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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good it is morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. vianey is joining us. not a lot of traffic. >> nice. >> kari hall, as ever on the weather beat, more of the same chilly temperatures. >> another cold morning. we're dealing with more freezing temperatures again, especially for those inland valleys in the north bay as well as heading over to the east bay. that's where we do have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 this morning. all those areas shaded in purple. if you live there, you know it's cold. we're also feeling very chilly temperatures elsewhere. looking now at 36 degrees in palo alto, 41 in oakland and san francisco. it is below freezesing in morgan hill again this morning. make sure you take care and keep warm. we'll have warmer air in the forecast coming up. heading over to vianey showing
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us what's happening for this morning's commute so far. >> good morning, kari. when my maps are green, it typically means commuters are slightly happier than when they're in traffic. that's because we're not showing any major slowing on the roads. from the north bay, the south bay, the east bay, towards rah san francisco, not a lot going on in terms of backups. i do want to give you some drive times really quick so we can see how your early morning commute is looking as far as bridge drive times. seeing westbound 80 bay bridge at about nine minutes. westbound san mateo bridge, 14-minute commute, not too bad. south bay drive times, northbound 101 from highway 85 at about 19 minutes. northbound 280 to highway 85, seven-minute commute. northbound 85 towards highway 101 about 20 minutes. right now, pretty smooth on the roads. here is a look right now at headlights and backup lights. we haven't seen a lot of that this morning.
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looks like people are finally starting to hit the roads and make their way to work. sending things back to you. >> thank you very much, vianey. 6:01. the popular east bay shopping center, during business hours it shattered the glass of at least one local business. no doubt scared shoppers. police are looking for theperson who opened fire as well as the victim. >> "today in the bay's" tom jenson is live at the crossroads shopping center in pleasant hill. >> reporter: most of the damage was on the brick walls behind us, although there was one window shot out. we'll show you the repairs. one of our photographers was also to talk to a witness out there. that witness told our photographer there was an argument out here in the parking lot over something. they didn't know what it was. all of a sudden they said there were numerous gunshots fired.
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many of the bullets hitting the building and the building did have shoppers inside, including the starbucks and the barbecue store right next door. starbucks employees say they saw a young man running toward the business and take off into a speeding car. pleasant hill police spokesman told nbc bay area he's hopeful people with information about the shooting will come forward. >> not too many people are aware of it so far. but an incident like this shakes up the community. >> the suspect and the victim have not been identified according to police. local hospitals are on the lookout for a gunshot victim who was shot in the lower part of the body, especially the leg. a police spokesperson said they're following up on leads. you can see the cardboard over the glass, where the glass used to be on this barbecue store,
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the hawaiian barbecue next to the starbucks here. obviously they still need some repairs this morning. as i said, pleasant hill police have leads they're following up on and we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. live in pleasant hill. tom jenson, "today in the bay." >> quite a scare there. this morning the search is on for a thief who stole a pen nora from a san francisco park. people are wondering is this a hate crime? people from other faiths are coming together in a show of solidarity. you see peerm gathering in washington square park to light menorahs after someone stole a six-foot-high menorah from the park. members say it feels like a hate crime. >> it actually is a hate crime, for somebody in such a public space to take a symbol that means just joy, they have had to be in such a dark space in their
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life. >> officers are hoping to find security video that will provide them with clues on how stole it. the group says they're putting up a menorah next year, this time with more security. a synagogue vandalized hours after the commission celebrated hanukkah. this particular synagogue has been targeted before as well. police still looking for a suspect or suspects in the latest case. back in the bay area, work will begin on the new transit center. the improvements will be made in the south parking lot at the san car rose transit station. crews will be paving the lot and repainting parking spots. this project is supposed to transform that parking lot, originally made for caltrains into a center used for multiple services. developers say the new center will help create safe access to
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buses, caltrains and shuttles for the entire community. at 6:05, just shy of 6:06. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. traffic flowing nicely. you may have a hard time parking there, though, for the rest of the year in case you want to show family visiting from the golden gate bridge. the vista point lot on the north end and the welcome center lot on the south end will be close friday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. they won't reopen until after january 1st. >> a live look outside at dublin, overnight temperatures in the low 30s there. it is chilly outside as kira has been telling you. dublin is not the only city with low temperatures. cold weather seems to be running through the bay area. lots of freeze warnings in effect. people worried about staying warm themselves, also looking to protect their pets and plants. managers at ace hardware in downtown walnut creek says the customers are rushing in to buy frost blankets to keep outdoor
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plants alive while temperatures dip into the 30s. >> they've been flying off our shelves, almost 200 sold this month. a lot of people also buying space heaters now that winter is officially here. good morning. it's 6:07. also seeing people covering those plants with garbage bags. that works, too, to trap in the heat. only 34 degrees in the tri-valley, 36 in the peninsula and 37 in the south bay. 42 in san francisco and 31 degrees in the north bay as we go into this afternoon, its will be another day, pretty much like yesterday. still cooler than average, reaching the upper 50s in parts of the north bay, mid 50s for the tri-valley. san jose 59 degrees, san francisco 54 degrees. over the next several days, we will have a little warm up and a cool douchblt i'll detail all
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that coming up in about ten minutes. now as we head over to vianey, let's see what's happening as you cross some of those bay area bridges. >> kari, more people are starting to wake up which means we are starting to see more of that early morning tuesday commute. it's still very light holiday travel, looking good out there. green roads means not a lot of backup. typical early morning commute also looking good. if you are taking mass transit, 55 trains are running, clearly no delays as of this moment. it looks like wherever your destination might be, you'll have a pretty good commute heading there. as we head over to the peninsula, drive times southbound 101, about 11 minutes, southbound heading to 92 looking nice at about six minutes. southbound 101 towards bowers avenue, about 19 minutes. we're starting to see some taillight action, but nothing major to report. thankfully no major accident. >> that's pretty good by normal standards. >> up next, two families in mourning after a deadly crash in
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the south bay. police believe the driver was under the influence. her family's very emotional message, the family of the other victim coming up. new developments in the investigation into the russian military plane crash. we will show you the crucial evidence crews were able to recover from the scene. here is another look outside right now. this is a live camera looking out at emeryville. again, make sure you grab something warm if you head out the door today. you're watching "today in the bay." back in two minutes.
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good tuesday. it is 6:12 with all clear skies across the south bay. here is a live look outside at san jose. in evergreen it will be at 46 degrees at 10:00. the normal high is 57 and we'll be right at 57 during the middle of the day. slightly warmer temperatures for a brief time frame before some more rain moves in. i'll detail that coming up in about five minutes. >> drive times looking pretty smooth. southbound 101 towards sfo, about a 12-minute commute. i'll have a look at your toll bridge plaza and your times in just a bit. new details now on the russian military plane that crashed into the black sea over the weekend.
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rescue workers have found a slight recorder from that plane that will hopefully provide answers. it was found about a mile from the shore. the black box will be flown to moscow as the investigation continues. all 92 people who were on board that plane are believed to have died when it crashed on christmas day just two minutes after the plane took off from the sochi airport. among the passengers, were dozens of fingers from russia's world famous military choir. in the south bay still waiting to learn the name of a teenage boy killed in a suspected drunk driving crash on christmas morning. the 25-year-old mother crashed head on into another car in san jose, killing the 14-year-old boy who was in the car with his parents. police believe the 25-year-old woman was driving under the influence. yesterday we spoke with her family who had this message for the victim's family. >> i do want to apologize and my do condolence goes out to the family of the little boy that she took the life of. we're very sorry.
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it was a bad accident and she made a bad choice and i just want to apologize. >> family and friends identified the 25-year-old woman as jessica zamora. investigators say she crossed the median, crushing the boy in the car and killing herself. ♪ >> celebrities and fans alike kochblt to mourn the loss of music icon george michael. it sure seems like he had a lot of faith in other people as well. another layer now added to his legacy. new stories of george michael's generosity emerging right now. british charities are revealing that he had secretly been donating to many causes including organizations involved with helping children and cancer victims. for instance, london deejay nick brown says every year george michael would call in to his charity and donate more than $100 million.
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and bbc producer richard osmond said he donated 15,000 pounds to a tv show contestant who just needed medical help. to read more about his life and charities he was secretly helping, head to our website, an update on raiders quarterback derek carr's season ending injury. he's expected to have surgery today after breaking his leg. jack del rio met with the media and shed little light on his injuries. carr broke his fibula sunday and is expected to miss six to eight weeks following surgery. the head coach did, however, tell media yesterday that carr remains positive. >> he's all about the team and being there for the team and wishes us the best. he'll be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us. he was outstanding. >> raiders backup qb matt
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mcgloin says he feels great and is ready to go as the team's new starting quarterback. you might call it a christmas miracle at the grand canyon, a woman found alive after being stranded in the snow for two nights. >> i was determined that this is not how my life is going to end. there's no way i'm ending -- this is not happening. >> that is karen klein who went looking for help along with her husband and 10-year-old son after their rental car broke down while they were driving near the grand canyon. her husband hiked away to an area where he found cell phone service. she's vently was found by a park ranger. >> i kind of wedged myself under an evergreen tree with two branches on either side, but i didn't want to fall asleep. i knew if i fell as sleep, you hear stories that you'll freeze to death. >> her husband and son were
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treated for frostbite. she remains hospitalized with minor injuries to her foot and leg. all three are expected to make full recoveries. that's remarkable. 6:1 right now. business and tech news as the markets are back open today. the dow will take another stab b at reaching the 20,000 plateau after coming within 13 points last week. market value expected to be kind of thin on the final week of the year as many traders are on vacation. look for economic data on home prices and consumer confidence. on friday, the dow rose 14 points to 19,933. the nasdaq went up 15 to 5,462. it looks like fit bit trackers were a hop lar gift. the app was number one in ap el's ios store. alexa app number four in the app
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store. other top spots were snap chat, super mario run and youtube. my husband definitely downloaded super mario. >> i did, too. i wasn't that impressed but have to get beyond the first couple levels. the strpgt of "rogue one" pushing new records, it topped the competition for a second straight week over the weekend, making $97 million. "sing," the animated film which is opened by nbc universal opened in second place with $53 million. if you're in the market for a new car, now apparently is the time to shop. retail experts say buyers have more bargaining power as dealers try to clear their showrooms and hit their sales targets. the year-end push also means dealers are more likely to offer big rebates on their 2016 models. some of the best deals can be
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found on vehicles recently returned from a lease. those cars are often soldality a lower price with premium features and at least a partial factory warrantee. >> if you didn't have a car with a bow on it in your driveway on christmas day, now is the time to go out and get one. >> does that ever happen pofor ? >> yes. it's a coincidence that i said that. not this christmas, but, yeah, it's happened before. >> life is hard for kari hall. >> while we talk about accessories, kira, one of the first things i learned of, she has a hat for every possible occasion. >> i do. i'm a hat gal. >> moms always say cover your head. that's what we were telling our kids this morning. make sure you're wearing a hat and trying to stay warm out there, all clear and also chilly
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temperatures. here is a live look outside at san francisco. it is a great start. look how cold it is, 41 degrees, heading to 54 later today and highs reaching 60 degrees in santa cruz. we'll have mid to upper 50s elsewhere. 56 for the peninsula and the east bay, 54 degrees and 58 for the north bay, looking forward to that warmer air. now, if you'll be traveling, we've seen chilly temperatures farther off towards the east. of course, look at this, 8 degrees below zero. new york city, 57. a lot of people heading there to watch the ball drop. it won't be that warm when you get there. it will be much colder. we'll be watching the storm system moving up to southern california. that may clip the bay area on friday. a couple more chances of rain in the forecast. nothing really all that significant. not expecting big storms and a possibility of up to about half an inch of rain between now and
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next tuesday. so within a week we are not looking at a o whole lot of rain. behind that, some colder air rolling in from the north. that looks to stay here as we get ready to start the new year. in san francisco, highs in the upper 50s for the next couple days and enjoy it. it will be very cool for the weekend and early next week. for the inland areas, mid 60s for wednesday and thursday and rain once again, we'll be tracking that starting on friday. now let's head over to vianey to see what's happening on the roadways. a little more busy? >> yes. no major accidents, a couple offender benders. we are seeing a little more slowing in the san francisco area. it looks like there is a crash that may be blocking lanes on northbound 280 heading into san bruno. if that's your morning commute, we're not seeing backups just yet. right now we're enjoying a nice easy breezy commute, and there
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it is. they should clear that out just in time so we don't see a lot of backup on the road. mass transit, 55 trains, no delays. all around, the bay area looking beautiful on the roads. i'll send things back to you. traffic times looking pretty good out there. >> up next, a group of hospitals across the country and we'll tell you about a federal law showing promise. >> plus, n"nbc bay area respon " responds." the delivery guys do damage on the way in but don't want to pay up on the way out. i'm consumer investigative reporter chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. a new federal law aimed at
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improving the quality of hospitals has been successful. that's according to a study led by researchers at harvard medical a new federal law aimed at improving the quality of hospitals is successful. this according to a study led by researchers at harvard medical school. the law is part of the affordable care act. it fines hospitals with a high number of patients readmitted within 30 days of being discharged. new data shows many of the lowest performing hospitals had the highest improvements after being penalized. a livermore woman ended up with damaged furniture after an appliance was delivered. >> chris chmura is here with her complaints and how he got results. >> good morning. dana bought a refrigerator from sears in june. during the delivery she says her sofa and side tables were damaged. she says she napped these photos
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right here on the damage and filed the claim right away. four months later dana reached out to us saying in an e-mail she has dealt with eight supervisors, countless hours on the phone, hold time, wait time, frustration and now the claim has been denied. how can this happen? well, we redirected that question to sears. in a statement sears said there was an oversight in notifying dana, but it was settling the issue to her satisfaction. that means dana is going to get a check for $780 to cover the damage to her furniture. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 1-888-996-tips or online at have a great day. >> appreciate that, chris. up next, president-elect donald trump is back at work today, trying to put to rest concern about his business dealings and foundation. the criticism is not over. >> with the new year comes new
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laws of course. we'll break down the new rules you need to know. most aimed at distracted driving in california. we're live in pleasant hill at a mall where gunfire erupted during busy shopping hours overnight. we'll be back with a live report. taking a live look outside...
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downtown san jose. a chilly start this morning... taking a live look outside downtown san jose, a very chilly
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start once again this morning with freeze warnings in effect for many parts of the bay area. good morning and thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. it's 6:30 right now. chilly outside. the sky looks pretty in that shot. that's one benefit we have of this cold weather. >> do not be deceived by the beautiful sunrise. >> when we have clear skies is when temperatures dip the fastest. we may have another doum-degree drop before we see more light in the sky. only 34 degrees in the tri-valley, 36 in the peninsula and 41 in the east bay. yes, we do have freeze warnings in effect for all of these areas shaded in purple for parts of the east bay valleys and north bay valleys. the interior sections. we'll see those temperatures dipping into the 20s and 30s. make sure you take care of the plants, pets and people. we will continue to watch this. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up.
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now as we head over to vianey, she'll give us a view of what's happening now on traffic. >> holiday traffic, nice and light. nice green map across the bay area which means a typical early morning commute is still seeing a little slowing, but not as bad as it typically is, especially around this hour. right now we're seeing a little slowing along 280 heading towards san francisco. that's because there was a crash reported earlier causing some slight backup. as of now, it looks like they have moved that off to the road. it looks like it should be catching um over the next couple minutes. for now, all is well out on the roads. a developing story this morning, shots fired at a popular east bay shopping center during business hours. the gunfire actually hit a business. now police are looking for the person who opened fire as well as the victim of the shooting. >> "today in the bay's" tom jenson is live at the crossroads shopping center in pleasant hill.
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there's visible damage left behind from the shooting. is that right, tom? >> reporter: there is. very fortunate, as you said, that nobody was hurt. the shots did hit a couple of these businesses over here including this hawaiian barbecue where there were customers inside, bullet hitting the wall and also going through the glass. you can see the white cardboard still up where repairs need to be made today. a witness told our photographer on the scene that there was an argument out here in the parking lot over something. they didn't know what it was. all of a sudden there were numerous gunshots. the witness said many of the bullets hit the building we just showed you with customers inside. also inside the starbucks next door, starbucks employees this morning said a bleeding man was seen running toward the building, probably shot in the leg. then took off from the business toward a speeding car. police reported a high-speed reckless toyota on north highway 242 just after this happened.
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pleasant hill police told nbc bay area they hope somebody comes forward because there were plenty of people here last night when this happened. >> we came out at about 9:15 to report some shots were fired. witnesses were indicating that the shooter and the victim both fled the scene prior to the police arriving. >> the victim and the suspects have not been identified, although local hospitals are keeping an eye out for anybody who was shot in the leg. you can see, again, the cardboard in this window that was shot out, we should see people here shortly repairing that i'm sure. also the damage to the bricks and the concrete outside the building right here. as we said, police are looking for more information, hoping someone will come forward. they have gotten a couple of leads, and they said they're following up on those right now. we're live in pleasant hill, tom jenson, "today in the bay." >> tom, thank you very much. the president-elect's transition is back to work, his team
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anyway, trying to confirm cabinet nominees. >> president-elect trump facing criticism about business holdings that could create a conflict of interest as well as the criticism over the israeli controversy. >> edward lawrence joining us live from washington, d.c. with the latest on the presidential transition. edward, good morning. >> good morning, sam and kira. a lot going on right now. the president-elect's transition team opened a war room actually in washington, d.c. it's designed to help his cabinet nominee get core fir! hearing, help with questions and some of the issues talked about in the confirmation hearing. the president-elect may also want to use that war room to help him answer questions about conflicts of interest. >> president-elect donald trump via twitter tackled foreign policy and business conflicts as the country awaiting more cabinet picks.
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there are critics who believe a conflict of interest is unavoidable. >> they say with the new york attorney general, that they'll be lots of people nipping at his heels in every part of this business empire that he refuses to divest from. >> analysts say mr. trump needs to completely separate himself from his for-profit business before he starts working on world affairs. >> friends don't take friends to the security council. >> reporter: problems with israel may be one of the first world issues to confront. the president-elect condemned the united nations calling it a club for final to get together. after the u.n. security council passed a resolution condemning the israeli settlement. t . >> when the prime minister of israel makes an allegation, that is backed z up by 100% evidence. i hope donald trump does not act in a precipitous and really dangerous way and try to undo
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this and/or remove the u.s. from the u.n. >> mr. trump says the resolution makes peace in the middle east more difficult. israel says it will suspend working ties with countries that initiated this resolution, and it will cancel allstate trips related to countries who voted for the resolution. live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you, sam and kira. >> thank you very much for the update. 6:36 on your tuesday morning. as we reported yesterday, two people have been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a man inside a target on christmas eve. the hayward store was packed with shoppers when witnesses say the 36-year-old victim was involved in some kind of fight with two men. the victim was stabbed and later died. police have arrested two men in their 20s. a daring cliff rescue where firefighters rescued a person after their boat capsized.
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the entire rescue took about an hour. that person who was rescued has been hospitalized. no word on how they're doing this morning. members of the jewish community feeling a little uneasy in san francisco right now, this after someone stole a six-foot, 100-pound menorah from a park in north beach. some are calling it a hate crime. as "today in the bay's" jean elle reports, they're not hiding in fear, but lighting up the night. >> reporter: neighbors come together in san francisco's washington square park to light menorahs. we rededicate this space as a safe space where everyone can practice their religion freely, and everyone can enjoy their holidays with light. >> reporter: they're reclaiming the space after someone stole a six-foot tall menorah from the park over the weekend. members say it feels like a hate crime. >> it is a hate crime for somebody to, in such a public
6:38 am
space, to take a symbol that means just joy, they have had to be in such a dark space in their life. the thief took the 120-pound symbol of light. people gathered at the scene to keep the celebration going. >> i have a lot of jewish friends, and we celebrate hanukkah as well as christmas. it's a bruise to the community as a whole. >> reporter: the san francisco police department is investigating the theft while people here are eager to see the menorah returned, they plan to keep the light shining brightly through the season. >> people will not win. the light with win. >> jean elle, nubc bay area new.
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>> neighbors say someone cut the christmas tree three times as well and cut the power box. santa keeps his naughty or nice list, but he's not the only one. con artists posing as irs agents are the top complaint on the agency's scam tracker list, next, debt collectors pushing people to provide credit card numbers, phony notices victims have won a sweepstakes prize but have to pay shipping and handling costs. phishing is the newest crime on the list. the bureau warns that scammers are sending e-mails asking for personal information. the agency warns everyone to be 100% sure they know who is asking for any sensitive information. >> be awfully careful with that. 6:39 right now. a new year means a new set of laws for the state of california, one of which targets distracted drivers. starting january 1st, drivers are not allowed to use their
6:40 am
cell phones at all while driving unless they're using a hands-free device or voice operated commands. the new law also calls for phones to be mounted to the windshield or a dashboard if you plan to use them while driving. drivers caught violating that law face a $20 fine for the first offense and a $50 fine for the second one. january 1st will also bring a host of other state laws. in 2017, the state's minimum wage will get a hike from $10 an hour to $10.50 for any business with 26 or more employees. a new package of bills will touch california's already strict gun laws. it will be illegal to own a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. also, terminally ill patients will be allowed to use experimental drugs that do not yet have full regulatory approval. good tuesday morning. the time is 6:40. as you head out the door, we
6:41 am
have some very chilly temperatures once again, even below freezing for parts of the north bay where we drop down to 29 degrees in fairfield, 32 degrees in morgan hill and san jose now at 37. we do have low 40s for oakland and san francisco. bundle up as you head out. we have freeze warnings in effect for all of these areas shaded in purple. that includes the delta over toward concord and then extending down to san ramon and farther off to the east. also in the north bay from snap pa to sonoma county and down to parts of marin county for the interior parts. as we go into the day, it will be warming up into the mid to upper 50s, and those 50s will be with us today as well as some warmer air tomorrow. i'll have more on that in about ten minutes. as we head over to vianey as we start to see things stacking up at the bay bridge. >> kari, it looks like folks have finally gotten through
6:42 am
their first cup of coffee to keep warm. the roads are looking pretty clear. but starting to see a little bit more of the flashing red lights in terms of headlights, we are seeing some slowing near 880 at oakland. apparently there was debris out on the road thanks to a pothole. it looks like they're on their way to clear that debris which means hopefully we won't see anymore backup along that area. a live look right now to see how the roads are looking. the metering lights are officially off. it should be smooth sailing on your way to work. back to you. thank you very much. coming up next, a passenger plane goes skidding off a runway. the glitch that's being blamed for this morning's incident. >> plus, new details on a fire that ignited at a peninsula home. we'll tell you the reason firefighters already were familiar with this home. a look at the big board this morning. we're getting over so close to a 20,000-point threshold on the dow jones which is up right now 35 points in early trading.
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good tuesday morning. it's 6:45. as you get ready to head out on the roadways. it is chilly. again, frosty conditions and freezing temperatures. in los gatos it will be up to 50 degrees and 53 degrees by lunchtime, hitting the upper 50s today right on target for the average high. it warms up and then some rain moves in. i'll detail that coming up in
6:46 am
about five minutes. with the sunrise we're starting to see more early morning commuters. still no major accidents to report. here is a quick look at your east bay drive times, 680 to vargas road, not too bad. about 20 minutes. the three guards accused of beating an inmate to death inside a santa clara county jail are set to appear in court. that inmate, michael tyree, was found dead in his cell more than a year ago. the three guards charged in the killing have all pleaded not guilty. earlier this month, a settlement of $3.6 million was reached between the estate of michael tyree and the county of santa clara. his estate is comprised of his two sisters and 7-year-old daughter. investigators are trying to figure out what caused not one, but two fires at a peninsula home. the most recent one broke out early yesterday morning in san mateo right near highway 101 and only a few blocks away from
6:47 am
south norfolk streak. firefighters say no one was actually living inside the house. according to the merck, firefighters responded to the sem place when a van and debris were burning in the last year. that home was red tagged for safety violations and no one was allowed to live in it. two people have died after a plane crash in fresno. it was a small plane that went down near a small airfield about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the faa says the plane was an experimental f-90 aircraft registered to someone who lived in fresno. a witness saw that plane plunge to the ground shortly after taking off. so far the victims have not been identified. a glitch is being blamed after a passenger jet skidded off the runway and spun before ending up in the grass. this is in western india. the jet airways flight was supposed to be headed towards mumbai this morning. it never even made it off the ground. jet airlines is now saying the glitch happened while the jet was getting ready for takeoff.
6:48 am
the plane was carrying more than 150 people and the passengers who spoke with the media say they're glad to be alive. jet airways says everyone who was evacuated safely, a few with minor injuries. 6:48 on your tuesday morning. happening today, the japanese prime minister shinzo abe is joining president obama at joint base pearl harbor for an historic visit. the prime minister's plane landed in honolulu yesterday morning. president obama is in hawaii for his christmas vacation. this marks the first time ever a japanese prime minister has visited the memorial at the site of the 1941 pearl harbor attack. the visit also comes six months after president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima to honor the victims of the atomic bombing in world war ii. there's a problem with garbage in the sierra. it's covered with beautiful snow, but some parts are littered with exec sleds.
6:49 am
hundreds poured in to go sledding. people were leaving piles of their broken sleds and trash overflowing in nearby dumpsters. in other places some people just left their garbage along i-80. >> the plastic doesn't disintegrate. it takes years and years and years. it should be a social responsibility to pick up after yourself. >> the shards of bright plastic are hard to miss as you see here in the snow. highway and park workers are cleaning up some sites. they're saying some of the plastic could be left to litter the scenery for decades because it doesn't disintegrate. park officials are asking people to take their broken sleds home with you where they can be easily toss phd the gar kaj can. quite the scene left behind in times square after new years. but in the meantime, the waterford crystals are being installed on the ball in times
6:50 am
square today. millions will watch the sparkling triangles on saturday night as the ball descends for the final seconds of 2016. the times square ball is covered with more than 2,600 of the crystal triangles which will be broken into four gift group designs. the groups are the gifts of kindness, fortitude, wonder and imagination. >> you do not need to use much imagination this morning to figure out what it feels like to be freezing or near freezing as we look outside at mill valley in marin county. 37 degrees there. talking about the cold this morning, checking the temperature gauges. this has not really budged all morning long. no, 37 degrees since 4:30 when we went on the air. car hi hall, much of the same you've been talking about. >> another morning dipping into the 30s. we'll see it again tomorrow and expect it to continue as we go through next week as well. more cold weather. bundle up, we're also dealing with freeze warnings in parts of the interior valleys. as we get a live look outside at
6:51 am
emeryville, the sun is rising and it's a chilly start to the day. also getting busy out there. we'll check in with vianey in a minute. as we look at the temperatures in the tri-valley, 34 degrees, 37 in the south bay and 42 degrees in san francisco getting this tuesday started. a lot of people getting back to work, we'll have a nice afternoon. as you get home, it will be in the upper 50s. in the tri-valley mid 50s. if you will be getting on a flight today and heading elsewhere or expecting some family to come in for the new year's holiday, it will be fair think chilly farther off to the east. bismarck, probably ready to get out of there. 8 degrees below zero. new york city is 57. it won't be that warm as we get ready to watch the ball drop on saturday night. we will have a storm system moving in from the south that could bring in scattered showers for parts of the south bay, and there will be a couple of
6:52 am
chances of rain in the forecast. nothing significant here. spotty showers in the forecast will have the potential to bring up to half an inch of rain all across the bay area between now and next tuesday. and then behind that we could have a big chill moving in. as we get ready to start out 2017, it could be very cold. we're looking at highs that will be in the upper 40s to low 50s for san francisco and also, once again, spotty rain starting there on saturday. it will be for the south bay in the low 60s by friday. and this weekend looking much cooler. now as we head over to vianey, how is it looking on the roads now? >> well, no snow. i did used to live in boston. i'm thankful we're at least seeing these temperatures with sunshine, happy to be back in california. the roads looking good out there. we did see slowing on 280 heading into san francisco. that was thanks to a fender-bender. it looks like all that major backup is starting to clear and it should make for a clear
6:53 am
commute. bay bridge, ten minutes. wbl 92 towards the san mateo bridge also looking at about 13 minutes. still seeing a nice holiday light commute heading down to the south bay drive times, northbound 101 towards highway 85. about a 20-minute drive. northbound 280. highway 85 also seeing a nice light commute at about eight minutes. over all the roads are looking good. also heading to the east bay, nice commute as well southbound 680 at vargas road. let's take a live look at san mateo bridge, we're starting to see some more commuters, but it's pretty light compared to how it usually is backed up. back to you. >> that is a very welcome change. thank you, vianey. we'll take a look at the top stories we're following on nbc bay area. that includes a developing story in the east bay where shots were fired at a busy shopping center at an area typically safe. a restaurant's windows shattered. we'll tell you what witnesses
6:54 am
say they saw. >> first, happening now, a facebook post is making international news. a girl celebrates her 15th birthday with thousands of people in a rural mexican village after the invayation to the event went viral. her father sent it out initially. read why all that attention caused plenty of problems. also, we know some of you have this whole week off with your families. we've put together a list of festive events you can find going on in the bay area on where you can take a look at the fun things to do around the area this week. we're back in two minutes. before you head out the door -
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
here are the top stories on nbc bay area... . welcome back at 6:57. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> the developing story this morning. the search is still on for a gunman who opened fire at an east bay shopping center during business hours. there's a board covering what was shot-out glass of a hawaiian barbecue restaurant. investigators say the vilk tim in the shooting also left the scene. this is a live look from where it happened at crossroads shopping center off interstate 680. that shooting was first reported about 9:15 last night. some windows, as you see on the shopping center were hit last night. police say no innocent bystanders were injured. witnesses told police they saw a whan who had been shot in the leg and was bleeding.
6:58 am
they say he walked towards the starbucks in the shopping center, then got into the car and left. the search is on for a thief who stole a men knorr rah from a san francisco park. people are wondering if it is a hate crime. people from other are faiths gathered in washington square park after someone stole a 6-foot tall 100-pound menorah in the park. investigators are looking for surveillance video to see if they can find out who did it. a group called north beach neighbors say they'll put a menorah in the park next year this time with additional security. a groundbreaking is set for today to upgrade a transit center on the peninsula. this is at the caltrains station in san carlos. the improvements will be made in the south parking lot where crews will be paving the lot and repainting parking spots. the project is supposed to transform the parking lot initially made for caltrains. now it will be used for a center for multiple services. it will provide safe access to
6:59 am
buses, caltrain rails and shuttles for all the peninsula. a check of weather and traffic right now. kari is in, so is vianey, who is walking a mile in moik's shoes this morning. how does it feel? >> well, mike has to do a lot of running. >> we'd like to see mike try to do it in heels. >> it is not a heal-type morning. it is cold. you need some bots. it's 36 degrees in san jose and 39 in san francisco. 40 in oakland, warmer this afternoon. >> looks good. how are the roads looking? earlier it was empty. >> we made it through the early morning commute with no major accidents. drive times in the southbound, about a 19 minute commute. the east bay looking pretty smooth, northbound 238, about ten minutes. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. we hope you stay tuned. >> join us as well for nbc bay
7:00 am
area news at 11:00. continue to enjoy this post christmas holiday week. we'll see you again very soon. >> have a great day. good morning. good morning. mall mayhem. post holiday brawls break out at shopping centers across the country. chaos in connecticut. melees in memphis. police forced to use pepper spray on a crowd in cleveland. this morningside the panicked moments for thousands of shoppers. no way. president-elect trump pushing back after president obama said he would have beaten trump if he ran again. this as mr. trump takes aim at yet another institution with a veiled twitter warning to the united nations. whether extremes. tens of thousands still without power in the midwest after being slammed by a powerful winter storm. while up and down the east


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