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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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parents but apparently the kids were not worried. >> it's always scary for a parent to hear that there was a shooter nearby and now the school is in lockdown and you can't get to your son. >> >> reporter: shou scary was it. >> it was exciting for me. they didn't really tell us everything right away. >> reporter: and here's one more look at the surveillance picture of the suspect released by police. the school lockdown was called off just before 2 this afternoon but northbound and southbound directions of highway 17 are still closed and have been closed for the last six hours tonight. the manhunt continues and what's happening right now is that police are escorting parents to the fron tage road along highway 17 to pick up their kids if they haven't done so already. i asked them just a few minutes ago what time they expect the highway to reopen, they do not have an answer just yet. we're live along highway 17. nbc bay area news. >> thank you damian. while this robbery and manhunt
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causing big issues for drivers. thousands of commuters stuck on the highway for hours. >> i thought there might be a bad accident on highway 17 up here and that's what they were going to. now that we've -- we found otherwise that it was a bank robbery. >> it did seem like i was watch a movie. >> our own reporter was one of the many people stuck in traffic because of this manhunt. he joins us now on this frustrating day for drivers. gar vin? >> it's frustration that continues for many people. we're just near the summit on 17. show you what it looks like right now. pretty safe spot to get out here. give you an idea. they're diverting traffic. this is the northbound lanes of 17 and they're diverting traffic just about a mile up the road for people on to santa cruz highway.
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the backup goes all the way you can see then back, up over the hill on the summit. now as you said earlier, this is a story i'm very familiar with because this is traffic i've been sitting in for most of the day. it started about 10:00 this morning heading north on highway 17 when i was passed by a couple of police cars in pursuit. when we got to redwood estates we ended up -- you see what happens there. for those cars that were stuck behind that scene, they were there for as many as four hours. i talked to people who missed work, who missed classes, who were missing plane flights were there under the chp started turning cars around one by one electricity back of the line up turning them heading the opposite way on the northbound lanes. some people there for as many as four hours. complicating the matters up here, of course we have all these storms the last couple weeks. many of the side roads are closed because of mudslides. the chp was telling people you
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can't take those roads. you can't go on the old santa cruz highway. they were telling the people to just head back to santa cruz and try another time. well, as you can see, some people did now they're just trying again and they're finding that the road is still blocked. i'm going to get back in the car and get back in some of this traffic. i'm check back in with you at 6:00. >> thanks so much. everybody must bring their patience along highway 17. another live shot the from our nbc bay area helicopter of highway 17 in the redwood estates area where the suspect ditched his car and took off on foot. a manhunt now going on into its sixth hour. scotts valley police tell us shots were fired at the suspect but at this time we don't know if the suspect was hit. we'll be following the story and tracking it all across our digital platforms and to find out when lanes reopen. we will let you know immediately on our twitter feed and website.
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>> our other top story this evening day six in the white house and the drama continues. president trump in a standoff with the president of mexico at issue that wall and who is going to pay for. today the president's press secretary offered the first clear details on how the multi-billion dollar wall might be paid for and that money could be coming out of the pockets of every day consumers in america. nothing is certain here but there are some clues. what are the details? >> this particular plan would tax the things we buy from mexico as much as 20% more what we now pay. think about it, our top imports from mexico, $74 billion in vehicles, 63 billion in electrical machinery, 12 billion in medical instruments just to name a few. that's a lot of imports. it's the latest idea floated by the trump administration on how to pay for the border wall. a 20% tax on what we import from
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mexico. >> by doing it that way we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone. >> we all know who pays taxes the consumer so under this plan it would actually be americans paying for the wall. >> we're still working together -- this is the beginning of this plan to make sure its done right but clearly provides the fundsing and it does so in a way that ensures that the american taxpayer is wholly respected. >> but the suggestion of the 20% tax came just hours after the president insisted that mexico will pay for the wall. >> i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the government of mexico. >> meanwhile as raj mentioned at the top we heard from the president of mexico as well this morning. president says he has no plans to pay for the wall and will also miss a planned meeting with
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president trump that had been scheduled for thursday. >> okay. thanks so much, scott. after just 24 hours after the president's sweeping order on immigration many here in the bay area are organizing to fight it. san francisco mayor made it part of his state of the city addressed while others took to the street to voice their opposition. where the city's third anti-trump protest of the day is expected within the hour, michelle? >> reporter: in some of those protesters have already started to arrive. behind me these people say they are fighting for the environment. they oppose the dakota and keystone pipeline and president trump has supported both of those things in his first week in audience. >> we are a sanctuary city now, tomorrow, forever. [ applause ] >> reporter: received a standing ovation this morning after vowing to protect what he calls san francisco values. the state of the city addressed
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comes one day after president trump's signed orders increasing deportation efforts and cutting funding to immigration sanctuary cities. >> if and when the federal cuts come, we will be united behind our promises and our values. ladies and gentlemen, we are ready. >> according to mayor lead san francisco receives a billion dollars federal dollar a year from homeless housing to immigration services. while many across the country applaud president trump's tough be stance on immigration. >> by the pronouncements of trumps. >> a small group of protesters gathered outside the federal building in san francisco to protest the president's stance on women and immigration rights. >> this is a fashist regime. we are determined to resist it. we are determined to come into the streets and call others into the streets until the regime is driven out. >> for this group of propertiers and mayor ed lee it seems the
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uncertainty of what will come next is inspiring a defienlt front in san francisco. >> we're ready to defend ourselves against cynical attacks from washington, d.c. >> reporter: the mirror also focused today on the need for homeless assistance and more low-income housing. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> active scene there. cleaning house in washington, d.c. at the state department, the trump administration today oufting four top officials there at the state department including an under secretary for management, two assistant secretaries and the head of the office of foreign missions. while spokesman called the turnover business as usual, the departing administrators have previously served on democratic and republican administrations. a more movement this time the current border patrol chief mark morgan is out. nbc quotes a source who says morgan was asked to leave and decided to resign rather than challenge his removal.
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>> our investigative unit is crunching the numbers on president trump's executive actions. he has signed a dozen executive actions since he took the oath of office less than a week ago. that's a pace well ahead of most recent presidents. president obama signed five executive orders in his first week in office including an order to close the detention facility at gitmo. president george w bush only signed two. president bill clinton also sign pedestrian two executive actions and just like mr. trump clinton signed one of those on his first day in office. continuing cover yang over the border wall battle is straight ahead on nbc nightly news. plus a look at the president's first meeting of a foreign leader, america's closest ally the uk. >> getting a college degree here in california just got more expensive. today the university of california system approved his first tuition hike in seven
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years. the board of rejens voted for a 2.5% hike. uc president says the $282 annual increase for instate students will take effect this fall. she says the money will help maintain the quality at the ten campuses which includes cal. >> relentless rain throughout the month of january means the worst of california's drought has been wiped out. i want to show you a map that shows drought conditions throughout the state at this time last year versus this year. 51% of the state remains in some category of drought compared to 95% a week ago. no areas in the state are considered to be under exceptional drought any more. the report cautions that ground water is still critically low and will take a while to build up. for the second time in a week a car plunges into the alimmediata creek. this is the nielz canyon but this time the driver was able to get out amidst the rushing
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water. the man reportedly fell asleep at the wheel early this morning crashing into the creek. he broke his windshield and swam to sure. this comes just days after an 18-year-old woman presumably dround after her honda plunged into the same creek. here's video of that scene. her car was found in the same area as today's accident. >> pg&e ordered to pay millions of dollars in fines today by a judge in san francisco and publicized it's pipeline safety convictions. coming up reaction from a woman who lost three family members in the san bruno explosion. >> also ahead he's been called a seriously killer and he wants lived in the bay area. the grizzly investigation spanning both coasts. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri clear blue skies and this goes all the way back into berkeley. we're tracking an incredible friday forecast and when rain
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returns about anesthetist minut eight minutes . >>
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seven years after the devastating explosion in san bruno -- a federal judge slaps pg&e with seven years after that devastating explosion in san bruno a federal judge slapped pge and e with a hefty sentence.
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offers some justices to the family who lost their lives that fateful evening. pg&e is being forced to do something unusual. christy smith was inside the courthouse earlier and joins us this evening with the details. >> reporter: today we heard from the mayor of san bruno and also a woman who lost three family members in that san bruno explosion and what we were hearing is that requiring public ads the fines and an independent auditor but for them this really won't end. >> what happened here was so very serious. i mean it's more than money, it's more than politics. >> reporter: san bruno mayor spoke outside federal court after a judge ordered pg&e to pay the maximum $3 million fine and obstructing a probe into the san bruno gas explosion.
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>> justice was served today and transparency will come with the independent monitor. >> reporter: an independent monitor will oversee the utility. pg&e will be put on five years probation and 10,000 hours of community service with high level employees required to perform at least two of those areas prerch bring in san bruno. >> i think that the judge did a very good job imposing the fines. >> reporter: sue bull list lost her husband, son and mother-in-law in the deadly san bruno explosion. i thought the judgment was strong but it's never enough because i can never get my family back. >> pg&e saying we want san bruno and all of the communities we serve to know that we have committed ourselves to a goal of transforming this company into the safest most reliable energy provider in america and to reearning their trust through our actions.
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>> reporter: this behind me this is the lot where sue's home once stood. it is slated to become a park. meantime pg&e does have the right to appeal. reporting live in san bruno, christy smith. nbc bay area news. >> frightening moments in sacramento this morning when live power lines came crashing down hitting a semi-truck driving by and some cars parked nearby. the sacramento tweeted out this video of the scene. thankfully no one was hurt. no word on what caused those power lines to fall. a california murder with bay area ties is revealed to be a serial killer. he died in prison in 2010 after pleading guilty to killing this girl. today new hampshire have linked 1980s cold case. years later the bodies of two young girls were found in a different barrel in a wooded
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area a few miles away. he havens is also suspected of killing a girlfriend who's body has never been found. >> we're gratified that we've been able to make this progress. now we're hungry for more. find the mother of that second child. investigators say there may be more victims and there verbal concerned about a 12 year gape when they believe he was in california. >> the dooms day clock clicked a bit closer to nuclear arm ged on. >> today we move the clock a half minute closer to midnight. the scientists and scholars who created the dooms day clock haven't changed it since it was unveiled 64 years ago. climate change, and cyber threats prompted them to advance the minute hand by 30 seconds. >> there are close to 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world. the united states and russia each have at least 5,000 weapons apiece. >> experts calculate detonating a hundred of those weapons would
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render the planet uninhabitable. the dooms day clock was set at two minutes to midnight when the u.s. was mired in the cold war with the soviet union. >> those high flying activist who climbed hundreds of feet on that korean to protest the president face charges in court today. the seven greenpeace activist including at least four from the bay area were officially charged with comeen deering a crane. right next to the white house and displayed that huge banner that red, resist. the four bay area affectivists while tethered to that crane. >> dangerous. >> they do wear all the safety gear. >> let's check on the forecast back here at home. pretty nice day. >> definitely beautiful outside. blue sky. probably one of the sounyest 24 hour periods we have seen in weeks across the bay area. we can show you even more of
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that if you were stuck inside at the office today or whether jound ground. excellent visibility that you're able to see the golden gate bridge right in the center of the screen. right now 54 degrees by 11:00 p.m. it dips down to 40. it is really remarkable what we're seeing happening right now. just 500, that's 500 miles offshore the storm track is extremely active but it's all about this area high pressure that's moved in. this is the main reason why we're continuing to see clear weather not only into tomorrow morning but also the weekend. we are going to be talking about when we could get some rainfall back in here in a little bit. tomorrow morning jacket needed in the try valley. as we get you here to the north bay, 38, san francisco 44 and the east bay starts off sunny and 42 degrees. so a chilly start but by the afternoon tomorrow, temperatures
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will warm up three to five degrees. it's going to be noticeable. morganhill and gillroy. full on sunshine for alimmediata counties. 59 in fremont and hayward expecting 50. and continued sunshine. san francisco, 56, outer sun net 58 and for the north bay up into sonoma, napa right near 60 degrees and there's going to be a side effect here from this stiller conditions in the atmosphere and that is air quality will be at moderate levels across the own tire bay area so if you do suffer from respiratory problems you may start to feel it as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. by this weekend we may see a spare the air day issued for us.
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dry sunny weather as promised all the way to tuesday of next week. then we're still looking at rain returning by wednesday and also thursday. maybe wet weather lingering into next friday's forecast. now once that wet weather gets here we're looking at totals that would range three quarters of an inch to 2 inches that's over a three day period. we're not expecting major flooding concerns. if we see those totals going up any higher i'll be all over the river levels. >> it's sunny outside but still active. up next your 5:00 record high numbers for rider satisfaction hits an all time low. we'll tell you about the most common complaint. in the past hour, warriors stars
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draymond green and klay thompson have been named "reserves" for theba just in the past hour warrior klay thompson have been named reserves for the nba all star team. and on facebook a nasa satellite image shows a dramatic look at how much rain fell this month in california. more news in two minutes. hope to see you soon.
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was trying to arrest him. it happened in the rk are searching for a suspect who nearly dragged a police officer who was trying to arrest him. it happened in the parking lot of a 24 hour fitness on the santa collara border. officers approached a white man in his office as he was sit not guilty a silver see dan. they found he was a convicted felon. he refused to get out of the car and quickly sped off. >> bart's ridership may be at an all time high but customer satisfaction is the lowest in 20 years. more than 5,000 riders were surveyed. 69% say they were satisfied that's quite the drop from 84% just a few years ago. many said they just want to see a more reliable system and trains that are on time. >> big slice of holiday about right here in the bay area. we'll explain next. >> announcer: nbc bay area responds. we've recovered over $500,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call us or
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=vo= nbc bay area responds to complaints about a charity ... ra tonight at six, where's the money going? >> nbc bay area responds about a
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charity raising money for the oakland warehouse finder. more than $900,000 is sitting idle. that story and more at six. >> finally here at 5:00 some of the most popular names in holiday has bay area connections among them actress margaret cho. >> the bay area is not really hollywood is the land of make believe and where glitz and glamour live. san francisco in particular it's just such a special place. it's really a magical city. >> she believes personality. what shows says about being a hollywood outsider. join us for bay area revelations. we call it the movies. it's this saturday, january 29th at 7:00. >> that's going to do it for us. please join us back here at six. have a great night folks.
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war. the fight over the wall boils over between president trump and mexico and tonight, who is going to pay for it? could it be american consumers? caught on tape. a video showing police choking her son. why did she end up tasered and charged? major airlines under fire accused of discriminating against families with nut allergies. the price you pay, a super shopper reveals how to cut your grocery bill in half without clipping coupons. still got game. if you enjoy down under, a trio of champions proving age is just a number. and l


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