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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 7, 2017 8:30pm-9:31pm PST

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mendocino lake and sonoma lake. the high tide is expected monday morning about 7:40. >> the russian river is running muddy but not at flood level. kathleen has lived through 40 floods. >> when the ground water is coming up, you know the creek is about ready to go. >> reporter: she's been watching the forecast and speaking from experience. she's certain, this branch that feeds russian river will crest is that flood her road sometime monday. she said it can go from this to waist dmeep two hours if the conditions are right. >> just makes a big river here. >> reporter: kathleen's home and many others on the river now sit on stilts and foundations some 20 feet high. the results of years of floods. >> we've got the canoe there. >> reporter: allen said he is
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prepared to use the canoe if the water gets too deep but otherwise he is toward sit tight. >> we have propane and candles. so i'll wait it out. >> reporter: the heavy rains have not come yet, although they've started to pick up a little bit in the last half-hour. i've been watching the water flows and the flood levels. both are higher than normal but not causing any concerns. at least not yet. live in guerneville, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. people living near the napa river are keeping a close eye on it. it is supposed to swell above its banks tomorrow afternoon. and this is a look at the guadalupe river in san jose. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the river levels and a concern in some places. >> specially santa cruz
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mountains. in the south bay, we're watching the guadalupe river between 3 sxlok 4:00 tomorrow. just briefly may get close to flood stage which will be 15 feet. now notice our other rivers and streams around the bay area. the san lorenzo river where we saw the live view from marianne. it is more than five feet in the forecast. that would qualify for a major flood. some other places near stanford university could be getting close to flood stage. some of the heavier rains appear to be focusing more on the south bay. it is one of the changes we're seeing. napa river, expected to go almost two feet above flood stage. right now, downtown napa may get close late tomorrow. right now, the current projections keep it just below flood stage. and the russian river, you can see 21.4 feet. that would briefly take it over flood stage.
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the bottom line is all the heavy rain coming down. especially through late afternoon. creeks and streams could be flooding all around the bay area. especially with six to 12 inches of rain likely to fall of we're watching wind damage as wind speeds pick up now that the ground is very saturated. gusts about 50 miles per hour. possible out on the coast and the higher hill tops. we'll give you an idea when the heaviest rain will arrive and two more storms coming up. back to you. >> all right. sounds good. it was lights out at a palo alto intersection. the lights went out after this car here crashed into one of the poles. city crews are working to get lights back on. no word if that crash was weather-related. and plenty of other problems on the roads such as downed trees like this one here blocking traffic in the east bay.
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across the bay in san francisco, the big concern. street flooding. christy smith, this is an area that is flooded in the past. >> reporter: that's right. and it's been dry for much of the evening. then it started to rain in san francisco about 20 minutes ago. the temporary flood barriers are up. they may get put to the test during the storm. we're told the orange ones are removable. across the bay we've seen many problems. >> reporter: interlocking flood barriers are ready to keep out the water for homes and businesses. >> neighbors are worried the storm will reignite ongoing sewage problems. >> he went and got sand bags. they dropped them off at the street but they're all gone now. >> reporter: they previously told us that workers do clean
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the drains when it rains heavily. in oakland, diana bell came out after a friend alerted merry a tall eucalyptus tree had fallen near her house. southbound near redwood. >> you're coming along 13, you don't necessarily think a tree is coming down. but it's something that happens. >> reporter: crews work to clear it while one driver was able to stop and ran into the fallen tree. fortunately they were not hurt. for neighbors, it is a reminder of the storm. >> i had someone out yesterday cheering it yesterday. making sure the water can run off. >> reporter: now, i spoke with one worker who told me that his job is basely do stay out here all night and to keep an eye on things. meantime for businesses across the street, they have sand bags and plastic sheeting piled high. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith.
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>> thank you. our coverage of the storm just getting started. you can count on nbc bay area news for the most updated weather conditions thanks to storm ranger. the mobile doppler radar. you can track conditions on the nbc bay area app. just click on the weather tab. get a detailed forecast and don't forget spanish language sister station. they'll be providing indepth coverage of the storm all weekend long. and still ahead, winter weather wreaking havoc. we'll let you know which airport has been hit the hardest by delays. plus, seafood lovers have something to celebrate. what it took to tend strike that has kept the fresh dungeoness crab out of the stores. and news about the attacker at the florida airport. why the fbi warning was not enough to keep a gun out of his hands. ? and moderate rain approaching san francisco.
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now heavier rain crossing over the peninsula into the south bay. rainfall totals will surprise you once you see the numbers coming out of the santa cruz mountains.
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overtime in this storm... tracking the very latest conditions.... storm ranger, our exclusive doppler radar working overtime, tracking the very latest conditions. weekend plans include a trip to the airport, you want to make a call before you head to the terminal. the delays are continuing to grow but sfo is the hardest hit. so far there are more than 250 delayed flights for both arrivals and departures. in some cases, the flights are hours late. 74 flights have been flat out kansas he told here and on the east coast. the oakland airport seeing 20 on 40 minutes for some arrivals and departures. travelers say it is a hassle. >> i'm headed for albany today. i'm supposed to be here on a
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flight on a flight to vegas. the flight from here is delayed a couple hours so i won't make my connection so i'll to have stay in vegas. >> she just wants to get home. >> everyone being advised to check your night schedule before you go to the airport. a challenging morning at san jose international after the power there went out shortly after 7:00 this morning. the airport relied on back-up generators to keep things going and hustled to get everything back online. the early morning delay means a domino effect. it took about 20 minutes to get things up and going. the airlines were not affected. the airline says they don't know. take a look at the ground in concord this morning. the chp said a semi truck went out of control. near the willow road. the driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution. did it cause a major back-up for several hours.
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the strike over wholesale prices for dungeoness crab is over. the wholesale company pacific seafood tried on 34 price they paid for crab from $3 per pound to $2.75. crabbers in humboldt county went on strike saying they could not accept that number. crabbers elsewhere joins us. earlier today they announced a deal. they agreed on a price of $2.87 a pound. today's weather did prevent them from going out to fish. >> we are monitoring the the merced river. the sheriff's office has issued a mandatory evacuation notice. they have closed all roads in the valley. other areas of the yosemite national park are still open. the valley is closed. the river reached its banks during '96 and '97 and a major storm. >> where does this storm factor
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in? >> it is a major storm. >> merced river and likely the san lorenzo river during the day tomorrow. as you can see, it is a live view of storm ranger. look closely and you can see the water running off the top of our doppler radar dome. some of the advantages, you can see it is on wheels. you can see between the north bay and the south bay gives us high resolution detail. and improved storm accuracy picks up all sorts of things. once we get to wildfire season. so standard doppler radar. now storm ranger doppler radar shows the areas of widespread
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moderate to briefly heavy rain. you can see some scattered showers crossing over half moon bay into san jose. you can see the moist air. that's where we're seeing the rainfall at almost a third of an inch of rain. notice the even heavier rain is lurking. we think the main event for the storm, coming from about 3:00 a.m. to about noon. moisture will increase in terms of how much available moisture to rain out all the way through 11:00 tomorrow morning. ben lomond, morgan hill. over an inch of rain. notice the rain shadows still raining.
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it will change tomorrow morning as the moisture lifts. if we get three to four inches, that will lead to some creeks and streams on the rise in the north bay but also the south bay. they may see some brief minor flooding but here's an example potentially of major flooding near felton. flood stage is 16.5. these projections take it to almost 22 feet. it could be approaching flood stage around the same time. it could go two feet above flood stage. as it moves toward downtown napa, right now it is just below flood stage. right now, we're expecting close
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to just slightly above flood stage late tomorrow. so bay area wide through the day, it includes the smaller creeks and streams around the bay area. as you're about to see, the changes happening in the forecast, a lot more rain around the south bay. hour by hour shows you heavy rain coming in. look at that. the south bay getting slammed all the way through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 1:00, the rain begins to push toward the north bay. as we head toward tomorrow night, finally the storm comes through and we begin to catch a bit of a break as we go through the day on monday. look at the rainfall projections. an odd color coating. we're not used to seeing this. when it changes, north bay. three to five inches of rain. these areas in gray and white would be five to seven inches of
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rain. in the santa cruz mountains. once it changes in the forecast, add go more rain into the hill top. morning looks like a mist. the rain falls the first half of the day. we'll see highs in the low to mid 60s. a gusty day. mild air. and you have rain in the 60s. it tells you what's happening off to the east in the sierra. snow levels close to 10,000 feet. more low 60s and upper 50s around the north bay. so that's the big storm. number one. as we watch the next system arriving. monday afternoon, a bit of a break. more wind and rain. not as much as we're seeing right now but a very saturated bay area. we could see some flooding areas and then a colder system drops down. that would be good for snow levels. so hopefully thursday storm begins to rebuild the snow pack. then friday and perhaps
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approaching the weekend. we begin to see a little bit of a break. but the next 24 hours will be rough for the run-off and flooding. the second storm on tuesday looks pretty windy. more gusty winds two two to three inches more rain. the next 12 hours, heavy rain. it will be a relatively warm day. >> we're seeing it right now. low 40s. >> we're getting a lot of snow. hopefully we get it back. the snow melt adding to the flooding issues. >> we need the snow pack to stay where it is. interesting. thank you so much. coming up next on nbc bay area news, a developing story out of berkeley. we just learned of an arrest in the first homicide in 2017 for a
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suspect who was nowhere near the crime scene. a surveillance release of a shooting that targeted a u.s. official. the storm ranger giving us the best look at the storms that are coming in. the big one coming over the next 12 hours or so.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers
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are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. california tonight. police say 24-year-old pablo gomez junior, from north hollywood, was arrested in the los angeles area this afternoon. investigators say he killed someone whose body was found in a house on ashby avenue. a second victim, who survived, was found with stab wounds just north investigators say the body was found in a house on ashby avenue. a second victim survived a stab
8:51 pm
wound. they are reporting the suspect is a uc berkeley student. a double stabbing in a b.a.r.t. station last night. witnesses stay suspect used a machete to attack the victims. they were rushed to the hospital and updated the condition. not immediately available tonight. police stay suspect fled and is still on the loose. investigators are investigating, including if this was a random attack. a man shot in a confrontation with police in san francisco has taken a turn for the worse. his injuries are now considered to be life threatening. the suspect who has not been named allegedly violated a restraining order filed by his neighbor yesterday. they said the man started fighting them and got his hands on an officer's baton. sfpd opened fire. he then barricaded himself in his house. officers had to break down his door to get hill to the hospital. some said the shooting could have been prevented if the
8:52 pm
officers were armed with tasers. >> one person has died after crashing into a tree on interstate 80. the car was traveling east at pine valley road when it hit a downed tree. they're warning drivers to please slow down during wet conditions. i know everyone already knows that. while we are dealing with rain, the east coast is being blanketed by a massive snowstorm. >> reporter: weekend winter weather in connecticut. a truck dumping fuel on the interstate. unbelievably no one seriously hurt. snow blanketing airports from new york to raleigh to atlanta. thousands of flights canceled or delayed. weary travelers trapped. this relentless storm unleashing snow and ice across the south. in georgia, accidents on icy roads bringing traffic on the interstate to a stop. >> we sat two hours on 75.
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the standstill, didn't move. >> reporter: south carolina hit with five inches overnight. and in north carolina, 260 accidents during a six-hour stretch. >> millions of americans struggling as mother nature dumps snow across the northeast. in virginia, a blizzard warning keeps most people hunkered inside. except for nancy and her soon to be husband. matt edwards. >> reporter: only 40 of the 200 expected guests made it to the church but that didn't stop this couple from having truly a white wedding. nbc news, norfolk, virginia. slow down. that's the message of the office of government ethics. the ethics office is raising
8:54 pm
alarm bells over the fast pace of confirmation hearings for the president-elect's nominees. some of the nominees are due to appear before congress next week before the ethics office has even received the required financial disclosures for them or had any chance to review the information. they say republicans are trying to jam through cabinet picks at record speed. a day after intelligence agencies get donald trump their report on russian hacking and its role in our election, the president-elect has more to say on twitter. >> reporter: a tweet today from the president-elect. discussing the intel findings russia hacked the u.s. election. claiming instead, gross negligence by democrats allowing the hacking to take place and they're totally embarrassed they lost the election. later, mr. trump tweeting only stupid people or fools think
8:55 pm
good relations with russia are a bad idea. mr. trump's refusal all week to refuse to point the finger at them. >> if after the briefing he is still unsure, that will shake me to my core about his judgment. >> reporter: but some trump backers say had his tweet that there was no evidence that hacking affected results is the main message. the vice president-elect. >> we're going to take aggressive action in the early days of our new administration to combat the cyber attacks. >> he has millions of followers. >> his use of social media is revolutionary. i'm not sure it iswise or unwise. it is just happening. he is not going to change. >> some warn of stating policy issues. >> he is fighting tooth and nail
8:56 pm
in support of moscow and their intelligence agencies and that's why it has become suspicious. >> that was ron allen reporting. thousands lined up to get tickets to president obama's farewell speech. it will be on tuesday in chicago. take a look at this. 7,000 people bunled up to brave freezing temperatures to get the free tickets. when asked what the president's speech, this woman said this. >> to have my daughter with me to see it. it's amazing. >> he plans to highlight how the american people helped lead him during his presidency. right now, our storm ranger doppler radar getting a bit of a rinse cycle. what it is finding out there. some pretty good down pours into
8:57 pm
the santa cruz mountains. the time line of this very rainy is that windy storm. >> reporter: if you missed it at the top of our newscast, marianne favro getting drenched.
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few hours... we're expecting the strongest rain of the weekend. right now we are in a micro climate weather alert. in just a few hours, we are specking the strongest rain of the weekend. the news starts right now. good evening to you and thank you for joining us tonight. >> i'm takery mcsweeney. the bay area is preparing for the serious rainfall just hours away. we're seeing plenty of problems. the road in the north bay will be shut down because of a downed tree, shut down power lines. this is on lucas valley road.
9:00 pm
crews are on scene and they're trying to get the road reopened. rob? >> that's where our storm ranger is located. the mobile radar on wheels. look at the rain washing there. and moderate rain at times around san bruno. heavier rain crossing the peninsula and just offshore, close to a third of an inch of rain for hours. you can see it here lining up. we're looking at the rain about, a third of an inch of rain. and once that moisture is forced to rise, a lot of rain comes down on the ocean facing side. then the air descends up and over into the santa clara valley, we typically see less rainfall. and that's playing out.
9:01 pm
look at the rainfall totals so far. already moving past two and a half inches of rain. as the south bay begins to see the rain totals add up tomorrow, the guadalupe river, 3:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. briefly at the express way, we think it will across flood stage. the san lorenzo river. flood stage. 16.5 feet. by the afternoon, possibly spiking more than five feet above flood stage. quince denially, the santa cruz mountains will probably see six to ten inches of rain falling. the santa cruz mountains expected to bear the brunt of the storm.
9:02 pm
marianne, we can see it all around you. the rain is really coming down. >> reporter: yes, it is coming down in sheets. the big concern is what, the san lorenzo river, it is at eight feet biffle tomorrow it is expected to be at 21 feet. that's well above flood stage. >> in boulder creek, homeowners living alongside the river are keeping an anxious eye on the rising river. >> in the erosion control around my house, i've had water leaking under my house and i've gone to a lot of trouble. some curtain walls and berms and things like that. >> reporter: she's shopping for head lamps and flashlights here at boulder creek hardware where there's been a run on supplies. >> tarps, bungi cords, emergency candles, propane, sources of
9:03 pm
heat, flashlights. >> reporter: trees clipped one power line today leaving more than 200 pg & e customers temporarily without electricity. and near ymca camp in boulder creek, crews worked the fix the damage. and delays on highway 17. and chunks of pavement plummeted into the creek below. this is just the beginning. the water here at the san lorenzo river is expected to rise more than 12 feet by tomorrow afternoon. hitting the santa cruz mountains with a vengeance. people here are understandably concerned. i spoke with one woman in boulder creek who said during last big storm here, she was without power for five straight days.
9:04 pm
reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> wow. that's a long time. people are nervously watching the russian river which is climbing and climbing. >> reporter: it is. and these people have lived through so many of these floods. many of the homes here, not far from here in the low lying areas have been built up on stilts. some of them as high as 20 feet. of course, the ones in most danger are those along the russian river and many of the creeks that flow into the russian river. we talked to a woman who has lived through at least 40 floods. one time everything she owned was underwater. >> i lived in that unit and the water was up to the ceiling. >> reporter: this one right here? >> this one here on the other side of the truck. >> reporter: that was in 1986. she now lives in another home just 200 yards away from that one. she jokingly says she play to
9:05 pm
use her neighbor's boat to get out if the water gets too high here. we met her just after she moved her car to higher ground. she said she is still safe in her home on stilts but she's pretty sure her car would be under water by monday afternoon. her neighbors are especially looking at high tide sunday night. but really they expect the flood to happen around their homes and here, near the guerneville area on monday morning when we reach high tide about two meters or six feet. the high tide. what happens when the water hits the high tide, it acts like a dam hitting the high tide. it pushes everything back into the river and that's what causes the flood. they're looking at monday morning. thom jensen. elsewhere, the storm already destroying roads. take a look at east st. helena.
9:06 pm
a mountain road. no word on how long that will take to fix. in san francisco, flooding a threat there. a lot of barriers there with a history of problems. people have seen this before. >> reporter: yes. that's right. i have to tell you it was dry for part of the evening. it started brang 45 minutes ago and it hasn't let up. the temporary flood barriers are up. should the water rise, it can get water out. he basically said his job is to keep an eye on them all night. they will close up the interlocking barriers in front of the apartment if that becomes necessary and the water gets high enough. this is a pilot program. the city also deployed big vacuum trucks to clear out the storm drains.
9:07 pm
some neighbors have another concern that it could reignite ongoing sewage problems. >> he got sand bags. he drop them off, which was great, but they're all gone now. >> reporter: on the other side, a big tree crashed down on highway 13 earlier blocking all southbound lanes. the chp said one driver couldn't stop fast enough. thankfully no injuries difl speak brief when i one man who lives across the street. he said he's confident in the temporary barriers. the businesses across the street, they are taking precautions. they have sand bags and plastic piled up high. reporting hive, nbc bret baier news. >> the storm caused problems along 280 in burlingame. the tree came crashing town over the side of the exit.
9:08 pm
crews were on the scene to clear up the debris. heads up to people, be carroll out there. coverage of the storm just getting started. you can count us on for the most updated weather conditions thanks to what you're looking at. storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. you can track those conditions on the weather app. we'll be right back. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. tonight over why the suspect in
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the fort lauderdale shooting rampage wasn't put on a watch list. ==take vo== esteban santiago's brother says esteban was allowed to keep his gun, tonight questions in the shooting rampage in ft. lauderdale was not put on a watch list. he was allowed to keep his gun even after the fbi was warned about his mental health issues. in november the former national guard soldier walked into a field office and told fbi agents
9:11 pm
about his violent and paranoid thoughts. during that visit he left his newborn and gun in the car. he went through a four-day evaluation but the police department later returned the gun to him. >> they knew that he had psychological problems. when fbi visited me yesterday. they told me that they knew he went to the fbi office. they knew it. why they set him free? >> here's the issue. the fbi says they get visits to their offices around the country every single day. and at the time he had not broken the law. it is not clear whether the gun given back to santiago esteban was the one used in yesterday's rampage. we are learning more about the victims in that attack. three of the five people who were killed have been identified. these pictures are of the
9:12 pm
victims from facebook. the 84-year-old, and 57-year-old michael. all three had traveled to florida to take a cruise. in each case, they were with their spouse. their spouses all survived. the fbi is offering a reward for information, a man was waiting for a black vehicle. he pulled up to the exit gate. he points the gun at the driver. he was identified as christopher ash kraft. he is recovering in the hospital. a 20,000 reward is being offered. if your weekend plans include a trip to the irgt a be you'll want to make a call before you head to the terminal. the delays are continuing to grow. and sfo is the hardest hit. so far more than 250 delayed flights for both arrival and
9:13 pm
departure. in some cases the flights are hours late. 74 flights have been canceled here. 20 to 40 minutes for oakland airport. travelers say it is a hassle. >> i'm headed for albany today. i'm supposed to be on a flight from here to vegas and vegas to albany. the flight from here was delayed a couple hours so i'm not going to make my connection. now i'm going to have to stay in vegas. >> everyone is being advised to check your flight schedule before you go to the airport. and coming up, the warriors team up with facebook. the game against the kings. all streamed hive. right now we're watching arraign and clouds taking over down san francisco. rain in san jose. storm rangers operating now. we're watching 57 degrees. wind and plenty of rain building across the bay area to the east bay. heavy rain at times.
9:14 pm
the latest in the time lien and strongest winds.
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you are looking at a live picture of san jose. it is raining right now and the biggest part of the storm heading to san jose. and san jose will get a fair share of it tomorrow morning. the storm expected to bring heavy snow. there are avalanche warnings all around lake tahoe right now. you can see lots of rain drops here on the camera. the forecasters say the avalanche concern is because of the storm that's bringing all the rain to elevations that are lower to 9,000 feet. that can melt and build up snow. we see all the rain coming in.
9:17 pm
you think we're going to get more snow but it is warm right there. >> the truckee river, reno, into yosemite. right now you'll be surprised at how mild it is. let's show you what we've got in san francisco. 58 degrees. in some cases, we're warmer right now than earlier. mid afternoon. as the southerly winds bring in that tropical air. san bruno mountains, getting power winds. elevated doppler radar. this is an x-band on wheels. the advantage in situations like this. we can put in the mountains and pinpoint with better radar detail, filling in the gaps between the radar and the mountains or others toward sacramento and the north bay. improve storm accuracy.
9:18 pm
the storm ranger gives you the higher resolution view. the down pours are moving away from san francisco toward san leandro. you're seeing some steady rain reaching the bay. across the santa cruz mountains, you take the very moist air and cause to it. lighter rain rates. there right now san jose. out here offshore, a third of an inch and likely up to a half inch and even higher once we head toward daybreak. we've been talking about it all week. tied into some tropical moisture in hawaii. this is what it looks like. you can see a lot of available moisture out there. this is main event coming through. after midnight tonight through tomorrow morning. already two and a half inches of rain.
9:19 pm
temperatures in oakland. it will likely top out close to three to four inches of rain during the day. so it could get close to flood stage. we see 16.5. it could be 21.7 feet during the day tomorrow. san francisquito creek. two feet over flood stage. the current projection based on if the storm doesn't stall out in the north bay. you see the numbers changing as we go through the day. down napa, close to flood stage. but maybe about a foot under that. so stay tuned in napa. if we higher rising. the russian river and hopland expected to go briefly above
9:20 pm
flood stage and guerneville on monday, we're thinking it could be three feet above flood stage as we head toward monday afternoon. flash flood watches which will constroert warnings. as we saw, we pass the flood stage. the highest rain totals in the santa cruz mountains. hill tops above 1,000 feet. gusts to 50 miles per hour. still possible between now and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the heaviest rain steefl areas in purple and red. 1:00 a.m. to daybreak tomorrow morning. really aiming at the sanl cruz mountains. 1:00, expecting some of the heavier rain to transition out of the north bay. 6:00 tomorrow evening, still seeing showers. then trending a little bit drier. the projections for the heaviest rainfall totals may be a little less. you see the east bay hills to the santa cruz mountains. the areas in white and gray.
9:21 pm
we don't often see those rain gradients. four to seven inches possible. highs tomorrow, pretty mild. low 60s toward the tri-valley. the temperatures in the low 60s. that will take to you san francisco. right now we're in the upper 50s. temperatures not changing a whole lot. upper 50s for highs into the north bay. so we have this major storm affecting us through tomorrow night. tapering off to monday. we'll catch a bit of a break. decreasing temperatures. check out tuesday and wednesday. another storm. not as much rain. the potential for flooding is out there mid-week. that's good news. thursday into friday. the snow levels instead of 10,000 feet. maybe closer to 5,000 feet for thursday and friday. and then we hope we'll need it by then. a bit of a break before more showers could drop in as we head toward next weekend. a lot of rain between now ask probably early afternoon for most of the bay area. the south bay and santa cruz
9:22 pm
mountains, last to clear as we go through the evening tomorrow. heavy rain as we go through next few days. >> remarkable as you show the difference between normal, doppler radar. >> it really fills it in. especially on a night like this. it is nice to have on a night like this. >> up-to-the-minute information. thank you. we'll be right back after this with sports.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. welcome to the xfinity sports desk. unfortunely the football gods had other plans. without their franchise quarterback derek carr, not to mention there pro bowl tackle, it was over before it ever began. to houston we go. the first player in nfl history
9:25 pm
to make a start in the postseason game. out with the knee injury. first quarter, 3-0 texans. cooked is picked off. and just an athletic play by the texans' pass rusher. second and goal. lamar miller finds paydirt. turning that turnover into points. down 20 now and trying to go to work a comeback. can he do another carr impersonation and bring him back? the raiders driving and that's trouble. it is picked off. game over. the season ends as well. the raiders fall 27-14. here's fall only smith. >> reporter: the special season foiled by costly injuries. and even though the team thought they could win this game and they were confident, the injuries prove offed to be too much to overcome and the raiders' season has come to an
9:26 pm
end. >> we fought throughout. we're looking to come out in halftime. we were hanging in there and came out and just get a spark and get started. >> we could take off and go from there. didn't really get anything. couldn't get it going. >> definitely want to finish the season. it's not hurting anyone. a lot of things that we did today that we shouldn't have. >> i'm now joined by scott baer. after what's happen to the raiders durks really expect conner cook to come and lead them? >> no. but did i expect everyone else to lead to rookie quarterback to victory and to score some easy touchdowns and they didn't do it. >> aid chance to speak with him after the game. and he said it was horrible. watching the game from the side
9:27 pm
line. it was heart-wrenching. but he said i'm looking at this as a positive. that i know we did not build this thing for just one year. we built it for the future. >> that's a pretty tough thing for guys who invested so much of their time and physical energy. i think that he is ultimately right, that this team is built to last. that's how reggie designed it. if he can continue to fill some holes in the draft and through free agency, this team could be good for a long, long time. i'm fallon smith. back to you. tomorrow's warriors game against the kings will be live streamed to facebook to fans in india. the nba said it is the first time a regular season game is streamed on facebook live. but it is not the first time the warriors have been part of something new. go back to 2010, 2011, they were the first to wear short sleeved jerseys. tomorrow is part of the bobby
9:28 pm
wood knight celebrating indian culture. >> ground breakers. >> speaking of ground breakers and soakers. >> speaking of technology, storm ranger now getting a power wind. you can see we're getting some moderate rain across the east bay. and we will see the rains picking up all the way into tomorrow morning. stay tuned for some overnight flooding. >> we do have more news for you at 11:00.
9:29 pm
most fast food places use formulas to create their combos. but all that math, doesn't always equal something tasty. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering sourdough bacon ranch combo for $4.99. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and refreshing freestyle drink. because flavor always beats formulas. the sourdough bacon ranch combo, just $4.99 for a limited time.
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combos done my way. arnold palmer drink, how do you order it out at the restaurant? >> an arnold palmer. >> do you say i'd like an arnold palmer? >> yeah. >> that's great. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ arnold palmer, a true icon of sports history, and one of the most beloved golfers to ever play. on a special "in depth, we look back on the life of the late hall of famer who died recently. from his humble beginnings. >> his house sat right here. >> right here?


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