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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> as the rain has moved out, the wind and chill very much present this morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge. what you need to know before you hit the road this friday. "today in the bay" starts right now. the key to that, of course, being this friday. >> friday. >> thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> we've been working for a while together, i was going to say exactly the same thing. i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike and kari join us as well. drying out after all the rain we had. >> it was really good to see it. but we don't want it rushing down at once. we'll have a couple of days with dry weather, actually several days. now the concern will be for some freezing temperatures and some frost, especially in the valleys. as you head out this morning, no worries about that. it is going to be cooler today so make sure you wear a nice warm jacket, a breezy wind. cloudily skies left behind. the radar is all clear. we'll talk about what to expect
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as the temperatures drop. it's still windy out there. does it look like slick spots on the roadways? >> it's an oil slick reported from an earlier crash. we have some slowing that popped up northbound 280 past woodside. no incidents reported. i'll give a couple seconds to see if the sensors adjust again. over here, good adjustment toward the speed limit. the crash has cleared 101 at candle slick, we have an oil slick cleared up. one lane is here, the fast lane still blocked. no major slowing after the big disstrabs for the overturned vehicle. bay bridge, richmond-san rafael bridge, even the golden gate bridge and the benicia bridge get wind advisories from chp. we'll show you why our live camera shakes a bit. it may push it a tad.
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we've been looking at bits and pieces of the thumb print of this storm. check this out. just got the video to our newsroom from marin county. that's a large oak tree topple ld and went into a garage damaging three mercedes parked in there. the three brought down utility lines and broke a waterline in the process. several residents had to be told to get out of the area for about three hours until pg&e could cut the power and turn off the gas. obviously hazards as a result. nobody was hurt. bob redell is heading that way right now and will give us a live report. also new this morning, laura, more damage because of toppled trees. doesn't look quite like the previous scene. >> "today in the bay's" laura mallert has more on the big cleanup expected there.
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>> reporter: that's right. good morning sam and lawyer rad radio. if you look closely you can see a maroon kia and over there a tan altima. it looks like both rear view windows are smashed. it looks like it was ripped out of the ground and landed right on top of the kafrmts firefighters say it happened around 10:30 when high winds ripped through the area. they got a call a tree had fallen on top of two cars on private property. when they got here, this is what they found, a huge mess here. no doubt there are scenes like this all across the south bay from the powerful winds. firefighters cleared the debris off the sidewalk here so people could walk by. the good news is no one was hurt.
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we haven't yet talked to the homeowners. you can see they are definitely in the christmas spirit with all those christmas lights. it's hard to say if they'll still be in the christmas spirit after all this. my guess is they'll probably be asking santa for two new cars for christmas. live from east palo alto, laura malpert for "today in the bay." 5:04. also new this morning, amid the cool temperatures and whipping winds, take a look at this, a man was found hanging on for dear life on a cliff near baker beach. strong winds were whipping around. you could even hear them for a moment. this is him. firefighters were able to rescue him and save him. we're going to hear from that man, how thankful he is this morning in our next half hour. >> he's very lucky a nearby neighbor heard the screams. 5:04 on your friday. now to the north bay, flooding
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concerns in fairfax. a creek flowed through a family's property, putting a little river in their back yard. the homeowner shared that video. you can see the property covered in water, moving pretty swiftly. in some parts they say the water was knee-deep. luckily it didn't make its way into their house. several inches ended up in their garage and office. the ross family says they're used to it. >> this takes a lot of water and it handles it if there's a problem up stream, it gets crazy. >> when thelpful friends spend the night filling shop vacs with water. >> get the weather in your neighborhood by downloading our nbc bay area app. it's a great way to keep up with the changing forecast. you can also access our live doppler radar. 18 years ago a san lorenzo man was killed in front of his
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father. the family continues to search for that killer today. this is rick divecky, he died after a hit-and-run in berkeley. the case remains cold. his memory is still alive through the annual arroyo car show. it's raised $100,000 for high school sports. the man who killed him is described as african-american driving a light-colored cadillac. surveillance images show a man and woman who were arrested, they would go through empty classrooms, taking teachers' purses and wallets. at least eight different schools were targeted. police in santa rosa arrested the pair yesterday thanks to the tips they got after they shared the surveillance video from
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schools and businesses. two pittsburg police officers are accused of misconduct. prosecutors are dismissing 15 cases involving criminal defendants who were are arrested by the two officers. the officers claim their supervisors told them to falsify reports by not documenting yous of force. the d.a. says she found 15 cases where the outcomes could have been very different if defense attorneys knew about those accusations that were against the officers. new details now, a judge ordered two santa clara county deputies to stand trial in connection with an inmate beating. the two have pleaded not guilty to a 2015 boating this left an intubate severely injured. the former inmate, ruben garcia
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said the guards gave him a fractured jaw and other injuries. the guards are due back in court december 27th. good friday morning. it is 5:08. still breezy even after the storm system has moved out, winds in san francisco gusting up to 23 miles an hour. also novato, 21 miles an hour. five to ten for most spots. it's also mild, 50 degrees in palo alto and oakland. 51 in san jose, upper 40s for livermore and concord, even dropping down to 42 degrees in santa rosa. that's just a taste of what we'll have over the weekend. highs only reaching the low 50s for many spots. temperatures holding steady all through out the day. we'll take a look at the chilly weekend forecast coming up as we head over to mike. it looks like there's something going on now in fremont. >> reports of a poll down in fremont. the commute looks really good. still tracking the minor slowing, 60 miles per hour north
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280 at woodside. no incidents reported there. it's over on the other side of the bay. we have a light pole down, south 880 at curb parkway. and wires also reported. there's concern. i drove right past that scene when it was originally reported. this is the second time someone called it in. i didn't see any problems. avoid the slow lane there. the rest of the bay moves well heading towards the bay bridge, easy drive along the eastshore freeway. the wind advisory issued for the bay bridge. golden gate, the benicia bridge and the richmond-san rafael bridge. it's 5:09. a bold crime caught on camera. the search under way for a thief and the surprising item he got away with. "star wars" opens, a lot of people lined up. we've got a moon story, or is it?
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still some clouds left behind, the storm system brought us quite a bit of rain over the past 36 hours. now as we go into this
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afternoon, temperatures hold steady, right where we are now as those skies clear, we will get sunshine today with broez si winds. we'll have a chance of freezing temperatures, too. i'll talk about that coming up in about five minutes. >> chp says there could be stronger winds across the bay bridges. no problem out of the windmill farm for the altamont pass. minor slowing through the construction zone. pretty bold theft during the day has police searching for this man. santa clara county sheriff's office tweeted these photos last night, accused of stealing a package from a home in san jose on esther drive. the package, by the way, was cat food. >> the retail value of that -- >> fourteen age boys in serious trouble accused in a string of home burglaries. police say surveillance video shot at one of the homes in lo s
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gatos caught four juveniles. the four are accused of burglarizing two other homes. we may get a better idea if the suicide barrier along the golden gate bridge can move forward. the golden gate bridge is going to meet to discuss the new funding plan. bids came in this summer nearly twice the original estimate for $76 million. the bridge district has since been working to try to bring funding together from several different sources. the head of oracle will help the trump administration as an adviser to the transition team. >> but stay at oracle at the same time? >> that's right. a somewhat unusual arrangement. we've seen a number of questions to oracle about this. a temporary job for katz. after all, the transition team will only last until january.
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katz was at the meeting on wednesd wednesday, there she is, when trum met with tech executives. she's one of two ceos at oracle. so oracle will still have a full-time leader. the head of the fcc tom wheeler has announced he will step down. it's a blow to net neutrality. you see him as the fcc makes the ruling on net neutrality. donald trump making statements he opposes net neutrality and another statement where it's not quite clear he understands net neutrality. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi scott. good friday morning to you. wall street will try to end the week on a positive note, stocks rising yesterday, closing well off their highs. the dow is less than 150 points from the 20,000 mark and is on pace for its sixth straight week
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of gains. investors will be watching for data on the housing market. the dow up 59 points yesterday to 19,852. the nasdaq rising 20 to 5,456. back to you. >> people lined up in the rain to see "rogue one." some fans came dressed for the occasion. this line was just outside the museum of tech innovation in san jose. the theater is showing the movie on a giant i max screen. >> i've got my comfy shoes, star wars rebel socks and my chubaka one zee. >> another thing i want to talk about back here on earth. we have information from
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nasa. look. it looks scary. this is a prediction of next year's total solar' kwips. we finally get a solar eclipse here in north america. you can drive up to oregon. it cuts across the united states and out of charleston, south carolina on the other end. >> that beam is the only place you'll be able to see it n that track. >> salem, oregon -- i'm totally going to that. >> you're totally covering it. >> would you say your heart is in it? >> could you hear my eyes roll right there? let's get to the microclimate forecast on this friday morning. checking in with kari right now. >> take a look at this. rock away park, the streets
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turned into ponds. the king tides crashed over the seawall. this is the embarcadero earlier. the flooding far and wide there. the king tides should start now receding, getting a little break from that as well this morning. >> that was pretty wild. one guy on facebook messaged me and said he should have brought his surfboard. >> there was surfing in lake tahoe yesterday. >> what's happening? is the world turning upside down? >> we're settling back down in time for the weekend. >> mamma kari, let's calm down. >> and cool down. >> a cooldown, too. now we're talking about freezing temperatures and frost for the weekend. we're not the only ones. we've been seeing our friends all across the country having to deal with cold weather. we can't complain about 31 degrees. as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. as you can see, still wet
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conditions out there and a look at some of the rainfall totals. close to six inches of rain yesterday. and in oakland, an inch and a half. san francisco, 1.3, and san jose, half an inch of rain. now as we get a look at side at san jose, still clouds left behind, 51 degrees now and the high temperature will only be 53 degrees today. the clouds roll out, breezy winds and not much of a change of temperature. we'll be pretty close to the high. dropping to near freezing by tomorrow morning with clear skies and more of the same on sunday with frost and sunshine throughout the day. the weather system continues to take all that rain well to the east of us, and it's a 1 degrees now in san francisco. half moon bay at 49 degrees. concord is at 48 degrees. highs this afternoon reaching the low 50s, breezy and once again clearing today. up to 55 degrees in the north bay, but it will still be breezy. here is a look at the wind speed forecast. there may even be some gusts
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around 30 miles an hour in san francisco. oakland, over toward napa later this morning, still breezy throughout the evening as the cold air rushes in from the north. over the next several days that cold moves in once again. talking about the freezing temperatures and the winds coming in from the north. it keeps things mainly dry for the next several days, and our next chance of rain won't be until next friday. we are looking good there. look at how cool it will be for san francisco, highs only reaching 51 degrees today and ooh degrees tomorrow. upper 50s by the middle of next week. we also see for the inland areas, not much of a big difference, but we will have freezing temperatures in the inland valleys. i'll keep an eye on that. heading back now to fremont with mike. >> that's right, kari. still have report of a light pole that came down. there's a note of the chp report saying they're not sure weather
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caused this. the wires are exposed over here southbound 880. not even slowing approaching the scene where reports are that the pole and the wires exposed are sticking into the slow lane. my note, shift over to the left. i drove by in the fast lane coming to work and i didn't notice any problems there. looking at hayward, 880, no slowing. at speeds even over across the san mateo bridge. let me give you the look at the span itself. a nice easy drive. the sign lit up off the right side, it talks about high winds. the bay bridge, golden gate, benicia bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge. transit systems move well. b.a.r.t. trains, more than 41 trains running by now. we're watching because the wind coming in may affect ferry service. we didn't have major problems
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yesterday. >> coming up next, we've seen the local teams come together to honor the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. now a particular player has a tribute, warriors star steph curry. they spend thousands of dollars with the promise of a refund if they aren't completely satisfied. what happens when that falls apart? i'm consumer investigative reporter chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. couple who had trouble with a
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business's money-back guarantee policy. welcome back on this friday morning. 5:25 right now. "nbc bay area responds" to a couple who had trouble with a business's money back guarantee policy. >> $9,000 on the line there. consumer investigator chris chmura took their call. after six months fighting this battle on their own, carol and al desperately needed our help. they spent $9,000 on hearing aids from miracle ear in milpitas. when al and carol attempted to return the hearing aids, they say a miracle ear manager resisted. >> i said, look, why don't i take these hearing aids and i'll put them on your desk and you give me a receipt. he said no, i'll put them back on the hood of your car. >> miracle ear declined to
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discuss the case with us. that id the on the stop us from fighting for them. tonight at 11:00, we'll research state law, arm you with powerful knowledge that protects consumers and get results for this couple. call 1-888-996-tips or visit i'll see you tonight at 11:00. warriors star steph curry showing his unique honor to the victims of the deadly warehouse fire. his signature under armour shoes with initials of all 36 victims of the fire. curry will auction those shoes plus another custom pair for the oakland fire relief fund. coming up, a mangled mess in san francisco. what might have led to this several-car pileup next to golden gate park.
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coming up on your friday morning, 5:30. kari hall warning us about the danger of the toppled trees. this is case study number one. that's east palo alto where a tree came down and crushed the
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two cars underneath of it. the cleanup process is under way. we'll have more on that in the next half hour. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're like a sponge soaking up all the rain yesterday. good totals in some parts. >> over five inches in some spots, especially the santa cruz mountains. but yes, we had good amount of rain. now we clear out and cool down. it's 46 degrees in the tri-valley, breezy winds. we will get some sunshine today, and now it's only 48 degrees in san francisco. expect more cold air in the forecast. that's coming up. mike is taking us to a look at what's happening at the bay bridge. >> looking over your whole bay commute, looking good. a hit-and-run crash reported on 280 around wolf. not a lot of slowing. i don't think any lanes were blocked. no slowing throughout the south bay or innocence. even approaching the bay bridge, the maze moves well. a couple of issues.
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we have the incline showing the camera shaking in emeryville. wind may be a factor across the bridges. the backups because the metering lights are on. no surprises. back to you. now to the storm damage that we're tracking across the bay from downed trees as we just mentioned, power lines to floodwaters across the area. there's a lot to get to from the north bay to the south bay. >> let's start in san anselmo. bob redell joining us live from the scene there. quite the call coming no doubt to the insurance company. >> reporter: good morning. the people who live here at 98 magnolia street are lucky this large oak tree, instead of falling into the home, it fell on top of the garage. you can see the white car here, the mercedes that was destroyed.
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it also crushed two more mercedes cars. it brought down power lines and damaged a waterline. that's why there were evacuations last night for a few hours because of concern of a gas line breach. pg&e has been out here to put the power lines back up. it's hard to see, but the power has not been restored. there's about 300 customers still without power. as i was mentioning, fortunately no one hurt after this large oak tree comes down on this house here vlgs this carport at 98 magnolia street. there was a tree trimming car out here cleaning up some of the mess. the bulk of it is still on top of what used to be a garage. live in san anselmo. >> thanks a lot, bob. 5:32. in the south bay the storm kept crews busy in an area susceptible to slides, especially the burn area devastated by the loma wildfire.
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because thousands of acres are now unstable, fire crews and very nervous homeowners are still keeping an eye on trouble spots. >> still so much runoff because of the burn scar, normally it would absorb nicely. >> crews had trouble keeping up. in some cases drivers encountered minor flooding like here on highway 9. kris sanchez will join us with a live report in our next hour. we also want to show you how much rain the burn area of the loma fire received. you see the red outline on the screen roughly where the fire hits. you put the radar over it and a steady amount of rain kept moving through. all the yellow spots, that represents the heavy rain with the potential to cause flooding. this morning, a very difficult rescue. things could have ended far worse for this man. you see him clinging to the cliff. that happened overnight in san
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francisco's sea cliff neighborhood. he was found literally hanging on for dear life in the bitter cold and whipping winds right along the cliffside. a rescue team moved in. they were able to pull him up for that. it migrated to a private beach when the high tide came in. firefighters were able to save him. a person who happens to live nearby in a cliffside home heard his cries for help. >> very grateful. >> again, we know that man started out at baker beach. it's not clear how he ended up exactly where he did. firefighters say he could have been trapped by the high tides. he was in good enough condition to walk to the ambulance to get treatment. we have crews out across the area and we'll have more live reports in just minutes. stay up to date by downloading our free nbc bay area app, a great way to keep up with the
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changing forecast. at 5:34, another story breaking overnight, san francisco police investigating a crash involving several vehicles that hepded up stretching an entire city block, eventually taking out a fire hydrant in the process. it happened late last night in sunset district at 19th and lincoln. it sent two people to the hospital. police say that includes a driver who actually caused the crash. they believe he was traveling at a high rate of speed since his car ended up a full block away on 20th avenue. six cars were hit. >> everyone was chilling. next thing i know the car in front of this white one gets smacked, then bounces, hits this one. this truck takes it in the back end, smacks it into the back of me. he then swipes down here, hits another gentleman over here and then took out that fire hydrant. >> police are still trying to determine if drugs or whole played a factor. so far there's no update on the victim's injuries. >> in politics this morning,
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president-elect donald trump taking his thank you tour down to florida as he continues to down play russian president vladimir putin's involvement in the recent election and the hacking of the dnc. in the meantime the white house explained why it kept details about ruks hackers under wraps before the election. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us live in washington with the details we're just learning. tracie? >> reporter: good morning, sam. the white house and the obama administration did point out they thought the russians were behind this hacking. but a lot of the information, the detail is just starting to come out. why is that? it's something president obama says he will follow up on, likely get a lot of questions about it at his last news conference of the year later today. >> in four years we're going to win it by even more. >> reporter: president-elect trump reveling in victory overnight in pennsylvania and asking, along with some democrats, why did the white house wait so long to act on
5:37 am
russian hackers trying to influence the election? >> whether you attack us by a mig or a mouse, it's an attack. it does require an attack. >> reporter:ment obama in a new interview this morning on npr. >> we meade to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> reporter: the obama administration warned russia, including president vladimir putin not to interfere. >> this could only happen with the approval of the highest leftr levels of the ruks government. >> reporter: the administration avoided going public because they didn't want to appear political and thought hillary clinton would win. >> they didn't want to be criticized for putting their hand on the scales. >> in retrospect, it certainly seems as though it was a mistake. >> reporter: at a thank you party for donors, someone who was in the room tells nbc clinton did not mention trump but did take credit for standing up to putin.
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now the president-elect still facing questions about his business interests, daughter ivanka talking to lawmakers about child care already, with the transition team denying she'll have an office in the west wing. live from washington, tracie potts, back to you. >> good friday morning. it is 5:38. the storm that brought several inches of rain to the bay area is now moving out. we're getting light snow across parts of the sierra. started out with temperatures well too warm for them to get a lot of snow. we are looking at cooler air starting to roll in. it's now 46 degrees in livermore and san jose, 51 degrees. also 51 in san francisco. this will be closer to our high temperatures over the next couple days as we will have a potential of frost and freezing conditions. i'll detail that coming up in about ten minutes. mike is tracking some slick spots on 101. >> that's right, we have an oil
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slick. being addressed by crews right now over on the peninsula. we got video in. wind shows up on the maps along the coast. over here 101 is the slower drive after an earlier crash overnight. an overturned suv blocking the center divide. after that got cleared with minor injuries, believe it or not, we still have oil left on the roadways. now crews are clearing that. back to the maps, that traffic break is clear, just slowing because of the ang tift in the center divide and the fast lanes blocked north past candlestick. the rest of the bay on the roads move smoothly. 5:39. from the roads to the skies, recent wet weather impacting your flight out of sfo this morning? fighting fake news. you'll see changes to your facebook feed today. i'll walk you through it. remembering an icon. how the nation plans to honor
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american hero john glenn one week after his death. =kari/wsifull= kari weather tease =mike/traffic= mike traffic tease
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happy friday. it is 5:42. as you head out, it is feeling cooler. a live look outside at san jose. still cloudy skies but no more rain. in los gatos, only up to 53 degrees this afternoon, cooler than our average high of 59 degrees, and we'll get some sun. i'll take a look at a chance for freezing temperatures in the weekend forecast in about five minutes. we just got notification from b.a.r.t., possible 20-minute delay out of the bayfair station. equipment problems reported on the track. not a lot of detail. we're tracking that. no slowing for the upper east shore, 18 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. yesterday's storm wreaked havoc at bay area airports. by 11:00 yesterday morning, 85 flights had been canceled at sfo and delays were averaging three hours. one alaska airlines flight had to land in san jose after the
5:44 am
pilot heard how long the wait was going to be on the ground in san francisco. firefighters had to take a shuttle bus back to sfo, many worried they wouldn't make their connecting flights. >> i was supposed to go to sfo but then i was rerouted from cedar rapids to oakland. now we're taking a shuttle to sfo to catch our other flight. >> pretty frustrating day for a lot of people. we're waiting for an update this morning. we're expected to get an update in about 20 minutes or so. john glenn who served as ohio's senator died last week at the age of 95. glenn's body will lie in repose in the retun da of the statehouse. a public memorial will be held tomorrow.
5:45 am
>> no doubt you'll see that heartwarming news on your facebook feet. >> more heartwarming, legs fake news. >> new ways to keep the fake stuff out of your feed. you'll get several options, you'll be able to report a news story as fake, message the person who sent you the warning that it's fake. you'll see flags on your stories and timelines. most importantly you'll get this, a big warning before you try to share something that's considered fake. in a perfect world this would work perfectly. you have to know -- the cia ties russia to hacking. it's a true story. but if it goes against your personal politics, you might mark it as fake anywhere. it looks like the markets will mark their sixth straight week of gains.
5:46 am
we talked yesterday about how a strong stock market can hurt your mortgage. dow up 59, nasdaq gained 50. sam and laura, a few weeks ago i received a press release that made me do a double take. a venture capital firm was taunting hiring this successful businessman in san francisco, selling his first company to yahoo! for $300 million when he was a teenager. he'd go on to create two more companies. but he's also in a lot of legal trouble. in 2014 he pled guilty to two counts of misdemeanor domestic battery. he was placed on probation when prosecutors say he attacked a second woman. he was sentenced to one year in jail. i was surprised he would get a job offer. i asked the person who hired mr. cha hall if she would answer some of my questions. i had my second surprise. she said yes.
5:47 am
>> i've known him like i said before, i feel quite different from what i read in the press and i'm hearing right now. to me, what you're saying is coming as is surprise, why would i not have him on my board. >> we tried to get more information. the full interview on "press here" sunday after "meet the pres press". >> what i read in the press, she says, in the press you say he's been sentenced to jail, you in the press say he's pleaded guilty. that actually happened. >> that's not fake news. >> that's not fake news. it's not our doing. >> exactly. it happened in the court. he pled guilty to domestic violence charges. >> a controversial plan to dramatically reshape the future of san francisco's parks and outdoor areas. now it's reportedly getting the korean light. >> the planning commission
5:48 am
approved a plan yesterday years in the making. it covered 32 areas including mt. davidson and twin peaks. among other things it would draw tickly trim the number of off-leash dog walking areas. at the same time it would set new guidelines to protect endangered species and eco systems. while conservation groups are ecstatic, dog lovers a little miffed. >> they want more space for their kay lines. 5:48. menlo park recently launched a parking permit problem. downtown businesses want to use shareable placards for their employees instead of non-transferable stickers. the city is saying hold on, at least for now, because 2017 permits have been sold and issued. the leaders are looking into the cost of changing the policy immediately or instead offering share permits at some point down the road. >> in our bay area, we love our lake tahoe. a lot of people heading there over the holidays. you'll need chains.
5:49 am
here is a look at highway 50 at twin bridges south of lake tahoe where icy rain hit the lower elevations. snow was seen at the higher elevations. as we say every year, chains are on all vehicles unless they're all wheel drive. >> i don't know about you, but do the tips of your fingers get almost blue? >> no, because i stay in the car and watch. are you done yet, honey? >> it's going to be really cold this weekend. south lake tahoe, the low is going to drop to eight degrees and highs in the 20s. >> starting to feel like what the rest of the country is going through. >> don't have to go far to feel that. also talking about cool temperatures in the bay area here. for us, it's a light breeze for parts of the valleys and those wind protected areas. we start out this morning nice and cool, still some clouds here and there. let's talk about the rainfall totals. you can see there on the camera
5:50 am
golden gate bridge, still some wet spots left over. and in ben lomond we had close to six inches. linda mar had over three inches. napa, over three inches there. brentwood, .75 inch while oakland had 1.5. san francisco 1.3 and danville 1.4. san jose, a whole .50 inch of rain. here is a live look outside in oakland. looks like the roads are getting busy. the high reaching only 52 degrees. temperatures holding steady where they are now. tri-valley up to 52. 55 in the north bay. and breezy for the east bay, up to 52 degrees. we will still dealing with some of the breezy winds left behind that weather system that rolled through. in san francisco, expect the winds to continue up to about 23 miles an hour. in the wind forecast it shows it
5:51 am
will stay breezy even through this evening as cold air rushes down from the north and we feel that cold air really settling in tonight and the next several days, we'll have chilly mornings. sunshine during the day. next week this continues. it won't be until about friday when the next weather system brings us a chance of some rain. looking at the forecast for san francisco, reaching 50 degrees tomorrow. a lot of events going on to celebrate the holidays, and gets a little milder for the middle of next week. up to 58 degrees for the inland areas but not until tuesday. expect frost and freezing conditions tomorrow morning and then again on sunday morning. mike is keeping an eye on what's happening with b.a.r.t. >> a major delay reported. we're looking at the roadway. the roads are not a major problem. we talked about the lighter volume of track. that's holding up for today, especially being a fld. this is a major problem. major delay means anything over 20 minutes. b.a.r.t. classifies it as such.
5:52 am
track equipment problems around the bayfair station in the oakland area. that will be a factor for trains traveling through there being affected as well. we'll watch for cascade effects or round the system. with the wind picking up, we may see slowing, but so far no problems reported there. over towards the bay bridge, we have metering lights on. another issue that we do have to worry about is as we take a live look out there, we have the wind that may be pushing cars around a bit on this span, the richmond-san rafael bridge, the san mateo bridge. we know ability those. but the benicia and golden gate bridge also getting advisories from chp. a little unusual there. want to show you what else is going on in the peninsula. an early morning crash before 4:00, this is suv overturned. only minor injuries reported, believe it or not. we have a lot of activity and a lot of slowing as we have a traffic break. still oil being cleared 101
5:53 am
northbound past candlestick point. back to your maps, we're talking about no major delays for the east bay. a smooth drive across the east bay. back to you. not pictured on that little graphic is the golden gate bridge. that's the exception to the rule here to what we're going to be talking about. the bay bridge, you could be paying $8 more. the bay bridge isn't the only one that may be impacted, this could be the first increase in six years. the metropolitan transportation commission is considering asking voteers to approve the request. the bridge tolls would increase by $1 po $3 starting in 2018. budgets have been shrinking and administrators say they're worried about money drying up under the trump administration. this applies to all the major bridges except for the golden gate bridge. 5:53. honoring the most colorful man
5:54 am
in the sports world. the special tribute to long-time nba sideline reporter craig sager at last night's warriors game. happening right now, during the last 24 hours or team has been all over the storm that barreled through the bay area. we're covering much of the aftermath this morning. now you can become part of our coverage as well by sending us your weather pictures. mention nbc bay area in your tweet and you might be able to air them on tv. on our facebook page, we posted the photo of a truck that went over the side of a freeway and landed on its nose in the parking lot of a southern california car dealership. more of this morning's top stories coming up in two minutes.
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welcome back. 5:56. an east baden tall as assistant is expected in court. investigators say he recorded some of the crimes on his phone. he's due in court at 8:30 this morning. also happening today, president obama holding his final yearend news conference. the president could talk about a variety of issues. later today the president and his family will leave the white house for their annual christmas vacation in hawaii. 5:57 on your friday. dylann roof has been found guilty of all charges in the charleston church massacre. nine people died in that shooting rampage inside the historic emanuel ame church in
5:58 am
june of last year. lawyers gave closing arguments yesterday morning and the jury deliberated less than two hours before announcing he was found guilty on all 33 charges he was facing. the jury will recon feen for the sentencing phase. the sports world in mourning, fans remembering long time nba broadcaster craig sager who ultimately lost his battle with cancer. the nba sideline reporter was well known for every game rocking an outfit like that. sager was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014. he ended up returning to television in march of 2015. the 65-year-old was inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame just a few weeks ago. >> i would like all of you to join me in applause for a great man and a life well lived.
5:59 am
>> you see jerry west there as well. head coach steve kur used to work with sager at tnt. sager was 65 years old. take a look at this. a family visiting a state park in south dakota this week, they got quite a greeting from a herd of american bison. the family was driving along the wildlife loop when they had a close encounter with a number of seemingly friendly bison. the patient waited patiently for the bison to move on. the animal discovered the car was covered in road salt. so they proceeded to use it as a giant salt lick. isn't that fun any. >> just being friendly. >> right now at 6:00, the rain is over, but the cleanup is only beginning. this morning we've got you all covered.
6:00 am
>> we have new video into our newsroom showing the damage left behind after a toppled tree destroys multiple mercedes benzes. we're taking you live to the scene. plus. >> reporter: high winds overnight ripped through the south bay causing all kinds of damage. i'm laura malpert. i'll tell you what the homeowners may be asking for for christmas. risky rescue overnight in san francisco. the reason a man was left clinging to a cliff above the ocean. "today in the bay" continues right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the weekend is in sight. make sure you put on something warmer. >> it's cold and it's going to get colder. we're starting to see that very cold air starting to roll in behind the storm system that moved through yesterday. as you head out, grab something nice and warm, also some coffee, too, to keep you


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