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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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vote -- reshaping how police officers -- deal w/ suspects -- when it comes to excessive force. =raj/2-shot= the news at 11 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm raj mathai. =jes/2-shot= and i'm jessica aguirre. a new direction for san francisco's embattled police department. a new use of force policy now in place after more than a year of calls for change from a frustrated and concerend community. =raj/gfx= nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us now.... =raj/rail= a taxi ride -- turned out to be a nightmare for a local woman.
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something in there for everyone.
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>> also tonight's meeting a last second attempt to reinstate the kroted artery restraint which is applied to the kroted artery in the neck incapacitates a person but in the end the carotid restraint and the officers firing at moving cars are both banned. but maybe this is not the last word in this debate. the police officers association could sue to overturn the ban on shooting at moving vehicles. much more to come on this one. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> this should be getting national attention as well. thank you, terry. a taxi ride turned out to be a nightmare for a local woman. cull ixi driver allegedly drove -- woman to his home and s and ly assaulted her. ...what uld be many more victim. nbc bay area's ian joins us from downtown campbell this evening where the woman was picked up. pen, as you know, this is a hot spot for bars and restaurants. what happened there? >> reporter: yeah, raj, police say the woman was out drinking with some of her friends in the downtown area. the weekend before halloween
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when she got separated from some of them, police say that she was intoxicated so she tried to do the safe thing and take a cab home, only this time it appears it didn't turnout that way. campbell police say 30-year-old julio sanchez of san jose would drive his cab around downtown areas in the south bay. on october 29th, he allegedly picked up a woman in campbell. detectives say she passed out in the cab and woke up in sanchez's home as he was allegedly sexually assaulting her. >> this is of great concern to us just based on the nature of how the assault occurred and who the suspect it is and his job. >> reporter: she was able to escape and then called police. once sanchez learned he was being investigated, officers say he never returned to his san jose home, then last week he was arrested 120 miles away in madera. >> he had some ties to the madera area, but once the u.s. marshals locate and had arrested him, our investigators went down to interview him. >> reporter: tonight in campbell, there is uneasiness
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among people here. >> knowing that something like that could happen, you know, when you're trying to do the right thing and trying to be safe. >> it actually was very shocking to me that this happened in this cute little town. >> reporter: during the investigation, police say an acquaintance of sanchez's came forward saying that she, too, was sexually assaulted, now they think there could be more victim. >> while we hope there aren't any other victims of assault out there, we do believe that there's a likelihood that there are other people who have encountered mr. sanchez and were looking to speak with them. >> reporter: sanchez remains behind bars on $600,000 bail. now, police are still looking into whether or not he was able to properly have a taxi, if he was properly permitted. we called one of the company numbers that you saw in the picture in that piece that was on the side of his taxicab. when we called and started asking questions, they hung up
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on us. reporting live in campbell, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, erieian. and lunformation to come on that story. hit and run in the peninsula has neighbors upset saying it was only a matter of time. happening in millbrae, a man in his 30s killed last night by a car heading south. ve in are now looking for a small silver or light colored angewith damage to the front int. anople who live in that area say awey're not surprised at all. >> this is actually a very dangerous intersection. they need to do something about this because it happened more than once. >> investigators at this point say they're not aware of any recent pedestrian involved crashes at the location, but the con mateo county sheriff's office is hoping witnesses will tting doward. well, no more self-driving uber cars on san francisco streets. the company suting down its pilot program in california. the dmv revoked the registration of 16 uber vehicles after uber ilot id to apply for the proper permit. company releasing a statement
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kingng, "we have stopped our self-driving pilot program in california as the dmv has revoked our registration for d lf-driving cars." elopre now looking at where we es' redeploy these cars and l=main 100% commit today ing fornia and will be redoubling our efforts to develop workable statewide rules. >> the man of accused of assaulting his neighbor with a aseball bat has turned himself in. ife an police say mark weber beat his neighbor earlier this month. he victim's family says the neighbor had a problem with the dogging. ay avictim was treated for life-threatening injuries. he could face charges including murder. the attack in berlin has made whs way to the bay area. the sfpd is beefing up patrols among popular destinations around the city like fisherman's wharf. stma don't want to impact the holiday spirit, but they hope people will alert them to
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trucking suspicious. >> that christmas market in serlin, the scene of monday's deadly attack, did open tonight. as the barricades are removed nderthe gate reopened, people wandered between the empty iolent where the 12 people died. a manhunt is underway for this an, the suspected of being the driver, anis, police say the rolinaan man is an extremist. $100,000 reward is being offered for information related to his whereabouts. =vo=bathroom law stays. ack incarolina lawmakers voted mc-cght to reject the repeal of the so-called bathroom bill. you may remember back in march, north carolina governor pat mckroer i signed house bill 2 and under that law transgender people must use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender listed on their birth certificate. that law led to a national
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jucklash with several high atteme companies and events cutting ties with the state calling the law discriminatory. = few hours ago the state senate orjected the attempt to repeal yhat law and the house adjourned with no decision. >> today the legislature had a chance to do the right thing for north carolina, and they failed. i'm disappointed that we have yet to remove the stain on the reputation of our great state that is around this country and re rea the world. >> governor elect roy cooper said he will work to repeal that law. if you want to find out more and get more on the decision in carolina, join the conversation in our facebook page or go to f> hundreds of people at risk of in palevicted from a mobile home park on the peninsula will be allowed to stay.
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today a judge ruled in favor of the again a vista mobile home park in palo alto. s sc was brought to court after residents say the money the city offered for relocation simply wasn't enough. they also argued factors such as schools and safety were not t'nsidered and news of today's ruling was quick to spread around the park. >> i think that's good. >> why? >> because at least we can stay here at the place here and there's no more low cost housing t's alo alto, nada, zero. sayt's mostly low income families there. they did issue a statement saying the court's ruling is narrow. city attorneys say leaders tried to provide as much relocation vo= stance as possible and based its decision on an appraisal and peer review process. ecia, the bay area artist community is under intense fratiny after the deadly n a house fire in oakland. building inspections are on the rise, especially in oakland and =an francisco resulting in a number of evictions. >> artist warehouses are
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conducting witch hunts. ome upt was julie with the group called care to presented a petition asking the city to put a moratorium on inspections and come up with a program to provide financial aid adlrtists living in warehouses tease francisco. == y leaders say they are focused on outreach. >> i'm meteorologist jeff. our storm system continues to develop offshore. i'll have dough tails of the rainfall totals but i thought i would give you an early look at snow. anywhere from 20 inches in king a locao 12 inches by saturday morning. my forecast at 11:230 tonight. == also an important warning m.ring this holiday season, how a local police officer stopped a shopping scam thanks to a keen eye. >> i know we have to say. i just don't trust them. .> plus a tough bill to swallow growing anger. why they're facing a steep water rate hike even after they've cutback. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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water and sewage bills jumping from 800 to 15-hundred >> well, paying big bucks for water in the rainy season, water and sewage bill jumpling from 800 to $1500 in some parts of the tri-valley and it could go even higher. tonight neighbors are pushing back at the water board. nbc cheryl hurd is saying they're being penalized for conserving the drought. >> reporter: that's right. that's what they said here tonight at this water board meeting. they came here and packed this board meeting and they were holding signs, and they also did their homework. tri-valley homeowners are mad about sky rocketing water rates and they said they'll do everything possible to get those water rates increases reversed. >> all the people that i know through social media, they are
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angry. >> reporter: so angry that they packed the alameda county zone 7 water board meeting tonight in liver more. >> you don't have a revenue problem. you have an expense problem because your expenses -- >> reporter: water and sewage rates in pleasanton, dublin, liver more and parts of san ramon are experiencing a huge increase. in some cases doubling depending on how much water you use. the 2016 increase which includes a one-year surcharge translates to an $8 a month increase in an average household bill on january 1st. >> it's ridiculous. you wouldn't do it in your own household. >> reporter: for example, this pleasanton homeowner received a bill of $1500, almost doubling her last bill, and that price hike comes before the rate hike that kicks in come january. >> we're told zone 7 has high fixed costs. and if they sell less water they still have those fixed costs to cover. >> reporter: the zone 7 is faced with a need to face financial
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losses after four years of drought, a hard bill to swallow for victor abe. he started conserving water three years ago. he's seen a steady quarterly increase from $95 to close to $300. >> i know we have to save. i just don't trust them after these last two bills. >> reporter: well, the new rate increase will take place in january, actually january 1st. it is unclear what the folks around here can do to try and get those rate hikes reversed. reporting live in liver moore, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> very frustrating. thank you, cheryl. not kwoot the holiday spirit. a man mowsing to collect donations for chill drnz cancer research turned out to be a fraud. napa police department posted these photos on its facebook page this evening. joshua bag seen here was standing outside of a safe way store collecting donations. an officer recognized him from
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previous run-ins. they called the number on his 1-800 number and realize it had was a scam. san francisco's public defender unveiling a new police body came today of an arrest in july that some say went too far. the video shows bart police officers detaining michael smith at the embark dare owe station. officers say they responded forcefully because they were told smith was carrying a gun. they also claim he kicked, spit and bit the officers. critics have called it a case of excessive force. public defender jeff adachi seen hooe said michael smith's girlfriend told officers she was pregnant when she was taken to the ground and handcuffed. >> until my boyfriend said i was pregnant, he still had me in my back. so, i was just hurtful, hurtful about, you know, my pregnancy and stuff like that because i lost my baby afterwards. >> a jury acquitted smith on
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battery charges and deadlocked on three other misdemeanor charges. the public defender is now asking for all charges to be dropped. >> a very patient thief managed to walk away with more than $200,000 in jewelry. this from the sears department store. the sun valley mall in concord. we're learning more about how he managed to pull that off. nbc with more. >> reporter: with his face visible he looks like a holiday shopper. moments before he was caught on camera doing something criminal. >> we see him smashing the jewelry case and taking the merchandise. >> reporter: authorities say the man seen in this surveillance photo is holding a bag filled with 127 stolen rings valued at $218,000. >> that's pretty bad. that means the security isn't doing too well here. >> reporter: it happened friday. detectives say the suspect hid inside sears until it closed for the night. >> wow, amazing. >> reporter: around 2:30 in the morning he started looking
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around. his movements even set off the alarm. >> at the time the officers went and checked, they discovered no bodies and no evidence of a crime. >> reporter: so police left with the suspect still inside. >> he might have been in the storage locker or storage room in the back of sears. >> reporter: that's when police believe he started collecting rings. >> it looks like right out of home alone 2. i feel like i've seen that before but only in the movies. >> reporter: when employees arrived to open the store saturday morning, police say they discovered the missing jewelry, but no suspect. >> i guess these are tough for everybody, but got to make good choices. >> reporter: and with the man choosing not to hide his identity, authorities say that could also cost the seemingly patient suspect. >> criminals are not careful. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff. man of the week. we have a santa forecast, raiders forecast and holiday forecast. >> and a lot of rain forecast. >> that was the rain.
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>> okay, santa looks good, that's going to happen. the raiders will go off with kickoff saturday. friday is the day when you're traveling, we're going to have some wet weather coming your way. we do have some important timing changes on that. i'll have it in just a moment. i do want to get into tomorrow morning's forecast. mostly clear across the south bay and 45. peninsula 47, tri-valley at 40. what i want to you pay attention to is if you're in the north bay. we're seeing areas of fog develop in santa rosa, petaluma, that's where it will be worse for the morning hours, 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. for thursday, temperatures cool a degree or two. puts us at 62 in santa rosa, 66 in san francisco, and low 60s for liver more to san jose. so, dry on thursday, but of course that's not going to last long. we still have our storm system we're tracking. there's been a huge change to the timing on this. that's going to make all the difference if this pans out. it looks like it probably will,
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three out of the four forecast models are now going with this new trend. here's the new trend. 1:00 a.m. on friday, we still have the storm system offshore. it's just a change by about three to four hours in the storm time line. it's speeding up. so, what i mean by the change is that the morning commute on friday definitely looks a lot wetter than it had been in past. 4:00 a.m., heavier pockets of rain across the north bay. and then this new change in the timing could actually mean heavier rainfall down to san jose by 7:00 in the morning. then after this, scattered rainfall through 11:30 also into about 6 o'clock at night. so, on friday, worse commute, worse travel, looks to be in the morning hours. if you're heading out to the sierra, though, it's going to be snowy pretty much all day on friday's forecast. in fermz of rainfall we're good for an inch up in the north bay, half inch to three quarters for the peninsula and the east bay, south bay for san jose, in this area of green which correlates to about a quarter inch to maybe
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4/10 of an inch. talked about the sierra. tahoe snow report and we get the snowy est conditions on friday. one to 2 feet of new snow. 94 trails open at squaw valley, 94 attal pine meadows. saturday afternoon into sunday will be the time to get up there. let's get that extended forecast in here. you can see as we head throughout saturday, we are drying out. christmas we are dry through the day with spotty shower by evening. we may get a few spotty showers into monday's forecast. so far next tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday looks dry at this point, you guys. welcome to winter. >> it is here, yeah. thanks, jeff. still ahead, a dangerous scene on a moving bus. it's all caught on camera. the popular device that's involved here. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, viola davis is my guest tonight. and jeff daniel. it's a great show. do not change the channel. it's great.
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>> happening now on our twitter feed, an emergency meeting held today in san jose to address some concerns of the upcoming donald trump presidency, official with the allum rock school district say some students won't return after the christmas break because their families are afraid of being deported. on our home page, otters are playing in the snow at the san francisco aquarium. you have to check it out. we posted a slide show. we're back in a moment. a central california man is
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recovering tonight - after his electronic cigarette explodes in his pocket. thean >> a central california man is recovering tonight after his electronic cigarette explodes. you see it right there? right in his pocket. the man was on a bus and a
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camera captured the entire ore deal. this is happening with a lot of these type of e-cigarettes. he had minor burns and is expected to be okay. >> the latest victim of hackers, netflix and mar develop entertainment, company's twitter feed compromised today sending a string of tweets saying it was testing security. the hacker group, our mine, claimed responsibility for the hack. group was struck before hacking into twitter accounts of mark sucker burg and uber ceo. all the tweets have since been removed. >> up next we'll check in with the raiders as they get ready for an old friend coming back to the bay area. we'll explain next. the raiders are the talk of the
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town... their best season in 14 years,... >> are you going to sit in the black hole on saturday? >> got my raiders hat. >> raiders are the talk of the town. their best season in 14 year. amidst all the hype, they have some work to do. team headquarters in alameda, take a look, raiders getting ready for their big test saturday afternoon at the coliseum. they host andrew lukz, frank gore, and the colts. this will be their second to last game for the regular season then it's off to the playoffs. while the raiders are basking in the spotlight, this is the worst
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it's been for the 49ers since the late 170s. >> this week there is a glimmer of home. the last placed 49ers face struggling rams. this could be it. nbc bay area's colin rush has more. >> reporter: for 49ers fans it feels more like a dream at this point than reality. >> the san francisco 49ers facing los angeles rams, 28-0. >> reporter: that was on september 12, and the only win for the niners this season. >> on that monday night opener we wondered are the niners actually good or the rams just that bad? we now know the answers to both. no, and yes. the two teams will meet for the second and final time this saturday. the niners losers of 13 straight, the rams of five straight which is the ultimate professional pride game. >> we have the most pride, who wants the game more. it will definitely be a good christmas present to have this win this weekend. >> reporter: as bad as it's been for the niners, not much better
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for the ramsz. they're 4 and 10, eight out of nine. both teams similar issues. >> it's not the same guy so obviously it's spread across the board. offensively one of the biggest things that has turt us offensively is the drops. >> reporter: former cal star and number one jared goff has been starting of late. he may not play on christmas eve because of a hit he took from stanford man sherman last week. >> he's in the concussion protocol. he has to be released. you have to be prepared for him in case, and there's rumors mannion may play. you have to be red foyer all of them. >> reporter: the one guarantee about this game, a losing streak will end. if it's the niners, carlos is hoping it's a turning point. >> continue to fight. things can turn around. maybe not this year, but next year, but, you know, things are definitely turn around if you just keep fighting. >> reporter: in santa clara, colin rush. >> both the 4ers and rams play saturday afternoon.
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we're back in a moment with the pricey est zip code in the bay area. stay with us. wanna live large?
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go to 94027. of the top 100 priciest zip codes in the >> okay, want to live large? go to 94027 of the top 100
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pricey est zip codes in the united states, 38 of them are here in the bay area according to property chart, the most expensive zip code here is 94027, atherton, home median price, 5.4 million bucks. palo alto 8, lossal toes, 9, portola 10. jeff, any idea? >> the ham tons. >> in new york. he knows those types of things. >> only one of us actually lives in one of those zip codes. >> which one? >> good night. >> good night. cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- viola davis. nick kroll.


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