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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 29, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. your time now is 7:00. we'll give you a live look outside from our camera on communications hill. absolutely gorgeous. clear skies. we were looking at some pinks in the sky there, as the sun rises. good morning. it's sunday, january 29th. thank you so much for waking up with us. we're going to get a check of the microclimate forecast. it's very cold. that's because it's clear. no cloud cover. >> exactly. >> maybe a warmup? >> we are, we're going to be warmer than yesterday. so if you enjoyed yesterday, you're going to enjoy today even more. if you like the warmer temps. we're catching a nice break from the winter temps, but we are waking up still to those 30s. if you're getting ready to head out, please make sure to bring a nice jacket with you.
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south bay, 38 degrees right now. peninsula, 48 degrees. tri-valley at a cold, cold 33 degrees. and san francisco also looking at 46 degrees. the east bay, 42 degrees. and the north bay at a chilly, very chilly 32 degrees. now, your temperature trend over the next couple hours, we will be warming up into the 40s by about 10:00 a.m. fast forward through 12:00, 1:00, we will be in the 60s. we are expecting a high of about 65 degrees in san jose. we did manage to hit a high of 64 yesterday. so it's definitely going to be one of those warmer days across the bay area. temperature trend in san francisco, 44 degrees right now, and by about 11:00 a.m., we finally start warming up into the 50s. fast forward to 1:00 and 2:00, we will be in the upper 50s yet again, and another shot at hitting the high of about 60 degrees yet again in san francisco. so we are tracking also, though, the chance of seeing more rain in the bay area, but i'll have a closer look at the timeline in a
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few minutes. >> thank you. >> an emergency intervention now. a judge steps in and halts part of president trump's executive order banning immigrants from several middle eastern country. this as people are detained at airports including sfo. last night's ruling is a temporary stay. it applies to immigrants with a green card who have just arrived in the u.s., who were already in transit as well. the stay prevents the trump administration from sending those people out of the country. most of president trump's immigration ban remains in place. on friday, he issued an executive order temporarily banning all refugees and denying entry for people from these seven countries, all are predominantly muslim. since then, protests and rallies have erupted alt airports across the country and right here in the bay area. inside the airports, people are being detained and questioned. hundreds chanted and cheered as word spread of a stay delaying
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enforcement of president trump's executive order. one woman we talked to says her father, who lives in iran but has a green card, was detained for six hours in san francisco. >> he was really worried that they're going to send him back. he's not a very strong man. he's 80 years old. >> part of the legal effort to support individuals being detained. >> alongside protesters, attorneys and groups that support immigrants rights, earlier in the day, there was confusion about how customs and border protection was handling the order and who might be held. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom and other civil rights activists showed up to show their support. they vowed to make sure people were helped and accounted for. >> people are happy to see me and pretty pissed off because they want me to go in and get the folks out. there's certain things i can do, certain things i can't do. >> we have been heartened during all of this to see hundreds of protesters come out and make
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very clear that they stand with their muslim neighbors, that they welcome ref jow gees into their communities. >> activists and many in the immigrant community are celebrating the ruling that came down in new york last night. this is video of people rallying outside the courthouse in brooklyn. san francisco mayor ed lee commended the decision, saying as the son of chinese immigrants, i'm disgusted by the president's executive order to target the muslim community and ban immigrants from entering the united states. our country was built by immigrants in search of religious freedom and a life free of persecution and violence. these acs are a direct betrayal of those american values. hillary clinton also responded to the protests across the country. she tweeted, i stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values and our constitution. this is not who we are. >> we mentioned earlier protests were happening at other airports across the country. that includes chicago's o'hare and jfk in new york.
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chuck coppola has the story of a stanford student who said he was questioned, searched, and held up for several hours. >> chaos at jfk international airport. hundreds protested the detention of at least a dozen travelers including harvard graduate and ph.d. candidate at stanford. who told us by phone about being handcuffed and detained. >> i felt humiliated and scared. at that point, i thought i was probably going to either get deported or detained in some place. why else would they put handcuffs on me? i started crying. >> in a statement, three of stanfords top administrators say we're enormously concerned about the anuish this episode caused our student and her family and we're concerned about others. >> i have been living here since 1993. i never expected to be treelted this way upon my return home. >> at jfk, one detainee was
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released after 18 hours. he, an iranian, helped the u.s. military as an interpreter during the war in iraq. >>mer america is the grittest nation, the greatest people in the world. >> detention included a 12-year-old girl from yemen trying to yoin her parents and siblings in loss vattose. corg to the family, they're american citizens. >> i think the order is extraordinarily overbroad. it's drawing lines based on national origin and religion. and it's so sweeping that it's expecting people like a 12-year-old child who is simply trying to join her u.s. citizen family in the united states. >> chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> the president of the association of american universities also weighed in on the ban, saying we recognize the importance of a strong visa process to our nation's security. however, the administration's new order is causing damage and should end as quickly as possible.
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>> the department of homeland security says it will comply with judicial orders not to deport travelers who were detained. president trump has not made any public statements about the judge's ruling. the president also signed three new executive orders. the first prohibits anyone from taking a job as a lobbyist for five years after leaving the trump administration. another pushes for the reorganization of the national security council and the homeland security council to better respond to new threats. and the last new order from president trump is a big one. he's asked his joint chiefs of staff to come up with a plan within 30 days to defeat isis. this brings mr. trump's total executive actions to 18. he's been in office officially for a week. >> our coverage continues on air and online. we will be following the court battle over the immigration executive order closely. our next newscast is at 5:p.m. we'll also be posted all the latest updates at much more ahead on today in
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the bay. coming up, an all out search for a missing teen after her car plunged into a creek. the changes her family is now calling for after a second crash happened in the same spot. and governor brown reveals he's being treated once more for cancer. the treatment he will have to battle the disease.
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your time now is 7:10. another live look out at san jose from our camera on top of communications hill. and it is absolutely gorgeous. clear skies, but you know what that means. no cloud cover to keep the heat in. you're waking up to 30s across much of the bay area. she'll be by to let you know who things will warm up. >> the search resumed yesterday for a missing 18-year-old woman whose car plunged into an east bay creek a week ago. now, a new twist. a recovery team pulled another car out of the water after it crashed in the same spot just a
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few days ago. now, the family of the missing woman is calling for caltrans to make safety improvements to that road. here's today in the bay's tom jensen. >> if you can get caught off guard very easily by how sharp the turn is. >> cj jenkins says he won't quit the search for his 18-year-old daughter until she's found. even as searchers look for jada, a vehicle recovery team pulled another car from the creek. the 27-year-old driver of that car escaped with minor injuries after plunging into the creek thursday. in the same spot where jada went off the road. jada's dad is holding out hope she's still alive, but he says that curve that jada and other driver missed needs to be safer. >> it will catch you off guard. you'll turn because there's a previous right-hand turn going into it, and then it gets -- it's a tighter turn. >> he wants improvements like a new guard rail. and nbc bay area has obtained a
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caltrans study that calls for safety improvements at that curve. >> something should be done about it. it should be looked at with a heavy concern. >> tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> still ahead on today in the bay, celebrating the year of the rooster. we'll show you how san francisco's chinatown is kicking off the lunar new year. >> a beautiful sunrise in the outer sunset, 44 degrees right now, but there is hope. we will be warming up yet again. how high will we be getting, plus looking ahead to another chance of rain chances in the bay area. all those details in a few minutes.
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you are waking up to clear but very cold skies outside. we're getting to be a little warmer than yesterday. vianey is going to let you know what is a good time to get out there and also a chance of rain in the forecast this coming week. stay tuned for your complete
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microclimate forecast. a march and a vigil to protest the deadly police shooting of a 21-year-old man. family members say police shot and killed angel ramos early monday morning in vallejo when officers responded to a fiet at a house party. police say ramos was holding a knife when officers arrived. his famacy says he was defending his brother during the foyt, and police did not have to shoot. >> the mother of angel ramos, and all i know is i love my child. i can't understand why it happened. he didn't have a knife on him. they're saying he was -- i can't talk. >> ramos' family joined demonstrators in a march and vigil in front of vallejo police headquarters. police say the investigation into that shoot is ongoing. a health concern for governor jerry brown.
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his office announced this weekend he will undergo further treatment for prostate cancer. governor brown is 78 years old. he will be treated at ucsf. his doctor says the treatment will be a course of radiation therapy starting in about a month. the governor pufs 's office sai will continue his work throughout. he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. >> it's the start of the lunar new year, which means celebrations are under way all over the bay area, include san francisco. mayor ed lee was in chinatown. yeah, that's a rooster, the year of the rooster. kicking off activities for the year of the rooster. >> i was going to say to everybody -- >> chinese line dancers and folk dancers were there to entertain the crowd. celebrations will continue for the next two weekends in the see, culminating in the new year parade on february 11th. tonight, we are taking you to the movies. director chris columbus called
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san francisco his home and the city has been a backdrop to some of his most popular films, including "mrs. doubtfire." >> a way to preserve san francisco at that time. when i go back to look at vertigo, i want to see what the city was like in 1958. i just -- it's fascinating to me. so even though i wanted doubtfire to feel like a timeless film, i like going back and looking at pieces of the film that we shot on the streets of north beach and to see that things aren't the same, things have changed. >> more exclusive behind the scenes stories from columbus, including the auditioning process he had to go through to get the job for the first harry potter movie. bay area revelation is our emmy-award winning documentary series on the untold stories of your bay area. it airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. let's turn to vianey arana now. she has a look at the weekend forecast. a lot of folks celebrating the year of the rooster, and it was nice and dry.
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>> it was, which is perfect for celebrations. if you have plans to be outdoors yesterday but didn't get a chance, make plans for today. you, too. because it's going to be a gorgeous day. look at mt. diablo right now. 33 degrees as the sunrise overlooks the mountain. beautiful, beautiful shot. half moon bay also looking equally gorgeous. thanks to our weather underground sky cams, we're seeing some nice hues of orange and pink across the bay area. now, even though we're waking up to 30s and 40s, here are your current temperatures as of right now. the south bay, a cold 38 degrees. peninsula, 48 degrees. the tri-valley at a chilly 33 degrees. we're seeing mostly clear skies. we also enjoyed a mostly clear afternoon yesterday. and that's a lot -- or very similar to what we will be enjoying today. east bay, 42 degrees. san francisco, 46 degrees, and the north bay, a cold 31 grees. have no fear, here's a quick check of your temperature trend over the next couple hours. by about 11:00 a.m., we should
7:19 am
be warming up into the 50s. 53 degrees, and by noon, we should be at about 55 degrees. now, typically, we see highs in the lower to mid 50s for this time of the year, but yesterday, we did hit a high of about 60 degrees. and by 1:00 or 2:00, we will be climbing into the upper 50s for another shot at possibly seeing a high of about 60 degrees in san francisco. san jose also trending up, as we see the high pressure dominating in the forecast. we will continue to see these dry warming temperatures. at about 57 degrees by 12:00. 1:00 and 2:00, in the 60s, and san jose, expect a high of 65, 66 degrees. if you're making your way out to wine areas and of course, expecting to drink fabulous wine, you will do so in a lot of sunshine with warmer temps as well. 56 degrees by 3:00. fast forward to dinner time at about 5:00, and you're looking at about 61 degrees. so we definitely have had a chance to dry out following a series of storms, and this is
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why. here's a quick check of that doppler radar. you don't see a lot of green on the map, which typically indicates rain. however, high pressure sitting over the san francisco yeah, and really all of california, all the way down to southern california, which is actually what's keeping us nice and dry and mostly clear. fast forward right now, the possibility of seeing some rain as early as wednesday night. it looks like these rain totals will be mainly sticking off to the north. if we fast forward through friday, the models have been kind of going back and forth in terms of rain totals, but right now, it looks like it's actually gone down. we're seeing anywhere between a half inch to just over an inch and a quarter for the majority of the bay area. not as impressive in terms of rain totals as what we have seen the past couple weeks. however, fast forward through about saturday and the majority of the rain totals stick to the north bay with palo alto, san jose, and livermore staying just below the half inch mark. let's take a quick check of the next seven days across the bay
7:21 am
area. another day of seeing 60s for today. fast forward through monday. 59 degrees. then by tuesday night, we start seeing a little built of that instability in the air mass and that's what brings the evening rain chances by wednesday. by thursday, we could wake up to an early morning slick commute. so you may want to take extra time, and then looking ahead, inland as well. look at this. we could be seeing a high of 66 degrees today. the 60s and that nice temperature area really sticks around through tuesday. fast forward through wednesday, we're still seeing the 60s, but wednesday evening, we should be seeing the return of rain, but 60s will be dominating through the end of tonight and into tuesday. >> thank you. you're watching today in the bay. straight ahead -- >> oh, yeah. you know, sometimes i sing. >> keeping the peace and keeping a tune. one local police officer's love of music brings him closer to the community he serves. it's today's bay area proud.
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across much of america the relationship between police and the public has been strained lately. in san mateo, we found a police officer who has taken matters into his own hands to try to make things better. garvin thomas has this morning's bay area proud. >> i put through the report. >> walking the beat downtown is unlike any other assignment in the san mateo police department. there are days when it's just as much public relations as police work. which is why it seems to be the perfect fit for colby dara. and the type of cop he always wanted to be. >> i want people to feel completely comfortable to come up to me and ask me questions and to spout off their problems. >> in his effort to do just that, colby isn't afraid to try new techniques. but a couple of months ago, colby discovered something old
7:25 am
was just what he was looking for. his love of music. >> it's kind of always been a part of my life. my parents owned and operated their own business and i would go out on the weekends with my dad on house calls, and we would listen to country music. sometimes we would have a long drive, and we would just be sitting there, windows down, you know, singing country western music. >> colby continued singing as aer. even won a few competitions. but when his focus turned toward a career in law enforcement and raising a family, music kind of faded into the background. but not all the way. >> oh, yeah. walking the beat, i hum or whistle or, know, sometimes i sing. >> but what he did one night in november brought it back in a whole new way. he spotted a street musician, a regular downtown, and walked up to him. >> asked him, do you mind if i
7:26 am
play your guitar? >> his partner, you see, snuck a video of the performance, and colby says it seems like everyone in town has seen it. it's become just the icebreaker colby says he's always been looking for. and now plans to regularly break out in song, and perhaps break down some barriers in the process. gavin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> got a good voice, too. still to come on today in the bay, bay area companies speak out about president trump's executive order to indefinitely ban immigrants from several middle eastern countr s countries. how they're offering to help. >> also, tom brokaw is celebrating 50 years with nbc. he was there on the ground reporting on some of the world's biggest stories. a look back at his long career.
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we're back on today in the bay. your time now is 7:28. a live look outside at the
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transamerica building as the sun rises there in san francisco. a beautiful day to be out, but if you are out, make sure you bring some extra layers because it is a chilly start to the morning. good sunday morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. vianey arana is here to look at the microclimate forecast. a good day to get outside. we were outside yesterday. definitely cold, but if you're riding bikes or doing something athletic -- >> definitely. by midday, we should be in the 60s. a day where don't forget your sun block. i know it's a stretch, not in the 70s or 80s, but this is good enough for me for now. woodside right now, 39 degrees. a beautiful shot. right now, we will be warming up, though. have no fear, those 30s and those 40s will be turning into 50s and then very quickly into the 60s. los gatos also looking sunny, enjoying clear skies. 38 degrees right now. we're expecting to see a lot of changes over the next couple
7:30 am
hours. we will be increasing to 40 degrees. bodega bay looking equally gorgeous. going to be a day you want to head over to the coast and enjoy beach days out there because if you haven't been taking your pets outdoors. it's a day to take them on a nice long walk. a quick glance at the temperatures across the bay area. santa rosa at 31 degrees. palo alto, a cool 39, but we're keeping that high pressure sitting over the bay area, and that's what's going to keep us warm and dry, for the next couple days anyway. >> thank you. a demonstrations break out across the nation's airports, an emergency intervention. a judge has halted part of president trump's executive order, banning immigrants from several middle eastern country. these as people are detained at airports including sfo. last night's ruling is a temporary stay for immigrants with a green card who arrived in the u.s. or who were already in
7:31 am
transit. the trump administration ban will remain in place on friday. he issued an executive order temporarily banning all refugees and denying entry for people from these seven countries. all are predominantly muslim. since then, protests and rallies have erupted at airports across the country, and right here in the bay area. inside those airports, people are being detained and questioned because of the executive order. hundreds of people chanted and cheered as word spread of a stay delaying enforcement of president trump's executive order. one woman we talked with says her father lives in iran but has a green card. he was detained for six hours in san francisco. >> he was really worried that they're going to send him back, and you know, he's not a very strong man. he's 80 years old. >> part of the legal effort to support individuals being detained. >> alongside protesters,
7:32 am
attorneys and groups that support immigrants rights. earlier in the day, there was confusion about how customs and border protection was handling the order and who might be held. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom and other lawmakers and civil rights activists also showed up at sf o frsfo. they vowed to help. >> people are happy and people are pretty pissed off because they want me to go in and get those folks out. there's certain things i can do and certain things i can't do. >> we have been heartened, though, during all of this, to see hundreds of protesters come out and make very clear that they stand with their muslim neighbors, they welcome refugees into their communities. >> rallies and protests, people of all ages came out for the rallies and protests. this video was sent in by steve spinner showing a 12-year-old boy participating in the protests. here's another video.
7:33 am
this came to us via twitter. we want to see your photos and videos. tag us on twitter, instagram, or post directly to our facebook page. you can also e-mail your pictures and videos to the department of homeland security says it will comply with judicial orders not to deport travelers who were detained. it's been a very busy first week in office for president trump. sarah rosario has reaction now from across the country and from the president himself on this immigration fight and his ongoing changes in policy. >> a nationwide stay allowing people detained at airports across the country who landed with valid visas to temporarily remain in the united states. >> weed int ejumped into court immediately overnight and requested the emergency stay to insure the individuals would not be returned to their country. >> president trump's executive order banning syrian refugees indefinitely and immigration
7:34 am
from these majority muslim countries went into effect overnight, leaving as many as 200 travelers stranded, not allowed into the country. from new york to san francisco, thousands gathered at airports to protest the action. >> a single signature shut down the rights of many people trying to connect with their families. >> the president says it's to prevent radical islamic terrorists. >> this notion that refugees are poal terrorists is at best an exaggeration. because we do not have really any evidence that this happens. >> is it a muslim ban? >> not a muslim ban. it's working out very nicely. you it at the airports. you see it all over. it's working out very nicely. >> the president wrapped up a whirlwind first week in office. 18 executive orders. 11 conversations with world leaders and his first formal visit. sarah rosario, nbc news.
7:35 am
>> the temporary ban of refugees prompted an emogzal response from silicon valley ceos. google's c ero is the latest to speak about the executive order. he says it impacted nearly 200 of his employees traveling overseas. they were urged to return immediately. he says company's order of business is to help the employees effected. microsoft's ceo also spoke out about the executive order. he said the company will provide legal assistance to employees who need it. the ceo of airbnb is offering to provide, quote, free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the u.s. brian chesky has been active on twitter since the executive order was announced, calling for opening doors, not closing them. in one of his latest tweets, he promised more details to come and told people to contact him directly if they urgently need a place to stay. our cover continues on air and online. we'll be following the court battle over the knekative order
7:36 am
closely. our next newscast is at 5:00 p.m. and we're also posting all the latest updates at changing gears now. tom brokaw has been with nbc news for an astounding 50 years. tonight, nbc will air a two-hour special, where tom has intimate conversations with prominent americans about the stories and issues he has covered over the years and continues to cover. tom looks back now on the stories affected him the most. >> in 50 years as an nbc news correspondent, i have reported on some of the most momentous events of our time. >> live from the berlin wall. >> as a television microphone. >> you know how important symbols are in politics, mr. general secretary. >> tom brokaw, nbc news at the great wall. >> i first went to beijing in 1975 with president ford. by 1989, china was changing, and chinese students demanded more freedoms. >> today, we received our first
7:37 am
complight videotapes of the carnage. >> china's leaders unleashed an army on tiananmen square. >> he rigged a hidden camera on his bike, and together, we rode with the people of beijing into the heart of the capital. >> one chinese. we got the footage out of it at that time. i could have been shot. >> my question is this, aren't your statements to that matter -- >> politics and political reporting have been my professional life blood. >> when you look at the map now, you see that blue west coast america and that blue east coast of america, and then everything else in between is red. i mean, that's tribal warfare. >> but of all the stories i have covered over the last 50 years, one continues to divide america. america's crisis in black and white. what troubles me most of all is
7:38 am
race division. this has been a big, big part of my career. >> do you think that's the single biggest issue we have yet to resolve? >> certainly in the top tier. i really do. you know, when president obama was elected, i was with you the night after that. you were giddy. we thought this is a passage that's going to change race relations. in too many ways, we're still issues. it's not his fault. >> as i look back on my career, i know i had a lot of lucky breaks. but i always ask, if i were black, if my skin were one shade darker, would i have gotten all those chances? it's the biggest issue of my life, frankly. it really is. you know, i get emotional. i think mostly because of all the good things that have happened to me. and when i do say that i had been one shade darker, i wouldn't have gotten any of
7:39 am
those jobs at that time. one shade darker. they would say, i don't think we can do this. >> you can watch the rest of that interview, plus many more, in a two-hour special that runs tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. today in the bay is back with sports. coming up, an amazing performance from steph curry at oracle arena. did you see it? including that shot. it brought the house down.
7:40 am
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the warriors were more than ready for a primetime showdown with their rivals from southern california, and team's two-time mvp wasted no time reminding the national audience he's still at the top of his game. the ws taking on the clippers at oracle arena, and it was the steph curry show. he was on fire last night. hitting nine three-pointer on the night. including this one from half court. 51 feet. nothing but net. curry scored 25 of his 43 points
7:42 am
in just the third quarter. the warriors dismantled the clippers 144-98. >> you know, personally, you see a shot like that go in, you're thinking about it, i made my first shot out of in the third quarter, and that continued, this trend. so big mode going into the half and we were able to keep the energy as a group and have an amazing third quarter. >> stay with us. up next on today in the bay, the immigration debate heats up as a whirlwind first week in office for president trump. political analyst larry gerston will join us live to break down the president's executive orders.
7:43 am
7:44 am
less than a week after he assumed office, president donald trump issued an executive order on illegal immigration. it will deny federal funding to local governments that provide a safe haven for undocumented
7:45 am
immigrants accused of criminal activity. larry gerston joins us. before we get to that, we are looking at the second weekend of national protests against the president. the latest executive order will remind our viewers that barred syrian refugees indefinitely. it bars them from resettlement for four months and for 90 days, no entry for seven countries that are predominantly muslim. this follows up on the promises made in the campaign. >> trump supports should be happy because he's living up to his promises. friday, of course, sanctuary cities. friday night to saturday morning, this whole idea of keeping out muz -- basically muslims from seven countries in the middle east. there's more likely to come if he's going to continue living up to his promises. look for this week perhaps action on daca, that's 750,000 people, a third, 250,000, who live in california. look also perhaps this week for action on h-1b programs.
7:46 am
trump wants to redo that, which has silicon valley companies in a tizzy. what we're talking about is a very lengthy series of actions dealing with immigration affecting not only mexico, the middle east, the nation, but very, very seriously california. >> yeah, california and the bay area. this is really part of a suite of orders along the same theme. so let's turn now to the sanctuary order. what kind of impact does that have on undocumented people here in the state? >> like the rest of these, it's serious. serious in several respects. first because of the disruption to the potentially millions of people who live here and elsewhere without appropriate documentation. second, because of the financial cost. in california alone, if local jurisdictions refuse to cooperate with the request of the federal authorities to hand over undocumented residents, cities and counties could lose several00red million dollars in federal funds. trump is serious about that.
7:47 am
third, it gets to the question of over which government has the authority to remove undocumented residents accused of criminal activity. a lot at stake. >> criminal activity, touching on what you're talking about, why would anyone be against the federal government's effort to remove people who are accused of committing crimes? >> they might not be, but it really gets to the type of crime, vicky, the type of crime at issue as well as the outcome. the immigration and customs enforcement agency, we know them as i.c.e., of course, is charged with securing deportation for unauthorized resident involved in criminal activity. that seems pretty straightforward. in recent years, hundreds of local governments have committed to protecting those undocumented immigrants charged with misdemeanored like drunk driving or disorderly cult or petty theft. crimes far removed from terrorism or the threat to the nation. during the obama administration, i.c.e. was going to back off.
7:48 am
it's to concentrate on threats to the country, not just to anyone arrested. >> yes, but proponents would say crime is crime, right? how does this new policy change the immigration relationship between the government and our local governments? >> well, obama's policies have been changed by trump's executive order, which seeks to punish any local government that refuses to turn over arrested undocumented immigrants. whatever the crime, whatever the crime. deportation could also take place, listen to this, regardless of whether the undocumented resident is even convicted. so for some, trump's orders are a relief to those who believe any illegal immigration is just that and must be stamped out regardless of the crime to avoid unnecessarily government cost and protect us from would-be terrorism. opponent view this, as we see, as a senseless attack on individual liberties. meanwhile, local governments, wow, they provide the sanctuary
7:49 am
status areas, but the squeeze is on. the squeeze is on, and either they disband the sanctuary protection and save federal funds or keep sanctuary standing and face the loss of funds. a lot at stake. >> you said hundreds of millions of dollars really is what it boils down to. where do we stand right now? >> we're in the early moments. like the actions of the last 48 hours, right? we're in the early moments of this potentially monumental policy shift. already on friday, the mayor of miami-dade county decided to do away with the sanctuary policy. in order to avoid losing those federal funds. most localities,cluding dozens throughout california and several in the bay area so far, they have decided to ignore trump's executive order. at least for now. they believe the order is unconstitutional. we have seen friday and saturday's orders tested in court initially, right? they're hoping that because of earlier decisions of the supreme court, this will fall by the wayside as well. but make no mistake, make no mistake, this is high stakes
7:50 am
politics. and while we may not know the legality of this order for perhaps several years, millions of documented residents find themselves going underground to avoid any attention. that sets up potentially another series of problems. >> certainly, with what we're seeing this weekend and also with the sanctuary policy, a lot of lives hanging in the balance right now. >> millions. millions, including, don't forget, we have 2.7 million undocumented immigrants in california. that's one fourth of the total, so in this state, it's ground zero for all these policies. recent and forthcoming. >> thank you so much for your analysis. >> still to come on today in the bay, lunar new year celebrations continue across the bay area. how the san francisco zoo is honoring the year of the rooster. and a 44-degree mark right now, but expect to warm up, yes, into the 60s yet again. we're tracking sunshine and more rain that is headed towards the bay area.
7:51 am
we'll talk timelines aafter the break.
7:52 am
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good morning. don't forget your jacket as you make your way outdoors because we're still in the 30s for areas like the south bay. 38 degrees. freight for the peninsula. try v tri-valley, 33. we're enjoying mostly clear skies. san francisco right now at 46 degrees. east bay at 52, and the north bay at a chilly 31. we have a chance of warming up
7:54 am
into the upper 40 and 50s. we'll warm umto 60s for the majority of the bay area. a quick check of the highs for today. los gatto, 66. morgan hill, 62 degrees. near milpitas, a high of 66 degrees. now, for east bay, walnut creek, 60 degrees. pleasa pleasantten, 62. we're 1 to 2 degrees slightly warmer than yesterday. half moon bay, 62 degrees. san mateo, 62 degrees, and along the san francisco embarcadero area, 58 degrees. mission at about 59 degrees. and as we make our way over to the north bay, also expect to see those upper 50s and 60s. so we will be seeing an increase of about 25 to 30 degrees as you head into later parts of the evening. now, doppler radar right now showing nice, peaceful transition from the crazy storms last week to now a drying and warming trend that we have been enjoying for the past couple
7:55 am
daze days. we're seeing a huge warm mass over the san francisco bay. if you have plans to drive down to southern california, you're going to be looking at a couple days of a lot of sunshine down there as well. but we are tracking a disturbance. models right now looking in terms of rain totals. the possibility of rain returns as early as wednesday night into thursday morning. you could wake up to a very commute. fast forward through friday evening and saturday, the majority of those rain totals stick to the north bay. santa rosa expecting anywhere between an inch to two inches and areas near san francisco, livermore, palo alto, and san jose, anywhere between a half inch to just over an inch by friday night. we should be clearing out by saturday, expect partly cloudy skies. if you plan on traveling to tahoe, here's a look at what you should expect. no snow showers at least
7:56 am
tonight, but a high of about 39 degrees. fast forward to monday and tuesday, the temps begin to warm into the 40s and for areas near monterey, also 61 degrees. we're really going to see a lot of sunshine trending over the next couple days. let's plan your sunday. no rain in sight. 46 degrees to start off the day. by about noon, we should be at 51 degrees. sdpix degrees. and by:00 and 7:00, topping out in the upper 50s. lower 60s for parts of the peninsula and upper 60s for parts of the south bay. a quick check of the next seven days. we'll keep sunshine in the forecast through sunday, into the start of your work week. and thankfully, we will be seeing that tuesday with a high of about 57 degrees. those evening chances return by wednesday with a high of about 58 degrees, and fast forward through thursday and friday, and we do unfortunately keep the rain chances in the forecast, but at least we aren't expecting some crazy rain totals. anywhere between an inch to two inches for the north bay could
7:57 am
be a possibility, but still long range models so keeping a close eye on what to expect coming into the middle of the week. but sunshine. >> yeah. we're going to enjoy the sunshine. get out, get some exercise, dry out a little bit. thank you. celebrations for the lunar new year will continue for the next two weekends across the bay area. including at the san francisco zoo. yesterday, workers set up ainger hunt for visitors to enjoy, plus entertainment from the chinese lion dancers. the zoo is also offering free admission for anyone born under the rooster zodiac sign. >> bay area revolutions is our award winning series on the untold stories of the bay area. that tonight at 7:00 p.m. we'll give you a look at how the bay area has made an impact on the movie industry. thank you for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news tonight 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00, and all day at have a great day.
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. this sunday, president trump's partial ban on muslim immigration. >> we want to make sure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. leads to chaos, confusion and protest at airports around the country as people with permanent resident status are detained. until a federal judge moves to block those deportations. we have all the latest. plus president trump's whirlwind first week in office. on mexico -- >> look, the wall is necessary. that's not just politics. >> on crowd size -- >> that was all of the way back down to the washington monument. >> and on his unsupported claim of voter fraud. >> we will launch an invga


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