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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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♪ my heart is on the floor ♪ over you ♪ i know i was wrong next at 11 millennium tower. =vo= we investigate san francisco's other sinking problem. =vo= plus ... the heated exchange at toinigt's big city council next at 11:00, we investigate san francisco's other sinking problems. the heat of exchange involving the future of the raiders. what led to this?
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right now at 11:00, breaking news out of oakland. voting to keep the raiders in the east bay. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. i am jessica aguirre. >> i am raj mathai. cheryl hurd is joining us now. >> the vote came down 30 minutes ago. one extension. ronnie lot was emotional when he addressed members. he knows he has a long way to
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go. >> the team is so important to the city. >> nfl super star marcus allen making his hit along with former quarterback, rodney pete. >> we are here fighting for oakland. [ applause ] >> we are here fighting for the community. >> we understand there is a lot of values and challenges working out. we know we have a great opportunity to finish the project. this project has a long way to go. four potential deals which then have to come back for aprovprov. raiders owner, mark davis, shows
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a lot of interests moving to las vegas. when it is all said and done, nfl will have the final say whether the raiders will stay in oakland. >> i feel confident in where we are at. nfl, that's really the ticket. that's our super bowl. that's going to have and hopefully in january. >> reporter: now, nfl owners can vote against the vegas plan as early as january. reporting live in oakland, i am cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. this happens tonight, emotions running high at the city council meeting. council president being pushed by that woman right there. the woman shout at police officers and other people at city hall. she left on her own and no charges were filed. from house fire to crime scene of an early morning fire
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call turned into an investigation. detectives believe someone killed the woman here and set her her body on fire and covering it up. detectives are trying to piece together what happened, ian. >> reporter: yeah, we'll be out here throughout the night trying to collect evidence that was not destroyed in the house fire. investigators are focusing on the garage. you can see the tarp there that's placed over the house and preserving that scene in casey anthony rain passing through over night. the community is upset and confused while someone would commit this murder. >> the 59-year-old woman live in the home alone and be loved in
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the community. >> alameda county deputies say she was murdered and who ever did it set her body on fire in the garage likely to destroy evidence. no suspects or motive. >> if there is anything that could have been a burglary interrupted for someone watching her or knew that she was a widow and target her for that. we have to cover that spectrum. >> police are not releasing the woman's name. detectives are interviewing her family members. neighbors are seeing anyone had information. >> i am in shock hearing it. it does you not seem like somethi something. >> my heart goes out to their family. i cannot understand what would cause someone to do something like that. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is looking for surveillance video from 10:00 p.m. last night. if you have any of that and know
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or saw anything, you are asked to call them. ian cull, nbc bay area news. a big dose of rain is about to hit us. tonight a few showers and tomorrow ois the real deal. >> light rain for the bay area. jeff ranieri is tracking our storm. this is associated with the storm and eventually this will slowly and surely drop to the south. as we zoom in and get a close look at the scan, we have seen a few light showers and a couple of pocks of moderate rain in san francisco right now and total of rain of 500th of an inch. the big event will happen on thursday with heavier pockets and flash watch in effect on thursday. we could see two or three in chs
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of rainfall. i will have more of the time line. we can access our live doppler radar and track the rain and download our free nbc bay area app. new at 11:00, a memorial proved in san francisco, it is a tribute to alex nato. the memorial -- live in san francisco, officers were exonerated in the case so there is a concern of the message that this tribute may sent. >> reporter: the board voted 9-1 to approve the memorial. some says it is an insult. >> this item passed on the first reading. >> supporters celebrate a vote to establish a memorial in his
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honor on the hill. police officers shot and killed him in 2014. >> this acknowledges something happening going forward and the community can begin to start healing. >> he pointed what looked like a gun at them. it was a stunt gun shaped like a pistol. a federal jury found the officer not guilty. mark ferrell says honoring nato is an insult to police officers. >> sponsors of the ordinance say the tribute is about the divide of between the people of color. >> regardless of how you feel about -- we need to be able to mark that this is an experience that people have. >> through a translator, his parents say it is a personal victory.
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>> translator: this means everything, on that hill, we celebrate his birthday and the anniversary of his death. >> reporter: an emotional night for the neto family. tonight, police officer issued a statement, believe the city should honor real heroes. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. the ghost ship warehouse in oakland were never inspected. firefighters are not required to inspect building that's believed to be vacant and there is no trigger for the city and inspectors to come out. the neighbors telling us, the police and fire department were well aware of the illegal living conditions. the atf says it still is looking for the exact cause of the deadly fire. alan thicke is being
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remembered tonight. a fami he died of a heart attack. >> he started to feel ill. he called 911. he appeared to be okay. >> he was talking with paramedics at one point. he was talking with his son because his son was there at the time and they were cracking, you know, take a picture of this. he was in good spirits when he left so he did not think of anything. >> thicke later died. today i lost my best friend and idol and the world lost one of its finest. you are a legend and i love you pop. until the next time. he survived by his wife and three sons including the singer, robin thicke. donald trump was sticking up
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to his latest cabinet. the president-elect trump praised his pick of exxon mobile ceo's rex tillerson. >> some people don't like that, they don't want him to be friend him. that's why i am doing the deal with rex, i like what this is all about. >> throughout thinks campaign, mr. trump suggested a friendly relationship with russia would not be a bad idea for the united states. >> neighbors reporting smoke coming from the milpitas home. >> what investigators found inside that had them closing the entire block. >> san francisco is not the only thing sinking in the city. i am meteorologist jeff ranieri, storms are heading on
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thursday. possib possibly white out conditions. we'll have the time line at 11:19. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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hey, abby. but what happens tomorrow morning? a bizarre -- and lenghty standoff in milpitas -- stemming from the smell at a home.. the bomb squad was on after being evacuated, many people are back home tonight. a bizarre and lengthy standoff from milpitas. the bomb squad was on-site all day. here is nbc's bay area rick boone. >> reporter: there is a deputy on stand here protecting the home and tomorrow morning there will be more investigators here on-site. they'll be going into inside the house to find out more about those questionable chemicals. these are chemicals that neighbors tell me they have been smelling for the past few weeks here and contacted authorities so they are glad where they are right now. they gijust want to know what ts material is and this is
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concerning not only them but family members. >> so they shut down your mom's street today and she could not get in or out, what did you think about that? >> shocking to me. >> reporter: tomorrow morning, it does continue on, residents on the left and the right side of this house here, they'll have to leave with all the residents here along the drive. they'll be okay as long as they are inside. more veinvestigators are findin out more about that chemical. it starts tomorrow morning. rick boone, nbc bay area news. it is not the only place in the city that is sinking. >> near by mission bay, the building may not be sink bing b the land around them is. >> this brick monument marks the
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entrance to the campus here at mission bay. as you can see, the sign is standing but the street below is sinking. the signs are everywhere you look. recently built sidewalks of this boone town is buckling and cracking. they are breaking away from the glass structures that lines the streets here. >> some creating hazards for businesses and residence. it is going to go on and on. >> veteran larry carp studied this condition of this corner of the city. it was once known as the mission swan and marked pink on this survey map. that swamp first built up with minding silk from the gold rush. then it was topped with debris from the 1906 earthquake. today, this historic swampland is giving way and forcing constant repairs in places like the ucsf campus.
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>> some of the clearest evidence is here on the 1200 block. the sidewalk is not up to standard now because it is separating from the building itself. >> the chief of street use for the city's department of public works. he says the sinking here was expected. that's why the buildings are supported on piles. but, he says the developers should have made sure that the sidewalks were supported as well. >> mer chechants here are reluk ta reluctanted to talk to us. >> the owner marking the sidewalk with yellow warning tape to identify the hazards. >> here, this store owner relies on the ramp so the customers can safely assess his showroom. the ramp was built three years ago and already needs to be
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raised. the city just issued a 30-day notice, the notice posted just one day after nbc's bay area investigative unit inquired of what we saw here. >> we found out because of this in query. we went out to do that. >> the inspector spray painted the sidewalk with white paint to mark the problem. he marked the near by cafe and ironically, the notice comes as the four treat building has looked for a city approval as a long-term to fix the problem. >> as we were going out, they were applying for r a permit and we were doing -- my engineering staffs was working with them on plans on how to mitigate the issue. the owner of the property is responsible for the fix but the original developer should have
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dealt with the potential of the sinking of the sidewalks in the first place. >> they node to restructure those sidewalks to build up to the standards they should have done initially. >> we visited the office of the builder, mission bay development group. they did not respond to our requests for comment. the city wants owners to act quickly to solve the problems. >> we cannot have people, you know, -- we need to get this done. >> the most common fixes, the top sagging pavement can make the problem worse. >> they keep patching it and keeps on adding to the load and keeps on going down. it is part of life. you can live in cancer if you wanted to. >> nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for anyone
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else in our yuunit, give us a call, 1-888-966-tips or you can send us an e-mail. here is a clip from jeff to you, get an umbrella because you will need it for thursday. >> much better shot here from san jose down towards gilroy. i want to show you something right now. we do have a storm range out in san bernardino mountains. >> look at this moisture stretching from the hawaii area all the way to the bay area. this is what will take a rather ordinary storm system and boost it to give us this rainfall that we have been previewing for about two days. as we get into storm ranger, again, our mobile doppler radar, 500th of an inch from san francisco into the north bay. >> as we get into tomorrow morning, forecast, it will be
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mainly cloudy and temperatures in the 50s and we'll keep the possibility of a few spotty showers of the peninsula and the chance for the east bay san francisco and the north bay. throughout the day on wednesday's forecast, we'll keep the clouds and hit in the showers. what i want to do is advance into the storm's time line. 9:00 p.m. on wednesday, it is off to the north. we start to see it moves down to 6:00 a.m. by thursday. the morning commute looks like it will be the worse in the north bay for thursday. right up until 10:00 in the morning, we'll see that heavy rainfall here from sonoma county. you see all this yellow and orange, that's an indication of heavy pockets of rain. by 2:00, we'll see the rain starting in san jose and here is the thing. rain continues in the south bay likely in the 5:00 on thursday
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and possibly into 10:00 evening as well. rainfall totals looking better here in the south bay. we are seeing indications about one inch of south bay and east bay and north bay from higher elevations to possibly three inches. on the extended forecast. we'll start to dry out as you can see. friday and saturday and sunday, much needed drying with temperatures in the 50s and look at this. in land valleys, over night lows down into the 30s on friday morning. we got the rain and it is all about the colder weather. >> and christmas week right after this. >> looks dry so far. >> thanks jeff. >> spacex is putting their first mission on hold. safety concerns behind that decision. >> we have jimmy. >> hey guys, michait is a great tonight, don't change the channel. hey, i am coming right down.
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happening now on our home page, investigate everies are looking at new dna testing technology to reveal one of the famous cold case of the killing of jonbenet ramsey. some of the money going to the rail funding for stretch in san francisco. back with more news in a moment.
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there were major delay's for the evening commute after a train got stuck in the transbay tube. =ma bart is back to normal tonight. there were major delays in the evening commute after the train
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got stuck. the eastbound train would not move. bart workers had to move the train manually to the west oakland station and that took over an hour. mechanics are done working on the trains and everything is back to normal. spacex is putting back its plan for its first space flight. tf it was scheduled in april but it is now delayed until 2018. it is making sure it does not have a repeat of what you are seeing here. it exploded during testing. up next, a tight finish for the warriors. kelly johnson shows us what's next.
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i am kelly johnson, the warriors closed out their toughest season tonight. stephen curry dropped 30 points and draymond green. warriors and pelicans final game of the this five game road. stephen curry, nowhere to go and dishes it behind the back to draymond green. draymond had twelve points and five rebounds.
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kevin durant with the the block against anthony davis and one last chance for pelicans. >> green rips the ball right out of his hand and sealed the win. warriors taking it 113-s109. >> he really does. >> here is steve kerr. he did not surprise me. he's one on one against anybody, i will take draymond any day. >> to the ice, sharks in toronto, this one went into a shoot out. second shot for san jose. the sharks strike first. martin jones needs to stop for the win and he gets it. sharks survived in overtime 3-2 on the shoot out over the maple leaves. the sharks are back in action tomorrow. warriors are returning home to
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oracle. >> we'll be back in a moem.
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we are ready for jeff? >> ready for the rain. >> i am always ready. >> i am born ready. >> i got two or three umbrellas in the car. >> heavy rain returns on thursday and by friday, temperatures dropped. the coldest start in the morning down in the 30s. you know overall getting back to the rain, totals on average about one to a quarter inches. >> one of his three umbrellas. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael fassbender. jon glaser.


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