a drier weekend.
6:52 am
rainfall totals may reach over an inch of rain for most of the bay area. looking like a good soaking, not only here but the sierra, rain mixing in with snow. so that will lower the snow fall total that makes traveling dangerous. next week we have another storm system moving in. a look at late sunday into monday, more rain and it will be off and on for most of next week. the seven-day forecast shows we won't warm up. highs only in the 50s in san francisco and near 60 degrees for the weekend into next week. heading over to mike, still tracking what's happening in the south bay. >> two hot spots down there and a mild build for the rest of your commute including hayward. we have also the build from northbound 280. it continues here. so you have slowing off southbound 680 from alum rock around the bend and over and 101 over to the scene of the crash, still active north at 87, we still have at least one lane, maybe the two right lanes blocked. that's the big backup. another backup north 101 approaching capital expressway.
6:53 am
there was an earlier crash. looked like there was still activity that just let up. now it's blending. this road break for 101, ten minutes longer to get to mountain view than 85. over in the east bay we have a slower drive, 880 itself from 238 down toward the -- 238 to the bay bridge, just 22 minutes. in the north bay, san rafael shows slowing southbound, typical pattern north of novato and san regard fell. >> 6:53, a quick look at the top stories we've been following this morning. >> that includes the latest on the deadly oakland warehouse fire. the new information we're learning about the recovery efforts. the effort to pinpoint a cause and the victims this morning. >> happening now, first lady michelle obama talks about why she went to sleep on election night before the winner was even announced. you can read about that on our free nbc bay area app. plus president-elect donald trump says alec baldwin's "snl"
6:54 am
imitation doesn't get him at all. find out how the president-elect answered the question on we'll be back in just a few. before you head out the door -
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on nbc 6:56. welcome back on this wednesday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. we've been following breaking news out of pakistan this morning since we went on air at
6:57 am
4:30. officials now say there are unlikely to be any survivors after a plane crash. we have a photo of the crash site that just came into our newsroom just about an hour ago. it was taken by a person who lives in the area. it is believed up to 47 people were on board. it was heading to islamabad from the northern part of the country. search crews are heading to the crash site. we'll of course continue to update the story and follow breaking news bringing you the very latest developments on air and online. >> let's get a live look right now from oakland, and a developing story this morning, recovery efforts in the devastating oakland warehouse fire are expected to come to the end very soon. they've almost cleared the entirety of that building. these are live pictures of the warehouse from our chopper. here is what we know about the fire right now. 36 people were killed in that fire. that number has stayed the same for more than a day now. all but one of the victims has been identified, although not all their names have been released.
6:58 am
authorities don't expect to find anymore victims. city leaders yesterday declared a state of emergency in the hopes of receiving more money to help out with recovery efforts. right now, as pete suratos has been reporting all morning long, investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire and they're looking very closely at a refrigerator that was found in the warehouse. in the meantime, sam, we're learning more of the victims names who died in friday's devastating fire. these are some of the pictures of them. investigators released the names of nine additional victims late last night. we're waiting to learn new information about the fire during a news conference at some point today. of course, we'll bring you the very latest updates online and on air on our midday newscast. a long-standing career in washington coming to an end shortly. in just a few minutes, senator barbara boxer will be delivering her final speech as california's senator. she served for 4 years in the u.s. senate and is expected to reflect on decades of public service. boxer announced last year she would not be seeking re-election.
6:59 am
she's going to be seceded by california's attorney general kamala harris. her farewell speech is expected to start momentarily. >> one of her senate press conferences running for office, one of the first stories i covered as a reporter. isn't that something? >> i bet she would remember you to this day. >> i doubt that. it's a cold start to our day today. >> very cold. we're feeling some lower 30s across most of the bay area and some upper 30s as you head for the inner bay and the coast. it is going to warm up very slowly today, and then the rain and the clouds move in later this afternoon. mike has been tracking an incident in the south bay for about an hour now here on 280. >> this has been the problem. it is the problem right now. we have a smooth drive and gradual build to this morning's commute except for 280 northbound jammed at 87. the crash still in lanes. >> we'll keep tabs on that and be back with a local news update in about a half hour and every half hour after that.
7:00 am
>> we hope you join us for our news at 11:00. have a great wednesday. see you soon. good morning. warehouse of horror. as investigators zero in on a potential cause of that warehouse fire in oakland, new images emerge from inside the so-called ghost ship. this morning, the filthy conditions and the latest on that investigation. arctic blast. snow blanketing the plains. temperatures across the country set to plunge 20 to 30 degrees. some cities bracing for subzero cold. doubling down. vice president joe biden hints again at a possible run for the white house in four years. >> hell, donald trump will be 74, i'll be 77, in better shape. >> while president-elect trump talks tough at a late-night


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