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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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expresses serious concern over donald trump's plan to end one china policy. >> and more scrutiny over a massive boeing deal with iran. >> breaking news overnight. a jury rendered a late-night guilty verdict in the murder of former new orleans saint will smith. >> frigid morning ahead as wi wicked winter weather has 20 million people in its path. >> bill murray gives president obama golf tips, but that's not all. "early today" starts. good to be with you on monday morning. i'm frances rivera. new concern out of china over president-elect donald trump's threat to end one china policy. the global times, an official chinese state owned newspaper is
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calling trump, quote, very childish and impulsive. that's after the president-elect suggested he was reconsidering how america dealed with taiwan when speaking to fox news. >> i fully understand the one china policy, but i don't know why we have to be bound by one china policy unless we make a deal with china. having to do with other things, including trade. i mean look, we're hurt very badly by chiepa. >> china is now expressing, quote, serious concern after the comments with the global post saying china needs to prepare enough ammunition for a roller coaster ride with the china/u.s. relations with trump. >> we also have word that two republican senators have joined in the request for a bipartisan probe into russia's interference into the u.s. election. lindsey graham said it couldinate be a partisan issue. yet they may be in the minority of their part a after the
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outgoing rnc chair and incoming chief of staff said this regarding the report on the intelligence community's findings. >> i don't know who did the hacking, chuck. the article is based on a lie. that the rnc was hacked, so the entire premise of the article is false. the sources are unnamed, and the report was inconclusive. >> as for president-elect trump, he's calling allegations russia interfered ridiculous and his pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson, gets hit with heavy criticism while a new blockbuster deal between boeing and iran comes under scrutiny. peter alexander reports. >> donald trump defiant. lashing out at the cia's analysis reported by "the washington post" that russia intervened in the election to help him win. >> i think irts rr ridiculous. another excuse. i don't believe it. >> trump's comments highlight a growing rift with the intelligence community. the president-elect only
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attending a handful of daily briefings. >> i'm like a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years. >> intelligence experts dispute that explanation. >> it's not like every piece of intelligence or report is the same type of assessment. >> trump is also touting his expected pim of rex tillerson for secretary of state. >> he's much more than a business executive. he's a world-class player. he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company, not for himself, for the company. >> but tillerson could face a contentious senate confirmation even from some republicans. marco rubio tweeted being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i'm hoping for in a secretary of state. among trump's biggest chances, balancing his pro-business promises with foreign rivals. a $16 billion blockbuster, boeing selling 80 commercial airplanes to iran made possible
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by last year's nuclear agreement, which trump has denounced. this, the biggest sale by a u.s. company to the islamic republic since 1979. the president-elect yet to comment. instead, taking a second swipe at boeing's contract for air force one. >> we're going to make good deals for this country. i don't need a $4.2 billion airplane to fly around in. i don't need that. >> that was peter alexander reporting. >> regarding trump's dismissal of the cia's assessment of russia, a former intelligence official tells nbc news, quote, it is curious that someone who refuses to take intelligence briefings has decided he doesn't agree with the analysis contained in them. for more on that boeing deal with iran, we're joined by correspondent ali rusy. talk about how big the deal is for iran. >> it's a huge deal for iran. firstly, iran had been complaining since the landmark nuclear deal was inked, they haven't seen any tangible
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results. this certainly is a tangible result. 80 planes over ten years and a $17 billion deal. that's really good news for the iranians. it also marks the biggest commercial transaction between the united states and iran since the 1979 revolution and the storming of the u.s. embassy. but this deal could be tested, frances, under president trump's presidency. he's no fan of iran. the people he's surrounding himself with are fiercely critical of iran. and groups in the united states against the deal said boeing shouldn't sell the planes to iran because it will benefit the revolution. boeing has said this is going to support tens of thousands of jobs in the united states which may appeal to mr. trump. however, what we know for sure though is that iran desperately needs these planes. its ailing fleet of aircrafts are in desperate need of an upgrade. >> we'll be closely watching the after math.
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ali, thank you. >> breaking news out of louisiana, regarding the death of new orleans saints star will smith. just hours ago, a jury in new orleans capped off a week long trial. jurs found 29 year cardell hayes guilty of manslaughter in smith's april shooting det. the same jury found hayes guilty of attempted manslaughter for hurting smith's wife. he claimed he fired only after smith punched him and retrieved a gun from his damaged suv. evidence showed smith never armed himself, and hayes was not justified in firing. hayes faces up to 40 years in prison. he will be sentenced on february 17th. >> authorities are investigating multiple deadly explosions that rocked the middle east over the weekend. in istanbul, turkey, two bombs killed 38 people and wounded another 155 after a soccer match. both blasts were caught on video. the first in what is believed to be a car bomb detonated as
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police officers were leaving a soccer stadium. then another blast struck next to the stadium. they say police were the target of that attack. a kurdish military group has claimed responsibility for the bombing wheres. >> and then to cairo where a bomb killed 25 and wounded another 49 in a christian mass. it happened on an egyptian national holiday that celebrates the birth of the prophet muhammad. no claim of responsibility for this attack. >> television people are recovering from their injuries after a major fire swept through this michigan ski resort early sunday morning. the resort says no injuries are believed to be life threatening. an investigation into the cause is under way. more than 100 guests were registered when the fire damaged nearly half of the lodge. the resort will remain closed until further notice. >> well, a surprise so sweet it brought a grown man to tears, and it was easy to do. in coastal south carolina, a firefighter gifted a puppy to a
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police officer delivered by, as you can see, santa himself. the bluffton officer, doug, you can see him here, and his family, lost their home and their beloved german shepherd in a fire earlier this month. the firefighter, eric, and his wife heard about what happened and wanted to help. they donated the german shepherd father, bringing the officer, his wife, and five kids much needed joy in the holidays. >> still ahead, good news ahead as prices should be coming down on your christmas chocolate. we'll tell you why. >> first, an arctic blast has left a thick layer of snow and ice across the great lakes and upper midwest. in detroit, delta flight 724 had trouble braking and slid into the snowy grass. all passengers are okay. thousands of flights never got off the ground in more than 4,000 flights were canceled. let's check in with bill karins who is here with a messy week ahead, it seems like. frigid, too. >> it is. good morning. we had the arctic blast, then the snow that moved into chicago, six inches.
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detroit, five inches. and still have winter advisories through the northeast. the snow is primarily confined to central new england, northern new england. there mail be some airport delays on the east coast. in general, only areas of northern new england and maine that will deal with snow. as far as the rest of the country, a weak system bringing snows to the rockies. at least it's not below sic rumeanto, 65. see how the next big story is going to be the cold. it will be with us throughout much of the upcoming week. >> thank you. just ahead, our top military leaders with a report card on the foig against isis. and the world's longest and
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overnight at exactly 2:02 a.m., mourners, survivors, family, and friends gathered outside orlando's pulse nightclub, marking six month since the attack. they paid tribute to those lost and wounded in the country's deadliest mass shooting. pulse will hold a ceremony today. leading the news this morning, isis won a major victory be recapturing pal myra from syrian troops on sunday. however, it wasn't all good news for the terrorist organization. u.s., a lieutenant general said over 2,000 isis militants have been killed or badly wounded since the battle began nearly two months ago. >> we have to constantly stay after this every day of the fight. to eventually win. and we will win.
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>> townsend said there are still as many as 5,000 islamic state fighters in mosul. the life and legacy of john glenn was celebrated sunday in a candlelight vigil in his hometown church. people gathered to sing songs, pr pray, and share stories of the hero. this in ohio, where glenn was a lifelong member. he passed away thursday at the age of 95. glenn is expected to lie in state at the ohio state house rotunda friday before saturday's memorial surface at ohio state university. he's then set to be buried at arlington national cemetery. >> the world's longest and deepest rail tunnel is open in switzerland. passengers were able to travel through the tunnel for the first time on sunday. it stretches 35 miles, it took 17 years to build at a cost of $12 billion. the service will carry passengers deep under the swiss alps and it can save them around 30 minutes of travel time. >> the back and forth dance between bob dylan and the nobel
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prize committee has officially come to an end. dylan sent warm words and ultimately skipped the ceremony in stockholm where they awarded him the prize. he sent a stand in, patti smith, reading his words, even singing "a hard rain's gonna fall." and she stumbled on a word, saying she was nervous in front of the crowd. >> there may be more chocolate in your christmas celebration. landon dowdy will be here with the details. >> first, at the box office, moana came out on top for the third straight week, taking in an estimated $18 million. they would love it if it was a billion. >> office christmas party brought in $17 million, and harry potter prequel secured third place, generating over $10 million. you're watching "early today." the vault to man's greatest wonders...
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fast forwarding today. the funeral for nfl star joe mcknoit will be held later this morning in louisiana. mcknight was gunned down in a road rage incident outside of new orleans on december 1st. the suspect involved in the incident, 54-year-old michael gasser is charged with manslaughter. >> and later this morning, first lady michelle obama and ryan seacrest are expected to tour
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children's health care system in washington, d.c. they want to bring awareness to children's health. >> and golden globes nominations will be announced early this morning. early contenders are the frommy moonlight, la la land, and westworld. the globes are set to air here on nbc and will be hosted by jimmy fallon. that's on january 8ing. cheaper christmas chocolate ahead, but recognize now, futures in the u.s. are mixed following the best week for the stocks since the election with all three major indices kicking off the day at all-time highs. but stocks in china are plunging today. here to make sense of it all, landon dowdy. >> good monday morning. wall street is coming off friday's all-time highs after posting its best week since the election. this week, investors are looking ahead to tuesday's two-day federal reserve meeting with fed officials are expected to hike interest rates. oil is surging this morning, prices jumping to their highest levels in a rear and a half
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after opec and non-opec producers agreed to cut output. it's supposed to ease a global supply glut following two years of low prices. and good news this holiday season. cocoa prices are spiraling lower, making chocolate cheaper just in time for gift giving. cocoa futures have fallen to three-year lows as the increased supply is contributing to the market's biggest cocoa surplus in six years. i know it's going to be in my stocking. >> let me tell you, i never need any excuse for chocolate, but that one right there is an extra bonus. landon, thank you. just ahead, he was arrested friday night, but that wasn't the focus of the critic's choice award t.j. miller's monologue. you're watching "early today." i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like am not actually cleaning it up.
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>> we're talking about eight in the franchise. halloween, there war eight. star wars, seven. they're doing something right. >> and when it comes to the critics choice awards, here are the winners for the 22nd one, i should say, handed out in hollywood. all eyes were on t.j. miller, who was arrested friday stemming from an alleged altercation with an uber driver. he tweeted he would talk about the arrest, but in the end, he avoided the issue. la la land, taking home eight awards, including best picture. variety reports la la land also won big in the box office this weekend, raking up $855,000 in only five theaters in new york and los angeles. that's the year's best per screen average. the movie expands into more theaters friday. and a big night for nbc's "snl." alec baldwin, kate mckinnon both winning comedy awards. >> they're going to gethe big release over the holidays, the buzz now. and they're set up to make a lot of money on that movie. >> a whole lot of buzz for the
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film and the actors in it. >> you see it and tell me how it was. >> tea time in the oval office at the white house, tweeting a new video of president obama and bill murray golfing and goofing around in the white house. the two trading putts and jokes. murray giving the president a little bit of career advice. watch this. >> generally, i don't let cubs fans into the oval office. >> probably not a coincidence that your popularity is at an all-time high. i would ride this. >> not going to happen. >> the best there. >> signing up for at the end. but there was a lot of putts, missed putts and pokes. >> even with a sense of humor. we have seen that with the president before. >> just ahead, ikea's solution to relationship problems. they call it retail therapy. >> and deadlines if you want packages to arrive in time for christmas. i want you to stay this bright blue forever...
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all right. let's talk about the topic that every television meteorologist likes to avoid, the polar vortex. this time, it is going to split and send coal air into the u.s. it will send the cold air from siberia. it's on its way over. this will be a significant arctic outbreak. and it's coming down, mostly into northern canada, and then it's going to be sliding through the great lakes and into areas of the northeast. these are going to be the morning lows. fargo, the worst, but even the northeast will be mighty cold by the end of the week. >> call it polar vortex. >> siberian express. >> it's just winter. thank you very much. >> taking a turn to this horrible story out of nigeria, 160 people killed in a church collapse over the weekend. the associated press reports hundreds were inside the bible
4:27 am
church international saturday when the roof caved in on the worshiper. they were gathering for a ceremony to ordain the church's founder as bishop. construction of the building was rushed ahead of that event. >> clom been plane crash survivor is still recovering from the deadly crash that left all of his teammates and two others dead. the remarkable news is that he has no idea the crash ever took place some two weeks later. doctors and family have decided to withhold the tragic news because they're concerned about the emotional shock it could have on his recovery from head trauma. >> well, it's a solution many of us use when dealing with relationship problems. retail therapy. that's what ikea is calling their new ad campaign. they have reniemed some of their best selling products. here's an example. he can't say he loves me. okay, so you search for that. that's a magneting writing
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playing in uniso n wrapping up the "warehouse
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investigation." the a-t-f is done collecting evidence--- now, it must come up with a conclusion about what started the oakland fire. when we might learn more about that process. kris/vo and "erosion concerns" in pacifica, pop back up after a week of steady rain. the appearance of another sinkhole has shut down access to part of the beach. sam/live this as we're looking at another "stormy week" ahead. but today, a window to dry out. here's a live look at san francisco today in the bay starts, right now. ==sam/2shot== good morning- and thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. ==kris/2shot== and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia cannon. =4shot= good monday morning to you. i'm sam bach. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. in our house, the dryer was


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