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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 18, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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as kricrisp, is that valid? >> absolutely. you could say he played probably his worst game last week in kansas city. it was really cold. i think it effected the finger. he had a week and a half going into this game. we call it kind of a semi bye because he played on thursday. he felt better today. he redeemed himself. he didn't play really good. i think the finger is on the way to getting better. >> let's take a look at the chiefs and raiders remaining schedule and i'll ask you what you think there. they will host the colts on christmas eve. what do you make of the last two
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games for raiders? >> indianapolis, you're going up against a really good corner back. how are you -- basically derrick c carr against luck. who is going to win that? whoever wins that battle wins the football game. >> when you look at going to the post season i asked you a couple of weeks ago, do you want a bye? you weren't sure you did. i think they have a little, you know, brauzs and little injuries. i think a week for this team could do absolute wonders. time for the play of the day. two very large men celebrating
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their post season with california raiders insider scott bear. he looked a little scared. large men attacking scott bear. did you ever give the media a big bear hug? >> i don't know. i'm sure i did. i'm sure i did. >> you probably hugged somebody. >> i'm sure after a super bowl win i'm sure i did. i'm sure i didn't head butt them. >> i hope you didn't. that would still be. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> raiders are in. they are going to the post season. first time since 2002. thanks for watching.
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a townhome up in flames and a young woman dead. neighbors in a tight-knit east bay community rushing to the rescue -- but it was too late. ==top nats== inging runs :04 ==terry contvo== plus: healing through music. the first place to open its doors after the oakland warehouse fire -- welcomes a plus, healing through music, the first place to open the doors after the welcomes a talented crowd. first, you keep the winter coats handy. the cold spell is causing a lot of problems on the roadways.
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good evening everyone. i'm terry. >> thank you for joining us tonight. this cold snap continues to grip the bay area tonight. >> a freeze warning in effect for the second night in a row, how the cold could effect your morning commute. rob is tracking how much these temperatures are going to drop. it could be tricky out there tomorrow morning. right. we are seeing some here a. bit more mild around downtown. that is the exception to the rule in terms of frost  advisories or freeze warnings. check out livermore. san jose currently at 40. frost advisories are up. freeze warnings everywhere else. as you head here temperatures will spend another 2 to 4 hours below 28 degrees. that's where the coldest temperatures will be. what's changed from 24 hours ago is the air quality is getting a little bit worse.
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nofr wood burning unless it's the primary source of your heating. we need more wind to clear out some of the smoke and storms to bring the temperatures back up. we are gibing to -- beginning to see the changes. >> all right. tha th thanks a lot. black ice on the roadways. we have a live look at the golden gate bridge. the more sheltered roads could be dangerous places to be. it will be a concern all over the bay area. we are live with how the cold cause add few accidents today. >> reporter: that's right. the problem for drivers is ice. it's ton roadways as though it's not as cold here as it is in
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other parts of the country. it is certainly enough to cause a nearly full house behind me in san jose. it's an organization that counts on public donations. the heat lamp cast a wave of warmth. temperatures in the mid-to upper 40s did not discourage shoppers tonight. on the other side of san jose 40 men tried to get out of the cold at mens shelter. >> we didn't have anything like this. people could die out in this kind of weather. it gives them an opportunity to get back on their feet. it shows that our city cares. >> michael is 33. born and raised and hope to have his own place six months from now. >> i was homeless. you have to scrounge to get things to stay warm. if you don't you have to bundle up like -- it would be like a caterpillar. you to put your arms in your sleeves and bundle up.
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>> in the east bay the morning ice near columbus highway caused a drive tore lor to lose contro crash. the driver was treated with minor injuries. another isolated accident lead this pickup truck to flip on its roof. miraculously the driver walked away. in rodeo a 4 inch pipe burst. they have not confirmed if cold weather was a factor but another water main burst add 7th and m alma. i'm chuck coppola. nbc news. >> thank you. it is cold here but nothing like the rest of the country. lots of images here of the freezing winter blast. it is gripping much of the country now. record lows reported across the
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upper midwest. holiday shoppers praised the outdoors despite a windchill of minus 24. the chicago bears played one of their coldest home games, windchi windchill -4. get ready for the monday morning commute. they will bring you up to the minute on the road conditions in case there is any freezing. a woman killed in an east bay house fire. tonight they are trying to figure out what started it. it happened in a townhouse on san miguel avenue. rick explains how neighbors did all they could to save her. >> the flames had to be 30 feet in the air. >> a heart wrenching tragedy. an early morning fire along san miguel claiming the life of a
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female neighbor who lived with her cat. >> it looked like it could have taken the whole thing. i didn't know. maybe somebody's out house had gone up. it was really unnerving. neighbors say they heard screams from inside the home. they tried rescuing the victim as fire crews arrived. the response time rapid because the fire house was right next door. >> the fire was 150 feet down the street from the fire station. when we opened the doors up we could smell the smoke. >> reporter: the flames intense but were contained at one home. >> we found a victim on the second floor. they pulled the victim and we try today revive the victim but we were unsuccessful. >> a community in mourning as a
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holiday week begins. nbc bay area news. a 15-year-old boy in critical condition tonight after getting struck by a car. he was skate boarding last night when he was hit. the boy's injuries were so severe he had to be lifted to oakland childrens hospital. police say the driver of the car. the oakland warehouse tragedy will be remembered in our community for a very long time. today the victims were honored in a very unique way. it was meant to bring peace and
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comfort. organizers say some times music can be the best way to help heal the soul. >> there is a lot of embracing. there's a lot of laughter. again, we are creating a safe place for people to come and share all of those emotions and through music. it has been nicknamed the ghost ship. the tight knit artists say they wanted to perform to honor their lost friends. a focus on warehouses. we are live tonight where another vigil took place tonight. this one regarding a similar warehouse. >> reporter: that's right. those who gathered tonight here in oakland did take a moment of silence to pay tribute to those who died but they also talked
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about a mended relationship after a misunderstanding about another warehouse. dorthy king helped organize a vigil of love. it was cold tonight but the was to form a line. king had previously called a press conference to bring attention to concerns she had about conditions there. those who used the space say it is safe, clean, open. there are fire extinguishers and clearly marked exits. there was also concern about a rise in eviction following that fire. both sides have come together and talked about a common goal.
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>> we had an understanding to raise funds for, you know, warehouse fire safety improvements. >> reporter: they talked about creating safe spaces, ending evictions and keeping oakland as a place for artists. she said the event they held was so successful that she planned more of them. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. still to come, a crowd demanding action in the south bay. >> it's very important that he knows that the world knows there are people here who are going to be putting the pressure on. >> the call against the donald trump presidency. also, sidewalks and roads covered here in water, what caused part of a neighborhood to
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look like this this morning. and some of that water could be icing up again tonight. approaching freezing by 5:00 a.m. we'll talk about the turn of rain and maybe a white christmas in your forecast when we come right back. hundreds of people unhappy with
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the outcome of the presidential election gathered outside palo alto city hall today. ==take vo== some held signs showing support for minorities, and denouncing donald trump and the so- called "altig hundreds of people held outside city hall tonight. denouncing the alt-right movement. retired and she says the president-elect is a threat to democracy. >> it is very important that he knows, the world knows there are people here who will be putting the pressure on for him to do the right thing, to do things that are constitutional. there will be a lot of people
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here to do it. i truly believe this is going to keep going. >> the rally was organized by the peninsula peace and justice center. well, some say they are simply dreading the inauguration of donald trump and others are celebrating his presidency. >> tomorrow electoral college is expected to make the election official. jennifer johnson shows us protests continue and electors are being harassed. >> reporter: with just over a month to go they sent a message they will fight against the anti-immigrant policy. trump, wrapping up a thank you tour in the south, is expected to be -- he says -- >> they are going forward with an attempt to harass electors.
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we have electors receiving 200,000 e-mails. >> hillary clinton's campaign manager who had thousands of e-mails hacked by russia questioned whether the election was fair. >> i think it was distorted. when did they know it? were they in touch with russians? >> reporter: it shows 55% of americans are concerned about russia's interference. trump's handlers say there's no evidence the hacking swayed voters. >> they spent $1.2 billion, lost an election, didn't see us coming and you have a lot of people who are still trying to fight the lost war. >> reporter: calling for an investigation into how much influence russia might have had. it is expected to be donald trump. jennifer johnson, nbc flunews,
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washington. we are tracking cold temperatures, freezing temperatures overnight. it is due to cold temperatures and shelters opening up to protect folks from that cold, how cold we expect temperatures to get and the next chance of rain in the forecast when we come right back.
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it is cold outside. >> and it's not leaving. >> highs in the low 50s. it tried to warm up. this time of year the hours of daylight are shorter. so not much help from the sun today. reports that we did have mostly sunny and clear skies. it is setting the stage for temperatures already in the low 30s. willow glenn, south san jose 43.
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trivalley 32 still low to mid-50s around the tri valley. san francisco seeing highs in the mid-50s. 20s and 30s to start and mid-50s by the afternoon. we'll begin to see changes late tomorrow. still a dry north breeze. notice a few more clouds moving into the north. they are not going to bring us any rain. as the winds begin to turn on shore we see more cloud cover. overnight temperatures back in the 40s. some changes now as we head towards next weekend check out
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saturday. maybe slight chance of showers. christmas day increasing clouds. check that out. sunday night into monday rainmakirai rain making a come back. you'll notice we should maybe see one more night of some freezing temperatures across the valleys and patchy frost. numbers come back up. 60s making the come back by wednesday. >> thanks so much. >> an unusual scene this morning sort of like a lake in the middle of town. >> lucky it didn't freeze. >> sure. a water main break turned one
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san jose neighborhood into a lake this morning. ==take vo== this is what it looked like near 7th and alma streets.... when a12-inch water main gave way. crews shut down the water line... bep take a look for yourselves. 12 inch water main gave way. crews shut down the water line. repairs are not expected to be completed until tomorrow morning. some of the pipes in this area
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are 150 years old. traffic not impacted. only two businesses effected. if that had happened overnight -- >> boy. >> it could have possibly have frozen. >> you can see that steam coming off off of that water. it was probably moving enough to prevent freezing. south of san jose we had upper 20s. tomorrow morning looking at numbers in the mid-to upper 20s again. napa a little more 28 degrees. san francisco is a little island of warmth. low 40s tomorrow morning. immune from the frost advisory. tomorrow's highs mid-to upper 50s. so slowly temperatures starting to warm a little bit as we get the on shore winds and more moisture in it. it will bring temperatures up but stay tuned for next weekend now. may be looking at showers approaching christmas day which would mean white christmas. it could be as low as 4.
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>> it would be night but not as cold. >> yeah. >> pretty good. >> we do have more local news coming up at 11:00 tonight. >> hope you join us then.
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