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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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your holiday forecast just ahead. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm b laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. freeze-gate, if you will, slightly moving along. now we're at high 30s. >> only you would put a gate at the end of it. >> golden gate. >> like the golden gate. >> it is still cold out there. we have to scrape the frost off the windshield. it's another cold one, and especially in the valleys. as we go into the rest of the day, we are going to warm up. it is going to feel much better than it did yesterday, and up to 33 degrees in the tri-valley. that's where we start now with some frost, and 33, also, in the north bay. as we go through this afternoon, once again, how about 58 degrees there in the peninsula and 60 in the south bay. low 60s also in the north bay. a look ahead to some warmer air in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike is starting us in the
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tri-valley. >> that's right. we have a crash there, also one in the peninsula. i'll mention that. we're over here, a smooth flow of traffic. a little build for the altamont pass. highway 84 has unusual slowing. cutting through pleasanton and livermore might not be your path. today you might want to use the dublin interchange. an earlier crash at 680, a car went off the roadway into some fencing. there may have been a traffic break. i see some recovery. i'll get you the latest with what chp is able to tell us. there as well as the peninsula, southbound 101 slow getting out of san francisco. as bob told you, sierra point parkway, lanes have reopened. why it was closed, we'll hand it off to you. >> breaking news we've been following for the past hour. chase ended with brisbane. >> bob redell is telling us about a pursuit with a flatbed
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truck? >> reporter: a flatbed tow truck. this started around 3:20 this morning across the bay in san leandro. police were trying to pull over this flatbed tow truck because they believed it was stolen. the driver refused to pull over and led law enforcement on a chase that went on for over an hour over several cities across the bay bridge, ending just behind me here in business bane. you're looking at video right now of the flatbed tow truck, exceeding the limit crossing the bay bridge. estimated speeds around 80 miles an hour. once the driver got into the city, he went on city streets for quite some time, then eventually got back on highway 101. during that time on city streets we believe chp san francisco deployed spike strips at some point, causing the car to have flat tires. there's video of this car now coming southbound on 101. if speeds nowhere near as fast. again, another indication that the tires were damaged. and when this driver finally got
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here to southbound 101 at sierra point here in brace bane. you can take a look at the video. the driver stopped the tow truck and hopped out, went across the south bay -- the northbound lanes of 101 into a business park in south city where you can see the officers were not too far behind, and they did take this person into custody, again, for a stolen vehicle, the flatbed tow truck. we presumed there would be other charges as well given the wild chase he took law enforcement on. all lanes of southbound 101 were shut down around 4:30 when the chase ended. they did reopen within the past 10 to 15 minutes. live on northbound 101 in brace ben, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. >> what was he thinking? 5:03. a lot of cleanup ahead for a north bay catholic school after a vandal attack caused extensive damage. we have new video into our
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newsroom. firefighters responded to an alarm at santa rosa's cardinal newman high school. they found a man inside the building smashing windows and throwing objects. you can see just how bad that damage is at over $100,000. they took the man into custody peacefully, identified add 22-year-old andrew faulkner from guerneville. pete suratos will have a live report at 5:30. developing right now in germany, in the light of day a live look at that christmas market in berlin where we are setting the scene here. the truck removed that was used as a murder weapon to kill a dozen people, injuring about 50. a suspected terrorist plowing his truck into a crowded market. the death toll right now at 12. that attack unfolded last night, 48 others were injured. authorities managed to arrest one suspect. a short time ago, german
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security announced that suspect is from pakistan. he rent sently applied for asylum. a second suspect was found shot and killed inside a truck. so far there are no claims of responsibility from any groups. >> it is 5:05. an ac transit bus driver has life-threatening injuries this morning after crashing into a tree in oakland. this is new video into our newsroom this morning showing the aftermath of that crash. it happened just before 10:00 last night at the intersection of 10th and oak, just a couple blocks away from the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station. the scene is now clear this morning. also new this morning, a woman in critical condition after being rescued from underneath a bus. it happened about 7:00 last night at third and market streets. witnesses say the woman was running across the street when she was hit by the bus. the intersection was closed for well more than an hour.
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if you spent any time in downtown san francisco, you know how dangerous that intersection can actually be. >> many times i would hear screeching, and you'd look out the window and i always said, if you saw them limping to the corner, they probably ran the red light. >> muni says the woman may end up losing use of her legs but she's expected to survive. a case of road rage turns an east bay highway into a parking lot as you see right there during the each commute yesterday. now police are searching for the driver who riddled another car with bullets. that confrontation started about 1:00 in the afternoon in oakland on east 580. the driver of a hon day admitted to tailgating and making a rude gesture at the driver of a mercedes. the mercedes driver took out a gun and started shooting at the honda. the driver of the mercedes essentially took off. chp shut down the eastbound lanes for about half an hour.
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new details on a deadly big rig crash that we brought you as breaking news on "today in the bay." a fedex contracted truck headed to a usps center in san jose crashed in danville. you see the packages littering the highway there. the driver died and has not still been identified. the packages littering the freeway. the usps says about 200 of them are so damaged, they can't determine who sent them or where the packages were actually headed. >> fedex is going to pick it up, take it back to wherever their hub is. if they start getting tracking calls, at least fedex will be able to identify where that mail might be. >> several thousand other packages apparently did survive intact and are still on the way to their destination. the man who ran the ghost ship warehouse is defending himself and pointing fingers at several government agencies. the legal team for derick almena replaced a statement saying their client should not be made
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a scapegoat. 36 people who died in the oakland warehouse fire, his attorneys point to the alameda sheriff's office, the building code inspectors as potential defendants saying, quote, civil lawyers look for deep pockets, defendants in such a case. here the only deep pockets are those of alameda county and the property owners. end quote. so what started as a heartbreaking story is becoming a heartwarming one. a single mother of four has her car full of presents stolen. it was a devastating blow. marilyn santos was christmas shopping at a holster kmart when a car was broken into. she said the car was packed, full of gifts for herself. along with her kid's car seats. the next day, morgan hill police spotted her car in a target parking lot and arrested a man and woman for that crime. sadly the gifts were no longer there. so officers teamed up with
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target there to buy santos and her children new gifts and new car seats. >> i have never in my life got any gifts like that. >> victimized once when the car was stolen. we didn't want her victimized again. >> that couple who allegedly stole the car was booked into jail on suspicion of multiple felonies including car theft, identity theft and drug crimes. >> happy ending to that story. happening now, a live look at the sacred heart community food service. continuing into tomorrow more than 3,000 low income families will seech holiday food boxes filled with fresh produce, bread, rice, holiday harm, turkey or chicken. it's been around as long as i can remember. it actually started in 1964. before my time. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez will join us with a live report from sacred heart coming up in our next half hour. it's really nice.
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good tuesday morning. it is 5:09. a lot of clear skies, chilly temperatures. a live look outside at oakland right now. no issues as far as getting out the door. you do need to crank up the heat. only 37 degrees in san jose and palo alto. 35 in napa. we are right above freezing in santa rosa and livermore. so still very cold. there may be some frost on the windshield. we are under another spare-the-air alert. no wood burning today to try to stay warm. poor air quality for the north bay and moderate for the east bay, peninsula and south bay. i'll give you a look at rain in the forecast that may help clear things up. that's coming up in about ten minutes. >> both crashes -- i want to show you highway 84 still. the earlier crash at 680 has cleared. presumably that means all activity has cleared as well.
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we see residual slowing and the construction zone around vallecitos and isabel. that's pretty typical. look how light the volume is out of the altamont pass. that's what we'll continue to see today, even though it's a tuesday, we'll see traffic at the bay bridge. the slowing through brisbane through the earlier police pursuit. that's all clear as well. back to you. coming up next, cleared of wrongdoing, the fate of a controversial stanford judge is revealed. what this means for the people behind his recall effort. new worries about a certain kind of car and apple's tim cook defended his meeting with donald trump. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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=kari/wsifull= kari weather tease kari weather tease it is 5:14. before you head out the door, make sure you're bundled up for another chilly morning. here is a live look outside at san jose and los gatos. it will be at 42 degrees at 9:00. lunchtime temperature 5 and 58 today right where we should be for this last day of fall. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up. >> still not winter? highway 84 slow out of the cut through for pleasanton and livermore, a crash near 680 has cleared. we're looking at the bay bridge, a little tiny slowing on the incline. no problems now. i'll talk about the toll plaza
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coming up. all right, mike, thank you. 5:15 on your tuesday morning. there was no wrongdoing in the handling of the brock turner sexual assault case. that was the decision ultimately issued by the california commission on judicial performance concerning judge aaron persky. the santa clara county judge has been under fire for months. back in june you'll remember he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail and three years' probation for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman. the commission says persky did not commit any misconduct in this case or demonstrate bias against women in four other cases he's handled. the stanford law professor leading the effort to recall persky says they're going to continue to press for a recall vote on next year's ballot. apple's tim cook is defending his decision to meet with donald trump. >> not everyone at apple is convinced. >> that's right. good morning. we know a lot of people in silicon valley have reservations about donald trump. apple is a particularly special case because, keep in mind, trump has asked americans not to
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buy apple products and says he'll add a 35% tariff to iphones and other items made in china. tim cook, one of a number of executives to meet with trump last week says it's better to be in the game than on the sidelines. he sent a memo to apple employees explaining he'd meet with anyone. the way you influence issues is to be in the arena he says. so whether it's in this country or the european union or china or south america, we engage. twitter is going to live stream the red carpet from the golden globes. in fact, it's the omt way you'll be able to see the red carpet. it's a natural fit. lots of people tweet during the golden globes. the awards ceremony itself is on nbc. that happens january 8th. tune in on twitter starting at 3:00 california time to see what the stars are wearing. speaking of stars, landon dowdy joins us live from cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi there, scott. good morning to you.
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wall street will try to start the day in positive territory. futures are mixed this morning. stocks rose monday, but trading volume was light ahead of the holiday weekend. you want to look for earnings today from nike and fedex. the dow rising 39 points to 19,883, the nasdaq up 20 to 5,457. back to you. more worries this morning over the shifter on dodge cars and trucks. you'll recall a dodge suv rolled and pinned an actor from star trek killing him. the national highway safety commission is looking at the dodge durango. they use a dial instead of a traditional shifter. either people are not using it right or it doesn't work. there are reports of trucks rolling away. the 2013 to 2016 ram 1500 pickup truck also under investigation. there you see the 2014 to 2016 duran durango. there were recalls on the
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charger, chrysler 300 and the jeep grand cherokee. if it turns out this is a driver's fault, it's still not the driver's fault. it's a hard-to-use item. if you're doing it wrong, it means they designed it wrong. >> exactly, a danger there. happening right now. another spare-the-air alert is in effect this morning as we take a live look outside from emeryville at the bay bridge and a chilly start to your tuesday. temperatures continuing to grip the bay area, cold temperatures, people are being urged not to use their wood burning fireplaces. the region's cold, calm weather is what's prompting that ban as the air traps smoke. it is very, very chilly out there. >> heavier coat indeed. it makes it hard to get up, get moving and get out the door. but, we're going to have a beautiful day. as we take a look now at what to expect, we are in for warmer weather in the forecast. it takes a little while before
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we get there. take a look at the camera now as we start out with mostly clear skies, and it is beautiful start to the day, but with that heater on, it is only 48 degrees. 57 degrees will be the high today. so it will be feel nicer after this cold start. a lot of sunshine later today. and it will stay warm as we go into the week and some dry weather with some breezy winds. this weekend as many people get ready to head to grandma's house for christmas, it will be very wet. two storms moving in, we'll talk about that. right now in oakland, it's 40 degrees, 37 in palo alto and san jose. morgan hill, below freezing right now. wouldn't be surprised. many more spots in those low lying areas are also below freezing. we compare that to mostly some teens across a big chunk of the country. the eastern half is feeling temperatures this morning, very cold.
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there's a storm system moving into the pacific northwest that may also cause travel problems heading up towards seattle and portland. it will continue on to bring some snow farther to the east. over the next seven days for us, mainly dry. we will once again be tracking the weather system, moving in on friday and another one moving in for sunday. looking at the rainfall totals, it doesn't look that impressive, but still heavy rain moving in between friday and early saturday. heading over to mike now, tracking what's happening with a kwo couple of crashes now clearing. >> maybe dreaming of a wet christmas? a smooth flow of traffic. the crash on the peninsula after that police pursuit or chp and police pursuit, it has cleared. we're still going to track that story. very interesting one. over here the east bay not so interesting. the tri-valley an easy drive. a smooth approach toward the bay bridge. give you a quick look at the
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toll plaza. we had flashing lights over here in the parking lot area. those have cleared. no lanes have blocked. we will have a backup, but we'll have a lighter, shorter lived metering light session. yesterday it was done by 8:15. looking at the limit for the eastshore freeway, 15 minutes from the highway 4 to the bay bridge. no delays for mass transit systems. let someone else do the driving. >> exactly. thank you very much. up next, "nbc bay area responds." he refinanced an old loan and got a new one. the old one haunted him. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. to a morgan hill man who had
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problems refinancing his student loan. =2shot= consum i this morning nks bay area responds to a morgan hillman who had problems refinancing a student loan. >> chris chmura helped him out and joins us for this story. >> john refinanced his student loan, but the payoff on his original loan didn't go through. john waited several weeks, made several phone calls and said he couldn't get a straight answer from his new lender as to why the pave didn't happen. in the meantime, his balance was accruing interest. john reached out to us. his new lender paid off the original loan and paid the $400 in interest. john is saving a lot of money from his refinancing, but refinancing isn't the best option for everyone. tonight at 6:00, we'll explain what you need to know before making this important decision. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us, 1-888-996-tips or logon to
5:25 am long last, apple iphone 7 owners are getting their hands on the ear puds. hold on tightly. they went on sale yesterday after weeks of delays. many apple stores sold out in moments. if you lose one, to replace it, it's not cheap. losing an air pod is not covered under warn tie. replacements cost $69. thousands of dollars of damage left behind at a high school and the plan police say is responsible. it's cold and dry now. already tracking the next storm system. expected to move into the bay area in time for busy holiday travel. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. volunteers at sacred heart community services of san jose
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were busy as santa's elves this weekend. food boxes ready for families to pick up today. they do need a little bit of help. we'll tell you what's on the wish list and how it could get you a tax break.
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welcome. just a minute short of 5:30 on your tuesday morning. a live look outside at downtown san jose. we are, of course, in the holiday spirit. christmas in the park there. kris sanchez momentarily will talk about the sacred heart community service and the food gooifaway that begins today. i'm sam brock. >> you might want to give somebody a sweater, especially in the bay area. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm cold this morning. >> sweater, some gloves, a scarf, a hat, maybe all of that. it's been so cold lately and it continues this morning. there will be some milder air in the forecast as we go into the next couple of days. probably warms you up to know that. here is a look at the temperatures now. it's only 33 degrees in the
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tri-valley, 37 in the south bay and 33 in the north bay. we'll talk about that warmer air and some rain coming up as we head over to mike, traaking us through the tri-valley. >> look at that, a nice ease ski drive around the bay. expecting light traffic flow like yesterday, last week before christmas. 84 slowing through the construction area and the bay bridge we should see the backup over there. the metering lights are on. there was activity across the bay as well. for what happened overnight, we'll hand it right to you guys. >> that's right. with breaking news we've been following all morning long, you mentioned a tow truck leads police on a high-speed chase ending with an arrest o n the peninsula. >> words you don't hear put together, tow truck and high-speed chase. bob redell joins us from brisbane where it ended. what can you tell us from the scene about what happened? >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura.
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this was a 70-minute car chase that by our count went through four cities and eventually ended over the hump on southbound 101 where the red brake lights are. it started when san leandro police tried to pull over a driver of a stolen flatbed tow truck. you can see in the video as he blasted through the bay bridge toll plaza and across the bridge itself at speeds well over the speed limit with chp in pursuit. at one point he got off the interstate and onto the streets of san francisco, eventually back on 101. you should be able to see him on hospital curve. speeds well below the speed limit at this point because his tires were punctured by spike strips deployed by police. now we'll fast forward around 4:30 this morning. the chase finally came to an end on southbound 101 at sierra point in brisbane. he hopped out of the truck and ran across northbound 101.
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you can see the officers in a mad dash. they arrested him in a nearby parking lot. no one was hurt. all lanes of southbound 101 were shut down for some time but eventually reopened with no residual impact on the morning commute. live along northbound 101 in brisbane, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> pretty dramatic scene there. bob, thank you very much. now to a developing story out of berlin. a suspected terror attack we've been following for the last day. now police detained a man from pakistan, a refugee seeking asylum. 12 people died after a truck that someone was driving rammed into a crowd right in the heart of berlin. "today in the bay's" edward lawrence live from washington with the latest on the investigation into this heinous attack. good morning. >> good morning, sam. we've learned within the last 15 minutes, police believe they have the wrong man. apparently police investigators are telling the media in germany that the person they have in custody does not have any gunshot residue on him.
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they do believe that the attacker in this case is still on the loose and armed and dangerous. so there's now a manhunt going on in germany, in berlin for the person that committed this. 12 people are dead, 48 others are injured. some of those injuries are critical. so the death toll could actually rise in this. there was a passenger found in the cab of the van. that passenger is found dead. it's now believed that passenger was, in fact, the original driver of the 18-wheeler. the attacker then killed that driver and stole the 18-wheeler to commit this crime. witnesses say that the 18-wheeler came at about 40 miles an hour into this group of holiday revellers, people who were celebrating, shopping at a christmas market there. they're very famous in germany. they bring millions of people, locals and tourists into those areas. again, police are still on the lookout this morning. now, all of this has actually changed security within the
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united states in some large cities. for instance, new york is beefing up security around areas normally frequented by tourists going to holiday events around the christmas tree in rockefeller center, also macy's. a number of large cities are increasing the police presence because they're concerned of other attacks like this that have been inspired or tried to be inspired by isis. live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> thank you very much, edward. also new this morning, a north bay school targeted by vandals. this morning we're getting a closer look at the massive amount of damage left behind. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live in santa rosa at cardinal newman high school where this all happened. deputies were able to catch the suspect kind of in the act shortly after it happened last night. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura and sam. the sonoma county sheriff's department were able to arrest 23-year-old andrew faulkner of guerneville. at this time we don't know his
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connection to the school. i want to show you right here in front of the main office at cardinal newman, you see the front windows are boarded up. you can see the trophy case where some of the window was shattered as a result of his actions last night. let's show you some of the video we have from inside that school, you can see the broken glass from the shattered windows, damaged window blinds, soil from a potted plant on the floor. glass everywhere. according to the sheriff's office, they were alerted by firefighters around 7:00 p.m. after they showed up due to the fire alarm going up. when they showed up, faulkner was located. and one of the officers in the school administration building. he faces charges of burglary, vandalism and being under the influence of a controlled substance. cost of the damages according to
5:36 am
detectives is at least $100,000. i looked on the school calendar. it looks like the semester ends today and christmas break starts tomorrow. when students arrive, they'll see quite a scene right before christmas break. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. 5:36. exclusive video of a double shooting in antioch that left a woman fighting for her life. video shows two men walking down the street about noon. suddenly, one of them pulls out a gun and fires several times. a stray bullet went into a passing car hitting a woman in the head. she underwent surgery for several hours. we don't know her condition this morning. we spoke to neighbors who witnessed the frightening or deal. >> i was in bed, and i heard a loud noise, but it continues. >> this video shows bullets smashing through the window of a
5:37 am
parked car. a second victim was found nearby, also expected to vooif. police took a number of persons of interest into custody at a nearby apartment complex. the family of an oakland teenager killed by a tree branch is suing the city over his death. jack lew was died last december after the branch he was climbing snapped. in the lawsuit the family claims the city knew the tree located near lake merrick should have been cut down and it was marked for removal before the teen was killed. so far no word from the city. it is 5:37 right now. happening today, the santa clara county registrar's office will begin a recount of a closely contested city council race. supporters for jimmy nguyen requested the recount in the race for the district eight counsel seat. he lost to sylvia arenas by fewer than 100 votes. the county conducts recounts in a race that tight, but because
5:38 am
nguyen's campaign has requested this one, it will be far more detailed and will be paid for by his campaign. happening now, families in need of a little help are getting it at sacred heart community service in san jose. >> saib's kris sanchez joins us live with the details. 3200 food boxes given away in just a few hours. >> reporter: right. sacred heart does this sort of work all year long, but this is when they try to make these boxes extra special. this is one of the boxes the families will get. i'm impressed with how much fresh produce, apples, onions, squash, and things for the rest of your holiday meal. also an option for a turkey, a chicken or a ha. we should say thank you to safeway because they stopped by and donated 300 hams. that certainly pell helped to
5:39 am
fill the need. this is a continuation of what happened at thanksgiving. 3200 families will get assistance for christmas. over thanksgiving people also got help and that made the thanksgiving holiday a little better for everybody. volunteers will arrive in about an hour and a half. families will start coming through at 9:00 this morning. later this morning, san jose firefighters will donate 33 whole turkey dinners, one dinner from each of the firehouses. thursday through friday parents can come through and choose presents for their kids, get to wrap them themselves and give them to the kids as if they had bought them. that's one of the things sacred heart does, makes people feel like normal parents and not in need of assistance. but to do that, sacred heart needs a little help from the community. so our donation station is open all this week from 8:00 to 4:00 at firstal and alma. if you don't want to fight the
5:40 am
holiday traffic, you can make a donation online and we'll do the shopping for you. >> now, if you make that donation toward the toys, they're short about 8,000 toys toward their 18,000-toy goal. you can still make that donation and get a tax deduction. $60 donation buys holiday dinner for two families, $150 buys books for 15 kids, $300 helps to build a family vegetable gardens. that's some of the ways they spend your money. right now the push is on to make sure to get all the toys they need to help the children. you can go to i'll put the information out on twitter. at sacred heart community service, chrkris sanchez, "todan the bay." it's 5:40. here is a live lookout side at san rafael. it is nice and clear, but air quality will not be good today.
5:41 am
unhealthy, especially in the north bay. in the east bay, peninsula and south bay, it will be moderate. a spare-the-air alert means no wood burning today to try to stay warm. it is very cold out there to start mostly 30s across the bay area. highs today reaching 58 degrees in the peninsula and the tri-valley. in the south bay today, 60 degrees and 59 in in east bay. i'll have a look at some rain in the forecast coming up in about ten minutes, mike is tracking 84 in pleasanton. >> that's the cut-through for folks. that's the area where we see slowing anyway, the tri-valley. 680 not unusually slow. typical dip there. 84, very slow right around the construction area at vallecitos, isabella and toward the city itself. we should see it clearing up. no construction projects scheduled to last any longer. it may be a hiccup there. that's the only real issue approaching the bay bridge. speed approaching the toll plaza where the metering lights are
5:42 am
on. thanks a lot, mike. the unbelievable drone footage that captures killer whales during mealtime. meanwhile in san francisco robots versus bicycles. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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good tuesday morning. it is 5:44. all clear skies, but it is still
5:45 am
very chilly out there. a live look outside in san jose. in willow glen, in the low 40s to start. as many people head out there on the roadways, up to 58 degrees. a lot of sun and light wind. it gets warmer in the forecast. details on that coming up in about five minutes. >> despite the earlier issues on the peninsula, we have no more slowing through brisbane, at speed all the way down, at speed in the santa clara area. no delays moving north either. you'll have to be a little moral careful about returning the library books. leaders want to go high-tech when it comes to tracking the books. the examiner reports the head librarian is proposing a multimillion dollar microchiping plan. those chips would emit tiny radio signals to speed up checkouts and simplify inventory checks. other bay area libraries already use that same technology. 5:45. south bay leaders are getting an
5:46 am
earful from angry homeowners being volted awake by the sound of train horns. that's the sound residents in japantown are hearing these days, they say without any advanced notice. union pacific rail row is rerouting trains due to work on amtrak's capital corridor line. federal law requires warning horns at all intersections regardless of the time of day. >> came through the with vengeance. it was absurd, a little after midnight. >> you've never had that before? >> no. it was new. >> they did zero outreach in areas like japantown where they're going to be blaring these horns having to cut through. >> south bay leaders say union pacific has to do more community alerts and outreach along its entire line rather than just near its project site. a new warning in the east bay, people should be avoiding
5:47 am
contact with the water in the oakland estuary. it's right along jack london square. east bay mud says water near the posey tube became contaminated from sewage overflows during the recent storms. warning signs will be posted until the levels return to normal. wildlife officers san jose they recently found illegal items in a pair of san francisco businesses. among the items found, statues made of ivory and a rhinoceros bone bracelet. the total value comes to $500,000. wildlife officials aren't saying what stores they raided. it's up to the district attorney to file charges. the man accused of setting off a string of pipe bombs in new york and new jersey in september is due to appear in federal court. authorities say ahmad kahn rahim many set off two devices, one of which exploded and injured several people. other pipe bombs were set off in
5:48 am
new jersey as well. he's due in court today for an arraignment. >> scott mcgrew, perhaps a more peaceful day today? >> let's hope. wall street could start to the positive, sam. stocks did rise monday but gains slow on word of the attack in germany. we usually see light volume this time of year. the dow is up 39. nasdaq up 20. you were talking about trains, the federal agency in charge of trains is thinking about a new rule that would require map apps like google and apple and gps makers to point out train crossings. "the new york times" said apple is already working on that. the app would give you some warning if the directions required you to cross train tracks. you'll require in 2015 a man following google maps lodged his truck on a crossing, he ab banned the truck. it was hit by a train, killing
5:49 am
the engineer. the ntsb points out that as a reason to include crossings on maps. the state of california says uber cannot drive its autonomous cars on san francisco streets, but uber keeps doing it. uber does not have a permit to drive automated or self-driving cars. uber argues they're not self-driving, two people up front guiding the car. criticism from bike riders as well. they say the self-driving ubers don't turn properly. the san francisco bike coalition says the uber drivers turn too far from the left. you're supposed to turn right as close to the curb as humanly possible. uber's self-driving cars swing out too far this way and cut off the bikes. uber says its drivers are starting to take over when they go for a right turn across a bike lane. again, more criticism for uber this morning.
5:50 am
sam and laura. >> crystal is in for me one day and i'm out of here. >> a view right now that you have never seen before, drone video showing a pod of killer whales feasting on a shark in the monterey bay. >> the video was posted by a local photographer. it's already been viewed nearly 500,000 times. the photographer hired by the monterey bay whale watch says there were at least 25 whales enjoying that feast. you can watch the full video, if you can stomach it, on >> survival of the fittest. >> people forget that killer whales are named because -- well. >> a much calmer day here. >> as we start off. but definitely a chilly one. >> still very cold out there. another morning to bundle up and turn the heater on full blast once again.
5:51 am
as we go into this afternoon, we'll talk about that as we get a live look outside from emeryville toward the bay bridge. things are getting going this morning, and skies are all clear, and, yes, we do still have to scrape some frost off the windshield in spots, especially in the valleys. it's down to 33 degrees right now in santa rosa and livermore. san jose, 37. that's the temperature where you can still have some frost. also in palo alto. morgan hill down below freezing, 31 degrees. once again, we compare that to what everyone else is feeling across the country and widespread swath of teens farther off towards the east. but a deep freeze that is slowly starting to loosen its grip. we're seeing that, too. by this afternoon, we're looking at low 60s at palo alto. half moon bay, 60 degrees at morgan hill. 61. also 61 degrees in the north bay and looking far they are to the north, the pacific northwest, there's rain moving in, heavy downpours there around seattle and portland. this storm system will dry up
5:52 am
before it makes it into the bay area. and there will be a couple more storm systems right behind that on friday as many people are making plans to head out on the roadways to meet up with family for the christmas holidays, it will be raining. there will be a couple of breaks in there. it looks like on christmas day the next round of rain moves in. as far as how much we can see, not looking all that impressive. it looks like in most spots .5 up to an inch in a few spots. but it looks like tricky travel from i-5, wet and windy, over to lake tahoe through the sierra. it looks like it could be snowy. we'll keep an eye on that. keeping an eye on the commute this morning, here is mike. >> maybe ask for an early christmas gift, maybe some chains. remember the first night of hand kau
5:53 am
hanukkah is christmas eve as well. i'll track a little slowing southbound 680 through pleasanton and sunol and a build through hayward. very mild build right now. considering it's tuesday, this is a very slight commute. getting over toward the bay bridge, just 15 minutes. speeds just starting to dip through richmond. that's why we changed from green to orange. travel time 15 minutes from the backup at the toll plaza. all lanes are filled. we do have this -- the fast track lanes are moving well. yesterday the metering lights were turned off at 8:15. today maybe 9:15. we'll track that. meanwhile the transit system, no problems. we have work on van ness. that might delay lines 47 and 49 green greenwich -- >> up next, more fallout. the charges expected to be announced following the devastating flint water crisis. >> first, an 84-year-old
5:54 am
california woman defies age and flies on the trapeze. see her journey on whatnot to bring to the holiday party. what happened when a group of television anchors taste tested an appetizer. the story goes viral. more of this morning's top stories in just two minutes. our year-and-a-half long
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
investigation into the misuse of school police officers--- is a year and a half long investigation into the misuse of school police officers is now getting the attention of the white house. >> the country's secretary of education is pleading with schools across the country to take immediate action to stop overusing law enforcement to discipline students. tonight at 11:00, investigative reporter bigad sheb ban travels to washington. >> we found some schools in the bay area where students are getting criminal records before they even hit puberty. >> that's right. it's very distracting. >> well, we'll tell you what changes the white house wants made at schools in the bay area and across the country. that store i have y is tonight . if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call
5:58 am
1-888-996-tips or send an e-mail to more charges will be announce phd the flint drinking water investigation. no word on how many people will be charged or exactly what those charges will be, but so far, eight state employees in michigan and one city employee in flint have been charged in connection with the water crisis. the water crisis in flint started two years ago when corrosive water ate through the city's pipe, causing lead to seep into the drinking water. millions of americans are coping with ice, snow and temperatures well below freezing. in oklahoma a sprinkler head broke causing a children's hospital to look more like a seen from "frozen." chicago 13 below zero with windchills making it feel like 30 below. fr more than 130 million people in
5:59 am
below freezing temperatures yesterday. >> we think it's cold here. right now at 6:00 we're tracking the cold weather hitting us in the bay area as well. >> cool temperatures will be warming up. chilly start as you head out the door. here is live look outside at san jose. frosty conditions across the bay area. we'll talk about the warmup in a few minutes. >> reporter: an overnight pursuit that takes law enforcement from the east bay finally over here to the peninsula. the reason police started chasing that driver in the first place. plus major damage at a bay area high school after a vandal breaks in in the middle of the night and starts smashing windows. the man behind bars this morning as a result. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> a very good tuesday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we just saw the video of people walking around chicago with the
6:00 am
scarves on. it's not that bad. >> i went jogging, and it was about 45 degrees over the weekend. my throat still hurts. i can only imagine what it's like for the runners out there and it's below freezing or even in the teens. we're not dealing with that. hey, it's still cold. it's 32 degrees now in the tri-valley. it's dropped down. freezing temperatures there, frost elsewhere in san francisco. 44 degrees. bundle up as you head out. warm you up with some 60s in the forecast in just a few minutes. heading over to mike, a minor crash in dublin. >> talking the possibility of frost and black ice. none reported. we did have some yesterday. this is not playing a factor in the krach. south 680 past the dublin interchange, looks like lanes are clear, just mild slowing through pleasanton. orange to yellow, that means speeds have improved as you pass by stoneridge. i want to talk about the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights ar


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