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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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"breaking news" in san francisco--- a water main break erupts in soma. right now, that water is threatening to bac . breaking news in san francisco, a water main break erupts in soma. right now that water is threatening to breach one of the city's most important buildings. a special team on site in oakland. forensic specialists have now joined the investigation into the deadly fire as they continue to probe for a cause. plus whooping cough causing widespread concern this morning on the peninsula. at least three schools in santa collar rah county reporting cases. good friday morning. i'm sam brock. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. all right. made it through a lot of rain yesterday. what about today, kari? >> today only light rain. this is our chance to dry out
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before the next storm system moves in. so, as you head out this morning, not as many puddles. you have clear visibility, but still some clouds overhead. here is a live look outside at san jose. once again it is mainly dry, but that storm system is still rolling through. it won't be until later this evening when the next match of moisture streams right into the bay area giving us our next round of rain. i'll talk more about that, and we'll take a look ahead to how to plan your weekend. it looks like, mike, it's a much calmer day than yesterday. >> rain not so much of an issue. we have have mist and fog registering on our system. at speed south of the bay bridge. north of there, the north bay shows some fog possible driving along highway 101. getting across into the peninsula side, the westbound commute has president shown any problems. a little slowing on our
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dumbarton bridge. i'll check on that. the roadways are much drier. in san francisco that is not the case for the breaking news. >> you are certainly right. it's breaking news that could play a major factor in the morning commute. less than an hour ago we learned a huge water main break is affecting a very busy part of the city. water flooding howard street between 3rd and 5th south of the market area. the moscone center is being flooded right now. "today in the bay's" rick boone headed to the scene to join us in a live report in our next half hour. today marks one week, it will tonight, since flames engulfed an oakland warehouse killing 36 people trapped inside. the vaks into how this tragedy happened in the first place. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live from oakland. bob, a new team of experts coming in. >> reporter: good morning, sam. even though the recovery effort is complete at the so-called
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ghost ship warehouse that burned down a week ago, tonight there's still a lot of analysis, a lot of investigative work that needs to be done. later today there's going to be a special team, a special forensics team that will go back out on the site to map the interior of the warehouse. that's just the next step in trying to determine the cause of this fire. last night oakland city council declared a local state of emergency in connection with this tragedy. this will allow the families of those who died, nearby businesses and the city itself to apply for state money to help pay for losses and the recovery effort. 36 people were killed in this tragedy. the burn site is now a memorial where family and friends of those lost come to pay their respects. >> she was just wonderful. he was fun to be with, he was a very positive person. >> he was a one-of-a-kind talent. >> i pray and i hope that we can look at safety for our other
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artists. >> the city of oakland has received a lot of criticism for what it allegedly did not do prior to the fire. recall nbc bay area was the first to report that the fire department had not inspected the fire department in at least ten years. no inspections by code enforcement for 30 years. live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. it is 4:34. new this morning, a surge in reported whooping cough cases in palo alto. according to "mercury news," at least 17 cases of pertussis have been confirmed in sclant county since october. palo alto school leaders tell the newspaper the district alerted families about, quote, numerous cases of students who tested positive. health experts recommend getting the vaccine, especially for families with infants who are most at risk. one of the two inmates who
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escaped from the santa clara county main jail will be in san jose court for a plea hearing. chavez and laron campbell apparently sawed through the bars of a second floor jail window and proceeded to lower themselves to the ground by tieing sheets together. both of them were captured about a week later. chavez was originally booked into jail on charges including robbery, false imprisonment and criminal threats. the man accused of killing a richmond musician will be in court. the suspect is white, and the victim african-american. investigators say daniel porter kelly of richmond and killed the man. it happened near the capri club. investigators are looking for ray simons of hercules and daniel ortega of richmond. a sigh of relief at san jose state after six cases of sexual
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battery, police arrested this man and say he's responsible for other unreported cases. investigators say they have a lead on at least one other suspect. the string of women groped on campus has some students keeping pepper spray close at hand and staying extra alert. >> i'm always cautious because of this area anyway, but definitely keeping me or edge. >> all women here should definitely carry pepper spray just in case. >> the school says it plans to take several steps to keep the campus safer, including 24 more security cameras, hiring more campus police officers and increasing lighting. laura from the south bay to san francisco, some people say their tap water smells like swamp water. but a fix is in the works right now. that smelly issue with tap water is actually related to the rain. public utilities commission says it was making room for rain water at the san antonio reservoir in the east bay. it started adding water from there to the delivery system on november 28. that change delivered a flow of
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complaints from customers in san francisco all the way south to sunnyvale. testing reveals the caution is a naturally occurring by product of blue-green allergy. >> tasting like dirt or something different. so we stopped drinking last tuesday. so we're buying bottled. >> it is a byproduct of blue-green allergy. in and of itself it's not harmful or toxic in any way. it does have a musty odor. >> the utility says it's going to take some time for that compound to be flushed out. it expects the water to be back to tasting normal in about a week. coming up, rain reappearing again for that morning commute. at the same time, feels a lot warmer when you wake up. >> it doesn't feel as cold. it's 58 degrees in san jose and upper 40s for concord. milder air leaves us into the weekend. the rain returns. we'll talk about it coming up. looks like rain leftovers on
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the lens here. san mateo bridge, taillights westbound out of hayward and toward the high-rise mid distance. we'll show you what's going on blocking some folks through san francisco coming up. a foul problem on 101, shutting down three lanes northbound. the cause behind the traffic fiasco appears to be related to chickens.
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good friday morning. the time is 5:40 as we get a live look outside at san jose. a mostly cloudy start. not a lot of rain, only a few sprinkles here and there. in evergreen it will be 56 degrees at 8:00 and rising into the low 60s today, but still a lot of clouds. i'll detail the next round of heavy rain moving in coming in about five minutes. as we look at the drive times, no problems here. a smooth flow of traffic. eastshore freeway, 15 minutes from highway 4. also very smooth out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. we'll check out the dumbarton bridge coming up. not as smooth yesterday, mike. an unpleasant sight in san mateo. a big rig spilled chicken parts of highway 101 in san mateo. that happened right by kehoe avenue yesterday right before the evening commute. three lanes were closed for ability about an hour.
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that apparently sloshed out of the open rig. >> a little too early in the morning to see that. it's 4:41. a san jose family dealing with after an math of a destructive house fire. fortunately the two people home at the time of the fire got out in time. they weren't badly hurt. the cause of that fire is under investigation. up next, president-elect donald trump finishing his victory tour. his latest addition to the team and why people are talking about it this morning.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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4:45 right now on your friday. is it a fun friday? >> you know what? it's friday, so it's always fun. >> we can make it fun. who is with me? >> i am. >> is it going to be fun getting to work? not dealing with any rain like we did yesterday. >> no rain, but we do still have water left on the road. dealing with patchy fog in spots. once again, not as bad as that commute yesterday morning. you can tell here looking at the shot of the golden gate bridge that there's a little bit of slick roadways that may be possible as you head out, as you get this friday started. we're still seeing the moisture streaming over the bay area. right now there's mostly clouds and then the next storm system that will be moving in will roll right on in across the bay area by late tonight and into the start of the day tomorrow.
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getting ready for more rounds of rain as we haven't seen the storm system moving north or south. we do still have a chance of light showers. we're seeing that now in parts of the east bay. looking at how much rain we've had over the past 36 hours, in kentfield 2.4, san francisco over an inch, oakland had about .7 and dublin, .50 inch there. most spots had anywhere from about .10 inch near san jose, up to near over an inch in san mateo and maybe two inches in the santa cruz mountains. our next storm system will bring additional rainfall on top of what we've already had. we've had such milder temperatures than we've seen recently. it will be a warmer day. we'll see the highs remaining steady in the upper 50s to low 60s, moisture and rain still moving through. we'll have a chance of showers at any point today. if you want to keep the umbrella handy, as though, as we go
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hour-by-hour, you don't see much coverage here as far as green. at any point we could have light sprinkles. then as we go into tomorrow morning, this is what happens. the next round of rain moves in. it may be heavy at times and that may affect your saturday morning plans, but a lot of that does roll out of here in time for saturday afternoon with an additional quarter inch at least possible by tonight. looking at the sierra, it's going to be dangerous traveling that way with a lot of snow possible. maybe up to a foot of snow. how is it looking on the bridges. >> kari, we had a delay reported on the dumbarton bridge. it was minor. just a dip in speeds. we don't see a problem. no incidents reported. maybe larger vehicles having a tough time making it over the incline. a smooth flow around the bay including 580 out of the altamont pass. in san francisco, we continue to follow the situation affecting mission and howard. howard avoid between 3rd and 5th and mission around moscone
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center there's a water main break. the bay bridge out of the city moves well. we'll show you a live look out of the city. a couple minutes ago we had one lane blocked approaching the tower. it has cleared. back at speed across the span. a smooth flow through the area. ending with travel times, no trobs for b.a.r.t., 26 trains running. no more resorting to airplane mode. u.s. aviation regulators are leaning towards eventually allowing cell phone calls during flights. but there is going to be a catch. >> let's find out about that. for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good friday morning to you both. wall street's post election rally could roll on today. futures are higher this morning. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closing at new record highs yesterday helped by the energy, industrial and tech sectors. the dow has posted record closes
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13 times since the election. we'll look for data today on consumer sentiment. the dow rising 65 to 19,614, the nasdaq up 23 to 5,417. the department of transportation is proposing airlines be allowed to let passengers make in flight phone calls using wi-fi, despite complaints by flight attendants and others that they could be disruptive. they currently prohibit the use of mobile phones in flight but not wi-fi. facebook appears to be copying snap chat again. it's adding a new feature called the camera effect platform. it let's users make their own frame for their profile pictures or videos. it's kind of similar to the custom filters on snap chat. the feature is aimed at primarily people and business planning events such as a wedding or party. sam and laura, back over to you. >> another way to get social. >> landon dowdy, thank you very much. talking about airplanes and racking up the miles,
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president-elect donald trump has been continuing his victory and thank you tour. new numbers are out on how americans think he's doing so far as president-elect. a survey by pew research shows about 41% of americans approve how trump is pursuing his policies and making his plans. that is significantly lower than previous presidents at this time. in the meantime trump is defending stacking his cabinet be billionaires and business execs. >> people have made a fortune and now they're negotiating with you. >> rather than draining the swamp, he is now filling it up with hungry crocodiles. >> the president-elect is heading in the direction of the bosses, not of the workers. democrats are also criticizing trump's choice for labor secretary, andrew. he favors foreign workers, and vehemently against raising the federal minimum wage.
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we're learning that trump plans to stay on as executive producer of celebrity apprentice and will continue receiving royalties from nbc, the show he hosted a decade ago. after nearly a month away from the spotlight, hillary clinton is returning to capitol hill for the first time since the election. she was there to honor senate minority leader harry reid at his retirement ceremony. clinton also spoke about the dangers of fake news, referring to the pizza incident last weekend. referring to the fake news, a man entered the restaurant and ended up firing a gun. thankfully no one was injured. the fake news appeared on social media and it was pushed by members of the far right. it is 4:51 right now. san francisco mayor ed lee has vetoed the most recent law passed by the board of supervisors restricting short-term rentless. i would have applied to companies like airbnb. lee vetoed the law yesterday. it would have limited the number
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of days per year people could have rented their homes or rooms in their homes to 60 days. the mayor noted that voters rejected last year's proposition f that would have, among other restrictions, placed a 75-day annual cap on short-term rentless. it is 4:52, the latest in the millennium tower debacle, a uc berkeley engineer has been subpoenaed. jack mailly is one of two engineers who reviewed the design of the 58-story building in san francisco. the millennium tower is now sinking and leaning, and the supervisors want to know who is responsible for that. mailly has repeatedly dodged interviews prompting the unusual decision to subpoena him in court. 4:52. on a mission to serve, protect and decorate? how napa police are making sure everyone has a very merry christmas. >> happening right now, yesterday's rains and the winds
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kept some planes grounded at sfo. many passengers left with a travel nightmare. you can keep up with the weather with our nbc bay area app. plus the warriors are the first team in the nba to 20 wins. the team owes record is the best in the league at 20-3. read more about their big night on our twitter page. we're back in two minutes. ad lib live picture-- bay bridge
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good friday morning to you. taking a live look outside, the beautiful bay bridge there. washed up and clean from all the rain we've been having. good morning bay area. we'll check your forecast nor today and the weekend coming up. five people have been arrested for carrying out a series of robberies in san francisco. police say they threatened their
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victims with a gun and then stole their phones and purses. those suspects were caught during a traffic stop on gough and sutter. for napa police, the call to protect and serve includes helping out with christmas decorations. emergency dispatchers found out health issues were keeping a man from decorating his home. they decided to lend a hand while he was in the hospital. lights, polar bear, even santa on a motorcycle there. i see a minion. can you imagine coming home to that holiday cheer. >> full team effort. people in san francisco were talking about getting festive. that time of the year again when intoxicated santas take over the city, to put it nicely. "the examiner" reports more than 30 city bars will open their doors live to santa clad revellers for the annual santa pub crawl. that's happening in north beach, folk street and it all starts at noon in union square.
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>> see how many bad santas there are at the end of the day. >> more than a couple. it's going to rain on santa's sleigh? >> it could. we're tracking the next round of rain moving in. it will be off and on as we go through the day. right now we have mild temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we'll take a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up. we're showing you oakland right by the coliseum, a glow to these lights. i'll show you what i'm finding in the north bay. we're following breaking news this morning. you see the water gushing there on howard street and flowing several blocks. a break in the heart of the city that could lead to a traffic nightmare as this water reaches some pretty major buildings in the area. we're live at the scene with the latest on the cleanup.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. hello friday morning. you're looking good. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's friday, sam. >> i could have sworn you were going to say "hello friends." of course, you are friends. welcome in on this friday. better start than yesterday. >> soggy out there. >> still a little wet, but not raining like it was yesterday. it's still a bad hair day. we're going to have some soggy weather for the next couple of
5:00 am
days. more of the showers starting to move in. so still some cloudy skies, and we're going to be firing up the storm ranger as we go into the morning. but tracking the fog and the mist and drizzle that we have to start out there. this is tv's only doppler radar truck and it will be with us as we go through the morning. so we'll be able to check in on that coming up. let's get a look at what's happening out there now, as we see the moisture streaming in. we'll be tracking this next storm system that will bring in heavier rain tonight. that's coming up. as we head over to mike, let's see what's happening on the roadways. >> kari, things are much calmer than yesterday. the rain is not an issue. slicker roads may be an issue. there's mist and drizzle out there. even though that's out there, no problems on the roadway reported. anywhere south of the san mateo bridge, for example, a little more traffic through san francisco. we'll talk about that in a second. a crash reported in the sausalito area,


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