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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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bank robber continues at this hour. here's what we know. police say that man robbed the bank in scotts valley, then led officers on a high-speed chase on north bound 17. that's coming back towards the south bay. nbc bay area's damian joins us now near the scene with the very latest. damien. >> reporter: raj, we have an update. they are still looking for the robber. chp tells us the southbound lanes will reopen at about 6:30 this evening. the northbound lanes about two hours after that so at about 8:30. but the folks in the area have been told to shelter in place in the red wood estates area as police still look for the suspected bank robber. it happened just before noon over in scotts valley and they're still looking for that man. it started with that robbery at a bank of america in scotts valley this morning. we have surveillance picture of the suspect released by the sheriff's department. after the robbery scotts valley police started a chase along
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highway 17. there are reports the suspect hit several cars before his car finally broke down near red wood estates. at that point scotts valley police opened fire, but don't know whether they hit the suspect who ultimately disappeared into the woods. swat teams are here including sheriff's deputies from santa cruz and santa clara county. chp is also here along with the fbi. nearby schools were locked down for several hours. that was terrifying for parents, but the kids seemed a little less worried. >> it's always scary for a parent to hear that there was a shooter nearby and now the school is in lock down and you can't get to your son. >> reporter: how scary was it? >> it was actually kind of exciting for me, but they didn't really tell us everything right away. >> reporter: there is no real description of the suspect other than the surveillance picture we have. the good news for commuters again is that the southbound lanes of highway 17 will reopen
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at 6:30 tonight. that's the prediction. northbound lanes still have to gather evidence on the north lanes. they will reopen at about 8:30. we'll stand by and bring the latest at 6:30 this evening. we're live along highway 17. i'm damien trujillo. >> this is another live look from the chopper above 17. drivers have been telling you no luck going through the santa cruz mountains today. here is a look at the traffic map. as damien mentioned northbound highway 17 closed at the summit and maybe will reopen around 8:30 this evening. southbound closed at bear creek and it hopes to reopen at 6:30. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has spent the entire day stuck on that highway. he joins us now via face time. garvin, what a disaster out there. >> reporter: it has been. i was not stuck in this by choice, i'll tell you that. let me give you a look at what things look like right now. you heard that the summit, northbound lanes are going to be opening at 8:30.
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this is what it looks like right now as we speak. it is i pulled off and it's safe where i am. i flipped around on the southbound lanes. the returning traffic around, they are looking now, that is the line of traffic coming northbound on 17. just as they get to summit ave at the travel, by that sign up there, the illuminated sign, that's where people are being forced off. right now they're working all the traffic northbound to turn around and go southbound. they're not giving them any choice to get off or go to santa cruz highway at the moment. as you said, jessica, i was in the traffic jamb all day long. it started around 10:00 this morning, i would pass by a couple police cars going northbound on 17. not too long after, we found ourselves stuck, dead stop because of the activity near red wood estates. for some of us it was four hours in that spot with absolutely no movement. the only way we got out from
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there is that the chp started turning cars around one by one from the back of the logjam and doing it that way. so, it took four hours. i talked to people who were late for work, missed work completely, missed flights completely. still, once everybody had the situation explained to them, people were pretty understanding all along. one of the difficulties adding to all this is once 17 gets closed, because of all the challenges with the weather lately and all the mudslides, many of the side roads locals know, rely on were closed because of mudslides. santa cruz highway they weren't allowed down from because of the active search. for most people there was no way to get from santa cruz into the south bay at all for many hours today. as you can see if you want to look back live, if they're trying now, it's going to take them many more hours before they are able to get up and over the hill. jessica, raj, back to you. >> thank you, garvin. we hope you make it home soon, too. yes, as garvin was mentioning,
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17 lately has been bee sieged by problems. last week storms and trees. of course we'll continue to monitor the situation in the santa cruz mountains. we will go go back to damian at 6:30 and also updating our digital platforms 24/7. >> our other headlines this evening, more drama surrounding president donald trump. his proposed border wall isn't only dividing americans, it's creating ape standoff with the president of the of mexico. today the trump administration offered some suggestions on how to pay for that multi-billion dollar wall. specifically, a 20% tax hike on all the goods we import from mexico. among our leading imports from mexico, cars, computers and telecom services. >> by doing it that way we can do $10 million a year and easily pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone. >> here's the impact, though. it's the american consumers who would be paying those taxes, meaning under this plan it's actually the american consumers,
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not mexico paying for the wall. tonight white house official say it's just one of many ideas they are considering. here in the bay area, the protests continue. the president's orders on immigration and pipelines getting the most backlash here. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us from the san francisco federal building where another anti-trump protest is happening right now. michelle. >> reporter: that's right, raj. a couple hundred people are gathered on the other side of the building. more than a thousand are expected tonight. this particular protest is focusing on the dakota and key stone pipeline and many of the organizers you can see them walking by, say they want their voices to be heard. >> for you today to say i am confident that san francisco will lead the way for the entire nation. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee vowed to defend the city from what he called cynical attacks from d.c. >> we are a sanctuary city now, tomorrow, forever. [ applause ] >> reporter: in this morning's
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state of the city address, mayor lee received a standing ovation after promising to fight for undocumented immigrants. >> i heard that from mayor lee, we have got to take responsibility for our people. >> reporter: the speech comes one day after president trump signed orders increasing deportation efforts and cutting funding to immigration sanctuary cities. >> if and when the federal cuts come, we will be united behind our promises and our values. >> reporter: according to mayor lee, san francisco receives a billion federal dollars a year for everything from homeless housing to immigration services. while many across the country applaud president trump's tough stance on immigration, a small group of protesters gathered outside the federal building in san francisco to once again protest the president's stance on women and immigration rights. >> this is a fascist regime. we are determined to resist it. >> reporter: for this group of protesters and mayor ed lee, it seems the uncertainty of what will come next is inspiring a
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defiant front in san francisco. >> our city's compassion, our heart has been tested. >> reporter: well, the mayor also went on to say it is so important to increase homeless assistance and low income housing throughout the city. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, michelle. well, next in the barrel, the environmental protection agency. there is growing concern that the trump administration will soon cut as much as a billion dollars from the epa budget and cut its work force, too. effectively silencing government research and scientific evidence on critical issues like vaccine safety and climate change. that's the concern. nbc bay area's liz joins us where scientists are voicing those concerns. i understand organizing as well. this was, he said it on the campaign trail, not a fan of the epa. >> reporter: absolutely. and scientists here at cal and across the country for that matter are so concerned they're taking to social media, even
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planning a march in washington, d.c. similar to the recent women's march biologist michael eisen admits he is most comfortable in side of his lab at u.c. berkeley, but says this is war. >> it's not just about science. it's about something much bigger. >> reporter: today a former trump advisor told the associated press the president may cut a billion dollars out of the epa's budget. >> they're the eyes of the government. >> reporter: mr. trump has also institute the a media black out to federal agencies, preventing scientists from talking about their research. he took to twitter saying he'd share it for them, especially policy makers. >> shutting off the ability of scientists to talk to legislators is forcing them to make decisions with their eyes closed. . >> the trump administration is about to launch a war against science. >> reporter: the union of concerned scientists also worries the trump administration is lethal to science. >> we see climate science web pages of the u.s. government being taken down at the state
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department. >> reporter: but says his national advocacy group based in boston is seeing a growing number of scientists pushing back. >> scientists wanting to march and wanting to organize because from their point of view, a world of alternative facts is not the world that they operate on. >> if we don't take a stance now, god knows what's in the next attack on science going to be. >> reporter: and that professor also fears trump sometime in the future could cut federal grants funding science research at universities like this one. so far that hasn't happened. meanwhile it's unclear when that march organized by scientists will take place at the capital. reporting live in berkeley tonight i'm elise kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. our investigative unit has been crutching the numbers on president trump's executive orders. he signed a dozen of these orders since taking office less than a week ago. keep in mind many orders, executive orders are not carried out due to financial or legal roadblocks. president obama signed five
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executive actions in his first week in office, including an order to close guantanamo bay. guantanamo bay, however, was never closed despite the order. george w. bush signed two executive orders during his first week. president clinton also signing two executive actions his first week, compared all this by the 12 so far by mr. trump. now, our coverage continues on our website. you can find the latest updates and hear more from the president that's at >> virtually the same, a second car crashes in the alameda creek in a couple days. how this driver was able to make it back to land. and a judge in san francisco orders pg&e to pay millions of dollars in fines and publicize its pipeline safety convictions. coming up, reaction from a woman who lives in san bruno and lost family members during that deadly explosion. >> i'm meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. clear skies across the east bay right now. leads to a cold start tomorrow morning. walnut creek. we're talking the weekend and also win when our next storm system can arrive. that is coming up in about eight minutes. >> we still have several crews covering our breaking news. our nbc chopper in the south bay, highway 17 closed several hours in both directions. we'll give you an update when it might reopen, hopefully in the next hour. stay with us. win
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we're tracking our breaking news in the south bay. this is highway 17 or near it near los gatos. it's been a mess for more than seven hours. you see down below the police activity. it's been, again, nearly eight hours now. a major artery to and from the silicon valley. here's the update now. southbound 17 expected to reopen in about 15 minutes from now. so, southbound that's going towards santa cruz. northbound 17 expected to reopen in about two hours from now. so, we'll continue to follow this story throughout the evening. you can also get the latest updates on our twitter feed and facebook page as well. >> well, a public mea copa and millions had signed, seven years after the deadly san bruno explosion, a federal judge slaps pg&e with a sentence linked to the pipeline safety. and it includes making their crimes public on tv and newspaper ads. nbc bay area christy has more on
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the details. christy, $3 million in fines, is that satisfactory for a company worth billions? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that we spoke today with a woman who says that she lost three family members in that deadly san bruno explosion, and she had emotional and mixed reaction to all this. we also heard from the mayor of san bruno. and while he said this is satisfying in some ways, but for them this whole thing won't end. >> this is a chapter that's closing in my life. >> reporter: sue shared her thoughts about a federal judge's sentencing of pg&e for violating pipeline safety and obstruction. she lost her husband, son and mother-in-law in the san bruno explosion. >> i thought the judgment was strong, but, you know, it's never enough because i can never get my family back. >> reporter: the order includes a $3 million fine. it also orders pg&e to spend
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millions on print and television ads publicizing its convictions and prevention efforts, along with a federal safety monitor. mayor says the monitor is critical. >> justice was served today and transparency will come with the independent monitor. he gave them a lot of leeway into pg&e's record keeping, financials. >> reporter: pg&e will also have to perform 10,000 hours of community service, 2000 by high-level employees, preferably in san bruno where scars run deep. >> what happened here was so very serious, i mean, it's more than money, it's more than politics. people died and we want some recognition of that, and i think the judge did that today. >> reporter: pg&e issued a statement saying in part we want san bruno and all of the communities we serve to know that we at pg&e have committed ourselves to a goal of transforming this company into the safest, most reliable energy provider in america, and to re-earning their trust through our actions. >> it's going to be very hard for them to restore a trust in
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us as citizens. >> reporter: now, this is the lot where sue's home once stood. we are told that it is slated to become a park as dedication is expected sometime in the fall. reporting live in san bruno, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christy. our investigative unit has been covering this pg&e trial and the investigations leading up to it four years since that explosion. you can watch those full reports on our website, >> in the east bay now for the second time in a week, a car plunges into the fast moving alameda creek. this is in niles canyon near fremont. this time, though, the driver did make it out safely. the man reportedly fell asleep at the wheel early this morning, crashing into the creek. you see the car down below. he broke his windshield and then swam to shore. this comes just days after an 18-year-old woman presumably drowned after her honda plunged into that same creek.
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>> well, the relentless rain throughout this month means the worst of our drought has been wiped out. want to show you a map which shows the drought conditions throughout the state at this time last year versus now. 51% of california remains in some category of drought compared to 95% a year ago. according to the weekly u.s. drought monitor report, no areas of the state are considered to be under exceptional drought. the report cautions that groundwater is still critically low and it will take awhile to buildup. and at one point if i remember just a couple years ago, it seemed like everybody was exceptionally -- >> it was all red. >> i think two-thirds in the state was in that worst category. and while we're undergoing this recent drying trend that we do need, we will see a lot of our snow pack and rain season totals drop about 20% into next week. so, we still need to get more storms in here over the next two months. we're just hoping for a lot more spacing in between them so we can avert any kind of major
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flooding. right now outside 51 in san jose. it's all about clear skies tonight dropping temperatures down to a cold 45 at 11:00 p.m. throughout the south bay. we'll take you to the east bay in concord. currently 52 and we'll also see numbers in the low 40s by late tonight. as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, sunny skies to start as we head into the afternoon, we keep that sunshine fantastic day across the bay. 59 in san jose, 57 in concord, 54 in san francisco. up towards napa we'll have one of our warmer temperatures at 60 degrees. on the extended forecast just as promised, dry weather through next tuesday. then we get the chance of rain returning by wednesday and thursday. possibly even into friday of next week, some storm activity as well. so, i want to focus in on the anticipated totals. we've seen it go up a little bit from yesterday's forecast. we're looking at one to possibly 2 inches in the north bay. san francisco, east bay and the south bay anywhere from three quarters of an inch possible to just over 1 inch.
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again, that's from next wednesday into friday. lake tahoe's forecast does also have sunny and dry weather through next tuesday. then we get the possibility of snow into next wednesday and thursday. so, some time to clean up also up across lake tahoe. another update at 6:49 tonight we'll take a look at the air quality for tomorrow. >> very good. we'll shea you shortly. thanks, jeff. the word is according to scientists a few clicks closer to a doomsday scenario. i'm scott bud man. coming up after the break, what's happening in the world that's putting us all on the edge? ==reveal==
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the u-c berkeley chancellor confirms "milo yiannopoulos" happening now on our twitter feed, the uc berkeley chancellor confirms that milo will be speaking on campus next week. it is a controversial right wing writer who has drawn protests at recent appearances on other campuses. also advertisers are trying to get the most bang for their buck so they're releasing some super bowl commercials early online. we posted some on our home page.
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okay, it is ticking. we're talking about the so-called doomsday clock. still ticking and that's actually not a good thing. >> it's an unofficial barometer of worldwide dang eras it relates to nuclear weapons. many scientists take it seriously. scott joins us with details. scott. >> those scientists tell us the
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combination of international and technology are making these dangerous times. >> today we move the clock a half minute closer to midnight. >> reporter: but on this clock, midnight doesn't mean a late night party. it's the doomsday clock, now standing at 2 1/2 minutes to midnight, a metaphor for how close the world is to global catastrophe. moving forward by 30 seconds because of climate change, along with nuclear and cyber threats. >> unfortunately, nuclear volatility has been and continues to be the order of the day. >> reporter: the clock which moves closer or further away from doomsday based on the state of the world hasn't been this close to midnight since 1953 during the cold war between u.s. and russia. now a revival of nuclear concern. >> there are close to 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world. the united states and russia each have at least 5,000 weapons
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apiece. workable weapons. >> reporter: the doomsday clock was created 70 years ago. the scientists say it's not just tension between the u.s. and russia moving the doom day clock. nuclear arms they say is making the standoff between india and pakistan also potentially very dangerous. raj? >> scott, thank you. well, getting a call to degree here in california got less expensive. university california system approved the first tuition increase in seven years. the board of regents meeting in san francisco voted for a 2.5% hike. u.c. president janet said the $282 increase for in-state students will take effect this fall. she says the money will help maintain the quality at the ten u.c. campuses which includes cal. after the oakland fire, people opened their hearts and their wall et cetera. so, where do their donations go? i'm consumer investigator kris chmura. we'll follow the money down a path some are complaining about next.
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>> reporter: i'm damien along highway 17. it remains closed. the manhunt for a bank robber continues. the latest is coming up.
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right now at 6:30, a major problem for thousand of commuters this evening. highway 17 remains shut down during an ongoing manhunt for a suspected bank robber. but this might be getting better. the situation near los gatos any minute now. >> the robbery happened in
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scotts valley, then a shooting on 17 where the suspect crashed and then vanished into the mountains leading to that search. nbc bay area's damian trujillo has been there all day long. they were going to open the southbound lane by 6:30. what's the update? >> reporter: we're still waiting, jessica. i'm looking at the southbound lanes now, the highway remains closed. good news, the old santa cruz highway has been reopened. that at least is another artery for folks who are desperate to get home from work at this point. but we're waiting. they said 6:30 for the southbound lane, about 8:30 for the northbound lanes. the manhunt continues up here in the santa cruz mountains. we are waiting to get an update from police as far as where that might be at this point. we do have video of the crime scene that happened just about after 11:30 this morning. officers were with heavy fire power scoured the area along highway 17 where the suspect
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apparently crashed his car. police released a surveillance picture of the suspect. they may the man robbed a bank of america in scotts valley and led police on a chase north on highway 17. there are reports that the suspect hit several cars during the chase and his car finally failed him at red wood estates. the scotts valley police officer fired at least one round at the suspect, but it's not clear if he was hit. that's where police say the robber ran into the woods, triggering the manhunt. it includes at least two s.w.a.t. team trucks. local schools were put on lock down. it was scary for parents, but apparently the kids weren't as worried. >> it's always scary for a parent to hear that there was a shooter nearby and now the school is in lock down and you can't get to your son. >> reporter: how scary was it? >> it was actually kind of exciting for me, but they didn't really tell us everything right away. >> reporter: now, here's one more look at the surveillance picture of the suspect released by police. the school lock down was called off just before 2:00 this
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afternoon. both northbound and southbound directions again of highway 17 remain closed at this hour. we're seeing some cars a little bit of movement on the southbound lanes right now, but still not officially opened as of yet. police might be scaling back their manhunt throughout the night, but they will have a presence out here nonetheless. we're live along highway 17. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> we'll be checking with damian. we've been tracking all along with digital platform. if you want to get the latest check our twitter feed at >> what's happening with all that money? nbc bay area responds to concerns about fund-raising for the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. nearly a million dollars of donations and counting. >> and some continue to donate for this. obviously for the warehouse fire and those victims. consumer investigator kris chmura are asking where are those contributions and has any of it actually been sent out yet? >> reporter: it's a burning question. we have start today hear from people impacted by the fire that
6:33 pm
they are not getting the donations. so, we spent the past four weeks asking questions, pulling records, and following the money flow. >> i've never seen anything burn that quickly that big. >> reporter: december 3rd, the day after the devastating fire, a small nonprofit took charge collecting contributions. gray area foundation for the arts, its founder spoke with us. >> every penny that's donated here goes to the fire victims, funeral expenses, medical expenses and health related expenses. that's our priority first and foremost. >> reporter: the city of oakland directed money to gray area and money poured in. >> we're like what can we do. >> reporter: steel donated profits from her oakland restaurant. >> two to three hour window, i think it was like $600 that we raised. we felt really good. >> reporter: the running total of donations coming in is $901,000. some say the total given to
6:34 pm
victims is zero. >> why is it taking so long? they know what we're doing. they know we lost our home. we lost everything. >> reporter: carmen was living in the ghost ship when the fire broke out. two weeks ago she told nbc bay area's vicky nguyen she needs help. she as well as others who wouldn't go on camera say they received cash assistance hours after the fire from the red cross which distributed money from a fund led by the a's warriors and raiders. the gray area has provided no money. >> they kind of just didn't seem to get it. >> reporter: that surprised us because the gray area founder said she enlisted the red cross to help manage the fund. >> this is what they do, we're not going to tree to reinvent the wheel. >> reporter: they opted to manage the fund itself on its own schedule. >> i would like to have seen an immediate handout. >> reporter: we've been asking gray area for information for weeks. today the founder agreed to a follow-up interview. she confirmed all the money is sitting idle in a bank account. >> we haven't spent a dime.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: she said she has heard people's concerns, but assures them the gray area is beginning to approve applications. >> eventually we'll be getting a check the next couple of days to weeks. so, i think at a certain point they'll begin to be thankful and most people are thankful. it's just a few vocal people that are speaking out. >> reporter: as for why it's taken close to two months, she attributed it to delays to getting records from the city and the coreener which she said the red cross had immediate access to. >> it was a huge hold up in us having the information that we needed to serve the people that were affected. >> reporter: our research found another hiccough. a call from the attorney general, records we pulled showed the state sent gray area three different delinquency letters last year for failing to file financial records. one notice from august warned of the state's intent to suspend or revoke its registration as a charity. gray area told us it was unaware of the letters until late december when the attorney
6:36 pm
general's office called. >> we cleared that up within 72 hours of the phone call with the attorney general. so, that is completely a nonissue. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> if the group can't get it together to get their finances reported, their basic public disclosure documents provided to the state of california and the irs, then how can they be expected to get it together to get this huge quick influx of funds to the needed victim? it's really a bad sign. >> reporter: charity watch which scrutinizes nonprofits questioned gray area's decision to administer the funds. >> there's certainly groups in the bay area that are better equipped and have the experience to handle the disasters such as this warehouse fire. >> reporter: the victim and donors we talked to told us they just want gray area to distribute the 900 grand with the same urgency the sympathetic public donated it. >> i don't think anybody who gave money was like, yes, i want
6:37 pm
this money to sit in the bank of a foundation dragging its feet. >> i understand it's a difficult process to weed out, but there has to be a better way to make it happen. faster. >> reporter: gray area is still collecting donations. it increased its fund-raising goal several times including a $50,000 bump today alone. its web page says it will continue upping the target. as far as applications are concerned, the deadline is march 7. jess? >> thank you very much. our investigative unit has been digging into the wear fire for weeks. to watch of our investigations all you need to do is go to our website,, and a full list for you there. >> a march and vigil being planned this saturday evening for a man shot and killed by a vallejo police officer. family members say officers shot and killed 21-year-old angel ramos early monday morning when they responded to a fight at a house party. police say ramos was holding a knife and attacking a 16-year-old boy when officers arrived. in social media posts, ramos's
6:38 pm
family says he was defending his brother during that fight and police didn't have to shoot. >> extensive cleaning and decontamination is underway at sonoma county's animal shelter and dog adoptions briefly suspended because of a virus detected in some of the dogs. once it was identified, administrators say no new cases were found and adoptions resumed today. the shelter, though, is recommending anyone who has recently recovered a dog or adopted one from the sonoma county shelter to check with their veterinarian and check on the virus. >> up next, problems with the car buy back. nbc bay area responds and helped a man on the peninsula finally cash in. we'll. restaurant served-up some
6:39 pm
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6:41 pm
politics today, as local workers protested donald trump's nominee for labor secretary. restaurants served up some politics today as local workers protested president trump's nominee for labor secretary. several people held up signs and chanted. voicing their opposition to andy who faces senate confirmation next week. demonstrators outside of a carl's jr. restaurant, the ceo of the chain's parent company. among their issues, he faces millions of dollars in wage theft claims. >> wage theft is when employer does not pay the worker all the wages, does not pay overtime, has them punch out or stop reporting their time, and continue to work, not giving them lunch or breaks. >> reporter: protesters are were put on by san jose's fight for 15, a group of activists focused on national $15 per hour minimum wage. >> want to see steph curry and k.d.? make sure your ticket is legit.
6:42 pm
beware of counterfeits. they've seen 650 fans denied access to games because they bought fake tickets. the warriors are urging everyone not to buy tickets from unverified third-party sellers or web sites. they say visiting the team's website or going to the oracle arena box office the old-fashioned way are foolproof ways to ensure you're getting the real thing. the old-fashioned way is the best. >> or have a good friend that gives you the tickets to all the game. >> we all want that. >> take it away, jeff. >> nothing like tickets. a lot of sunshine over the next couple of days. clear skies will come at a cost tomorrow morning as it is going to drop down to 34 in livermore, one of our coldest locations. we'll have more details on when, yes, rain returns. coming up in about four minutes.
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peninsula man o d ouble with that big volkswagen okay, get double for your money today. nbc bay area responds is back with the peninsula man who had trouble with that big volkswagen buy back. >> more than 30,000 bucks was on the line here. consumer investigator kris kmur is back with us. how did you help him? >> we made a phone call after he made a whole bun p of them. he hit a brick wall trying to get vw to buy back his 2015 sport wagon tdi. one of the 475,000 vehicles vw agreed to buy back because of the emission scandal last year. he filed an application in october but it was never processed. vw's website said the first two steps of a claim take 20 business days. chuck told me he waited 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 business days. it became clear at that point his case was solved. so, he called us up -- actually
6:46 pm
he wrote us a letter and here's what he said. we made about 17 phone calls and nothing has changed. so, we contacted vw corporate for him. vw researched then found that its system somehow had two claims in chuck's name. next it told us to fix this confusing issue, one claim was canceled so he could proceed. after that chuck conveyed some very good news. he received a written offer to finally get rid of his sport wagon tdi. vw will pay him a little more than 32 grand for it. he thanked us. volkswagen said that it is pleased the confusion regarding mr. lebo's claim has been resolved. if you have a complaint the number is 888-996-tips. or chuck made 17 phone calls. we had to make one. >> good. >> you're the key phone call. >> we hope that doesn't happen too often, but unfortunately it happens enough to keep us in business.
6:47 pm
>> call us basically. >> have people put your number on speed dial. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> well, the bay area is home to some of the most popular names in hollywood and one of them is comedian and actress margaret coho who says the bay area is like nowhere else. >> san francisco, the bay area in general, but hollywood is -- hollywood is the land of make believe and it's where glitz and glamor lives. san francisco in particular, it's just such a special place. it's really a magical city. >> margaret cho has so much more to say. you can hear her tonight including her thoughts on being a hollywood outsider and how she made one of her very first comedy films. join us for bay area of revelations, the movies, this saturday at 7:00. she's one funny woman. >> yes. >> she does not hold back. >> i know. >> cho, it will be fun to hear what she has to say. >> it will be family viewing saturday night at 7:00.
6:48 pm
jeff, we're going to need a forecast, chinese new year's eve is tomorrow night. >> we're going to hold off the rainfall at least the next couple of days. that is at good news. we are still so waterlogged after all of our storm systems lately. let's look at our row climate weather forecast. here is the view in oakland with clear skies. 53, temperatures dropping off to a chilly 46 by 11:00 p.m. tonight. now, the really incredible thing that we're seeing right now is as we get a look at the pacific, just.500 miles out, we are seeing a super aggressive storm track. i mean, a copious amount of wet weather. it's mainly headed well up towards canada, also alaska. it's just going to miss us. the only reason why is this area of high pressure that's built in. that's going to stay here at least the next four to five days. that's the good news. we'll talk more about rainfall chances coming up. let's focus on friday morning forecast. we start off sunny.
6:49 pm
make sure you have the sunglasses in hand. it's that kind of sunshine when you wake up and you head in the car for the commute. can be a little blinding at times especially across the bridges. 35 for the tri-valley. 41 peninsula. 39 in the south bay. north bay 38, chilly start, 44 in san francisco and 42 expected for the east bay. micro climate forecast as we head throughout friday, keep sunshine for the entire day. light winds here in the south bay, 59 in gilroy, 60 in east san jose, and 60 expected in milpitas. looking good in pleasanton, 57 degrees. hayward 60, across the peninsula. palo alto, 57. sunny skies, winds at four miles per hour. san francisco beautiful day along the embarcadero. 54 degrees. down towards the mission, 57. and over towards the outer sunset a milder near the ocean and 58 degrees. north bay 56 at point reyes.
6:50 pm
59 in santa rose a and over towards sonoma, temperatures in the upper 50s. relatively light winds, air quality will begin to suffer. we'll have moderate levels of owe zone across the bay area. if you suffer from respiratory problems, you may start to notice a little bit, we could have a spare the air day issued by this upcoming weekend. let's push ahead towards the forecast by i weather just what we need to recover from all the flooding and damage from our back to back storms. we'll see that dry weather through next tuesday. by wednesday rain returns likely into, wet weather, even into next friday. now, what we're seeing in terms of this wet weather not only for san francisco, but for the interior valleys is that we could see three quarters of an inch to maybe 2 inches. at this .3 quarters of an inch would be more for the south bay. that two-inch total could be towards the north bay. the great news about this is it should be spread over three days so that at this point should mitigate major river flooding, but we are going to track it closely after all of our damage
6:51 pm
and of course how these storms did turn deadly for us. >> very good. thank you, jeff. up next one of the nicest and longest tenured bay area sports stars is on the verge of hockey history. we're going to check in with patrick mar next. stay with us. directv now! the future of tv is now. [ now echos ] 'now' does not mean now. 'future' is a relative term. nfl sunday ticket, red zone and the nfl network are not included. cbs and showtime, again, not included. most live local stations only available in select markets - fingers crossed. streaming to more than two devices at once is a subject we'd rather not talk about. dvr and downloading on the go, yeah, good luck with that. all other terms and frustrations apply. so why wait? call now. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. choose xfinity and get more to stream to any screen. and the band plays on.
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just in to our newsroom... the colorful -- and controversial stanford band and the band plays on. just into our newsroom, the colorful and controversial stanford band has been reinstated. stanford's provost agreed with the band's appeal and ended its suspension which was supposed to last for the rest of the year. the band is now on provisional status. in december you might recall just last month, campus conduct
6:54 pm
board found the stanford band violated the school's alcohol policy and a previously imposed travel ban. so, stanford is back in business. >> yes, the band is back together. okay, we could see a major milestone at the shark tank tonight. shark star patrick marleau needs two more goals to reach 500 on his career. >> that's a big deal. he is a class act. we've been watching patrick marleau 20 years. here's nbc bay area's colin resch. >> reporter: this week patrick marleau is doing what we all wish we could do. he's defying father time. >> patrick marleau, you are absolutely amazing. >> when you're on a roll the team is on a roll you want to keep it going. >> reporter: he's on more than a roll. >> the game winner for mr. game winning goal, patrick marleau, his 17th goal of the season. >> reporter: that was tuesday night. what he did monday night in denver, still has people talking, 13, 14, 15 and 16 of the season.
6:55 pm
>> it's been a while. i don't know, it might have been junior, something like that. yeah, fun when it happens, that's for sure. >> reporter: it's fun for everyone. for sharks and randy, the third goal set the table. >> patrick marleau, three straight goals! natty patty for hatty. >> it came naturally maybe that's a good thing. the natural ones tend to be the ones that are the best. >> the natty hatty for patty. do you like that? >> sounds good. any time those things are put together, that's great. >> reporter: four genz the nachls he did it on back to back nights. quite an accomplishment for a young gun, let alone a 37-year-old. >> a good year for me. patty is an animal. >> i don't think about how old i am. i feel great and having a lot of fun. >> if you've seen how hard he works, you can telecan play for
6:56 pm
another 40 more years. quite the guy to look up to, let me tell you that. >> his five goals this week put him at 498 for his ill us trust career. can he get to.500 tonight against the former coach edmonton oilers? we'll find out soon enough. in san jose colin resch nbc bay area. >> from the sharks to a shark, a ten-year-old surfer had a close encounter with a shark that shared a wave with him in australia and it was caught on camera. check this out. the boy's father said he was taking pictures of his son surfing on tuesday when something caught his eye. he recallsed he was taking a picture of a shark below the surface with his son right there. the father said the shark and the experts told them it was a juvenile great white about 8 feet long. the boy not hurt. the dad maybe a little bit of heart palpitation, but the boy is okay. >> that's insane. thanks for joining us at 6 o'clock. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
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mary tyler moore's tough final days. all new details as oprah, dick van dyke, and bob newhart remember the trail-blazing tv icon. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra . mary tyler moore, blind and battling pneumonia before her >> when i heard the news it took me back to 1972. >> her tv colleague bob newhart, oprah calling into "extra," remembering the day she finally met her idol. >> i went into the triple ugly cry. >> then from her two divorces to her son's death, her private heartbreak. and we unearth her first "extra" interview. >> what has been


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