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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the ground, and families mourning loved ones -- >> they're going through a hard time. >> reporter: sanchez was a food friend of 17-year-old draven mcgill, who was the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. >> i can't believe somebody as humble and generous as him just, like, vanished from us. >> reporter: and atf says it will take three days to complete a map of the inside of the warehouse. we learned there will be another media briefing monday. reporting live, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> a look now at the victims of the warehouse fire. today we learned the names of all those who lost their lives. the tragedy is hitting so many in the community. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez continues our team coverage with more on those suffering, and it's not just the victims' families. >> it's just tough. it's tough. >> reporter: bob flew into oakland from utah to see the site of the deadly fire where his 34-year-old son, edmund,
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lost his life. he says his son worked in a bakery, but his passion with music. he loved to deejay. >> there's a lot of things that i wish i had said to him. but i'll never be able to. and that's what's sad. >> reporter: friends and family of the victims continue to pour into the site, taking it in in their own way. >> it's to honor, you know, their journey and the loss of their life. >> reporter: these women who don't know any of the victims, but as bay area artists, feel a strong connection. they made a garland and spread lavender and sage near the site to pay on. >> they were a community. they were a family. they were -- they had an expression and they had a way of using their music and celebrating together. and we celebrate them. >> we can't stop thinking about it. the victims that were lost. >> reporter: the impact is more than emotional. they own a cell phone shop and a
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clothing and shoe store just a few doors down from the warehouse. they still don't have power and all of their merchandise is either smoky or wet from the fire, and the water used to put it out. >> we haven't been able to open. this is our livelihood. and we're just distressed. >> reporter: the community is coming together to offer support to all those impacted. in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you, jodi. we have created an interactive memorial for the victims on our website. just click on the pictures and you'll find a bio about each of them. again, at we've witnessed an outpouring of financial support for this relief effort. but often in tragedies, there's also fraud when it comes to fund-raising. our consumer investigator, chris kimura, is tracking the funds and has warnings for us. chris, it's unfortunate we have to do this story but it is a reality in many cases. >> a great reminder we have good news first. when we add up the two biggest
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campaigns, it has now surpassed the $1 billion mark. the a's, warriors and raiders, their pledge of matching gifts attracted more than 3,300 people toxfh9 donate $504,000. even more contributions to the gray area foundation for the arts. that san francisco nonprofit has now received donations from more than 10,000 people, totalling more than $577,000. its founder told me she's bringing in experts from the red cross to make sure those with ledge mal needs receive the money. there are many more personal pleas appearing online. and charity watchdogs remind us, the mass casualties obvious times attract thieves who prey on well-meaning donorses like you. here's how we believe you can give with confidence. ask questions. and if you don't get answers hold off. and ideally make a personal connection. give to a person or organization you already know. be careful. janelle, back to you. >> thanks so much, chris.
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some big names are also donating to the fire relief fund. talk show host chelsea handler and lena dunham. tmz says handler gave $5,000 to the fund. dunham also donated money. the cash goes towards helping victims' families. a programming note. tomorrow night we're hosting a nbc bay area special on the oakland fire. we investigate how the tragedy unfolded and we profile many of the people who died. that's tomorrow night at 6:30. a live look now at san francisco. clouds increasing with another storm system offshore. our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, is tracking it right now. jeff. >> and on the storm ranger radar scan, right now, we are picking up a few showers just offshore. but in terms of the bay area, there's nothing in terms of widespread heavy rainfall just yet. but again, our very own doppler radar on wheels positioned at san bernardino mountain will track this tonight. the next sign well off to the north, impacting eureka right
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now, a few pockets of heavy rain. i want to show you the futurecast, next. and you can see at 7:30 tonight, we may get a spotty shower developing throughout the bay area. but we'll really have to hold off until 11:30 tonight. that's not going to be the heaviest of it. it looks like by 5:00 in the morning, the cold front will drive across and that's when the rainfall intensity will be picking up here across the bay area. we, of course, are going to run this rain time line out all the way through the forecast. i'll have more at 5: 19 tonight. let show you a storm ranger before we leave right now. again, in case you haven't heard, our mobile doppler radar on wheels. you can hash tag us and talk about it at storm ranger@nbc bay area. and there you can see that doppler radar on the back of the vehicle. i'll have more, again, in less than a half hour. >> okay. one of few in the country using this technology. thank you, jeff. tracking the rain is pretty easy. just swiping your phone right there on our app. nbc bay area app connects to our
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live doppler radar that many of you will know -- want to know when the rain will arrive. you can also get your personalized forecast for your neighborhood. traffic is bad, but not as bad as it could have after a huge water main break. some streets are closed because of the water main break at fourth and howard. a live look from nbc chopper, and we actually brought you this story on today in the bay. this is the intersection right now. it's jammed up, but typical friday night traffic. chrissy smith is live. how is it looking from the ground? crews busy at work. >> reporter: well, that's right. and first they said the intersection might reopen late this afternoon. i just spoke with the sfp, and now they're saying that probably won't happen until at least late tonight. that's because the water main that broke was actually pressurized and what it did was it caused quite a bit of erosion. you can see if we pan over there, that underneath the roadway, there is nothing. and so they're still peeling
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back the roadway and trying to fill it back in as they fix the street. third and howard street in san francisco do get congested. today traffic came to a crawl. samuel gonzalez is stuck, trying to get his family home to fresno. >> took an hour. >> reporter: you've been trying to leave san francisco for an hour. >> yes. it's really bad. and the kids are hungry and crying. are we there yet? no. >> reporter: a 12-inch water main broke at fourth and howard overnight, briefly disrupting service to two buildings. this water spilled into the garage near mess coney center and the central subway project. the pipe dates back to 1895, one of many old pipes. >> the puc has undertaken an aggressive goal of repairing or replacing about 15 miles of pipe per year. although clearly we haven't caught up with all of the vulnerable ones. >> reporter: she says in fiscal year 2013, they replaced six miles of pipe.
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nine in 2014, 12 in 2015 and 15 in 2016. there have been 5 3 water main failures in the first six months of this year and most occur in january. many frustrated drivers never came near the intersection or knew of the water main break. they just waited. >> it's been hectic for a while. i've been sitting in it for probably 30 minutes now. just got out of the garage. >> i've been probably half an hour for four blocks. >> reporter: now we have a look from above from our chopper. i asked the spokesperson out here, what is the best advice for drivers trying to get home. and he said, you jusù0v@u avoid the area while these repairs are under way. at this point, late in the afternoon, they did open up two lanes so you can make the right turn here on howard street. but, again, it is backed up. they do say that one good thing in all of this, there are quite a few water lines running under near, and that's why there
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really wasn't a big impact to service. but, again, at this point, they're saying that the work will continue late tonight. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of digging going on at that intersection. thanks, christie. over the past year-and-a-half, our investigative unit has been looking into san francisco's aging pipeline problems. now if you would like to see all of our previous reports, you can just click on our investigative unit icon on our website, one of the two inmates who escaped from the santa clara county jail was back in court today. we brought you this story on thanksgiving day, part of our breaking news coverage. chavez, seen here, was scheduled to enter a plea, but that was pushed back to his next appearance. laron campbell, as well as chavez -- laron campbell pled no test. and chavez and campbell are accused of sawing through the bars of a second-floor jail window and lowering themselves to the ground, using sheets tied together. both were captured several days later. chavez was originally booked
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into jail on charges that include robbery, false imprisonment and criminal threats. the family of a mentally ill inmate beaten to death inside the santa clara county main jail has agreed to a settlement deal. the estate of michael tyree will be awarded $3.6 million. tyree died in august of last year while in custody. three guards charged in his death have pleaded not guilty and a trial is set for next month. his estate is comprised of his two sisters and 7-year-old daughter. donald trump on the campaign trail today, not for himself but for louisiana senator. the president-elect was in baton rouge, louisiana, to help republican john kennedy win tomorrow's senate runoff election. mr. trump also announcing his pick for interior secretary. that's congresswoman cathy mcmorris-rogers of washington state. he's also getting more criticism for choosing fast food ceo, andy puzzlener as his labor secretary. he opposes raising the minimum
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wage. >> donald trump has kind of given a big middle finger to that entire department by nominating somebody who was found to have 50% of his restaurants in noncompliance with labor laws. >> he runs carl's jr. also today, the trump campaign says rudy guiliani is no longer a candidate for secretary of state. mitt romney is still in the running. immigrants gave him their money and their trust. but now many immigrants in the south bay say they may have been duped. how an immigration consultant fooled so many people and what will happen to the potential victims. ceo marc benioff pledging millions for families in need in san francisco. the reason why city leaders say there is a race to raise even more money. will take an official vote on the raiders new stadium and when the oakland city council will take an official vote on the raiders' new stadium
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proposal. =raj/cu= before we head to break - we wanna take another look at the pwolwl who died oakland fire. before we head to break, we want to take another look at the people who died in the oakland fire. the pwolwl who died oakland fire.
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they've lost money and their chance to stay in this country. hundreds of immigrants in the south bay are now worried they have lost money and their chance to stay in the country. nbc bay area broke the story when the santa clara county sheriff's office arrested a man who is accused of running a fraudulent immigration assistance service. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from the sheriff's office in shan jose with a new turn in the investigation. >> reporter: it's been a very interesting followup report. investigators tell us that it is ar5$ very time-consuming proceso go through each case with so much crucial paperwork involved, as you'll hear. paperwork that could mean the difference between someone staying home or facing deportation. jesus asked us not to reveal his wife's identity, because he's worried about revealing her immigration status. a situation he was trying to remedy when he paid more than $1,000 of hard-earned pay to james lopez, who ran this
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immigration office in cupertino. >> he was sharp. he seemed very honest. but then you never know. i feel sorry for him. that's the honest truth. i didn't know he was going to turn out that way. >> reporter: but last month, sheriff's investigators arrested lopez, a disbarred attorney, for operating his immigration business without state approval. officers seized records for about 1,000 clients, and said lopez was providing improper service, forging documents, and charging up to $1,200 for services that are normally free. investigators say after the nbc bay area report ran, they were surprised by the public response. >> a little more than what we expected. we have had over 30 calls that we're filtering. there are still some calls that we have got to get back to. we have spoken with some new victims that had dealt -- have
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done business with this individual. >> we had three kids here. and 10, 13 and 15. and without her, i cannot manage the house. >> reporter: now, mr. lopez did not return our calls. he faces several felony charges, including forgery, grand theft and practicing without a license. and, again, investigators are now going through the files to see what kind of damage has been done. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, robert. he was on homeland security's most wanted list and he's an accused child predator from the bay area. tonight this man is behind bars. police caught kevin tras. he gave police a fake name. when pressed he admitted his real name and told police he was on the run. investigators started looking for him in 2012 and he allegedly downloaded child porn. a high-profile bay area ceo is pledging big-time money as part of a $30 million pledge
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campaign to help 800 homeless families in san francisco in the next few years. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in the city this evening with the details. michelle. >> reporter: well, marc benioff has promised to match $10 million in donations. it will go to fund financiallies and students who are homeless, hoping to be in situations like this, this building behind me currently houses 50 families previously homeless. she says she and her three kids were evicted from their san francisco apartment last year. she and her family are now receiving housing assistance from hamilton families, a nonprofit organization working with the city. >> we already placed about 400 families into rapid rehousing. we need about 800 more over the next few years in order to really address the backlog of families waiting to be served. >> city officials say $30 million will help 800 families find housing in the next few
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years. the goal is to keep kids in school and off the streets. >> it's easy to forget how many homeless children we have in san francisco. we have thousands of them. >> reporter: ceo marc benioff and wife lynn have pledged to match up to $10 million for the homelessness campaign. >> there is nothing more important than the education and health care of our kids, and when you look at health care and you look at their future, it starts with where they're living. >> reporter: now mayor ed lee is asking for help to reach the $10 million goal to help more families. >> i think it's going to be great. not just for the schools, for families, but it will make our city stronger for that reason. >> reporter: there's currently on average a six-month waiting list for families who need housing assistance. they're hoping once they meet this $30 million goal, they will be able to offer immediate housing assistance. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> that can be very helpful for a lot of people.
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thank you, michelle. let's get a check of our forecast with jeff á0sranieri. >> it's off to the north, you guys. as that storm system gets closer, we expect that rainfall intensity to pick up all across the bay area. we have storm ranger out right now, and here you can see it's all lit up. we have the doppler radar hoisted up about 20 feet on the back as that continues to scan the atmosphere getting us the latest on what's happening. as we get you back to the storm ranger doppler scan, what you'll be able to see is not much happening right now as we have the clouds overhead. currently 61 degrees at our live location, and temperatures dropping into the 50s tonight with increasing chances of rain throughout 8, 9 and also 10:00. so let's go ahead and take a look at what we're getting right now. and you'll see some of the data is showing some spotty showers just offshore. right where storm ranger is located. we've had some drizzle on and off. but nothing in terms of widespread rainfall at the current moment. we need to look way off to the north before we start to see any kind of measurable rainfall.
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you can see it's a wide shield of wet weather, moderate rainfall with a few heavier pockets. eventually that's going to push down across the bay area. so what i want to show you next is the futurecast. you can see by 7:30 tonight, a hit and miss shower. once we hit 11:30 at night, wet weather develops ahead of the front. i think this is overdoing it a little bit but you get the general idea. the chance of scattered rain by 11:30 tonight. once we hit 5:00 in the morning, things pick up in intensity across the area as the cold front moves across. so the north bay on track to get that rainfall first. and as that cold front arrives, for tomorrow morning, it will be chilly to start. 47 in the south bay. 42 for the tri valley. for the east bay, 46 degrees. and san francisco begins at 47. let's switch it back to the futurecast, and we'll run this out through your saturday forecast. and, again, wet weather to start first for the north bay. then this starts to push down to the south here. east by and peninsula by 9:00 in
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the morning. and then by the noon hour, we should have at least something down here for the south bay at this point. totals on average, about a quarter to a half inch. maybe some higher amounts up into the north bay. we'll start to see things beginning to push on out by 7:30 tomorrow night. in terms of that microclimate forecast, no matterj@: where yoe going, temperatures very similar. tomorrow, 59 in morgan hill. 60 in san jose. the east bay, 6 it in concord. throughout the peninsula, anywhere from 58 in daly city to 61 in palo alto. san francisco, also cool 50s across the board. and right up into the north bay, 55 in mill valley with our warmest temperature in napa at 62. this wet weather tomorrow does mean snow in the sierra. anywhere from 2 inches in kingville to maybe 13 inches in kirkwood. on the extended forecast, again, rainfall tomorrow morning arrives. sunday is dry, a spotty shower
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next tuesday. the day i'm watching out for is next friday in the forecast. that's when we could have some heavier rain and also wind returning. and you'll see it's pretty much the same here for the interior valleys with these cool 50s. mostly here throughout the next seven-day forecast. >> okay, jeff. good update. thank you so much. still to come, have you been hanging on to your galaxy note 7? a good reason why you should turn it in now.
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as for the niners, 11 straight losses after their equally embarrassing 26-6 set back in chicago. the offense showing signs of progress completely inadequate. >> sunday was a step backwards. we have to get back on track this week. we have to put that work in, make sure everybody is prepared, the mind-set is right. and once again, move on to new york. >> the red and gold spotlight brought to you on nbc bay area by the x 1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. tonight -- tracking the incoming happening now, jeff ranieri was just mentioning our storm ranger. it's in san bruno, tracking incoming rain. you can keep track of what the storm ranger is doing on our facebook page. and trending on our twitter feed, president-elect donald trump is at a thank you rally in
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michigan this evening, one of many rallies he's planned for his victory tour. inauguration day is january 20th. stadium
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it's official. the oakland city council will vote on a new stadium proposal next tuesday. the proposal was submitted by ronny lot. a couple weeks ago, lott revealed to us the details about his plan. but late today, additional elements of this deal were revealed.
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not just a new privately funded stadium for the raiders, but the deal also calls for a grand central style b.a.r.t. station at the coliseum. and this deal saves room for the a's right there at the coliseum complex if the a's want to build a new baseball park. but here's the bottom line. the proposal passes next j"ñwee lott and his investment group will present it to the nfl in january. oakland and las vegas are the leading options for the raiders. the raiders, by the way, in their owner, you see here, mark davis, has not yet commented on the lott proposal. samsung plans to end the galaxy note 7 with one final update coming out on december 19th. the update blocks the smartphone from recharging, effectively killing it. phones are recalled back in september to october after several reports of batteries exploding and catching on fire. most phones were returned but more than 100,000 unaccounted for. sprint says it won't roll out its update until january. we'll be right back.
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take it easy out there, because the rain is coming in. >> in the next few hours. a little bit of scattered rain. >> a weather update at 6:00. hope to see you then. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. thanks for joining us.
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tonight, poler plunge. over a foot of blinding snow falling and the worst is yet to come. a killer's confession inside the horror of a church massacre in chart. buyer beware, a warning about all those gift cards you're about to get and give, a billion dollars wasted last year along. how to get the most bang for your buck. and the right stuff, on a friday night, inspiring america. without her, america might never have made it into space,


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