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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the deadliest fire the city of oakland has ever seen... and a dark chapter etched into bay area history. ==take vo== now, family members and city leaders just want to know--- what happened to cause the deaths of 36 people? we are just minutes away from a press conference with the a-t-f. kris/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. sam/2shot and i'm sam brock. it's now been 11 days--- since the a-t-f launched a methodical, pain-staking investigation into the fire. ==sam//2xvid== at this moment, we're waiting for more information on what investigators turned up. this is a live look at the podium in oakland--- as the a-t-f and other responding agencies prepare to brief us. all of those experts--- the investigators, and electrical engineers, and forensics teams--- have assembled at the
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office of emergency services building in oakland--- for a news conference scheduled to begin right now, at 11 a-m. we're expecting special agent in charge, jill snyder, to take us through the a-t-f's findings so far... as they finshed collecting evidence over the weekend. ad-lib. ==live== ==newser//vidx1== kris//cu a developing story -- a south bay neighborhood is ordered to shelter in place - based on the evidence that they found at the scene, but they also walked some of the witnesses who were able to escape through the warehouse so that they could piece together where everything was. they were also coming up with a 3d diagram or model of the warehouse so that they could interpret that. tory -'ve driven by warehouses in days since then, you can tell that there are few ways into and out of those buildings. we're waiting for the special agent in charge of the atf for an update, hoping to hear what might have sparked that fire.
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teams anme back to this in just a moment. but we have another developing story, this one in the south bay where a neighborhood is sheltering in place as s.w.a.t. teams in the bomb squad are swarming that scene in milpitas. bob redell is live on view drive ey f william burnett elementary school. we see the map there. bob, you just talked with the milpitas police. what have they found? >> reporter: after an initial search, the milpitas police are telling us that the santa clara county bomb squad, the santa clara county sheriff's office bomb squad which is assisting them, found several items in the house, including chemicals that could be used for making bottoms. you are looking at the house here on view drive. they expect the bomb squad to search the house until tonight, possibly into tomorrow. law enforcement first became suspicious a few weeks ago when at least one neighbor called to complain about a strong chemical smell coming from that house. officers and firefighters found several containers outside the home, some were empty, some with
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chemicals still inside. at first they thought maybe they were being used to produce meth but soon realized that was not the case. olice surveilled the home and confirmed that the chemicals could be used to create explosives. then they got a santa clara judge to issue a search want which was executed this morning. s.w.a.t. evacuated the next-door neighbors and told everyone else to shelter in place. the bomb squad is searching the home for chemicals, bomb making equipment or instructions on how to make a bomb. law enforcement has detained the adult son who lives at the home. >> the person we've detained that's associated with the chemicals does have a criminal history, however, none of it is related to terrorism, bomb making equipment, bomb making or any other illegal activity associated with chemicals. >> reporter: what's his explanation for having the chemicals? >> this is the first time that
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we have had a chance to talk to him. the officers are still talking to him right now. >> reporter: police say he is a u.s. citizen and is cooperating with police. reporting live here in milpitas, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. let us go back now. this is the atf meeting, the news conference that was slated to start at 11:00 this morning, an update on the progress they have made to this point on the investigation in the oakland warehouse. that's special agent in charge jill snyder standing to the right of the podium. let's listen in. >> okay. i would like to introduce four speakers today. jill snyder, special agent in charge at the atf. oakland fire chief teresa deloach reed. nancy o'malley and trevor reggan. regional ceo for the american red cross. i would like to introduce you to jill snyder, atf special agent in charge. >> good morning, everybody.
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atf and the oakland fire department have concluded the on-scene investigation. throughout the district attorney's office investigation and the oakland fire department's scene investigation, atf has assisted by providing our fire expertise and conducting witness interviews. all of the scene information has been gathered, and our analysis will continue in conjunction with the fire department investigators. all of the findings will be submitted to the oakland fire department, who will prepare the final report and give it to the district attorney's office for their ongoing investigation. to clear up the concern over the determination being electrical, the electrical system is part of the analysis. atf experts and the oakland fire department investigators are looking at in determining the cause of the fire. the investigation is still ongoing, though, and at this
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time no final determination has been made as to the exact cause of the fire. atf will continue to support the fire department with analyzing all of the findings for the final report. atf will also continue to assist with the interviewing of witnesses for the district attorney's office investigation. although atf is no longer on the scene, we would like to let the families and friends of the victims know that our thoughts are with them. at this time i would like to turn the podium over to fire chief reed. >> good morning, everyone. i would like to start off by acknowledging the remarkable work that was done by oakland fire department personnel. their time on scene during those four days was very taxing, both physically and mentally. and i just want to thank them
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personally for the contributions that they have made in regards to this tragic incident. the work they performed was spectacular because it was a very difficult event. i want to thank the atf for their participation and support throughout this incident. for providing us with investigators and specialized personnel from their fire research laboratory in maryland. currently, our fire investigators are still working with atf to compile all the information necessary for a final fire report. the determination of cause and origin has not been identified yet. this investigation is still ongoing. once we complete the fire report and, as i mentioned, it's -- the investigation right now is still ongoing, so i cannot give you a date on when that report will be
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completed, but once the report is completed, it will be turned over to the d.a.'s office, as mentioned by atf, to continue their ongoing investigation that is taking place. again, this was a tragic event. it was something that the city of oakland thought that they would did have it was a tragic event. and so, with the families, our thoughts and prayers are with you. and for all the different agencies that was out supporting that event. i just want to say thank you to everyone for your participation and your help during these times. >> good morning. i am nancy o'malley, the district attorney. i want to just begin by echoing what chief reed just said, and that is to acknowledge the dedicated hard work of the first
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responders, the firefighters, law enforcement, and including all of the leaders of those organizations who worked so hard over the last several days to make sure that this tragic event is being addressed with the utmost seriousness and focus that we can. = want to thank specifically the atf for all of their expertise and for working so closely with my investigative team. between the atf and my criminal investigation team, we have conducted numerous interviews with witnesses. we are working with the atf and with the oakland fire department to identify what we can from the evidence that's been presented. the analysis is ongoing. and that will continue. as you know, my office now stands in the lead of the criminal investigation, and we are working closely with now the oakland fire department to make sure that we are thorough, that we are methodical and that we
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are calculated in how we are able to analyze every piece of information and every piece of evidence that we believe we have recovered from the fire scene. as well as surrounding circumstances that led up to that tragic fire. we will continue with our investigation. the lead prosecutor is david lim, an assistant district attorney, and we have several investigators from my office who are working, committed 100% to this investigation. we will work as efficiently as we can. we will move it along as quickly as we can, but we will not sacrifice the integrity of the investigation or any of the analysis to try to get to an end result before we are ready. i want to emphasize this is an active investigation and we will not be commenting on any of the information that we have
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gathered. i thank the media for the attention that you have given to this, and particularly to the attention and care that you have shown in your reporting to the family members of those who died in the fire and to all of the people who have -- who survived the fire and those who have information that give us a better context under which this fire was occurred. i also want to say that the -- my office -- victim/witness division has been working actively and very significantly in reaching out and working with the families of those who have died and with those who survived the fire. we have prepared for you a number of phone numbers for resources for people in the community who have been impacted by this fire, particularly those who have been directly impacted, either by losing a loved one or by themselves surviving the fire. these are critical, critical resources for people who have suffered this great tragedy, in
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a much more personal and direct way, and so i am asking you to make sure that you are publishing these numbers, as we are, throughout all of our media outlets and our social media to make sure that those who need help have it readily available to them. the red cross has also been working very closely and really convening the crisis center. they are providing tremendous assets and resources to people who have been devastated by this fire, either by loss. by their own experience, or those who are in the area who have lost their houses or their -- those who lived there before the fire occurred. >> i cannot give you a specific time line, but i will guarantee to the community, to the family members who lost someone in the fire, to those who survived the fire, that we will work diligently, we will be methodical, and we will be thorough in bringing this case
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to justice. and so every victim of the fire, to their families, to those who survived and to the community that has been so impacted by this tragedy, we keep you in our thoughts, and we owe you nothing less than to do our very best. and now i would like to turn it over to the representative from the red cross. >> good morning. i would like to start by -- on behalf of the entire red cross family, just sharing our deepest sympathies and thoughts with each individual and family who was impacted by this tragedy. for the last week more than 100 red cross workers, mostly volunteer have worked to provide services to those impacted and provide comfort and hope to them as they move forward. this include the families and loved ones of those who were lost as well as those displaced by the fire and those injured. the red cross has been providing financial assistance to those impacted through our red cross
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disaster relief funds. these funds have been used for initial lodging, emergency services, mental health, as well as food and clothing and other incidental items. the oakland a's has asked the red cross to help distribute the funds from the oakland fire relief fund to those impacted. we are working closely with them to make it happen. we hope to begin distributing funds in the coming days. the funds will go both to the families of those impacted directly as well as those displaced and injured, 100% of those funds will go to the families. the red cross is also referring families to community agencies and the county's victim and witness program. if there is anyone who is being impacted by the fire or displaced or has a loved one who is a victim who has not reached out to the red cross, we urge you to reach out to the red
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cross to speak to red cross resources and agencies across the community to make sure you are getting the services that you need. thank you. >> the city of oakland could not have gone through this kind of devastating fire without the support and partnership of the agencies that you have heard from today. the atf, the district attorney's office, and red cross. so, again, i will just reiterate our gratitude, as we move into the recovery from this devastating fire. that concludes that portion of the press conference. we'll take a short break, as we move the podium out and move a table in, and provide an opportunity for q & a with the fire chief and city administrator. thank you. >> so that next phase of the investigation continues. the next phase of the press conference will continue later. we'll continue to monitor it. you see pete suratos there. he is our reporter. he is there along with some of our other reporters from nbc bay
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area news. the biggest thing we were hoping to hear today was what the cause of the fire was, as so many warehouses are around the bay area. people wanted to know could it happen in another community. we don't know the answer at this point, though the investigation will continue as will the partnership between the agencies. >> there is no timetable at this point. telling words from nancy o'malley saying, quote, we will not sacrifice the investigation or any of the analysis to try and get done before we are ready. they understand that there is a lot at stake here. ite, nre still going through all ea dhat evidence, and there is not a timetable yet. newour continuing coverage of the oakland warehouse fire is on our website, there you can watch all of our investigations into the fire. also click on the new section to see a page fully dedicated to the 36 victims of that fire. surrounded a building in the
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new at 11:00 this morning, a strong police presence in oakland as officers surrounded a building in the city's uptown area. you are looking from our chopper overhead. this was a burglary that was reported. officers searched for a suspect who might have been inside the building at webster street near 22nd street. police have not yet released a description of the suspect there. also, a tense, armed standoff at a home with a
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6-year-old girl inside ended peacefully this morning in east san jose. police say the 43-year-old josé lopez barricaded himself inside the home along with his 6-year-old daughter. the family called police after some sort of domestic disturban disturbance at the home this morning near story road. other family members made it out safely and called police before the standoff began. some neighboring homes were also evacuated. the suspect is in custody but we'll repeat, the 6-year-old daughter was not considered a hostage and was not harmed. another story we were covering all morning. tragically, we are still waiting to learn the name of the woman who died in an overnight house fire in castro valley. we brought you the story as breaking news earlier this morning. the fire broke up just before 3:00 a.m. on grove way blocks away from the elementary school. the woman who died is an adult, and a firefighter suffered minor
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injuries while battling the flames. we do not have word yet on what caused the fire. another house fire to tell you about. this happened in union city this morning. the home on appian way near mission boulevard. it started at 7:00 this morning and quickly spread through the house. you see there is some brush nearby as well. at one point the flames started to shoot through the roof. there are no reports of injuries and so word on the cause of that fire. and we are awaiting history right now as we see that the dow jones industrial average is up 116 points so far today. it is flirting with that 20,000 threshold, kris. >> 19,912 as far as i can see. so what happens if it does cross the 20,000 mark? scott mcgrew, really nothing, right? >> absolutely nothing, kris. now, when the dow crossed 10-k we wondered if computer software would be able to handle the new
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number because it's five digits. there is nothing special, no balloons but it's still a benchmark and it's exciting. earlier this morning we were wondering if apple's wireless air pods would be available for christmas. shortly after that apple announced they would be just in time for the holidays, in the last couple days of the shopping season, sometime next week. you can order them online, but the apple website says they will take four weeks to ship, definitely not in time for christmas. so go to the store if you want them. also online, twitter ceo jack dorsey interviewed whl whistle blower edward snowden this morning on periscope. snowden is accused of stealing secrets from the national security agency. periscope is live video. this is over, but you can watch a recorded playback as well. guys, just google snowden per
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periscope to get there. parents upset this morning after learning about a mountain view police investigation involving widespread student on student sexting on a drop box account. >> it could also involve multiple schools. nbc bay area's sheryl hurd has more and the reason it may go to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: police say students were allegedly sharing sexually explicit pictures of minors through drop box. some of the images are believed to be of other students. >> back in august we received a call from mountain view high school about a drop box account that they had been made aware of that contained inappropriate images, some of them, unfortunately, sexually explicit in nature. >> reporter: that account now frozen. it is possible criminal charges could be filed against the students involved, but nbc legal analyst steven clark doesn't think that will happen. >> the courts don't want to create a generation of registered sex offenders, which
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could happen under the child pornography laws. >> reporter: officers began looking for the person who posted the pictures. the investigation leading them to other schools in the area. >> with social media and technology nowadays and how accessible it is, i think it just -- this stuff happens to frequently. i think it's extremely sad. >> reporter: the principal of the school is not commenting because many of the people in the photos appear to be under age. one high school senior says she is is not surprised by the allegations and blames it on easy access to technology. >> it's hard to see that many of the people around my age or even younger are just sending pictures and kind of a little bit demeaning of themselves. so i don't know if they're doing it out of money or if they need help. >> that was sheryl hurd reporting. we reached out to the school superintendent and have not received a response yet. police are not saying how many people may have viewed those pictures. >> not a technology -- you have to talk to your kids about being
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responsible. you can use technology to keep track of the weather, and you'll want to because it is changing. kari hall, you say thursday will be a doozy. >> yes. we are looking at some of the heavy rain moving in on thursday. in the near term, we're taking a live look outside at san jose. this is our chance to dry out and get ready for the next round of some heavy rain that will be moving in. but looking good now. and as we get a view of ocean beach, we have been watching the coastal areas because of the high tide today, and the king tide coming up at two feet above normal. here is the view from linda mar looking towards pacifica. it's also getting quite high as far as the water levels up to, once again, two feet above normal. let's talk about that. as we go into tomorrow and thursday we'll see this once again right before 11:00 in the morning. and then on thursday before noon with the tides up to seven feet. so that could cause some flooding in the low-lying areas.
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then we could have some street flooding as the next storm system moves in. right now only tracking some light rain across the north bay. we have seen the rain moving in, and that is where we will have the highest chance of some rain, at least through today and early tomorrow before the rest of the bay area starts to see more of that moisture streaming in. but you can tell that it's highly concentrated across northern california, with the bulk of the stream of moisture moving in, connecting all the way toward hawaii and tapping into the subtropical moisture, a couple of embedded higher-energy storms that will be moving in, with the strongest storm reaching the bay area on thursday. and right now it's feeling warmer, up to 58 degrees in san jose. and it's 47 now in santa rosa. the hour by hour outlook shows that we'll have a better coverage of rain, once again, mostly in the north bay and in san francisco. it will take its time before it makes it to the south bay. so we may have the entire day of dry weather and then again early tomorrow it still shows some
11:27 am
light rain for santa rosa over toward napa. and then the main line of showers and storms moving in early thursday morning to impact the commute, and then through thursday afternoon some very heavy rain passing by before we get some clearing on friday. now, once the storm passes, we do have the potential of up to 30 to 40-mile-per-hour sustained winds and higher gusts and anywhere from 1.5 inches to 4 or 5 inches of rain for the north bay. temperature-wise, highs in the mid 50s in san francisco. storming on thursday, clearing on friday, and a cool weekend with highs only in the low 50s. we could be talking patchy frost for the inland areas. we'll talk more about that. first, over to you. >> appreciate it, kari. thank you very much. up next, breaking news. new answers after the deadliest fire in oakland's history. what we learned about 15 minutes ago following the news conference with the atf.
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killing 36 people inside. it is one of oakland's darkest hours. a warehouse catches fire killing 36 people inside. the atf held a news conference covering what they've found so far in the investigation. >> pete suratos is live in oakland. we know there have been questions about building inspections and such and what the fire officials found. did we learn anything new today? >> reporter: good morning to you kris and sam. look, they still don't have a cause for this fire, which is really the big question here. they did not tell us that information. it's still an ongoing investigation, but we do know that atf, which has taken the lead on this whole fire investigation regarding this oakland fire, has wrapped up their on-scene operations. they were there for the past ten days now over at 31st avenue and international boulevard. the news conference wrapped up but they're still taking the q & a behind me in the emergency operations center in oakland.
11:31 am
we know atf will work with oakland fire to prepare the final report will eventually be passed along to the district attorney which they'll make their final decision on their ongoing criminal investigation. those are kind of the steps that will happen from here on out. i want to touch base on this electrical issue. we saw a lot of reports about this. oakland fire -- atf actually mentioned that this is still an ongoing investigation. of course the electrical issue is a factor, but they are not making any determination as far as what the eventual cause may be. the main thing we got out of here today is that atf is wrapping up their on-scene operations near where the oakland warehouse fire took place. this is still an ongoing investigation and the alameda county d.a. made it clear that they'll take their time to make sure this is done right. back to you. our continuing coverage of the oakland warehouse fire is on our website. you can find it at click on the news section to see
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a page dedicated to the victims as well. it was a pivotal day for raider fans across the bay area. as we look live at the oakland coliseum this morning. people are wondering how long is this going to be the raiders' home turf. there is a big vote today that could determine that. city and county officials are expected to vote on a $1.3 billion plan to keep the team in oakland. this includes $350 -- $350 million in public money. the new proposal was put together by former niners and raiders' star ronnie lott and his investment group. if the proposal passes today, lott and his group would be able to present it to the nfl in january. right now oakland and las vegas are the leading options for the raiders. happening right now, a proposal that is gaining steam in santa clara where leaders are going to take the next step in creating new legal protections for undocumented immigrants. santa clara county supervisors last week agreed to create a new plan to represent immigrants who
11:33 am
might be facing deportation under the incoming trump administration. county staffers this morning will present findings on the costs of that kind of plan and also how to best provide help. they're working on an accelerated time line, citing potential for quickly adding policies. community leaders appear poised to press pause on pot related activities. a moratorium would put an indefinite halt to all growing and sales that is non-medical. prop 64 was the legalization measure. supervisors approved the idea and will today figure out specifics with staffers. as parents can attest, changing a diaper when you are out and about is sometimes a challenge. i've done it on the hood of a car at times. one san francisco city leader reportedly wants to make it a little easier.
11:34 am
the "chronicle" reports that supervisor katie tang will introduce but legislation expanding the number of diaper-changing stations in all city buildings. president obama recently signed a similar law for federal buildings. this measure goes a little farther. it would also require businesses that already have changing tables in women's restrooms to make them available in the daddy's restrooms as well. an anonymous phone call may be the reason that a newborn baby is alive and well in san francisco. firefighters say a caller tipped them off to a woman believed to be homeless giving birth in golden gate park around 4:00 yesterday morning. it was cold! firefighters found that woman behind the rose garden area. she was rushed to the hospital. both she and the newborn baby are listed in fair condition this morning. an interesting morning in politics. new video now, the trump tower in new york is definitely seeing its fair share of visits.
11:35 am
today's visit by a famous rapper left many scratching their heads. kanye west, with arms crossed. the rapper who famously said he would run for president in 2020, showed up at trump tower this morning. trump says the two talked about, quote, life. trump also said that they've been friends for a long time. both posed for reporters there, and that's all that west wanted to do. >> no comment about your meeting with the president-elect? you have nothing to say? >> i am just wanting to take a picture right now. >> as has been widely noted, west has been dealing with some hard times here after only performing a few songs during his concert in san jose last month. he ranted on stage about the election, saying he didn't vote but if he did he would have voted for donald trump. kanye proceeded to cancel the rest of his tour and was hospitalized for exhaustion. well, speaking of the trump administration, rex tillerson is the pick this morning. president-elect donald trump announced his choice for
11:36 am
secretary of state. we brought this to you as live breaking coverage this morning. >> nbc's tracie potts has more on that plus the news conference about trump's business ties that's not happening this week after all. >> reporter: calling him an international deal maker, the trump transition announced this morning that exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson is president-elect trump's choice for secretary of state. >> chemistry. it was presence, it was vision. also, the ability that rex tillerson had to maintain relationships across the world. >> it's about in the middle -- >> reporter: the 64-year-old millionaire heads a global company with nearly as many foreign offices and more than twice as many employees as the state department. mr. trump tweets, he is one of the truly great business leaders of the world. >> we just couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishments has been willing to step forward to serve our nation. >> reporter: endorsed by two former secretaries of state and
11:37 am
robert gates who called him a person of great integrity. there is a concern among democrats and republicans over his close ties to russia's president. >> they're not god parents to each other's children. >> reporter: sources confirm former texas governor rick perry is trump's nominee for secretary of energy. mr. trump's thursday news conference explaining how he'll leave his business has been postponed until january. he tweets that his sons will run the company with no new deals while he is in office. meantime, hillary clinton's campaign chair is asking the government to declassify intelligence about russia's attempts to influence the election. some republicans agree. >> this simply cannot be a partisan issue. >> reporter: electors are asking for an intelligence briefing before they vote. wisconsin and pennsylvania targeted for recounts have now certified their results. mr. trump is headed to wisconsin for a thank you rally tonight.
11:38 am
from washington, tracie potts, nbc news. >> stick with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the presidential transition. our own raj mathai is heading to washington, d.c., for the presidential inauguration of donald trump next month. first came the tourists and now google. a new agreement with give cuba faster internet access. the deal will allow google to install servers in cuba and share the most popular content including gmail and youtube. only 5% of the population there uses the web. the government has provided wi-fi hot spots in some of the cities, but the service is slow and expensive. kris, doing some good as we have seen colder temperatures come to the bay area. today san francisco police officers are collecting shoes and coats for homeless youth in the city. the police department's shoe and coat drive starts at 8:30 this
11:39 am
morning. it did .d it w. officers are looking for new or gently used coats and new shoes. you can bring a donation and you'll get a doughnut served by a police officer. that's happening at doughnut dolly, 1535 market street. coming up. "hamilton" tickets are nearly gone. what you need to pay if you still want to see the hit show. and we're getting ready for a big storm that will be moving in by the end of the week. heavy rain and also some rising river levels. we'll talk about that and the wind speeds to go along with it coming up. a $1600 check from the state. she can't cash. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. kris/2shot
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consumeve nbc bay area responds to a bay point woman who had trouble getting a tax refund. >> chris chmura is here with her story and our response. >> yvonne signed over her 2015 state tax refund check to her father. unfortunately, he passed away before cashing it. so yvonne tried to cash it and couldn't. that's because it was endorsed to her dad. next, she tried to take the check and send it back to the state and ask the state to
11:43 am
reissue it, but it didn't. so she called us. so we then contacted the state and explained the situation. soon yvonne received a replacement check. in a statement the franchise tax board said it was glad it was able to help. if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-996-tips. or visit have a great day! ♪ it almost needs no introduction. the hottest ticket in the country. "hamilton" the musical is coming to san francisco for a five-month run. hundreds of people were standing outside in line at the orpheum theatre. that was yesterday morning. while hundreds of thousands of others waited online, online, online, like on the internet. tickets went on sale yesterday at 10:00 a.m. and are already nearly sold out. >> it's a one in a lifetime story. great history. and as a retired school teacher,
11:44 am
this is the place to be. >> so maybe you're thinking, i missed out on my chance to buy the tickets directly through orpheum. i wonder what the resale market is like. they're going for about $1,000 for the cheapest seat in the house. i don't even think it's that expensive on broadway. >> that's a lot of hamiltons. >> yes, it is. that is many, many, many hamiltons. as you pointed out earlier. at the very least. it wasn't that cold yesterday. today a different story. >> they had sunshine yesterday. we're still dry in parts of the bay area. other spots we have already started to see light rain moving in. here is a look at the embarcadero. it's still once again dry. as we see the sun starting to peek through at times. and the temperature, not too bad. it's 54 degrees. cloudy, and a chance of rain as we go through the day. and we are powering up our storm ranger. we have it parked on san bruno
11:45 am
mountain. it scans the atmosphere and gives us a high-definition view of what's going on. it has a higher resolution than regular radars. can scans around the bay area and fills in the gap, even picks up on very fine mist particles in the teaair, light rain, driz and fog. we're seeing that now across the bay area. we've had some quick light rain moving through so far, and you will have that chance of some rain all across the bay area, especially as we go into this evening. once again, most of the rain is concentrated across the north bay. we'll see a couple waves of this moving through, as we still have this moisture stream coming in. and then the larger storm system set to arrive late tomorrow night and into the day on thursday. and that's when we will see the winds picking up and some heavy rain coming down. looking at temperatures now in the upper 50s in parts of the south bay, mid 50s elsewhere.
11:46 am
the hour by hour outlook shows that we'll have rain moving into the north bay later tonight. once again, spotty light rain elsewhere. same thing tomorrow morning for the morning commute. during the evening commute still range in the north bay where the rainfall totals will be the highest. then we start to see a line of heavier downpours moving north to south. the winds picking up late morning on thursday into thursday afternoon. it clears out on friday and moves to the east. still gusty winds behind the system. looking at russian river. it will be close to the monitor stage. it will be just below flood stage. we'll keep a close eye on that. napa expecting it to stay well below the monitor and flood stage, but the heavy rain will continue to move through. a live look outside at north star. we're getting the skiers out there. they're happy. not having to deal with the snow. it starts to come down on thursday, this is when you will not want to be out there with those strong winds. we could have up to two feet of
11:47 am
snow in parts of the sierra. looking like a good start to the snow season. this all moves out. look how cold it will be this weekend. in san francisco, highs in the low 50s. inland areas may be dealing with patchy frost this weekend. we'll keep you up to date on the brunt of the storm. once again expected on thursday. sam and kris. >> thank you very much, kari. coming up next, what have we got going on? cleaning up after a holiday party could be as easy as pushing a button with new robot vacuums. >> you want to know, do they really work, before we buy them. we'll put them to the test.
11:48 am
11:49 am
all right. no doubt you'll have a lot of people at your house. or you're going to someone's house. there will be drinks, food. there will be spills. >> are you inviting me, sam? >> anytime. you know there is an open invitation. for those of you worried about the spills and messes to clean
11:50 am
up. instead of pushing a vacuum around the house. what if you could push a button. vacuum robots claim to be stronger than ever. do they work. >> they've been around for a while but they're stronger. jeff is trying out two of the more popular ones in a battle of the bots. >> we're making a mess. >> this feels so wrong. so wrong. dirt. a cup of dirt. cereal. >> exactly 100 cheerio's. >> reporter: a bag of pet hair. now introducing robots that will do the work for you. two of the top models on the market. the dyson 360 eye and the roomba 980. both small but powerful machines that claim to clean an entire floor of your home. >> okay. you can see this living room is filthy. but there are a few spots we'll really look at. come down here, under the couch. an annoying place for us all to vacuum. we stuck dirt and pet hair under
11:51 am
here. we want to see if the robots can get under the couch. both say they can transition between hardwood floors and carpeting, so we have filth on both. there is one other spot i want to look at. here in the corner where grime builds up. both robots are round. i want to see if they can get in there and try that. first up, the new dyson, advertising two times the suction power of any robot vacuum. there it goes. it made it up from the hardwood to the carpet easily. things are going pretty well. >> yes! stuck the landing. but soon -- the dyson, it's so tall that it can't get underneath this couch. then more problems. stuck on the ledge. it does not like these tassels. it keeps faulting and stopping. it just shut off. each time i reset it and get it back to work. but it keeps happening. another fault. again. this ledge again. and again.
11:52 am
fault. 12 times! after five hours, including two hours of mandatory recharging, we finally call it off. the room is definitely cleaner. it sort of got the dirt in the corner, but it missed some spots too. like all that filth under the couch. question is, will the roomba do any better? we bring in a new identical carpet and drop the same amount of dirt, cereal and pet hair, including under the couch and in that corner. it's filthy. time to let the roomba loose. look at that roomba go. it's been about ten minutes. already half the carpet is done. so far, so good. impressive. right under the couch. hello. the roomba is almost half done with the room and hasn't faulted once. the roomba is going to town on that filth we put under the couch. it's rather cathartic watching a robot do your work. even on hard to climb surfaces
11:53 am
like the ledge. getting all the dirt. after two hours and 42 minutes, including a recharge, the roomba is done cleaning and automatically returns to the base. in the end, the roomba pushed the rug out of the way and didn't get that hair, but it got the filth under the couch and in the corner. overall, the room, pretty clean. the maker of the roomba telling us, the 980 is their most advanced and effective robot vacuum to date. dyson telling nbc news, at this stage it has not been engineered to clean specific sections of the room, including designated spillage. dyson calls it a maintenance cleaner and advises people to tuck away carpet fringes and generally clear the floor area, adding dyson engineers are continuing to improve it. a battle of the bots, to save you time and grime. >> all right. that was the scientific test there. before you put either of those on your holiday list, the
11:54 am
robotic vacuums are not cheap. the dyson 380 eye costs almost $1,000. and the roomba 980 runs nearly $900. >> roomba. >> you know what works great? take a vacuum, attach a kid to it. works great. >> that's a time-honored tradition. >> we'll be right back. we're here at the nbc bay area holiday food drive. it's a great way to meet members of the community. >> a fifth or more of the people who live here actually benefit from this food drive. >> it's a very important cause. we have made it so easy. just go to a local safeway store, take one of these care sheets, rip it off. it's $10. check out in a cash register. it will go a long way to helping a family this holiday season. >> we're here for one reason, just to help needy families across the bay area.
11:55 am
11:56 am
we're testing what is art. the museum of modern art in new york city yesterday started an
11:57 am
emoji exhibit. e means picture. moji means characters. you probably new that. the characters will be on display in the main lobby until march next year. kari, you were saying you just got a new update and you have some new ones. >> yeah. there are new emojis on the iphone. for weather icons. of course i like that. there are occupations and more animals and bugs and stuff. >> which is great. you want a little selection. my favorite emoji hands down or up as it were is the thumbs up. you can't go wrong with the thumbs up. >> that one and this one, use it a lot. >> the weather is okay? >> we have cloudy skies, sun peeking through. upper 50s, low 60s. a chance of spotty light rain today. heavier rain moves in tomorrow evening. >> we'll be ready for it. i won't cry or complain until then. i might, though. >> i've seen you shed a couple of tears. thank you for joining us. we'll see you for nbc bay area news news at 5:00. until then. >> bye!
11:58 am
sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound.
11:59 am
the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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♪ >> stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> just friends. just friends. and he's a good man. >> how long did you -- >> long time. >> i think that was a smile at the beginning. who knew. they were such good friends. >> what is going on? kanye west met with donald at trump tower today. i'm not sure what they talked about or went down. yeezy and trumpy. >> kanye resurfacing after his time in the breakdown. good to see him back. a little blonde fuzz on the top. going back to blonde again. interesting, though, because a lot of people questioning could he be talking to him about perfng


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