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tv   Today  NBC  December 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. be thankful you're inside. a very cold friday, december 16th. look outside. never come when i or kathie lee are here. somehow when you're here, the crowd arrived. jane kerlikowske is here from "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> must think someone else is up here. >> hi! >> hi. first time here.
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>> oh, downstairs stage? >> i'm freaking pou. >> jane is with us. one time i invited jane to co-host, kathie lee was out. can you host with me? i can't. busy. have rehearsal. i said, okay. what did you think i was asking? >> sow a soul cycle class. that's how we first met. >> i can't realize you were offering me a co-host position for the day. >> a cheers. thank you for coming on this friday. >> what's happening? >> i just came to say hi. [ laughter ] >> we are on television. right, everybody? >> allegedly. >> i'm going on vacation and i want to say, merry christmas! >> oh, merry christmas. >> hi, and we stole your co-host. >> i know. i saw your wine. >> drink up. nice talking to you. tamron hall, everybody! >> the cutest -- >> see what just happened? >> -- little caper i've ever
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seen. >> we never know who's dropping by, jane. >> that sexy underwear -- >> everything tamron wears is sexy. doesn't matter. you know who is here himself? santa is here. whether you're naughty or nice and here with lydia. so happy to see you, such a fan. who were you talking to? >> santa or olivia? >> santa or olivia? >> feeling well, because he has a long trip. >> yes, you're right, lydia. >> yes! >> lydia got her hair colored a little honey, and i like that. >> for the holidays. >> did you notice that? >> it looks really cute, lydia. >> i appreciate that. i need food. >> all right. check back in with lydia and santa in a couple minutes. can we say congratulations to you. >> for what? >> you, my dear, won a critics choice award. >> shocking. >> okay, these are big -- >> shocking. >> these are big awards and jane won one, but there was an issue, we heard, at the ceremony.
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>> well -- for the first time ever, i mean, i've gone to every award show whether nominated or not, and i have never won. my son, unfortunately, was very sick this past weekend, had a high fever. i had to stay home, nurse his fever and wasn't able to go. we' we're sitting in bed, holding my sick boy. call my name. my mom goeson goes, mom, i thin just said your name. >> please, everybody, give jane a chance to say her aspeech. yes. >> oh, my god. i can't believe it. oh, my gosh. thank you. thank you so many. hi. oh, my god, i can't believe this. why is this empty? when you most need a drink, the craziest thing, after all the years nominated for things and everyone inner done, the one
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year i finally get to thank "the" tina fey for all the years of employment and great roles nerve her a chance to, so, here it is, thanks, tina! >> yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh! by the way. this is the end of your career music. thank you so much, everybody. >> by the way, i love you in "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt" without question one of our favorite shows, but watching, "30 rock" at the gym. can't stop watching out loud. let's watch one for fun. >> what's too old? >> how old are you? >> 21. >> when did you graduate high school. >> what movie did you lose your virginity at? >> arachnophobia". >> theater or drive-in. >> what's a drive-in? >> that is one of the fun -- >> craziest characters.
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memorized all the lied, wrong answers to lower her age. genius. >> did you love that show, by the way? "30 rock"? >> once in a lifetime great times. we just had the best cast, best group of people, the most fun. i haven't gone back and looked at any of it. any weird. like looking at your high school photo. just wonder why i wore my hair like that back then. >> did you all have fun at holiday parties? >> we did. >> what went down? sweaty dancing kind of fun parties or just regular holiday parties? >> no, no. our final party for the series end was one. greatest parties i've ever been to. got the band from "snl" to play and it was, like, all night. amazing. alec baldwin, i won't say what i said. every time he sees me, he says, do you remember what i said that that holiday party? yeah. sorry. >> do you remember what it was?
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>> can't say it at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. >> and a couple pictures from our photo booth. zach took care of us, studio z, and we had -- by the way, we have a great staff. i want to thank everybody who went. this is our group who helps work, put the 10:00 on the air every single day. take a long look at the people in that picture, because they work really, really hard. so a big thank you. >> how sweet of you. >> speaking of pictures, a good picture of your little son with santa. >> we are in full christmas mode! >> oh, my -- it looks like a painting! [ laughter ] wow! >> we are so into it. he is literally every morning, can't wait. you know? elf on the shelf comes every day. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. we are so in the christmas spirit. >> asking for anything big? what's his go-to gift from santa? does he have a go-to gift yet? >> always picks like three, i'm quite proud of him about this. of course, wants loads and millions of things but never asks for more things from santa,
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very controlled at this point. >> that is beautiful. kathie lee does that with her kids. three gifts. all you get. >> he knows he'll get stuff from the family, too. keep that, reining that in. >> we love a lot of the things about jane and we love your mane, your hair. playing a game we're calling "jane's manes." other characters named jane and figure out who it is. who is that? >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. g.i. jane. hoop next? is that you? no. >> jane -- >> jane who? >> jane saeymour you were right >> say it loud. >> jane fonda. >> is she right? okay. next -- >> jane -- >> jane? >> who are you? >> look at the movie behind. the -- >> yeah, yeah. i don't know. character -- character i won't know. >> me neither.
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>> go. who is it? >> margot robbie, jright? i don't know what part she played. >> "tar zand azan and jane." >> of course. >> and who's that? >> oh, gorgeous. >> jane kerlikowske. >> that was worth it. that was great. [ laughter ] >> okay great. >> i knew i louvred you. we have in front of us something that -- if you look close, not sure it looks appetizing from starbucks. something called a fruitcake frappuccino. ground up a fruitcake put it in with a drishlg and turned it into something that's only available. >> with 1,000 calories. >> only available this weekend. >> nobody wants it more than one weekend. can we save it and give it to people next year?
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>> announcer: this portion of "share kindness" created with our sponsor the y. supporting kids, families and communities for a better us. and welcome back to the "today" show. i'm joined by jane kerlikowske. look who's here. >> ho, ho, ho! merry christmas. >> what are you doing here, santa? >> i just wanted to come in and see if you've been naughty or nice. >> i know which she's been. >> and coming to pick up some mail. >> some mail. okay. >> oh, santa. today should be a busy day for you. right? i don't know how you have time to come to the "today" show, but, christmas is in -- in nine days. >> yes. it's coming up. >> how many letters do you get each year? >> many, and i have to get help from mrs. claus. couldn't do it without mrs. claus. without mrs. claus i'm lostelve. they go through all the mail. >> and we decided to gather all the elves and pay it forward. >> i'm a good girl and a good student.
10:14 am
>> i wish i'd have presents but my mom is not working to get money -- >> -- because my mom doesn't have money to buy me gifts. >> for my sister a bike. >> thank you very much, santa. >> thank you, santa claus. >> reporter: every year millions of kids send letters to santa but sometimes it's too much for the big guy to handle. >> kindness is love and joy in the air. >> friendship. like caring for somebody. >> something that you give, and you get. >> how are you, guys? how are you? >> all: good. >> you guys are all right? so we are at the post office and we are going to be santa's elves [ cheers ] >> reporter: the post office's "operation santa" allows anyone to send gifts to deserving kids. >> puck ip letters, look around, tell me what speaks to you. >> i have five brothers. we have come to an agreement we would actually like you to help us give our mother the best christmas ever. >> that means all of these brothers together. they want no presents.
10:15 am
they want us to get something for their mother. but we might get them a little something, too, right? what does it make you feel inside? >> sometimes it makes me feel sad, because, like, they're parents don't have enough money. it makes me feel like -- i don't want to have a christmas. >> you know what's good? we are going to help those kids have an excellent christmas. >> there you go. that's for you. >> reporter: first, some for "official" attire." >> here you go. and. >> ho, ho, ho! >> perfect, and adorable. now, you need your -- santa bags. everyone gets a santa bag. >> ho, ho, ho, ho! >> ho, ho, ho. >> all right. >> so follow me, but where are we going to find toys? come on. follow me. stop wasting time, elves! ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ >> keep your eyes over there. okay? look closely.
10:16 am
♪ >> what are we supposed to be seeing here? >> hey, honey! >> i don't see anything. >> i'm so excited! [ horn blowing ] >> oh, my god! >> we just brought the toy store to you. [ cheers ] >> this is a toys "r" us truck and we are going inside. [ cheers ] >> it's time to go -- shopping! [ screams ] >> oh, my -- >> go ahead! everybody up. >> wow. >> everyone look at your list. you guys know who you're shopping for. >> dolls. >> leapfrog. let's find leapfrog. >> and make a -- >> oh, yeah. i got it -- >> ooh. [ laughter ] you got a tiara? she's going to love that. let's go! >> i need a ramp. >> someone wanted, like, lots of toys. i had two bags in my hand. it just was -- hard. >> guess what? >> what?
10:17 am
>> we have some additional elves helping us from paparous. >> perfect. >> along with the toys we sent everyone warm clothes from h & m and a gift card from jcpenney. >> the post observation fake presents. these aren't fake presents and we want to say, thank you. >> all: thank you! >> emily. >> dear family, remember, santa is coming to town. i did this for you, because you've been good. you are going to love your presents. >> dear hayley, i hope your mom is okay. happy holiday. >> i want you to have a very merry christmas, and i want them to stay kind every day. >> how about it? >> reporter: as santa's helpers these evers will never witness the impact of their kindness, but if they're own reactions are any indication. >> i got a scooter! >> oh, my god! >> it's a mission accomplished.
10:18 am
one, two, three -- >> all: merry christmas! >> so much fun with those kids and i loved how they wrote letters, personal letters to those kids. santa what did you think of your elves? your little helpers? >> amazing. if anyone can participate, great to help others out and be around for each other this weekend. at bloomingdale's on 59th street, come in. heil be there. >> go to your post office, like to be an elf, they'll help you out. thank you for all this, wrapping it all up, papirous for doing this. coming up, also thought santa might need good ideas for the stockings hanging by the fire. >> yeah, lyn jan we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like b better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks.
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>> helping santa figure out what the guys want. >> cut away santa. all right. what do we have, lilliana? >> stocking stuffers for the gentlemen in your life. so much fun to shop for. >> what was that? >> gentlemen -- >> hadn't heard of it for a little while. >> still around. i promise, there's a couple. okay. starting with -- shaving cream. but not your dad's shaving cream. what alike to call your great-granddad's shaving cream. this company has been around for 130 years. >> oh, wow. >> out of portugal. i have to have you smell it. a fragrance house. it doesn't smell like you're ma dinsal old barber shop shaving cream. luxurious and feels incredible. softens the beard for santa year-round. available on the website. >> it's great. >> santa's in. >> do it. >> next up, one of my favorite. this is all about getting together with your family and playing games. do you guys remember "mad libs" when you were little?
10:23 am
>> yes. >> my favorite. these are from the spare room, part of a cocktail lounge at the hollywood roosevelt hotel in los angeles. you get to play with your friends. fill in the words and letters, someone reads them. fun to get together and do this as a family. only $10, and leather bound. fine coffee table game. >> santa, what do we think? >> i think it's great. >> santa is grooving on it. all right. >> next up here, you pulled this one out. this is really, really fun called "the gentleman's deck" restoration hardware. your guy likes to play poker, on each card a tip how to teach him to be a wonderful gentleman. side walking, walking with a lady a gentleman always knows to walk on the side of traffic. >> i think having a polite guy is one of the most important things. >> the most attractive thing. >> my favorite. important for holidays. good rule of thumb. drink the first, sip the second, skip the third. >> ah! going to tear that one up. >> right. >> we are.
10:24 am
>> and -- okay. >> all right. >> this is for the tech gip in your life. when you here of virtual reality you think dollar signs, super expensive. it's not. jcpenn jcpenney, $125. load in any phone here. close it up and use free virtual reality apps to see a virtual reality experience, and, look. stretchy. fits everybody. >> perfect. >> they're everywhere. everybody wants this. >> santa? >> i love it, yes. replace the phonants plugs in with the phone. >> last, not least, alexa speaker from >> cute! >> done in a buffalo plaid. this thing is so powerful. this ling helps you order a pizza, play with spotify, tell you the weather. bluetooth and alexa enabled. push this button. >> alexa, order me more wine. >> all right. coming up, after all the gift giving it's time to relax. >> and tim sack is here to give
10:25 am
santa a rest and to give us a preview of all the entertainment to look forward to. >> all that and lydia, after this! should we put a jellybean on the top? purple? absolutely. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born a dreamer... ♪ i was born a dreamer... that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. is that they contour to your body.r-pedic mattresses... it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night.
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10:27 am
richld richmond's fire tells us it's out. but there are lasting impacts. automatic smoke released early this morning led to a public health advisory for richmond and now cerito. that remains inesque. >> that means there is a shelter in place. >> that video comes from 7:45 or 8:00 this morning. automatic schools have hvac units turned off as well. those flames are extinguished, with crews monitoring hot spots. we will have a live report for our mid-day newscast. coming up next, next, a very chilly start to your friday. we will have a look at your weather. ==traffic maps full==
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10:29 am
>> good morning, i'm meteorologist carrie hall. the camera is shaking around. temperature wise, low first time out there. we will continue to see those temperatures holding steady. we are tracking right rain, residual moisture into the south bay. it looks like much will be winding down in the next hour. let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> we have a recovery north 85 approaching camden, took about an hour. they finally cleared that crash here. the light december traffic flow is what we have right now. back to you. >> thank you have been much. >> that will do it for us right
10:30 am
now. we will see you again for our 11:00 newscast in 30 minutes. in the meantime, you can get all the information you need on back to the "today" show. oh, yes, it's try day friday. kathie lee is off. jane kerlikowske is hanging with me alongside santa, and even he has to take a break every now and then. santa's kibing back. talking movies. what is your favorite movie, santa, by the way? >> "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer." >> of course. >> surely. >> we're about to bring you the best entertainment of the holiday season and new year. >> here with the list, senior writer foreentertainment week land our buddy we call stackable. system stack. hi. >> happy holidays! >> yes. how are you doing? >> we're awesome. >> crushing it, jane. >> can you believe the critics choice award? >> and your hair. i love your bob. wonderful. >> oh, my god. i'm staying here forever. one of the funniest jokes, on my couch watching with my son,
10:31 am
watching the awards. he said, we're celebrating the year in movies for all the movies that came out in the last 24 hours. they say that the best movies this time of year what areal-of-the big ones we'll see? >> the big one is "la-la land." i don't know if you've seen it. it's basically incredible. opens today in wide release. ryan gosling and emma stone. a modern day musical with a throwback quality. seven globes nominated. the leader to win best picture. emma stone is so incredible in his. incandescent and since. wonderful romance a throwback. and it's just -- really it's so good. i saw it a few weeks ago and worried it wouldn't live up to the hype but is does and then some. it's beautiful. >> i can't wait to see it. >> does ryan gosling sing, too? >> he does. >> he does? >> wait until you see him. >> such a great actor. >> he's the best, yeah. >> a "star wars" fan in luck.
10:32 am
it's big. >> "rogue one" is coming out, prequel to "star wars," 1977 version. this is about the plot to steal the plans from the death star so they can invade the death star, they do at the end of the first "star wars" and felicity jones leads the team. luna in it and darth vader. big thing everyone is excited about is darth vader makes an appearance. hasn't been in a "star wars" in ages and james earl jones returned for the voice of vader. getting really good reviews. had a rocky production. did reshoots, people were concerned. getting very good reviews. >> my favorite, cutaway of santa looking at -- as you're talking. santa, excellent. >> santa and i are on a double date. >> no, you're not. santa does not do that. ♪ it's a brand new world >> holidays are getting real jolly. >> this is what happens with santa claus. >> now you know. >> the wine's kicked in. >> and ruining christmas for
10:33 am
everybody! [ laughter ] >> we've got a sci-fi movie, "passenger." >> yes j. la and chris pratt traveling to a far-away flan it, wake up 90 years too early and trapped in this -- this ship and don't know what to do with each other so naturally start dating pup would do if you were chris pratt and jennifer lawrence and find out there are problems with the ship and have to save all the passengers. it opens next wednesday. it's kind of got bad reviews. the only thing a little shocking. i still think worth seeing because they're both incredibly huge movie stars you want to see it. reviews, a little shaky. >> most movies i see these days are animated because of my 5 1/2-year-old son, but i'm really looking forward to seeing "sing." >> matthew mcconaughey, and reese witherspoon. reese is a pig. right there.
10:34 am
and mcconaughey play as koala named buster trying to re-energize his theater by doing a, a singing competition. kind of like "american idol" basically. scarlett johansson as a porcupine and -- >> so good. >> yes. a funny, cute comedy. matthew mcconaughey said he did it because he wanted his kids to finally see something he did. something he could show them. >> sings in it? >> yes, "call me maybe." >> on to the tv world, meeting dream kardashian? >> yes. this sunday, we're going to see blac chyna's c section. how you celebrate the holidays. the delivery room, the blac chyna c section. >> that's how everyone -- the stockings hung and blac chyna's in stirrups. yes, you get to see dream renee kardashian, favorite name ever. giving birth on sunday and chris
10:35 am
chris -- kris is in the delivery room. >> "beaches." >> i know! starring in "beaches as bette midler's character and nia long is hillary, and adenah redoes -- >> can't wait to cry all over again. >> like every gay boy and his mom watch this movie together, or at least this one did. but, you know, re-doing "wind beneath my wings." the best. >> airs? >> january 21st. >> we love you stackable. >> love your bob. >> santa, amazing, too. >> thank you. >> text you later. >> thank you for having me here. >> from holiday entertainment to holiday entertaining. >> queen of italian cuisine, lydia bastiana. making a memorable meal for you and your fr from the first moment you met it was love at first touch
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of fortunate to celebrate holidays with family and friends. >> but for the men and women of the armed forces who are stationed far from home, the holidays can be difficult. for them and their families. >> in her special airing tonight, lydia celebrates america holidays for the heroes. lydia bastianich pays tribute to military service members and sacrifices they make every day for our freedom. >> first, lydia is here to make a special holiday meal. >> oh. >> how sweet is that? thank you nap is really -- >> you know, i had such an extraordinary time just meeting with the people and talking -- they gave so much. they are survivors and so looking forward to life. >> and giving, yes. >> we owe them a lot. you know? >> absolutely. >> we are free because of people like that. >> so true. >> ladies, you are busy working so hard. how do you make that quick, delicious, holiday meal? this is a pork loin. >> ooh. >> you buy it just like that. it has the silver skin so can you have your butcher clean it so it looks clean like that. you have lots of onion.
10:41 am
balsamic vinegar and salt and bay leaves. you need a lot of onion to really break down and cook into half of this. >> looks like you have different varieties of onions? >> red onions, yellow. >> and what about the leaves you just put in there? >> fresh bay leaves. >> ant salt? >> a little salt and just put it, mix it a little bit and cover it with, with -- and you let it simmer away until -- >> until they get soft. >> turn out nice and caramelized. so this is the filet of pork, but it's nice and clean. you can do beef the same. so, you know, for those that -- do not -- >> look at you just throwing it around. just plop it in. >> yeah, but this is what it is. >> yeah. >> so salt. you season it with salt. >> uh-huh. >> a little bit of -- olive oil. >> put that in. >> such simple, basic ingredients, i love. >> that's why. because i know, ladies, you
10:42 am
always tell me, i cook but not complicated. >> yes. >> you get a nice cast iron. >> you like that cast iron pan. >> yeah. >> and why do you use that pan, lydia? >> even distributed heat, constant. not like one spot is very hot. >> yes. it's all hot. >> so far so good? >> great. >> you cook it up. >> hocus-pocus. >> there it goes. this is how it looks. >> how long did that cook for, about? lydia? roughly. >> the whole thing about 20 minutes. not too high. nice and caramelized. you know? >> okay. come on. let's go this way. >> here we have the -- the onions that we were -- sauteing. >> nice. >> delicious. add balsamic vinegar, a little, not too much, a little water. and simmer and turns into this delicious concoction. >> i already want that, just like that. >> that's your sauce and that's your dressesing. >> okay. >> now -- >> love it. >> now -- >> look how she's slicing that. >> look what's happening. >> look how beautiful?
10:43 am
okay? >> okay. >> just add it on right here. >> should we go ahead and taste it while you tell you about tus veggies? >> what is that? >> a cross between a broccoli and a cauliflower. >> delicious. >> looks like -- >> you steam it whole, like that. >> what? >> and then look at me. >> look at this. look at you. >> you cut it like that. >> isn't it beautiful? and it tastes delicious. i love it. >> put it on the table. a little salt. >> i never heard of such a thing. >> a little bit of olive oil. >> did you cook it? >> yes! you steamed it. >> oh, you steamed it. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> lots of coarse pepper and some grated cheese. could be -- >> that is lydia, we love you. >> this is so good. >> everything else, roasted veggies on our website. lydia -- >> cheers. >> we love you. >> happy holidays to you, you're special. >> bon tallatale.
10:44 am
>> and lydia celebrates with the heroes tonight. tune in. and santa's little helper left for his work shop. has he left the work shop? with a stack full of presents. >> well, we've got stanley greenburgh, downstairs with gadgets and gifts, right after give underwear to this holiday. and there are some people you shouldn't . people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should. no way. should. no. definitely not. ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it...
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10:49 am
all right. it's time to pull out your ugliest christmas in sweater because we are about to spread holiday cheer with some of our coolest gadget gear. >> here to get you in the spirit one of santa's little helpers. always my favorite segment. gadget nation. steve greenberg, every year you have this i wind up buying something from here. i love it. >> santa, still hanging out. proving if the toys are good for the boys and girls and wide array of ugly sweaters with the team. you guys outdid yourself.
10:50 am
>> national ugly sweater day. >> wearing mine as well. all of these sweaters came from, an internet threat consignment store, unbelievable. including my dinosaur right here. >> one shot of zach, because his -- please. it's really -- >> his is adorable. >> it's important. >> yes. can't go wrong. everything is under $23. and looks a little like under $23. >> and like the gym guy. >> and my hat, i want to give -- my hat -- it's a party anywhere you go. got to have the hat. >> and this keeps getting better and better. >> first gadget here, tree dazzler. amazing. >> okay. >> goes on the tree, just like on top of it like that. straight down. >> one and done, people! one and done. >> change the colors. put it into, like, a shell mode, twinkles blinks. you don't have to sit there wrapping it around. >> take it off, just take it and pull it down? >> you're done. >> different -- lengths? >> 7.5, the most, 7.5 foot tree. >> good question, jane.
10:51 am
>> and this is a -- illuminating sheer with 64 lights. >> showering? >> yeah. >> showering -- i love this. >> and looks pretty inside, and also outside the house as well. >> probably not best for the shower. >> it's about $60 or so. >> love it. >> and light up, willow twig lights, a bunch of lights. 60 lights on a twig and about $29 from orbits. >> it's beautiful. love t. and wrap the presents. >> i am an organizing freak. makes me so happy. >> this is called chic wrap. what it is, two roll or one roll version. store all of your stuff. >> look at this. >> wait. >> oh, no. a cutter? >> you cut it, jane! >> jane is-of-hhas died and gon heaven. >> if it would fit down my dress i'd take it home right now. >> and this is from our folks at
10:52 am
polaroid. taking a picture at a party. take a picture. instantly comes out. pops out of the side. >> an instamatic. oh, no! >> ah! >> okay. took a picture. while in the segment it will work its way out. >> like the old-fashioned pollerate but smaller. >> stickers, great for selfies from polaroid. >> fun for every party. >> a canon selfie. go through a printer prints out the picture. >> took this one second ago. >> and there's santa, photo bombing. i love that, right there. really, $109 from the shopping site. fun, simple and this is amazing. >> what is this? >> this is skylight frame. each has its own e-mail address. e-mail pictures to it. at a party, taking live pictures sending them right to -- >> i love that. >> or grandma, an aunt. have it at their house and send pictures every day of the kids. >> don't need the chip to put it
10:53 am
in? >> genius i. lo. >> i love it. >> also touch screen. lied through the pictures real fast. >> love it. a great gift. >> and this is image 3d retroviewer. try it out. >> okay. >> this is for $29.viewmaster w kids. send you pictures and you can -- >> there's steve again. steve -- >> a nice stocking stuffer. romantic gift, too. >> it's cool. >> how do you get your own pictures? >> send them in, they send it back. >> got to run. santa, did you enjoy all the gifts? >> love all the gifts. they're great. good job, steve. and ahead, spreading more christmas can cheer. >> wind out what awaits behind the red curtain. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. go with donna.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
it's time to bring smiles to thousands of more children all over the country.
10:57 am
>> so let's find out who our generous toy drive doan sir behind the red curtain. drum roll, please. >> and hi, bob! playmaster. santa's here. what are you donating today, sir? >> over 150,000 dollars worth of toys and games. not just for kids but for all ages as well. >> where are you from? >> scotland. i'm his only scottish elf. >> you do wonderful work. thank you for everything that you do. a big thank you to santa. santa, come here. don't leave us. come, come here, santa. [ applause ] and a big, huge thank you to jane kerlikowske, awesome human being, great host, wonderful mom and everything else. >> oh, keep going. >> and you have until december 23rd to donate, donate online or come to the plaza. next week, tony bennett is coming. hello. kevin costner. very busy and important.
10:58 am
>> happy holidays, everybody. >> merry christmas! just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugare outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
10:59 am
11:00 am
at an auto yard in richmond this morning, with thick black smoke pouring into the bay area sky. the flames are out, but the smoky situation did lead to public advisories. it's all happening at the 'deal auto wrecking and recycling' business -- on richmond parkway at gertrude avenue. the fire started in seven o'clock hour -- and we've been covering this as breaking news since. sam/cu good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock - kris sanchez is on assignment. before we get to that breaking news -- we're also awaiting president obama's final news conference of the year -- with the topic of russia's influence in the election--- front-and- center in american politics. we'll bring you that news conference live, once he starts speaking. ==sam/boxes== first let's get to nbc bay area's laura malpert. she's been watching this fire in richmond all morning -- she joins us live--


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