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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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who says you can't have it all? >> reporter: the one-woman show examined her life as a child in hollywood, grows up in the glare of the spotlight. battling addiction and her fight against bipolar disorder. the book adaptation would go on to become a "new york times" bestseller. in the past two years, fisher came back to the story that made her famous. reprising her role of princess leia in both "star wars 7: the force awakens" and episode eight set for release in 2017. finding a new generation of fans. nbc news. >> carrie fisher is also being remembered here in the bay area. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us now with that part of the story. >> terry, i can't tell you how often a tech executive has told me he or she was inspired by "star wars" to get into engineering, space or another tech-related field. here in the bay area as we line up to see the latest "star wars" installment, we're remembering carrie fisher and how many
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people she inspired. >> i'm a member of the imperial senate on a diplomatic mission. >> reporter: many of us grew up in the bay area watching carrie fisher on the big screen. >> it's very sad. i really admired her. >> reporter: and those lining up to see "rogue one" thought about princess leia. >> it's a shame. she was too young. i was a big fan of the "star wars" series and, you know, it's just too bad. i pray for her family and friends. >> i was a "star wars" fan for sure, yeah, i grew up with it, my kids love it. yeah, it's really sad. >> reporter: fisher was also remembered at imagination park in san anselmo, home of the yoda statue. >> she's a great actress in those and also a lot of other things like "harry met sally" and, you know, lot of those other movies that i really liked her in as well. so it's too bad. >> reporter: and on twitter, where fellow co-stars like billy
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dee williams and mark hamill remembered their friend. we also hear from fisher's mother who says, "thank you to everyone who has enbraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. i am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop." we heard from george lucas who in a statement called fisher extremely smart and talented and who says she will be missed by all. terry? >> thanks, scott. we have much more on our home page about the death of carrie fisher. there you can find the full interview we did with her a few years ago when she performed her broadway show in berkeley. we also have a photo gallery of fisher throughout her career. it's all on it is a brutal, horrifying crime, a mother allegedly killed by her own son on christmas day in gilroy. the victim was a well-known member of the south bay community. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from gilroy with the latest on this crime and the victim's legacy. >> reporter: well, we're here at the gilroy historical museum and
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it's an appropriate place to start our story about the victim. she was very involved in the gilroy historical society and was a prominent local historical figure, herself. it's unfortunate the life history of 70-year-old claudia salewske ended suddenly and tragically. she was not only a longtime leader with the gilroy historical society, she literally wrote the book about the community as an author and was a longtime educator at gilroy high and san jose state university. >> a community contributor and she certainly was, in every way you could think of, a very gracious, thoughtful person who was always kind of looking out for others who needed a little extra helping hand. >> reporter: but the sheriff's department says on mass day, deputies got a 911 call from the family home on roof road. >> when deputies were en route to the call, they learned that a son had attacked his mother with a baseball bat. >> reporter: what happened at the scene?
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>> when deputies arrived, they immediately made contact with the son. they were able to detain him and then ran into the house and found the mother inside the house with significant head trauma. >> reporter: neighbors we talked to were stunned. >> people snap on christmas, either kill themselves or kill somebody else. i'm just sad to hear it happened on christmas. >> reporter: the owner of the book buyer store downtown said claudia salewske will always be part of the community. >> i'm just very glad that she left books for us to read and it's her legacy and she's going to be able to be known and appreciated for a long time because of that. >> reporter: matthew salewske remains in santa clara county jail. the family has told community members a service for claudia is now being planned. in gilroy, robert handa, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00, a legal setback for san francisco's police union today. the union wanted to stop changes to the city's use of force policy that would prevent
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officers from shooting into a moving vehicle or using a specific choke hold. today, judge richard ulmer denied the police wrunion's request. citing the city's right to set use of force policies. >> fundamental managerial or policy decisions include changing the policy regarding the police officers' use of deadly force. >> your honor, a case-by-case analysis, read the case law in total -- >> that's not what the california supreme court says of those cases. >> your honor -- >> it's a categorical holding the way i read it. >> the head of the police officers' association says his organization will push ahead with its lawsuit attempting to overturn the policy. the union says the ban on shooting into vehicles could prevent them from reacting to terror attacks that use cars and trucks as weapons. city says the policy includes an exception for extraordinary circumstances. new details now on the killing of a father inside an east bay target on christmas
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eve. tonight, we are learning tyrone griffin may have been stabbed because he asked someone to turn down their music. it happened in hayward. we're learning the victim's 4-year-old son may have been just steps away. nbc bay area's marianne favro explains. >> reporter: one shopper found the victim bleeding in the toy aisle and called 911. family members say this is the victim, a father of four young children. he was stabbed to death christmas eve in the toy aisle of this target in hayward. one man said a witness told him tyrone was attacked after he confronted two men about playing inappropriate music in front of his sons. we talked to one witness who says he saw tyrone put one man in a head lock while another punched or stabbed tyrone. he said tyrone lifted his shirt up and was bleeding badly then crossed into the food aisle and went into shock. all while his 4-year-old watched. within hours, police arrested
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two men in their 20s just a couple of blocks away from target in connection with the killing. police say they spent the day meeting with the district attorney's office about this case and they will not release the names of the suspects until that process is complete. in the meantime, investigators are asking any witnesses who may have seen this attack to come forward. in hayward, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we reached out to target. they had this response to the attack. "at target the safety and security of our guests and team members is a top priority. as soon as we were made aware of the incident, we immediately contacted local law enforcement and closed the store." it's now up to the d.a. to decide, a task force has now turned over evidence in a sweeping case involving students at five south bay high schools and hundreds of nude photos. mountain view police say they and other agencies have been investigating the allegations for several months now. they say students were allegedly
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sharing sexually explicit photos of other students via an online drop box account. an anonymous tip led investigators to the case. police have since put a freeze on that drop box account. now the district attorney has to decide whether to file charges which could include child porn charges. history has been made at pearl harbor once again. today marked the first official visit to the site by a japanese leader. prime minister shinzo abe joined president obama in a wreath-lay ing ceremony at the "u.s.s. arizona" memorial. it killed more than 2,400 americans and drew the americans into world war ii. today's events come seven months after president obama visited japan's memorial to the bombing victims of hiroshima and nagasaki. >> translator: i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here. >> i hope that together we send a message to the world that
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there is more to be won in peace than in war. >> also both leaders spoke passionately of tolerance. this a moment unimaginable 75 years ago. president-elect donald trump was back at work today meeting with advisers as he wraps up his cabinet appointments. also we're getting insight to his inaugural speech. president-elect trump takes the both oath of office on january 20th just as grandstands and platforms are works in progress, so is his inaugural address. a senior adviser says the speech will be inclusive. >> themes of what you heard throughout the campaign, through the transition, and represented in the inaugural planning, dreams of unity, dreaming big. things that uplift america. >> for now trump is delivering his message 140 characters at a time. in his latest tweetstorm, he dismisses the united nations as, "just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time." inauguration day less than a
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month away. raj mathai will be in washington, d.c., to bring us live updates on social media sites and reports on our newscasts. that's friday january 20th. /topvo== also, they didn't just take the mail... they took the boxes too. they didn't just take the mail, they took the boxes, too. the brazen crime that has dozens of people worried about identity theft in the south bay. and basking in the post-sunset glow around the bay area from emeryville over to san francisco, but our clear skies tonight. san jose spending another night approaching the upper 30s by tomorrow morning. as we also track rain chances with plans on new year's eve weekend. how it will impact your travel conditions when we come right back.
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you're watching nbc bay area news. with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area. we investigate. bullet holes mark the site of a bizarre shooting at a popular shopping mall in pleasant hill. right now, police are searching not only for the gunman but also for a possible victim. nbc bay area's michelle roberts has the story. >> you never know what to expect from people, like, in society now. >> reporter: he says he didn't hear the shots ring out last night, but he was close enough to see people running from the scene outside the starbucks at the crossroads shopping center in pleasant hill.
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>> it was chaos, everybody was freaking out, everybody was running around. >> reporter: he works at the at&t shop on the other side of the mall and now is worried the shooter might return. >> it's kind of, like, scary to, like, what if, like, you know, they come back or, like, they hit, like, another store around here and they're from around this area, so it's kind of scary. >> reporter: pleasant hill police say someone opened fire just after 9:00 last night. bullets broke the window at the ohana hawaiian barbecue restaurant and hit a brick wall outside of starbucks. no innocent bystanders were hit but witnesses reported seeing a man with a leg injury walk toward starbucks before taking off in a car. >> really, i couldn't belief ve it. nothing ever happens here. i was really shocked. >> reporter: today few shoppers were aware of last night's violence and now many are hoping police have solid leads on the suspect. >> glad nobody else got hurt. >> and that was michelle roberts reporting. a former east bay high school student was killed monday night in east oakland. police say christopher killian
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was visiting friends in the area of humboldt and brookdale when he was shot several times. police have not made any arrests yet. killian graduated from hayward high school in 2011 and enlisted with the marine corps. his death marks the 83rd homicide in oakland this year. investigators are worried about identity theft after several dozen mailboxes were stolen. not just the mail, the mailboxes. happened last thursday night in san jose at heritage bay drive. postal officials say someone ripped a stack of 40 mailbox right out of the ground which they say is very unusual. a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. work is now officially under way on a new peninsula transit center. early today, heavy equipment moved into the south parking lot of the san carlos cal train station. crews will remove medians, repave the lot and restripe for parking. when it re-opens, the transit center will do more than just serve cal train passengers. it will also provide safe access to buses and shuttles.
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until then, cal train riders are asked to park at the belmont station. work will continue into next summer. some nervous moments after a driver thought he saw people inside this sinking boat in the bay today. the coast guard says there was no need for a rescue. they say that boat had been sitting in the water near emeryville for two days. they went out to check again and think that what the driver saw, thought was people, actually wood pilings. no word on who's responsible for retrieving that boat. and rob mayeda joins us now for a look at the weather. nice outside. not a day to be out on the water unless you got a major jacket on. >> exactly. it's cold. we're seeing temperatures again with highs in the mid 50s in most spots. pretty similar to the water temperatures outside around the bay and coastline. wave heights about 8 to 10 feet. the story of the evening, beautiful sunset just wrapping up around san francisco. you got 53 degrees. we'll show you the temperatures around san jose. 51. south bay microclimates now that the sun set over on the west
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side of the valley, 40s around sarato saratoga. should see areas away from downtown one more chance at patchy frost we think heading into tomorrow morning. there you see 40s already around walnut creek and san ramon. this is a pretty view looking at emeryville. 51. look at the high clouds making for a fantastic sunset. weather underground sky camera network showing you a similar view as you look out along 680 there. high clouds moving in made up of ice crystals which do a nice job of refracting the sun light and make for beautiful sunl lesunse not good at dropping raindrops. high pressure off our coast. no chances of rain from now until thursday. the warmest weather this week in terms of daytime highs coming up as we head into tomorrow and thursday. overnight, north bay, tri-valley, might see a little bit of patchy frost. the cloud cover making for a nice sunset tonight. might keep our temperatures up by 2 to 3 degrees from the very frosty temperatures we had a bit earlier this morning. low 60s in the forecast tomorrow.
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around san jose. actually these daytime highs in the south bay may run slightly above average wednesday and thursday. tri-valley also seeing some low 60s. south of danville, san ramon. upper 50s from concord to antioch. peninsula temperatures tomorrow, 57 san mateo. similar temperatures from san francisco up into the north bay. you'll find highs in the upper 50s and a chance we could see low 60s on thursday. so the hour by hour outlook, that high that is off to the west will build over northern california. warming us up. a chance of finding some 60s for highs. more so on thursday. but watch the change late thursday. see the clouds here coming up out of the south. these are mid-level clouds. eventually, a chance of seeing showers we think late friday, mainly for the south bay. so one system coming up from the south then we'll see another system, a much colder one at that, dropping down through the weekend which will give us a chance of showers and unfortunately for new year's eve weekend plans, we may be dealing with a chance of snow across the sierra and up toward shasta.
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rain totals, cold air coming down, looks like less than a quarter inch of rain for most the bay area between now and sunday night. but, again, timing of those showers could impact travel plans. this is saturday afternoon for interstate 80, highway 50, i-5 north, and the grapevine to the south, could be dealing with some snow for your saturday afternoon. so here's the big shift coming up in the seven-day forecast. cold air dropping down from canada. going to do a number on our daytime highs. 60s next 2 days. watch where temperatures are headed early next week. as the temperatures drop, snow levels may be dropping, too. could get as low as 3,000 feet. possibly by monday and tuesday. so the seven-day forecast shows mild temperatures through midweek. then numbers begin to come down on friday in terms of daytime highs. chance of showers off and on as we go through the weekend. i think it's the valley temperatures you'll really see the change. low to mid 60s possible on thursday. then highs mid to upper 40s possible by the middle part of next week which could introduce
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a chance of hilltop snow. stay tuned as we like to say. >> feels like 3,000 feet. >> all right. >> our neck of the woods. >> yeah. >> thanks, rob. raiders quarterback derek carr is out of surgery and ready to start his road to recovery. the latest on how the surgery went and what his teammates are saying about him. and steph curry once again giving back to those in need. his latest effort to lend a helping hand, coming up next. happening now on our homepage:
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==reveal== a sculptor in sunnyvale is carving a giant menorah right now... out of a block of ice. a rabbi hired the sculptor-- mark davis-- to chisel the menorah in honor of hanukah, the jewish festival of lights. ==reveal== and in southern california.... a riverside man is behind bars tonight after attacking and killing a neighbor's pit bull... after it attacked his poodle. prosecutors say it's likely both owners will face charges.
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we're getting a few look at surveillance footage from a train station in italy showing the main suspect in the berlin christmas market attack. police just released this still picture from the surveillance video. it was taken shortly after midnight last friday. the main suspect in the attack, anis amri, was later shot dead
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by a police officer out a deserted train station in a milan suburb. investigators say he traveled from germany fthrough france, into italy after his truck rampage in berlin. attack killed 12 people and injured 56 others. thousands of oakland workers are about to get a wage. the city's minimum wage going up on sunday. it's going to go from $12.55 per hour to $12.86. it's a 31 cent increase. while oak land's minimum wage is above the state minimum, it lags behind wages in nearby san francisco and emeryville. a bit of good news for bummed out raiders fans. quarterback and league mvp candidate derek carr had a successful surgery today to fix his broken leg. just over an hour ago, carr tweeted his surgery couldn't have gone better and that he already started the recovery process. he then thanked fans for all their prayers. initial estimates are that carr will miss six to eight weeks. his teammates told us although they will miss their leader,
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they're also ready to make a super bowl run without him. >> we want to take responsibility, you know, now more than ever, obviously. so we're up for the challenge. i know matt is. you know, we're not going to change anything. we're going to go out and execute and do what we do. >> and the matt he is referring to is backup quarterback matt mcgloin who takes over as the starter. the raiders play their final regular-season game sunday in denver. speaking of stars, warriors superstar steph curry is known for his giving on the basketball court. today it's his giving off the court making headlines. curry and his family held their fourth annual feed the children event in oakland. providing 1,200 families with boxes of food and personal care items like shampoo and makeup this holiday season. the event is part of the warriors' season of giving community outreach initiative. well sierra is covered in snow and some parts are now covered in garbage. holiday travelers packed into the snow park yesterday to go sledding. track was a mess. traffic wasn't the only issue.
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people left piles of broken sleds and trash overflowing in the dumpsters all over the place. people left their garbage along the i-80 corridor. >> the plastic doesn't disintegrate. it takes years and years and years. there should be a social responsibility, pick up after yourself. >> the shards of bright plastic are hard to miss. see them right there. highway and park workers cleaned up some sites but we're told some of the plastic could be left to litter the scenery for decades. park officials ask that visitors take their broken sleds home, please, where they can be easily tossed into a garbage can. common sense. >> i was just about to say that. so beautiful, you go up there to get away and get into nature and you don't want to see garbage everywhere. >> yeah. okay. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> nbc bay area responds. we recovered over $400,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit
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tonight at 6:00, nbc bay area responds to a livermore woman who ended up with damaged furniture during a fridge delivery. what happened after sears didn't answer her calls. that story and more tonight at 6:00. well, it's not new year's eve without the crystal ball
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dropping in new york's time square. well today, workers were busy putting the final touches on the 12,000 pound crystal ball adorned with 2,500 sparkling triangles. new design this year features circles of rosettes that symbolize unity. united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon is set to flip the switch beginning the ball's 60-second descent. organizers say ban ki-moon was selected because he's forged a legacy of bringing people and nations together. a lot of work for a one-minute drop. it's worth it. >> and it will be a lot colder there than it is here. >> it may feel a bit like times square up around sierra right now. what's left of the sunset from emeryville. we'll show you a wintery view from heavenly at lake tahoe. 32 degrees now which is where the coldest temperatures around the bay area should be around 7:00 tomorrow morning. we're thinking the north bay, near the tri-valley. highs tomorrow have a chance of low 60s around the santa clara valley and out toward
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pleasanton. >> thank you very much. thank "nightly news" up next. >> always find us online at and facebook and twitter. tonight, remembering carrie fisher, the actress who rose to fame as princess leia in the blockbuster "star wars" saga, dead at age 60. tonight, the tributes pouring in from around the world. breaking news. trump tower evacuated, the bomb squad called in, what triggered the panic. mall mayhem, post holiday shopping chaos erupts across the country. fist fights caught on camera, several now facing charges. historic visit, solemn moment. the first japanese leader to visit the "uss arizona" memorial at pearl harbor with president obama by his side. and who's listening? a warrant issued for an amazon echo.


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