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tv   Today  NBC  December 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, . from nbc news this is "today" with cathy lee gifford and hoda live from studio 1a in rock fella plaza. all right. hello everybody and welcome to hump day wednesday december 21st. it's actually officially the first day of o winter. >> yeah, it feels like it's here. >> blake shelton came with it. >> we have a terrific show today. he said that he would be back, and he is. arnold is going to be in your living rooms as the host of the
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new celebrity apprentice, and you want to see what he has to say with that. >> yeah, and the up and coming pop ar first. he is jake miller and that's somoin biles and we're going to get to this love winning. >> yeah. if you need a few gifts ideas, send a gift throughout 2017. we're going to show you the best subscription services and friends and family will love to receive. >> yes. a lot of people have their birthdays over the holidays and it's not fair. jennifer miller and it's her birthday today, so the jen miller, we want to say a happy birthday. >> yeah, we sure do. i am wearing the earrings as well. look at this bling. she has beautiful stuff. guess whose birthday it is?
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>> i heard someone else's. >> yes, we love him. we had a great idea and we did not know it was your birthday today, but you can give us a pre present and show us your chest. [ laughter ] >> he has been graced in magazines and has the physique. >> yeah, quick the package. >> words of wisdom. >> six pack or eight, he has it all. ready for words of wisdom. >> here we go. ready. here it is. be here now. the source is a non -- or i heard it came from a woman beverly miller. >> be here now. >> where you are, be present. don't think of something else. you're right here with us. >> yeah, i just ate a bag of tostitos. >> he wants to whip the hands.
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we're all together. >> he is just ducking behind and we would love to play it today. >> would you feel betrayed after a bad break up your friends stayed in touch with your ex, but attended the wedding to another woman? >> that's ridiculous. who would do that? >> one woman wrote in act this ultimate betrayal. she said that her two best friends were attending his wedding despite her heart break. the worst part. >> he was marrying the woman he had an affair with. i don't know if i want my friends to communicate with the ex. it's like you're my friend and there's horrible blood. it's not cool. >> it's tough when you're friends with both people, and they break up.
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you want to be friendly and not take sides. that's happened to me and frank when one of our closest friends broke up. the wife was devastated and the husband moved on. he called us to have dinner and i said no, you're doing great, and she is not. by us going, we would hurt her. i think that you would understand you would not want us to hurt her or you. >> now here is the question. why on earth is why would you show up. here is the question okay yes, what is it? yes, if if you would feel betrayed go red. >> yes, we agree. >> just yes. >> if you say no, it's no big deal then go with the white wine. nonfeeling insensitive jerk.
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>> who gave that? who are you? >> some are saying yeah, i would go. we have a shout out to ll cool j. he is helping us get into the spirit along with with fat joe. he does not mind and calls himself fat. he helped out at the annual church event and gave out food, clothing and presents for those that would not have anything for the holidays. >> yeah, when you go back home and remember where you came from and get back, it's awesome. >> awesome. every now and then you hear a version of a song and it comes from a place. this is from a professional singer and happened to be in the metro just standing there and talked about when the -- >> akoe sticks are everything. >> she is waiting for a train and decided to sing o holy
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night. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> should have had the high note at the very end. any who, there were people singing back up for her. >> everyone knows the words. >> no, they were singing harmony behind it. unless they were talented people. >> yeah, it's the michael jackson and this is the show and worked with gladys night and then obama followed her on twilter. >> she is a fan of the show. well done. we want to know the story of that.
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do you have your friends singing along or is that people that happen to be musical. >> by the way, beautiful moment. >> thank you for doing that. >> you breakout into song. >> this touched us. she put up a billboard and with a card that says ms. similars. you and my family have continued to bless.
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>> yeah, if you saw her and a beloved teacher. >> i remember i was praying for you. >> yes. yes. >> really. >> yeah, i did not graduate from college because there were not that many, and i had fewer than most people. yeah, i don't remember every teacher that i had. i remember a couple. you remember the extraordinary ones. >> yeah. >> we have a hump day. >> we sure do. >> he is out of town, and i'm going to give you a hump day. [ laughter ] there's two hump covers and it's got the sequel of blade runner and apparently ryan had never met harrison before and he was a huge influence. >> looked up to him. wow. awesome. coming up the face of the new
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celebrity apprentice. >> he lets us know if he is going to terminate the competition. that's after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ i see that you terminated and there's a lot of the catch phrase and fire. is it terminated. terminated? >> we don't know yet. >> you don't have it yet? t. will be one of them. remember, i've had a lot of great lines, could be you're terminated or you won't be back, or hauft ta la vista. >> you won't be back? >> don't rewrite the script now. he will get violently mad. i don't want to say i'll be back. i want to say, i will be back. he says, no. i'm the writer. because, he goes crazy, when i
10:14 am
want to do some changes. >> can i put in my vote? >> yeah. >> "hasta la vista, baby" that could be one. hauft ta la vista, baby, or hit the road. get to the chopper. [ laughter ] >> that one's pretty good, too. so have you been a fan of this show for a while? >> yes. i've watched it -- i didn't watch all of them, but i watched many of the shows and always said to myself, dammit, i could do this show. i would have loved to host this show. it's trump's show. he's going to stay on it forever. okay. forget it. maybe another idea. and then all of the sudden i hear that he's offered, running for president, and it was a, wow, this is my time. so i got in touch with mark burnett and with my agent and said, look, this is a good opportunity. trump is off. let's move in, and let's host the show. so that's exactly what happened. >> you did. he's not definitely off. still, it's widely reported he'll still be the executive producer of the show. have you been in contact?
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>> well, you know, he made that deal already, like, you know, almost 15 years ago. so, of course, he stays on there, with the same credit. and, but he's not going to be involved. as he already tweeted out. not involved in any of the decision-making, because he's busy with something much bigger, which is to run the country and run the world. >> no advice? hasn't given you advice to step into his shoes? >> i didn't give him any advice when he ran for office and he didn't give me any advice how do this. >> your daughter, with adore, katherine post add picture of you, maria and two of your kids. what are you all doing for the holidays? >> we all get together. it's a through we have. if it is mother's day, we all get together. if it is their birthdays if it is christmas. whatever special day it is. so for the holidays we're going to go and get together and celebrate christmas and give each other gifts and all that and have a great time. >> hmm. >> and then afterwards we go
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skiing. >> i love that. >> yes. >> you have is a hurt foot, the last time you hurt your foot you were actually sledding with my grandmother. >> that's right. >> you ran into her? >> she broke her leg, because it -- george, your grandfather and i, we were sledding down in camp david, because he always invited me to camp david. we were sliding down, screaming behind me, watch out, watch out, turn, turn, arnold, turn! of course, i did not know how to turn this thing, right? we went straight for barbara and banged into her leg. next thing, she went down to the emergency room, and camp david, and it was like -- but she forgave me. said, don't worry about it. >> i would have br very scared. you're the terminator, she's it's enforcer. you don't mess with barbara bush. >> no one messes with her. i think she didn't mind that, and i was invited back. >> that's good. we can't wait to watch the show. you'll definitely bring a new flare to it. thanks so much, governor schwarzenegger.
10:17 am
happy holidays. >> thank you. as we mentioned, presiden e president-elect trump is producer of "celebrity apprentice." premieres at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> and with mark burnett. >> don't forget mark burnett. come on, y'all! >> thank you, jenna. a social media superstar, shared the stage with flo rida and fifth harmony. >> now sharing our stage ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq? every great why needs a great how.
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a big crowd outside for one reason. because it's time to meet the next big music sensation. already has millions of fans or social media. >> jake miller a. ha a. 24-year-old pop artist and songwriter opened for snoop dogg and fifth harmony but today is our headliner as elvis duran artist of the month. >> the new ep, already hit number one on the chart. what, elvis? >> a natural. >> tell you, a little different than the tichpic the artist. jake and i have known each other about three years. >> go way back. >> making a lot of news online. now jingle ball tour and videos and music, over 90 million hits online. for his music -- >> your moment, honey. >> feeling very good. life is, everything aligned. >> delve into your music video a
10:22 am
second. >> hoda's fascinated by this. >> someone shows up in your music video, simone biles, whom we love a. big fan. >> how did that come to be? >> she tweeted me about two years ago. i didn't see it until she was in the olympics the past few months. i reached out to her via social media. got her number. started talking, supporting each other and everybody on social media loved the relationship, and everybody went crazy. when she came back to the states, do want to be in the music video? she had never been in a music video and was just as excited as i was. >> is this a thing? what's happening? >> does zac know about this? >> zac efron? >> yes. you and zac efron! a thing. >> thank you, thank you. >> a tan. >> very dark and handsome. >> jake is so, so connected to his fans through social media. one of the magical things about him. you've got to be that way in this day and age. it's working to his advantage but his music is the foundation for what he's all about. >> you're going to sing your new
10:23 am
big hit? >> excited to be here. >> and a huge tour. jingle ball. >> where are you going on tour? >> around the whole country. starting in february. >> talk about your fans outside. i see signs, "i waited overnight for you." how connected to you feel with those guys out there? >> i feel very connected. >> do you want to invite some in. >> come on in! break the glass. >> we have a big, big group outside we'd love to show you and hopefully get some inside in a little bit. >> you'll sing "overnight" in a little later. >> now, joy bauer, or s.o.s. question of the week. >> what diet dilemma are you tackling today? >> a good one. you'll be happy with the choice. the question from elaine in east meadow, new york, who writes -- i'm hosting a holiday party looking for a few slimming, festive cocktail ideas. any suggestions? yes! i've got two slimming sippers that are coming up a little later on in the show. you guys are both going to be
10:24 am
able to taste test them. so stay tuned, elaine. >> all righty. thank you, joy. also, keepal hot day going past december with gifts that are going to arrive all year long. it's a great idea. >> highlight that, and tune in for, there's a holiday song edition of "who knew?." i'm going across the street with those crazy party people. >> very brave, hoda. >> we are going to sing some chri
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♪a major road in the north bay remains closed - after a fiery c happening now a major road in the north bay remains close after a fiery crash in which two were killed, one victim rescued by a man who happened to see the crash. we will have a live report in our midday newscast. just after it happened an nbc
10:27 am
bay area photographer was passing the scene of that crash. a link to the dramatic video in our twitter feed. a record number of seals are hunk ering down in the bay. in this case the house is full. we have a lock at weather and traffic coming up.
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=trx at ck= ck trafficap we are starting out with some chilly temperatures, but it
10:29 am
will be a very nice afternoon in san francisco up to 57 degrees. 55 tomorrow. and then we'll get ready for rain to move in on friday. a break on saturday and on sunday especially by late christmas day. there will be some more rain moving in with some cool temperatures. we're enjoying the first day of winter with some warmer weather for the inland areas, a high of 64 degrees, and some low 50s for the weekend. once again that storm system moving in and we'll continue to track that. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. tree work i found out going on down here. that's the slower drive for the northbound 280 approach on the de anza boulevard. tree work until 3:00 p.m. that may mean slowing. add another five minutes just in case. over here no problems for the bay bridge. a live look out there and that's typical as vacation approaches. more folks will head in for
10:30 am
midday so watch for a build, just a slight one coming out of the maze, kris. >> thank you very much, mike. all the day's news at 11:00 in our midday newscast. oh, listen to that song and that singer. it's wines day wednesday, and we're ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew?." christmas and hanukkah of this weekend. wa better way to get you in the spirit than a little holiday music trivia. hoda is across the street at the shop at nbc studios at 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right, and one of her signed books to those who don't, even better. here with me from "pop goes the week" brian baltasar. merry, merry. >> hello. >> where are you from? >> virginia. >> suzanne, true or false, in the song "deck the halls" there is a line, troll the ancient
10:31 am
yuletide carol. >> true. >> yes! true. >> yes. there is. >> it's a weird word. troll. >> nowadays trolling is a bad thing on the internet. back then a loud, rolling voice. heartily chant. >> to heartily chant? >> you've didn't along trolling. >> i destroy still do on occasi >> where are you from? >> alison. >> from ohio. >> we are going to sing, me and you. finish the lyric to this christmas song. here we go. ♪ last christmas i gave you my heart and the very next day ♪ you gave it away ♪ this year to save you from cheers ♪ ♪ i gave you it someone special snowed. >> yes! yes! [ cheers ] >> she knew right off, no question about that one. >> i think we actually call that
10:32 am
a close enough. i'll give it to someone special. >> but good job. congratulations. but that is a -- >> 'tis the season. the tenth most downloaded holiday song in the u.s. very popular. >> from wham? >> yes. groeszing, never hit number one in all countries where it's done so well over the year. >> it's done okay. hoda? >> your name, where you from? >> katherine ball, collinsville, illinois. >> she just snorted. >> sorry. >> it happens. are you ready? >> yes. >> you take the song "12 days of christmas" literally, how many things did my true love give to me, 38, 56 or 364 things? >> i have no idea. 12's not an option. i'm going to go with -- b. >> she says, b.! oh! wait a minute. wait a minute. [ cheers and applause ] >> this one is tricky because technically on day one you get a
10:33 am
partridge in a pear tree. day two, two turtledoves and another partridge. >> still every day, the answer is -- >> 364. >> you get something -- >> eventually, you've got six, seven maids a milking, get out of my house. >> always sounds awful to me. maids a milking. >> savannah cooksky from texas. >> i like people who laugh. finish the lyric to this christmas song. ♪ you better not watch, you better not cry you better not pout i'm telling you why ♪ ♪ >> why? ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> layup, baby! you got it. >> well done! yeah, sure is. >> he is coming to town. actually, the number one popular digital download flight is actually "santa claus is coming to town" from mariah carey. >> cleans up at christmastime. >> she does. does very well. >> time for one more. good. >> what's your name?
10:34 am
>> trisha rager. >> from -- >> clutch is, ohio. >> let's play. which one of these celebs is not name checked in a adam sandler' holiday song. >> david lee roth. >> is she right? so sad, but so good! >> the answer is. >> natalie portman. actually mentioned in the second one. the song is meant for kids who are jewish who don't relate, don't feel involved in christmas. adam sandler wrote a song calling out celebrities that are jewish. n natalie portman is in the second. and the song, mariah carey, "all i want for christmas is you." i'm correcting myself. >> thank you. buy it once, have it dlielivere to someone's door all year long. the gifts that keep on giving. teasing me with my own songs and then turning it off. i think that's really cruel. >> wow. i hear it ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> there you go.
10:35 am
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walmart. ♪silver bells >> what's bretter than getting gifts at christmastime. >> getting gifts -- >> both: all year long. >> why not surprise them with gifts that arrive at their doorstep for months to come. >> i like these. here with someone for everyone is our lifestyle expert -- >> both: jenn falik. >> happy holidays. >> so fun. you get gifts at christmas and this gives you gifts all year long. >> yes. >> takes one easy clickity clack. >> she slurves thalove that. you have to pay for it. >> you have to pay for it. yes. >> let's start at the kids' department. [ doorbell rings ] >> somebody's at the door. >> first, this is rockets of awesome. a new company basically you get a box of awesome mix and match clothes. >> that's cute. >> cute. >> based on preferences.
10:40 am
cutest box. whatever you keep you're charged for. everything else, send back. so easy. for grandparents or a knathat ls far away, this is a great way to do it t. is. >> they get the delivery. >> keep as many pieces you tell them they can or like a reward program. >> okay. >> that's really fun. this is so cool, called kowiee box. containeds, plush delivers 10 to 12 of the best inspired items you can't find, to your door every month. so cute. >> start looking forward to it so much. >> can't help but fun. this is for your pets [ doorbell rings ] >> it's the mailman. >> he's busy this time of year. >> delivering something for the dogs. this is bark box. i love about it, sourcing things good for your dogs. >> sorry. if you're home -- >> dogs go crazy. >> dumplings.
10:41 am
>> soup dumplings! >> sam paychampaign, shoe toy. $35 a month. what you like, don't like and one for cats called purr packs. they donate 10% to charities. giving back. >> and mailman is coming back. [ doorbell rings ] >> kind of creepy. the creek. >> food gift options. love with food and they do great things for charity. for every box delivered they give a meal to a child who's hungry. >> too many of them are. >> yes. this is a great way to give back and all of these healthy snacks. gluten-free. specify what you want. go fancy, try the world. they have boxes from, like, all oev over the world. michelin-inspired boxes. things unique to different countries. for a foodie, a great way to
10:42 am
sample authentic finds. >> and trends? don't we, mr. mailman? [ doorbell rings ] >> there he is again. >> ooh, it's getting creepier! >> these are, this is different trendy items you can get via sup xrix. shades monthly, new service. new pair of sunglasses every month. vote for the ones you want. other fun stuff. in terms of bufteauty. a lot of beauty subscriptions. boxes are gorgeous. every month, high-end samples, deluxe samples or full-size products maybe someone wouldn't find themselves. >> and plants -- >> very cool. even if you can't keep a plant alive, can't kill a succulent. >> it's very hard to kill a succulent. i dated a guy like that once. >> this is desert box. get a succulent every month. customized every month. no two are-alike. >> jen, thank you. and jake miller is getting us grooving.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. long time, but i do remember. [ cheers ] >> all right. you've met elvis duran artist of the month. time to hear him sing. >> latest song called "overnight" this is jake miller. >> take it away! joet yeah i know sometimes you wanna go and give up ♪ give up you know we only argue when i'm f-ed up ♪ so maybe we should try and kiss and make up ♪
10:49 am
make up or if you hate me, baby, maybe you should just leave ♪ just leave yeah, but i can see you saying things you don't mean ♪ don't mean you'll be feeling better in the morning ♪ they say change takes time ♪ ♪ but, baby, we can fix it overnight ♪ yeah, if you let me try ♪ ♪ then maybe we can fix it overnight yoevlger night overnight ♪ come on, oh, oh, tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, running out of patience we should slow down slow down ♪ my tongue is tied i don't know
10:50 am
what to say now say now ♪ yeah, but we don't have to talk to work it all out ♪ ♪ yeah, oh, no 'cause once you crash and burn, you burn it all down all down ♪ ♪ yeah you know it's getting late we may as well now well now ♪ ♪ yeah, make it better by the time the sun's out ♪ they say change takes time hey ♪ ♪ but, baby, we can fix it overnight ♪ if you let me try try ♪ ♪ then maybe we can fix it overnight ♪ overnight, overnight ♪ oh, overnight ♪ >> come on! ♪ overnight baby, we can fix it overnight ♪ oh, no, we don't have to give
10:51 am
up, give up so soon ♪ baby, we don't have to sleep on it ♪ ♪ right now, let me show you what i, what i can do ♪ ♪ baby, we don't have to sleep on it ♪ ba baby, oh, they say thing that takes time ♪ ♪ but, baby, we can fix it overnight we can fix it, baby ♪ ♪ yeah, if you let me try try ♪ ♪ then maybe we can fix it overnight oh, we can fix it overnight ♪ ♪ overnight oh, overnight ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah! jake! >> awesome nap was great! great job, jake. >> thank you, honey.
10:52 am
>> skinny cocktails to keep you light on your feet during the holidays. >> and the answer to joy's diet s.o.s., but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
all right. now for the answer to joy's diet s.o.s. question of the week. >> joy, what are festive, but not fattening, cocktails we can enjoy during the holidays? >> i have two delicious sippers for elaine. the first is, a pomegranate sparkler. could not be more easy. take inexpensive champaign, just three ounce, and you're going to add a shot, about an ounce of pomegranate juice and garnish it with a few pomegranate seeds. this delicious drink is just 80 calories. the other one, i love this. it's a peppermint martini. typically more than 400 calories. this one is only 200 calories and hoda, i made it lactose-free
10:56 am
for you as well. to sip away. both on the website. go to, sip up and won't gain a pound. >> thank you. we are in the final stretch. >> the 23rd annual toy drive. today's generous donor is -- >> both: chief communications officer dan masuga! >> hello, began. >> hello. >> how are you? >> what are you -- no. it's ma-cooga! >> it's masuga. >> oh, i'm the couga. he's masuga. >> donating to those who need them. >> how much are you donating? >> 12,000 families will get -- >> wait, did you say -- >> both: $146,000? >> $147,000. >> dan masuga, thank you. we appreciate all you do.
10:57 am
>> merry christmas to you both. >> all right. how long do we have? >> until friday to donate on the plaza. online the website has all the details. >> update on the winebot, most would feel betrayed. >> of course you would. >> if your friend went to a wedding of your ex. >> sort of a bust. >> sorry. >> tomorrow, ambush makeovers. >> and the fun in 2016. did we ever. >> have an awesome wines day, wednesday, everybody. good-bye, dan the ghost ship tragedy is
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
prompting fire inspections around the bay area... but some right now at 11:00, the ghost shipitragedy is prompting fire inspections around the bay area. some say they fear the quest for fire safety will cost them their homes and way of life. >> many of those artists are mobilizing to slow building inspections less than three weeks after 36 people died in that warehouse fire. good morning and thank you for joining us for our midday news cast. i'm sam brock. >> i am kris sanchez. the investigation into the ghost ship fire revealed that the illegal dwellings inside the warehouse had never been inspected. while a routine inspection would have been uncovered the potentially deadly situation, supporters of artist communities in oakland and san francisco gathered thousands of signatures on a petition asking for a hol


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