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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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multiple lane of a major south bay freeway shut down after a horrific multicar crash. we're learning of multiple injuries. we're going to bring you a live report from the scene. more breaking nous this morning, pete suratos joining us from san francisco. >> iconic "star wars" actress carrie fisher has died. we look back at her store read career. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> it is 5:00. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. let us get right to that breaking news on the roads. joining us now, vianey arana with a crash slowing things up right now. >> sam, it appears to involve multiple vehicles with multiple injuries. three vehicles at the moment is the latest information that we've received. apparently it's all because of a wrong-way driver that did cause a car fire. somebody had to be extracted from their vehicle. there have been patients transported to local area hospitals. no word yet on the condition of
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them. this is a live picture southbound 280. there is still a sig alert that is in effect. they have opened two lanes. although there isn't a lot of traffic at this early morning hour, as this cleanup continues, that could change into the next couple of hours of half hour at that. right now already seeing slowing near that area as the lanes are blocked. we do see two open. so i will give you the latest updates on any backup in the traffic area as well. if you want to really get ahead of this traffic, i would say go ahead and get off on saratoga and take surface streets. back to you. >> we have team coverage of that accident on 280. let's get straight to "today in the bay's" tom jenson who is at the scene. what's going on right now? >> reporter: this is a bad accident. this car was hit head on by a wrong way driver. these were all women driving here, all female victims. no fatalities. i just learned from chp that the
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driver of this vehicle, a young woman possibly in her 20s in this heavy aveo, her car was upside down. she was trapped in it. she was screaming for help. firefighters got her out. she's been transported to the hospital with major injuries. let me show you what happened to this car. it was hit by a volkswagen parked way down there right now. the motor came all the way out of this car. you can see it on the highway on 280 southbound. just down the road is a white bmw that crashed into the back of one of the cars, a volkswagen after the accident happened. what we understand is what possibly happened is that the volkswagen came off of byrd avenue the wrong way going right through the do not enter sign, going north on 280 southbound and ran into this head on into this red chevy aveo. the woman in this car is
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severely injured. the woman in the volkswagen going the wrong way also has major injuries and a minor injury with a woman in the bmw. we were out here on the scene, all of the lanes were closed down for a while. one lane opened up and when the cars were backed up, we just found out that they found a drunk driver passed out in their vehicle here. we do not know if alcohol was involved in this accident. that's something they are investigating right now. back to you guys. >> tom jensen for us on southbound 280 in san jose, thanks. horrific news there. we'll hope for the best for those patients. we'll bring you the latest on traffic, but right now the weather can kari hall. another chilly morning. >> yes, it is. we have freezing temperatures. right now it's 32 degrees in the tri-valley and 37 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay. frosty conditions and below freezing in the north bay as well. san francisco only 44 degrees. highs this afternoon reaching the upper 50s to lower 60s, a day very much like yesterday,
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very pleasant after having to deal with some very chilly temperatures during the morning hours. into the weekend we'll take a look at a slight chance of rain coming up. we'll take a look later. now to more breaking news, this time in downtown san francisco where utility crews are searching for the source of a suspicious odor. >> the calls starting coming in early. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us live from san francisco. the fire department was flooded with 30 or more calls. do we have any idea what this odor is? >> reporter: good morning, sam and kira. the last time we talked to pg&e, they're calling it an unspecified odor. when the calls came in, there were folks in san francisco saying this was a gas smell odor. they're saying this odor has dissipated around the city. there were about 30 calls that came in roughly, there were
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calls of gary and leavenworth. that first call coming off polk street. we're also learning the smell is apparently traveling south of 280 towards daly city. as i mentioned, that smell is dissipating in this area. pg&e and sfo looking into this. z we get more information we'll bring it to you in the newsroom. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. let's go to another developing story. there was a swarm of earthquakes right near south lake tahoe that were felt close to the bay area. take a look at this live usgs map. it's being updated as aftershocks continue this morning. there were two 5.7 earthquakes that shook minutes apart this morning after midnight, both centered near hawthorne, nevada. that's more than 300 miles away from the bay area. we heard reports of people feeling effects of the quake all
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the way in tracy. a one-of-a-kind fire station may be coming to the san francisco waterfront. designers are planning a floating fire station. the new $6 million station would replace station 35 that's just below the bay bridge. keeping it offshore would help protect it from rising water and the shaking ground. >> a floating pier, a steel barge. that way the structure could go up and down with the sea level. it would be much more resistant to an earthquake should one strike san francisco. >> of course having firefighters and fire boats ready to respond after an earthquake is crucial. crews use the fire boat to get firefighters in the marina after the 1989 norman prieta quake. the out-of-the-box idea has support in san francisco, but the department of public works says it still needs state and federal approval because of its waterfront location.
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5:06 right now. "star wars" fans remembering carrie fisher this morning. she died yesterday morning at 8:55 at just 60 years old. her death comes days after she suffered an apparent heart attack on a flight from london back to l.a. best known for her role as princess leia, but she was also known as an author, activist and certainly her witty personality. she's survived by her mother, debby reynolds, and daughter actress d actress. the "today" show is remembering her work and celebrating all that she accomplished through her career. good morning. it is 5:07. we're taking a look at clear skies across san jose. you wake up and walk out the door. it's very chilly.
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only 37 degrees in oakland and palo alto as well as san jose. it's 29 degrees now in fairfield, below freezing temperatures, especially in the valleys. we will continue to have that cold air for the next several hours. no freeze warnings in effect. no frost advisories, but yes, it is very cold, and we warm up into the upper 50s to low 60s today. i'll have a complete look at the microclimate forecast coming up in about ten minutes as we head back the vianey, we see what's happening, an update on the crash in 280. >> kari, still early in the morning, so there aren't too many cars on the road. however, a sad situation on southbound 280 near byrd avenue. crews on the scene cleaning up. three vehicles with multiple injuries. they have been transported to a nearby hospital. at the moment they have reopened two lanes. it remains a sig alert at this time. we will keep a close eye on that backup right now. just seeing the majority of the slowing on the 280 freeway.
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we're also tracking a car fire out near the 580 near flynn road. an update on that in just a bit. >> tom jensen will have a live report coming up from the crash scene. plus, you might have heard of several fights during holiday shopping at malls across america. some are saying social media may have played a role. we'll explain after the break. =boxes=
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welcome back to you. we have team coverage of that accident on interstate 280 in
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san jose. let's go straight to "today in the bay's" tom jensen live on the scene. at least one of the three cars involved is being taken away, is that right? what's going on, tom? >> reporter: well, they have moved one of the vehicles, that red car that we showed you a little bit earlier that was hit head on by the volkswagen coming the wrong way going northbound on 280 southbound toward the city. also another vehicle, bmw was rear ended. folks getting ready for work, coming in on 280 southbound, you may run into a little tie-up. all but two lanes have been closed for right now. they should have them open in the next couple of hours. but early commuters might run into this. we'll keep you up to date about what's going on. for now, tom jensen, "today in the bay." >> we know there were females involved and multiple people taken to the hospital. thanks, tom, we will update you with the latest on that in just
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a bit. now let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> we will shortly have a look at the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. she's tracking cool temperatures again with a warmer finish we believe today. meantime, president-elect has a full schedule today, trying to finish up his team that's going to be running the country for the next four years. >> as usual, "today in the bay's" edward lawrence is live in washington, d.c. for us to show us how the president-elect has now taken his battle with the current president to social media. >> exactly, sam and kira. a big storm cloud coming. there's a difference of opinion that happened over israel. now that's turned into a feud between president-elect donald trump and president obama. >> reporter: the future president has been out of sight over the holidays, but very visible on twitter. he's taking on the current president directly saying president obama campaigned hard in important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make
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america great again. >> it's part of american rivalry, partisan rivalry. >> reporter: behind closed doors, advisers to president-elect donald trump say his comments may seem divisive, but he really wants to heal the country. >> if you talk to the president-elect he's about unifying the nation, but he's a competitive guy. >> democrats don't buy it saying he's pushing an israeli agenda rather than allowing the sitting president to finish his term. secretary of state john kerry will defend the decision not to veto the u.n. resolution in a speech later today. republicans remain critical. >> the issues between the israelis and the palestinians need to be resolved by those parties. >> frankly, doing something like this at the very end when you know something different is coming in a matter of weeks, there's no particular reason to do it. >> growing conflict between administrations during what has
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become an bumpy transition following an unprecedented campaign. >> that was edward lawrence reporting there. by the way, also a security scare at trump tower in new york city. >> got to go out. come on, let's go. >> that's the aftermath after someone found a suspicious bag yesterday afternoon. it triggered that panic you see here in the lobby. the building was evacuated. it turns out the bag was filled with toy z. as we've been mentioning, the president-elect is at his estate in florida, not in this building at the time of the square. now to social media. it may have played a role in a bum other of brawls at malls across the country. >> a different reason we saw people running around all day here. a series of massive brawls erupting the day after christmas. shoppers can be seen running from fights and for the exits in some 15 malls in a dozen different states. that one is from texas. authorities don't believe the incidents are coordinated in any way. some say rumors of mass hysteria
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being spread through social media has fed into panicked scenes. no reports of major incidents in bay area malls. now to business news for you. apple wants to keep those new year's resolutions -- help you keep your new year's resolutions. it involves buying their devices or using the ones you already have. >> for the rest of the news before the bell, let's turn to landon dowdy who joins us live from cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> sam and kira, good morning to you both. wall street could start on a positive note today. futures are higher and stocks posting small gains yesterday with the nasdaq hitting a new record high, although on very low volume. investors cheering economic data showing consumer confidence rising to a 15-year high this month. donald trump taking credit for that increase in a tweet posted last night. we'll look for a report on pending home sales. the dow rising 11 points to 19,945. the nasdaq up 24 to a,487.
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december is the season of giving, january ma be the month of returns. ups expects to deliver 1.3 million packages back to retailers on january 5th which is celebrated by the company, but nobody else, as national returns day. about 10% of holiday purchases are returned. apple wants to encourage you to keep your new year's resolutions, rolling out an update to apple watch users and they'll be greeted by the ring in the new year challenge which kicks off on january 2nd, apple is hoping this will be a complete social event with shareable goals and achievement. sam and kira, back over to you. >> lots of competition. >> maybe lifting each other up actually. >> way to take the positive spin on that. landon dowdy, thanks for that. staying with the post holiday shopping tip. if you're headed to the stores to return an unwanted gift, experts say you should be on the
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lookout for fake currency. the secret service says there's always an uptick in counterfeiting money. the federal reserve says the 20 dollar bill is the most counterfeited here. vianey will get us updated on a car fire on 580. >> i'll give you the latest on that. >> but first, kari hall. have you been to the mall this week? what have you seen? >> i tried to go to the great mall just to see a movie and i couldn't even find a place to park. i just left. i missed the movie. everyone is off and you're trying to find something to do inside because it's been so chilly outside. here is a live look outside at the transamerica pyramid. we start with clear skies and chilly temperatures. it's only 46 degrees. this is a little milder right
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along the coast than we've seen the past couple mornings. it's much colder for the inland spots like livermore where it's now below freezing and freezing as well in napa, santa rosa and oakland sarting the morning with 37 degrees with a high expected of 58. 61 in san jose, morgan hill. it will be nice later on. but we have to get through these chilly temperatures to start. only 37 degrees once again in oakland. here is a look at that temperature trend throughout the day. at lunchtime, we're already up to 54 degrees. if we hold on for a little while longer, all that sunshine will make things better. if you're planning to head over to the sierra, squaw valley, alpine meadows, it will be warm today. up to 42 degrees. we have a base of 24 inches of snow and there's no snow in the forecast for the next couple of days. a lot of those trails are open. as we get through the holiday weekend, it will be all snow-free.
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as we go into next week, look how much snow we could be seeing. it looks pretty positive, even after a stretch of some dry weather for several days. there will be a few spotty showers in the forecast for friday with the storm system rolling across southern california and also parts of the bay area, but not expecting any significant storms over the next several days, and a potential of up to 1/2 inch of rain. many spots getting much less than that, especially in the north bay where, once again, that storm system will be trending a little far ther south. in the seven-day forecast in san francisco, it's getting much cooler for the start of 2017. enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts. in the low 60s for the inland areas and scattered rain staying unsettled into early next week. now for an update on what's happening on all of the roadways, let's head over to vianey. >> we've had a pretty busy start to our morning. we've had a number of accidents,
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actually right now on the roads, the majority of the san francisco north bay area looking pretty good. as we head down to san jose, we have been reporting on this all morning long, there was a multivehicle involved accident that did originally block all five lanes. there was a sig alert issued. at the moment it appears the crews are on the scene cleaning that area up. two lanes are still open. so we're not seeing any major backups as of now. of course, there aren't that many cars on the road. as the next half hour continues, there could be a good chance we would start seeing backup. it appears to have pretty serious injuries. chp is also reporting a car five westbound 580 at flynn road. at the moment it appears to be a single vehicle car fire. i will look into that to let you know exactly what it is involving. let's take a live look right now over san jose near the 101 and 280. right now it looks like the traffic is flowing pretty smoothly. i'll send things back to you. >> vianey, thanks. just shy of 5:22.
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up next, vianey mentioned the crash in san jose. we'll take you back out live to the breaking news as a wrong-way driver causes a multicar crash on 280. there's a look again at the scene. first, "nbc bay area responds." a train trip where the temperature dips into the 40s on board. then an even frostier reception when a refund is requested. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. ==kira/cu==
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duis were down this holiday period... welcome back. we continue to monitor the situation on 280 southbound. you can see this is right by byrd avenue. crews are still cleaning up a multicar accident. our tom jensen has been on the scene all morning. we learned a driver going in the wrong direction onto byrd avenue southbound, the driver was going north, collided head on with another car. the strength of that collision was strong enough to pop one of the car's engines out of the vehicle and onto the highway. again, you see them cleaning up the debris there. there were multiple serious injuries as a result. three out of the five lanes are closed down. vianey arana will have an update as will tom jensen from the scene. it is 5:25. duis were down this holiday
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period but the chp is saying not wearing a seatbelt contributed to many deaths. the chp is tweeting a series of stats about christmas weekend including the fact that there were fewer duis this year than last. the agency also says among the 16 people killed within the chp's jurisdiction, half of those people weren't wearing their seatbelts. the chp says it will crack down this up coming weekend for new year's eve focusing on impaired, distracted driving, speeding and seatbelt veelgss. when it comes to your health care, it turns out americans spend the most money on treating and managing diabetes. this is courtesy of a new study from the university of washington, the look at the dramatic rise in health care spending from 1996 to 2013. diabetes topped the list at an estimated $101 billion. that was followed by heart disease and lower back and neck pain. treating high blood pressure and
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high cholesterol also ranked high in the top 20 for health care spending. "nbc bay area responds" to a san francisco man who says he experienced a very cold train ride on amtrak. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with what happened when the amtrak passenger requested a refund. chris? >> reporter: good morning. bruce paid $4200 for an amtrak ride to portland and back with his family. bruce says the return trip was way too cold. he says the air conditioner in their sleeper car malfunctioned. this is a screen grab of the temperature in there. this is the thermometer from his phone. 41 degrees in their cabin. bruce says it was very hard on his aging father while sleeping inside that cabin. he says he complained to amtrak but was told no other sleeper cars were available. after the trip bruce asked amtrak for a renupd and was denied. we reached out to amtrak.
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it gave him a partial refund of $500 plus a $700 dread it for future travel. in a statement amtrak only said this matter was resolved. bruce told us this has at least lightened and other wise dark and unhappy chapter in his family's life. if you have a consumer complaint for us, you can call any time. the number is 1-888-996-tips, or visit us online at have a great day. >> thank you, chris. you, too. kira, we're following two breaking news stories this morning. one out of san francisco where pete suratos is covering a strange odor. >> reporter: san francisco residents reporting a gas odor smell around downtown. what officials are telling us about it this morning. >> pete, thanks. we are live in san jose, southbound 280 at byrd avenue where a wrong way driver caused a multicar crash. many people have been injured and transported to the hospital. only two lanes of the five are open right now. we will have the latest with tom
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jensen after the break. air at 4:30-- a wrong waas
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good morning. it's 5:31 right now on your wednesday morning, and problems in the south bay in san jose on 280 south. what you're looking at right here is crews cleaning up after a very bad traffic accident this morning. a wrong-way driver in a silver volkswagen went the wrong way onto southbound 280 at byrd
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avenue going north. it resulted in a three-car crash. as you see, they're still cleaning up. two lanes have shut down. we'll have live team coverage of that accident coming up nch. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. mike inouye is also off this morning. we'll get right to the roads, here is vianey arana with that. >> we're still seeing crews cleaning up. right now not too many cars on the road. over the next half hour, this could become a problem for the early morning commuters. of course, it's a very sad situation. the driver hit by that wrong-way driver is in the hospital at the moment. the san jose fire dispatch has confirmed there are injuries. we will be keeping a close eye on the backup. let's look at the map. right now the map isn't showing too much backup near the area. that's because it's still pretty early in the day. we were seeing slowing. the sig alert remains in effect. two lanes are still open. heading over to westbound 580
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near flynn road, there is a car that appears to be on fire. chp reporting this as a single vehicle accident. this is causing major backup. here is a look at your tri-valley drive times from grant line road through 680, if that's your morning commute, you may want to take extra time because it looks like this could be a very busy and traffic-filled morning. kari, what's going on with the weather. >> it's very cold and below freezing in parts of the bay area. right now as we take a live look at the tri-valley, it is 32 degrees. 37 in the peninsula in the south bay. frosty conditions. you may need to allow extra time to just clear the frost off the car and the windshield. 44 degrees in san francisco and the north bay. now at 30 degrees. so freezing temperatures there as well. 58 degrees will be the high today in the peninsula and tri-valley. 61 in the south bay and mostly
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upper 50s around the bay area but a lot of sunshine and a light wind. into the forecast we'll continue to see the temperatures warming up and some scattered showers for the end of 2016. i'll detail that. it's coming up in about ten minutes. we'll give you more perspective now on how bad this accident was on 280. this happened about 3:30 this morning. that mangled red mess right there is a red chevy car that was hit by a driver who went the wrong direction on byrd avenue on 280 south. the driver of the red car has suffered major injuries. the strength of the impact was so strong, it popped the engine out of the car and onto the freeway. you see them towing that away. this was about 30 minutes ago. the driver of the volkswagen who was going the wrong way, also suffered a major injury. both drivers are receiving
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medical care. it involved three cars total, we're working on getting more information, but a bad crash on 280 south. >> from san jose to san francisco, more breaking news there. in san francisco utility crews are searching for the source of a suspicious odor. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us live. we understand the police department was flooded with calls and they're still trying to pinpoint where the smell is coming from. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kira. they were flooded with those calls, about 30 to be exact. we did touch base with pg&e. there were no natural gas readings here in the city of san francisco. they're classifying this as an unspecified odor. as i mentioned, 30 calls from customers specifically around this downtown san francisco area. the. >> the last time we checked in, they were traveling southbound 280. they're saying the smell is
5:36 am
dissipating. there are utility crews. we don't know the exact location. of course, as we get new details, we'll bring them to you back in the newsroom. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> another developing story right now. a swarm of earthquakes near south lake tahoe can be felt close to the bay area. >> let's take a live look at this usgs map showing exactly where they happened. it being updated with the aftershocks that continue to happen this morning. there were originally two 5.7 earthquakes that took place minutes apart after midnight. both centered near hawthorne nevada, near 300 miles from the bay area. that's the location you're looking at on the usgs map. people are feeling the effects all the way in tracy. a legal setback for the san francisco police union. the union wanted to stop changes to the city's use of force policies, specifically the
5:37 am
changes that would prevent officers from shooting into a moving vehicle and using a specific choke hold. >> the judge says the state supreme court already ruled that cities have the right to define use of force policies. the head of the police officer's association says the organization will still push ahead with the lawsuit attempting to overturn the policy. in the meantime, san francisco police officers will follow the new use of force policy. a new menorah is expected to arrive today to replace the one stolen from a san francisco park. the new menorah arrived just in time for the fifth night of hanukkah tonight. the original six-foot-tall brass menorah was stolen from north beach's washington square park. it happened on christmas day which happened to be the first night of hanukkah. police say they're looking at surveillance video as they look for the person who stole it. >> kira, you have heard about thieves stealing mail. this might be taking it to
5:38 am
another level. what about an entire mailbox? that is exactly what happened in a san jose apartment complex near the ranch golf club. it was stolen on christmas eve. this is the surrounding neighborhood which are on high alert to make sure this does not happen again. >> we suspect this time of year they're looking for everything from w 2s to billing information. >> police say they're getting more aggressive especially around the holidays. >> this is part of a trend that does not seem to be slowing down and any neighborhood could be susceptible. south san jose residents are farming a neighborhood watch group banning together before thieves grab even more than the mail. good wednesday morning. it is 5:38 as you head out. it's starting to get a little more busy here in emeryville. adds you approach that bay bridge toll plaza, we'll check in with vianey in just a minute. as we get a look at some of these chilly temperatures, it is below freezing in the north bay,
5:39 am
but no freeze warnings in effect. once again we've had several of these mornings in a row, so another one to have to bundle up and also deal with some frost that may be on the car this morning before you head out. in livermore, 32 degrees. upper 30s for san jose, palo alto and oakland. highs today will reach into the low 60s. just a degree or two warmer than yesterday. overall nice weather with sunshine and a light wind reaching the low 60s for the south bay and right at about 60 degrees for santa rosa and napa. in half moon bay, into the next couple days, warmer weather and then a chance of rain. i'll detail that in a few minutes. i'll see what's happening right now on the roads from vianey. >> kari, we have been following a serious crash that happened during the 4:00 a.m. hour involving three vehicles. it was a head-on collision because of a wrong-way driver. chp is reporting that vehicle
5:40 am
that was hit by that wrong-way driver was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. there was a sig alert issued this morning because all lanes were blocked. two lanes reopened about 20 minutes after that. it looks like now all lanes are currently open which means that, as that early morning commute begins to make its way in, we won't be expecting to see as much of a backup as the scene is being cleared at the moment. the investigation will continue. traffic maps right now not showing tutoo much backup. earlier we were seeing slowing near that area. it appears all lanes once again have been reopened. as you make your way to work, it should be a much easier commute. there is also a car fire that we're tracking westbound 580 near flynn road. that's seeing major backups. if that's your early morning commute, you might want to take extra time. back to you. >> you've probably seen the amazon echo commercials where people to alexa. we'll tell you how that device
5:41 am
is helping authorities at the center of a murder case, but what amazon is telling those authorities.
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good wednesday morning. it is 5:43 as we take a look over san jose, starting to get a little busy on the roadways. all clear skies and chilly
5:44 am
temperatures. evergreen at 9:00 at 44 degrees. lunchtime temperature 57, and low 60s today. it will be a nice one. i'll have a look at even warmer temperatures in the microclimate forecast coming up in about five minutes. we are seeing some serious backups westbound 580 at flynn road due to a car fire. it appears to be a single-vehicle backup right now. it is showing -- picking up to the i-680. i will also have an update on the crash at 280 southbound. there are crew members on scene which could be blocking one or two lanes. i'll have an update coming up in just a bit. it is just about 5:45 right now. a high-end outlet in the east bay is being accused of discriminating against customers based on the color of their skin. now a former employee of versace is suing the company after working at the brand's outlet
5:45 am
store in livermore. according to his lawsuit, christopher sampino who is black says he was told to use a specific code when a black person entered the store. he said managers treated him differently and ultimately fired him because of ris rahis race. the company issued a statement saying in part, quote, we do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or any other characteristics protected by our civil rights laws. it is 5:45 on your wednesday. it's up to the santa clara county district attorney whether or not to charge students for sharing sex he explicit students. mountain view police say they and other agencies have been investigating those allegations at five different south bay high schools for several months. they say students were allegedly sharing hundreds of sexually explicit pictures of other students via an online drop box
5:46 am
account. police have since put a freeze on that account. investigators say it was an anonymous tip that led them to this case, and among the possible charges here, child pornography is one of them. a hot selling item this holiday season. this is something scott mcgrew was talking about last week, talking about the amazon echo digital assistant alexa which is now at the center of a controversial murder case. here is why. it raises questions about your privacy. that smart device listens and responds when asked a question. now police in an arkansas community want the audio recordings and other electronic data from an echo inside the home where a murder might have been committed. a man is accused of killing his co-worker. police have a warrant for the echo data. amazon says no, citing privacy concerns. one man is dead and another is injured after a horse race that took place during celebrations for a girl's coming of age party that was a big hit on social media.
5:47 am
this happened in mexico. the 66-year-old man lived near the area where the party was held and he owned one of the horses used in the race. investigators say he was killed when the crossed the race horse as the horses were passing by. a different man broke his leg in the incident. thousands of people across mexico attended the party for the 15-year-old girl after her father's invitation to the event went viral. he didn't know how to use the private setting on the facebook post. it was a historic moment in hawaii. president obama and japanese prime minister shinzo visited pearl harbor, marking the first time a japanese leader has visited the site since world war ii. earlier this year president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the memorial dedicated to those killed in hiroshima and nagasaki. >> i hope together we send a message to the world that there
5:48 am
is more to be won in peace than in war, that reconciliation carries more rewards than retribution here in this quiet harbor we honor those we lost and we give thanks for all that our two nations have won together as friends. >> at that ceremony yesterday both leaders spoke about the alliance that's strengthened since world war ii saying it will lead both nations into the future. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is set to speak at the state department today about the present and future of the middle east which will probably require clarification following u.n. action last week declaring settlement activity in the west bank invalid. the state department says secretary considerry will talk about the vision for peace in the region. ties have been fraying because
5:49 am
of last friday's vote on a u.n. resolution in which the u.s. ab stained continue versely making that decision for the resolution that condemns israeli settlements allowing the resolution to pass. the lights today, kira, at levi's stadium will be all lit up. it's not for the 9ers. there's a major college football game coming to santa clara. >> the foster farms bowl tonight at levi's stadium. this is video from last year. this year the stadium will likely be full of red as the utah utes face the indiana hoosiers. kickoff is at 5:30. earlier this week you may remember both teams helped out in the san francisco community serving meals to people who need it most at st. anthony's. a nice tradition. the foster farm bowl teams always donate and volunteer their team each year. >> we love seeing that video. >> that was pretty awesome. t rolling up their sleeves and serving food.
5:50 am
we know it's warming up today. by 5:30 tonight? >> the temperatures will start to drop quickly after sunset. that's what we've seen the past couple days. it warms up nicely during the middle of the day. we have had to deal with phrasing temperatures across parts of the bay area. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a all clear skies and it's only 46 degrees, heading up to 56 today. so, yes, long sleeves and probably a heavier coat later on today. it is freezing in the tri-valley. 32 degrees, 30 in the north bay and 37 degrees now in the east bay. so crank those heaters up. it will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s today. pretty much like what we've seen the past couple days. looking all across the country we've seen below freezing temperatures for much of the -- at least the northern half. then you head down to the south where it's in the 60s and 70s at this hour. so there are some warm spots.
5:51 am
closer to home we're looking at shaking ground. we've had a report of an earthquake that was shortly after midnight in nevada. it was a 5.7, felt through lake tahoe and even as far west as tracy. we'll keep an eye on that, the potential of still aftershocks as we go through the rest of the morning. here we're looking at a chance of showers in the forecast for the end of the week. we don't see significant storms in the forecast. but there will be a chance of scattered showers on friday as the storm moves into southern california and spotty rain for the weekend with cold air dropping out of canada. it will be a cold rain for monday and tuesday and something we'll be watching as we go through the rest of the forecast. looking at the potential of up to about .25 inch of rain for most spots, but could be less for many in the north bay. looking at the seven-day forecast, showing in san francisco highs in the mid to upper 50s for the next couple
5:52 am
days and rain in the forecast as the temperatures drop, off and on rain for the start of 2017, and for the inland areas, enjoy this warm weather the next couple days. heading over to vianey giving us an update on what's happening. busy morning for the commuters. >> this is the scene at the 4:30 hour southbound 280 at byrd avenue. this was a wrong-way driver involving three vehicles. the person who was hit is in the hospital at the moment, appears to have major injuries. earlier there was a sig alert that was in effect that closed all lanes. they did reopen, too. it appears all lanes have been reopened. however, this appears to be a few cones on the road that may be causing backup. this is a sad situation. we'll keep an eye on those patients as well. right now the roads not showing a lot of backup near that area. as i said, they have reopened all the lanes. 580 there was a car fire reported earlier on. that did cause major backup
5:53 am
along the area. if that was your early morning commute, that's the only area we're seeing big backups. let's look at the san jose area along 101 and 280, a nice car flow. no more holiday light traffic. i'll send things back to you. >> thank you, vianey. some people in northern china are getting a clans to see a natural light show that only happens in wenter. >> the colorful pillars appeared on monday night. they lasted for about two hours. people braved the cold in china to get a look at what some are calling a dreamy scene. meteorologists say they only appear when temperatures are low enough to make crystals out of water vapor in the air. those crystals reflect the city lights creating those colorful beams. coming up, breaking news with a horrific crash on a san jose freeway overnight. tom jensen has been reporting on the story all morning long. it was a wrong-way driver that caused it. his live report next.
5:54 am
>> as we follow the breaking news, be sure to follow our nbc bay area app. plus, the passing of carrie fisher on our home page, we posted several stories looking back at fisher's life including more of her time spent here in the bay area. we're back in two minutes.
5:55 am
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well come back. we have breaking news this morning. lanes of a major south bay freeway were shut down. that's not what you're looking at right now. we are going to take you to the south bay. this is a live look outside from dublin. we'll take you to the south bay for scenes of a live report from tom jensen who has been following a bad multicar accident where lanes were reopened within the last half hour. >> all right. let's get more news. lyft driver has pleaded not guilty to stabbing a passenger on christmas day. the 25-year-old appeared in court in boston hiding her face from the cameras. police say thomas was picking up a passenger on christmas and got upset over miscommunication about the number of passengers in the car. investigators say thomas then stabbed a passenger in the neck. thomas turned herself in on monday and was charged with assault with intent to murder. her lawyer claims she was acting in self-defense. caught on video, a car
5:58 am
sliding on some ice and barely misses a street trooper. this happened near boise, idaho. you see the trooper there walking on the side of the road when a car lost control, spun off the road, right there, came within a few feet. that car went in front of the trooper, crashed into the patrol car and luckily no one was injured. the new year is just a few days away. with the new year typically comes new year's resolutions. experts have tips. a sports psychologist came up with an acronym called p.a.s.s. p. stands for plan, establish your goal. a. stands for arrange, arrange your environment to helm you succeed. s. stands for stick to one thing. focus on one resolution and go for it and finally t., make it too easy to fail. instead of trying to commit to one hour every day, try something a little less
5:59 am
difficult. >> if we're talking exercise, one minute. then move up to five minutes, then move up to ten minutes. >> experts say the most important thing of all is to accept ourselves. >> something i'm working on with this baby weight i have. apple wants to encourage us to keep our new year's resolutions, speaking of. it's rolling out an update to the apple watch. if you're a user, that will come out today. you'll be greeted by the new ring in the new year challenge which kicks off january 2nd, aimed at getting users to close all three of the watch's rings for a full week in january. apple is working to make this is a social event with shareable goals and achievements. right now at 6:00, let's go back to the breaking news we were just telling you ability out of the south bay. >> a wrong-way driver causes a crash on interstate 280 causing a major traffic mess. we have live team coverage so you're ready to head out the door. san francisco residents reporting a gas smell odor around downtown.
6:00 am
what pg&e is saying ab it this morning. also some chilling new details released in the deadly stabbing of a bay area father inside a target store. what happened in the moments leading up to that deadly encounter. we're learning more. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you at 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. >> i'm sam brock. following breaking news this morning. a major traffic mess on 280 southbound. it was bad this morning, vianey. >> yes. this happened around the 4:00 578 hour. unfortunately a very sad situation. it was an accident involving three vehicles. apparently a wrong-way driver was involved. it did leave that person who was hit in the hospital with major injuries. that person actually, according to san jose fire dispatch had to be extracted from their vehicle. they did have a sig alert that was in effect. it


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