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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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children waiting for their father who will never come back right now at 11:00, children waiting for their father who will never come back home after being stabbed in a target on christmas eve. the weight of the pain too much to bear for his wife who screamed in court at the men accused of killing him. now they're all heading back to court today. good morning. thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. the victim's wife was emotional when she spoke with us, describing it as a visceral reaction yesterday. relatives for the two men arrested say her husband was killed in self-defense. pete suratos is joining us live from the main courthouse in oakland. the two men will be charged with murder. first, there are some important steps that need to be taken care of. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, sam.
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in the hearing today for jesse and frankie archuleta was set for 9:00 a.m. and now they're saying it's pushed back until 2:00 p.m. so we got a chance to talk to both sides. the archuleta family -- we want to show you new video of the family leaving the courtroom. here is the new video that we got not too long ago. this was after being informed the hearing would be delayed. they're telling us this was self-defense and the two men, the woman we spoke to was their sister, says they were acting in self-defense. they're claiming that the victim. tyrone griffin, told the suspects that he plays with guns. that was after getting into an argument with them inside of the target in hayward. the family says the argument started when he told the archuletas to turn down the vulgar music they were playing. he was then stabbed in front of his 4-year-old son and died from the injuries later at the hospital. here is what they had to say.
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they are accounts are conflicting. >> my brothers are good men. they wouldn't attack somebody for no reason. i know people will judge by the way they look, what they hear or what they see. my brothers are family men. they stay home, go to work, they have their own children. they're not bad men. they would never attack nobody like this. i can say it from the bottom of my heart. >> we'll see when the video gets out there. i don't believe he would have started that with my son being there. he was always protective of my son. he didn't want my son or none of his kids to see anything like that. >> reporter: the archuletas did not have enough money for private attorneys, so that's why we are having the hearing today. we expect to see them with a public defender. we'll get more information on the charges at 2:00 p.m. >> we'll be following those proceedings very closely. pete, thank you very much for the update. new at 11:00, a violent night on oakland streets. two separate shootings, and now
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two more people have died. the violence started just before 6:00 last night on 21st street. a woman was killed, and she has not yet been identified. about three hours later a man identified as keith smith was shot and killed on 62nd street. no arrests have been made in either case, and at last count these are oakland's 81st and 82nd homicides of 2016. in san jose police are looking for the gunman who shot two people during a home invasion. police tell us gunfire broke out last night on peach court near san antonio street and mclaughlin avenue not far from the 680-101 interchange. place say the two men exchanged words with the folks living at the home and shortly after wards shots were fired. both victims are expected to survive. right now we're tempering the freezing temperatures a bit. the bay area will be seeing a small window of warmer weather here, but it's also a shift that will include some rain.
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here is a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. with some blue skies in the background there. let's turn it over to vianey arana. a lot of people seem to be off from school and work and are enjoying the weather. >> if you didn't have to wake up early this morning you missed the 30s. you're free to enjoy the 50s. peninsula, 54. out near the tri-valley, seeing 51 degrees. san francisco has been slightly warmer for the past couple of days than the san jose area. 53 degrees right now. overall we're expecting to climb into the upper 50s, lower 60s. 65 is expected to be the high in san jose today. santa rosa, 60. and near san francisco, 58 degrees. i'll have a closer look at friday's forecast as well as a look at the new year's eve forecast. we're talking rain and a cool-down for 2017. sam, i will send things back to you. >> all right. another taste of real winter.
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thank you very much. early this morning a fight between roommates ends violently near the castro. police say the two men got into a fight in their apartment which eventually led to a stab being at henry and noah streets around 3:00 this morning. police say they found the suspect hiding underneath a car a block away. they took him into custody. they say he was still holding the knife. both men have been taken to the hospital and police say the injuries are not life-threatening and they've not been identified. new at 11:00, a fire forces a north bay family out of their home. you see the flames there. that's video shot by a neighbor in rohnert park. the fire broke out at 6:30 this morning. when fire responders arrived, the side of the home was fully engulfed. two people inside were able to escape without being hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning a peninsula dealership is cleaning up after a crash they say they haven't
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dealt with anything like this before. a suspected drunk driver stammed into several parked cars before being arrested. thom jensen is in colma. >> reporter: the driver did not make this corner at about 2:00 in the morning. hit a light pole. launched it over here, then hit this suv and truck after hitting the pole. we had a photographer on the seen who got video of police giving the driver a breathalyzer test. a colma police detective says the man is from millbrae and is 22 years old. he made quite a mess and the ford dealership had employees out this morning assessing what it would cost them. the dealership's body manager has lived in the neighborhood since the 1970s and says he has never seen anything like this happen before. >> it's a pretty good screwup, isn't it? it's unfortunate. we take the brunt of it. he is the one who is going to
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have to wllive with that. >> reporter: these are $50,000 vehicles. the ford dealership could lose more money when they sell the suv and truck. >> you have to disclose this when people buy that there is like a thousand dollars of damage. >> absolutely. it depends on the insurance companies and how they want to handle. until the claim is made, it's up in the air. >> reporter: the body shop manager says he does not know if the man has insurance. it's just one of the many phone calls he'll have to make to get this straightened out. as far as the driver goes, fire department, emts treated him and a passenger in the car for minor injuries. he was arrested for suspicion of driving drunk and booked into the jail. at last report the driver remained in the san mateo county jail this morning. in colma. thom jensen. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. right now police are looking
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through surveillance video trying to figure out who opened fire outside of an east bay hotel. this happened in emeryville. police say they heard gunshots about 11:00 last night and were told by numerous callers to respond to the hyatt on bay street. officers didn't find suspects or victims when they arrived but did find shell casings and shattered glass in the parking lot. witnesses say two people in two separate cars were shooting at one another and then took off in different directions. in a developing story we learned this morning that russian president vladimir putin says a syrian ceasefire agreement has been reached with turkey. putin added that russia and turkey guarantee the truce, set to begin at midnight local time. he said it would be followed by peace talks between syrian president bashar al assad's government and the opposition. it was not clear which opposition groups were consulted as part of that agreement. syria's military confirmed that it had agreed to a nationwide
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ceasefire starting at midnight. russia is a key ally of syrian president bashar al assad while turkey supports the opposition. a concord man is in jail for sexually battering an elderly woman on tuesday morning in concord outside of the woman's home on graymont circle. police say the attacker sex wally battered her and tried to get her purse. he was arrested a few streets away. police have identified him as 49-year-old steven minor. we now know why someone made off with a six-foot-tall 100-pound menorah sitting in the middle of a san francisco park. police tell us the thieves wanted it for the brass, not that this was necessarily a hate crime. a new menorah from the east coast is in its place in washington square park in north beach because a maker in massachusetts heard about the crime and says he wanted to help out any way he could. so he rushed to create a
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brand-new menorah. the rabbi says it was truly a holiday blessing. >> just because the menorah was stolen i look at it as an opportunity to reach a greater audience with the message of spreading light. >> no one has been caught in connection with the crime. up next at 11:00. one day after her daughter dies, actress debbie reynolds also pa passes away while she was planning her funeral. the way the world is remembering the star that graced the screen and the stage. plus, that is no way to start a violation. a problem one family from brazil is dealing with right now on their first trip to america.
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. welcome back. heartbreak is surrounding what has now become a double tragedy
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for one of hollywood's most prolific families. actress debbie reynolds died yesterday at the age of 84, one day after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher. nbc's stephanie gosk brings us more. >> reporter: tragedy strikes twice for one of hollywood's most famous families. just one day after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher, debbie reynolds passed away from a stroke. her son todd fisher blaming a broken heart. telling "variety" his mother said hours before her death, i miss her so much. i want to be with carrie. family and friends coming to grips with the sudden loss of two icons from two different eras had in hollywood. both women fixtures in american pop culture for decades. ♪ debbie reynolds' meteoric rise to fame began in 1952 in the big screen musical "singin' in the rain." starring alongside veteran song and dance man gene kelly and
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donald o'connor she became america's sweetheart and a bonofied triple threat. >> they had been dancing 30 years. i was dancing for three months. so i was hysterical. >> reporter: she would go on to showcase her range earning a best actress oscar nomination for the drama the unsinkable molly brown. >> that ship may be down but not me. i am unsinkable. >> reporter: drama seemed to follow reynolds in her personal life. her marriage to eddie fisher ended in a scandalous love triangle. fisher leaving reynolds for her best friend, elizabeth taylor. reynolds would go on to marry and divorce two more times. >> i don't choose well. i don't blame anybody but myself, but i just seem to have very poor taste in men. >> reporter: reynolds also had a volatile relationship with her daughter, one carrie fisher famously wrote about in her best-selling book "postcards
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from the edge," whiffs turnch wd into a movie. despite their differences the mother/daughter duo shared similarities. breathe landed their breakout roles at age 19. rocketing to super stardom, both living in the public eye. the pair eventually ended their feud, becoming very close, even quite harmonious ♪ you made me love you ♪ i didn't want to do it. i did ♪ >> reporter: appearing together in a rare performance on oprah in 2011. ♪ happy days are here again >> she came from old hollywood. mgm musicals where a studio owned you. whereas, carrie fisher came from the rebellious '70s. she was like, you don't have to tell me what to do. >> reporter: along with their legacies their story and personal relationship will live on with an upcoming hbo documentary offering an intimate look at their lives. >> mom iy mommy, i am home.
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>> you cannot keep that phone. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: this morning the unbreakable bond of this influential mother and daughter team captured in a statement from carrie's brother todd. >> she has gone to be with carrie. she loves taking care of her and now she has gone with be with her. >> that was stephanie gosk reporting. so many fans still freshly mourning the death of debbie reynolds' daughter, carrie fisher. video posted onto instagram, you saw it a second ago, showing fans in los angeles holding light sabres during a moment of silence. of course, they were paying homage to fisher's role as princess leia, the iconic role in "star wars" decades ago. fisher died tuesday from complications after suffering an apparent heart attack. she was 60 years old. a similar gathering also took place in austin, texas. you see fans there dressed up in "star wars" costumes in honor of carrie fisher. let's get back to local news
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now. police are searching for two men who ran-sacked a home in fremont. it happened when the people living there weren't actually at home. this was yesterday afternoon at a house near the intersection of pasea padre and durham. the people who live there came back to find the burglars inside. that's when the burglars pulled out a gun and ran from the house. an officer saw them driving away and chased them down. the chase ended near castro valley with the burglars getting away. other news right now. and they left brazil hoping for a safer environment in america. talk about a rude welcome. a brazilian family had their car broken into while parked at a san jose applebee's. victor said he had been saving for the vacation for years. hours into the family trip they say their belongings and all of their money was stolen. here is a picture of the car. you see all the broken glass. it all happened tuesday night.
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kamara and his family had just landed from brazil, which is why they had all their luggage in the car. the thieves got away with a laptop and nearly $6,000 in cash. >> so sad because i work a lot to earn this money. one dollar is like three and six here. it's crazy. >> here is the surveillance video of the burglary from a camera at the gas station next door. you can see at the top of the screen the activity going on. the suspect's face is barely -- it appears they drove off in a dark sedan. kamara says he filed a police report but does not expect to get any of his money or belongings back. a check right now of the markets. we have seen only two days since the election in which there have been triple-digit losses for the dow jones industrial average. it does not appear that today will be a third.
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right now in light trading it's down to 19,428. to other business and tech news. it appears apple dominated the holidays according to a research firm. 44% of all the devices activated during the holidays were apple devices. second on the list was samsung with 21% of the activations. impressive given the fact that there was a massive smartphone recall for samsung earlier this year. time right now, if you have kids in the room, cover their ears and eyes for this one. netflix is once again helping parents fool kids on new year's eve. the streaming video giant launched a new set of new year's eve, on-demand count-downs to bring in the new year but not at the time the new year actually comes in. so you can do that earlier than midnight and then put them to bed. the countdowns are available right now on netflix. they can be used whenever you want. some children in oakland are being exposed to dangerous
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levels of lead. a new reuters report says they found almost 8% of the kids who they tested from the fruitvale neighborhood of oakland with elevated levels of lead in their blood. it can stunt development and reduce iq. the study said it's likely coming from crumbling paint, plumbing or industrial waste. a new issue on the long crumbling cliffs in pacifica. it's likely because of the recent rain and frosty weather. you see the staircase out side of the home along the pacifica cliff has completely collapsed. a geo technical consultant will be examining. there are plans to demolish the apartments on the edge. more of california's coastline is opening up for
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dunge dungeon dungeoness. the area had been closed for fishing since crabs tested showing high levels of demowic acid. a neurotoxin that can be harmful if consumed. this week health officials announced the crabs they've recently tested are no longer showing the dangerous levels. some dangerous cold here earlier in the week. we were freezing or below in many parts. starting to slowly climb upward. >> we'll enjoy a nice warmup over the next two days. it looks like 2017 will be off to a very chilly start thanks to a cold front that will be making its way in. here is a beautiful view. the san francisco area here. clear conditions. 53 degrees. not a cloud in sight. we haven't seen the clouds at all over night and into the
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morning hours. that's why we managed to keep the chilly temps. 59 degrees near the oakland area. let's look at your highs for today. microclimate forecast. 60s in the half moon bay. santa rosa also at 60. palo alto and near san jose, we are talking 62 and 65 for possible highs for the day. so yes, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy she enjoy these warming temperature trends. by 3:00 we should be topping out about 63, maybe even 64, 65. heading over to the san francisco area, currently right now about 53 degrees. yes, we are tracking a chance for some rain in the bay area. and we can expect to see the possibility of that heading into sunday night. but the forecast for tomorrow, well, that's going to be in those 60s as well. it's going to be a very similar temperature trend to what we are going to be enjoying today. if you like today so far, you're going to enjoy your friday. we're tracking the subtropical
11:23 am
moisture that looks like it will bring a better chance for rain for parts of southern california. but here in the bay area, our bigger chance will come into play on sunday night as we head into monday. so yes, we could be kicking off the start of 2017 with some showers in the bay area. as we head into friday, 59 degrees. yes, we are going to see that cold front sweep in, bringing breezy conditions on new year's day, dropping back down into the 40s. we could be seeing the possibility of record low freezing temperatures as we head into the first week of 2017, which means they could issue freeze warnings. for the moment now, we'll enjoy plenty of sunshine. 65 degrees yet known. heading into the new year, sunday night we are tracking a chance for some rain. the forecast model is showing conflicting results right now. for now enjoy the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures.
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>> thank you so much. coming up next, the next time you think about buying a car with advanced technology, consider this. the ability to see the crash before it happens. the tesla feature that one family says very well could have saved their lives. first, happening right now, listening in too much perhaps. privacy concerns for some of the season's hottest gifts. read on our facebook page on whether you should keep the google home or amazon echo. the sixth candle on the menorah will be lit tonight. in sunnyvale one sculptor is making a menorah out of ice. find it on our twitter page. back in two minutes. a look at technology in action..
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that could save welcome back. you hear the term "life-saving technology" all the time. this really is a literal interpretation of that. a look now at technology in action that really could save millions of lives. a dash-cam seemingly capturing the moment that an auto pilot radar on a tesla model x predicts the crash moments before the actual collision. the family is crediting it before reacting before they had time to think. nbc's miguel almaguer brings us more. >> reporter: dash-cam video shows the self-driving tesla cruising down a highway in the netherlands when a safety alert is activated, and the model x engages the brakes before the driver can react. the family of five inside the
11:28 am
tesla avoiding the collision. >> the car reacted much faster than we would have. >> reporter: the driver says his video shows the car engaged in auto pilot, stopping before he knew there was trouble. equipped with the latest radar technology, tesla's model x appears to have braked, though the car in front of it maintained its speed. >> it's one of the main reasons i will use auto pilot. because of the extra safety. >> reporter: tesla had come under fire when a driver using auto pilot in a self-driving model s was killed in a florida collision earlier this year. tonight this driver says his family is safe thanks to his self-driving car breaking away from trouble. miguel almaguer, nbc news. one of the most popular toys this holiday season is not living up to expectations right now. that is according to parents who bought that for kids and are now weighing in. we're talking about hatchi mals.
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parents are complaining they are not actually hatching. in some cases the batteries die before the process is over. people are upset the company is not responding to complaints. coming up next, a former drug king pin from oakland is a free man. what he plans on doing after a second chance he was given after a 35-year prison sentence was commuted. he was once called the "crack
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king" of oakland and only on nbc bay area, he was once called the crack king of oakland. tonight he is a free man. president obama granted darrell reed along with 110 other people clemency back in september. he has been living under what is called home confinement until today. in his first bay area interview since being in prison for
11:32 am
26 years he spoke with nbc bay area's sheryl hurd. >> i don't care what the district attorneys try to tell to the public. don't nobody deserve to do 30 and 40 years for selling no drugs. >> reporter: darrell reed, passionate when he talks about the decades he spent behind bars and thankful president obama set him free early, after serving 26 years of a 35-year sentence for manufacturing, possessing and selling crack cocaine. >> i am going to take the negative of my journey and turn it into a positive. >> reporter: with his limited freedom so far he seems to be doing that. donating toys to kids in oakland this christmas. 28 years ago reed was a very different man. at 20, he became one of the most powerful drug dealers in the bay area in the late '80s. now he wants to make a difference. >> the things i went through that got me where i am at now has giving me the tools to take my life story and share it with the world. >> reporter: former prosecutor
11:33 am
gianti says the early release was inappropriate saying the decision to cut his sentence short was like commuting al capone's sentence. reed says he doesn't care what the prosecutor thinks. >> he ignoring the fact that i done did 28 years or a drug charge, my first-time offender. so for him to question the decision of a chief commander of the united states, a diecision e makes, makes it sound like it's something personal with him. this just in. a greyhound bus and a semi truck collided in kettleman city. here is some video from the scene. it's an accident that happened about 4:40 this morning. obviously this is responding hours later as you see the sunlight. with a bus heading to san francisco. the chp temporarily closed northbound lanes of interstate 5 at highway 41. in total three people were injured as the bus is tilted on
11:34 am
its side. two of them were bus passengers, one is a 6-year-old girl. the third was the driver of the truck. and they were all taken to the hospital, we're told, with minor injuries despite how bad that looks. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. the search right now is on for three people involved in a kidnapping and a robbery in san francisco that happened early yesterday morning in the tenderloin district near ellis and jones street not far from glad memorial church. police say two men and a woman walked up to a victim, pointed a gun at his back and told him to walk towards an apartment at the end of the block. the victim says, once inside the apartment, the three robbed him and attacked him before running away. we'll have more on that as we learn it. an east bay woman facing murder charges this morning after police say she hired two hit men to kill a business partner. the man was shot and killed in july sitting in his truck at a stoplight. police say they arrested a gunman and driver but wondered
11:35 am
why they travelled from tennessee to commit the crime. now they have their explanation. prosecutors claim the killers were hired by ta keisha upshaw. they say upshaw partnered with the man in a marijuana business that ended badly. investigators say wesley brown of berkeley helped to plot katami's murder. officers said when they arrested upshaw last week they find a sophisticated illegal pot-growing operation inside her home. the former fiancée is breaking her silence after the release of a video that appears to show the football player of attacking her. >> you hear the screams. as we showed you yesterday, the cellphone video was shot in may of last year by the woman who wants to be known as kendra. it was presented to a groand juy during mcdonald's domestic violence case.
11:36 am
mcdonald was not indicted but still faces other charges in connection with subsequent arrests. today kendra did her first on-tv interview with robert handa and talked about her feelings of being as she feels it abandoned by the court system, the nfl and the 49er organization. she says she decided to speak out to help other possibly domestic violence victims. >> i think a voice behind it, that's what we need. we need somebody to come forward and speak and give people, you know, courage to come forward and have a voice of their own. >> you see her there talking with our robert handa. kendra spoke about her life with mcdonald and when it started to spin out of control and how it feels to be publicly attacked for documemestic violence claim. the full interview will air today on our newscast at 5:00
11:37 am
and 6:00. a strong series of earthquakes rumbled through northern nevada. that's what happened to some items on store shelves. they were felt from las vegas to san francisco. magnitude 5.5 and 5.7 quakes hit overnight tuesday. a park remains closed for the rest of the weeks while they check for damage. they were centered 100 southeast of tahoe. if is struck by reno, this could have been fatal. roughly 20 aftershocks followed the larger great lakes. to a developing story. the obama administration is striking back at russia for its efforts to influence the 2016 election. the white house is imposing sanctions on russia's two leading intelligence services and ejecting 35 russian intelligence operatives from the
11:38 am
united states. with barely three weeks to go in the obama administration, the white house is making it clear it is not going to go quietly on issues of national security and foreign policy, starting with tough new action against russia for trying to impact the presidential election. nbc's peter alexander has more. >> reporter: the white house is planning to introduce steps against russia for attempting to interfere with the election. the announced steps will likely include economic sanctions coordinated by the treasury department and additional covert steps, including cyber options. still, the u.s. has been careful in trying to avoid engaging russia in an all-out cyber war. late thursday, president-elect trump dismissed the threat of new sanctions. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think the computers have complicated lives greatly. >> reporter: senior u.s. officials tell nbc news they're highly confident vladimir putin
11:39 am
himself was personally involved in the hacking. this morning the obama administration is also taking heat for its fierce criticism of israel. delivered in a speech by outgoing secretary of state john kerry. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths and friendships require mutual respect. >> reporter: kerry tearing into israel for its plans to build jewish settlements in east jerusalem in the west bank, calling it a threat to peace. israel's benjamin netanyahu furious. >> israels do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. >> reporter: did john kerry's speech make things worse? it seems to have inflamed things as the administration is weeks from being out the door. >> though i deeply respect secretary kerry's hard work in pursuit of peace, i question the timing and the purpose. >> reporter: earlier, president-elect trump seized the moment, slamming the obama administration, tweeting we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain
11:40 am
and disrespect, adding, stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. while kerry says no administration has done more for israel security, including a $38 billion military deal, the israeli ambassador to the u.s. disputes that. >> it's not true that no administration has done more for israel's security. >> reporter: netanyahu tweeted at trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for israel. >> and that was pete alexander reporting there. in the meantime, palestinians say they're ready to resume peace talks if israel freezes its settlements. now, of course, that's the issue at the very heart of the u.n. resolution. now israel went ahead and approved another housing unit even as secretary kerry was speaking. coming up next, free rides for new year's, the transit agencies that are going to make sure you get home safely this new year's eve. plus vianey arana, right now backing on the holiday forecast.
11:41 am
>> calm weather has dominated this early-thursday forecast. 53 degrees right now. we look ahead at your weekend forecast. and as sam said, how is your new year's eve looking? that answer coming up after the break. stay with us. can your boss keep some of your money at the end of the year? yes. i am consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds to prevent it next.
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all right. an important thing to check now with just a few days left before the new year. nbc bay area responds to prevent the boss from taking some of your hard-earned money. chris chmura joining us with a task to complete by midnight saturday. >> yeah. before the ball drops in times square and 2017 arrives, you need to spend the money in your fsa, your flexible spending account. about a quart er of workers hav the accounts that let you pay through glasses, medical expenses through payroll deductions. use it or lose it by year's end. on average we put $1,292 in our fsas. usually we also forfeit 4%.
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the solution is simple. spend it now. need more motivation? guess where your lost $51.68 goes? back to your employer. savvy drug stores and optical offices are on to our procrastination. they'll help you bring the balance back to zero before january 1st. look for eligible items in their ads. some employers offer a brief grace period to spend it in the new year. you're running out of time to check with hr. call us with your consumer complaint at 1-888-996-tips or visit back to you. >> hey, chris, thank you very much. well, another bay area public transit agency is saying it will offer free rides on new year's eve so you don't have to worry about driving after all the celebrations. we are talking about sam-trans, offering free service on new year's eve. take advantage. if you're on the peninsula. the rides start at 8:00 saturday night and last through 5:00 a.m.
11:46 am
sunday morning. cal train is offering free rides and running additional trains on new year's eve. nice to see them pitching in. we know there will be a lot of celebrating going on in a few days. >> better to be safe. >> you got it! celebrating the fact that we are seeing temperatures up into the 60s. >> yes, which we haven't seen. we are in winter, to be fair, but we are also in california. so for us, anything dropping below 60 is a little alarming at times. especially 30s, which is what we have been waking up to across the bay area. you have been seeing some 20s near the north bay. now in the san jose area, nice conditions and mostly clear skies. take a look over san francisco. looking beautiful out there. and already climbing into those 50s with 53 degrees as your current temperature right now. heading over to the oakland area. at 59 degrees, this is where the 60s will come into play. within the next couple of hours, we should start seeing the
11:47 am
temperatures get even warmer. we do have a very weak high pressure system that is going to keep us nice and sunny and also a little bit warmer. look at your highs for today. they are not hot, but they are a little bit warmer. 60s right now for the north bay. heading to the south bay, things warm up to a nice high of 65 degrees. we are tracking rain chances in the forecast. our first chance for seeing some rain, well, it looked like it was going to be on friday. right now it looks like the storm system will more likely move into so-cal. if you have plans to be out near the l.a. area for new year's eve or friday night or you're heading there now, you may catch some showers. our best chance here in the bay area will come on monday when another low pressure system comes down from the north. and that's going to kick in a cold front as well. what that is going to do is kick up the winds, and it's also going to drop us down in terms of those temperatures which means we could have some record breaking overnight lows next week for the first start of
11:48 am
2017. heading into 2017, decent temperatures. coming into -- welcoming, the first day already of 2017 will be off to a much colder start. microclimate forecast for your friday, also expecting to see those 60s again across the bay area, from the south bay to the east bay, even near the peninsula. warming up into the low to mid 60s. san francisco, upper 50s. it will remain very nice as well in the north bay, in sonoma, about 62 degrees. your trend over the next seven days, we are going to see that significant drop in those temperatures. looking ahead, saturday, 59. heading into monday, new year's, breezy conditions and, look at that, highs of 49 and 48. not just for san francisco. the tri-valley and inland areas. enjoy the sunshine and enjoy these nice, slightly warmer temperatures. sam, back to you. >> keeping us safe and warm. thank you very much. lots of people got new
11:49 am
computers, tablets or phones for christmas. before you replace your old model, the way to protect yourself and your data from being stolen.
11:50 am
11:51 am
a warning for everybody who got a new smartphone or all right. welcome back. and a good thing to keep in mind now after you've opened up all the presents, you got a lot of new technology. a warning for everyone who got a new smartphone or laptop this holiday. as you switch on the new devices, be aware of all the ultra personal information on your old devices that you are%f planning on getting rid of. even if you think you've deleted all of it, complete strangers could still use it to access a treasure trove of sensitive information. nbc's national investigative correspondent jeff rossen go undercover. >> reporter: we store everything on our phones and laptops.
11:52 am
e-mails, texts, shopping and banking information. when i delete stuff, i assume it's gone. >> all the information is still there, easily accessible by anyone, even thieves. >> reporter: we buy dozens of used cellphones online to see for ourselves. laptops too. we bring them to be analyzed. >> this would be an identity thief's gold mine. >> reporter: this laptop we bought for $75, giving us full access to the family we bought it from. >> home address. phone numbers. personal family pictures. >> reporter: that's scary! >> tax information. >> reporter: right down to their bank routing numbers and account numbers. who does it belong to? this suburban mom named tracy. i track her down. i want to show you all the things we pulled off of your computer. >> all my financial information, my places of employment. >> reporter: social security numbers of your family. people could do damage with that information. >> yes. >> reporter: on this next
11:53 am
device, a cellphone belonging to aria, a college freshman, we find 3,000 private text messages, secret passwords to her student scholarship, social media accounts and shopping apps. even when and where she goes to class. we set up a meeting to tell her what we found. >> that's just scary. you can lose everything just from a phone because i have all my information on there. >> reporter: how do you really wipe your devices clean? starting with the iphone, i have one called up right here. you hit settings right there. you come here to general. once you hit that, scroll down to the bottom. it says reset right there. hit that. then you want to look for this, erase all content and settings. hit that, you get that magic phrase right there, erase iphone. on android devices, you have to go into settings and encrypt the data. hit settings. backup and reset. scroll down to factory data
11:54 am
reset. reset device. and your information is gone. as for laptops, experts say there is no factory reset. so take the hard drive out before selling. jeff rossen. nbc news, salt lake city. >> i am going to tweet out a link to that story if you want more. new year's eve this year will be one second longer than normal. why? the answer revealed in just two minutes. new year's eve will be one
11:55 am
11:56 am
second longer this year.
11:57 am
ap new year's eve is going to be one second longer this year than usual. leap seconds happen occasionally to cleep tkeep the clocks in sy the earth's rotation and to make sure they're as accurate as possible. this year's was announced by the leap rotation and reference systems service. yes, that is a real thing. it's the group responsible for adding leap seconds to international time. the timekeepers said we can expect the clocks to read 11:59:60 instead of 11:59:59. it could cause chaos for computers. the most recent leap second happened last year an june 30th. all i can think of right now is y2k. >> every-second really does count. >> it totally does. >> we'll do what we can with the extra second. >> don't miss time with your kids. very important. we'll see you at 5:00 and 6:00. have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> come on now. ♪ ♪ only at christmas >> oh, one of our favorite shows around here. you see why. this is us getting some golden globe love this morning. it snagged three nominations, including best drama. >> well deserved. >> by the way, mandy


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