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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'm sharon katsuda live in petaluma where we'll tell you about the traffic, the rain and the wind. that's all coming up. >> reporter: rain is coming in every direction. if this is part 06 your commute, you're going to want to slow down. >> a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. there's a lot going on out there. >> there absolutely is. i'm sam brock. it's a powerful storm making its way right now through the bay area. it could make for a messy commute. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge. that's an area in san francisco that's already seeing the impact from the system as the rest of the bay area gears up for what could be a very wet 24 hours. >> we have team coverage to help you navigate through the mess this morning. let's start with meteorologist kari hall for a closer look at the storm's path right now. >> it started with light rain across much of the bay area as we track the heavier rain moving farther to the north. looking at the radar, we will see some pockets of heavy rain
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starting to move in to santa rosa within the next few minutes. we are seeing it move in as we get a close view of the north bay now. light rain elsewhere and it is elsewhere and it is also producing gusty winds. that will be the case as the line moves from north to south, already raining in the santa cruz mountains. spotty light rain to start off. winds increase, the rain becomes heavier. it could impact the drive for not only this morning, but this afternoon as well. we'll talk about all the impacts of the storm. mike is tracking how this could affect your drive as you head out your door. >> let's check in with sharon katsuda. >> reporter: good morning. we're live in petaluma, and just a while ago we showed you how it was coming down pretty hard as we were driving in the livan through the windshield. you could see the rain coming
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down. take a look, the wind is definitely picking up. we're here in petaluma where we can neal the wind. it's been pretty light rain so far, but as mike and kari have been telling you, the traffic will be affected, most likely as the rain starts heading down and starts to pick up towards the south bay. all day long there's a wind advisory in effect. right now, again, there's light wind and we have some rain coming down, but not too bad. so far the traffic from the east bay coming in this morning, it was really light. luckily nothing too affected just yet because there's not much rain just yet. this afternoon we're told the king tides will come in. that's the high tides along with some heavy rain. that's going to definitely affect the commute later this morning. live in petaluma, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." right now let's turn to "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us live from the santa cruz mountains where flooding concerns are mounting
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this morning, kris, especially with concerns from the loma fire. >> reporter: it is so fine, it feels like hair sprai this morning. you can see passing through the lights, it's coming, swirling around in all the directions. yet the folks driving on highway 17 are still maintaining the regular speed that they always do which is, in my opinion, generally faster than it should be. we are at the summit on highway 17. we have a live camera in ben low man, a couple miles from where we are and it's pouring there. you can see from the live pictures there. after the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains, people were tarking the storm prep seriously. these are some of the sandbags we saw lining the road. we caught up with a homeowner who watched the 4500 fire burn in september, so close to his house that he lost a shed. now he's worried about the hillside coming down while the
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water district is worried about where all that mud is going to end up. >> the really steep areas, first of all, they burned hotter than other places. everything is gone. that's going to -- there's going to be erosion there. >> we're concerned that sediment or debris will come off the burn fire scar and end up in the reservoir. >> now, the water district is hoping for 4,000 square feet of water for the reservoir to give them a boost including lexington, not far from where we are. when you get a lot of rain in a short amount of time, that can make things difficult. a little practical advice, the tony tail is the way to go today. make sure you give yourself extra time to get where you're going. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you very much. in the meantime, we're tracking erosion concerns right now along
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our coastline. kari talking about the king tides all week. today the city of pacifica is expected to announce drastic measures to improve public safety. "today in the bay's" bob redell is tracking that aspect of us and will give us an update coming up in the next half hour. until then, a good resource for the storm is our free nbc bay area app. you can go there to check out live interactive doppler radar, get weather alerts straight to your smart phone and you can track the hour-by-hour forecast in realtime. >> it is 5:05. new this morning, police in oakland investigating a shooting that left two men dead. it happened around 8:30 in east oakland on eades near 98th avenue. police have not released the victim's identity. so far there's no word about what may have led up to that shooting. >> a morgan hillman was beaten so badly that he may have suffered permanent brain damage. neighbors say it started with a fight over a pet.
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police say this man attacked his neighbor with a baseball bat and disappeared. he's wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. investigators say the dispute centered around the victim's dog. the victim's wife told nbc bay area her husband is being treated right now for brain injuries. the man accused of beating an elderly woman known as miss flo who later died from the injuries, is due in court this morning for a pretrial hearing. 19-year-old zach i can cuen broke into the home of 88-year-old flo douglas, accused of ransacking her home and savagely beating her. she died four weeks later. the judge ordered cuen to return to court today for a pretrial conference. happening later today, san francisco may be on the verge of drastically reshaping the future of its parks and outdoor areas. the planning and rec and parks commission are both voting on
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plans years in the making, covering 32 areas including mt. davidson and twin peaks. it would trim the number of off-leash dog walking areas and also changing sharp park golf course. leaders can set new guidelines for park renovations including removing thousands of non-native eucalyptus trees. good morning. time is 5:07. we have a wet commute for much of the bay area starting with light rain. the heavy rain still well to the north, and it will get more intense as we go through the day with a widespread coverage by lunchtime for most of us. right now that heavy rain moving into santa rosa and we will once again see that moving from north to south. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the santa cruz mountains where we have the burn areas, where we have the loma fire. that may cause that water to run off, as we just heard in that report from chris sanchez, gusty winds again today, and also the
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concern of some coastal flooding with king tides. also some street flooding for the north bay. small stream flood advisory in effect. i'll detail all this and the timeline for the rain coming up in ten minutes. mike is tracking a crash in the tri-valley. >> not a lot happening, but the rain affecting the north bay and santa cruz mountains. the speed sensors look great. a new fender-bender reported, and i'll get you details as soon as the chp passes the information on to me. a little extra slowing out of the altamont pass. roadways are dry in this area. as we're talking about the north bay, 101 north of san rafael, seeing soupy conditions. kari, a note for folks as well. use mass transit. they may slow the b.a.r.t. trains down. the ferry system might be
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affected. so far no delays reported. >> thank you very much. we've got teams right here and teams scattered throughout the bay area this morning as our weather coverage continues. >> reporter: i'm live where everything is peaceful right now. we're monitoring the streamflow and the concerns for the water level rising as the storm system begins to make its way through the bay area. details coming up. stay connected by setting your home screen to weather on the nbc bay area app. click on the nbc bay area icon on the top left corner of your screen and click on the button that says "set your start screen." all yu have to do is select weather and click done. that will get you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney. that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app.
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good thursday morning. the time is 5:12. as we get a live view of the satellite and radar, the storm moving into the north bay and some rain coming down in the sierra that will all transition over to some snow and the snow report showing that temperatures will drop off this weekend, lows down to 12 degrees as that snow wraps up. we're expecting up to 20 inches
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in parts of the sierra. i'll have a look at what you can expect here as we go into the next few minutes. a crash in the tri-valley is the issue right now, making the slower drive before north flynn road. after that crash you're just fine over to the change. looking at the bridges as well. rain on the richmond bridge slows you a tad bit. the bay bridge has the wind. we'll watch that as well. if you're planning on taking an uber, one thing you might not see, autonomous ubers. >> the state of california not happy. >> what a strange story. uber rolled out its fleet of autonomous cars to great fanfare yesterday only to have the state of california almost immediately say, wait a minute, what are you doing? you don't have permits for that. uber has in the past ignored rules, and it's been testing these cars on san francisco streets for months. so it will be interesting to see what happens today. do these cars roll out of the
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garage this morning? employees at yahoo! are reeling at news the company allowed hackers to steal pirnl information belonging to a billion customers, not just user names and passwords, but the answers to those secret questions you use to change your password which leaves other accounts at other services vulnerable. it's the largest hack in history, leaves many wondering about the competence of the leadership and whether verizon is going to buy that company at all. the fed did as expected, raised interest rates a quarter point, only the second time in ten years, a sign that says the economy is improving despite what some people may have claimed. wednesday we were wondering why jack dorsey, the head of twitter was not included in the big donald trump meeting with high-tech leaders. after all, trump uses twitter all the time. several published report quote a source saying trump was angry for not giving the trump campaign its own special emoji.
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>> are you kidding me? >> for crooked hillary. the trump campaign bought that as part of an advertising campaign with twitter with the understanding they'd have their special emojis with hash tags including crooked hillary. twitter didn't give it to them. that's the reason -- >> i didn't know you can buy your own emoji. >> we can buy the nbc bay area one. tracking a storm moving through the bay area. a strong storm making its way across the bay area this morning. you see a lot of green to our north right now with slick roads making a messy commute. >> our microclimate weather team in place this morning as we continue to track the system for you. let's begin with meteorologist kari hall with an update on the storm's path. >> we will continue to track the storm as it moves into the bay area. a close look at that timeline. we'll talk about that just a
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second. it's wet already in parts of san francisco and farther to the north and also extending over toward the northern part of the east bay. here is a view of san rafael as yu come around the curve. it's very soggy, starting to get windy there as well. we can see on the radar the heavier rain is still well to the north of san rafael. this will move to the south as we go to late morning, early afternoon, and it will be raining for several hours, raising concerns of street flooding, especially where the pockets of the heaviest rain moves through. we're seeing that around cloverdale south of ukiah, we also have spotty light rain elsewhere including the santa cruz mountains where we have that flash flood watch in effect throughout the day. here is what to expect, winds kicking up to 20 to 40 miles an hour, that could cause trees down and power issue. also rising referring levels. also street flooding.
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in thesierra, we talked about that, up to 20 inches in spot. the rain becoming more widespread for the north bay. more coverage through late morning, early afternoon, and the bright red shows very intense downpours and some strong winds. that will also be moving through the north bay still at 3:00 this afternoon. the rest of us seeing that during the evening commute, 6:30. a lot of people still out there on the roadways and that rain will cause the standing water on the roads and it could cause spinouts too. it clears out late tonight or early morning with cooler air moving in and the winds picking up. sustained winds about 20 miles an hour, up to 40 miles an hour for the norlt bay. by the evening commute, the winds will will be very strong coming from the south. once we start to see the winds shifting from the north, that's after the cold air rushes in. it will be cold and windy for the start of the weekend. keeping an eye on the river
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levels, russian river, we expect it to stay below the action stage but rising quickly up to 23.7 feet. in napa, it also stays below the action stage at 17.2 feet, rising quickly later tonight. the seven-day forecast shows it clears for the weekend. san francisco highs in the low 50s for the next couple days. in the inland areas, chilly, freezing temperatures during the morning. let's he. >> reporter: right now the flow is looking pretty smooth. not a lot of rainfall so far yet down here. we're also not seeing a lot of wind. as you continue to monitor the storm, the biggest concern going into the later part of the day is going to be the increased rise in these water levels, especially considering, if you can look behind me, we're actually right smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood.
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there are a bunch of surrounding homes around the area. this is actually a bridge. right in front of me is this home. the creek is its back yard. as the water increases, we'll keep an eye on that. as of right now, the sit stay of palo alto hasn't issued any warnings. it updates every 15 minutes. i have my anemometer on hand, we're tracking the wind speeds, measuring current wind speeds that will be a concern later on. you can see there are a bunch of branches in the area and that's going to cause a big concern as the storm system continues to make its way down here. i'll have another update coming up about 5:45. we'll have more details. mike, over to you. >> i'm a little jealous. i don't have my anemometer on me. you always carry yours. mosquito creek, bridge is what they're working on. so for no delays in that area. the crash south of there at 237 has cleared.
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chp not worried about it. a lot of slowing out of the altamont pass. dry roads still out of the altamont pass. that crash is on the shoulder. we see a little recovery for those speeds. shouldn't be a problem. over half an hour out of the central valley. the north bay and east bay look good. fender bender north of the carquinez bridge eastbound on 80 up towards the fairfield area. let's show you the shaky shot of the bay bridge from the emeryville side. chp said there's a wind advisory for the span itself, you see glowing lights. that means the fog, the moisture, the rain coming down toward the area. we'll show you the richmond san rafel bridge. in the north bay we'll catch up with folks coming into the same area. look at the wet roadways and north of san rafael, you have
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soupier conditions through sonoma county. that rain coming down through the area also across the santa cruz mountains. get an early start and allow yourself extra time. >> you can really see how wet it's getting out there. thank you, mike. up next, "nbc bay area responds." >> i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we're taking a look at the most common problems you're asking us to solve. "nbc bay area responds" next.
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drivers today fighting a lot of different weather factors, as we have a microclimate weather alert in effect. on the left side of your screen you see damp roads in san rafael. also concerns about rising wind speeds. kari will cover that in a moment. on the right side of your screen, not a lot to see because there's such a thick presence of fog in the city of san francisco right now. we are tracking all the changes coming in the next 24 hours. >> 5:24. "nbc bay area responds" just surpassed the $400,000 mark. >> that's how much money we've returned to bay area consumers. chris chmura hits another benchmark at the same time. >> in addition to achieving the $400,000 mark, we just recently
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received our 3,000th complaint. the calls for help are constant. we're opening about 17 new complaints per day on average. our team has built a stockpile of consumer gripes, a one-of-a-kind database that gives us a unique look at what's driving bay area consumers crazy. after opening 3,189 cases and looking for patterns, i can tell you the topics we are tackling are simply all over the map. there is no one sore spot. consumers are hitting brick walls everywhere and asking us to helhelp. we are finding we consistently receive complaints about four industries each we're, contractors, airlines, car dealers and cellular phones. wireless is complained about most. roughly 6% of all of our calls involve a problem with cellular service. the good news is we're finding cellular companies are pretty responsive to us. if you have a consumer complaint, we'll take a crack at it.
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you can call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit us on tomorrow we're fighting for a milpitas couple with almost $10,000 in the balance. coming up, rain pounding parts of the north bay as it makes its way south. >> the south bay not yet seeing the rain. it's windy, cloudy. we know the storm is coming. we will start seeing that continuing from north to south and covering the south bay by early afternoon. details on that that coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> reporter: we're heading northbound on highway 101 towards santa rosa. i'm sharon katsuda live in the live van. we'll have all that coming up. >> reporter: an apartment complex in danger of falling into the pacific ocean. the actions the city of pacifica plans to announce later today.
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a good thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're bracing for impact this morning. take a look at the radar. a storm we've been talking about for days. for parts of the bay area, it is already arriving.
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a peek at oakland by the coliseum, dry there. we know the rain is on its way. >> the rain and the wind speeds picking up as well. >> just in, already getting reports of trees down in parts of the barea. our photographer took these photos after a tree came crashing down in daly city. we're working to get more video in for you. expect more scenes like this throughout the course of the day. our team is tracking the storms as it moves through the bay area. let's start with meteorologist kari hall. wind speeds also a concern here, kari. >> absolutely. the winds picking up as the heavier rain moves into the bay area as we get a look at what's happening out there, we will see dry conditions. so far, so good, and temperatures are nice and mild with some drizzle coming down. we're also concerned about the king tides for golden gate. it will be coming up as we go
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later into the morning. that combined with this storm system that is already bringing some heavy rain farther to the north, and that will be tracking south as we go through the day. i'll talk about when you can expect this to hit where you live, that's coming up in a few mississippi us. mike is tracking what chp is saying for the roadways. >> they're working very quickly this morning. for the last couple days they've been talking about getting ready for the rain. so far this map right here shows a smooth drive. overall we're looking at good conditions. south in the snn cruz mountains getting some rain. also fog registering on our road weather index towards highway 1 and the coast. a quick look at travel times. getting rain registering across the richmond bridge. the wind, chp says watch for shaky conditions across the bay bridge. no major issues at all. sharon katsuda is out there in the north bay. you're on highway 101. what's it like?
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>> reporter: good morning, mike. you can see we do have the wind shield wipers on in the livan. you can see definitely the raen is coming down. it's pretty light rain. it's been steady rain for about the past hour. the last time we saw you in live shot it was in petaluma. now making our way through petaluma and the rain is coming down. altz you said, we definitely are experiencing the constant rain and it's supposed to come down even heavier throughout the day. that's what we're concerned about, the chp is saying allow yourself extra time as the rain gets heavier, mixed in with the king tides down in marin county, that area is a big concern for flooding along highway 101. allow yourself extra time and map out your routes before you head out the door. we're also talking about wind advisories throughout the day. i'm looking out towards the trees. it's not too windy down in petaluma.
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we have slight winds, nothing too serious just yet. but again, wind advisories in effect throughout this evening which will affect the rain and the wind will affect tonight's commute and throughout the day. back to you. >> sharon, thank you very much. kari was saying approaching 40-degree winds out there. >> clear your throat. here we go. this storm is coming our way. bob redell live in pacifica where erosion concerns are mounting right now. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. it's winter storms like this one coming through later today in a pacifi pacifica. that reminds us of risks putting up structures like this on the edge of the cliff. the city will be hiring a company to demolish the structure, the last of three apartment complexes to be standing on the cliff which has been falling into the pacific
5:34 am
ocean with each winter storm. in january the city yellow tagged this building and forced the tenants to move out. recently the city determined the complex is a serious risk of falling into the ocean and needs to be demolished. the city blames the owner for neglecting the property and not taking the steps to have it fixed or removed. in march of this year the city paid to demolish that owner's other apartment complex located next door at 320 es esplanade. we do know he declared bankruptcy in march. in february of this year, a different owner took down their apartment complex. this is at 330 esplanade. both of those complexes removed after they were deemed uninhabitable because of significant coastal erosion. live in pacifica, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:34 right now. san francisco getting ready for the storm as well. this is new video of workers installing or i guess they have installed some of the special
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flood stop barriers. it's at 17th and fulsome. problems of flooding during the last several storms. city workers hope the flood barriers will protect the buildings in the area. a live look at the santa cruz mountains. ben low man specifically. we've been watching the rain come down form about an hour, coming down for most of the morning. a lot of people who live up there, they're using sandbags to prepare with concerns about mudslides in the waelk of september's loma wildfire. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is at the highway 17 summit. she'll join us with a live report at the top of our hour. until then, a good resource for this storm is our free nbc bay area app. there you can check out our interactive radar. you can get weather alerts straight to your smart phone and track down to the hour-by-hour forecast in realtime for your neighborhood. >> all right. other news happening in our community right now, a south bay tennis coach who is a registered sex offender is accused of
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molesting his students. a lot of people are asking why was he allowed to coach in the first place? matt montana worked at the sunnyvale tennis center and is aing cuesed of molesting two young girls between 2006 and 2012. the case doesn't stop there. montana has been teaching private lessons since then. police believe there could be more victims out there and they're asking anyone with information to please come forward. happening today, santa clara county supervisors are getting public input on changes to federal immigration policies. president-elect trump has made it clear that overhauling immigration laws will be one of his top priorities. today at 1:00 p.m., supervisors will host a public forum at the board chambers. community leaders and immigration experts are expected to be on hand. the evidence is now pointing directly to vladimir putin and the suspected hacking of e-mails during the presidential election. that's what intelligence sources are telling nbc news.
5:37 am
they say the russian president personally pulled the strings in a string of hack attacks and personally directed the use of hacked material. although it's still unclear if all of this was done with the express purpose of getting donald trump elected. >> he has had a vendetta against hillary clinton, that's been known for a long 250i78. he wants to discredit american democracy and make us weaker. >> that was michael mcfall, the former u.s. ambassador to russia. lawmakers in both parties are demanding answers, especially with mobile exxon ceo rex tiller son nominated for secretary of state. he has had cozy ties with russia for nearly 15 years. good morning. the time is 5:37. before you head out, we are tracking a storm that will have a high impact on the bay area. here is a look at the timeline as it continues to move from north to south, some of the heavier rain reaching santa rosa as well as much of the north bay into napa. by the 9:00 hour, as many people
5:38 am
get out on the roadways, we'll also see this moving into san francisco, over toward walnut creek and a pretty good coverage by early afternoon. 1:00 very intense cells for the north bay, along with some strong winds moving into walnut creek and extending down toward livermore by 4:00 the evening commute looking treacherous, especially for the south bay as we will have very heavy rain, some standing water and the rain continues to pour at least through about 8:00 orr 9:00 tonight before we start to see the storm system winding down. into the next couple days, very cold air filtering in behind this. we'll talk about the impact from this storm and what to expect as you make weekend plans. that's coming up in about 19 minutes. mike is talking about how the water will impact your drive. >> talk about the santa cruz mountains, highway 17, definitely slippery conditions. this shot shows a smooth flow of
5:39 am
traffic. no water through san jose just yet, but slowing right on schedule. just after 5:30, we see the build. over the tri-valley and east bay we don't see a lot of issues. maritime academy drive we had an earlier crash that cleared to the shoulder. recovery heading down toward the carquinez bridge. that will be a factor as the commute heads towards the bay bridge. right on schedule the metering lights were turned on. this is the biggest backup from the east bay. chp says it's windy. chp says they got caught with a couple gust ts. be careful as the system comes in. >> we've already seen trees topple in daly city. a big storm we're tracking. we have crews throughout the bay area. >> reporter: we continue our storm coverage, find out why we're monitoring this peninsula creek closely after major problems in years past. when we're in a nbc bay area microclimate weather alert we've
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made it easy for you to get the information on your smart phone. all you have to do is click on the bar that says "weather alerts" and you'll get the information you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app.
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morning, the storm approaching with a high impact on the bay area. you can see the rain is getting heavier for the north bay from santa rosa farther to the north. that will be moving into the rest of the bay area for the rest of the day. a live look outside at richmond and san jose. you can see the raindrops on the camera lens, a wet drive for some. we'll take a look at what you can expect and how the roads are affected coming up in about five minutes. definitely, kari. you showed the richmond-san rafael bridge. this is san rafael, a live, wet and sometimes windy view of the north bay. we're tracking the system. we're seeing the brunt of the commute starting coming out of the far north bay. i'm giving you a look ahead. a warning for your morning and evening commute. this was a slow time coming, but the fed finally did as expected, hiked up interest rates for only the second time in ten years. that was not a surprise yesterday. >> scott mcgrew, what the feds said next was.
5:44 am
>> the feds said not only are we hiking rieks 25% today, we expect to hike them several more times. the fed thinks the economy is not just doing fine, it may be heating up too fast, the opposite of what we heard from some of the candidates during the election. markets will try to resume their upward climb today. the dow fell 118 points, the nasdaq down 27. a couple of quick facts for you about interest rate hikes, they mean more to banks than they do to you. if you have a credit card, you will see a hike. keep in mind in credit cards have absurdly high interest rates generally anyway. if you have a store card like an old navy card, you're already paying 25% interest. worrying abo-- mortgages are ti to government bonds and the trump rally on wall street that sucks money away from bonds
5:45 am
actually does way more to hurt your mortgage than anything this fed did. a celebration by alaska airlines executives at sfo on wednesday. they made it official. alaska owns virgin america. bay area flyers really like virgin america. it's the best rated airline for seven years running. i talked to the ceo of allan ka airlines and warned him you're going to have to convince us in the bay area that you're worth it. >> talk is cheap. what you really want is for them to hang on, try a little bit, look back three, four, five, six years down the road, that's a great airline. i'm having fun. they're giving me everything i need. >> by great airlines, he means alaska. >> virgin was the airline that carried our three world series trophies, named planes after giants players. that's not going to happen anymore. alaska is based out of seattle. >> mariners names? >> not in the bay area.
5:46 am
don't do that. back to our storm coverage this morning, if you're just joining us, we're expecting the season's biggest storm to make its way through the entire bay area. >> get ready to get drenched. already coming down in the north bay this morning. we're keeping a close eye on the russian river in guerneville. we know what happens there every year. we're not expecting the river to hit flood stage, it is expected to get pretty close. also expected to swell from eight feet which is where it is now, to 28 feet during this storm and flood stage is at 32 feet. this is actually video from the russian river flooding back in april. >> talk about the russian river, also the napa river in downtown napa expected to see a big hike in river levels from five feet to about 17 feet. flood stage is 25 feet. still a good ways off from that point. big increases are expected during the storm. >> exactly. that's why we're tracking the
5:47 am
creek in palo alto. this is video of the creek flooded back in 1997 during an el nino-fueled storm. we're not expecting things to get that bad. >> "today in the bay's" vianey arana live in palo alto. it has been a problem historically during these kinds of storms. >> definitely. no rain is coming down here just yet, so all is still quiet. you can see the creek behind me, just one or two inches. this creek about 45 square miles, runs from the snn krus mountains to the bay. the biggest concern is going to be the rise and increase in those water levels. we're expecting it to rise about four inches. if you do live in this area, i don't know if you can tell it's a little dark this is a bridge that connects one side of the creek to another. if you did live in this area or didn't back in the 1997, 1998
5:48 am
flood, several of the homes had to be evacuated. they had a lot of severe flooding across the area. you can video of the floods. don't want to alarm anybody. we aren't expecting severe flooding, but it always raises a major concern. if you do live in this area or your don't, if you have family in this area, they have the san san francisco skeet toe cleek that updates. it moons we are going to keep a close eye on this. it does look very calm. i am down here right by the creek. we do not recommend anybody coming down here. this can easily, quickly become very scary and serious right now. mud is looking pretty stable. not a lot of loose soil in the area. as the water begins to increase, and it really is expected to increase at about four inches, this is going to become loose,
5:49 am
the vegetation will become loose. this runs along shopping centers, residential areas, a lot of land and vegetation, a lot of rock. if you notice right above me, there's a bunch of branches. i have my anemometer that measures speed wind. no a lot of wind in that area. as the storm makes its way through, this will be a concern. we've got a lot of trees, vegetati vegetation. these branches could very welcome down. we are going to keep a close eye on the san fran kito creek. >> we'll check back with you. we've already seen trees down because of the high winds we've been having. >> one of the reports coming from daly city. the high wind advisory will be for the coastal areas like daly city and also for the hills where the winds today could pick up to about 50 miles an hour and
5:50 am
strong sustained winds as well. here is a live look outside at emeryville toward the bay bridge. you can see visibility is clear. so far the rain has president been heavy. but windshield wipers on, with light mist and drizzle ahead of the mainline, that will continue to move in. here is that moisture streaming in. and here is that center of low pressure. we can see it spinning there. this is what we will see moving closeer, and that, as it moves off to the east, will cut off the moisture flow and we'll finally put an end to the moisture stream with us for at least a week now. this will get heavier as it moves from north to south in through the bay area. as we see the bright yellow and reds on the radar, that shows very intense rain and heavy downpours. it starts to get heavy around santa rosa through the next few minutes. the heavy rain through ukiah and tort clearlake, we're already seeing spotty light rain and it's also raining in the santa
5:51 am
cruz mountains, gilroy, los gatos and spots like ben loman as we start to see the rain moving in. the heavy rain will pick up through the day. winds sustained at 20 to 40 miles an hour. we've already seen a tree down. we may have some more as we go through the day. here is a look at the timeline. widespread rain by 9:30 this morning. already moving into san francisco and parts of the east bay, and it gets very heavy during the early afternoon and the evening commute as well. this will not be a quick one and done. each at 10:00 tonight, still heavy rain for the south bay before this all clears up and the wind rushing in behind that. wind speeds at about 40 moyles an hour before lunchtime in the north bay and the south bay will see that during the evening commute. the winds stay strong even into early tomorrow morning. rainfall totals with the reach
5:52 am
over two inches in the santa cruz mountains. the rest of us one to two inches. behind the system some very cold air this evening. only seeing highs in the 50s. morning temperatures frost and freezing conditions for the inland areas. heading over to mike, poised for the morning kmout? >> we're seeing the rain coming into the area. wind will continue to be a factor. the wind knocking down some trees, possibly a concern for the roadways as well. so far very calm for the chp reports. 101 shows a little slowing, typical pattern as well as hayward. it affects the tri-valley and the east way. some folks getting red dirks heading off for vacations for school. that will be a factor for a lighter commute as folks try to avoid the rain. upper eastshore freeway shows slowing. fog registers for the north bay. wet roadways through san rafael as you come down 101.
5:53 am
drive time down the eastshore freeway, because of the slowing in pinole. a live shot at san jose. you have traditional slowing just north of 680 on 101. another good resource for you is our free nbc bay area app. it's a great way to track the storm. you can keep up with the changing forecast as well and access our live doppler radar and look at where it will be coming down in your area. >> we are staying on top of the storm, reporters all over the bay area. also following other local headlines on "today in the bay." that includes the search for a south bay man who attacked his neighbor with a baseball bat, possibly causing permanent brain damage. the reason the suspect attacked his neighbor still ahead. we are in the microclimate weather alert this morning. you can get updates on your smart phone. download our nbc bay area app, you can get alerts when rain is about to hit your area. you can track your storm with
5:54 am
our live doppler radar. good news for people looking for health care. deadline for cover california extended to saturday. head to our twitter page for more information on that. we'll be back here in two minutes.
5:55 am
5:56 am
we are keeping a close eye on bay area weather as we have a microclimate weather alert. a major rain storm making its way into the bay area. you see most of it north of the san francisco. it's going to bring a lot of rain to the north bay now and other areas throughout the day. also happening across the country, closing arguments begin
5:57 am
in the trial of the man charged with killing nine people in a south carolina church. >> he shot the pastor, she shot all the men. please come right away. >> prosecutors yesterday playing chilling 911 audio from a woman who survived the 2015 charleston church shooting. the defense attorney didn't question her. accused gunman dylann roof confessed to the skilling. the defense is calling no witnesses and instead is focusing on the penalty phase of the trial and getting the death penalty thrown out. 5:57 right now. one of the largest benefit concerts took place in oakland last night for the people impacted by the devastated warehouse fire. ♪ >> the concert took place at the fox theater with geographer, high row glisks, rogue waves and primus.
5:58 am
all the bands performed for free with all proceeds going to the families of the ghost ship fire. >> the immediate goal is to provide support nor the victims and the family and the long term is advocacy and conversation about how to support the art community in the bay area. >> the gray area foundation is working with other bay area organizations along with the city of oakland. so far they've raised close to $700,000. . the san francisco police department is organizing a unique and completely anonymous gun buy-back event saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon. anyone who turns in the guns will be able to have them removed straight from the trunk of their car and receive up to $200 per weapon, no questions asked. the day the number 17 will arrive in times square, numbers one and seven being put in place for new year's eve where 2016
5:59 am
gives way to 2017. the numerals are seven fetal and once loaded may hold an unofficial countdown to test the lights. the ball drops at midnight on december 31st. remember to look for the big 1-7. >> also happening today, the wait is over for "star wars" fans. roping one hits theaters at 7:00 tonight. it takes place before the events of "star wars" a new hope. it's rated pg 13. >> all right. we have a microclimate weather alert this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now at 6:00. here is a live look at radar. lots of green on the map, showing the rain moving into the bay area from the north this morning. >> taking a live look outside. all four bay area bridges this morning, could be a very wet commute in some parts of the bay area this morning. it will definitely be a very soggy evening commute. the golden gate bridge on the
6:00 am
top left, the richmond-san rafael bridge on the top right. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. lots of developments to keep track of. team coverage of the weather to make sure you're ready for the storm. >> "today in the bay's" sharp katsuda driving around. chrkris sanchez live. bob redell live in pacifica where there are major concerns about erosion and forecaster vianey arana is live at the san fran kito creek which could rise several inches during the storm. >> we'll get to all our reporters in a moment. right now let's start with meteorologist kari hall tracking the storm minute by minute. >> this storm is mostly affecting the north bay with light rain elsewhere. the heavier rain will be moving in later this morning and for the rest of the afternoon we'll have


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