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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as we are about to find out, there are flowers now in three different spots on the hollywood walk of fame. we'll get to that story in just a moment. first, this lady right here taking on the job of two people, three people. >> trying my best. trying my best. at least i don't have any major storms i'm tracking. and i think mike is sending good vibes my way. not a lot of traffic just yet. already seeing the 40s for san francisco which is great because it means we have a great chance of seeing warmer temperatures across the bay area thanks to a weak high pressure system ha is going to keep that sunshine in the forecast at least through tonight and tomorrow. we are tracking a good chance for some rain. let's take a look right now across the bay area. microclimates it is, 31 in santa rosa, napa 45. san jose, 37 degrees. definitely bundle up because it is very much winter in the south bay for sure. your microclimate forecast is
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going to be a little different. let's take a quick look right now at your traffic, your commute not looking too bad on the roads. this may all change in the next half hour. the bridge areas also looking pretty clear. >> vianey, thanks. breaking news we continue to follow. an overnight stabbing in san francisco at a home on the edge of the castro district. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us on the scene and details about the suspect now in custody. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kira. we're at the corner of henry and nowey. i see a handful of businesses here. i know sfpd left a few moments ago. they're saying it happened behind me on the henry block. we can confirm these were two roommates that got involved in the altercation. they don't know the motive at this time. looking at some of the video from around 2:30 a.m.
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you see several police cars here arriving to the scene after reports of a stabbing incident in the area. now police tell me off camera the suspect was found actually walking in this area about a block away still holding the knife when he was arrested. as i mentioned, we don't know exactly what the motive was. we know these are two roommates involved in the altercation. we reported the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much for that update. 5:02. new this morning, video of an apparent crash at the ford dealership in coma. it appears a car crashed into a pole knocking the pole over. you can see the impact was so strong that that car's air bags were deployed. in video you see police giving a
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man a breathalyzer test. he was later handcuffed and put into a patrol car. the world is mourning the tr tragic loss of debbie reynolds who died one day after her daughter carrie fisher. the 84-year-old was a star on the stage and screen forrer inially seven decades. she was at her son's discussing funeral arrangements for her daughter. we spoke with fans last night in san francisco, some of them lucky enough do have met reynolds. >> she was playing at the fifth avenue. and she could come in every morning for breakfast, very proud of carrie fisher. in fact, she gave me an autograph, and she autographed it debbie reynolds, kresh's mom. >> debby was talking to the whole crowd and making us all laugh. we all loved the whole cast because of her. >> from broadway to hollywood and all places in between, reynolds and her talents are
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being remembered fondly. if you'd like more on the life and career of debbie reynolds, go to or download our free app. we posted a slight shoe of her life in photos. people continue to mourn debbie reynolds's late daughter carrie fisher. fans holding lightsabers during a moment of silence. fisher, as you might know by now, died tuesday after complications from a aert heart attack. she was just 60 years old. a similar gathering in austin, texas. fans there also dressing in "star wars" costumes. local news now and happening today, it could be another emotional one in an oakland courtroom as the men facing charged for killing a father of four shopping for last-minute presents for his family inside an east bay target.
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"today in the bay's" tom jensen live from hayward where this happened with details on the outburst that forced the bailiff to escort the victim's wife out of court. >> reporter: tyrone griffin's widow had to be removed from the courtroom after she started yelling at the two suspects accused of stabbing her husband in the toy section of this target store in hayward. even more tragic is the couple's 4-year-old son who allegedly witnessed the stabbing. now the suspects are claiming that they're innocent. griffen was shopping for gifts on christmas eve when he asked the two men to stop playing inappropriate music in the toy aisle where he was shopping with his son. that's when police say one of the men repeatedly stabbed griffin. he was eventually taken to a nearby hospital where he died. the two suspects, jesse and franky archuleta, after the emotional outburst, we ladd a chance to speak with his widow. >> my heart is broken. my children are crying, still waiting on daddy to come home. they don't understand he's never
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coming back. it's a difficult, tough pill to swallow. i don't even know how to cope with this right now. >> those two suspects, the archuletas couldn't afford attorneys. that's why they'll be back in court to be appointed a public defender. their family saying they acted in self-defense. we'll hear their side of the story in the next half hour. the family is saying that they think surveillance video inside the target store here will prove their case. we're live in hayward, tom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you, tom. tom will continue to follow that story this morning. we now know why someone made off with a six-foot tall menorah from san francisco park. police say they think the thieves wanted it for the brass. a new menorah is now in its place. a well-known menorah maker from massachusetts heard about the crime and wanted to help. he rushed to create a new one.
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the rabbi of the habad of north beach say it was a true holiday blessing. >> just because ours was stolen, i look at it as a changes to reach a wider audience of spreading light. a concord man in jail for sexually battering an elderly woman. this happened in tuesday morning in concord outside that woman's home on graymont circle. police say the attacker approached the 80-year-old woman and tried to steal her purse. when the woman fought back, he ran away but was arrested a few blocks away. he's identified as 49-year-old steven minor. a woman hired two hit men to kill her business partner. autumn was shot and killed in july as he sat in his truck. police say they arrested the gunman and driver but wondered
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wooi they traveled all the way from tennessee to commit the crime. prosecutors claim the killers were hired by upshaw. they say upshaw of san leandro partnered with him in a marijuana business that ended badly. investigators say wesley brown of berkeley helped plot cat tan any's murder. officers say when they arrested upshaw last week they found a sophisticated illegal pot growing operation inside her home. quite a sight for homeowners to return to. mr. is are searching for two men who ransacked a home in fremont . police say no one was home when the two men broke in. the burglars pulled out a gun and ran from the house. a police officer saw them driving away, tracked them down and that chase ended near castro valley. the burglars did get away. another chilly start across the bay area, in those 30s yet
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again. no 20s just yet. into the overnight hours, we have a good chance of dropping right back down. south bay 37 degrees, nice clear skies. peninsula 38, and near the tri-valley feeling chilly at 35 degrees. san francisco already climbing into the 40s as well as the east bay. however, we are in for a warmup. we're talking upper 50s, mid 60s finally in the forecast. here is a quick look at what you can expect for your thursday afternoon before you head into your weekend plans, 60s across the board. los gatos a high of 64. san jose 65, half moon bay also in the 60s. but we are tracking another cooldown and more rain on the way, but first let's get to your roads out there. traffic maps not looking too busy. we were seeing light construction near the oakland area. it looks like that has cleared up quite nicely. south bay drive times also looking pretty smooth, northbound 101 towards highway
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87, 13 minutes. a quick look near the oakland area. we're already seeing a lot of cars on the road. it looks like more people are starting to wake up. guys, i'll send things back over to you. >> it's nice to have company, to know other people are with us on this holiday week. coming up, we'll tell you about transition trouble, the new twist in the ever-evolving relationship between the current president and the next one. we have that coming up in a live report. plus, technology in action. the way the tesla model s managed to save a family's life and how it could save millions.
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=vianey/wsifull= weather tease good morning. we're expecting a lot of sunshine in today's forecast. mostly clear skies. right now in oakland a nice 47 degrees, and only getting warmer. let's take a look out on the roads. quick east bay drive times, southbound 680 at vargas, ten minutes. northbound 238 to 880, two minutes. reads not looking bad. back to you. >> thank you very much, vianey. president obama and president-elect donald trump are add it again trading barbs, this time over u.s.-israeli policy. >> "today in the bay's" edward lawrence is live in washington with what donald trump is now tweeting about the transition
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process. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning sam and kira. here we go again, donald trump tweeted out yesterday that the transition is not going smoothly. then last night when he talked to reporters, he said that it is. president-elect donald trump backed off a tweet saying the transition turned from smooth to rocky. >> our staffs are getting along very well. i'm getting along very well with him other than a couple of statements that i responded to. we talked about it and smiled about it. >> reporter: the president-elect says president obama called him from hawaii. a transition spokesman clarified the up-and-down transition road. >> any transition is not going to be 100% smooth. >> reporter: a new riff with israel at the end of president obama's turn isn't helping. >> terrorism, excitement, the seemingly endless occupation are combining to destroy hopes for
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peace on both sides. >> some democrats also question the timing and focus of the speech saying it's now up to president-elect trump to mend support for the only stable democracy in the middle east. >> he gave an eloquent defense of the importance of a two-state solution, but he spent the majority of his time criticizing settlement policy of israel and very little time talking about palestinian recalcitrants. >> i think it set us back. we'll see what happens after january 20th, right? >> reporter: in transition news, president-elect donald trump says he is in the process of separating himself from his business. he says, quote, it's not a big deal. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you, sam and kira. >> edward lawrence from d.c., thank you very much. kira, check this out. first facebook live. now pperiscope. pretty soon you can broadcast
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360-degree live video directly to your timeline. >> for more on that we turn to kate rogers live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, kate. >> hey, kira and sam. the dow's quest for 20,000 could remain illusive, stocks falling yesterday with the dow posting just its second triple-digit loss since the election, although on light trading. investors will get news this morning on unemployment and the trade deficit. the dow dropping 111 to 19,833, while the nasdaq was down 48 points to 5,438. as you mentioned, twitter wants to give you a panoramic view of the world. you can now use the company's live streaming service, periscope to broadcast 360-degree video directly to your timeline. users can tilt or rotate their phones to see the full view. the live 360-degree videos will be limited to select partners for now but anybody can watch them. facebook and youtube have symphony tours. amazon wants to replicate the success of prime day with a
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one-day sale for digital devices. digital day will start tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. amazon is hoping the sale could encourage people who got gadgets for christmas to splurge on them right away. back over to you. >> kate rogers for us this morning. thanks to you. we now have a look at technology in action that could actually save lives. this is incredible. we were talking about it during the break. a tesla model s helped a family avoid a crash before they even realized something was wrong. >> the technology predicting future accidents. here is dash cam footage of that ins department. the driver says moments before a crash happened in front of his tesla model s, his car was beeping predicting the crash was going to happen. the car then stopped, avoiding the accident. >> it's one of the main reasons i will use auto pilot, because of extra safety. >> earlier this year tesla came under fire when a florida driver
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was killed while using the auto pilot feature. but in this case, the driver says his family a safe thanks to his self-driving car. >> incredible. now to our bay area roads. looking good out there. another chilly morning. you're covering both things for us. >> i am. it looks like people are starting to wake up. we will start seeing a little more backup on the roads. as far as the end of 2016 weatherwise, it looks like we'll end with a lot of sunshine in the forecast and temperatures that will be warming up to have it very much like california around here. however, into the new year and new year's eve we are tracking rain chances also heading down towards southern california areas. if you're heading down in that area, you may be in for some rain. a quick look right now at our temperatures across the bay area, the south bay still in the 30s, still seeing nice, clear skies right before sunrise. no clouds in sight. peninsula at about 38 degrees. tri-valley at 35. we do have the high pressure
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we've been mentioning that's going to give us a bit of a warmup. but it is going to make us climb up into the upper 50s and mid 60s for parts of the south bay which is exciting. we haven't seen 60s in a while. san francisco, 46 degrees. not as cold north bay, 30 degrees with light, breezy conditions making their way in through out the early afternoon. your microclimate forecast high today, half moon bay in the 60s. north bay, napa area expecting to see the 60s in the forecast. san jose being the warmest today with about 65 degrees. it will definitely be a day to head outdoors and enjoy. let's talk about our next rain chance in the forecast. as i mentioned, we should be ending 2016 with sunshine. but as we make our way into 2017, that might bring the possibility of a few showers. we are tracking this very, very weak storm system that more than likely as of right now, it looks like it's staying out to southern california. this might actually miss us. it's going to move into so cal.
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as we head into sunday night and early monday morning, the start of 2016 is going to see the arrival of a second low pressure system coming in from the north, making its way down and that's going to bring a better chance of rain as we head into next week which means, yes, we are going to stay chilly and those temperatures are going to fall into those much colder temperatures into the overnight hours which means we are going to have to keep a close eye on any freeze warnings as we head into next week. a quick look at your temperature trend, if you have any plans, by about 9:00 a.m., 49 degrees. heading into 10:00, 11:00, already warming into the 50s. and also out near the san jose area, also expecting to see a nice warmup. by noon, already in those upper 50s. 58 degrees and over the next seven days we have a warmup before we begin to see that storm system make its way in. as we head into next week, showers, showers, showers remain in the forecast. not just for san francisco, but also out near the inland area.
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now let's talk about your road conditions right now. chp is not reporting any major accidents. thankfully we hope it stays this way over the next couple hours. a lot of green on the map. expecting a pretty smooth commute. quick check of your east bay drive times, not too bad. this is a bridge shot right here looking pretty smooth. >> that is just surreal, seeing that backup normally. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, free and clear. coming up, scrambling to find a job. we'll tell you about the popular bay area restaurant chain that left employees with nowhere to go after closing its bay area locations. >> "nbc bay area responds." can your boss keep some of your money at the end of the year? yes. "nbc bay area responds" to prevent it next.
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and here is a live look outside right now, the s curve in san rafael, some light traffic i suppose coming around the curve there. vianey saying some of the coastest temperatures are in the north bay. you're watching "today in the bay." oooh. wowww. there it is. it's the red tag sales event and people are excited to bring in the new year with a new chevrolet. i'm a huge chevy fan. how would you feel about starting 2017 in a new chevy? it sounds wonderful. honestly, i would take any one. oh heck yeah! i want to get one tomorrow. fantastic! turn it on, let's go. during the red tag sales event get two deals in one. find your tag for an average total value over ninety-six hundred dollars on chevy silverado all stars. hurry, the red tag sales event ends january 3rd.
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restaurant chain ...has employees scrambling to find work. ==vo== employees at all 15 bay area pasta pomodoro restaurants are the sudden closure of a bay
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area restaurant chain has employees scrambling to find work. workers at all pasta pomodoro restaurants without a job. they say they were told without warning via text message the day after christmas. >> it's hard being a college student if you're not notified you're going to lose your job, there wasn't enough time for any of us to find another job right away. >> the closure also has been a big shock to long-time customers. some say they saw constant crowds in the restaurant and thought they were doing well. we contacted the owners but have not received a call back. "nbc bay area responds" to prevent you from giving hard earned money back to your boss. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a task to complete by midnight on saturday. >> before the ball drops in times square and 2017 arrives, you need to spend the money in
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your fsa. it allows you to put away money for glasses, co-pays and medicine. use it or lose it by year's end. on average we put $1292 into our fsa's according to mercer which also says we forfeit about 4%. that works out to $51.68 per worker being lost. the solution is simple, spend it now. need more motivation? guess where your $51.68 goes? right back to your employer. drugstores and optical stores will gladly bring your fsa balance down to zero. look for eligible items in their ads. some but not all employers offer a brief grace period to spend the fsa in the new year. if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-996-tips or visit
5:27 am back to you. >> i do know my mother, katherine klapper was on the ball and bought new glasses. >> up next, first daughter, now mother. the world mourning the loss of debbie reynolds who died just one day after carrie fisher passed away. we'll take you live to the hollywood walk of fame and show the tributes pouring in for both of them this morning. >> reporter: a stabbing incident taking place near the castro. the connection between the suspect and the victim. a live look outside out.
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ad-lib-- san francisco 5:30 pretty much on the dot here on your thursday morning as we take a live look outside, a lit-up san francisco skyline and the transamerica building. not a cloud in the sky and pretty much not a car on the road. it is holiday light this morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm sam brock. >> if you are joining us, i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. >> let's turn to vianey in for kari and mike tracking weather and traffic. >> i'm going to jinx it, so i better stop mentioning it --
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yesterday was pretty busy. i think a lot of people who did christmas in the bay area are staying in the bay area through new year's eve or don't plan on making an exit. the roads are light and the sunshine in full effect across the bay area. right now in san francisco, 45 degrees, not a cloud in sight. as sam said, expecting the nice sunny conditions to stick around through your early afternoon into the evening hours as well. san jose warming up into the 40s. we are expecting to get even warmer. it's going to be a very nice, calm thursday just in time to set us up for the start of our weekend. oakland right now 47 degrees, also in the 40s. as far as the roads are concerned, as the 60s climb in, i think more people are going to make their way out early. if you don't have to be out early, i guess you could stay in. if you do, green map across the board. mean minutes westbound 92 to the
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san mateo bridge, 12 minutes. the 84, ten minutes as well. not too bad out there. sam? >> we have breaking news for you, a stabbing in the castro. the victim rushed to the hospital. police do have their suspect in custody. the suspect has a connection to that victim. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from the scene at henry and nowey streets. we are understanding there is a connection between the two men in the stabbing. good morning. >> good morning, sam and kira. just moments ago we believe investigators have shown up at the scene here where this incident took place. that connection, guys, these are the new details from sfpd, that these were roommates who took part in this altercation. police don't know at this time exactly what the motive was. we'll queue up this video. this is around 2:30 a.m. there were reports of a stabbing incident taking place in this area, those roommates, two male roommates is what we're being told by sfpd. when they showed up, they say
5:33 am
the suspect was found walking in the area and was arrested about a block away. at that time the suspect was actually holding the knife that was a part of this incident. we're also told by sfpd that both the victim and suspect were taken to the hospital for their injuries and at this time those injuries are being classified as non-life-threatening. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." now to the south bay and new this morning, two people are in the hospital after a double shooting in san jose. the shooter remains on the loose. gunfire on peach court near east san antonio street and mclaughlin avenue. there are reports this may be tied to a home invasion. right now, as i mentioned, the search is on for the shooter. both victims are expected to survive. 5:33 right now. new this morning, police looking through surveillance video trying to figure out who opened fire outside an east bay ho tell. this happened in emeryville where police officers say they heard gunshots about 11:00 last night. they were told by callers to
5:34 am
respond to this place, the hyatt place hotel on bay street. when police officers got there, they didn't find any suspects or any victims. what they did find was shell casings and shattered glass in the parking lot there. witnesses report seeing two people in two separate cars shooting at each other, and then they took off in different directions. >> new chilling video released in the domestic violence case involving former 49er ray mcdonald. it is cell phone video shot by mcdonald's ex-fiancee. it was presented during the domestic violence case and just now made public. >> stop! >> you can hear a terrified kendra scott telling a man repeatedly -- that she repeatedly calls ray, that she is holding their baby. we never see the man's face. she says it's mcdonald charging at her as she hides in a
5:35 am
bathroom. >> sadly i feel like this is the story of many domestic violence survivors and the video just shows the ugliness behind what happens. >> we are using kendra scott's name publicly with her permission. we reached out to ray mcdonald's attorney bup have not heard back. >> continuing coverage right now on yet another shocking loss. a lot of people doing a doub doubletake when news came out yesterday of another death. hollywood mourning the death of legendary actress debbie reynolds one day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher. this is a heart-wrenching couple of days for the entire entertainment world. >> ted chen is live at the hollywood walk of fame. ted, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kira. debbie reynolds actually has two stars on the hollywood walk of fame. this is one of them. the other is in front of the chinese theater. that marks three spots now where
5:36 am
flowers and candles have been laid. the first time, of course, for carrie fisher and now for her mother debbie reynolds. ♪ singing in the rain >> reporter: reynolds danced her way into america's heart in the classic "singing in the rain" with gene kelly. she became successful both as a singer and movie star. like her daughter, reynolds enjoyed fame and celebrity but also the spotlight on her personal trouble, her first husband, eddy fisher, left her for elizabeth taylor. she said all of her husbands, quote, robbed me blind. her effervescent personality endeared her to many, including a technical director who said he'll always remember one moment. >> she brought a lot of joy to me. she sang happy birthday to me at a theater after a show. we gathered in the lobby, and
5:37 am
she sang happy birthday to me. i felt so honored. >> reporter: reynolds' sonned to fisher says the death of his sister was too much for her mother. while she was in the hospital she said, quote, i want to be with carrie and then she was got. live in hollywood, ted chen. >> you hear from everyone who knew her, what a classy lady. ted chen, thank you very much. for more on the life and career of debbie reynolds, go to and download our free app. we posted a slideshow of her life there. back here in the bay area, we're learning new details about the christmas day crash that killed two people in san jose. we've now learned the driver jessica sem mora drove across the center median on capital expressway on christmas morning and hid a family in a lexus
5:38 am
head-on. the medical examiner the 14-year-old boy killed as andrew nguyen. he was a passenger in the lexus that police say zamora hit. investigators say alcohol likely was a factor in that crash. at 5:38, the search is on for three people involved in the kid noping and robbery in san francisco. it happened early yesterday morning in the tenderloin near ellis and jones streets not far from the glide memorial church. police say two men and a would woman walked up to a victim, pointed a gun in his back and told him to walk towards an apartment at the end of the block. the victim says once he was in the apartment, the three robbed and attacked him before they ran away. 5:38. you want to talk about a rude welcome to america. a brazilian family visiting this country for the first time had their car broken into while they parked at a san jose applebee's. he said he had been saving for his american vacation for years and just hours into the family trip, the car was broken into,
5:39 am
all their money was stolen. here are some of the pictures of that car. this happened on tuesday night. he and his family had just landed from brazil which is why they had all their luggage inside the car. the thieves got away with a laptop and almost $6,000 in cash. >> so sad because i work a lot for this money -- [ inaudible ]. >> here is surveillance video of the burglary. it's have a camera at the gas station next door. you can't really see the suspects' faces. it appears they drove off in a dark sedan. camara filed a police report but he doesn't expect to net gi of his money or belongings back. tough to hear that. >> slowly but surely, the bay area will start to warm up for a very nice thursday.
5:40 am
in the 40s in san francisco, 45 degrees, nice, clear skies. we are expecting a high of around 50 degrees for san francisco. if you have plans to make your way to san francisco or maybe you have family in town. i know i took my parents to san francisco, it's going to be a nice day to do so. your microclimate high in santa rosa, 60 degrees. half moon bay also 60 degrees. out in oakland and part of the south bay, south bay being the warmest today at a nice 65 degrees. definitely a day to maybe get your new year's resolutions under way or going out for a nice jog. i know sam has been talking about it. your temperature trend in san francisco as you wake up for breakfast time, 49 degrees, 51. by noon we should be between 54 degrees -- we should be topping out at about 58 degrees at about 3:00 or 4:00. in san jose, also 50 degrees by lunch hour. we are going to be warming up. although it's still very chilly
5:41 am
out there. 37 degrees in the forecast. let's talk about your traffic. we're still seeing very holiday-light commute. not a lot going on in the maps. no major accidents reported. let's get a quick check of your bridge drive times. westbound 92 to the san mateo bridge, about 12 minutes. northbound 87 towards highway 101 about a ten-minute commute. let's get a live look right now where it seems to be the busiest, near oakland, near the 880. these commuters are already up and at it. i'll send things back to you guys. >> vianey, thanks. a man who was once one of the most powerful drug lords in the bay area getting a new lease on life. >> we sit down with him for an exclusive interview to talk about his plans for a better future. plus, children in one major bay area city test positive for high levels of lead in their blood. the startling new report next. =vianey/wsifull=
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weather tease =traffic= as we inch closer to sunrise, the tri-valley still in the 30s. heading to the east bay and san francisco, a nice 47, 46 degrees. a quick check on the roads. here is your east bay drive times, southbound 680 to vargas
5:45 am
about 11 minutes. southbound 880, 11 minutes. tense moments at a drive-tlup in florida. police say the driver of that silver nissan followed a woman into a mcdonald's drive-through after an altercation. she gets out, opens the driver's door and slaps her across the face. you see that suspect return to her silver nissan, backed it out of the drive-through and left the area. by the way, two children were in the car at the time of that atta attack. at 5:45, a man once called the crack king in oakland is officially a free man. >> quite a reverse lt here. president obama granted darryl reed clemency along with 110 other people in september. reed has been living under what's called home confinement until now.
5:46 am
in his nirs bay area interview since being in prison for about 30 years, reed says he plans to dedicate the rest of his life to helping others going down the wrong path that he did. he's passionate and thankful about the president's decision to grant him clemency. >> i don't care what the district attorneys try to tell to the public, don't nobody deserve to do 30 and 40 years for selling no drugs. >> former prosecutor says reed's early release was inappropriate saying the president's decision to cut his sentence short was like commuting al capone's sentence. some children in oakland are being exposed to dangerous levels of lead. a new reuters report says they found almost 8% of kids tested from the fruitvale neighborhood had elevated levels in their blood. nearly three times the national average. in children high lead levels can stunt development and reduce iq. the study says the lead is coming from crumbling paint,
5:47 am
plumbing or industrial waste. 5:46. the owners of a chain of bay area sleep clinics are paying $2.6 million to settle a legal battle that started four years ago. the two corporations involved are qualium and amerimed. they are accused of billing for tests at unapproved locations. the owners do not admit responsibility in that settlement but agree to stop enrolling in medicare for a period of three years. is it an innovative piece of technology or the latest way for big brother to keep an eye on you. the google home and amazon echo have been popular gifts this holiday season. the virtual assistants react to your request when asked. what about when they're not cued? are they still streaming your conversations? as we told you yesterday morning, police in arkansas are asking amazon for data
5:48 am
potentially streamed from an amazon echo that may be helpful in a murder case. your home is your bastian of privacy. you have big brother potentially listening all the time. >> amazon says it does store the questions that the echo is asked on a server but adds it will not release customer information without a, quote, valid and binding legal demand. > . new york city mayor and commissioner are discussing safety and security preparedness for the ringing in the new year. officials have said large bags are not permitted and manhole covers will be sealed shut. while we talk about the new year's eve celebration, also happening in time square today, the annual confetti fest. 3,000 pounds of confetti will be
5:49 am
released when the ball ultimately drps at midnight on january 1st, 2017. as always, the confetti will include pieces of handwritten wishes from revellers around the world hoping for peace, love and good health and a better future in the new year. ski lifts will be back open at home wood mountain resort in north lake tahoe after one of its buildings burned yesterday morning. this was the scene after the two-alarm fire broke out around 3:00 a.m. fortunately no one was hurt. but the cause is still unknown. back in the bay area, a new issue on the crumbling cliffs in pacifica. one of our viewers shot this video with a drone. you can see the staircase outside of 100 esplanade avenue along the pacifica cliff has now collapsed. the city has asked a geotechnical consultant to examine the deteriorating cliffs. nearby there are plans to
5:50 am
demolish the apartment at 310 esplanade sitting right on the cliff's edge. of course, we've been seeing that now winter after winter. any stop in the rainy time soon? you say we will be seeing sunshine today. >> sunshine today and we are tracking some rain but have no fear, it's not going to be as bad as the last storm. right now it's still pretty far out and it's showing conflicting rain totals and intensity in the models. we will be talking about that in just a bit. first let's take a look at the current conditions. like kira said, yes, lots of sunshine. at least they will catch a break from the rain we've seen across the bay area. we're not catching a break for the early morning chilly temps. peninsula, tri-valley also looking very similar and very cold at about 38 degrees and 35 degrees. as we make our weigh to the east bay and san francisco, already seeing a nice buildup in the temperatures. that's about 46 degrees. but the north bay as always
5:51 am
being the coldest right now, seeing light winds at about 30 degrees right now. today's microclimate forecast, we will be shaping up to a nice end and an early start to the workweek or should i say weekend. i work on the weekend, so make sure to tune in for that. san francisco 58, santa cruz seeing the 60s, very similar to san jose which will also be 65. if you are wondering about friday, let's give you a little tour of the bay area. tomorrow high also be very similar to today, cupertino 61, san jose 65. morgan hill also in the 60s. as we move over to the east bay, we are going to warm up just a bit. we have the high pressure that's just bringing us a little bit of those warmer temperatures over the next couple days. as you head over to the peninsula, also warming up into the 60s for tomorrow. it's going to be a great way to end our week, great way to potentially end our 2016, great day to also be outdoors.
5:52 am
belmont 60 degrees. overall a very enjoyable afternoon. 57 degrees near san francisco. embarcadero also at about 58 degrees. out near the north bay we have seen the chilliest overnight temps, but expecting to be in the 60s. we're expecting a storm system to move in. the first storm is going to stay in so cal. the second chance of rain does come in as early as monday. that will bring better chance for seeing a little rain in the bay area and in the south bay. if you're wondering about that snow, yes, we are tracking a couple more inches of snow as we head into next week as well. if you haven't been out or seen the fresh powder, this might be a good time to kick off your new year. over the next seven days, our biggest trend is going to be the sunshine as we head into friday and saturday. we do see a change in that weather pattern as we head into sunday night, we cool down.
5:53 am
the breezy conditions pick up. tuesday and wednesday are seeing the possibility of more rain fall, not just in san francisco, but also inland as well. a good chance of the south bay seeing some rain. let's get a quick check on the roads. still no sign of major accidents which is great out there. mass transit right now, no delays, 55 trains up and running. you're getting off to a good thursday early morning. bridge drive times also looking nice and clear out there. bay bridge, westbound 880 about ten minutes. let's go ahead and get a quick check of the bridge right now. no metering lights on just yet. still holiday light. >> nice to see there, thanks very much. new developments in the russian military plane crash investigation. the reason investigators are not ruling out foul play. but first, 2016 worst year ever. that's the number one google search for people in california. meanwhile, people in arizona zeroed in on the brock turner sexual assault case that happened here in the bay area.
5:54 am
read what the rest of the country searched for on our nbc bay area website. trending on our facebook page, the family of an 8-year-old boy says he was kicked out of the cub scouts because he is transgender. read more about the controversy on our facebook page. 5:54. we're back in two minutes. taking a live look outside from
5:55 am
5:56 am
dublin this morning...
5:57 am
welcome back on your thursday morning as we take a live look outside from dublin where temperatures are hovering around freezing. it's about 33 degrees there. the good news, as we get off to this chilly start, is that traffic is a whole lot lighter. we'll check in with vianey arana with the full forecast in just a few minutes. in the meantime, a suspected car thief behind bars after an hour-long high-speed chase through the streets of downtown l.a. that chase started about 8:00 wednesday night when officers spotted a bmw reported stolen. the driver of that car led officers on a chase through three different counties. police say the chase at points reached speeds of 90 miles an hour. eventually, you see that driver, gets pulled off the freeway and goes into a fast food restaurant parking lot where he finally surrenders. the army national guard confirms two soldiers are dead after an ap patchy hell copper
5:58 am
crashed just outside of houston. the crash happened about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. two service members were on the helicopter when it went down. their names have not been released. >> it is with our deepest sympathy we tell you both service members on board the aircraft are deceased. our thoughts and prayers are with their families. investigators are working to recover the helicopter now and the cause of that crash is still under investigation. >> new this morning, search teams in russia recovered most of the bodies from the russian military plane crash. we're learning more information on what was the plane's flight recorders before it went down. all 92 people were killed when the plane crashed into the black sea on christmas day. the plane had taken off in good weather from the sochi airport. so far there is no indication of an explosion on board. investigators haven't ruled out foul play. investigators say the captain said something indicating a, quote, special situation, right before the crash.
5:59 am
a health warning now for people traveling to the east coast in the coming days. state health officials in new york have declared the flu is widespread and prevalent. there have been flu cases in 39 counties and all five burros of new york city. more than 650 people so far have been hospitalized with the flu this season. doctors say the flu vaccine is the best way to avoid the virus. flu seasons runs from october through may. it's not too late to get vaccinated. a very messy scene at a peninsula business. see the new video showing destruction left behind from a suspected dui crash. a stabbing taking place near the castro district in san francisco. what police say is the connection between the suspect and the victim. this morning we are also remembering another hollywood icon, debbie reynolds, who
6:00 am
within a day of mourning the death of her daughter carrie fisher who also passed. much more on that story coming up. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. of course, sam brock is here. we're missing mike inouye and kari hall. no worries. vianey arana is takihere. >> they left me their handy dandy notes. i'm not tracking any major accidents. let's get right to the weather. we're expecting a very plant thursday morning right now, still chilly. as sam said, some areas still seeing the 30s, south bay 38 degrees, peninsula, 37 degrees. out near the tri-valley also seeing nice clear conditions as well. now, san francisco, not as cold. but still chilly. 47 degrees in the east bay seeing the backup near the area. 49 degrees as well. north bay, yikes, dropping down


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