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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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excelled in their careers at nasa brought in more than $20 million this weekend. that number could move upwards of $25 million if you include the martin luther king jr. holiday. "la la land" came in second place. well, right now at 6:00, we're following several developing stories this morning. >> yeah, lauren, the death toll is rising after a cargo plane crash landed in kyrgyzstan and plowed through a village, knocking down several buildings in the process. the new information we're learning this morning about what might have caused that crash. the search continues for a freeway shooter in the east bay. how the chp is working with victims to help catch the suspect. >> reporter: the martin luther king jr. day celebration train will roll from san jose to san francisco this morning. how that 54-mile journey links to dr. king's march from selma to montgomery, alabama.
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a very good monday morning to you and thank you so much for joining us on this martin luther king jr. holiday. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. that's absolutely right. it's an historic day. more on that in just a second. it's also a very cool day, at least to start here. beautiful warm-up. i use that term relatively. >> yeah, that will be this afternoon. it's still very cold as you head out this morning. and yes, you can see from our live shot there with kris sanchez, you could see her breath as she was talking. and you'll be able to do the same as you step out the door. it's only 37 in the south bay. and with that, some patchy frost. also, some fog in some spots, like parts of the north bay over toward the tri-valley. it's 40 degrees in the east bay. and 42 in san francisco. highs reaching tupper 50s to lower 60s, so it will be a nice day, both today and tomorrow. the warmest days of the week. and also the dryingest, before some storms move in. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes, as we head over to vianey now, let's see if there's any issues as you head out for that commute. >> there isn't, and i think the traffic maps today decided they
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were going to stay nice and light on this holiday weekend. we did enjoy some cool temperatures and dry roads, which is good, because wherever these roads get slick, that's when we could start seeing some accidents out there. but let's get right to it. east bay drive times, southbound 680 towards vargas road, about 11 minutes. northbound 238 towards 880, about 2 minutes. and if you're taking the b.a.r.t. this morning, there are no delays right now no report. mass transit is showing a pretty easy, breezy, early monday morning. it's still a little chilly out there. bundle up if you are going to be taking the b.a.r.t. train. back to you. >> thank you very much, vianey. 6:02 right now. developing story right now. two shootings on the east bay freeway this morning, and this morning police are looking for the people involved. the latest shooting happened in concord around 5:00 last night. it was on state route 242 near highway 4. "today in the bay's" pete svatos joining us live from the contra costra chp office to
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bring us up to speed on this investigation. yet another highway shooting in the east bay. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura, and just in the past hour, we confirmed that other east bay freeway shooting off 80 in the east bay, but look, guys, we're talking about dozens of freeway shootings alone in the east bay, since 2015. chp which is handling this investigation says that most of those are gang related. but let's show you this video from that concord freeway shooting. you can see bullet holes on the side of this black per se diaz sedan. and according to chp, they say it took place yesterday at 5:00 p.m. on southbound 242 north of solano way in concord. we can report there were two victims inside. one of the victims was hit and injuries are nonlife-threatening for that victim. one of the victims inside was also detained, but unclear as to why. we do know according to chp, the victims aren't exactly cooperating with investigators, as far as giving them information on the shooter or shooters or exactly what car the shooter or shooters may have been in, but of course if you have any information on this case to help out with it, contact chp.
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we're live in martinez, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. it is 6:03 right now. the search is on for a group of people suspected of starting a fire inside an east bay grocery store. >> this is the scene last night inside the smart and final on summersville road in antioch. witnesses say a group of people started the fire in the paper towel aisle of the store and it spread from there. firefighters were able to get that fire under control fairly quickly, but there was stilt after of smoke and damage in the store. no arrests have been made. now to one of several developing news stories we're following this morning. dozens o f people have died aftr a cargo plane crashed in a rshl area, just outside of the main airport in kyrgyzstan. it was a boeing 747 that crash landed, killing 17 people onboard, as well as other people in the neighborhood near the airport. right now reports put the total death toll at 37, but that is
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fluid. it is not confirmed by the government yet. investigators are trying to figure out if the pilot error might have played a role. we're also hearing reports of poor visibility at the time of the crash. laura? >> thank you very much for the latest there, with sam. it's 6:05 right now. preparations underway in washington ahead of this friday's inauguration. a dress rehearsal was held over the weekend and army band members stood in for the first family. it was a preview of all the pageantry associated with a peaceful transfer of power. today, more finishing touches will be put on the white house. well, donald trump's supporters around the nation and here in the bay area can hardly wait for friday's main event. up to 1 million people are expected to attend the inauguration. juan hernandez is among the bay area trump supporters headed to d.c. to watch trump take the oath. he says the whole thing at times has been overwhelming. >> i did a lot of work with the campaign since june, kind of was
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stuck to it, it was my life. and got a mail, a fedex package from the presidential inaugural committee and there were my invites. >> so far, at least half a dozen major protests are planned for friday and saturday. here in the bay area, labor groups are calling for a week of protests today to oppose the upcoming inauguration, as you talked about, laura. the alameda labor council has passed a resolution encouraging unions to organize actions this week. san francisco's labor council also considering a very similar resolution. labor leaders are organizing the largest protests on friday. now, we're going to have much more coverage coming up and leading into the inauguration. all week long, our own raj mathai is heading to washington, d.c., to anchor our coverage there. hays also covering the women's march on washington the following day. happening today, the nation
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remembers dr. martin luther king jr. and there are events taking place across the bay area this morning. caltrain's celebration train will take off from san jose in just a few hours and shuttle passengers to mlk day events taking place in san francisco. >> and it could take on even added importance this year. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us with what people can expect on that train ride. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. it's 54 miles from the deardon station here in san jose to san francisco. that is the same distance that dr. martin luther king jr. marched with his followers so many years ago, between selma and montgomery, alabama. so there is a significance to this journey, as well. it is the journey that the celebration train will take with hundreds of people onboard the train today. and we always see a lot of families on the train together, talking about the past, also looking toward the future.
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>> i see people getting along and singing and celebrating and having fun and celebrating martin luther king today, because it's his day. >> reporter: people did have to preregister for a train ticket. if you did, the train departs at 9:45 this morning. at 10:22, it will stop in san mateo and arrive at 10:55. there's a march and parade you did not have to rsvp for. and that will lead to yorba bainna gardens where there's an all-day festival that's still open. and lots of things scheduled. i tweeted out a link to their schedule of events and posted it to my facebook page, kris sanchez nbc bay area. good monday morning, it's 6:08. as you get ready to head to dir don station in san jose, all clear right now. and we've had some chilly temperatures, so be sure to bundle up and be prepared for a
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very cold day. we're also seeing some patchy fog in spots across parts of the trivalley, over towards concord. lowest visibility right now in napa. and it's also very cold, with temperatures in the mid-30s. napa, 36. fairfield, 34. and livermore, 39. we've dropped down to 37 in san jose. some patchy frost may be possible as well. palo alto, 41 degrees in san francisco. 46. it will be nice and sunny today. i'll detail that and i'll give you a look at the timeline for the storm coming up in about ten minutes. as we head over to vianey now, let's see what's happening for this morning's commute. any problems so far? >> no problems. i think the only problem is going to be if your heater doesn't work in your car. it's a little cold out there. and i know a lot of people have to wake up and turn on their cars to get that frost off their windshield. the roads right now looking good. still green on the map, which means no slowing. southbound drive times right now along northbound 101 towards highway 87, about 13 minutes.
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northbound 87 towards highway 101, about 12 minutes. and northbound 17 towards highway 101, about 8 minutes. bridge drive times also looking nice. westbound 80, bay bridge, still no metering lights about nine minutes. and westbound 82 towards san mateo bridge, about 13 minutes. let's get a quick check right now of the san mateo bridge. we are starting to see more people on the go, but i don't know, it may be the leftover folks that had to get to work today, right? 6:10 right now. up next, the famous ringling bros. circus coming to an end after 140 years of shows. the reason, coming up. plus, the raiders appear to be coming to an end as oakland raiders could be moving out of the bay area. the crucial step the team is getting ready for as they look into relocating to las vegas. and a beautiful start to our monday morning. clear skies, as we take a live look outside at the glowing area of emeryville from our camera there. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. it is 6:13. as you step out the door, no need nor the umbrella. go ahead and put it down. you won't need it today. pick up the sunglasses. here's a live look outside at san jose. still some cloudy skies. we'll see that clearing up. lunchtime temperature in evergreen will be 52 degrees with highs reaching the mid-50s and a mix of sun and clouds. it will warm up as we go through the week. and more rain moving in. details on that, it's coming up
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at about 6:19. and today maybe the perfect day to get started on those early morning areas, because the roads are looking clear. southbound 680 eastbound to vargas road, about 11 minutes. northbound 288 towards 880, about 2 minutes. and southbound 880 towards highway 84, a closer look at your south bay and north bay drive times coming up in just a bit. >> vianey, kari, thank you very much. it's 6:14 on your monday. and emeryville police are investigating a weekend double shooting at the popular bay street shopping center. police say two people were shot near christie avenue and shell mount street, near the highest palace hotel. this happened on saturday, a little bit after 9:00 at night. we're told the victims are in stable condition. happening today, another choice in the apparent brewing battle over san francisco's popular lefty o'doul's. last week, word first surfaced that lefty o'doul's would be closing. over the weekend, it became clear the managers of the bar are in an ownership dispute with
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the landlords. today, the landlords will present their side of the dispute the plans they have to move lefty's to a new location. the landlord still insists lefty's will only be closing briefly for a remodel. happening today, a visit 108 years in the making. the chicago cubs travel to the white house to celebrate their world series victory. normally, baseball champions visit the white house during the following season, usually when they're playing somewhere nearby in washington or baltimore. but the cubbies chose to go before president obama leaves office, that's even though the president admits to being a fan of the rival chicago white sox. maybe that's why they're headed there. >> the white sox did win in 2005, so he can't be that mad. a lot of people what's going to wonder to the beloved franchise right here, the san francisco 49ers as the waiting game continues. now the question is, this is the only team without an nfl head coach at this point. who are they going to hire? team ceo jed york yesterday interviewed former oakland raiders head coach tom cable.
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cable is currently the seattle seahawks' offensive line coach. the niners aren't just looking for a head coach. they're looking for a head coach and a general manager, and they can't interview staff members for teams that are still playing in the post-season. five other nfl head coaching vacancies have now been filled in the meantime. the niners, to what's next for the oakland raiders. another crucial step in a potential move for that team. we've learned that the raiders are preparing to officially file relocation papers to fly away to las vegas. once those papers are filed, the league and team owners will begin a several weeks' lock process that it would take to evaluate that potential move. that includes a vote of approval for the league's owners. that vote would happen this spring. 6:16 right now. a bombshell from ringling bros. this morning. after 146 years, the greatest show on earth will not go on. the reason is money and a steep drop in ticket prices.
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circus producers say the real decline started last spring after the elephants were retired to a conservation center. fans seeing the circus in florida yesterday reacted to the news. >> it's very disappointing. this is something i grew up on and my parents are here. we have three generations. >> animal rights groups, meantime, are calling ate victo a victory and a sign of changing times. >> a sign of damgs conditions right now on the coast. this is the coast in pacifica. the coast guard says that a beach hazard was in effect because of dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. but that did not stop some surfers, especially on a sunny day. >> it was great. can't beat it. it's really nice after the rain. so, got some waves, but nothing neoprene won't fix. >> i guess they're experts. >> a lot of neoprene. >> the coast guard says that rip currents are strongest in inland piers. they warn against fishing from the rocks, as well.
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>> that's the thing about california. surfing and skiing in three days. >> and the skiing right now is about as good as you're going to see. >> just seeing some amazing pictures right now on social media, what it looks like in the sierra. it is going to be like that for a while, as our temperatures nice and cool, and more snow tonight way, now, this is what it looks like this morning, in oakland, as you head out. here's the view at oracle arena, all lit up this morning, and no issues about any rain moving in. that's for now. it's very chilly, it's only 40 degrees with a high today of 57 degrees. so make sure you bundle up as you get ready to go out to some of those martin luther king jr. celebrations. and it is now 34 degrees in fairfield. so very chilly temperatures there. in napa, 35 degrees. and the microclimate forecast brings it up to the 60s today in san jose. 57 for cupertino. let's head over to the east bay now, 57 for fremont, hayward, 56 degrees, and the peninsula, also
6:19 am
right at about 56 degrees. in belmont, san mateo. in the mission district, to 57. in the polina, 56. a and the martin luther king day parade will be happening in san francisco. also the march going on at 11:00. it will only be 49 degrees. it will be sunny, but make sure you have on some nice, warm clothes for that walk. and it will be mc'ing an event today in san jose, a luncheon in celebration of martin luther king jr. make sure you follow me on facebook and twitter and i'll have the details on that event, also, if you're looking for something to do to celebrate today. and then as we look into the forecast, looking at a wide swath of clouds that will bring in some rain, starting on wednesday, it will be moving in late in the afternoon for much of the bay area, we'll start to see some of those scattered showers though, early, and it does get heavier. we'll have a couple of rounds of rain in the forecast for thursday through friday. we're expecting three storms to move in by the end of the week,
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and look to bring the potential of some more flooding. even early next week, we'll still have the chance of rain and looking at the possibility with this first round of rain, up to an inch of rain for much of the bay area and another round of rain, the third round could bring up to 4, close to 4 1/2 inch nor the north bay. let's get a look at this morning's commute with vianey. >> when you're talking about early morning traffic, this is pretty much a nice sight to see, as good as it gets on a holiday. we are seeing a little bit of slowing, it looks like that has cleared look 280 northbound. there was a fender bender, but it has moved off to the side. and mass transit, no delays right now on any of the systems, so, they should be making way for their regular scheduled travel routes. south bay drive times, northbound 101 towards highway 87, about 13 minutes. northbound 87 towards highway 101, about 11 minutes, and northbound 17 to highway 101, about 8 minutes. let's get a quick check right now along san jose. we're starting to see some
6:21 am
commuters, but i think everyone is not in a hurry to get to work on this monday morning. back to you. >> if they're working at all. you're right. it's 6:20 right now. coming up next, new guidelines this morning for pregnant women with a certain heart condition. we'll break down those recommendations. and chris camorra always a busy man. up next, nbc bay area responds. >> she does the heavy lifting herself while moving, but she's billed by a moving company anyway. i'm consumer investigator chris camorra. nbc bay area responds, next.
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welcome back. it's 6:23 on your monday. facebook is fighting back against fake news. the social network is currently testing out a tool that allows people to flag fake stories. and they're rolling it out in germany, ahead of that country's upcoming national election. once a story is flagged as fake, it would be sent to a german nonprofit organization that's going to review it. if the story's confirmed to be fake, it would be less likely to show up in someone's timeline. and if the user shares the story, they'll receive a warning message, as well. in medical news this morning, the american heart association has new recommendations for pregnant women with congenital heart disease. experts suggest having a delivery plan in place. women should also look for medical centers who have an experienced cardiologists. obstetricians who are trained in high-risk maternal fetal medicine and cardiac surgery team. doctors say the mothers need to be monitored from anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months following
6:25 am
delivery. all right, nbc bay area responds to a san francisco woman, who had a bit of a pricey problem with a storage and moving company, pods. >> consumer investigator chris camorra joins us with the woman's story and how he took action. >> reporter: christina hired pods to store and move some of her belongings. she says she later needed to change her move date, but that didn't work out for pods, so she went ahead and cancelled the move and ended up moving those belongings herself. however, pods, she says, then charged christina $1,000 for that move, anyway. now, she tells us she tried to get a refund, but couldn't, so she reached out to us for help. we reached o out to pods and it refounded the cost of that move. pods didn't explain the hang up, but in a statement, the company said, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 1-888-996-tips or visit us nbc
6:26 am
bay area online/responds. tomorrow, the shocking phone bill that include a nine-hour phone call to another continent. see you then. >> thank you, chris. coming up next on "today in the bay," a popular east bay bar is closing its doors for good. the reason crogan's in walnut creek says it's being forced to shut down. and a contra costra sheriff's deputy finds himself on the other side of the law. the charges he's facing in connection with a shooting at a party. yet another freeway shooting taking place in the east bay over the weekend. what investigators are saying about the latest incident. >> and here is a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights, what metering lights. it's, of course, a holiday today. martin luther king jr. today. very light traffic so far. vianey's in for mike. much more news, weather, and traffic after this. you're watching tod"today in th ba bay". i can show you the world
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downtown san jose. all clear right now, but we're welcome back on your monday. all is clear for the moment. but we are getting ready for another round of rain, several storms heading towards the bay area, throughout the course of the week. >> look at that, more rain moves in this week. it's coming. enjoy today. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. i guess when it rains, it pours. all this rain for months, and now it's almost too much. our reservoirs are all filled up here. >> they've had a little bit of a break and time to go back down
6:30 am
some of the river levels, as well. but going back up as we head toward the end of the week, with more rain moving in. here's a live look outside towards at&t mark, towards the embarcadero. it is chilly. 48 degrees with a high today expected to reach into the upper 50s. it will be warming up, lots of sun in the forecast today, as we just said, there will be more storms moving in this week, starting on wednesday, and through friday, we'll have some rounds of some rain moving in. it also will be wet this weekend, a storm moving in. and that's when flooding will be most likely. we'll talk about all of that coming up in about six minutes. as we head over to vianey now, are there any problem spots on the roads? >> not yet. if you're one of the lucky or unlucky folks who had to get up from work this morning, at least you're not dealing with any backup at the 6:30 mark, which is usually around the time we start to see heavier flow. right now the map is looking pretty good. we were seeing inside traffic hazard near palo alto, but looks like chp is already on their way to check that out.
6:31 am
a quick look at your south bay drive times. about 13 minutes. northbound 87 towards highway 101, about 11 minutes. and northbound 17 towards highway 101, about 8 minutes. your bridge drive times also looking green. not a lot of backup, and still no metering lights. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge, about 9 minutes. and westbound 92 towards san mateo, about 13 minutes. a live look now at the golden gate bridge, looking like it's going to be a gorgeous day. but it's still too cold for me. i might stay indoors. what about you? >> no, we need you to work. we continue to follow developing news out of the east bay, where investigators are trying to figure out who was involved in two freeway shootings over the weekend. there have been dozens of shootings on the east bay freeway since november of 2015 leading to a major crackdown on violence. the latest shooting happened in concord. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is joining us live at
6:32 am
the contra costra chp office this morning to explain what happened in this case. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura, in that other case before we jump to this one in concord, that one was off of 80 in the east bay. still working to get a location on that. but that also happened over the weekend. when you look at it, there's been dozens of shootings on the east bay freeway, dating back to november 2015. we know they are targeted, according to chp, and most are gang related. let's show you this video from the freeway shooting that took place in concord yesterday afternoon. you can see the bullet holes in this black mercedes sedan. and according to chp, around 5:00 p.m., on southbound 242, that's just north of solano way in concord. there were two victims inside, one of the victims was hit, the injuries to that victim were nonlife-threatening. one of the victims was also detained, it's unclear as to why chp detained that individual. we do know to chp, the victims aren't exactly cooperating with investigators as far as giving them information on the possible suspect in this shooting. if you have any information, if
6:33 am
you were in that area during the time of the shooting, you are encouraged to contact chp. live in martinez, pete suratos, "today in the bay". >> pete, thank you very much. 6:33 right now, a former contra costra sheriff's deputy now behind bars and accused of opening fire inside of a party, outside of his hometown in sacramento. that's where this all happened. here's the booking photo. 23-year-old kyle rowland has numerous cuts and bruises that police say he got during a scuffle for his gun during that party. police say rowland was at a party in sacramento on friday night when witnesses say he started acting strangely. that's when other partygoers asked him to leave. police say a short time later, he pulled out a handgun during an argument with another man. witnesses say they were shocked and horrified with what they were saying. >> i tell everybody, get down, he has a gun. and one of our friends was brave enough and bold enough to jump on it and defuse the issue. >> rowland is now facing five
6:34 am
counts of attempted murder. he'd only been with the department since october. since he was still on standard job probation, the department was ab to fire him following his arrest. he's scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. an east bay night spot that has been the center of a recent controversy is soon going to close its doors for the last time. this is a live look right now at an empty crogan's in walnut creek. it's been in business for almost 40 years. but now the owners say that they plan to shut it down. now, this comes as city leaders recently ordered crogan's to top serving alcohol after 12:30, rather than the normal cutoff time of 2:00 a.m., because police were responding to what they say was far too often rowdy behavior. back in september, a man was shot and killed shortly after leaving crogan's. it was the city's first deadly shooting of the year. the owners are playing an all-day celebration on sunday. and they're going dloclose for last time a little bit after midnight that night. >> medical experts trying to determine if a woman found dead
6:35 am
last week in the back of a muni bus died from meningitis. relatives of 53-year-old laura robison say a muni bus driver found her deceased at the end of the line in daly city last tuesday. according to her brother, the coroner's preliminary investigation found she died from the highly contagious disease, but it could be weeks before doctors know for sure. >> she was sitting upright and he discovered her and said she was deceased at the time, so i guess he called the local police department. >> if lab tests do confirm meningitis, this would be the second person in the bay area to die from meningitis in the past two weeks after the death of a san rafael man in larksburg. the concerns about the future of health coverage spilled out in the form of hundreds of people in san francisco at city hall yesterday protesting. >> their plan is to make america sick again. >> that, of course, was nancy pelosi. bay area leaders, including the house minority leader, rallied for the affordable care act. president-elect has vowed to
6:36 am
dismantle obamacare. the house of representatives took the initial steps last week to do that. and replace it with a new system that trump so far has not specifically spelled out. protesters hear that millions of americans are going to lose their health coverage in the process. >> my stepson three years ago died of leukemia just before obamacare went into effect. and had he had obamacare, perhaps he wouldn't have died. >> similar rallies were held yesterday in about a half dozen other u.s. cities, that include newark, new jersey, and boston. well, journalists who cover the white house as part of the press corps have announced a formal objection to the trump transition team's idea to relocate the white house briefing room. vice president-elect mike pence and chief of staff reince priebus floated that plan out over the weekend. they say that moving the press corps to a larger location outside the white house would help to accommodate what they call extraordinary interest from the media. but critics call this an
6:37 am
eviction, pure and simple. president-elect trump has canceled his day trip to washington on this martin luther king jr. holiday the. it comes as the president-elect is in a public feud with civil rights icon, john lewis. >> that played out over twitter on the weekend. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us live in washington with that, plus mr. trump's latest comments that are making headlines as he prepares for the inauguration this friday, tracie. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. german officials are reacting this morning after he talked about their economy over the weekend, saying it's going to be pretty tough, they think, to work with him. meantime, not clear that his canceling of the visit today is related at all to this back and forth with congressman lewis, but we do know that some republicans are defending lewis. >> president-elect trump was supposed to visit the new african-american museum in washington today. his day transcriip abruptly can overnight. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate
6:38 am
president. >> reporter: as trump advisers defend his tweets, criticizing congressman john lewis. >> donald trump has the right to defend himself. >> lewis and ten other democrats are boycotting friday's inauguration. trump advisers urge president obama to step in. >> to do this to president-elect trump, five days before he puts his hand on the bible, it's just wrong. >> my hope would be that the president-elect will reach out. >> reporter: president-elect trump making news criticizing the u.s. involvement in iraq. >> we've unleashed this, like throwing rocks into a beehive. >> reporter: back home, he tells "the washington post" his replacement plan for obamacare is almost ready. >> we're certainly not going to repeal it when our friends there don't even have a plan to recipe it with! >> rallies in 40 cities last weekend signaling trouble in congress. >> but if you think you're simply going to throw millions off of health insurance, you've got another guess coming.
6:39 am
>> reporter: now, president-elect trump told "the post" that he wants his insurance plan to cover insurance for all. no details, yet, on how he wants to pay for that. back to you. >> thank you so much. tracie potts live from washington this morning. 6:39. lester holt is in northern california today. tonight, he will anchor "nbc nightly news" from sacramento. it's the beginning of a one-week tour he's taking across the country. he'll be talking to americans about the issues the nation is facing right now and what people are hoping for over the next four years. after his sacramento stop, he'll head to michigan and north carolina. he'll eventually end up in washington, d.c. for the inauguration. you can catch nbc night lly new here at 5:30. finally we're getting a little bit of break the last few days from all that rain. but a major trouble spot after last week's storm is still a problem this morning. this is highway 37 in marin county between atherton avenue
6:40 am
and highway 101. the westbound lanes are still closed because of flooding. chp opened all eastbound lanes this weekend, but the reservoir on the south side of the road is so high, the drains are still overflowing on to the highway. there's no estimate right now on when those westbound lanes are going to be reopened. good monday morning, it's 6:40. as you head out the door, all chilly temperatures across the bay area and mostly clear skies, even though we've been tracking some patchy fog across parts of the bay area, especially for the tri-valley. and it will be 39 degrees as you step out, in the north bay, 42 in san francisco. highs today reaching 60 degrees in the south bay and a lot of sun this afternoon. coming up in five minutes,ville the planner for los gatos and we'll take a look at the storm timeline a little bit later as we head over to vianey, let's see what's happening on those roadways. >> looks like you may catch some slowing if you're making your way towards san francisco. chp is reporting a traffic
6:41 am
collision along the northbound 82 side. it looks like it could start causing some backup. they are on their way. no word yet on how many vehicles are involved. but right now they are reporting that incident, so we are going to keep a close eye on exactly what we can expect over the next couple of minutes. east bay drive times right now, southbound 680, about 11 minutes. about 2 minutes. and taking a live look right now over the bay bridge, metering lights are still off, so we're still looking good out there. laura, sam? >> thank you so much, vianey. coming up next, bay area business is boycotting donald trump's inauguration. the action the owners here are taking and the price they're willing to pay for it. and the latest on the breaking news we're following out of mexico this morning. a person goes on a shooting rampage at a popular mexican resort city overnight. the latest developments, coming up. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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princess cruises. come back new. good monday morning. the time now is 6:44. we have mostly clear conditions across the south bay and very chilly temperatures. in los gatos, it will start out in the upper 30s and we'll be at 42 degrees at 9:00. lunchtime temperature of 52 degrees and reaching the mid-50s today, with a mix of sun and clouds. we're tracking the timeline of three storms moving in this week. details on that coming up at 6:49. and a quick check of your south bay drive times. northbound 101 towards highway 87, about 13 minutes. northbound 87 towards highway 101, 11 minutes, and northbound
6:45 am
17 towards highway 101, about 8 minutes. still no major accidents to report. good news there. thank you very much, serene anyway. tough breaking news to bring you now have the popular mexican resort city of playa del carmen. we're now learning at least five people may have been killed and 12 others injured in a shooting at the blue parrot resort, which is popular with american tourists. this is video of people in the area, trying to take cover following the rampage. station bpm was holding a concert at the time of the shooting. a statement, bpm says this was a lone shooter situation. no word on what happened to that shooter. investigators are trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. they're talking to witnesses. playa del ckacarmen is about 40 miles south of cancun. we'll continue to follow this breaking news out of mexico this morning, and bring you the very latest on air and online. at a quarter to 7 and closer to home, there'ses s a top cop
6:46 am
marin. norton was appointed acting chief back in august after the former chief left to take a position with the town of cord madera. . up with of the famous zeeb ras at the hearst ranch on the central coast was found dead along a beach, but this gets far more disturbing. the zebra was found over the weekend. san luis obispo sheriff's office believes the animal dieded of natural causes and the remained were washed down to the beach because of storm activity. but then someone skinned the animal, which has outraged people on social media. the sheriff's office steays it' up to hearst ranch to request an investigation into what exactly happened to that animal and so far the ranch has not asked for an investigation. 6:46 right now. it's not just musicians that are boycotting the inauguration ceremony on friday. a small business here is closing its doors as a form of protest against what donald trump stands more. the name of the store is other avenues, a food co-op in the
6:47 am
outer sunset and the workers and owner there says the decision to close on inauguration day was not an easy one, because money, they say, is very tight right now. but customers have choiced nothing but support. >> it's all been pretty positive. most people seem to be really into it. they really enjoy that we're taking a stance against someone who is so diametrically opposed to what we are as a busy. >> kind of surprised, but at the same time, it's kind of nice to see that kind of freedom of speech taking place this way. >> the store is typically open all by two days a year, martin luther king jr. day and mayday. samsung air and the company's vice president -- chairman, i should say, facing arrest for bribery and other charges. this is in connection with a scandal that led to south korean president's impeachment. prosecutors say samsung' li jay young gave secrets for government favors during a merger deal. they say he also lied under oath
6:48 am
during a parliamentary hearing. he was widely expected to replace his father as chairman of samsung. the gap between the rich and the poor appears to be widening. just eight men, including two tech leaders, from the bay area, have as much wealth as the world's poorest have. among those eight men, facebook founder mark zuckerberg and oracle cofounder, larry ellison. a study by oxfam coincided with the opening of the world economic forum in switzerland. in the report, oxfam calls for an increase in tax rates for the rich. let's go outside live right now to a look from our emeryville camera. a beautiful start here to your monday morning. and of course, a very important holiday. today we're honoring and celebrating the legacy and life of dr. martin luther king jr. the city of richmond is holding its tenth annual day of service. that all starts at 9:00 in the
6:49 am
morning on the richmond greenway. >> pretty nice here in the bay area, but tough in the south. they're dealing with pretty severe weather. this is the scene at at&t stadium after the dallas/packers game last night. fans left the stadium to shelter in place after a tornado warning. that's what was happening inside. this is the scene outside. severe rain and wind just pounding that region. luckily, no reports of tornadoes touching down in arlington. by the way, dallas lost that playoff game. >> yeah, no love lost between those two teams and a pretty tough loss for dallas. you guys knew there was a football game going on yesterday. >> yes, i did. >> that's what you said! >> it was actually really good. like, it was intense >> action packed. >> yeah, during that kansas city game, you could see the air,, you know -- >> so cold. >> yeah, it was really cold, very humid. and that's kind of the weather that we're dealing with this morning, as we get a look now across the bay area.
6:50 am
so we are seeing some quiet weather, at least no rain, as we get a live look outside at dublin. you can see a few breaks in the clouds. as we get a little bit of light in the sky right now at 6:50. and the temperature in oakland is at 40 degrees. 46 degrees in san francisco. and only 36 degrees now in san jose. and fairfield has dropped down to 32 degrees, so freezing temperatures, along with that patchy fog. it's now 57. we're going to see the highs to 57 in milpitas today in morgan hill as well as cupertino. with that sunshine, it will be a very nice day. 56 degrees in walnut creek. danville, 57 degrees. and these temperatures are just slightly cooler than average in a few spots. reaching 56 in san mateo and san francisco. and the outer sunset, also 56 degrees and 54 today in mill valley. now, we keep the sunshine and with a lot of the martin luther king jr. events going on today, including the parade in san francisco, at 11:00, it will be 49 degrees. make sure you're all bundled pup
6:51 am
and i'm mc'ing an event today at noon. the luncheon in san jose, the martin luther king luncheon and i have the details on twitter and facebook if you would like to check that out. now we're also tracking three storms moving in this week. that's the first one, just to the west of us. it starts to move in on wednesday. so we have a couple more dry days in the forecast, for today and tomorrow, and we start to see that rain moving in for wednesday morning, and continuing into the afternoon. and then we'll see a little bit of a break on thursday. the next storm moving in early on friday, and also this weekend, a couple more rounds of rain moving in. it's going to stay very busy as we go through the rest of the week, and the potential of flooding will be going up, as we pile in on more rain on top of what we've already seen. the first round of rain by thursday, we could have up to an inch of rain. and then as we add on those storm totals, over 2 inches of rain for much of the bay area. anywhere from 3 to possibly over 4 inches of rain with the highest amounts in the north bay. and we'll be keeping you up to
6:52 am
date on that. let's head over to vianey now, to see what's happening on the roadways. >> well, it's still looking good, but chp has reported a minor fender bender along 82 near the san mateo area. we were starting to see some slowing, but i think that may have cleared, just in time for the 7:00 a.m. traffic mark. now, east bay drivetimes right now, southbound 680, about 11 minutes as we make our way to the south bay, highway 101, about 12 minutes. northbound 87 towards highway 101, about 11 minutes. laura, sam? >> thank you very much, vianey. 6:52 right now. "saturday night live" has returned from break and this weekend's show started with alec baldwin portraying none other than president-elect donald trump. >> and trump is not happy about "snl's" mockery, what he says is a mockery of his first press conference following the election. take a listen. >> god, i'm loving this press conference. i love the press. i respect the press. let's take another question from the press. >> hi. yeah, i'm from becauuzzfeed.
6:53 am
>> no, no, no, not you, buzzfeed. you're a failing pile of garbage. i took your quiz yesterday and i'm not a joey, i'm a rachel. >> he has a point, when those buzzfeed quizzes come into your feed, you know you want to take them. the results, that's another story. trump took to twitter after that saying, quote, not fun, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. really bad television, exclamation point. by the way, this is the fourth time this three months that trump has tweeted about "snl". >> probably many more to come. 6:53 right now. coming up, the headlines we're following this monday morning fwhkding martin luther king jr. celebrations, from san jose to oakland, hundreds plan to ride the train today. we'll show you where you can catch it, coming up next. first, happening now, we are staying on top of a developing story out of kyrgyzstan, where a boeing 747 cargo jet went down, leaving dozens of people dead. this is nbc news.
6:54 am
we'll confirm new information, we'll update you via our twitter feed. plus, we always talk about dog being man's best friend. here's some proof. a man slips and falls down, but his loyal dog helps to keep him alive for 20 hours while he waited for help to arrive. find out how he did that. we linked up the story to our facebook page. more of this morning's top stories coming up in 20 minutes. is there an elk in your bed?
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here are the top stories on welcome back and a good martin luther king jr. day to you. before you head out the door, here's the top stories on "today in the bay". >> the search is on this morning for a gunman after a highway shooting in concord last night. yet another freeway shooting in the east bay. this video of that car that police say was targeted. according to chp, two victims in the car were shot around 5:00 yesterday evening on southbound 242, right near solano way. one of the victims was hit, but the injuries he suffered were nonlife-threatening. now, one of the folks has been detained. it's unclear why. investigators are not releasing a lot of details at this point. and at this time, there's no description of the car or suspects they're looking for. 6:57. dozens are dead after a cargo plane crashed in a neighborhood, just outside the main airport in kyrgyzstan. the boeing 747 crash landed, killing 17 people onboard, as
6:58 am
well as other people in the neighborhood near the airport. right now, reports put the death toll at 37, but it's not been confirmed by the government. investigators are trying to figure out if pilot error played a role. there was poor visibility at the time of the crash. it is going to be a very busy week in washington, as we have the inauguration coming up in a few days. right now preparations are well underway for friday's ceremony in washington. there are also many planned protests. some of those are getting underway as soon as today, with at least one planned for here in the bay area. alameda labor leaders are organizing a protest tied to today's martin luther king jr. holiday. that event is scheduled to begin at 10:00 this morning. happening today, americans honor and celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr. hundreds are expected to take the celebration train from san jose to san francisco later this morning. there are going to be several stops in between. the train is starting at diridon station in san jose. it goes exactly 54 miles.
6:59 am
that is the same distance as the march that dr. king led from selma to montgomery. oakland is going to be celebrating the civil rights leader with a rally tonight at 10:00 at union hall on hagenberger. another rally is taking place at 11:00 on lake merritt. let's check the forecast today. >> it will be nice and sunny. a couple of dry days in the forecast. so it will be great for all of that. but it is chilly out there. only see the high reaching 60 in the south bay and 57 today in san francisco. >> all right. it has been great having vianey in today as mike inouye is out. >> westbound 580 towards the richmond bridge, only 8 mince, and still no metering lights, as it should be on a holiday. >> that is perfect for martin luther king jr. day and sam
7:00 am
brock's birthday. >> yes, wii am 34 years young today. no one else i would like to be ringing in with. >> you're a good liar. va good day! good morning. paralyzed. problemas por la letal tormenta fresh misery from the deadly ice storm in the id mel of the country. accidents and power outages mounting. the threat of a tornado forcing football fans to shelter inside the stadium. 39 million people from new mexico tw england facing new storm warnings today. breaking overnight a turkish cargo plane slams into a neighborhood. at least 37 killed. this morning chilling images just in from the scene. boycotting. a growing number of democrats say they will not attend friday's inauguration, after a war of words between president-elect trump and congressman john lewis. as washington readies for a


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