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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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morning... a stabbing in a normally 'safe' san francioneig breaking news early this morning, a stabbing in a normally safe san francisco neighborhood. we'll bring you the latest. plus a father of four killed in a target store on christmas eve, the two murder suspects, brothers, return to court today for another emotional day. we have a live report. the heartbreak continues for a hollywood family and during yet another loss, debbie reynolds passes away just one day after her daughter carrie fisher dies. "today in the bay" starts right now. good thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura
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garcia-cannon. >> hopefully everyone driving safe, no storms in the system. well, we have this pressure system that is going to warm us up just a bit which means we're expected to climb into the mid 60s. right now still chilly, peninsula in the 30s, also in the east bay and san francisco, looking at 45, 46 degrees. in the north bay, as always, in the chillier temps of about 31 degrees. we have the high pressure system which means that will be climbing into the mid 60s. the high pressure system is going to be sticking around not just for today but also through the end of your workweek as well before we begin to track the possibility of rain as we head into later in the week. here is a quick look at the doppler radar. we do have subtropical moisture that looks like it may be bringing rain as we head into friday night, possibly even into
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your new year's eve plans. right now it looks like southern california might be getting rain on new year's day. i'll have a look at that. let's get a quick look at your traffic maps. this was a very busy road yesterday, but for now all is smooth. hopefully it stays that way. here is a quick look at the golden gate bridge. breaking news this morning, a stabbing in san francisco. it happened on the edge of the castro neighborhood. the victim rushed to the hospital. police do have their suspect in custody. it's a story that's been developing for the last couple hours. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from the scene. pete rnlts what do we know, if anything, about what led up to the stabbing. >> good morning, sam and kira. you still see a squad car on the scene. they have a suspect in custody. you can see six to seven patrol cars on the scene.
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according to a sergeant we talked to off camera, they say around 2:30 there was report of a stabbing at home in this area. when they showed up they say the suspect fled the scene and swuz arrested a block from here hiding under a car and police arrested him around 3:10 a.m. that victim was taken to the hospital with non-li non-life-threatening injuries. the sergeant told me he doesn't know if the two of these men were roommates. he mentioned valters should be here shortly but we do know the suspect is in custody and the victim take n to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. thank you very much. police going through surveillance video trying to figure out who opened fire outside an east bay ho tell. emeryville police officers say they heard gunshots last night about 11:00 and were told by numerous callers to respond to
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the hyatt base hotel. they found shell casings and shattered class in the parking lot. witness people were shooting at each other and took off in different directions. the two brothers accused of killing a man inside an east bay target store on christmas eve are expected to face a judge. this comes after an emotional outburst by the victim's widow in court. tie rob griffin asked the two defendants to turn down what he considered to be inappropriate music while he was shopping with the toy section with his 4-year-old. they began to argue and that's when jesse archuleta stabbed him. an outburst by the victim's widow who yelled at the two brothers. she shared her shock and devastation with us. >> my heart is broken.
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my children, they're crying, still waiting on daddy to come home. they don't understand he's never come back. it's a difficult, tough pill to swallow. i don't even know how to cope with this right now. >> the family of the suspect say it was self-defense and they hoped surveillance video from the target store will provide -- will prove the brothers' innocence. yet another shocking loss for the entertainment world. hollywood is mourning the death of legendary actress debbie reynolds just one day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher. >> "today in the bay's" jean elle has more on how bay area fans are reflecting on her legacy. >> reporter: debbie reynolds, a star on screen and stage died at 84, just one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. video from tmz shows an ambulance leaving reynolds
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eason's home. she was there discussing funeral arrangements for her daughter. fans can pick from more than 20 films from the 50s and 60s to remember the hollywood star in her heyday. >> we watched the movies as a kid. >> in line for beach blanket babylon, some theater goers have fond memories of meeting reynolds. >> she was playing at the fifth avenue and she could come in every morning for breakfast, very proud of carrie fisher. in fact, she gave me an autograph and she autographed it, debbie reynolds, krsh's mom. >> we actually met them when they did made for tv movies in san juan bautista. >> reporter: fans say she seemed general anyone. >> she was talking to the whole crowd and making us all laugh. we loved the whole cast because of her.
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>> reporter: from broadway to hollywood and places in between, reynolds and her talents are remembered fondly. jean elle, nbc bay area news. 4:37 right now. feeling a little warmer to start your thursday. we're set for another great finish. vianey, how is it looking? >> already looking like it will climb into the 40s, 50s and finally the 60s. i'll have a look ahead in what you can expect for your weekend and, of course, new year's eve plans. that's exciting. plus an overnight surprise for employees andr and customers as a bay area italian chain, pasta pomodoro closing down all locations. find out how employees found out they no longer have a job after the break. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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traffic tease let's get a quick check right now on your temperatures. seeing 30s in the north bay. san francisco in the 40s. 30s in the south bay. half moon bay already climbing into the 50s. i have a feeling it's going to be a warmer day across the bay area. let's get a quick check of those traffic conditions. >> still looking green on the roads, not too much to complain about. thank you very much, vianey. 4:40 on your thursday. more of california's coastline opening up for dungeness crab. crab fishing getting the green light along some part of the
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me mendocino coast. it's been closed down since crabs tested showed high levels of demowic acid, the neuro toxin that can be harmful if people consume it. the crabs they've recently tested are no longer showing dangerous levels. the sudden closure of a kba area restaurant chain has employees scrambling to find work. employees at all 15 pasta pom dora restaurants were told via text message the day after christmas -- >> it's hard being a college student, if you're not notified you're going to lose your job, not enough time for any of us to find another job. >> also a big shock to long time customers. they saucon stand crowds and thought the business was doing
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well. up next, we are keeping tabs of your virtual assistants like amazon echo are proving helpful for customers. how much of your conversations are they capturing. a murder investigation in arkansas is drawing questions about what data is and is not being stored.
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crumbling cliffs in pacifica. and it likely is because of our recent rain and frosty weather. one of our view there is a new issue on the crumbling cliff in pacifica
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likely due to reseptember rain and frosty weather. as you can see, the staircase outside 100 esplanade avenue along the cliff has collapsed completely. the city has asked a geotechnical consultant to examine the deteriorating cliff. nearby there are plans to dem mole learn the apartments at 310 esplanade which are sitting right on the cliff's edge. >> that's obviously been a problem for so long, recent kingsides and raen making that worse. no mike inouye, no kari hall, we have a condensed desk here. >> we do. we aren't expecting rain through the end of the week. however tracking the possibility of more moisture moving into the bay area. right now the south bay in the 30s, still chilly. have no fear, we will be warming up to about 59, 60, maybe even 63, 64 degrees across the bay area. we are definitely going to be seeing microclimates in the
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forecast coming full circle. san francisco about 46. the north bay typically the coldest at 31 degrees. how do we look compared to the rest of the nation? well, we're almost up there with like the new york area. check out new york city, 38 degrees. san jose, 38 degrees. from the east coast all the way to the west coast we're still seeing the 30s. down near the dallas area they're still in the 50s. if you're just now getting back home from all this holiday travel, if you're heading back to the east coast, the biggest difference is going to be that snow. let's take a look at the next seven-day trend for your next chance of rain. we have been talking about this chance of rain for new year's eve. it looks like we have subtropical moisture moving in from the south. right now it looks like l.a. has the better chance of getting that rain which could bring concerns for that rose parade. it's still very weak. the timing has changed on and off over the past couple days in terms of how much rainfall. we are expecting a better chance
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for rain here in the bay area as we head into monday when another system moves in from the north. that will bring a better chance to see some more rain down near the south bay area. right now it looks like we may be falling into our own rain shadow for the new year. that could be good news especially if you have plans on being on the roads. i know it can get dangerous. the following week, next week, we'll be staying chilly. we have a cold air mass that will bring us right back down into the 40s and 50s across the bay area. we means, we are expecting more sierra snow next week. good totals as a matter of fact. as of now, no frost warnings, no freeze warnings and no winter storm warnings, but this could very well change as we head into next wednesday and thursday when these snow totals begin to increase over the next couple days. the rain estimates as we head into sunday night and monday morning when i said we do have the best chance, very, very small rain totals. less than .10 inch, less
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than .25 for the south bay. over the next seven days in san francisco we are expecting a little warmup as that high pressure dominates for today and tomorrow. 59 degrees. we cool down by sunday. as we head into monday, we're talking 50 degrees, breezy conditions picking up into next week as well. not just for san francisco but inland. let's take a look at your traffic. a wide overview look. not a lot of slowing. we were seeing slowing for 880. it looks like a lot of people are just now waking up. pour yourself a nice cup of coffee. this could change over the next half hour. the bridges already starting to see backups. if this is your commute, go ahead and leave now. back to you. is it a cool innovative piece of technology or the latest way for big brother to keep an eye on you? the google home and amazon echo have been very popular gifts
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this holiday season. they react to your request when asked. what about when they're not cued. police in arkansas are asking for data potentially streamed off an echo that could be helpful for a murder case. >> your home is your bastian of privacy. you have big brother potentially listening all the time. >> amazon admits it stores the questions you ask on a server after you've cued alexa with a wake word. >> one of the most popular toys is apparently not living up to its hype according to parents who bought it for their children. talking about hatchimals. parents are complaining on social media that their hatchimals aren't hatching. in some cases the batteries die before the process is complete. people are also upset that the
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company isn't responding to their complaints. >> the owners of a chain of bay area sleep clinics are paying $2.6 million to settle a legal battle that started four years ago. the corporations involved are call yum and am mayor med. the companies were accused of medicare fraud, billing for tests that occurred in unapproved locations, then altering documents to say otherwise. the owners do not admit responsibility but they agreed to stop enrolling in medicare for three years. right now we know about live video, how it's changed so much in the last few months. you can now use pair scope to broadcast 360 degrees directly to your twitter timeline. >> for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to kate rogers live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, kate. >> good morning to you. the dow's quest for 20,000 could remain illusive.
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the dow posting yesterday just a second triple digit loss since the election. investors will get news on unemployment and the trade deficit. the dow dropping 111 to 19,833, while the nasdaq is down 48 points to 5,438. burger keng and tim horton's will switch to using chicken raised without antibiotics. an estimated 70% of antibiotics are sold for use in production of meat and poultry. twitter wants to give you a panoramic view of the world. you can use the company's live streaming pair scope to broadcast 360 degree video to your timeline. the live 360 degree videos will be limited to select partners for now. anyone can watch them. facebook and youtube have symphony tours. back over to you. >> 4:52.
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coming up, rumbling from a neighboring state. earthquakes in nevada yesterday turned out to be harmless. seismologists say the scenario could have been very different if it weren't for one factor. but first, happening right now, talk about a bad first impression of the bay area, a brazilian family making its first visit to the u.s. has their car broken into while it was parked in a san jose applebee's parking lot. $6,000 in cash was also taken. much more on our twitter page. on our facebook page, a family of an 8-year-old boy say he was kicked out of the cub scouts because he's transgender. read more about that controversy on our facebook. we'll be back in just two minutes.
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gate bridge ==sam/anim== ==topvo== ski lifts wbe welcome back at 4:55 on your thursday morning. a live look at traffic. temperatures in the high 40s. it will be a nice day to get out across the bay today. we hope you get to enjoy it. skill lifts will be back open at the home wood mountain resort in north lake tahoe after this. one of the buildings of that resort burning yesterday morning. that was the scene after a two-alarm fire broke out about 3:00 in the morning the resort's south lodge. no one was hurt and the cause is unknown. a strong series of earthquakes in nevada yesterday were felt from las vegas down to san francisco. magnitude 5.5 and 5.7 quakes hit overnight on tuesday causing no significant damage. that's only because the epicenter was in a rural area. you see a lot of items there,
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local grocery markets being knocked off the store shelves. the historic park is reclosed for the rest of the week. the quakes were centered near hawthorne, nevada, roughly 100 miles northeast of south lake tahoe. experts say if it struck near reno, it could have been deadly. roughly 20 aftershocks followed. we're expecting to learn the security plan for times square new year's eve celebration. roughly a million people are expected to be in times square to ring in the new year. officials already have said large bags will not be permitted and manhole covers will be sealed shut in the entire area. also in times square today, the annual confetti test. 3,000 pounds of confetti will be released when the ball drops at midnight on january 1st, 2017.
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adds always, hoping for peace, love, good health and a better future in the new year. i feel person for the person who has to clean that up. >> i would say that's going to take a lot of sleeping. typically it is freezing in new york city this time of year. vianey, looking at temperatures almost mirroring new york temps here in san francisco. >> 38 in san jose, 38 in new york. that was shocking to me as well. san francisco 41 degrees. we're talking sunshine and the next chance for some rain in the bay area coming up in just a few minutes. breaking news in san francisco, a person stabbed near the castro. we'll tell you who police believe is responsible.
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a stabbing taking place near the castro. what police tell me is the connection between the suspect and the victim. >> reporter: the latest on what happened inside this target with some christmas shoppers and a stabbing, and yesterday a blow-up in a courtroom. ♪ singing in the rain >> remembering an icon. the world mourning the loss of yet another hollywood legend. we'll take you live to los angeles where debbie reynolds is being honored this morning. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning. it's just shy of 5:00. i'm kira klapper in for laura
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garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as we are about to find out, there are flowers now in three different spots on the hollywood walk of fame. we'll get to that story in just a moment. first, this lady right here taking on the job of two people, three people. >> trying my best. trying my best. at least i don't have any major storms i'm tracking. and i think mike is sending good vibes my way. not a lot of traffic just yet. already seeing the 40s for san francisco which is great because it means we have a great chance of seeing warmer temperatures across the bay area thanks to a weak high pressure system ha is going to keep that sunshine in the forecast at least through tonight and tomorrow. we are tracking a good chance for some rain. let's take a look right now across the bay area. microclimates it is, 31 in santa rosa, napa 45. san jose, 37 degrees. definitely bundle up because it is very much winter in the south bay for sure.


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