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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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==terry contvo== a father not giving up hope on finding his daughter alive -- after her car plows right now at 5:00, a father not giving up hope on finding his daughter alive, after her car plows into a flooded east bay creek, the search for the teen one week after the crash. plus, a family demanding answers tonight after their loved one is shotted and killed by police. the demonstration in front of the police department. >> donald trump, go away! >> the first breaking news at the international airport right now where guests are gathering in response of president trump's ban on refugees. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. >> i'm peggy bunker. tensions are high at airports across the country right now. some people are being blocked from coming into the united
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states. this comes after president trump's executive order, banning refugees. >> our nbc bay area viewers posting this video on twitter at the scene of sfo, where we've just alearned the arrivals entrance to the airport has been blocked because of the size of that protest. >> and those protests continue to grow across the country right now. let's go to nbc bay area's christie smith, who's live at sfo right now. chris christie, this is a very chaotic scene. we're talking about it impacting incoming flights. >> reporter: that's right. this demonstration was slated to begin at 3:00. here it is, 5:00, and you can see how many demonstrators are out here. there are hundreds of protesters outside the international terminal at sfo, protesting against president trump's executive order, which blocks enter of certain refugees from mostly muslim countries. in this crowd of people chanting and carrying signs, we are told there are some families here. also, a number of attorneys who are trying to clear up confusion
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and help those family members who believe their loved ones are being held or detained here at the airport after arriving. there are a number of volunteer attorneys who say that families are not getting much information from u.s. customs and border protection. we have reached out to them, as well. have not heard back. but they believe that there may be a handful, half dozen, possibly more people possibly being held here. but they say it's just really difficult to confirm. >> they continue to come in and were it not for last night's executive order, they would be permitted entry into the united states. some have green cards, many have lawful visas. and yet they're being detained for now hour nine by customs and border protection. >> he is being told that he should not get on a plane, because if he does, he may be detained. or if he is not detained, turned around and sent back.
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>> and i think you mentioned this earlier, but access is blocked to the arrivals entrance for international. the duty manager saying that this is, of course, for the protection of the protesters, that the departure gate is handling arrival and departures. you can see the crowd that was standing out here in the road, looks like they are now going back into the terminal. we're hearing that flights en route when all of this went down with president trump's capturexe order, there was so much confusion here, inside, where the folks are going in, there are a number of attorneys, some of them telling us they were retired, but heard what happened and came down here to see what information they could get from family members and see what information they could do to help. but they haven't got much information as well. but you can see the protests here do continue. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much.
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chaos at sfo, obviously. also, chaos at new york's jrk facebook airport, where a dozen people were detained following the president's executive ban on refugees. one was a man who worked as a u.s. army translator in iraq. he was eventually released after u.s. representative jerry nadler went to meet with the refugees at the airport. now they've told nbc news, it's unclear why one was released and the others are still being held. they could be transferred to a detention center in new jersey to meet with immigration attorneys. the aclu has filed a lawsuit, challenging president trump's muslim ban. one of the people detained at jfk is a graduate student studying anthropology at stanford. the student was detained for five hours and released. she is a u.s. resident with a green card. the department of homeland security says even people with that status are being detained. she was on a flight from sudan to new york. well, the refugee ban protest continues to explode at
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major airports all over the country. there is this. president trump spent part of his day today calling world leaders on the phone, including russian president, vladimir putin. in his statement, the white house says that this call with putin lasted about an hour, and that the two presidents talked about a wide range of topics, from defeating isis to working together. that phone call was president trump's first official conversation with the russian leader since taking office. he also spoke with german chancellor, angela merkel. in addition to talks with world leaders today, the president also signed three new executive orders today. one bars members of his administration from lobbying for five years. but it also allowed current lobbyists to join the trump administration. one order pushes for the reorganization of the national security council and the homeland security council, to better respond to new threats against our country. well, the last order from president trump is a big one. he's asked his chief of staff to come up with a plan in 30 days
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to defeat isis. now, coming up in less than ten minutes, a report from mexico city, where some lawmakers are calling for harsher measures against the u.s. this in the wake of president trump's policies towards mexico. the possible boycott is being planned. the search continues today for a missing 18-year-old woman, whose car was recovered from the creek in fremont last weekend. today, a recovery team also pulled another car out of the water after it went into the creek in the same spot on thursday. nbc bay area's tom jenison live on alameda creek with the family of that missing teenager says caltrans needs to make safety improvements to that road. tom? >> jada jenkins' father says this is a particularly dangerous curve, one that he says, quote, catches you off guard. and he said, definitely, caltrans needs to make improvements to that curve before another driver plunges into a fast-moving alameda creek. a vehicle recovery team pulled a car from alameda creek near
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fremont. the 27-year-old driver was able to swim to safety after he fell asleep and veered off the highway thursday morning. but 200 searchers continued to look for 18-year-old jada jenkins, a week after her car went into the creek in the same spot. half of them are friends and family members. >> we want to bring answers and closure, whatever it may be, we want to do whatever we need to do in this effort to bring their daughter home. >> jada's dad is holding out hope she's still alive. >> she always takes this road, pretty much. >> reporter: but jcj jenkins says the curve that jada and the other driver missed is a tricky one that catches drivers off guard. as search and rescue crews recover the second car, jada jenkins' family wonders if there should be changes to the road. >> there probably should be a lot of concern about getting a guardrail or some sort of restraint in that area. just so this doesn't happen to anybody else's family. >> and nbc bay area has obtained a caltrans study that shows
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safety improvements are needed at the curve. >> something should be done about it. it should at least be looked at, with a real heavy concern. >> reporter: that study identifies a couple of things for improvements there. you can see the highway is back open again, just open a little bit ago. but as far as that study goes, the improvements they say they will make and the work that is supposed to start next year is a complete reconstruction of that curve, including widening the lanes and the shoulder, also putting down me reflective center line reflectors, and also putting down what's called friction pavement, that will help the cars grab that pavement when they're going around that curve, which looks like it's the sharpest one on this six-mile stretch between fremont and sunol. we're live in fremont, tom jenson, nbc bay area news. >> tom, thank you very much. new at 5:00 tonight, a march and a vigil in the north bay to protest the deadly police shooting of a 24-year-old plan.
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family members say that police shot and killed ramos when they responded to a house party. they say ramos was holding a knife and attacking a 16-year-old boy when police got there. his family says that he was defending his brother during the fight and the police didn't have to shoot. >> i can't understand why it happened. he didn't have a knife on him. they're saying that he was -- i can't talk, i'm sorry. >> ramos' family joined demonstrators in a march and also a vigil there in front of the vallejo police headquarters. an investigation is underway. new information tonight about the three men arrested in san jose yesterday, in connection with a dramatic chase and a bank robbery investigation. the santa clara county sheriff's office says investigators worked through the night sorting evidence, but it's still not certain any of the men in custody are the bank robbery suspects. our chopper brought you the breaking news yesterday over the
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scene in san jose, as police and s.w.a.t. teams chased down a man and arrested him. this all happening after a bank robbery in scott's valley on thursday. the aftermath included a search that shut down highway 17 for hours. police say the suspect stole a woman's car at knifepoint and then an unmarked police cruiser on friday. investigators are looking into that further. scary moments inside a san jose taco bell to tell you about as well. when police say a man walked in with a gun demanding money, it happened 10:30 at a taco bell. the restaurant was still open. several people jumped into action, wrestling the gunman to the ground. officers say he suffered a gunshot wound during the struggle, but unclear how he was shot. the suspect was taken to the hospital before being placed in the county jail. nobody else was hurt. how about this for an early morning wake-up for firefighters in saratoga. it wasn't for a fire. firefighters say about 2:30 this morning, they woke up to this. the sound of a car crash right outside of their station on los
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gatos road on highway 9. this is what they found, that severely mangled car right outfront. it crashed through the fence on the roadside and into a tree. the driver was still inside and had to be cut out of the car. he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. that crash is under investigation. next at 5:00, protesting president trump in mexico. the possible boycott being planned against the u.s. also to tell you about tonight, a health concern for governor jerry brown. his treatment that he's about to receive from bay area doctors. and a gorgeous sunset over mt. diablo. 54 degrees, but those temps did climb into the 60s. how much more longer will we will keeping the sunshine? plus, we're tracking another chance of rain across the bay area, coming up in just a few minutes. opening of construction on the
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dakota access pipeline. president trump has authorized expediting approval of th demonstrators gathered in san jose to protest against the construction of the dakota access pipeline. pictures posted to twitter showed the group gathering outside the chase bank downtown. they ended their march in front of city hall. protesters are concerned among other things about the environmental impact. it would carry nearly half a million barrels of crude oil across four states. no mug shots of the three arrests last night, but let's
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take a look at the bank robber caught by surveillance camera at the bank of america. >> his face is cover ed by a hoodie and dark glasses. stay with us for that story. in the meantime, we are talking about mexico and the opposition there to president donald trump's signature issues. many, many people concerned about that. >> people are joining together to protest the border wall. some are pushing for a boycott of u.s. companies. nbc's mariano atteatencio has t story. >> reporter: mexicans from all walks of life are protesting against the president of the united states. donald trump is quickly becoming the number one enemy here. however, one of the immediate targets have been american companies and meamerican produc. using hashtags on social media like adios starbucks and adios walmart. some mexicans are using soicial media to incite a boycott of american goods in mexico. >> i don't think it's a smart idea for us to boycott,
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according to the social media project, because we're going to affect -- there's going to be a negative impact on mexicans. there are a lot of mexican who is work in these companies. >> reporter: well, business leaders are also saying to americans, they have to start to get ready to pay more for mexican produce in the united states. president enrique pena nieto met with lawmakers yesterday and one of the immediate actions that was taken was to allocate millions of dollars to strengthen mexican consulates in the united states to, quote, defend mexican migrants. but some mexican lawmakers are calling for harsher measures against the u.s. government. one mexican senator told me yesterday, pena nieto should get ready to stop collaborating with the united states in the fight against drug cartels. in mexico city, this was mariana atencio for nbc 5 news. the progress made today on an area in the north bay that was hit especially hard by the weather. and we definitely had a chance to dry out.
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look at this gorgeous shot over san francisco. right now, enjoying 59 degrees. it's getting warmer and we're keeping a drying trend in the pattern. find out how much longer we're expected to keep the sunshine in just a few minutes. bridge in san francicso.
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a clear sky right n welcome back, everybody. a live look outside right now at the, i would say, always gorgeous, golden gate bridge, especially gorgeous tonight. a lot of people coming into the city, with as you can see. clear skies, but clear all day. but, rain, headed our way for the workweek. not the beginning of the
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workweek, but eventually. and as we think again about rain, this is one of the areas hardest hit areas during the storm. highway 37 in novato. today the chp finally reopened all lanes after the highway was closed for nearly a week because of flooding. the biggest problem spot seen here was between u.s. highway 101 and atherton avenue. they finally found a place to pump all that water and it's open. >> right! which is good to hear. also, just nice to kind of have the nice sunshine. >> i think we've earned these pretty days. >> i think a lot of our viewers were looking forward to it. a lot of people were tweeting me, when is it going to stop raining? >> it's your fault. >> it's always my fault. well, this is also my fault. beautiful sunshine. i brought this sunshine! point arena, looking absolutely stunning right now. we were expecting to see the 60s and we did see the 60s across the bay area. look at this gorgeous shot over half moon bay, using our weather underground sky cam, as that sun sets, we are still feeling the warmth in parts of the bay area. and one of my favorite things about california is that you can
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go to the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset, but you can also head up and enjoy some snow. this gorgeous shot over lake tahoe, also showing that sunset, just over the mountains. and it was definitely a day to enjoy. we are still fairly warm out there. now, we did wake up to 30s and 40s. but look at the everyones t temn francisco, 58. and san jose also in the 50s. morgan hill, still at 50 degrees. we did manage to climb into those 60s. and over the next couple of hours, we are expected to drop yet again in those temperatures. but this high pressure is keeping us nice and dry and also warm. 58 degrees right now in san jose. by the 8:00 and 9:00 hour, we should be dropping into those upper 40s. and by midnight, we should be in those mid-40s, waking up yet again, possibly for 30s. you're definitely going to want to bundle up if you have an early morning commute tomorrow. san francisco, 59 degrees. and we did hit a high in san francisco of about 59. so it's definitely one of those days where you, i hope you
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enjoyed the sunshine, and you went outside and took advantage. by about 10:00, we should be dropping into those 40s. and if you went up and enjoyed a day in napa, here's what you can expect. after drinking all that wine, it's going to get a little chilly. 41 degrees by about 1:00 a.m. 2:00 a.m., also sticking with those 40s. waking up into those 30s. and tomorrow, it's going to be equally gorgeous, slightly warmer, possibly, for areas near the south bay, san jose, expect a high of 64 degrees, as we make our way over to the east bay. we're also seeing those 60s and along the peninsula, upper 50s and 60s. san francisco, topping out at about 60 degrees for tomorrow. and in the north bay, also, seeing those upper 50s. now, doppler radar right now isn't showing too much activity. i mentioned, we do have that high pressure sitting over the area. and that's actually what's going to dominate over the next couple of days. not just today, not just tomorrow, but thankfully, it appears that it is going to be dominating for the next couple of days. but, we are tracking long-range models right now, a storm system that could be making its arrival as early as wednesday.
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and these are the estimated rain totals right now. it looks like by next friday, we could see over an inch and a half in areas near the north bay, but the next seven days, we are going to enjoy a lot of sunshine in the forecast. so i want to stay optimistic and just keep enjoying the sunshine before we go too deep into how much rain we're getting. have no fear, the storms aren't as strong as they were last time. we're still going to have time to dry out. >> thanks very muianey. plp blp
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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. a health scare for governor jerry brown to tell you about. his office announcing this morning that he will undergo further treatment for prostate cancer. governor brown is 78 years old. he'll be treated by a specialist at ucf. in a statement, his treatment will consist of a short course of chemotherapy. governor brown will be able to continue his schedule throughout. brown first revealed his diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2012. it is the start of the lunar new year, which means celebrations are underway in san francisco's chinatown. mayor ed lee was in china town to kick off festivities this morning for the year of, as we just saw, the rooster. >> i'm just going to say, everybody --
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[ speaking chinese ] >> chinese lion and folk dancers were there to entertain today's crowd. this festivity goes back to the 1860s in san francisco. a big celebration of the new year and the year of the rooster, they say, is people born in this year, like to be the center of attention. the celebrations will continue for the next two weekends in the city, including the san francisco zoo. workers set up a scavager hunt there for visitors to enjoy today. plus entertainment from chinese lion dancers. the zoo was also offering free admission for anyone born under the chinese rooster zoed yak siyak iac sign. tomorrow, on our "bay area revelations," we'll be taking a look at how the bay area has made an impact on the movie industry. >> the bay area is -- it has a physical beauty that's just amazing. the redwoods, the bridge, the
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bay, just beautiful old victorian homes on these undulating hills inside of the city. it has the incredible nature out here. >> she loves it, like many of us do. "bay area revelations: the movies" airs tomorrow night at 7:00. we'll be right back. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask
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breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. well, "nbc nightly news" is coming up next and of course more local news here on nbc bay area at 6:00. but before we let you go, beautiful night out there. >> next seven days, look at that, 50s and 60s in the forecast yet again for san francisco and rain is expected to make a quick comeback by the middle of the week. wednesday, thursday, and friday, we could see anywhere over an inch and a half for parts of the north bay. >> wow! >> sunshine's on us. >> yeah, enjoy it while you can!
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>> see you at 6:00. >> thanks, vianey. on this saturday night, immigration crackdown. refugees and other travelers halted, detained, left in limbo. president trump's executive order takes effect causing chaos, confusion and protests, while others applaud the move. taxing question. a tax on imports fm mexico. many americans worried about higher prices on all kinds of products. dog fight. when people get divorced pets feel it, too. one state is considering their well-being in divorce court. for the aging. they are senior citizens of the game. that didn't stop one sister of today from becoming the greatest of all time. and the fishermen. they helped so many


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