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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 4, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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a live look at the radar - strengthened this morning by the power of 'stormranger'... which is still scanning the skies as we track more rain. nbc bay area cancelled the microclimate weather alert just a couple of hours ago... but more wet weather is on the way. kris/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. sam/2shot and i'm sam brock. ==sam//live== it came down in buckets overnight and early this morning...but things have really started to let up for now in san francisco. here's a live look outside from our city skyline camera, where the skies are gray--- but the camera lens is pretty dry. ==kris//boxes== we have live team coverage with a report on the way from the north bay... but first let's start with meteorologist kari hall. and kari, steady but light for the rest of the day?
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>> it's going to be very hit or miss as we get a look now at the radar. some of that rain moving across the peninsula and into the east bay, then kind of skipping around the south bay from san jose, but you see some of the sprinkles moving from the santa cruz mountains over toward gilroy and morgan hill. the storm rangers, mountain doppler on san bruno mountain at this point moving around the bay area if need be, but right now we have it parked here to get the best view of the north and the south bay. so, here's a live look at our doppler radar truck. we are the only ones with this and we are able to get a view of what's happening aa round the bay area. as we get a look now at this, we see that the light rain is moving from union city over toward pleasanton as well as sunol. this light rain will continue to move through as we are seeing a little bit of some breaks here and there. also for the south bay as this rain is moving from the santa cruz mountains to morgan hill. this is what we will see throughout the day, mostly some light activity, but a bigger
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storm system this weekend. i'll be talking more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. it's going to be busy here. thank you very much, kerry. a sonoma county woman safe this morning after fast moving water from the north bay created a close call. you saw the car a second ago behind me. this is another warning for drivers as the sign clearly instructed them not to try and pass through. nbc bay area's pete is in santa rose a with the efforts to save her. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you guys back in the newsroom. we're in front of the chp santa rose a offices. i want to show you new video of a rescue this morning. this water, 2 feet of water there, that's near valley ford on highway 1. that is a woman in her mercedes getting stuck in flooded water on that highway. according to chp there were sections that said you should not drive in this area. obviously she did and got stuck. a good samaritan truck driver in that area for assistance to get
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her out of the car, here's chp explaining how that worked out. >> one of my local truck drivers was driving by and i asked him to help and he gladly did. drove up to the vehicle, got her out, and brought her down to safety. >> reporter: so the advice is fairly simple, guys, from chp. if you see signs that say flooded area, don't drive around it. pete, nbc bay area news. >> all right, pete. heed those signs. in the meantime, reservoirs across the bay area filling up with these recent rains. this is new video from the reservoir in los gatos. after one day of rain it's now at 82% and that jump comes in just 24 hours. the reservoir also in the south bay is at 85 a% capacity from 79 the day before. >> it looks very good. this morning's flash flood warning in the south bay is over, but some people living in the santa cruz mountains are still on high alert.
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this morning on highway 78, tree came down blocking the on-ramp and the off-ramp onto highway 17 from idle wild. crews to talk an hour to cut up the tree and clean up the mess. there is that area, heavy rain triggered some rock slides. nothing major, but in conditions like this the area scarred by the loma fire could become a major fire since there is not enough new growth to anchor the waterlogged ground. the area burned in the seran os fire is an area of concern. >> at another reminder for drivers to be careful as they drive in messy weather. a car crash on interstate 80. that happened at 1:30 this morning, the northbound direction near caesar chavez which had a lot of standing water. thankfully there were no injuries, but a small fuel spill did cause brief lane closures. >> leader in pacifica are expected to sign off or demolish another red tag complex.
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they closed that property at 310 esplanade and all 20 units have been empty since. now the cliff side below the property continues to erode. so, today's special meeting starts at 6:45 this evening at the pacifica city council chamber. the demolition could begin by next week. >> all right. we know they've been measuring that snow pack in the sierra and the snow keeps adding up layer upon layer here. so much so in the last couple days there's been an avalanche warning for that area through thursday. in total we are somewhere between three and 6 feet of new snow, which is possible during that time span. you can keep an eye on the rain and snow of course the storm coming this weekend, download the nbc bay area app for a forecast taylor today your location. >> oakland is now going to have a new police chief and it's an historic moment. it is an announcement that is expected to come in less than an hour. the mayor is going to make history with her pick. nbc bay area's barbara is live
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at oakland city hall. bob, a big deal for the city of oakland, a big deal for women in power. >> reporter: you are correct. good morning to you, chriss. yes, the city of oakland has been without a police chief for the past seven months, but that will soon change. at a noon news conference here at oakland city hall, mayor schaaf will announce the first female police chief. her name is anne kirkpatrick who is expected to be by the mayor's side for this announcement in an under hour. she come from the chicago police department where she was in charge of police reform. she has also served as police chief in spokane, washington. we are told that kirkpatrick has a he reputation for building trust in the communities where she has served which is a quality mayor schaaf is looking for, after a sex scandal involving some of the officers. the removal of leadership at the top of the department last year, opd went through three chiefs in
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just two weeks with one stepping down after only two days on the job. now, we just spoke with cat brooks. she's in oakland community activist, leader in the black lives matter movement. she's reserving judgment about anne kirkpatrick as an individual, but is concerned, she tells us that mayor schaaf picked a new chief without first consulting with the yet to be formed civilian police oversight commission that citizens voted for this past november. >> i think the city of oakland said they wanted the commission to have that kind of input and it's concerning we would pass a measure of this magnitude which she and the supporters were calling the best in the country, most radical in the country, and shove it to the side while she pushed forward whatever agenda she decided on. >> reporter: anne kirkpatrick is no stranger to the city of oakland. you might recall a number of years ago she was runner up to be the top cop here under mayor kwam, but mayor kwan instead chose then police chief sean went. reporting live outside oakland city hall, bob, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you, bob. more and more women are making their way into leading roles around the bay area. with today's announcement of a new woman police chief in oakland, all of the cities' top leadership positions are now held by women. they cover a total of sick positions including mayor, city administrator, police chief, fire chief, city attorney, and the director of public safety. that number gets bumped to eight if you include the two women who are assistant city administrators. compared to other cities in the bay area, san francisco has had a woman mayor, police chief, fire chief, and sheriff, but never at the same time. >> all right. another issue getting a lot of aa tension right now in oakland, warehouse safety. in about six hours oakland leaders are going to sit down at a town hall meeting on safe and affordable housing solutions in the wake of last month's deadly warehouse fire. that forum is going to focus on weighed to protect tenants from potential evictions in other warehouses. it is also going to touch on unemployment and growing homeless numbers. that meeting gets underway about
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5:00 inside city council chambers. >> a new at 11:00, president obama's former attorney general has a new job here in california. eric holder was hired by democratic leaders to represent them in any legal fights against the new republican white house. leaders say they expect california to challenge the trump administration and defend itself from policies instituted in washington on issues including the environment, immigration, and criminal justice. governor jerry brown appointed javier as attorney general just last month. becerra is expected to be instrumental in battling with the new white house over any attempt to enforce stringent measures aimed at immigrants. >> another transit derailment to tell you about this morning from the new york tri-state area. this developing out of new york city and specifically brooklyn where more than 100 people were injured, after a train derailed at the brooklyn atlantic terminal this morning. happened about 5:30 our time, 8:30 theirs. it was the long island railroad train that didn't stop when it
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was supposed to and it ran into the stationary bumping block and work i canarea. you see people being carted away with cuts and bruises. they were ready to depart when that train was knocked around. rescue crews used wheelchairs to transport some passengers out of the train station. the most serious injury is thought to be a broken leg. new details now on the teenager who was found dead on the sonoma state university campus. his family now offering a $10,000 reward to bring their son's killer to justice. kirk kimberly was reported missing in the middle of october. police say his body was found a couple weeks later and that he had been stabbed multiple times. the teenager was last seen riding his mountain bike. >> messages of hate, palo alto police are trying to figure out who wrote antis emi tic graeft. a councilmember removed
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swasticas. they are investigating similar reports including writings on page mill road and emer son street. they say some of those were drawn incorrectly, but they believe that that is what the vandal was going for since some of the drawings were paired with antis emi tic phrases. >> up next, a will the of problems popping up for crabbing. first it was toxic concerns about crabs caught in the bay area. now there's another reason. you might have some trouble getting the delicious crustaceans. >> sierra loved the snow, but today there is a problem. the reason many of them might not open on time. >> donald trump promised to give us secret information about a hack by today. why he's delaying it, ahead in business and tech.
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>> i was out in the santa cruz mountains this morning where it was fine misty rain. you saw the rain coming down in sheets in san francisco. >> i did. talk about night and day. quite literally and figuratively, it was raining hard overnight, kerry. a lot has cleared up. >> it has cleared up. we've had quite a bit of rained to go along with the wind in the bay area. as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, we're getting a chance to dry out. but we may not be completely done with the rain just yet. for the day there will be times of scattered light showers moving through. here is now at san jose, really missing out on the bulk of the rain, but we are still seeing the potential of some measurable rain as we go through the forecast. that's something we'll be keeping an eye on. and looking at the bigger picture, we have the storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar truck parked on the mountain in san bruno and it's scanning around the bay area to give us an hd view of what is happening as far as that rain coming out of the cloud.
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so, doesn't matter if it's a fine mist or heavy down pour, this is able to give us a very detailed look at what's happening as we continue to track this storm moving through the bay area. and once again, a little bit of a break here, but still seeing some light showers moving through the east bay into the tri-valley and that's where we have seen the wet roads at this point as you head out, still going to see some of the showers and you do still need the umbrella. not much rain now in san jose, but it's just to the north of you and as you head up towards mountain view, and we have a steady stream of some light rain as chriss described, a fine mist coming down in the santa cruz mountains. temperatures are still in the low to mid 50s, so, feeling a little bit milder as we tap into that subtropical moisture. this atmosphere bringing several impulses of energy to bring us some more rain. so, still seeing quite a bit of that rain activity as we go into the evening commute. mostly forth north bay while the rest of the bay area doesn't see much of that until later on
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tonight. so, still looking at some rain between tonight and early in the morning before some dryer air moves in and we get some clearing throughout the day tomorrow as well as friday. and then the next storm system moves in. that happens on saturday, with a target over the santa cruz mountains of where the heavy est rainfall could be moving through and between saturday and sunday we also have to raise the concern of some flooding. until the system tapers off late monday into tuesday. some of the computer model show potential of several inches of rain here. look at what is going to happen for some of our hill tops and higher elevations. close to 10 inches of rain possible between now and late monday night in the santa cruz mountains. so, in the burn scar areas of the loma fire, that's where we could have some runoff and debris flows. we are all going to get rain here and snow in the sierra. this mixes in with rain that raises the flood concern for them as well, along with that heavy snow coming down. temperature wise it will be cool
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the next couple of days. once again, our break is between thursday and friday to prepare for this storm. heavy rain starts to move in on saturday, continues into early next week. a flood threat that will continue for saturday into sunday as well as tuesday with highs reaching the mid to upper 50s. we'll talk more about this, what to expect is coming up a little bit later. sam and chriss? >> now as we head out to brian hickey, he's got a view of what's happening now at i-80 at a donner summit. >> reporter: it's been a rough morning for drivers, cal trans and the california highway patrol here on donner summit. as snow continues to come down, this is donner pass road. the road leads down to sugar bowl ski resort and ski ranch where the resort is having a tough time getting open because of the wind and the amount of snow that's fallen in the last 24 hours. the resort reporting over a foot of snow on top of that, another foot yesterday. so, many resorts picking up 2 feet of snow just in a 24 to
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48-hour period. and then rewind another day beyond that and the snow totals now well over 50 inches of snow here in the sierra as they continue to dig out. here at the sugar bowl resort, trying to dig out the parking lot, snowbanks are now the size of a one-story building. there are cars completely buried in snow up here. and with the wind blowing all this new snow around, it's making for a tough drive on interstate 80. i-80 both west and east bound has been shut down and opened again multiple times this morning due to spin outs. now the latest closure due to visibility. if you're heading into sierra, variable conditions. snow level a little bit higher. once you get above the grove, the snow has been coming down and piling up. on did donner summit i'm brian hik you. back to you. >> i hope he has thick socks. snow levels are actually only 50% of average for this time of year. data comes from california's first snow pack survey of the
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season which we showed you yesterday this time. water resource workers took a manual measurements yesterday near lake tahoe. put those poles into the ground and see how far they go. state leaders are hopeful, recent storms and more storms this week suggest that the snow pack will improve before amendmenting season ends april. >> it was not that long ago that jerry brown was walking in the same spot on just clumps of dirt. so, pretty exceptional there. rain keeps pouring over the bay area. certainly moving into the weekend and the san francisco international airport preparing for what could be a hectic day here. now kari mentioned the heavy est stuff was this morning. still airport officials are reacting after more than 100 flights were canceled at sfo, wayne and rind being the blame there. similar conditions this morning, there was concern that even more flights could be affected. last night one man spent at least eight hours at the airport. others were delayed more than that. >> it was really stressful just to get the flight and now like i'm here and i have to wait even
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longer. >> yesterday the weather did not cause any cancellations in san jose or in oakland. and since more delays are expected today, we're going to bring you updates on that's correct it is a good idea to check in with your airline before you go to the airport. scott this morning talking about the new bells and whistles on the new york stock exchange because they have a replacement for the giant bell. the dow jones continuing a good day yesterday. diaw up right now 62 points to 19,944. >> my kids would have a field day with that one for sure. donald trump says he knows something about the election hacking that the u.s. intelligence community does not and he's promised that he will tell the world. >> trump said he would tell us tuesday or wednesday and scott mcgrew, it's wednesday. >> reporter: and it sounds as if we won't hear mr. trump's secret knowledge today, guys. trump said he wanted to wait until he met with intelligence officials but then claimed this
11:21 am
morning that meeting has been delayed. intelligence agencies tell reporters there was no delay because there was no meeting scheduled. mr. trump this morning also criticized the democratic national committee for its weak security against hackers. he said the democrats had been careless and then said in a tweet, julian assange said the russians did not give him nchgs. now, the dnc recall was hacked. this is the thing he said was careless. julian assange head of wikileaks, they want him to answer sexual assault charges. wikileaks recently denied it is a russian spy operation. bottom line here, sam and chriss, mr. trump will not be telling us the secret information today because of a delayed meeting that the intelligence community says wasn't scheduled in the first place over a hack that wasn't the russians, according to a
11:22 am
manholed man holed up in an embassy. back to you. >> clear as mud. hundreds of crabbers say crabs are hard to come by. there is a ¢0.25 drop in price. crab season opened in waves this year but at the start of the season the price was set at $3. fishermen in half moon bay say a quarter might not seem like a lot, but that is a significant amount of money when thousands of pounds of crabs are involved. >> the raiders are closer to having the new home they want in san francisco. the team announced it will break ground on new arena known as the chase center on january 17th. warriors president rick said the arena is expected to be finished in time for 2019/2020 nba season. the move to the mission bay site has been fought by a number of
11:23 am
groups who claim the arena will cause traffic congestion around the nearby ucsf medical center. >> coming up next, six year old son with special needs disappears for hours. had i journey across the bay in what police say saved his life. >> what is happening now, thousands of mini and mickey mouse sweat shirts are being recalled sold at disney parks and resorts. you can read more about why on our twitter feed. talk about an unusual hitch hiker. you can check out video of a falcon that landed on a car during a road trip and then sat there perched for nearly a half hour. we're back in two minutes. francisco.
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police launched a massive search for him. ==kris/cu= >> this six-year-old little boy who has autism was missing for hours in san francisco and police launched a massive search for him in that time. in the end, though, police say a bart passenger in oakland probably ended up saving his life. nbc's jean elle has the story of what they're calling a miracle. >> reporter: her six-year-old son nathan has special needs. he took off from their home in hayes valley. >> we were concerned because the child was not only young in age, but he also is autistic. so, he haslem ted ability to communicate. >> we put out a teletype that goes out to the surrounding
11:27 am
agencies. >> reporter: dozens of san francisco police officers circulated this picture searching for nathan. hours later, across the bay in oakland, a bart passenger anonymously called police about a boy alone on the 19th street platform on a scooter. >> if i had to i was going to take the young boy home with me if i had to. but ways going to find his parents. i didn't care what it took, how long it took. >> reporter: officer chriss a vila asked nathan to write down his address. >> it was a long list of numbers on a piece of paper. it's a gift from god that one of the numbers worked. >> reporter: this is a moment officer a vila and nathan's mother won't soon forget. safety for a six-year-old boy who probably got on a bus and then on bart to oakland by himself. it's a route he takes to therapy once a week, a route full of danger. >> all the different stops he had to reach, all the difficult
11:28 am
he rent people that we come in contact with, i just -- the worst could have happened. >> reporter: his mother is grateful one of those people called police. >> thank you for saving my son. thank you. i'm so happy. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> to see everyone back together safely. the plan to develop a rapid new bus project on what may be the busiest traffic corridor is facing a key test this week. this is an animation video released last summer which makes it so beautiful. this is gear i street, that's what it would look like. dedicated bus lanes for market street, all wait out to 34th avenue. that's a $300 million project. san francisco's county transportation authority is meeting on thursday to vote on the final environmental impact report. in the meantime, ride sharing is suddenly getting a whole lot of new traction. after a stud by researchers at mit, what they concluded is car pool services offered by companies like lift and uber,
11:29 am
could lower the number of cars on the road by 75% in regions like the bay area. there is a big caveat here. that is if commuters would be willing to ride in shared cars with complete strangers. right now in silicon valley 25% of workers share rides physically. this is more of a utopian vision of ride sharing. >> i'd do it but those passengers better not be chatty. >> i thought you were chatty. you don't want to talk to them? >> mind my own business. the rain let up after heavy down pours this morning, but we're not out of the woods just yet. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what's next. >> scattered showers throughout the rest of the day. not so much here. during the evening commute, more rain lining up in the north bay. we'll talk about this and look ahead to the weekend with the next storm. that's coming up. >> plus the san mateo neighborhood on edge. what a suspected burglar has been doing inside people's homes that has their feeling of
11:30 am
security shaken.
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of rain heading to the bay area. this morning -- the rai >> right now we are tracking the next round of rain headed to the bay area. this morning it was coming down hard. >> let's look at the radar right now. it is lighter than it was before. earlier today that whole map wa green. now it's a little patchy. our doppler radar working overtime with the help much our storm ranger as well with scans at a different level. let's turn to meteorologist kari hall for that. >> the doppler truck, as we've seen it scanning around the bay area, here is that red sweep we're seeing there in the mountains of san bruno. that is what we are using to fill in the gaps some other radars may miss. as we get a look at light rain moving across the bay area, moving over toward the east bay and the tri-valley, that's what we're seeing, a little bit of
11:33 am
some rain moving through there as well as just south of fremont and also for parts of the south bay and extending down into the santa cruz mountains, right over los gatos. this will continue to see some rain on the map here as we go into the rest of the day, but not seeing that heavy activity that we had earlier this morning. it will be our chance to dry out tomorrow and friday before a bigger storm system moves in. i'll detail that coming up in my next micro climate forecast. >> all right, thank you, kari. the roads were treacherous this morning. this was shots 4:00 in the morning, dangerous driving conditions. lots of water pooling on the sides of the highways. and there are several flooded areas in san francisco as well, mostly along 101 and 280 and across the bay area we should say the driver did not shoot. >> no, but i did drive behind some conditions like that this morning. it was very dangerous. all that wind and heavy rain also toppled trees all over parts of the bay area this morning. and this happened in san francisco.
11:34 am
this shows a tree smashing into a car at sacramento and octavia streets. luckily nobody was hurt and we can expect to see more scenes like this in the days to come. right now we're checking in with pg&e to find out about power outages, but it appears all is good there in that part of san francisco by la fa ette park. >> groped while sleeping, victimized twice. a man touched his victims before stealing from them. >> nbc bay area rick boon has a search for possible more victims. >> some scary and especially if you're in your sleep, someone might come and do something to you. >> reporter: he's one of several neighbors who are outraged. police say 24-year-old ishmael vasquez gropes men while they sleep and runs off with their valuables. >> they broke in a garage and trying to get this their house, too. jump over the fence and somebody
11:35 am
on the ground. >> reporter: sexual break ins happening along north kingston avenue in san mateo early monday morning. police say the same suspect was arrested for groping another man at a gym in 2014. what was the reaction of these guys when this happened? >> from what i understand, pure shock. you think that early in the morning you're either just waking up or sleeping. you don't expect anyone to be coming into your home, let alone touching you inappropriately. >> reporter: police arrested the suspect in minutes after the alleged assault. they credit neighbors for reacting fast and calling 911. but police say vasquez game them a challenge during his take down. >> definitely an odd disturbing crime. >> reporter: police consider vasquez a sexual preditor but fear his victim list could get a lot longer. officers believe that some men might not come forward out of embarrassment, especially if they agreed to vasquez's surprise advances then found out they were later robbed. rick boon, nbc bay area news.
11:36 am
>> a different still troubling burglary in san jose, the founder of good kama bikes said someone snashed the front door with the rock and stole three new bikes and a used one. this happened early monday morning. that nonprofit employs young people who have aged out of the foster system and their bike sales pay their salary. >> my heart breaks for the people who did this. these are people who are struggling and i just feel this makes them struggle more when they harm other people. >> it's kind of him to say that. the bicycles at the shop come from donations and impound lots. >> a follow-up now on the deadly pawn shop shooting reese endly. police looking for a woman who might have witness it had as their trying to get more information about the deadly shooting last movement the owner of the pawn shop 49-year-old timothy poult was killed during a robbery in side the pawn shop. another employee was injured and a dog was killed. police say two men involved in
11:37 am
the robbery, they're right now looking for a potential witness. police say she was driving a light color 2010 or newer model jeep patriot suv. the $25,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in that shooting. a man recently convicted in the murder of his high school classmate more than three decades ago is now set to be resentenced. here's what happened. the state appeals court yesterday upheld the 2015 guilty verdict for steven carlson. judges also reduced his conviction from first to second degree murder and ordered that resentencing. in 1984, the then 16-year-old carlson stabbed 14-year-old tina 44 times. she was attacked on her way home from pleasanton foothill high school and dna technology ultimately led to carlson's conviction. >> cult leader and mass murderer charles man son is out of a prison and in a california hospital and there are reports this morning that the 82-year-old is seriously ill. >> the department of corrections, though, is refusing
11:38 am
to either confirm or deny that information citing patient privacy laws, only telling us that he's still alive. obviously a lot of interest in this. nbc's schwartz brings us the latest. >> reporter: charles man son was supposed to die in prison. sentenced to death in 1971, but saved from execution when california abolished the death penalty. every day that he's lived out that sentence, a painful reminder to victims' families. >> he's been a curse to our family and to the tate family and to the la bianca family. i'm sure that would be nice to have that door closed that man son would die. >> reporter: this morning the los angeles times reporting man son is in a california hospital being treated for an undisclosed illness and under guard. the 82-year-old man son serving life in prison for his role in a killing spree by his followers, in all seven people were shot and stabbed to death in los angeles in 1969.
11:39 am
the words rise, death to pigs and helter-skelter written in blood, among the victims an air heir to the folger fortune. and sharon tate who was eight months pregnant. man son was the self-proclaimed leader of the group known as the man son family, a fa i can cult aimed at starting a race war through violence. during his trial, his followers staged bizarre sit-ins and protests. after his conviction, his interviews, including this one with nbc news shocked the nation. >> maybe i should have killed 4.500 people then i would have felt better. i felt like i really offered society something. you know, if i wanted to kill somebody, i'd take this book and beat you to death with it and i wouldn't feel a thing. it would be just like walking to the drugstore. >> coming up, so, what does the new year have in store for mark zuckerberg? the new year's resolution for the facebook founder. plus nbc bay area responds.
11:40 am
>> a man fronts 100 bucks for a home repair job that is never accomplished. so, where did the money go? i'm consumer investigator chriss. nbc bay area responds. next.
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>> all right. so, we want to keep talking about the rain because it's
11:43 am
going to continue to fall, and no matter where you are around the bay area. >> yes, especially this weekend. we're looking at some high totals. so, that's something that should really raise that concern of flooding and it's what the computer models are putting out at this point. we're talking about the potential of several inches this weekend. it's already wet. we have some heavy rain earlier this morning and even though much of that rain has tapered off, you can see now from our shot here in palo alto it's cloudy. the streets are wet and as the cars drive down 101 it's kicking up water and there may still be some puddles left on the roadways. and looking across the bay area as we scan with our storm ranger radar mobile doppler radar parked in the mountain san bruno, here is the scan that gives us the hd view and fills in what other radars may be missing and picking up on fine mist and drizzle we are seeing from the north bay over toward the east bay. and a lot more of a steady rain going through the alta mont pass
11:44 am
anding toward the tri-valley. and then you head over toward fremont just to the east of there in the hills and we're also seeing some of the showers moving through parts of the south bay. we missed out on a lot of this rain earlier this morning but los gatos has more than an inch of rain. that continues through the santa cruz mountains where we've seen the most amount of measurable rain here. and looking at san francisco, you see those cloudy skies, only a few peeks of sun and what to expect, more light rain today and mostly dry tomorrow as we get some clearing. but that will also be our window to prepare for the storm that will be moving in this weekend. and we will have a threat of some flooding once again as that next round of rain will be heavy, also measuring sierra snow in the feet, that will be a concern as well with some flooding possible during the daytime. we're expecting that to mix in with some rain. temperature wise we have low to mid 50s, not seeing our temperatures move much today. and mostly cloudy skies. we may get another boost of some
11:45 am
rain moving into the north bay around santa rose a, napa as we go into the evening commutes. and then the rest of us seeing some scattered rain activity later on tonight. so, we're not completely done with this system just yet, but it doesn't look as heavy as what we saw earlier this morning and then some clearing from north to south with mostly sunny skies. next storm system moves in on saturday into sunday and has a bull's eye right over the santa cruz mountains with potential of very heavy rain and that will wind down on monday into tuesday. this is what we were talking about, the potential of several inches of rain, and it shows that we could have close to 10 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. and the rest of the bay area getting at least three, possibly 4 inches. so, we'll keep you up to date on that. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. chriss and sam? >> all right, thank you. >> nbc bay area responds. a local man shells out00 bucks to repair his home. the only problem is it never got
11:46 am
fixed. >> a problem with a woodpecker as we will find out. consumer investigator chriss has our response. >> glenn haley in map a told me a pesky woodpecker damaged his home and caused it to leak. he signed a contract with modern roofing and construction to fix the damage. he paid a $100 deposit. it took them 12 weeks to schedule the work and then didn't show up. so, glenn pulled the plug and hired someone else. but what about his $100 deposit? he wrote us a letter and he says, five weeks and four phone calls later i still have not received my $100 deposit. we made one phone call to modern method and within a week, glenn got his $100 back. modern method explained the delay by telling us, it was slammed california doesn't require the deposit be refunded any particular time frame, though you could demand a deadline in your contract.
11:47 am
finally, a quick reminder, state law limits construction deposits. contractors can require you to put down no more than 10% of the cost of the job, or $1,000, whichever is less. it's the law. if you have a consumer complaint you can call us the number is 888996 tips or visit nbc bay >> other knew years' resolutions don't always workout for most people. facebook ceo mark suckzuckerber has a reputation of keeping his. >> he wants to connect with people, not just on facebook, but in person. he wants to visit each state and talk to folks in those states by the end of 2017. ambitious perhaps but maybe not as hard as some of previous new year's eve resolutions. >> jarvis, i'm talking off. can you turn on the dishwasher? >> you got it, mark. >> in 2016 he delivered on his pledge to make an artificial
11:48 am
intelligence butt. it does have the voice of morgan freeman, which is maybe the best part. >> and it can multi task, too, how about that? coming up next. >> he told me, she'll come to me. >> the little girl responsible for finding a lost missing for months. it is today's bay area proud. with the xfinity tv app,
11:49 am
anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out
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how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. it's about the successful end to a t >> our next story is bound to bring a smile to your face. it is about the successful end of a two-month search to rescue a lost dog. >> and perhaps the only thing sweetser than the conclusion of the story is the little girl who is responsible for it. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has touching story in today's "bay area proud." >> reporter: there is only so much life experience one can really gain by the age of six. >> i'm good at riding bikes. >> reporter: when it's the right
11:51 am
experience. as megan topping recently showed the adults in her life, including her mom karen, it can make all the difference. >> she taught me a huge lesson that day. >> reporter: the story begins in the fields and orchards of hollister where they began seeing a stray dog. the facebook page was quickly on the case. they learned the dog had escaped from a new home just two days after being adopted and clearly had no interest in going back. >> she was in what we call fight or flight mode . >> reporter: dee anna and her experienced rescue team tried and tried and failed for two months to catch the dog. >> i've done animal rescue for years but all the typical things like cage traps and bait ing with smelly foods and all of those things was not working. so, our only way to get her to be able to earn her trust was to get someone she might remember.
11:52 am
>> reporter: which is where megan comes in. you see, megan and her mom foster and train rescue dogs in their morgan hill home. 75 in just the past year alone. >> we've gone from therapy dogs and we've trained some -- she has retrained several feral puppies. >> reporter: one of those dogs, it turned out, was daysy, the hollister stray. and it was only in their home a few weeks. >> her bond was megan was uncanny. >> reporter: which is why in late december karen and meg drove to haulster to see what they could do and saw dai sy sitting in a field. karen started shooting video and wasn't the one who told megan what to do next. megan says that was dai sy. >> she told me because you can talk to dogs in your brain. and she told me that she would come to me. and i believed it.
11:53 am
>> reporter: so, out megan went, laid down right in the middle of the field, and waited. >> i didn't have a plan. i just started doing. and i used all my experience with the dogs. >> reporter: dai sy was cautious at first, but then this dog, who had run from every well meaning adult looking to help her, finally surrendered to the charm of a six-year-old dog whisperer. >> i am so proud of my kid. i was just amazed. i could not believe my eyes. >> there's no way to watch that and not cry. >> this is the best foster dog i've ever had. >> reporter: megan and dai sy had fun catching up but won't be staying together. they want to keep rescuing other dogs so found a great new home for dai sy. they will be in touch, though. some bond, clearly are never meant to be broken.
11:54 am
>> there are so many moments in life that are beautiful moments you don't actually get captured anywhere. the fact her mom was rolling -- >> i don't think she knew what was going to happen either. by the way, i saw you rubbing your eyes. >> just one swipe. >> garvin, he's got waterproof mass cara. coming up, napa's bottle rock. we'll be right back. bottle rock concert.
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11:57 am
>> tickets went on sale about two hours ago for napa's 2017 bottle rock concert. this year's lineup is pretty impressive. >> oh, doctor, check this out. this includes maroon five, i'm a teeny bopper. those are the three headliners. combination of good music, food, crafts, beverages, apparently a big draw for music stars and the public. the three-day pass is for the main event going now for $309 for the weekend. that's up $20 from last year. >> animal or sugar? >> sugar, please. "come and put it down ♪ >> you asked for that, unfortunately. >> it's raining now, kari. >> the rain is cut off for the time being? >> a little bit of more scattered showers. we'll keep you up to date. >> you're welcome for that. see you tomorrow.
11:58 am
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♪ . stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> after more than a dozen years at fox news, i have decided to pursue a new challenge >> there it is. >> yes, making a big announcement after that tumultuous year and months of speculation, megyn kelly is making it official as you've heard she's leaving fox news friday is her final day. >> yeah. >> that seems so soon. friday right around the corner. she's going to join nbc later this year. it's going to be a high-profile role. host a daytime news program as well as a sunday night news magazine. when i sat down with her recently in california for that awesome women's breakfast she was telling me she feels like -- that's me on her lap, an odd picture, that was in new york. but she said, she feels like


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