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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 18, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take a live look outside...... at christmas in the park. good morning, your anytime now is 7:00, and we want to start you off this sunday with a live look outside. that's christmas in the park. it was another very cold night in san jose. temperatures dropping into the upper 30s. elsewhere in the bay area, it got even colder. a microclimate weather alert, easy in effect this morning and parts of the bay area continue to be under a frost advisory. good morning and thank you so much for waking up with us this sunday. ooichl vicki, and, let's get a check of the microclimate forecast. and we've got that microclimate forecast and also some freeze warnings in some area. >> yeah, there are freeze warnings and it looks like the freeze warnings right no are mainly for the north bay, south bay, and tri-valley. here's a look at current temperatures in the south bay,
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32 degrees. and the san francisco area already seeing 40s, but look at the tri-valley. 28 degrees and also the north bay, oh, a chilly 26 degrees. and yes, we are still under that freeze warning. that will remain in effect until about 8:00 a.m. on sunday. and it is for those highlighted areas. now elsewhere, san francisco, the peninsula, it looks like we are still under that frost advisory as well. that'll also remain in effect until about 8:00 a.m. today. if they do extend that, i will of course keep you updated. as of now, looks like today's temperatures will be climbing into those 450u, but staying in the low 50s, look at that, high of 51 degrees in san francisco. similar to the temperatures we saw yesterday. san jose should be popping out at about 53 degrees and out near the santa cruz mountains, 48 degrees for your high. we'll have a comparison of how we look compared to the rest of the nation. we aren't getting snow down here, for california, this is cool. >> absolutely. we're all feeling it. thank you. well the bone chilling temperatures spurred the city of san jose to open multiple
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warming centers throughout the south bay for people in need. no questions asked. four warming centers opened at 9:00 p.m. including this one at the community center on baskin avenue. the pilot program was launched last year. the warming centers were opened whenever there is a freezing center. they stay open until 8:00 the next morning. >> coffee, drinks, anything to get them warm and even bus token as well. >> now the other three are located at the locations on your screen there. the community library branch library at washington united south center. with the cold snap expected to linger. the warmer centers will remain open tonight as well. offering relief from the bitter cold to those who have a few other options. travelers are also bracing for storms coast to coast. they are causing major delays and even deathings. in baltimore, two are dead after a gas tanker skidded off a
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highway and exploded. maryland police say icy roads caused more than 300 crashes. and drivers in indianapolis are facing similar problems. hundreds were trapped in their cars overnight after weather-related crashes caused highway gridlock. >> been here for about nine hours now. haven't really moved. >> officers say drivers even chose to go the wrong away on an exit ramp to get out of the traffic jam. we continue our coverage online at click on the weather tab and go to maps and radar. terrifying moments for a wedding party in southern california after a huge tree collapses during a photo shoot, killing one person. it happened around 4:30 yesterday evening at a park in whittier. the group was taking photos under the tree when it fell down and trapped 20 people. one person died and five others were taken to the hospital. >> the main objective was to get as many people there as fast as we could to start working. working around this tree and
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obviously providing safety for the victims underneath the tree. >> investigators are not sure why, but they say it could have been weakened by e the drought and the recent heavy rainfall. a car crashes into a pedestrian in the east bay, the victim had to be air lifted to a hospital with life threatening injuries after he was struck by a car in san ramone. it happened at about 8:00 last night. and blue heart way. police say the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators. the streets were closed for hours because of the investigation. in daly city, a young woman is dead and police say her boyfriend is responsible. today in the bay's laura malpert has the latest on the first homicide in nearly three years. >> my son is six years old, he's doing a project at the kitchen table and hit said dad, dad, look outside. >> reporter: when he looked out, this is what he saw. his neighbor's house surrounded by police cars and crime tape.
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>> they had suspect on the ground. and it looked like cuffed from the hands maybe from the feet too because they carry that person up and put them in the car. >> reporter: police say the suspect is frederick tran. the victim, his 23-year-old girlfriend, both of their pictures taken from facebook. police say for an unknown reason. they started arguing and police were called to the scene. he was later taken to san francisco general hospital where she died from blunt force trauma, the police wouldn't get specific. >> i knew it was something big. had to be murder or something. >> reporter: a crime that rarely happens in daly city. >> we haven't had a homicide in daly city for the last couple of years. and this is the first one of the year. it's very unfortunate that it comes during the holiday season. >> reporter: they are still surprised this happened in the neighborhood. >> nothing like this goes on around here. just goes to show you that it can happen anywhere any time.
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nbc bay area follow-up this morning to a murder in the east bay that's being called a hate crime. police say a third suspect is now under arrest in the murder of william simms. simms was black. the three people under arrest are white. the kill was racially motivated. simms was found beaten, shot, and robbed outside of a bar last month. police say he had no gang ties and no criminal history. the 28-year-old was an up and coming musician. president-elect donald trump returning to where it all began in the final stop of his thank you tour. mr. trump thanked the crowd for his victory at this alabama stadium. it was the very place his presidential campaign got rolling 16 months ago. trump said he disagrees with first lady michelle obama's recent suggestion that americans no longer have hope following his election. >> we have tremendous hope. and we have tremendous promise
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and tremendous potential. we are going to be so successful as a country again. we are going to be amazing. and i actually think she made a statement not meaning it the way it came out. i really do. >> the president-elect will now head back to his mar-a-lago estate where he'll spend christmas with his family. this is the last rally before being sworn in. metallica is back in town raising big money for a local food bank. we sit down with a member of the band who shares thoughts on the group's future and new music. also, how russia is reacting to the election scandal. the response from the kremlin that may take some people by surprise. stay with us.
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skating rink - downtown san jose 7:09, live look outside at
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the skating rink in san jose. chance to head out and that skating ving open through january. if you are planning to go out there today, make sure you bundle up because we are under a number of microclimate weather alerts across the bay. basically it's cold out there. investigators need some help identifying a suspect of a robbery at a gilroy outlet store. take a look. these are the images from video surveillance. these three people walked into the hugo boss and ran off with nearly $4,000 worth of merchandise. the suspects drove off in a black ford expedition. anyone who can help identify these people is being asked to call gilroy police. turning to international news now. as the four year long betle for aleppo syria comes to an end. fate of tens of thousands of people hangs in a very ten ewe white house balance. new deal is being negotiated to
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complete the investigation. the deal includes the evacuation injured people in aleppo and two nearby towns. right now, no evidence of any evacuations in any of the three cities. the hold-up is consistent with how ceasefire deals have gone all week long. >> they broke it. they did not fulfill it. that's right. you know the process has been delayed or stopped. >> will the evacuation be back on? >> yes. i don't know. >> for civilians trapped in the rebel held neighborhoods of aleppo, evacuations are still their best hope for escape and ultimately for survival. many moscow, russian leaders are largely ignoring accusations the kremlin was responsible for u.s. election hacking. there have been almost no comments from senior officials of russian or russian president vladimir putin. the state run media is barely covering the story, and when it does the akuations are painted as an attempt to shame russia or clinton camp attempt to point
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fingers. the kremlin knows it won't have to wait long before enjoying a friendlier relationship with a trump administration. still ahead on today in the bay, east bay food bank gets help from a hall of fame band this holiday season. we'll hear from drummer lars next. bay area is waking up to another cold morning. 32 degrees right now san jose. we'll have the details of those freeze warnings and frost advisories coming up in just a bit. oakland
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(adlib) ==vicky/take nats== live look outside as day breaks. clear skies, but that also means when it's cold outside, we don't have that cloud cover kind of like that blanket to keep it a little bit warmer. so it is chilly and below freezing in some areas of the bay area. and we will be told where when we come back with the weather forecast. oh yes. that was the sound of goodwill
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in oakland last night. metallica played a sold out show at oakland's fox theater. they're promoting a new record and the band is also helping out an east bay food bank along the way. today in the bay's kristy smith had a chance to speak with drummer lars and fans who lined up 24 hours before the show. >> reporter: the line wrapped around the block outside the fox theater in oakland. kevin among the first. he's seen metallica play 24 times. >> we all love metallica so much that we're here to stay in line, i got here at 7:00 p.m. last night. and it was just no problem for me to -- 30 degree weather, i'm here by myself. in these harsh conditions, but it's been amazing. and i'll do anything for this band. >> reporter: he's thrilled with the new record, hard wired to self-destruct. >> 35 years in the career, the fact that people not only still care, but the outpouring of
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support and love for this new record has been completely overwhelming actually. >> reporter: the drummer, lars, talking about the playing a smaller venue and appeal that keeps growing. >> if all our fans were 150 like we are, that would be one thing, but the fact that we keep churning over 12, 14, 16-year-olds, that's pretty crazy. >> reporter: many brought canned noods. proceeds benefit the food bank. they were thrilled to get that phone call. >> right in the heart of the holiday season for us which is a super critical for food banks nationwide. >> reporter: their last show of the year, at home. >> i think it's the coolest place to be in the world. >> reporter: kristy smith, nbc bay area news. well despite the cold holiday shoppers were out in full force in the south bay. just didn't look like the south bay. shoppers all bundled up, dogs
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were even dressed for the weather. ten people we spoke with say the cold makes it seem more like the holiday season. others with adapting the best they can. >> i guess i'm just weather confused. i don't know. it's been crazy lately. so i've been switching off betweens shorts and jeans and jackets. but she's always freezing. >> aw, too cute. this is the last full weekend before christmas. so crowds are expected to be huge at shopping centers again today. if you're leaving early, you might even see some frost on your car windows. isn't that right? >> yes. >> standing by now with a look at the weather forecast. and that guy put it perfectly, weather confused. >> it's california. >> compared to the rest of the nation, others might say it's not even december in california, but for us, it's cold. right now let's look right now at those current temperatures in the south bay, 32 degrees, peninsula, 48, the tri-valley, look at that, 28 degrees. yikes. it is definitely cold out there. at least from my taste for sure.
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the east bay also in the 30s at about 30 degrees, san francisco in the 40s, and now here in the north bay, 26 degrees. and it's going to be very similar, so why not go ahead and take a look at the comparison on how we are averaging out to the rest of the nation. the rest are saying it's not that cold out here. we are feeling an arctic blast all across the area and it is part of the weather story, why not include it? i know we are seeing a few negatives below. but look at how san jose averages out the rest of the nation. 32 degrees, of course if you look at dallas in areas like little rock, 22 degrees, 18 degrees, oklahoma city at about six degrees. and of course, near the east coast in the 50s. so yes, we are still pretty cold in the area which means we are still under a freeze warning. that will remain in effect until 8:00 a.m. today. this could be extended through the evening hours. and again into monday morning, but for now, it looks like it should expire at about 8:00 a.m. and we're going to see that freezing effect through the north bay. down to the south bay and of course protected inland areas
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are affected. see the colder temperatures. frost advisory will remain in effect until 8:00 a.m. today. temperatures between 33 to 39 degrees were seen overnight for areas like san francisco and along the peninsula as well. so, you do have to be outdoors like you saw in those video clips. a lot of the californians are a little confused about the weather because it's definitely feeling cold and today's highs will not be much warmer. 51 degrees is your expected high for san francisco. half-moon bay warms up just a bit yesterday we were in the 40s, 51 today for the half-moon bay. take it down to the south bay where the coldest overnight temperatures are expected. 53 degrees as well. warming up for a very nice, mostly sunny day. that's also going to be good news. now looking at live radar right now, not a lot going on, we're going to see clear skies as the sunshine begins to dominate. we're also expecting high pressure to build in towards the
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beginning of the week that's that's going to warm us up j a u.s. bit. windchill p wheelchair is nonexistent. if we were comparing with any wind, it would make it feel a lot colder out here. here's a look at your temperature trend over the next couple of hours. look at that, san jose, not really warming up into the overnight hours, we kept it in the 30s and out near san francisco. looking real beautiful right now. no clouds in sight which is going to make for a nice, cold sunday in the forecast in those overnight temperature trends last night also remain in the 40s and the 50s and currently right now, 38 degrees. yikes. it is cold. over the next seven days, we are expecting to see a couple of changes in the forecast. tomorrow morning, we are going to wake up to another chilly day across the bay area. on tuesday, heading into tuesday, we're going see a little bit of cloud cover. pops out at about 54 degrees. wednesday, clearing out nearly, wednesday night, we're going to see the arrival of a system that could bring some slight chance for rain in the bay area and christmas weekend, already looking ahead. looking nice and dry. we're going see ach more dry weather pattern in the forecast. not just for san francisco, but
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also inland as well. so a lot of that sunshine paired with the cooler temperatures before we start seeing a chance for some rain as we head into thursday, but should be clearing out quite nicely. making way for a nice christmas weekend ahead. topping out into those 50s as you head into saturday and sunday. so we are going to stay bundled up at least for the majority of the beginning of the week. vicki, back to you. >> thank you. you're watching today in the bay. up next -- >> that's something money can't buy. it's making that particular wish come true. a young woman's wish that has an entire high school coming together. it's today's bay area proud.
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season. holidis your time is 7:23 and santa is getting some help this holiday season. wishes coming true at san jose's high school thanks to the students. this annual tradition is in it's sixth year.
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and this year is especially important for one young girl. today in the bay's gar vin thomas has this morning's bay area proud. >> reporter: 14-year-old robin has congenital muscular dystrophy. it is stealing her ability to breathe. she hasn't been well enough to go to school for the past two months. and her mom dreads what might be happening in the next few months. it's why making robin's simple wish come true is what her classmates want to do. contrary to what one might think, robin gutierrez's mobility is not limited by the wheels on her chair, nor the breathing equipment always lurking nearby. no, robin's only limit in life is her imagination. and what a wide and wonderful place that is. >> i like being able to be someone else. and it's just fun getting to be
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someone else for a day. >> robin's escape of choice is writing, directing, and starring in videos she makes with friends then posts on her youtube channel. it's draining robin says for the career in showbiz, she's love one day. though, one day, robin's mom feerls may be too far away. >> she may not be here long enough to get an acting job where she gets to be on tv or in the movies or in the limelight. for me, this is like her chance to show people who she is and the talent that she has. >> reporter: if only erica thought her daughter had a bigger audience now. but she didn't know we to find it. >> for this next i'd like to bring out robin gutierrez. >> reporter: but robin did. the winter wishes rally at the high school, everyone at robin's school makes a wish at the start of the school year. yet only some are selected to
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present theirs in front of the entire school. >> i thought and the people here. >> reporter: here robin shared the struggles of her life with her classmates and made her wish. to get more subscribers to her youtube channel. >> thank you. >> reporter: the school said, let's do it. >> that's something money can't buy. making that particular wish come true. and i'm really grateful that they were going to try to make that happen for her. >> reporter: robin is excited for the followers to come, and to complete more episodes in the series she's working on for them to watch. still, even with the subscrib s subscribers, robin knows that fame can be fleeting. but then again, so can life. so, she's determined to make the most of it while she can. if if you'd like to help robin get more subscribers, i posted a link to her youtube channel on
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my facebook page. that's gar vin thomas, nbc bay area. if you'd like to share the posting as well, i'm sure we can get her a lot more subscribers. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. today in the bay returns in two minutes. straight ahead, the san jose police department working to help solve a staffing shortage by capitalizing on holiday activity. plus -- >> sometimes you see people just walking along and they're in their zone and you stop them and you say hey, merry christmas. >> giving back during the holidays in a unique way. how a few surprises on the peninsula are going a long way this holiday season.
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at christmas in the park. your time now is 7:29, we want to start you off this sundayed with a live look outside at christmas in the park. actually it's a nice wide view from our cameras atop san jose.
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and it was another cold night down here on the the south bay. temperatures dropping into the upper 30s. elsewhere in the bay area, it got even colder. a microclimate weather alert is in effect right now. and parts of the bay area continue to be under a frost advisory this morning. although it is absolute gorgeous out there as the sunrises. thanks so much for joining us. i'm vicki wentz, let's get a check now of your microclimate forecast. good morning to you, chilly morning indeed. >> yeah, good morning. and even though we are seeing sunshine, and still feeling cold. at least if you have plans to head out doing your final christmas shopping. you can expect to bundle up today. using the weather underground cameras, 28 degrees and the chilly temperatures also felt in san jose right now about 32 degrees. 30s degrees in san francisco. and we are currently still under that freeze warning for parts of the north bay and san francisco. and here's just a quick glans at
7:31 am
how we fair out compared to the rest of the nation. for california this is cooled, i have no complaints because we aren't expecting any snow at least not here in the bay area. freeze warning until 8:00 a.m. today. we did see those overlight slows drop into the 20s for parts of the north bay and the tri-valley. and that frost advisory is in effect until 8:00 a.m. for san francisco, parts of the peninsula, so we will keep an eye on the frosty windchills. >> thank you. well the bone chilling temperatures for the city of san jose to open warming centers throughout the south bay for anyone in need. no questions asked. four warming centers opened at 9:00 p.m. including this one at the community center. launched as a pilot program last year. san jose opens the warming centers whenever there's a freeze warning. the centers have security and stay open until 8:00 the next
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day. >> we provide mats, coffee, drinks, anything to get them warm and even bus tokens as well. >> the others resheltered are located at the community library, and washington united youth center. with the cold snap expected to linger. the warming centers will remain open tonight as well. offering relief from the bitter cold. well travelers are bracing for storms coast to coast. they are causing major delays and even deaths. in baltimore, two people are dead after a gas tanker skidded off a highway and exploded. maryland police say icy roads have caused more than 300 crashes. and drivers in indianapolis are facing similar problems, hundreds were trapped in their cars overnight after weather-related crashes caused highway gridlock. >> been here for about nine hours now. so haven't really moved. >> officers say drivers ian chose to go the wrong way on an exit ramp just to get themselves out of that traffic jam.
7:33 am
we will continue our coverage online at just click on the weather ab and go to maps and radar. well we have some breaking news to report to you now. two people are dead after two cars crashed on 580 in the tri-valley area. it happened at about 4:30 this morning just east of livermore. right now two ebels are blocked. no word on when the accident will be cleared or the cause. nbc bay area follow-up this morning to a murder in the east bay that is being called a hate crime. police say a third suspect is now under arrest in the murder of william simms. simms was black and the three people under arrest are white. they say it was racially motivated. shot and robbed outside of a bar last month. police say he has no gang ties or criminal history.
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it has come under fire and critics who now want advocates inside. that's very frustrating. >> state centers asking about how little of them. when it comes to safety. a value or do they prioritize? and we don't understand it at the highest level. >> veteran regulator dorothy to head the in-house office of safety and the office was mandated by legislation bill wrote this year. after just three months in the
7:35 am
position due to recently announced, she will move to another role. >> i think what we see is that she's a canary in a coal mine. she's showing that the culture of safety is not just at the buc. and hasn't been changed yet. >> phil says house site advocate may be what the commission needs to transform it's trouble safety culture. >> i don't believe they have any organization that could do that. >> sam bruno worried that the window to create change may be closing. six years after a pg & e pipeline explosion killed eight people in the city sflp my fear, and i hope it's just a fear that goes away that is that we're going to be saddled with business as usual going forward. and that's a scary proposition. >> why is it so scary? >> scary because nothing has been done. >> he, believes lagging safety efforts could get a boost next month, that's when a federal judge could order an independent monitor to watch over pg&e. however, the mayor says the puc
7:36 am
has to do more as well. >> the only issue with that is at the independently monitors pg&e and the regulatory agency that oversees pg&e comes down with watered down rules and regulations. wait a minute, it has to be part of this also in some way, shape, and form. and this independent monitor has to take this sbrrgs. >> the puc says it's made tremendous progress in improving safety culture. we are working diligently to fully implement the office and made tremendous progress in the three months since we created the office. so it is disappointing to hear our efforts baselessly criticized. he'll remain skeptical. he questions whether the approach of adding to bureaucracy will improve anything. >> they just move people around and it becomes part of the bureaucracy. and that's not going to work. because no one has that expertise. >> nbc, bay area news. the investigative unit has been covering problems at the
7:37 am
cpuc for several years now. to learn about it wasn't paintings they were handing out, it was fire extinguishers. group of artists gathered in oakland not far from the scene of the deadly warehouse fire that killed 36 people. they wanted to give out free fire extinguishers and smoke detectors to people living in warehouses or do it yourself spaces. >> there's a lot of scrutiny around thees spaces right now as far as safety goes. and yeah, we just to want keep our friends safe, keep our community safe, but also preserve these really precious faces that they foster the art. they make our community what it is. >> the warehouse where so many died converted into a art studios and illegal living spaces. so far no official cause has been determined for that fire,
7:38 am
but investigators say they're looking at appliances plugged into the back of the warehouse where the fire started. family, friends, and dignitaries paced their final respects to john glenn in columbus, ohio. the long-time ohio senator and astronaut passed away at the age of 96. most people remember him as the first u.s. astronaut to orbit the earth in 1962. vice president joe biden also attended the ceremony to honor his friends. >> we served in the senate together side by side for 25 years and we traveled around the world together. john was one of the happiest people i ever knew. >> the late senator and american hero will be buried at arlington national cemetery next spring. san jose police headed down to the mall this weekend shopping for some officers of the future. sjpd is recruiting at oak ridge mall trying to overcome a
7:39 am
staffing crisis the department has had for years. since 2012, sjpd lost nearly 500 officers. those who are left are forced to work a lot of overtime. recruiters say they're especially interested in applicants who are already familiar with san jose. >> because they grew up here. they live here. they know the city. inside and out. and what better people to be able to police our own community? >> when asked about the unusual locations, recruiters said they are targeting the mall simply because that'ses where a lot of locals are this time of year. >> and let's take you over to stone ridge stopping center in pleasanton, this is the scene there. it is the last weekend as we mentioned to hit the stores before christmas. a spokesperson for stone ridge says they expect today to be one of the busiest days of the year. shoppers were braving the crowds to get their final holiday items, parking though, was an issue. >> parking is atrocious. you were out there like a shark,
7:40 am
you know, waiting for parking. >> and retailers will are capitalizing on the holiday rush by offering last minute sales and deals to lure those shoppers in. pack your patience. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, what was supposed to be a match-up of playoff rivals quickly turned into a yawner. how the warriors humbled the portland trail blazers and the amazing feat from warriors star, kevin durant. it was a matchup of last
7:41 am
7:42 am
season's western confernce semi- finals. t time is 7:42, it was a match-up of last season's western conference semifinals. the but warriors blazers game last night at the arena looked less like a promising rivalry and more like a glaring mismatch. this one was over early. kevin durant showed off all of his skills to a sold out oracle crowd. kb only needed 13 shots to score a game high 34 points and 11 rebounds. can't forget about the league mvp steph curry faced the buzz we are a three.
7:43 am
he scored 19 points on the night. none of the stars played the fourth quarter. they crush a young blazers team, 135-90, the final. and how about the cal bears with 81-55 win over cal poly last night. they won their 27th straight game. setting a record for the longest home win streak in cal basketball history. while more bad news for the band, not only is the band suspended and barred from the football team's el paso bowl game. they're being replaced by a high school marching band. that's the musical stylings of the horizon high scorpion marching band and ifout guess verizon shool in el paso. the high school band will play pregame and during halftime at the sun bowl. the coach reports the scorpions are taking a crash course in stanford's musical repertoire.
7:44 am
we're guessing they probably aren't using the official fight song which is titled, come join the band. straight ahead on today in the bay, becoming part of a community one note at a time. >> culture changes on multiple levels. >> the musical journey for one member of the gay men's chorus and when you can see them perform. [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it.
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(adlib) okay. it's 7:46, and look at this gorgeous shot of emeryville, the bay from our camera in emeryville, so pretty and clear, but very, very cold out there. wonderful thing about the holidays is the giving, of course, and especially when it is very unexpected. >> we're paying for someone's bagels as they're walking up to the counter to pay for them. saying merry christmas. >> last night in san carlos, a group of local families hit the streets for operation joy. it's the third year in a row
7:47 am
they're doing this. mark reynolds, judy adams, and friends picture from from their church and neighborhood crisscrossed yesterday buying people's meals, handing out gift cards and sharing holiday wishes. the group says even if the people receiving gifts don't need the money. they still get something special out of the exchange. >> sometimes you see people just walking along and they're in their zone and doing their own thing and stop them and say hey, merry christmas. wow, somebody actually spoke to me. somebody actually was kind enough to think of me. i don't know. it's just that kindness that people don't get maybe enough. >> this year operation joy even made a stop at the mcdonald's drive through surprising people by paying for their breakfast. that is the ultimate happy meal. silicon valley is gay chorus is paying their performances this year. one has come quite a way. jim foster is telling his story. it begins with a coincidence. >> he told me his name was
7:48 am
jason, i was like okay. >> you're both jason, how are we going to tell you aart. just call me j.p. for my middle name, and jason -- >> at this point what's your middle name? so i took out my driver's license and his eyes got his big as saucers because we have the same middle name as well. that was back in 2011, and been with him ever since. moving from arkansas and the south and from very conservative evangelical christian environment and coming out as a gay man all at once. it was culture changes on multiple levels. i had to completely change my identity because i lost everything. i lost my job for coming out as a gay man. it was also the end of my previous marriage because i had been married to my wife for ten years, three daughters. i started singing when i was in high school. the friend that moved out to the bay area, he had talked about
7:49 am
gay men's chorus. he said i think it would be a good place for you to check out. the community to plug into. and i was suddenly introduced to over 50 gay men when i had avoided gay people for 36 years. and i saw that there was a wonderful diversity, just like there is in the straight community or any other type of community. i was happy. i was allowed to start flourishing. having the chorus to really make sure that i didn't get lost in the storm of change that was my life at the time. part of the divorce was i was not allowed to tell them i was gay. if i met somebody that they weren't allowed to meet that person if they became my partner. and i was very punitive and in 2010, i started working to change that divorce decree, and
7:50 am
now i have full regular visitation, just like any other dad would. and the girls were able to come out for the very first time just this past thanksgiving. i'm hoping that a lot of that fear has evaded and it's gone. i think it also did them a lot of good to see their mom and me be able to sit down for thanksgiving dinner together. and it was -- we were family. >> and that was photographer jim foster who shot that story and put it together for us. the name of the show is sparkle. there's a matinee performance today at 3:00 p.m. at christ the good shepherd in san jose. go to well stay with us. still to come on today in the bay. there were plenty of happy faces in the south bay this weekend. men and women in blue helped spread holiday cheer. sunshine and cool temperatures takes center stage
7:51 am
yet again across the bay area. will these cool temperatures carry over into your workweek? i will have those details coming up after the break.
7:52 am
7:53 am
roiz and shine, we are currently under a microclimate weather alert. and that's because these temperatures are really making it feel like winter around the bay area. right now awe across the south bay, temperatures in the 30s. 32 degrees, 48 degrees for the peninsula. and that means the tri-valley still in those 20s at 28
7:54 am
degrees. now san francisco also in the 40s, the east bay also seeing those 30s at 30 degrees, but nice clear skies. this weekend has really brought a nice combination of chilly temps and plenty of sunshine. north bay right now at 26 degrees. and here's how we look compared to the rest of the nation. the nation is really feeling that bitter cold up here in the north bay as well. we're seeing 30s for the san jose area. negative 18 degrees. chicago at five degrees. really ian though it's cold here, well compared to the rest of the nation, i guess we don't really have much to complain about, that doesn't mean we don't need to bundle up. we are still under a freeze warning and i will remain in in effect, if they extend this, i'll keep you update. also a push alert on the apps. we are still under a that frost
7:55 am
advisory. if you woke up yesterday morning in early this morning to head to work, you may have the frost. because those temperatures overnight were in the 30s, some areas even seeing in the 20s, areas like the protected tri-valleys. today's highs will be similar to yesterdays. maybe slightly warmer and only certain areas, but overall. microclimate forecast is looking very similar across the bay area. 54 degrees for santa rosa. palo alto, also in the 50s, but for areas like the santa cruz mountains, they're seeing the 40s with the high of about 40 degrees, but those temperatures will be changing into the overnight hours. we are still keeping this dry weather pattern in the forecast with that chilly cold air mass that should be sticking around really through the start of your workweek ahead as well. so we will definitely not be expecting any rain. let's look at your hour by hour outlook. right now cold north breeze, windchill which is bringing us a little bit of the colder temperatures but parts of the
7:56 am
north bay area maybe seeing a little bit of wind. not much wheelchair is expected for areas like the south bay. looking ahead to areas on monday and tuesday we're expecting to see a little bit of less dry conditions, more mild conditions as we head into tuesday. far, far north, they are going to be experiencing a possibility of a few showers. but not here in the bay area. we're going to keep a nice dry outlook over the next seven days as well as those 50s in the forecast. they will also be remaining in the temperature trend across the area. a high of 53 degrees is expected through the start of your workweek. 54 degrees heading into tuesday, and by wednesday night, we are going to track a trough that could bring slight possibility of seeing showers not just for the san francisco area but also down near the south bay. it's going to be fly right now. we're far out as we look head to the outcoming weekend. christmas weekend, good news if you have family coming down here. you do expect to see a lot of sunshine. paired with some nice cooler temperatures. it's not going to hot. it's still going to feel
7:57 am
christmas like out there. near the inland areas, 50s as we head into tomorrow. we could still be seeing the possibility of some frosty wheelchairs as you wake up monday morning. take your time out the door as we could still see the overnight lows. rob's going to have an update on just how low we're expected to drop tonight. in terms of those temperatures. for now that should expire at about 8:00 a.m. in terms of the free warnings and the frost advisory as well. >> thank you. yeah, it's cold out there. there were a lot of happy kids in mountain view this weekend, the weather not keeping them inside. these are special christmas elves, part of the cops that care program. the mountainview was able to collect loads of toys and books for kids to choose from for the annual toy giveaway. they lined up saturday morning. kids not only allowed to take home a toy, but officers also collected backpacks and clothes for kids in need. thank you so much for making us. no 5:00 or 6:00 newscast
7:58 am
tonight. instead it's sunday night football. exfinty follows the game and nbc bay area news and back on at 11:00 tonight. until then, stay up to date on
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday the putin connection, how big a role did russia's hacking play in the election? a lot says hillary clinton. >> we're also learning more every day about the unprecedented russian plot to swing this election. >> not much says donald trump. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> hard to know says president obama. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> i will talk to john podesta in his first interview since the election. and to the former head of the cia, robert gates. plus, how the democrats lost touch with white working class voters. >> we get portrayed as racist and rednecks. that's not the case. >>y


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