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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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freezing temperatures around the bay area tonight. i think it will save lives. >> bracing from the cold, freezing temperatures in the bay area tonight. >> good evening to you and thank you for joining us at 11:00. >> let's take a live look at christmas in the park in san jose. temperatures dropping into the upper 30s. elsewhe elsewhere in the bay area, colder. temperatures expected to get so low that a weather alert is in effect. >> we have coverage of the cold
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tonight. marianne favro is live at a warming shelter. >> and for the conditions we are seeing outside right now and eight hours until the sun comes up again and we are at 32 in santa rosa and san jose, 37 degrees, relatively mild in san francisco but temperatures there as we head overnight will be approaching the upper 30s by 5:00 a.m. the coast and interbay a frost advisory up. as temperatures in christmas in the park. brave souls on a wind-chilled ride there. the temperatures in the low 30s tomorrow morning and some of the colder temperatures at livermore and the tri-valley in the upper 20s by 5:00 a.m. most of the bay area under a freeze warning and a hard freeze warning for mid-20s.
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and will likely see mid-20s in the north way and walnut creek tomorrow morning. and this is not the last of the cold. we'll likely see more freeze warnings later in the week. >> bitter cold out there, rob. marianne favro continuing the team coverage live in san jose at a warming center there. a lot of folks might need these. >> absolutely. there is such a need for this and this is a fairly new program. this warming center opened at 9:00 tonight. and more than a dozen people are expected to come here and spend the night to get relief from the cold. with temperatures expected to plummet into the low 30s and possibly even the 20s overnight, san jose opened four warming centers tonight including this one. >> we provide mats, coffee, drinks, anything to get them
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warm and even bus tokens as well. >> launched as a pilot program last year, san jose opens the centers on cold nights like tonight when there's a freeze warning. >> so far it has been successful. >> reporter: anyone can come here, no questions asked. there is security and will open until 8:00 tomorrow among. the other shelters are at tully community library, and for families, the washington united youth center. and with the cold snap expected to linger, they will remain open tomorrow night as well. offering relief from the bitter cold to those who have few options. >> i think it's going to save lives. >> reporter: in addition to these centers the bacardo center in san jose has been averaging 250 people every night for the past two weeks. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. travellers are bracing for storms coast to coast. causing headaches and even deaths in baltimore. a gas tasker skidded off a highway and exploded this morning. maryland police say icy roads have caused 300 crashes and drivers in indianapolis were trapped in their cars overnight after weather related crashes caused gridlock. >> have been here nine hours now. haven't moved. >> drivers chose to go the wrong way on an exit ramp to get out of that jam. we continue our coverage online. terrifying moments for a wedding party in southern california after a huge tree collapses during a photo shoot, killing one person. this happened at 4:30 in whittier. the tree trapped people
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underneath. investigators are not sure how the tree came down but it could have been weakened we the drought and the heavy rainfall. one was killed and five others taken to the hospital. they are expected to recover. a collision in the east bay. a man had to be air lifted to a hospital with life threatening injuries after being struck by a car in san ramon tonight. police say the driver did stay at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. the streets were closed for hours. in daly city a woman is dead and police say her boyfriend is responsible for her murder. we have the latest now on daly city's first homicide in nearly three years. >> my son was 6 years old and doing a project at the kitchen table and he said look outside. >> reporter: when he looked out the window, this is what he saw, his neighbor's house surrounded by police carrance crime tape. >> they had the suspect on the ground and looked like cuffs on
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the hands and feet. they carried up and put him in the car. >> reporter: the suspect is a 23-year-old and his girlfriend also 23. police say for an unknown reason the two startinged arguing and police were called to the scene. the woman was taken to the hospital where she died from blunt force trauma. >> i knew it had to be a murder or something. >> reporter: a crime that rarely happens in daly city. >> we haven't had a homicide for the last couple years and this is the first of the year. >> reporter: the neighbor is surprised this happened here. >> nothing like this goes on around here. it goes to show you this can happen anywhere, any time. an nbc bay area follow up
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tonight to a killing in the east bay being called a hate crime. a third suspect is now under arrest in the murder of william simms. simms was black and the suspect under arrest are white and police believe the killing was racially motivated. police say he had no gang ties and no criminal history. the 28-year-old was an up and coming musician. president-elect donald trump returning to where it all began and made the final stop of his thank you tour. mr. trump thanking the crowd here for his victory at the alabama stadium. this is the place where his campaign got rolling 16 months ago. he will now go a to mar-a-lago to spend christmas with his family. they played sold out arenas
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and metallica is now playing the smaller fox theater in oakland. the organizations that will get the proceeds and we went one-on-one with the drummer. and the outlet store where these three suspects stole thousands of dollars in merchandise. a freezing night in the bay area. christmas in the park. with temperatures in the upper 30s in san jose. a wind chilled forecast in the south bay. who could be waking up to 20s in the morning? when we come back.
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people hangs in a very tenuous as the four-year long battle for aleppo, syria comes to an end. the fate of tens of thousands of people hangs in a tenuous balance. a new deal is being completed to complete the evacuation of rebel-held areas. now there is no evidence of any evacuations in any of the three cities tonight. the hold up is consistent with how cease-fire deals have gone in aleppo all week long. >> they broken. they did not fulfill it. that's why the process have been delayed or stopped. >> will the evacuation be back on? >> yes, i don't know. >> reporter: for the civilians trapped in rebel-held aleppo, evacuations are their best hope for escape and ultimately nor survival. moscow ignoring accusations that the kremlin was responsible for election hacking. the accusations are painted as
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an attempt to shame russia. experts says they know they will have a friendlier relationship with the trump administration. take a look at these images here. these three people walked into a hugo boss store and ran off with $4,000 worth of merchandise. they drove off in a black ford expedition. anyone who can help identify these people are asked to call the gilroy police department. this was the sound of goodwill in oakland tonight. ♪ if you're a fan of this band you know who that is right away. that's metallica playing a sold out show in the fox theater. they are promoting a new record and helping an east bay food bank along the way. christie, the fans who lined up
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around the block even though it was so cold. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, you talk about a fan base. we spoke with one fan who got here last night at 7:00 from los angeles. he waited in the cold all night. we also had a chance to speak with the drummer. this is a sold-out show. the band also paid tribute to the victims in the ghost ship fire. the line wrapped around the block outside the fox theater oakland. kevin, among the first. he has seen metallica play 24 times. >> we're here to stand in line. i got here at 7:00 p.m. last night and it was no problem for me to -- 30 degree weather here by myself. and these harsh conditions but it's been amazing. i'll do anything for this band. >> reporter: thrilled with the new record, hard wired to self
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destruct. >> 35 years into a career, the fact that people not only still care but the outpouring of support and love for the new record has been completely overwhelming, actually. >> reporter: the drummer talks about the bay area giving back and playing smaller venues like the fox and an appeal that seems to keep growing. >> if all our fans were 150 years old like we are, that would be one thing but the fact we keep churning over 12 and 14 and 16-year-olds is crazy. >> reporter: many brought canned food to help the alameda county community food bank. >> it's a critical time for food banks nationwide. >> reporter: their last show of the year at home. >> it's the coolest place to be in the world. ♪ all proceeds did benefit the
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food bank also the band this week contributed to an auction that benefitted the victims families in the ghost ship fire. they played five of these small venues and were told this is the last one. reporting live in the bay area, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the shoppers were out in full force in the south bay tonight. the shoppers all bundled up. and some people say the cold makes it seem more like the holiday season. >> i'm weather confused. it's been crazy lately. i'm switching off between shorts and jeans and jackets but she's always freezing. >> this is the last full weekend before christmas. so crowds will like i be out again tomorrow. the shoppers were out early could even see frost tomorrow on their cars. >> the last week before things get crazy.
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it's so cold but we can't complain too much. >> but the changes we're seeing across much of the country. 75% of the country, impressive when we are looking at how much coaster it is east of the sierra tonight. east of the bay area, very interesting when you look at the map. dallas, texas, 23 degrees, new orleans, 72. can you tell where the cold front is? san jose, 37 degrees. tomorrow's highs below zero in minneapolis, 4 in chicago. be you low freezing most of the day in dallas, texas. that's the high, 32. 50 in new orleans. the cold continues all around the country. is it cold in san jose, 37 degrees. and checking the ferris wheel, christmas in the park. there have been brave souls riding that tonight. 37 degrees outside. some of the micro climate weather stations, freezing in
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south san jose and morgan hill. the temperatures in the low and mid-30s. 32 in santa rosa. 33 in livermore. the pattern taking place is less wind tonight, clear skies and most places 5 to 10 to 11 degrees cooler than last night. a taste of canadian air-conditioning. instead of the sea breeze which we typically see this time of the year. and that takes us through tomorrow with a chilly start and cool afternoon. and notice all the way into monday morning not much change. monday morning another round of frosty temperatures and freeze warnings. tomorrow morning, looking at numbers in the 20s from santa rosa to napa. down toward morgan hill and gilroy, the coldest temperatures you'll see, the best chance of wake up to the 20s and closer to the bay, palo alto, oakland, we
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have a frost advisory in the inner bay and coastline. the inland valleys with the freeze warning. it will take time to warm up. highs in the low 50s. most of the day will be in the mid- to upper-40s. through about lunchtime. it will be a chilly day. tri-valley and east bay highs in the low 50s. peninsula temperatures up toward san francisco low 50s in the forecast. despite temperatures in the mid-20s in the north bay the numbers approaching the mid-50s as we head to the afternoon. in the sierra, here's a sample of the cold. 6 degrees tomorrow morning in south lake tahoe. we'll see a chance of showers on tuesday. and that will bring the temperatures up in the sierra. on tuesday, kind of falls apart as it approaches us. but thursday may see a few
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showers there. and fridays skies clear and for the hold day weekend. saturday and sunday looks dry and the next best chance of rain toward the end of next weekend. but we have this cold polar air pattern that is doing a big dive. and the temperatures including along the coast and san francisco, pacifica and half-moon bay in the 30s. across the valleys you will see 20s and 30s in the forecast to start the workweek. the overnight temperatures wednesday and thursday with the onshore winds. the sea breeze coming back. more clouds. and we'll hope to see rain on thursday. a dry seven-day forecast and chilly one too. >> thanks a lot. coming up, the warriors continued their roll at home. killed it here against the trail blazers. we have reactions coming up next in sports. promising rivalry ... but
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tonight's showdown was hey guys, so in recent years the warriors and blazers match up looked like a promising rivalry but tonight it was a snooze fest. the warriors hosting the blazers. it was over at halftime. durant with 34 points on 11 of 13 shooting and 11 rebounds. monster game for him. steph curry. beats the third quarter buzzer with a three. five triples on the night. the dubs go on to win by 45 points. 135-90 the final. >> we got our legs back. the trip we were on the last couple weeks whatever it was, kind of carried over to our
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first home game back against the knicks the other night. we didn't look fresh at all. being home for a few days and having yesterday off i think the guys looked like they had that spring in their step again. it's good to see. and the warriors not the only team setting records and hard to beat at home. with the win over cal poly, the men set the record for the longest home win streak in cal basketball history. and the bears will look to continue that streak wednesday versus virginia. that's it for sports. more news after the break.
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welcome back, everyone. take a look at this beautiful shot as we take a live look outside, transamerica building right there. beautiful but cold. >> looks like the star on top of the christmas tree. >> it does look festive. >> you know what else is festive, that is. >> swimming santa at the paris aquarium. check out the long flippers and the scuba tank on his back. >> he swam for 15 minutes with the fishes. >> in the good way. >> he will be swimming every day until the end of the year. >> and trying to get a snorkel for rudolph. >> we'll have that for you tomorrow. >> let's check the weather around here. >> warmer in that tank. >> the ferris wheel's going. >> what is the wind chill factor? >> colder than 37. tomorrow morning, 32 in san jose. highs tomorrow, upper 40s, low 50s.
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if you want to call them highs. >> too cold to keep the pets outside. >> let's go down to the ferris wheel. >> have a good time, guys. >> see you tomorrow.
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kelly anne it's almost christmas. we have to talk christmas now. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm afraid so, mr. trump. i know you have been s


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