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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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bay. =vicky/cu= the news at 11 starts now. good evening and thanks for an investigation under way in the south bay. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening and thanks for joining us on this saturday. we will have more on the investigation in just a moment. but first it's going to be a chilly one tonight. there is a freeze warning in the north bay. in petaluma it hit 39 degrees two hours ago. we are tracking the conditions.
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>> right now in the south bay already feeling the chill as well. but we are still in the 40s in san jose and the peninsula in the 40s and the tri-valley at 33 degrees and we are expecting to drop as we head into the overnight hours. north bay already dropping to the 30s as well. mostly clear skies. we don't have a lot of cloud cover tonight. 42 in the east bay. we have that freeze warning that will be in effect from midnight until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you have plans tomorrow morning outdoors once you are done with the presents, pour a cup of coffee the temperatures will be between 32 and 27 degrees. the temperature trend as we head into the next couple hours for the napa area, here's a closer look at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 a.m. the lows tracking down into the 30s. we are going to expect to see an increase in the cloud cover. now in downtown san jose and the san jose area also expecting to
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drop down into the 30s. bundle up tonight and also early tomorrow morning as we are tracking mostly clear skies for christmas day forecast. in san francisco dropping into the 40s. we should have a pretty good sunday ahead. i'll have more details in a bit. our free nbc bay area app is a great way to track the weather in your neighborhood. use the live doppler radar to get a detailed forecast for your community. raiders fans are devastated tonight after seeing star derrick carr hurt on the field. it's going to be a tough christmas for the quarterback. he's scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. he fractured his right fibula in this gape against the colts. it happened in the final quarter. the raiders were leading 33-14 when carr was hit by trent cole. reaction to carr breaking his leg has fans upset but most are hopeful the team can excel in the playoffs. rick boone is live in oakland
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and the win delivered a loss with the injury. >> tell me about it. but the fans say they do feel derek carr's pain big time. and what an unbelievable thing to happen in this building behind me. but they feel at the same time salute derek carr for a season of outstanding work. >> we are the raiders, baby! we shall prevail. >> raiders fans keeping the faith for derek carr. >> a sad situation. unfortunate. hopefully the team will rally around and pick him up and move on to the next game. >> these guys were in the stadium when this happened to the star quarterback. breaking his right fibula. >> i saw him go down. it didn't look like a whole lot and all of a sudden he's just on his side and just went downhill from there. >> still with the carr injury fans say the team is far from gone during the playoffs.
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>> i think they are grown men and they have to pick themselves up and be ready for the next battle. >> you're optimistic? >> always. >> some fans think the timing is herbal just as the team was on a season-long roll of good football, a horrible hurdle for one of the guys who got them there. >> the raiders have as much of a chance of going all the way as anyone else. but without that top guy, that's -- that's -- it's an uphill battle that is really tough to, you know, to take on. but a lot of fans say along with that statement they can overcome this uphill battle. they rely now on the backup qb and hoping they will do the job as they press on to the playoffs. another game in a few days, a quick turn around for the team that is now healing. rick boone, nbc bay area news. thanks, rick. it is hardly a silent night
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in san jose. all while others made a dash to the mall, here's nbc bay area's chuck coppola. >> silent night, it wasn't. christmas eve in san jose had an edgier tone at christmas in the park. the chill did not drive away the crowds of people. >> it feels good after all the time having all the heat it's nice to have cool days. it feels good. >> it looks wonderful here. a little bit cold but the people are coming in tonight. looking great. >> just then, a toy train caught the eye of his 3 1/2-year-old daughter. >> she is liking the train and the color. we are look for the santa booth where there are photo sessions. >> reporter: across town, shoppers streamed into valley fair mall. they had until 6:00 p.m. when the doors closed for christmas.
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>> i'm glad to be here shopping for my wife. i haven't got her anything yet. >> reporter: he found in the a tory burch bag. >> how did dad do? >> he did good. good for mom. >> did you expect to see so many people today? >> yeah, but this suspect as much as i usually see. it's kind of low today. >> as long as my wife is out of the way i'm good. >> reporter: whether your sleigh is on four tires or a dragon, the spirit of giving doesn't need a sleigh as all. it could be just that extra bit of attention. >> he likes lights and he likes to see how things are happening or moving, et cetera. so i was just telling him about the movement that this thing is going around. they are cook dinner or baking -- or doing marshmallows, et cetera. >> looks like a fun time out there. it is not too late to make a
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child's christmas special. you have three hours to get over to lefty o'doul's to donate a toy. organizers are hoping to beat last year's donation record of 10,000 toys. but they do need some help. >> this is our 16th anniversary of the annual toy drive. the goal is for 20,000 toys. we heard that 13,000 kids could wake up without a toy. we're not going the let that happen this year. >> organizers say the toys are delivered to community centers and churches around san francisco. right now they are still accepting donations until the restaurant closes at 2:00 a.m. what was supposed to be a 1 million dollar toy give away turned into a dispute with harsh words exchanged between county leaders. tom jensen explains. >> reporter: this is what is supposed to happen to $1 million worth of toys donated by the
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diana craft wheels corporation. 8,000 electric cars and scooters going to poor families for christmas. >> they're nice. it's nice what they're doing for us. for the people that can't afford one of these. >> the county assessor learned this week that some of this staff and other county employees were given dozens of the toys even though they were supposed to go the needy. he doesn't know how many went to county workers. >> there's no way to determine that that i know of other than it's been estimated somewhere between two and three dozen. >> larry stone told his employees they need to return the gifts so they go to the right people but it's he says the county executive downplayed the give away and told workers they are not legally obligated to return the toys. in a written statement jeff smith told nbc bay area news that the toys did go to less fortunate families. and he also took some jabs at
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the assessor saying he, quote, jumped to conclusions, failed to educate himself about the facts and called the press with what he thought was a hot story. his assistant told us county workers took about two dozen toys and they all went out with a caveat. >> we would have said these are for low income families. if you know of some take them to somebody. >> the assessor doesn't take kindly to the county executive's statements about his motive. >> he is flat [ bleep ] wrong when he says we reached out the press because we didn't. >> and that was tom jensen reporting. crews gave away about 500 of the toys today. it is an unfortunate sign of the season. so-called porch pirates ripping off packages from front porches. this man was seen on marine avenue on tuesday afternoon.
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the suspect rode up on a black bike and wearing a tan backpack. north bay investigators need your help to identify a bank robbery suspect. this is from the san rafael union bank across the street from north gate mall. yesterday around 5:00 p.m. this man walked into the bank and handed the teller a note he was armed and demanded cash. anyone who identify the suspect is asked to call the san rafael police department. passengers on a flight almost didn't make it home for christmas eve. the flight landed an hour ago. the passengers departed from cancun but were diverted 200 miles west of cancun. officials say crew members smelled smoke on the plane and declared an emergency. the plane had to make an enexpected landing where it was determined no fire was on board. next at 11:00, first an
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investigation and now this, the surprise announcement from president-elect trump about his foundation. and what made this operation so difficult. and we are tracking a chilly christmas eve. right now in san jose, 42 degrees but the temperatures are expected to drop. how low? plus a look at your christmas day forecast coming up in just a bit.
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comcast business. built for business. with his inaguration just a few weeks away - mr. trump a surprise announcement from the president-elect tonight with his inauguration a few weeks away, mr. trump is trying to calm the controversy over
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potential conflict of interests. kelly o'donnell brings us the latest. >> reporter: the surprise announcement part of a still unfolding plan to detangle the billionaire mogul from a maze of business and family ties that could hinder his new administration. trump's reasoning he says to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president. trump praised the foundation's philanthropy. the new york attorney general launched an investigation in september over how the foundation used its funds. >> it would be unusual if there were allegations of impropriety and we didn't investigate. >> the new york ag said not so fast. the trump foundation is under investigation and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. trump has blasted the inquiry as partisan. the new york attorney general is
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a democrat. trump summed up his decision this way. i will be devoting so much time and energy to the presidency and solving the many problems facing our country and the world i don't want to allow good work to be associated with a possible conflict of interest. we have also learned jason miller who accepted the position of communications director for the trump administration announce head would not be taking the position after all. he said he wanted to spend more time with his family. tunisian officials have arrested the nephew of the berlin christmas market attacker. the suspect anis amri died in a shootout with italian police on friday. they arrested his nephew in their hometown this morning with two other suspects. the nephew admitted his uncle forst forced him to pledge allegiance to isis.
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intelligence agencies are trying to figure out how amri crossed through several countries unnoticed. take a look at this video of the greek navy in the middle of a rescue of a cargo ship that had run aground on rocky shore. you can see the crew membering being lifted on the a helicopter. the winds made the rescue effort difficult but the responders saved all nine crew members. now to breaking news out of san jose. police are investigating a deadly stapping that happened at tenth and taylor just before 7:00 tonight. that's where we find chuck coppola. what have you learned? >> reporter: here at tenth and mission you see behind me there is an active crime scene investigation going on. there is a large police van in the way down the block there. there's the two police cruisers that have come up. this is an investigation that began around a quarter to 7:00
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this evening. san jose police responding to the 700 block of north tenth street near mission. with me is lieutenant lisa gannon. you came up a moment ago. tell us what you know about what happened. i hear reports this is likely a case of domestic violence. >> we had a male caller call 911 at 6:45 this evening indicating a stabbing in the residence. the officers found an adult female who suffered from at least one stab wound. she died from her injuries. the male was arrested and we don't know the relationship between the two parties. so the investigation is still ongoing at this point. >> are they living in the same unit, same place? >> we haven't confirmed that. we don't know their relationship or living argument at this point. >> are there other suspects that the police are look for? >> it doesn't appear so, no. >> thank you very much for your time. this happening shortly before
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7:00 p.m. this evening. police still on the scene here. we're approximately a few blocks to the east of japantown to give you a sense of where this is, a lot of new condominiums and apartments in the area. we saw some christmas in the park video tonight. you have to bundle up. >> the kiddos with the gloves and the hats on. they were definitely prepared for the cold temperatures. it's only going to get colder tonight as we head into the overnight hours. here's a look at the current temperatures in santa rosa. 33 degrees. half-moon bay and mountain view in the 40s. but the north bay is going the see the drop in the temperatures. as we are expected to drop into the 30s which means there is a freeze warning that will be in
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effect from midnight until 8:00 a.m. christmas morning and that's because there is a dangerous possibility that the temperatures could be dropping down possibly into the 20s and that's below freezing. if you have any pets outside or if you have any plants, take care of those and bring your pets indoors. let's take a look at the temperature trend in napa for the next couple hours. clear skies. we are going the start seeing a cloud cover as we head until about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. we are expecting to wake up to cold temperatures on christmas morning. we're expecting 30s not just in napa. we're expecting 30s in san jose as well. at about 2:00, 3:00 a.m., the temperatures will remain in the 30s in san francisco. in the next couple hours and overnight the temperatures will remain in the 40s. tomorrow the temperatures will be climbing to the 50s. your christmas day forecast, mostly clear skies, a little more cloud cover than today. but nice, clear conditions.
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no rain is expected. thankfully the storm did make its way out. if you are going to be near the bay area it's going to be pretty nice. nice cooler temperatures. the futurecast not showing a lot of activity. we are expecting to remain clear through sunday night not really expecting storms. the storm that was going to bring the rain on monday is staying off to the coast and we are seeing the sierra snow bringing the possibility of more snowfall in the next couple of hours. but if you are going up there, you may want to relax and lay low. san francisco is going to be cold tonight as well as san jose. merry christmas. back to you.
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at the oakland coliseum, the raiders took a step toward winning the afc west title with a 33-25 victory over the colts on saturday but their win came at a steep price.
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in the fourth quarter oakland quarterback derek carr broke his fibula while getting sacked. the coach said after the game that carr will have surgery tomorrow and is out indefinitely. though it's a crippling loss for the silver and black they know they can't dwell on the loss of their star quarterback. >> it obviously is a blow. you know, that's what teams do. you know, teams have to find a way to pick up and move on and you know, we'll rally around the next guy the best we can. that's what you do. it will be incumbent on the offensive line and the backs to do more and the defense to do more. and special teams to do more. and as a team pick it up and do more to fill in. you know, but obviously that's a big setback. >> i'm ready to go. i feel great. and you know, it's been great just working with derek for the past few years and working together and seeing what he's done on the field and trying to learn from that.
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but, you know, i'm ready to go. i feel great. i know this team, these guys around me, this staff and this organization will, you know, will do a great job of helping me out and embracing me and making sure we move in the right direction. >> in l.a. the 49ers with an exciting come from behind victory over the rams. down 7 with less than a minute left. and then the niners elect to be for two. on the conversion, kaep runs it in himself. the 49ers get their second win of the year both against l.a. 22-21, the final. that's it for sports, more news after the break. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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thanks for watching nbc bay area news. "saturday night live" is up next. good night.
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from the vatican in rome, christmas eve in st. peters basilica. this broadcast is presented in consolation with the united states conference of catholic bishops. the pastor of immaculate conception church in chicago. >> merry christmas from the vatican. i am father manuel, pastor of immaculate conception parish in chicago's south side and i am honored to join nbc to bring you tonight's celebration of christmas eve mass with pope


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