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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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up. plus, the search is on for a gunman who opened fire inside an nath nightclub in istanbul. the terror group claiming responsibility this morning. more than a dozen fires in several week's time. two reasons why the california highway patrol and san jose fire department say it's no accident. you're watching "today in the bay." very good first monday of the new year to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock just could not maybe that first monday of the year. he has the day off. >> yeah. good monday tomorrow morning. the rain this morning. >> yeah. but i don't think he will be able to avoid it tomorrow morning. he'll still see this rain moving through parts of the bay area. it will be off and on for the next few days. at least it will be warmer though. but we're starting out with some chilly temperatures, some low snow, mt. hamilton, mt. diablo, st. helena seeing snow.
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and the rest of us seeing some rain. so as you head out the roads are wet and you also need a heavier jacket. grab the umbrella. you will need it. if not this morning, then this afternoon. and that may affect your commute. also b.a.r.t. riders dealing with effects there. >> that's right. b.a.r.t. station some of them outdoors so be careful. you've got to bring those umbrellas in for a possible extended delay. just a slight extension on here. daly city station. much better than earlier. there was power issues. b.a.r.t. reduced it to ten minutes. again, continuing to improve. a smooth flow. no improvement necessary for the roadways. slow it down a bit though because as you see the green and the blue, wet roadways around the bay. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet, 6:01, no metering lights, we do have ponding and puddling. slick conditions around the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. happening root now, investigators looking for a possible serial arsonist. suspected of setting more than two dozen fires in san jose in recent weeks.
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>> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the san jose chp office to explain where these fires have been set up and bringing us up to speed on the investigation. kris? >> well, good morning, scott and laura. you might wonder why we're at the california highway patrol talking about a fire. it's because one of the reasons why investigators think that this is a case of arson is because these fires are being set along a stretch of highway 101 in the south bay. the latest fire happened just on saturday morning off 101 north on story road. that's where the suspected arsonist set fire to a handful of palm trees along the freeway. the fire in one of those palm trees quickly spread to a storage shed. you see what happened next. the san jose fire department tells us that it is among several dozen fires reported over the last few weeks in this same stretch of freeway. >> we don't have any cause but it was -- we believe to be inteni intentionally set due to multiple locations for these fires. >> reporter: now, on saturday
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morning when fire crews were out in the area putting out thoet fires and those palm trees there was another crew that was putting out another fire about half mile away. now, investigators want to put a stop to this arsonist before anyone gets hurt. so if you know of anything that happened in that area or you saw anything in that area saturday morning or any of the past few weeks you can call the california highway patrol. you can also call the san jose fire department. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the very latest there, kris. at 6:03 right now, to a developing story happening at this hour, overnight isis claimed responsibility for the istanbul nightclub shoot that killed 39 people and wounded scores of others. right now the search for the gunman continues this morning. new video shows glimpses of the gunman moving decisively shooting at home. within minutes he killed dozens. then dropped his weapon and escaped among the fleeing survivors. an american from delaware was shot in the leg but managed to make it out alive.
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>> crazy people came and shooting everything. >> how many? >> i don't know. i saw one person. they're shooting. i'm hiding. >> he said he was in turkey to celebrate the new year with a friend when that attack happened. the deadly new year's attack is rattling the nerves of turkish natives here in the bay area as well. for one man, the attack hit too close to home. >> if i stay sad, nervous, anxious, billboards won't be enough. >> 42-year-old bakan grew up in istanbul but says it's not the same city where he once lived. he says he's been restless since the mass shooting but it's nothing compared to what his friends and families in turkey are feeling. he blames the internet, social media, and the fanatical propaganda which has become fal false truths for so many people. back here at home this morning it is official, the 49ers have fired head coach chip
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kelly and general manager trent baalke and plan to turn the page. niners ceo jed york is scheduled a 10:00 a.m. news conference to announce the change of direction. a source tells nbc's mike the team will hire the general manager first before beginning the search for a coach. with the firing of kelly the niners next year will be on their fourth head coach in four seasons. bob redell following developments for you. he will have a live report in the next half hour. with the new year comes new laws. it appears some californians are ready or recreational marijuana to be legal which it is as of yesterday. over the weekend, someone changed the iconic hollywood sign to wheed hollyweed. this comes after california voters passed proposition 64 in november which legalizes the recreational use of marijuana and hemp. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in san francisco this no rning to explain the new rules regarding marijuana will work. good morning, pete.
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>> good morning to you, laura and scott. actually it went into effect november 9th after prop 64 was passed. before i get into this, i want to point out you will still need a medical marijuana card to purchase marijuana at a dispensary. that could change in 2018. we'll get to that in a second. but here are the details on this. so if you're 21 years and older you can legally smoke marijuana pry vautly. you can also have up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and up to 8 grams of concentrated marijuana such as hash. you can grow up to six marijuana plants at a private home. you can give marijuana to these who are 21 and older as long as it fits the guide inloose of the possession that i just mentioned. and also the passage of the law authorizes the resentencing and destruction of records for those with prior marijuana convictions. but, it's still el legal to smoke weed while driving a car in a public place or any location where smoking tobacco isn't allowed and you can't buy marijuana without a card at a
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dispensary but that's expected to change out of prop 64 starting in 2018 and another new law peep are looking at has to do with your cellphone and when you can use it in your car. ville those details in the next half hour. live near treasure island, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> you can read about the new laws in effect. we posted the list on the front page of our website 6:07. so now the countdown begins to inauguration day. just 18 days to go. president-elect trump still questioning the u.s. intelligence community over hacking attacks tied to russia. >> we are live in washington to explain how the president-elect is gearing up for a possible fight over obamacare as well. >> yes, scott and laura, good morning. we're now in the first monday of the new year. donald trump is back in new york city after spending much of december in florida for the holidays. he is set to receive an intelligence briefing early this week on the hack of the
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democratic national committee. in washington work is well under way preparing for the inauguration of donald trump. the president-elect arrived back in new york sunday night after spending the holidays at his florida resort at a new year's eve party saturday trump signaled he's gearing up for a fight on two fronts. first, sanctions on russia, casting doubt on the u.s. intelligence community's conclusion russia and president vladimir putin are behind election year computer hacking. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. >> reporter: trump even hinting he has insider knowledge about the hacks. >> i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> reporter: but top democrat on the house intelligence committee disputes that. >> democrats and republicans, none of us have any question about this. the only one who does apparently is donald trump. >> reporter: president obama returns from his vacation in hawaii today. wednesday he meets with congressional democrats. trump vowing to repeal the
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signature health care law, obama will discuss strategies to protect obamacare with members of his party. trump is shrugging it off. >> january 20th. and then after that it's our turn. so let's see what happens. >> reporter: a new year and a new era in washington. less than three weeks away. and president-elect trump said he could share more information about what he knows about the hacking either tuesday or wednesday. that would probably come after he has briefed by the community the intelligence community, which should happen early this week. live in washington, scott and laura, back to you. >> thanks so much, chris. stay with the nbc bay area with coverage. raj mathai heading to washington, d.c. for the event. you can count on nbc bay area news to give you complete coverage on air and online. preparations uner der way in pasadena this morning. volunteers preparing for the
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128th road parade. festival of flowers ahead of the rose bold football game. typically held on the first day of the new year. but they do have a never on sunday fra addition that dates back to 1893. we're going to continue to cover rose parade preparations throughout the morning. and you can watch it live right here on nbc bay area at 8:00 a.m. it is 6:10. it's wet on those roadways as you head out. we've had light scattered showers moving through but not a lot of heavy rain. it's also very chilly. we're only now at 35 degrees in santa rosa and 44 degrees in san jose. 43 in livermore. palo alto and oakland at 45 and 44. in san francisco. now, as we go through the week, more scattered showers between now and wednesday. snow and sleet with these chilly temperatures. a break in the rain between thursday and friday. and then more heavy rain for the
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weekend. also some sierra snow. i'll detail all of that coming up in about ten minutes. mike's tracking a water main break in redwood city. >> light around the bay, water on the roadway because of the rain kari is talking about. not a major factor for your commute. we will take you over to redwood city where we have a rose closed because of this water main break. roosevelt avenue. those two major roadways are open. i'll get out of your way because our photographer matt has been on the scene and we're showing the crews continue to build with the amount of equipment. that's the reason why roosevelt avenue is closed. it affects just that local roadway and watching for extended affect to the houses in the area. so far, it's just that immediate vicinity. again at roosevelt that is just west of el camino real. up next, at 6:11. there is an increase in drunk drivers on the new year's holiday weekend even though the new year's eve festivities are over. law enforcement officers still
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plan to be out in full force today. the reason ahead.
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good monday morning. happy new year. time now is 6:14 as you head
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out. scattered light showers across the bay area and snow for some of our hilltops and mountain peaks. we will continue to see some of this rain moving in off and on as we go throughout the day. also in a few days i'll have details coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> that means wet roads but we also have light conditions, holiday for many folks. just mild slowing down the east shore freeway. no metering lights on the bay bridge. we do have a minor delay for the b b.a.r.t. system to talk about. it's a quarter after 6:00. new year's eve may be over but the chp's maximum enforcement period is still going strong. a live look at palo alto this morning. officers are out continuing to look for impaired drivers. it began friday night and ends tonight at midnight. officers say while new year's eve was the busiest night many people are off monday and they continue their celebrations of drinking and driving. >> we want to make sure to stop those people before they
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actually crash and hurt themselves or somebody else. >> in the south bay, the chp says the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui this weekend after his car swerved and landed on its roof on highway 101. a good samaritan stepped in to help him get out of the car. as that car was starting to burn. the driver was not injured. in the east bay, a concord man is facing dui charges after police say he hit a buy cyclist with his car. it happened just before 10:30 at night on new year's eve near vinnie's bar and grill. a bicyclist was riding south on mt. diablo was the driver was going north if driver tried to turn left into the bar and grill's parking lot when he hit the bicyclist. they arrested the drive, 24-year-old from concord, appeared to be drunk. in business and tech news, workers are afield their top resolutions for the new year. according to career builder survey. the top ten resolutions among workers is to save more money
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from the pay. 49% of workers planning to save more of their paycheck compared to 38% last year. rounding out the top three resolutions for workers were to be less stressed and to get a raise or promotion. i'm not sure that's ever not a goal. >> why not, right? >> tracking the rain in the bay area as usual. means snow in the sierra. >> good amount, too. "today in the bay's" mike is live in el dorado county to show us the current conditions there. you're all bundled up, mike. you see some on this ground behind you there. >> yes, this picture says it all. it is snowing along highway 50 but the kae is the city that you mentioned, plaserville. we are just outside of plaserville and this is the scene. in fact, we're about two miles to the east of plaserville at the apple cafe, if you're familiar with that. driving up towards lake tahoe on highway 50. the cafe off to the right-hand side. chain controls have now gone all
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the way down to just on the owes side of downtown plaserville. if you're heading up highway 50 to go skiing, snowboarding today, chaining up right now this morning is all the way outside of downtown. so this is significant low snow and it's not just basically a novelty. let me show you it is actually i accumulating low snow. this is on the ground here at the apple cafe along highway 50. so what a start to this return to work for some of us, return to the work new year, starting off 2017 with what could be days of snow this morning. it is definitely low snow already falling. it's been falling this way since about 5:00 this morning. great sight to see to kick off a new year, especially if you're a snow lover in tahoe. live along highway 50, mike teselle. >> got to get you some gloves and a cup of coffee from that apple cafe. >> scattered snow up there, rain
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down here. >> yeah. we're lost seeing snow in spots like mike and i were talking about. mt. hamilton and you say don't go there because it's slippery and then -- >> watch it on tv. >> yeah. just watch it here. we are taking a look and now at some wet roads as you get a live view at oakland at this point and the drivers are on the roads heading back to work and getting ready for a very soggy week ahead. we will continue to see that rain moving through. and, yes, when we see all of that white here on the radar, that's that low snow happening as you head towards the sierra. you don't even get all the way up the summit and you see that snow coming down. we're also tracking a little bit of snow there in the santa cruz mountains. also mixed in with some rain and some sleet most likely and mt. hamilton snowing. we've seen a little bit on mt. diablo and in the north bay, mt. st. helena. cold weather mixing in with this rain. and most of the roads are wet.
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but we're not seeing a pretty good coverage of that. we're seeing it in spots and just off and on. so now as you head down 101 from novato, you will see the showers there. and then also down the peninsula redwood city seeing some light rain. that's where we've had the most accumulation at about tenth of an inch. we're looking at a tenth of an inch of rain or less. then over toward hayward some light showers coming down at this point. it's only 43 degrees in the tri-valley and in the north bay, 35 degrees. so some chilly temperatures heading only up to 52 degrees today. much cooler than average. 49 degrees as well as the east bay. and those showers will continue for today. mostly cloudy skies. and then also seeing the rain getting heavier for tomorrow, starting out in the north bay as that's where we will see the heaviest rain coming down throughout the morning and early afternoon and the rest of the bay area seeing the skalterred showers. another round of rain on
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wednesday but then there will be a little bit of a break between thursday night and throughout the day on friday. saturday, another storm system moving in. that continues into sunday as well as monday of next week. and the potential of at least a couple of inches of rain here. for most of the bay area and then it gets heavier as we get toward the weekend. we talked about snow in this sierra. here's a look at how much we could see between now and late sunday night, possibly a southlake a how, 36 inches of snow. and mike is talking about those tire chains you may need if you head this. >> even if you have snow tires and four wheel drive you probably want to pack the chains, but especially if you don't that will be a factor. tike just talked about highway 50, enter tath 80 across the summit. over here closer to the bay a light flow of traffic with mild spots for a little slowing. 101. right about the airport there. and also watch redwood city. we still have that closure for
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roosevelt avenue, the water main break. the freeways through the area move very well. crash reported just off of the bridge. i'll double-check with chp. no major issues with the travel agency across the transit systems. modified schedules because this is a holiday for many. we're going to end with a quick shot at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. that's the headline right now. no metering lights. still dampl slick roadways. be careful. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. coming up next, good news for ice skating and hockey fans. there's a plan to expand the ice rinks. nbcbayarea responds. >> a bonus for switching smartphones that never materializes. i'm can super investigator chris camorra.
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m. a new plan is reportedly heating up to offer more ice skating options on the peninsula. skaters and hockey enthusiasts in san mateo county currently have just one option following the closure of two ice rinks over the past four years. that includes belmont iceland which closed in april. the mercury news reports leaders in burlingame are considering plans for a new rink near the burlingame golf center near the bay shore freeway. the merc reports belmont has not closed the door on trying to reopen the iceland rink. nbc bay area responds to a milpitas woman who says she was
6:26 am
promised a deal but never got it. >> chris has hstory. >> she fought a new iphone 6 at a verizon store last year. employee told her she would get a $200 cash card if she surrender her old ickes phone so she did. but she said she never got that cash card for 200 bucks. he made several calls and sent several e-mails to get her money. but no luck. so she reached out to us and we reached out to verizon. verizon applied a $200 credit to her account. in a statement the company said, we appreciate nbc fwa area for bringing this issue to our attention and for giving us the opportunity to do the right thing for our customer. these types of promotions are increasingly common and we've handled numerous similar complaints. if you're offered a deal like that get it in writing. and keep that paperwork in case you have to complain. if you have a consumer complaint you can call us, the number is 888-996-tips or visit
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us online at tomorrow, hundreds of dollars in credit for future services that can't be booked. i'll see you then. >> look forward to it. thank you. coming up next on "today in the bay," a major crack down on distracting driving. the new rules you now need to follow when using your cellphone man holds officers at bay overnight at a station. we'll tell you the costume he was wearing and why this isn't the first time he's had a run-in with cops. the general manager and head coach both out at the 49ers. a look ahead to this morning's news conference with team ceo jed york. you're watching "today in the bay."
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new year, new forecast. a new live look outside overlooking downtown san jose, christmas in the park is probably still up but soggy for the elves this morning as it will be all week. storms moving through the bay area. you know what, that's bringing the snow to the sierra. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> good morning and happy new year as we enjoy chilly temperatures and rain in the forecast. maybe you're not enjoying it but i am because it keeps me busy and we will have a lot more of this as we go into the rest of the week. seeing the snow in mt. hamilton and the summit in the santa cruz mountains. and we've also seen at times some light snow happening in mt.
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diab diablo. elsewhere, spotty showers. the roads are wet as you head out. bundle up and grab the umbrella. this is not going anywhere any time soon. i'll show you what to expect as we get a look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike's tracking a water main break in redwood city. >> you're talking about rain from the sky. water from the sky. i'm talking about water from the ground. matt our photographer has been out there all morning. this is roosevelt avenue off of el camino. crews are actively working on this. they have the local road closed. el camino is open. as we look at the water and the crews there, i'll take you out to the map and show you where this is just off of, well, state route 82 and el camino and woodside. both open to traffic flow. we'll show the water flow on the scene as well. at roosevelt avenue. if if you're not familiar, that's fine. the freeway is moving well. light traffic around the bay including the bay bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights. earlier crash just passed the toll plaza on the bridge.
6:32 am
maybe a spinout likely because we have the slick roadways. back to you. >> thank you. a major shake-up for the 49ers. the team fired head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke. bob redell is at levi's stadium with york will hold a news conference at 10:00. bob, what do you think we can expect out of this news conference? >> i think one of the questions will be something that's on the minds of in fans wondering if and when jed york, the team ceo, himself would ever take reduced role in this organization. a lot of fans hold him accountable for what's happened to the 49ers after watts been a dismal season. 49ers ending their season yesterday with a loss against the seattle seahawks here at levi stadium. that was the 14th loss of the season, a season that only saw produced only two wins for the team under the direction of head coach chip kelly. york announce t i'd just hours
6:33 am
after the loss in a statement saying the decision was absolutely necessary. that york was disappointed at the team's performance had not lived upations of fans. jim tosula last year, jim harbaugh before that. here's what chip kelly had to say yesterday when his firing was still just a rumor. >> i don't think anything surprises me. so i don't live my life -- i live my life in vision and not circumstances. i control what i can control. what we can control is how we coach our plowers and what we can do with them. if it's good enough it's good enough. if it's not good enough, so be it. >> i have saw some of the worst play calling that i have seen in all 49ers games. i think if he's responsible for it he needs to go. >> i think it might be just a little unfair. he's only had one season and kind of what he was given, i think that maybe he should have another chance, another season or two to try and see what he can do with the team.
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>> yesterday the 49ers also fired trent baalke who is general managerer of the team for the past 12 years. fans have lost faith in him in recent seasons. somewhat so someone hired an airplane to fly over the stadium earlier in the season with a banner calling for baalke to be fired. baalke released a statement thanking the york family for the support over the years, calling the 49ers the most storied franchise in all of sports. a first class organization that deserves the very best. reporting live here at santa clara outside levi stadium, bob redell, "today in the bay.." >> thank you very much, bob. in you this morning at 6:34, a man wearing a batman like mask is locked off after standoff with deputies. we've been in touch with the sheriff's department. they just give us new information. they were called to the allen rock transit center with a man with a hundred again. deputies were able to bring that man into custody. they found toy guns on him. san jose police officers have
6:35 am
had some run-ins with this suspect before but those times he was dressed as superman. 6:34. starting this week violators will have to dig a lot deeper for illegally parking in b.a.r.t. parking lots. the fine is jumping to $55 for anyone who parks in a daily spot without pay. that's a $20 increase. if you get caught parking in a space that requires a permit it's $75. for repeat offenders five or forecitations during the same year now cost you an additional $100. b.a.r.t. trains today are still operating on a holiday schedule. the start of the new year means a lot of new laws in effect as well. one of them involves cellphones. >> got to get used to it. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in san francisco this morning to explain how a new law aims to crack down on distracted driving. everybody is accuse of that at one time or another, pete. >> that's definitely right. good morning to you, laura and scott. yes, there are a lot of distracted drivers. pulling up maybe your map on your phone and you're trying to figure out how to get to your
6:36 am
location. now you cannot use your handheld device while driving. got to mount it like this. we'll work on get that mount but you will have to mount it on the car. it comes to using a gps. that's just a part of this law that they're putting in place in california. really just a crack down on diss tracted driving. you can use it if it's a single tap function if you want to hit the single tap function to answer a phone call you can use it but it has to be mounted. i want to throw out stats from distraction p government website that keeps track of stats. in 2014 more than 3,000 people were killed and 400,000 were injured in car crashes as a result of distracted drivers. five seconds the average time that your eyes are off the road when you are texting. so that's really enough to do some damage while you're on the road. now, as far as fines go for this law your first offense is $20. but if you have a second offense and you're distracted driver, that jumps to $50. live near treasure island, pete
6:37 am
suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. you can read all about this new law and others that are in effect. we posted a list of new laws on our front page of our website, happening now, the finishing touches are being put on the tournament of roses parade floats. it automatic starts in less than two hours in pasadena. >> tony gwynn yard from our affiliate in los angeles there this morning to show the preparations under way. >> good morning. we are on colorado boulevard where the tournament of roses, the 128th tournament of roses parade begins at 8:00 central time this morning. i want you to take a look at all of the people who are sleeping, camping out overnight. some of these folks have been here since 12:00 noon yesterday. i want you to get a sense of what they brought with them, the creature comforts of home. coming on over here we have two ladies who live near los angeles. this is the first time that they have been at the parade. go ahead and tell me what your
6:38 am
set-up is and how you figured out what to bring. >> i went and researched, googled out to campout at rose parade. space heat evers and barbecue. stove top from my dad and heaters to keep us warm it's chilly tonight. >> this is the first time even though you are local, this is the first time for you coming out here. why? >> you know, actually as a family tradition. my parents and my grandparents used to come out and camp out. and we just have never done it. so my son one year has seen the rose parade on tv and he's like, wait, that's in pasadena. we can go? so he's been wanting to go for a couple of years. so we went ahead and finally did it this year. >> what time did you arrive here? >> noon yesterday. >> okay. but i met evonne who is from british colombia who did not get here at noon yesterday. you just cruised? >> that's right. we met these wonderful ladies and they invited us into their living quarters. >> what are you looking forward
6:39 am
to the most? >> i looking forward to all the creative floats and the beautiful flowers because i was in the flower industry for 40 years. >> i hope you have fun. welcome to pasadena. >> thank you. >> and again, the parade begins in a couple hours. security extremely tight. 1500 law enforcement officers will be up and down the parade route. and everyone here basically wanting to have fun but knowing that security is an issue. reporting from pasadena, back to you in the studio. >> it's always beautiful sight. thanks, toni. you can watch the rose parade right here in the warmth of your home. it starts at 8:00 a.m. typically the parade is held on new year's day but pushed to today since new year's landed on the sunday. the parade a never had a sunday performance since 1893. back then the tournament wanted to avoid scaring horses that would be left outside churches which could interrupt worship servic services. even though horses are no longer
6:40 am
kept outside churches in the big cities it's still tradition to this day. a little history for you. good morning and happy new year. it is 6:40 now. and some wet weather moving across the bay area. some scattered showers. we will continue to see the rain off and on. also some showers moving through parts of the north bay as well from san rafael. and south bay starting to move in. with we will see some of that rain off and on for the day. also some chilly temperatures. so not only will we have to deal with that but also some rain for today in the next couple of days. here's a look at those current temperatures. only 44 degrees in the peninsula. 45 in san francisco. and 35 degrees in the north bay. we'll talk about the potential of some snow for some of our higher elevations and also the sierra snow. that's coming up. mike's tracking what's happening on the roadways around the bay area. >> that's right, kari.
6:41 am
i'll tag team with you on the sierra report as well. look at the local bay area. nice easy drive. volume of traffic is not a problem. the wet roads are a concern. we had a couple of crashes southbound 17 latest one around bear creek. sounds like everything is out of the roadway southbound toward the summit. again, be careful. slippery conditions. over toward the area where we typically see slowing almost any time of the year except for right here. window between basically christmas and this first week of january we see a very light, light traffic flow. no problems. no delays. travel times look like this. great times as you travel over here through the east bay. 680 through pleasanton and sunol and 11 minutes for the drive from 880 from 238 up to downtown 84. nice easy flow of traffic. no metering lights over at the bay bridge toll plaza. smooth drive over towards san francisco and we can enjoy the view of these little buildings. that's good stuff for this, well, first monday of the year. back to you guys. coming up, a man breaks into a south bay home caught on camera. the newly released surveillance
6:42 am
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good monday morning. ts it is 6:44. here's a live look outside in san jose this morning. roads are wet. . and it will be in the mid 40s by
6:45 am
9:00. highs today only in the low 50s which is much cooler than our onch high. and we'll see rain again this afternoon. i'll let you know how long to expect the rain and how much we can see. that's all coming up. looking at a smooth flow of traffic with a rails a slight delay because it's rainy. so slow down your drive in this conditions. we'll talk about that coming up. it's a quarter to 7:00 ith now. a man breaks into a gilroy home, walks up to a surveillance camera and now police need help identifying him. here's a look at the surveillance video police release of that burglary. it happened a little over two weeks ago. the family who lived in the house were there. they were sleeping upstairs. here in the look at the moment the burglar seems to notice the camera. police say he actually tried to dismantle it but it was too late. the camera had already uploaded the images to the server. a deadly new year in san
6:46 am
francisco. police are investigating two separate deadly shootings that happened early in the morning on me year's day. the first at 2:15 a.m. near the 15th and shot well street. officers found a man shot in the chest. he was hospitalized and later died. the second shooting was almost at 11:30 near third and oakdale. officers found a man shot in the face. he was also hospitalized and later died. police do not believe the shootings are gang related. no arrests have been made. and police have not released any suspect description. a man was hit with a hammer in his own home managed to still stop two teenage intruders. it happened early saturday in menlo park on carlton avenue. the family came home to find their home ransacked and the burglars were still there. a 13-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl were in there. the homeowner tried to grab a teen and was hit with a hammer. the man was able to hold on to the boy and the girl was found a
6:47 am
couple of blocks away. dangerous end to a police cha in the east bay. driver being tailed drove straight into a homeless encampment on new year's eve. this is some of the aftermath that was captured by a reporter from indy bay. officers say they first tried to stop the buick, the driver of the bu sick, we should say, near the interchange for reckless driving. that driver didn't stop. so officers followed the car off the freeway and on to surface streets. the driver lost control on 27th street in oakland landing upside-down in the middle of the homeless encampment. two people were hurt and had to go to the hospital. the driver of the buick was arrested shortly after that crash. 6:47. new details in the russian hacking scandal. the state department confirms all 35 russian diplomats ordered out of the country by president obama have left the united states. that order was in reaction to evidence russia tried to influence the presidential election in donald trump's
6:48 am
favor. the asanctions are not likely t end there. they will press for more penalties. >> we believe that putin has hacked into our elections in america. that he's trying to undermine democracy all over the world, and it's time for new sanctions to hit him hard as an individual, his energy sector, his banking sector. >> now, earlier this month republican and democratic senators alike called for a special bipartisan panel to investigate cyber attacks. president-elect trump though doesn't think the hacking came from russia and russia officials have denied accusations of hacking. it's a new year, maybe you're still adding to a list of resolutions but have you figured out how to pay for them? paying down debt should top the resolutions. starting with bills from the holidays. >> the last thing you want to do is ruin all those great holiday feelings by starting the new year with a holiday debt hangover that you're facing for
6:49 am
the next few months. >> fidelity investment say many americans including debt reduction among financial goals for the new year. they found the people are more optistic than usual over the new year. making willing to make resolutions. almost 3/4 of the respond dents say they feel better about the path forward. the former host of nbc's "celebrity apprentice" is starting a new job soon. arnold schwarzenegger is taking over. >> one major he'llment of the show could shank. >> you're fired. >> you're fired, you're fired. >> the president-elect made that a catch phrase. contestants are womderring the new host will have a phrase of his own. trademark lines yield former governor arnold schwarzenegger plenty of options. >> i think arnold schwarzenegger will say in the boardroom, you've been terminated. >> the cast of 16 celebrities from the world of sports, entertainment, and entertainment, will compete in
6:50 am
business driven tafg tasks. the winner earns $250,000 for the charity of their choice. the new "celebrity apprentice" starts tonight at 8:00 on nbc. >> you're turning that in. you won't be back? who knows? >> you are no longer going to be on this show. >> we'll have to watch. we don't know either. hey, kari has been telling us how cold it is. snow even in the higher elevations of the bay area this morning. i understand we have pictures we can show. new video must, from napa county. >> highway 29. around 2200 feet near calistogc. >> not here. >> uh-uh. >> amazing. big fluffy snow. >> mt. hamilton as well. >> and summit, santa cruz mountain, snow coming down there. it's all of our peaks around the bay area, we have this cold air and it's colliding with the rain and the moisture that we've seen
6:51 am
streaming in to the bay area. so that will happen for another few hours. so there could be some accumulation there. we will see the rain off and on as we start out this first week of 2017 pendant and t. and the roads are wet as you see the golden gate bridge. clouds in the sky. a little bit of light, too. it's 44 degrees. only heading up to 50 degrees today for that high temperature. and we see the rain pretty much off and on. it's not a wide spread rain. but at any point throughout the day we could see some of the showers coming through. we almost talked about the snow that's coming down around placerville. you don't have to go up that high in elevation where you start to see that snow coming down. so chilly temperatures. it's only 45 degrees now in oakland. napa, 43 degrees. and look at santa rosa, it's 35 degrees. so only a couple of degrees above freezing. today as we get a look at those highs reaching 50 degrees with some showers off and on. rain and possibly some snow in the north bay and east bay
6:52 am
seeing a high today of only 49 degrees. with highs today reaching the 40s and 50s, we will see cloudy skies and some rain at any point. so i just want to keep check that nba bay area app so you know where that rain is happening. even tonight we will see that moisture streaming through some of that rain coming down in san francisco and then maybe comes a little bit more concentrated over the north bay early tomorrow. and then sweeps from north to south with some pretty wide spread rain for tomorrow and then again on wednesday. yeah, this rain is not going anywhere for a couple of days. it does take a little bit of a break though between late thursday and friday as temperatures warmup and notice next round of rain moving through on saturday, sunday, and into next week. so a prolonged period of rain here and the possibility of at least two inches of rain for most of us. by the end of the week we could be dealing with three to four inches of rain. and in the sierra, the possibility of up to three feet of snow this this sierra while
6:53 am
our temperatures here will be warming up. we're looking at 60 in san francisco on saturday. and you see that rain, the only break will be on friday. and mike is tracking a water main break in redwood city. >> that's not the break you're talking about in the weather. folks are still working hard to clean this up. i'm making it look like i'm doing work but i'm just sitting, standing here in the studio. this is roosevelt avenue. just off el camino real. matt our photographer has been there tracking this water main break. supposedly clearing this up and that's what we do see. very hard work. just trying to get to the source right there below the loroadway. that's why roosevelt is closed. major roadways through redwood city. you don't know where that is, that's okay because that means you're going through the freeways through the area or maybe on the other side of the bay. both are smooth drives right now. easy light traffic around the bay. delay for b.a.r.t. earlier electrical problems cleared up to daly city but system wise slowing trains down because of slick track. that's what you should do as
6:54 am
well. modified schedules because of the holiday for many businesses. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights, no backup but you see the damp roadways so be careful. back to you. coming up, a check of this morning's top stories including new developments in the istanbul nightclub attack. just ahead, the terror organization that's taking credit for the attack. 6:54. first happening now, san diego twins born within minutes of each other. you always have one unique difference. one was born in the final minutes of 2016, the other in the very first minute of 2017. the same thing happened for twins in arizona. see pictures of the babies on plus, dropping the ball. mariah carey's melt down on the new year's eve stage in times square after equipment problems. you can weigh in on our facebook page.
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6:57 am
welcome back on this monday morning before you head out the door, if that's where you're headed here are the top store roins nbc bay area. >> it's official, the 49ers have fired head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke. now plan to turn the page. live look at levi stadium. where niners ceo jed york will talk about 10:00 a.m. there's a news conference to formally announce this change of direction. the source tells nbc's mike the
6:58 am
team will hire a new general manager first beforing looking for a new coach. with the firing of kelly the niners next year will have their fout head coach in four seasons. isis is now claiming responsibility for the istanbul nightclub shoot that killed 39 people and wounded scores of others. this as the search for the gunman continues this morning. new video shows glimpses of the gunman moving decisively shooting everyone he saw and within minutes he killed dozens. then dropped his weapon and escaped among fleeing survivors. an american from delaware was shot in the leg but managed to make it out alive. with the new year there are new lus for californians. one is the legalization of recreational marijuana. if you are 21 or older you can now legally smoke marijuana in private and have up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana like hash in your possession. you can grow six marijuana plants in your private home.
6:59 am
it is still i'm legal to smoke while driving a car in a public place or anywhere where smoking to back tobacco is not allowed. it's a cold start to our day. and rainy, too. >> it's been cold, wet,nd also dealing with more of this as we go through the forecast. so don't expect us to wrap up any time soon. it's pretty spotty at this point. we could see some more rain throughout the day. >> all right. we have a car fire to tell you about. this is the only issue for the bay. we'll show you this is on the peninsula. 101. very clear the roadways are. slowing northbound 101 approaching ralston. they have your right two lanes blocked stratraveling north. there are five available so you can get by. watch for more developments. sounds like everybody is out of that car. >> that's good news. the "today" show is about to happen next and katie couric is backfilling in for savannah guthrie who is on maternity leave. >> and the rose parade and all the live coverage after that. see you later.
7:00 am
>> have a great day, everybody. good morning. breaking news. chilling images emerge of the gunman who killed at least 39 people in an istanbul nightclub. the man still at large, isis claiming responsibility. >> i don't know. they are shooting. >> this morning we'll hear from an american wounded in that attack. top secrets, president-elect donald trump says he knows things that no one else knows about that hacking of our presidential election. once again saying vladamir putin may not have been behind it. will he reverse the obama administration's sanctions on russia when he takes the oath of office in just 18 days?


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