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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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"storm preps" being put in place--- as a weekend system could deliver multle inches ofr bringing local rivers and creeks near--- or up to flood stage. laura//vo plus, a "building demolition" deemed absolutely storm presence put in place. demolition deemed absolutely necessary. the recent weather has leaders saying they must act now to prevent a formerer apartment complex from falling into the ocean. and a serial purse snatcher snatched up by police. the group they say he was targeting in his crime spree. today in the bay starts right now. around these parks we like to call this friday eve. thank you for joining us. i'm sack brock. >> around these parts, i reckon.
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over yod he er. the wild west out here. we'll get another drenching. >> we are going to get another round of very wet weather as we head into the weekend. it is nice to have a little bit of time in between to get ready for the next storm that will be moving in. and also watching the water levels that should be coming back down for today and tomorrow. the red scan on the map is our storm ranger. right now not picking up on any rain as we start out with dry weather this morning. this will be this action for the weekend as we track the next storm system. a swirl of clouds well to the west of us. that's our storm that will pick up a lot of moisture and bring it into the bay area. i'll talk about that and what you can expect as we head over to vianey. >> thankfully we're not seeing
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as many accidents or roadway flooding as we did yesterday afternoon. with the arrival of storms overnight, some areas had flooding on northbound 280. there may still be some leftover water in that area. of course they should be clearing it out in time for the early morning commute. i don't see any backup, so i don't think that will be an issue into the early portion of the morning. and in redwood city, this is all overnight a quick shot of the bay bridge. >> thank you so much. talk about the wet weather ask a wet spell. a taste of what peculiar expect this weekend. san francisco, san jose, all dry.
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>> live in santa fe where preparations are already under way. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. we will definitely have extra staffing this weekend. be careful on the roadways. we have seen accidents, drivers losing control, tow truck operators working around the clock helping drivers get it of trouble. boulder creek could rise to flood levels. we could see power outages, trees and mudslides. the local reservoirs are getting to full capacity. we shot this yesterday when it was 76%. now it is 97% full this morning. back here live, you can see the
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guadalupe river is rising. there is a concern for the homeless. shelters have increased the number of beds. they're asking for any he dough the nations, blankets, warm jackets. good warning there. thank you very much. 4:34 right now. when chp posts signs for flooding they certainly mean it. asa know ma driver stalled out yesterday. he pulled alongside the car and the driver was able to climb aboard the big rig without wading through the surging water.
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our he free nbc bay area app is a great source to keep track of the changing conditions. this morning we are track thing a fire that broke out 2:30 this morning on 160 selby lane. it was on the backside of the home. that's where it started. everyone was able to get on outside who was inside that house. firefighters were able to get the flames under control within 15 minutes. firefighters estimate $40,000 to $50,000 worth of damage. investigators said it does not appear to be a suspicious fire. a cliff hanger no more. an apartment building must come down before it falls into the ocean. storms are accelerating the deteriorati
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deterioration. >> discretionary funds that are not obligated are very is, very small. if the implications weren't so dire, we would not be taking these actions. >> depending on the weather, work could begin as early as monday. a suspected serial purse snatcher now behind bars. he was targeting more than a dozen women. investigators say 18-year-old terrell anthony norman used a silver jeep to scope out shopping centers all across san jose. the suspect would then follow specifically older asian women out of the parking lot back to their homes where he would rip the purses away and sometimes shove them to the ground in the process. women we spoke with say they are now on heightened alert. >> when i get in the car, i lock
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my car right away. >> be aware of the people that surround me. he was arrested before christmas. the calm before the next storm. drying out before we get drenched again. we are going to see chilly temperatures in between. we may have a freeze for parts of the inland area. it's 34 in the north bay. san francisco, 45 degrees. we'll talk about how cold can it gets and how much rain is coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> they say it pays to wake up early. it clearly does on the roads. no major accidents at the moment. westbound to the bay bridge 8 months. and to the san mateo bridge, 12
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minutes. they see something they cannot believe. why search crews are working there this morning.
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==traffic maps full== =sam/anim= happening now: =topvo= and let's get a quick check of the roads. east bay drive times looking smooth. 680 towards vargas, 10 minutes. 580 to 880, 2 minutes. a closer look across the bay area next. thank you very much. 4:41 on your thursday morning. happening now, search crews are combing the waters near the port of los angeles for a helicopter that cruise ship passengers say they saw go down just before 6:00 last night. police believe two people might have been on board. so far no aircraft and no victims have been found. the first flu-related death of the season in solano county. the he pepper was under 65 and had a medical condition that put
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them at risk for severe illness. three flu-related deaths have been reported involving patients under 65. the season peaks between december and february. coming up next, the silicon valley car show rolling into town and the technology that will be displayed on the floor. take a live look outside at dublin this morning. everything washed off clean. get out and do what you need to do today. another storm is approaching. details coming up.
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welcome in. quarter to 5:00 here. glad you're joining us. a very cold start here today. >> exactly. getting a little bit of a chance to dry out, which is a good thing. >> it is a good thing. we have seen the water levels rising in area creeks and rivers. we will see those going down before they go back up this weekend. a live look at san francisco. still cloudy. no need fort umbrella today. it is 47 degrees, though. definitely a cool start to the day with a high of only 50 degrees. as we dry out, there's still light snow happening in the sierra. they have had quite a bit of snow there. we will be looking there as we see much more activity going on with this next storm system as well. as you head out in santa rosa, we have dense fog.
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visibility down to a quarter mile. elsewhere, mostly clear with some much improved weather conditions out there for your drive to work or school. it's 47 in san francisco, san jose, morgan hill, livermore. 52 in concord. hayward, 54. low 50s for the peninsula. belmont only making it up to 49 degrees. the outer sunset, 52. nevado today 51 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds throughout this afternoon. a lot more sun to help dry out the roadways and try to dry out some of the ground as well. then the clouds move back in early saturday morning the rain returns. it will be with us throughout the day. getting heavier through sunday.
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sunday really the day to watch. and then on monday, a bit of a break during the first part of the day. more showers moving in late monday night into tuesday. that could also be quite heavy. the next couple of days, looking at the potential of rainfall reaching over is six inches in the santa cruz mountains. we have had quite a bit with the last storm system. a lot of heavier rain shifted farther south. and we could see over two inches of rain around the golden gate bridge with quite a bit of snow. unfortunately there will be rain mixing in looking at several feet of snow in the sierra. more details as we head over to vianey. >> as the storm system clears out for now, the roadways finally drying out. no major accidents. no fender-benders as of yet. i think there may be water left
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over. we were seeing slowing this past half hour. south bay drive times looking a little bit like we are starting to see backup. highway 85, about 20 minutes northbound 280 to 85, 8 minutes. your bridge drive times looking good. 580 towards richmond bridge, 8 minutes. we are starting to see a lot of headlights out there. we are getting back in the swing of things. still no real movement to report in a strike that brought the dungeness crab season to a halt. they are supporting a larger work stoppage the entire west coast into qana. a major seafood wholesaler cut the negotiated price of $3 per pound. they said any drop really
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affects their livelihood. ford is taking amazon's alexa for a ride. >> cnbc's landon dowdy. >> stocks rising yesterday from last month's fed meeting. interest rates may rise faster than expected. look for data on the job market later this morning. dow closing 60 points to 19,942. nasdaq adding 47 to 5477. macy's and kohl's tumbled after both chains slashed their forecast following weak holiday sales. macy's said customer traffic continued to te klein even
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though its online business is doing well. they are closing 68 stores. in the san francisco area, macy's is selling two stores is, will lease them back and continue to operate them as usual. ford is taking alexa for a ride. they are announcing aed broader partnership at the consumer electronics show you can talk to your car or truck from your home to do things such as warm up the vehicle, unlock the doors. you'll be able to search for destinations, shop online. >> wow. that's kind of amazing. warm up the seats. >> that's what i was thinking. on a cold morning. you get in, everything is is just right. thank you very much, landon. 4:50 right now. what about this ride? bay area car lovers all revved
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up for the silicon valley auto show. the new katphnew acura nsx. lamborghini, mclaren, aston martin. this year more than 30 are available for test drives as well. it runs starting today through sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the tesla factory outside reno has been officially turned on. the first item to roll out of the complex is production of a high pf aperformance ion batter. the gigafactory is still a work in progress. 3,000 people have already started working there. the makers of my pillow
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could be in for sleepless nights. back in he november, the company agreed to pay $1 million in false advertising. now it has been slapped with an f rating. my pillow is being sued in oregon for misleading customers with its buy one get one free offer. the company ceo says he was terribly disappointed by better business bureau's decision. so many lives lost in fires. why investigators are wasting no time getting new codes up and running. as kari mentioned a few minutes ago, a lot more rain is heading in this weekend. we prepare for major storm systems taking aim at northern california. download our app, get the free interactive radar. dial it right up.
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san francisco and marin .. are now fighting back. ==v= dog owners howling mad about looming rules changes. they are now fighting back. they will enact sweeping changes for the golden gate recreation areas. they will limit off leash dog walking options. a group calling itself
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woolfieleaks claim the park service was biased in its decision making. they obtained the documents through freedom of information act. renters in san francisco are going to the start to see changes of the coming days meant to save lives. new fire codes for apartment complexes in the aftermath of several damaging fires in the mission. they go into effect starting this month. it includes signage requirements rg showing emergency exits at all times. renters also have to sign off saying they know their building's layout. >> it is is all about time. time is short when there's an emergency. >> building owners are required to conduct a pillow test. that's when the smoke alarm is tested when it can be heard from a tenant's pillow. it will be a lucky friday the 13th for san francisco next
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week. the city's muni system will see 200 light rail cars to go along with new fleet of buses. they are said to be big energy savers. passengers can't ride them right away. they will have to go through a strict testing schedule. a little bit of a break here kari hall. >> we do get a break. chilly especially in the north bay. it will be even colder tomorrow morning. we'll look at the temperatures and how much rain is on the way coming up in a few minutes. and just in time for the roads to dry out before that next major storm. we are seeing a good commute out in the east baste. 680 to vargas road, 11 minutes. 238 to 880, two minutes. 880 to highway 84, 11 minutes. a look across the bay area and drive times coming up. weekend storm system.
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the rain may have moved out for now... but we're about to preparing right now for a significant weekend storm system. the rain may have moved out temporarily, but we are about to get drenched once again. kari hall tracking the timeline what you need to know to get ready. the snowstorm that shut down a very busy route to the sierra. we're taking you there to show you the dangerous conditions that people are still facing. a fire rips through apartments in contra costa
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county overnight. how the safety devices inside may have saved is the day. today in the bay starts now. very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have seen so much rain that some of the reservoirs are close to capacity. >> yes, they are. there is a lot more rain on the way as we head into the weekend. now is our chance to try out. it is also fairly chilly out there. 45 degrees in the peninsula. south bay, 46. tri-valley, 44. it is just above freezing. patchy frost. freezing fog there. 45 degrees in san francisco. we'll take the a look at the timeline of that storm in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks so much, kari. with more rain in the forecast, this could be another sign of what's to come. take a look. this is miller avenue at christmas hill park


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